AAA on Televisa #906 (10/03/2009)
Recap: 10/03/09

Last Week: More, last two weeks – Billy Boy lost his hair. Alex won the cruiserweight title. Wagner is still champ.

This Week: a cage match where the loser gets fired. Wagner, Silver, Electroshock (and dog?) vs Zorro, Escoria, and Cuervo.

Match 1: Cinthia Moreno, May Flowers, Mini Abismo Negro, Ozz © vs El Elegido ©, Mari Apache, Mascarita Divina, Pimpinela Escarlata
Centro de Convenciones de Tlalnepantla, 08/30/2009

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 12:24
Rating: nothing much. Been better.
Notes: They've adapted the video screens from Verano de Escandalo into their normal entrance set. Six sided ring. Might as well keep using them, but it makes the Verano deal look even less impressive. Staggered entrances. May Flowers hasn't been on TV in forever. Entrance seem clipped up, or people just come rocketing out one after another. Pimpi's kiss to a fan is edited off. People are coming in such a random order, it's tough to figure out who's on who's team – especially since it's no immediately clear May is a meant to be a rudo. Cinthia looks like she's been up for 36 hours straight. I don't what the deal is there. She's got her mixed tag belt. They don't have an Ozz entrance video? Elegido's entrance is cut to him standing in the ring. That's magic right there. Pimpi is very excited to see him. They speed cut between Elegido and a screaming fan in the crowd, just to make you epileptic.

Ozz does a roll to celebrate bring captain. Pepe Casas is ref. It'd be fun if the captains were like Ozz and Mascarita Divina, or some opposite pair, just to watch them try and do a finish.

Minis start in the ring, though Abismo has to show off his biceps for Elegido before he can start wrestling. Mat wrestling happens while I'm distracted by Divan's new mask, because it doesn't match his great. Wrong shared of blue and really shinny. Abismo armdrags Divina ll over the place, and a break about 100 seconds in.

Zero leg trips and standoff and the like. Minis slap each other, Divina shoves, Abismo back off. Women in. Mari takedown, off the ropes, over, clotheslines him down. Off the ropes, shoulderblock, no Mari's not budged, and pulling Cinthia down by the hair. Mari of the ropes, armdrag, Cinthia up and dropkicking her. Off the ropes, dropkick misses, and Cinthia flies out of the ring. Abismo cracks her in the leg with a kick, how rude. Whip, clothesline misses, Mari spinning DDT looks nice. Abismo rolls out, and Mari does the fake dive roll pose. Tags to the exotics. May has a really short hair cut, which probably serves him well in him really well in his real job but looks very out of place for an exotico. Evade spots, Oz grabs Pimpi, Pimpi kicks away May and armdrag Ozz. May grabs Pimpi, but shoves her into a headscissors on Ozz, then, Pimpi locks a wrist and walks the ropes for an armdrag on May. Mini Abismo in, Abismo misses on a powerslam and Pimpi just sort of rams in to him. Abismo grabs him on the second try and does pull of the slam, but grabs his back in mock pain. Ozz comes in to help stomp, then leaves, and Mini Abismo turns into a kiss from Pimpi. Pimpi appears to have put her eye shadow on with a paint brush today. Tags. Cinthia comes in, and demands to face Elegido. Pose off! Elegido makes Cinthia feel him up, and Cinthia actually seems impressed. Until she just slaps him in the face. Elegido for the choke, and rudos rush the ring to stomp them down. Pimpi gets hit in the backside many times. They clip up this brawling bit. It doesn't last long – Elegido evades an Abismo charge, and Abismo posts himself after a minute of the beatdown minute. Ozz charges in and gets kicked, May charges in and get rammed into Abismo's groin. Divina charges in, climbs the ropes, and headscissors Abismo off. Spinning backbreaker for Cinthia by Elegido, and Elegido kicks her in the backside. Mari gives Cinthia a backbreaker as everyone fights their rival. AAA's production crew sure likes finding every girl they can in the front two rows, just in case they might be interested in cheering for Elegido. Minis are left in, Divina getting to show off his armdrags, and standing on Abismo's shoulder 'rana. Spinning headscissors sends Abismo out, and Divina fakes a dive with a leap to the ropes. Mari and Cinthia in again, Mari kicking Cinthia in the head a lot. Cover! One two NO. Whip, Atlantida, Cinthia escapes into a inside cradle, one two no. Cinthia and Mari walk thru a spot, with Mari reversing a 'rana into a sunset flip for a cover, waiting for Mini Abismo to break it up. Divina chops him around, but Abismo pushes him off on the rana try and kicks him. Corner whip, Abismo charges, Divina moves, and Abismo throws himself out leg first,. Divina does not dive again, which seem to get some boos. Exoticos in and chopping each other. May getting the better of it, but Pimpi make a comeback off a corner whip. Missile dropkick sends May out, and Pimpi follows with a plancha from the apron. Cinthia barely connects on a couple of dropkicks, but it's enough to send Mari out. Cinthia tries a silla, Mari catches it, throws her into the front row. Everyone stands around looking for a second, then the minis come back in. Divina manages a double rotation headscissors to send Abismo out, and this time he dives – springboard front flip into a headscissors! That was nice. Replay of that as Ozz and Elegido fight, probably the better option. Ozz goes for his finish, but Elegido backdrops, but Ozz holds on for a sunset flip. One two no. Clothesline reversals, Elegido get the double underhook, and into the powerbomb. Lots of boos, and girls shrieking. One two three.

