AAA on Televisa #908 (10/17/2009)
Recap: 10/24/09

Konnan is in a limo, talking. Eventually we can hear him. Joaquin Roldan is watching him from a laptop, in a room with only one light on it. This is so silly looking. Anyway, Konnan's coming.

So then there's a video package explaining Heroes de Inmortales, Tirantes, and the Mesías/Wagner feud, with clips from all the matches.

Someone's apparently decided this is 24, because the announcers standup has the location, and the time. Announcers introduce the show promptly at 7:15. It's Arena Monterrey, as you'll be constantly informed. There's yet another new entrance set, including glowing floor. It looks pretty good.

Trivia questions?

Video Package: Groon XXX vs Gronda II. Matchup: Groon (listed this show as Gronda XXX to make it more confusing – perhaps they needed their own name to trademark?) is 13 kg heavier, 8 cm higher, and his 2 inches bigger arms. Why would you use inches for the arms but meters for the height? Watch them spin and spin around. And spin. And sp-oh, it's finally done.

Match 1: Decnnis, El Elegido, Gronda II vs Gronda, Joe Lider, Nicho el Millionario in a hardcore cage match
Arena Monterrey, 09/26/2009

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 13:02 (3:16+9:46)
Rating: bad.
Notes: Everyone gets a video clip in their entrance, I guess. There's a whole new graphics package for the show (which seems to be renamed AAA Sin Limite.) Elegido enter at 7:26! Elegido is wearing a red outfit for this match, because there's not enough people here in red. No explanation of why Decnnis is in this match, or why he's dressed like a member of the military, or why he's got french maids with him. Hey, Guapito. I wonder if HIS promotion got TV? That would explain where the minis and his angle went. Gronda has a new remixed voice over for his music, I think. Joe Lider & Nicho come out together, get separate graphics. They don't have the technology to list their titles, I guess. Think they're going to redo Nicho's graphic when he loses the belt? (Trick question, they're never losing the belts.) Groon does not have a entrance video, though he does have the inset video everyone else has. Break.

Announcers say no captain, and we hear the referee explain there's no escaping the cage, it's first person beat in the cage. Naturally, Nicho immediately tries to leave the cage. Oh was he telling the ref to get in. Hijo de Tirantes – still in his glow and the dark gear – comes in to be the ref for this match.

Instead of doing play by play for this match – cage match, filled with apron, with the rudos dominating early – might I instead notice the differences in production here? There doesn't appear to be a hard camera, or at least none we see early on. The closest thing to it is a crane camera shot they keep using , with everything else shot from handhelds close to the ring. They seem to be using some sort of new filter, and everything looks more like it was shot on film. The cage itself been hooked to the ceiling, because you can still see the cords to pull it up attached. Maybe it helps keep it together, but it's surely also there to take it back up for the rest of the show. Anyway, all the close shots and switching angles make it hard to follow a match that's already tough to follow. They've completely darkened the arena, only lighting the ring and just outside area. It looks like the Las Vegas show (well, better than that.) This is a six sided ring.

Control bounces back and forth, and often is different from fight to fight. Break occurs at a random moment.

