AAA on Televisa #907 (10/10/2009)
Recap: 10/11/09

Last week: Sexi Star actually won, setting up a title match. WagnerManicas won, despite Zorro being Zorro. Xtreme Tiger became #1 contender – but the champ is gone. What's with the odd light filter.

This week: Morenos vs Fabi/Sexi, Parka, Mesías, Marco, Tiger vs Wagnernamanicas.

Way outdated open for the last time. Goodbye, shots of of Antifaz and the woman with the Mexican Powers

Replay: Verano de Escandalo cruiserweight match.

Match 1: Extreme Tiger vs Jack Evans and Rocky Romero and Teddy Hart and Alex Koslov for the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship
Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad de Madero, Tamaulipas, 08/21/2009

replay! Moving on.

Four sided ring. I think they flip a coin to decided each week. Outdoor show.

Match 2: Gato Eveready, Mari Apache (c), Octagoncito, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Decnnis, Mini Abismo Negro, Polvo de Esterllas, Sexy Star (c)
Plaza de Toros Tula, Hidalgo, 09/06/2009

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 11:50 (5:34+6:16)
Rating: Seen better. These haven't been as good lately.
Notes: Decnnis has quite the tuxedo coat. With no shirt, of course. Mari can barely keep her headdress on while walking to the ring. Piero is ref.

What happens to Guapito's angle? What happened to Guapito – he's not out here for this. Polvo/Pimpi is eh. Mari/Abismo is good. Sexi/Octagoncito is good until they start wrestling, and then Sexi start taking armdrags that Octagoncito doesn't even try. Beatdown after that, a fine idea. Big clip early doing the beatdown. Break randomly during the beatdown, as the rudos are all giving Octagoncito moves.

Pimpi is worked over in the corner forever, then walked to another corner. Hmmm.Corner whip, Pimpi stops and puts his backside up for Mini Abismo to run into. Comeback off that – Octagoncito springboard headscissors, Mari spinning backbreaker, Gato – nothing for Gato, Decnnis is rolling out for whatever reason. Gato goes out and posts him. Mari gives Sexi Star a DDT on the floor in the midst of random brawling. Pimpi gets his run of offense on Polvo, though no dive. Decnnis gives Gato a dropkick so bad, it can not possibly have supposed to been a dropkick. Sexi star comes in to help miss a double clothesline, and then there's a whole lot of standing around and looking at each other before trying spots. Everyone seems a bit off, so much so that Gato shakes his head over it when he gets back to the apron. Abismo and Mari in, and Abismo just throwing her around. That dude is strong. Mini Abismo either blows a spinning backbreaker Mari blows a spinning headscissors – this is going bad – then Mari ends up rolling out to the floor and staying down. Gato comes in and dropkicks Abismo out, Decnnis comes in and gets dropkicked out too. Sexi and Gato have a sequence that looks screwed up – poor Gato is hanging in the ropes before Sexi has even started running to the far ropes, much less come back. Of course, Sexi dropkicks him out. Sexi fights off Octagoncito and slams him, but misses the senton. Octagoncito dropkicks her out, but gets cut off from a dive by Polvo's backside. Pimpi misses a dropkick on him, but then just gets in on the next try. Apron dive tope con giro from one exotico to another. Men back in, and Gato gets Decnnis with a bodyscissors armdrag, only to be taken down by a pump kick. Decnnis charge into the corner, misses and throws himself out. Gato follows with a nice plancha.. Minis in, Octagoncito trips Mini Abismo into the ropes, then sends him thru with a headscissors. Tornillo connects nicely. Women in, Sexi star ducks a clothesline, kick, split legged facebuster. One two no. Sexi picks up Mari, but Mari kills her with a short clothesline. Decnnis is standing outside and watching, and he still felt that. Mari works Sexi over with her ax heel kicks, but only two. Mari grabs Sexi for the Michinoku Driver, but Decnnis (belatedly) breaks it up with a kick to the back. Decnnis lifts Mari on his shoulders – and off into his own Michinoku Driver. One two three. Rudos win.

Decnnis make sure to celebrate with Sexi Star. Técnicos check on Mari, who's not moving and going to get a stretcher ride. I guess the idea is Mari got killed by her own killer move, though Mari's done a lot stronger ones than the one Decnnis did to her.