Ozz was in that match for about one minute total, but still might have hurt his head by the way he's grabbing it after that powerbomb. Quick to the tease for the main event.

Noti AAA
- Roldan's not worried about Konnan's threats to show up in Monterrey

In Ring Promo: Joaquin Roldan talks about things. Chessman vs Charly and Wagner vs Mesías, but first, let's bringing out Alex Koslov. They're cutting down the entrances a lot today. Only have 2 ½ hours! Roldan talks about finding a challenger. I like the crowd shots where you can see someone telling the people in the crowd to cheer, that's awesome. The promo seems to be clipped up too – Alex and Roldan don't really talk, they just have separated promos. Anyway, we get the idea that the last person in the cage match tonight will be gone, and then quick to

Video Package: double date in a cage. This video package lasts longer than that promo did. They don't show the foreign women attacking.

Match 2: Aerostar & Fabi Apache vs Billy Boy & Sexy Star
Centro de Convenciones de Tlalnepantla, 08/30/2009

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 10:19
Rating: good
Notes: Billy comes to the ring with an oddly full head of hair, though ti seems much dark than last week. Sexi has her perfume bottle. She squeezes the perfume at the crowd, then pulls the bottle back before they can grab it. Billy tries kicking Aero as he comes in, but then just gives up. Aero is wearing his black outfit again. Break before Fabi's entrance.

Oh, because Billy jumps Fabi before she even gets to the ring. Aero starts tries to make the save, and he gets posted too. Fans who don't know the Verano results must be confused by Billy' hair, because it's not totally clear it's fake and no one else looks like the lost. I'm sure that'll be resolved shortly.