It's mostly Decnnis/Lider, Elegido/Nicho, and Gronda/Groon, though not strictly so. Among the weapons is barbed wire wrapped around the rope – Nicho gets whipped it, Decnnis finds a 2x4 with wire and hits Lider with it. Gronda II gets backed into the wire, and doesn't appear to feel it, so that's a sign they're not really dumb enough to used real barbed wire. (Gronda ends up just standing by the wire a lot, completely oblivious.) Crowd does not appear to be in the match, and starts to get restless with it. Nicho tries some crazy spot on Decnnis, and they miss it instead looking at Guapito talking to the announcers. Lider is bleeding in the back, so maybe they're not smart enough, or maybe it's from something else. Crowd gets loud for something that doesn't seem to have anything to do with the match, because the wrestlers are just setting up the next spot. Both Grondas powerbomb people hanging onto people who are hanging on the cage. As the Gronda are about the face off, random cut away to Tirantes watching with the blondes somewhere, while they see a replay of that last spot in a much smaller window. Match seems to have progressed during the clip. Gronda/Gronda do the battle again, with the crowd booing a bit. This time, they wipe each other with clothesline. Lider accidentally moons the crowd while climbing up the cage. His tights are falling down own their own even before Decnnis can even grab them. Maybe he should've kept the straps up. Lider manages to give Decnnis a super 'rana from top rope. Gronda II lifts Nicho in a powerbomb, and throws him in the side of the cage. Then he climbs up – why is he climbing up? Nicho climbs up with him, so Gronda can spear him off the ropes and to the mat. Hijo de Tirantes turns around to look the other way, not much interested. Groon pulls Gronda off the cage to powerbomb him. Everyone starts setting up tables, so this must be close to being over. Decnnis gives Nicho a Gori Special and actually tries a pin! First in this match, but Lider breaks it up. Tirantes takes down the wood panel, smashing it up some, which is odd. Gronda spears Groon badly, then rests in the barbed wire corner. He's so odd. Lider hits Gronda in the head with a chair. Elegido powerbombs Lider, but doesn't hold on for a pin. Nicho get the table set up, grabs Elegido, pulls him onto the table, climbs up, and Elegido climbs up with him. Lider crawls over towards the table as they fight on the the cage, and Elegido manages to kick and crotch Nicho on the ropes. Elegido poses, unaware Lider is joining him, and Lider uranges Elegido off of the top rope – and past the table! Elegido kicks it over as they go by, but that couldn't have been the plan. Odd piece of business. Lider quickly sets Elegido on the table, and Nicho does a top rope legdrop while Lider adds one from the table. One two three.

They do have a hard camera shot for the post match. Maybe they thought it'd be too hard to see thru the cage? (It's not.) Rudos recover and go after Decnnis post match. Guapito shrugs. Lider powerbombs Decnnis into the corner, Decnnis head bouncing off the top buckle in sickening fashion. Lider hits Elegido with the barbed wire 2x4 and then Gronda. Way to make the Gronda/Gronda feud all about Nicho & Joe Lider. Nicho leaves the cage and then runs around – for Guapito! Nicho drags him towards the door and rolls him in. Why do they hate Guapito? Lider lifts him for a powerbomb – and throws him hard thru a wood panel. That got the biggest reaction in the match – though not much of one for Guapito, who looks to be out. That was vicious. Sure looks like Guapito broke the board with his head on the replay, not a good thing. Guapito is carried to the back.

Konnan is still in his limo. How long does it take for him to get to the building? Why can't someone properly modulate his sound? Question that will not answered in this segment.

I'm ignoring the trivia questions unless they're wrong. They're all about the history of AAA.

Video Package: the dark match, as it were. Lots of spots form the lights out match.

Video Package: Antonio Pena, with interviews from Tirantes, Pepe Casas, Arturo Rivera, - who calls him the Walt Disney of Lucha Libre.

And that's the segment.

Video package: cruiserweight cage match. Look at Tigre being so happy at being #1 contenders, when he knows the plan is for the #1 contenders not to matter. Look at Sugi cause himself major surgery (thought they edit to get rid of that stumble.) Here's a shot of the cruiserweight guys in a random factor, all with their shits off. Wrestling is sure a manly sport. I do believe Jack walks around and flip off random walls. And also wears a hat and no shirt.

Match 2: Extreme Tiger vs Sugi San, Jack Evans, Teddy Hart, Rocky Romero for the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship in a tables, ladders and chairs match
Arena Monterrey, 09/26/2009

Winner: Extreme Tiger
Match Time: 16:15 (5:34+4:43+5:58)
Rating: eh. Kinda better than I thought, but tired of these matches
Notes: Entrances for this match are starting at 7:52. Thanks for sharing. Teddy does not have Nikki with him. Jack gets last entrance. This is a ladder and tables and chairs match, but the belt isn't hanging from the ceiling. Piero is ref.