Vignette: Aerostar watches the cage match from Verano, rooting for Fabi Apache, and then talks to his framed picture of Fabi Apache. I'm worried about him. He's going to win the championships for them. Hugging the photo! Hope Fabi doesn't watch this show, it's not going to help.

Match 3: Cinthia Moreno & Oriental vs Aerostar & Fabi Apache for the AAA Mixed Tag Team Championship
Plaza de Toros Tula, Hidalgo, 09/06/2009

Winner: Aerostar & Fabi Apache, 7th Champions
Match Time: 12:25 (7:18+5:07)
Rating: good
Notes: Aerostar could not be happier for this match. Fabi Apache has her belt. Fabi has a really big brace on her right knee – or at least it's really noticeable this week. Pepe Casas is ref.

Oriental and Aerostar start. Aerostar insists on a handshake, and Oriental eventually agrees. Battle for control ends up with an Aerostar armdrag and a kip up celebration. Lockup, Oriental forces Aerostar down with a wristlock, puts a knee on the arm to hold him down, and hold him there. Back up into a hammerlock, Aerostar flipped over Oriental's hip. Oriental messed with Aerostar on the lockup, trips him, rolls into a front facelock. Aero revers to an armbar, wristlock, twist, Oriental flips around on his head, to take control, Aero revers into his own flip. Circle, Oriental with a kick, a hammerlock Oriental tries back elbows until Oriental finally catches on, Oriental flips Aerostar, Aero lands on his feet, Oriental shoulderblock off the ropes, Aerostar goes for a monkey flip (maybe), Oriental shoves him off, Aero strips Oriental, Oriental trips Aerostar, standoff, and zero count trips. Mirror kip up and pose. Handshake? No, Oriental blows him off. Women in. Lockup. Cinthia charges and knocks down Fabi with a running kneelift (maybe). Whip, clothesline misses, clothesline misses, Fabi hooks the arm on the next pass for a springboard armdrag. Cinthia tries a shoulderblock, gets pulled down by the hair. Off the ropes again, and this time Cinthia runs in a spinning backbreaker. Cinthia decides to get out of the ring, a smart move. Camera follows her, and not Oriental attacking Fabi. Oriental's knocking Aero off the apron as they pick up. Off the ropes, dropkick to the face. Cinthia back in, to run and stomp Fabi. Double corner whip by the Morenos, Cinthia running back press, Oriental Running clothesline. Aero in and going after Cinthia, but Oriental beats him up from behind. Oriental double whip , double clothesline kinda hits, though Aero jumps up and then falls down weirdly. Double flapjack is a whole lot smoother (oh, that's what Aerostar thought they were doing the first time!) Aero rolls out, but Oriental follows him, leaving the women in the ring. Cinthia throws Fabi around by he hr hair, while Oriental chops Aero in front of the first row. Suplex on the floor. Oriental joins the other fight, to kick Fabi's head as Cinthia hangs it over the middle rope. Cinthia whip Fabi and knocks her down with a back elbow. Moreno's don't quite have the timing down on the leg split bit. Cinthia unzips Aerostar's top after he comes in, to chop him harder. That would be trouble the other way around. Whip, corner whip, Cinthia running knee, Oriental running clothesline. Cinthia takes Fabi around ringside just to bring her back in, as Oriental bring Aero in just to knock him out. Both Morenos put on armbars and bit each hand. Distracted by the guys in the upper deck who are standing and watching...something on the outside of the building. This match will pick up soon, I hope. In fact, Fabi ducks a double clothesline just as I say that, and Aerostar comes in with a springboard dropkick, one foot per champion. Fabi goes crazy stomping Oriental while Aerostar chases Cinthia outside. Aero doesn't attack her, but just throws her back in for Fabi to throw around. Many kicks to the face. Break.