Brawling, Billy on Fabi, Sexi on Aero, until they both decide to beat up Fabi. The Reina de Reinas title has a US flag on it? That may work out. Sexi Star's stunner still does not look good, but that is more on Fabi's selling. Sexi Star appears to try and choke Fabi with her crotch, though I think the idea is the leg. Slow brawling, chokes and stuff. Sexi Star sure beats up Aerostar a lot. Must be some star issues between them. Fabi eats some scorner charges. Técnicos and run into each other, but Fabi backdrops her partner to safety, kicks Billy away, and Aero connects on a springboard dropkick to Sexi. Spinning backbreaker for Billy. Técnicos are fired up. They duck a Billy dropkick, and kick Billy down – and Fabi takes his hair! Fans whistle at Billy, who covers up his head. He's already grown a short buzz cut, or had one, because we really didn't see him get all cut last week. Sexi picks up the hair to hand it back, then realizes what she's holding, drops it, and gets freaked out by it. Sexi crawls in under the bottom rope and gets stomped by Fabi. Fabi shakes her around by her hair. Whip, reversed, Sexi back bends under a clotheslines, celebrates, and Fabi kicks her in the backside. Sexi off the ropes, into an armdrag. Dropkick sends Sexi outside, and Fabi fakes a dive. Tag to Aero, who tries to get the bald chants going. Billy misses a clothesline, but manages to kick Aero on the next try. Stomp. Kick to the chest. Whip, reversed, Aero over, back with a handspring flipping back elbow. Billy whipped to the corner (at an odd angle), Aero charges, flipped to the apron, elbow from there, flip in by Sexi, Sexi grabs him, Billy charges, and Sexi eats the kick. Aero gets Billy out with a spinning headscissors, but fakes the dive. Back to Fabi and Sexi. Sexi 'rana, Fabi rolls thru, one two thr-Hijo de Tirantes stops counting, even though Sexi really don't kick out. Fabi rightly argues that one. Double underhook faceslam connect,s but Billy is in even before the cover. He stops Hijo de Tirantes from counting, backs up, and then kicks Fabi. Aero tries to dropkick him, and misses. Chop for him. Suplex? Yes. One two no. Billy counting along did not appear to help him there. Slam. Billy lays on back to cover, but Aero has a foot and an arm on the ropes. Whip, Billy misses the clothesline, Aero goes up and over for a sunset flip, one two NO. Aero misses a clothesline, back with a headscissors, Aero off the ropes, inside out plancha! That's Dorada's dive, I think. Women fighting while a replay is shown, and Sexi manages her spinning fisherman's suplex. IT doesn't look good, but Sexi's freak out after is great. I guess this is the real finish. Sit down powerbomb. One two three? No one can quite believe it, but Sexi celebrates like she just won a million dollars. She actually beat Fabi on her own for once. So proud.

After Sexi's finally done celebrations he gets the Reina de Reinas title, tells Fabi she's proven she better, lifts Mesías' catchphrase, and declares herself the uncrowned champion.

Promo: Cibernético cuts a promo on a roof. He may not have won, but he's till the main man of lucha libre.

Promo: Mesías. Not happy with how Wagner won at Verano de Escandalo, demands another chance. And he's ready to take on Cibernético one on one to get his revenge.

Match 3: El Mesías vs Cibernético
Centro de Convenciones de Tlalnepantla, 08/30/2009

Winner: DCO
Match Time: 10:04
Rating: blah
Notes: Kid get over the rail to get the wrestlers, which hasn't happen in a few months. Piero is Cibernético tries to rush Mesías but we miss it while they show crowd shots. Mesías fights him off anyway.

Cibernético kicked and punched down. Mesías grabs him and yells at him. Right. Corner whip, reversed, Cibernético charge into a double axhandle off the middle rope. High risk, there. Right. Right. Mesías off the ropes, big clothesline. Mesías takes it outside. Look at the wood panel sitting out there, waiting to be used. Punches. Mesías grabs a chair from the crowd, and throws it instead of using it. At least he the throws Cibernético in the ring as well. DDT on to the chair. One two no. Right to head. Right. Right. Off the ropes, Cibernético picks up the chair and throws it at him. Mesías was pretty dumb for that one. Cibernético quickly gets in a stunner. Crowd is booing Cibernético here, even though they sounded behind him when he entered. Cibernético goes out and grabs a couple of chairs, because one is never enough. Oh, wait, there's the Cibernético chant, never mind, Cibernético lays a chair on Mesías, and hits the chair, which I guess must hurt more than just hitting someone with a chair. Even though that makes no sense. Break to consider it.