A free for all to start. Funny to see people down and hurting after simple shots, when ladder stuff is to come. They clear it down to only a few people in the ring right away. Teddy bosses Sugi around to help him on Jack, only to get ripped up and pulled out by the técnicos. Jack fights free, and this his dive onto the three on the floor. Jack tries to bring a ladder in, but Tiger dropkicks him from inside the ring. How did Tiger get in before him? Teddy is rubbing his head like he might be bleeding, but the short is too dark to actually see it. Tiger set sup a ladder in a corner,and wait for someone to come in. Sugi does, which leads to Tiger killing him via brainbuster. Pinfall attempt! In the first three minutes, that's amazing. Rocky breaks it up and kicks him a bunch. Whip, reversed, Rocky trips up Tiger on leapfrog and – just covers. Teddy breaks that, and gives Rocky a weird spinning neckbreaker. Jack comes in and this Teddy with all sort of leg kicks, until Teddy catches him and turn the ankle. Jack battles free, hits the flip kick, and the standing twisting SSP. One two no. Jack yelling “Viva Mexico” got as loud a reaction anything in the match. Teddy turns the tables for a couple back breaks and a STO. Rocky knocks Teddy down with one kick to the gut, then gives him a face full of ladder. Crowd chants for one more, and Rocky obliges, Teddy is not bleeding, but constantly checking if he might start. He recovers to throw Rocky out, and follows with a rope flip moonsault. Jack grabs Teddy, bu Teddy turns the table and whips him into the post. Sugi and Tiger in, and Tiger can finally get back up to whatever ladder spot he wanted. Sugi is thrown down on top in no particular position. That's a sign. Tiger charges, and Sugi pops up to backdrop Tiger into and thru the ladder. Break, but first, some clips.

Why do they keep showing this shot of Alex watching the other cruiserweights in the factory? It's almost as if he's not really gone and going to turn up at any second.

By the time they pick up the match, Tiger is actually getting up at the same time as Sugi, and exchanging 50/50 punches. Tiger whip, wheel kick. Tiger yelling to the Crowd and not following up. Now he's got Sugi – that ponytail is a helpful handle. Tiger throws him out, and starts to set up the ladder for who knows what, but Teddy comes in, grabs him, and gives him the backcracker powerbomb. Super lax cover, one two no. Replays, and Teddy slowly stomping Tiger. This is no the usual combination they've been working the rest of the match, so I wonder if Teddy's just waiting for something. Teddy backs up, charge, and misses, sparing the post. Tiger sets him on the mat, goes up, and hits a double legdrop. Teddy convulses on the mat. Meanwhile, Tiger cleans Sugi off the apron with a dropkick. Rocky grabs Dragon by both legs, trips u him up, and catapults him into the ladder. Corner one two and Teddy breaks it up by thrown a ladder in. That wasn't fun. That first ladder is completely broke, as shown by a replay. Camera has a had time picking up the action after the replay, but it looks like Jack is working over Teddy with kicks on the outside, and Sugi is kicking Rocky around while fixing with the good ladder. Piero sends the bad one out (and it's taken away) while Sugi and goes out to kick Jack, and holds the good ladder with Teddy. Tiger tries to dropkick it in them, but they lift it above him, then hit him with in the ribs. All three kind hold the ladder, Rocky tries to do a tornillo into the ladder, but Rocky hits the middle ropes on the way thru and doesn't really get there, with much impact. Teddy and Tiger drop the ladder, Sugi takes a random delayed bump. Jack rushes over from wherever he was to hand Teddy some more, then flips off the apron into a 'rana onto Teddy. Rocky fights Sugi, throwing him in before he can grab that ladder. Rocky joins him, as someone else throws a ladder in from the other side. Sugi plants Rocky with a superkicks, the a Running the ropes dropkick. Teddy teases going over the rails to get some fans. Replays, and another break.