técnicos rally in the ring, rudos recover on the outside. Men pick it up, Oriental slapping Aerostar around. Whip, clothesline misses, Aero waved by, and flipping over the ropes to the apron. Aero fights Oriental way, then comes in with a springboard plancha. Aero up, waved by, flipping over Oriental's back, off the ropes, spinning headscissors, off the ropes, waved by again, spinning armdrags, and finally Oriental is out. Aero going to dive? Springboard inside out plancha! Aero pushed off form the inside of the middle rope and flew over the floor. Women left in. Whip, reversed, Cinthia gets the ropes, Fabi charges and gets flipped to the apron. . No problem – straight into a tope con giro from there onto Oriental. Meanwhile, Cinthia goes up, stopping to wait for every one to get up – plancha to the floor. Oriental is so hurt, he can't help but adjust his elbow pad. Replay shows Fabi only be hitting by Cinthia head, but hit hard apparently. After the replays, the men are in – Oriental downs Aero with a dropkick and poses. Why is Pepe Casas is shaking his finger at him for posing? So mean. Drop toe hold, somersault legdrop, slap to Aero's back, casita – no, Aero pushes him off, casita, one two NO. Pepe Casas is slow to count on his own hold there. Shoulderblock from Aerostar knocks Oriental's elbow pad off (it was down to his wrist – that's what he gets for adjusting!) , and Oriental responds by dropkicking Aerostar out. Oriental off the ropes – tope takes Oriental out of the ring Women left in, Cinthia with a nice 'rana, but Fabi with a better roll thru, one two NO. Fabi picks her up, but Cinthia gets free, sunset flip, into the farmer's roll! That's her move! Around one, and another half. One two NO. Pepe Casas was really slow on getting down there, and Cinthia has no problem letting him know. Clothesline caught, Fabi double underhook faceslam. One two - Oriental breaks it up. Corner whip, Fabi reverses it, Oriental gets an elbow up on the charge, and destroys Fabi with a dropkick. One two NO. Oriental can't believe he can not beat this women. One more hard powerbomb for old time's sake. Oriental waves to the back? Oriental picks up Fabi as Sexi Star runs to the ring, and slides a chair in. Pepe vocally objects, but not like he's getting involved here. Sexi jumps up to the apron, bouncing on her toes in excitement of getting involved here. Oriental hands Fabi off to Sexi to hold, while Pepe continues to debate this. Oriental gets the chair, and watches as – Oriental accidentally clocks Sexi by mistake. Sexi got it right on the head. Oriental complains to Pepe Casas, then complains to the crowd. Fabi slides out to retire the chair, slide back in, and hits Oriental in the head. Cinthia charges, Fabi sidesteps, and hits her in the head too. (Both Morenos get their hands up, proving they are smart people.) Pepe Casas, who saw these chair shots, counts as Fabi covers Cinthia – one two three. New champs. It takes a while for the music man to start playing Fabi's music, probably because he's confused why this isn't elimination rules. Fabi is actually more excited for the win than Aerostar. Replay of Oriental's tope, which a fine dive to go out on. Aerostar and Fabi hug many times, so it's a good day for Aerostar.

Noti AAA
- Heroes Inmortales is coming
- Kenzo Suzuki (and Sugi) have a new member for Yakuza, Go Shiozaka (still photos shown.) This is as close they're getting to saying Oriental is gone, which is actually closer than usual
- The Clowns have won a lot.

Match 4: El Elegido (c), Gronda, Jack Evans vs Groon XXX, Joe Lider (c), Nicho el Millionario
Plaza de Toros Tula, Hidalgo, 09/06/2009

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 7:36 (4:24+3:12)
Rating: bad, though not impressively so. A disappiontment!
Notes: So, suddenly it's gotten a lot darker. As if there was a match cut out here or something. CRAZY. Speaking of crazy, Elegido appears to have altar boys. That's too easy of a set up. Gronda, Elegido, and Jack Evan, I just like saying that. Jack's pants are so long, he may trip over them. Groon slaps hands with all the fans, of course, and then gets right in a posing contest with Gronda. Piero is ref.

Now that the other Gronda is around, Gronda II is occasionally invulnerable – like this beginning of this match. Groon, of course, is under the belief he's a técnico and so far above this guy that he shouldn't have to face him in the ring. HX trips up Gronda II before the big confrontation can take place. Elegido comes in, and Groon drops him with a badly mistimed jumping clothesline. Those two working together are something. Jack tries something with Groon, but we're denied that epic match up, instead seeing HX suplex Gronda II on the stage. Groon presses Jack and throws him out onto Elegido. Rudos pose in the ring. Gronda is actually the first técnico to come back in, and actually manages to shove down Groon. I did not figure Groon's back was touching the mat here. Rudos set up a STO /dropkick to the back/drop onto the knee triple team, and it goes as well as you think. Elegido gets clipped by the tag champs, then, a bad suplex from Groon. Nothing has been as bad as that run in, just bad by the standards of normal professional wrestling. Jack in and worked over. Groon looks totally gassed, and I don't mean the muscles. Double team backcracker is actually cool. Jumping shoulderblock by Groon knocks Jack out. Gronda back in. Lider's punches suddenly enough to keep him in bay. Groon works him over with punches while the other rudos set up some chars in the middle of the ring. Groon stands on Gronda's back, slightly pressing down. Break just as they're about to try the big chair spot.