Back, and Rocky runs into a standing moonsault sideslam. Sugi adds a kick to the head and covers, but Teddy breaks it up. Sugi is all sad, thinking he and Teddy were Friends. Teddy apologize and ask for a handshake. HUG! Aw, he kicked the Japanese dude. Double underhook flipping piledriver. Teddy yells at the crowd, who can' actually hear hi, then turns into Jack's springboard jumping double knees. Moonsault double twist plash by jack, but Tiger beaks up that pin. Reverse DDT into a stunner (?), rope flip moonsault, and both Rocky and Teddy break that one up. Teddy throws Rocky out, Tiger is down, and Teddy gives Jack the thru the ropes headscissors DDT to lay him out. Teddy says this is it – I don't think it's really it until someone uses the table, and probably not until Teddy does something instead of yell at the crowd. Hey, double middle fingers. This is very family friendly! Piledriver on the apron, two major shows in a row. I guess this is no DQ? Teddy taunts the crowd from on top of a table that someone set up. Rocky hits him, Teddy slips and falls on the table, and one of the legs breaks. That's going t o make it a pain later. Rocky throws Teddy in and goes in himself. Fireman's gutbuster, one two no. Tiger hurriedly sets up another table on the outside. A ringside person checks on Sugi, who seems to be grabbing his right shoulder, though isn't to clear. Rocky and Teddy reverse each other in the ring, with Rocky's inside cradle broken up by Tiger. Tiger wipes out Teddy with a running dropkick to the had, then battles with Rocky. Rocky ends up on the apron after a few reversals and Tiger dropkicks him of the table. Tiger goes all the way up, and tries a 450 splash. It connects with Rocky, but being AAA, the table bends and doesn't break, and both guys fall off instead of thru. Both Teddy and Piero survey the damage, though Teddy's far more concerned about the table. Jack is taken to the back – that piledriver did it again, Teddy must be thinking the same thing, because he does another piledriver – this time to Tiger, jumping off a table. Teddy breaks it more with his backside than Tiger's head, and you can tell he's feeling it. Teddy dos not try a pin, but jumps the rail, and finds an angry fan to confront. The first ones he find just laugh at him, which is funny. Arena Monterrey fans are more well behaved the most – they all stayed in their seats and didn't mob him. (Or it may be the very visible security presence.) Sugi is still down, so I guess Teddy is just killing some time here with no left to work with. Teddy walks around ringside, making sure to say something towards the Roldan section. A fan giving Teddy a middle finger is blurred, huh. Swore I saw Teddy get away with it earlier. Tiger is alive enough to crawl in the ring, so Teddy drags him into position and heads up top. Top rope shooting star press comes up empty, Tiger rolling out of the way. Tiger drags Teddy to the ropes to set up the guillotine legdrop, but the main camera – reading ahead, I think – shoots the entrance way instead of Tiger setting up. A beat too late, Jack Evans returns, and they just turn back in the ring to see Tiger hit his finish. Teddy completely holds onto the bottom rope as he's being pinned – one two three. Piero calls it the finish. That did not seem right.

It's 8:09, and Tiger gets the belt. Sugi is stretchered out. Teddy protest to Piero about having his hand on the ropes. Will they show a replay? The pinfall was from the furthermost camera – they either missed that shot, or the shot they thought they were getting didn't happen. Replay of the 450, and of the pinfall. Now that they show it this way, you can see that Teddy had his hand NEAR the ropes, but actually didn't grab onto until after three. So it was actually all good. Hooray for good replays.

Vignette: Mesías works out – but thinks he sees someone wearing a Dr. Wagner match. But he's not. OK.

Coming soon: maybe the Konnan segments are going somewhere. Maybe the title match. Anything is possible.

Vignette: back to Konnan and his over modulated sound

Video Package: Wagner vs Mesías, with the WagnerManiacs helping out last time around.

Coming soon: maybe the Konnan segments are going somewhere. Maybe the title match. Anything is possible. The whole segment!

Vignette: Konnan's been int hat limo so long, it's sunny again. I'm glad they gave Konnan all this vignettes to get his character over, he really needed it.

Match 3: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs El Mesías for the AAA World Heavyweight Championship
Arena Monterrey, 09/26/2009

Winner: Dr. Wagner Jr.
Match Time: 26:15 (8:12+11:30+6:33)
Rating: better than Verano, a few steps beneath TripleMania
Notes: What time is it? I must know! In a blatant attempt to suck up, Mesías has people in Kahoz and Espectro de Ultratumba masks with him, and is wearing an Espectro Jr. mask. He should've gone for La Rosa. The clock says it's 8:20 – that doesn't sound right. Mesías gets a fact sheet: masks won, none, hair won, none. Probably didn't need to point that up. Wagner has only the AAA belt. Wagner has 4 hairs (Brazo de Oro, Rey Misterio, Pierroth, Mascara Ano 200) and two masks (Jungla del Norte, Drago) listed, which only serves to make Mesías look like more of a dork. Piero is ref. Crowd chants for Wagner and boos Mesías. It's not 100% each way, and it sounds like they're editing the sound – it dies off real quick each time Arturo says each guy's name to get people to cheered.

Both start with the crowd instead of each other. Maybe the whistle is for real this time. Handshake! Lockup, Wagner backed into the corner, break, then Mesías rolls backwards. BOOOOO. Mesías is legit annoyed now. Lockup, Wagner pins Mesías into the corner, pats him on the side of the face and chest, then does his own roll backwards into a pose. Mocking claps! Lockup, Armbar, twist, Mesías revers to his own armbar, inside cradle, Wagner slips free, front facelock by Mesías, Wagner rolls into a grounded sort of abdominal stretch, just more holding Mesías down than doing anything to him. Mesías pulls him into a headscissors with an armbar for added measure. BOOOOOOOO. Standup. Wagner Wagner chants – boos in response. Lockup, Wagner trip, legs tied up on the mat, Mesías forces it into a headlock. Up into a front facelock, Wagner takes him down and forces an armbar. Wagner gets behind Mesías and puts on a standing surfboard, but Mesías breaks free, and picks a leg. Twisting the knee around his knee for leverage. Wagner kicks Mesa in the face with his free leg, but Mesías twists more. Figure four! An actual good one! Crowd rallies behind Wagner, who gets the ropes. Mesías kicks Wagner in the leg, then puts him in a standing armbar. Wagner backs him int the corner, breaks free, and chops. One more. Sure. Whip, Wagner slide under the kip up, and is armdragged by Mesías. Wagner gets up, Mesías puts on the armbar. Wagner backs up Mesías into the ropes to get free, and chops Mesías once more. Whip, Mesías slides under, armdrags, back to the armbar. This is certainly a different match than Verano. Crowd behind Wagner again, the Mesías fans more audible getting upset at the Wagner chants than doing their own. Wagner reveres into a standing hammerlock. Elbowing Mesías in the back for more pressure. Mesas grabs the ropes, but lets go, and Wagner still has the hold on. Huh. Jumping snap mare does the trick anyway. Armdrag. Armbar. Full nelson. Can Wagner break the Mesaislock? He can make wacky hand signals, and he can put his foot in the ropes. Mesías pulls Wagner back. Did they run out of rope breaks? Wagner walks up the ropes, puts his feet on the top rope to recline, and Mesías just lets him drop on his head. Mesías goes to the middle rope for posing – he serves that one – and gets booed. Chop by Mesías. Mesías runs Wagner's head, and chops him once more. Whip, Mesías charges, Wagner backdrops him out, Mesías lands on his feet, Wagner sings thru the ropes with a dropkick. Wagner goes to the apron – Mesías has to stumble to the other corner to be in position for Wagner's tope con giro. Wagner connects then poses on the announce desk. Good time for a break.