Five and a half minute break here! And AAA, as they tend to do, picks up 15 seconds before where they left off, so its' more like 6 minuets before seeing anything new. No one who watches this show live watches it the whole way thru – that's just impossible.

Lider and Nicho have Gronda's back to the chairs, and send him forward towards the ropes. This makes sense. Nicho and Lider try a double clothesline on the way back, attempting to stop Gronda before he hits the chairs. This does not make much sense. Gronda breaks the double clothesline, knocks down Nicho with a meat hook, and backdrops Lider onto two of the chairs. Groon comes in, takes one of the unfolded chairs, and tries to swing it at Gronda. Gronda ducks the unwieldy object, and Elegido dropkicks it back at Groon. Elegido grabs Nicho, and awkwardly suplex him onto the chairs that are left standing. Suplex looked like a battle the whole way, and Nicho fell right on the point. He squirms in pain, grabbing his low back and getting the heck of there. Gronda and Elegido lift up Lider for a springboard kick from Jack, who is still in this match. Groon in, Gronda kinda lifts him on the charge, then loses him dropping him own for whatever he wants to do. Elegido dropkicks him in the face to send him out, then dances instead of diving. Good call! Nicho and Jack in, Jack tries a kick, Nicho catches it and punches him in the face. Nicho taunts the other técnicos, then gets to chopping Jack. Corner whip, Nicho charge in boots. Jack and Nicho evade, Jack locks on backslide with a back bridge, one two NO. This is a bit of a switch form the rest of the match. Nicho misses a superkick, Jack does not miss his jumping spinning kick to the head. Crowd shot instead of the pin. Jack off the ropes, handspring twisting moonsault plancha to the floor on Nicho. Gronda vs Groon. Both try to get the crowd into it. Both off the ropes, clothesline, neither one goes down. Again, clothesline, no one's going down. Again, Gronda's clothesline misses, Groon's flying shoulderblock does not. Elegido in and dropkick Groon before he can celebrate much. Lider in, clothesline reversal end up with Elegido kicking Lider, doubler underhook, Lider squirms back to his feet before he can be dropped, Elegido chops him away. Corner whip, revers, Lider charges in, Elegido puts him on the top rope, Lider blocks the chop[ with a kick, Elegido spins around, Lider drops him with a backcracker, one two three. Rudos win. Rudos celebrate as the técnicos check on Elegido. The doctor eventually comes out to check on Elegido, who seems to have a head injury after that finish.

Promo: Mesías. PASS. He's got AAA behind him to find the WagnerManiacs

Promo: Dr. Wagner, who has Ultimo Gladiador with him. No one explains the mask, still.

Promo: Marco Corleone, a well dressed man.

Match 5: El Mesías (c), Extreme Tiger, La Parka Jr., Marco Corleone vs Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, Silver King, Último Gladiador (c)
Plaza de Toros Tula, Hidalgo, 09/06/2009

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 22:33 (7:07+4:29+6:57+4:00)
Rating: bad. Waaaaaay too long.
Notes: Staggered entrances. Ultimo Gladiador has gotten Silver King's Gladiador helmet, so that there's a reason for joining the group right there. Wagner has neither title with him this week. Hijo de Tirantes is ref.