It's 8:34. Time for Wagner to talk to the announcers. Chop. Wagner throws Mesías in, but takes too long getting in himself and eats a punch. Wagner fools around by the fans, get back up to the apron, and gets punched down again. Wagner goes around ringside for cheers, as Mesías gets booed. Wagner catches Mesías with a shoulder to the midsection, kicks him down, then drops him with a missile dropkick, one two NO. Wagner threatens to punch Piero, but there's nothing wrong with that count. Wagner kicks in the general direction of Mesías' face, and Mesías goes down without being touched, all lovingly zoomed in on camera. I'm starting to think lucha libre is not real! Mesías get to his knee, sand Wagner puts him in an abdominal stretch there. I don' think that'll do it – but maybe if Wagner pulls the trunks – no, that still doesn't. Mesías tries to fight out, so Wagner elbows him in the ribs, and struts around. Headlock. This match is going to pick up at some point, isn't it? Mesías waves to the crowd to get cheers. He gets no cheers. Whip, Wagner back with a shoulderblock, neither guy goes down, but only one flexes his pecs. Wagner ask for a time out to do some pushes up. Wagner off the ropes, over, under, hiptoss by Mesías. Pose. Boos, though they are getting less. That's nice. Right hand to the face. Mesías taking his time here. Chop. Whip, Wagner comes back with a kick, Mesías catches the leg, looks around, ignores Wagner waving him off. Meas throws the foot away to spin him and tires kick. Wagner catches it and finger waves, but Mesías knocks him down with an enziguri. One two no. Grouchy stomp by Mesías. Right. Corner whip, Mesias charges in, Wagner boots him in the face. Wagner walks out of the corner, directly into a punch. Wagner is staggered, bent over, reaching down – and pulling up part of the mat, which has hole in it? Odd. Mesías tries the sunset flip Wagner's been waiting for, and Wagner rolls thru and kicks him in the head. I think that was just a seam in the mat, but an odd time for Wagner to pick at it. Wagner sits up Mesías, and connects on the step up enziguri. One two hand on the rope. Again, Wagner argues. Chop. Right. Knee. Still, slow pace. Corner whip, Wagner charges in, Meas flips him to the apron and punches him off. Wagner staggers around the ring, towards the entrance aisle, and Mesías launches onto him with a plancha. Are the ads on the barricades new? Or at they just for this show? Plenty of replays to ask this question. Both guys are started to be counted out, but Mesías ignores it, sending Wagner into a barricade, and then hit him with a drink tray. Maybe a serving tray too. People in the expensive seats are behind Wagner. Mesías brings Wagner in and stomps him down in the corner., then pose. They show the fans, though it'd be interesting to see if Mesías is finally accepting of the boos. Wagner waves for support, as usual. Corner whip, Mesías charges in, and connects on an odd looking clothesline. Wagner falls forward and down. Stomps. Cover, one two foot on the ropes. Wagner set up near the corner, and Meas climbs up. Mesías pulls Wagner up, but stops to wave and Wagner headbutts him in the midsection. Both resting on the top rope. Mesías fights free, sunset flips over, Wagner holds the ropes, Mesías pulls him off for a running powerbomb one two NO. First one the crowd bought. Mesías grabs Wagner and sets him up between his legs. Powerbomb, but Wagner goes over the top for a sunset flip, one two no. Mesías can't believe he almost lost, and pops up to axhandle Wagner down. Stomp. Knees to the side. Crowd louder for Wagner. Mesías makes the belt motion – to Piero, who makes the same? Huh. Mesías off the ropes, right into a punch. Wagner lifts Mesías up on his shoulders, and drops him backwards for a fireman's carry. Running dropkick to the head. One two no. Wagner up and pounding Mesías in the face. Mesías rallying up, shrugging off the chops and – break.