Crowd does seem into the action., but then Wagner is holding up a Mexican flag. He's the rudo, you see. I know it's hard to tell, that's why I use colors. Hey, look, Parka and King walking around, and then at the long crowd shot they've shown before. It's almost as if they're trying to stretch this week for some strange reason. Parka and Kin have a long feeling out period, Parka gets a run in on Silver King and overs, Wagner breaks up the pin, and Mesías spears Wagner. Chaos breaks out from there, with everyone dropkicking everyone else, including Ultimo Gladiador missile dropkicking Marco, only for Tiger to do the same for him. We're left with – uh, no one in. Bad plan! Everyone but Mesías and Wagner act like they're going to fight and fail to, and then everyone comes back in for a standoff. And they all go outside for a standoff. Hijo de Tirantes tries to explain the concept of a tag team match to both sides, which only serves to give us a nice big shot of the ear piece he's got on. These guys are giving him so much trouble, it's enough to make a man turn rudo. Back to Silver King and Parka slugging it out, including Silver King staggering backwards about 10 feet and falling out of the ring for no reason. Wagner trips coming in to get a piece of Parka, so I think he's a rudo. Tiger and Ultimo Gladiador in. It's weird how Tiger is so much shorter than Ultimo Gladiador, who no one thinks as a big man. They have an exchange which ends with a Tiger jumping DDT - and Ultimo Gladiador's mask comes off! He shows his face to the camera before coming off. What is the deal here? There's even a replay of it. Is it a rudo move for him to now wearing a mask, and if so, why doesn't it get brought up somehow? He still is wearing face paint under the mask, at least tonight. Break.

Wagner group pose. Parka poses in response. Corleone and Electro in to fight. Electro tries to get chants started, and does get the fans to chant for Marco. Pose off. Lots of Marco dancing, dancing, and then knocking down Electro. Mesías comes in when he thinks Wagner is coming in, but gets Silver King enough. Mesías beats Silver King out of the ring, so Wagner attacks him from behind. Crowd seems split, but there's a good portion behind Wagner. Stunning edit where Wagner takes an elbow and slowly pulls himself up to his feet, Mesías charges, crowd shot here and suddenly Mesías is out on the mat. Fainting spell?

Wagner works over Mesías for a while, Mesías moves gets a boot up a corner charge to start a comeback. Mesías tries a martinete, and that specific piledriver is still illegal based on how everyone reacts. Wagner breaks it up, and a eight man fight starts from there, rudos in control. Dr. Wagner goes off the ropes one, two, three, four, five, six times for a dropkick to Parka's face. Electroshock goes for the ropes three times, and appears to rip off MVP. Really, now. Tiger, then Corleone, then Mesías. Mesías makes the comeback, taking out all four men by himself, of course. Ultimo Gladiador goes flying and spinning from a punch. Camera seems to miss a Tiger dive – he just goes flying off screen at one point, but there was no crowd reaction, so maybe he just slid out. Mesías unties Wagner's mask and goes to pull it off, while Parka hits Silver King in the back with a chair. Both sides regroup. This match is so long. And another break.

Another five minute one, but I'm glad for it right now.

Corleone gets to go thru all the rudos, including dropkicking Ultimo Gladiador off the middle rope, then boosting Tiger into a tope con giro onto Silver King and Ultimo Gladiador. The rudos sort of catch him to drop him, only to take a double clothesline from Marco anyway. Parka and Electro in, Parka bodyscissors cradle gets one two NO. Electro bodyscissors into a – let's say ankle lock, even though he has the shin – does not look good, but Parka manages to fight thru his pain to get to the ropes. Corner whip, Electro charges in, Park moves, Electro take the knee bump to the floor. Electro is so gassed, but manage to stand up to take Parka's tope. Captains in, which fills me with happiness. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it's getting bright after these two stop posing. Wagner charges, Mesías drops toe holds him into a corner, Mesías charges, Wagner flips him to the apron. Mesías fights him off, plancha, Wagner rolls thru on top. One two NO. Wagner argues the pin, but is till quick enough to kick Mesías. Wagner pulls up Mesías' trunks to give him a wedgie as he sets up for a powerbomb. Powerbomb works, one two no. Mesías immediately fixes his trunks. Priorities! Casita, one two no. Wagner argues the count again. Everyone is hating on Hijo de Tirantes today. Crowd is supposed to rally for Mesías here, Parka is pounding the mat for it, but they're just making general noise. Wagner has Mesías on his should, but Mesías flips free, then lifts Wagner up. Mesías spends forever smiling at the crowd, and Wagner slips free. Wagner shoves Mesías in the ropes, fixes his mask, Mesías charges, Wagner gets him in a crucifix, Mesías hurks Wagner up to his shoulders and drops him in a F5 (which still doesn't get much of a reaction.). One two three – huh, not the usual finish. Silver King tires to make the save, but Marco cut him off.

Everyone gets back in the ring and stares at each other. Lots and lots of replays. Lots of post match posing. Wagner's hang out with the ringside fans, including Wagner putting on a Mexican flag and sombrero. And that's it.