Wagner off the ropes, into the powerslam. One two no. Mesías picks up Wagner by the mask, and screams in his face. Punch? Chop? Impossible to tell from the angle? Corner whip, Mesías charges in, Wagner pops up, teases it, and pulls of the corner sunset flip. Mesías rolls thru, but Wagner stops him with a kick. Wagner Driver! One two NO! Wagner can't believe it, neither could the crowd. He's not even arguing the pin count, he's too in shock. Wagner off the ropes, into a Mesías spinebuster. One two NO. Right now, this is a marked improvement form the last couple tries, but the next couple minutes will tell if it's actually good. Mesías picks up Wagner, backs him into the ropes, and chops one two three four five six seven eight nine – no, Wagner decided to duck, one two three four five six seven eight. Striking how Rivera had to count out the chops for Mesías, but the announcers all shut up for Wagner because the crowd was loudly doing themselves. Wagner stops to pose and shake, and Mesías clubs him down with a clothesline. Mesías poses. Whip, Wagner over, and directly into Piero, who goes down to a forearm shiver. What in the world was Piero doing standing there? Wagner is cornered, and forget about Mesías. Right hand, fireman's carry lift, point to all four sides, F5. Mesías covers, like a dope. There's his visual pinfall – oh, he's even going to count it himself to make it clear. One two three. A smart move, some weeks that actually works. Mesías hooks the leg again, but I don't think that'll make Piero any less dead. Silver King and Ultimo Gladiador jog down to ringside, slide in, and attack Mesías behind. AAA music guy starts playing Silver King's music, and stops it after 2 seconds. We're all professionals here. UG holds Mesías from behind as Silver King leisurely gets a chair. Of course, Mesías is able to fight both men off by himself, because he's Super Mesías. Silver King is dropkicked out and looks for something, as Mesías carefully gives Ultimo Gladiador a martinete. Wagner is back up, and taking Mesías head off with a clothesline. Wagner give the thumb across the throat, but is waiting for something. Silver King throws a chair in, but Mesías clubs down Wagner and catches the chair himself. Wagner begs off, teases, teases, and gives Silver King plenty of time to snatch the chair away from him. Silver throws the chair over Mesías to Wagner, then punches Mesías and leaves him for Wagner to hit in the head with a chair. Wagner drops the chair in position, and gives Mesías a Wagner Driver on it. Chair slid out, Wagner turns over Mesías, Silver King drags Piero over, one …. two.....three. Crowd is okay with that.

Hey, remember how when they set up this match, Joaquin Roldan said that if the WagnerMancias interfered, they'd be fired? I don't think anyone who books this promotion remembers that. Confetti! I guess Electroshock isn't out because they can't explain what's up with him yet. A random fan in a Wagner mask jumps the rail, gets in the ring, and poses with Wagner. Security doesn't make any more to get him – he's wearing a sponsor shirt, so maybe there's some deal there. He disappears in clips. Piero gets helped to the back. Silver King and Wagner celebrate and celebrate and pay absolutely no mind to Ultimo Gladiador being dead on the outside. Still better than being Crazy Boy's partner.

Next Week: more.

Joaquin Roldan comes out to the show. I hope he speaks fast, because they've got less than 4 minutes in the show, and he's still walking to the ring. Roldan has security, and talks about Konnan, while ominous music plays. I guess it's whatever deadline time Konnan was giving out. Oh, so that's the reason they kept giving out the time! Pay attention, and learn a few things. Anyway, no Konnan at the appointed time, but he does have enough power to take control of the video screen. We get footage from “earlier”. Earlier was before we bought a watch and kept getting time updates, I guess. People in a van are driving around Arena Monterrey, and someone's telling someone else to get out of the van and grab Dorian Roldan. Must be someone who has to watch this show weekly. Wait, did I just incriminate myself? Actually, it looks a lot more like our missing Russian friend in a hat, ski mask, and jacket, but I guess we don't get that part of the story. Those guys drive off with Dorian, while Konnan taunts Joaquin about stealing his son. Joaquin's got a choice – his son or his promotion. Wait, if this happened “earlier”, why is Joaquin just now finding out his son hasn't been there all day? Marisela is moved enough to leave her ringside seat. Where is Joaquin driving off to?