Back to hitting a chair that's laying on Cibernético. Punches, head into the a chair. Goozle. Cibernético take his time, and Mesías headbutts free. Definitely people booing Mesías. It's a split crowd. Cibernético whipped, Mesías miss the clothesline, leapfrog, dropkick wings Cibernético. Boos are louder than the cheers, but it seems like it's just a few people being louder. Cutter on Cibernético. Chair shot to the head. They go outside for a shot into the rail. Mesías yanks Cibernético around right into front of a Mesías poster. Whip into the crowd, Cibernético reverses the whip, and Mesías goes instead. Is Piero counting? No, to this time. They don't spend much time over the rail, just enough to get a few shots in, and get few more chairs. Punch. Punch. Punch. Into the ring. Mesías stumbled towards the wood panel now, and Cibernético smashes his head into it repeatedly. Mesías turns it around and smashes Cibernético's head into it. One guy is doing his own Cibernético chant. Crowd shot clip, so Mesías must've taken a really bad bump into a post. Announcers appear to be laughing about it, but they could be laughing about anything. Cibernético throws Mesías in, and garbs the wood panel. Cibernético retrieves some of the chairs – looks like he's going use them as legs. Going back into the ring is too much trouble, so Cibernético just gets more from the fans. There we go, modified table set up. Cibernético clothesline misses, Mesías clothesline hits. One two nope. There's not a lot of Cibernético fans, but they're right on the microphone. Mesías with punches. Cibernético grabs the ropes on a whip, and gets a boot up on a charge. Cibernético chokes him, and pulls him toward the apron. Cibernético acts as if he's going to chokeslam Mesías over the top rope and thru the table, but Mesías blocks that unlikely event. Mesías lifts Cibernético over his shoulder, but that's a long way to go – they're going to have to be in on the other side of the ropes, on the apron. Sure enough, when Cibernético fights free and knees Mesías, that where he ends up. Cibernético join him to battle, and they exchange punches. They grab each other's hair and pull each other off the apron and thru the table, going thru feet first. Didn't look impressive. Didn't they already do this spot? (Wait, maybe that was Mesías and Vampiro.) It looked better that time, for sure. Replays show them both landing on the table, which went out underneath them. This time, Piero is actually counting them, and counting out fast. Mesías tries to get in at 14, but Cibernético pulls him back. Cibernético tries to get in, but Mesías pulls him back. Mesías gets one more try, but that's pretty much it. Everyone boos, and they cut away about 10 seconds after the finish, with Mesías and Cibernético still brawling.

Recap: Verano de Escandalo Title Match.

Promo: WagnerManiacs talk about being successful at Verano. Well, I don' think Ultimo Gladiador is going to get to talk. They're going to be Zorro, of course. Why is this three separate interviews spliced together instead of a group one?They have the shot of them all together at the end anyway.

Match 4: Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock (c), Silver King vs Cuervo (c), Escoria, Zorro
Centro de Convenciones de Tlalnepantla, 08/30/2009

Winner: Wagnermanicas
Match Time: 8:43
Rating: eh.
Notes: Best part is Arturo Rivera singing the start of the Dark Family song, which has no words. It's all going to be down from here. Electroshock brings a dog with him to the ring. Hey, what every happened to Guapito's angle? Dog is wearing a Wagner shirt, so there's that. The dog has a better chance of winning this match than either of the Dark Family guys. Zorro's video shows him clicking his heels in front of the stables, so great. Is Zorro still crazy? Not sure. Besides the crazy for working in this promotion bit. Not only do kids jump the rail to get Wagner, but one wants to get his autograph. I think hes busy at the moment. Crowd is behind Wagner, of course. Why does Elector have the dog!?!?! Hijo de Tirantes is ref. Zorro and company make fun of the Wagner touch. Cuervo is captain? Really now. Elector holds up the dog when he's announced as captain. Zorro threatens to cane it. Zorro is great.

Silver King and Zorro in to start. Very slowly. Zorro looks for a test of strength, Silver King takes him down. Off the ropes, roll over, off the ropes again, Cuervo gets in a cheap shot, Silver King stops to hit him, Zorro superkicks Silver King. Electro in, superkick misses him, Electro slaps Zorro. Escoria missile dropkicking Electro. Wagner in, and posing. Escoria charges, kick is caught, and they show the Crowd instead. Wagner apparently catches the boot, but Cuervo stops him and stops Silver King from coming into to help. Crowd is behind the Wagner group, of course, and Wagner waves them on. Dark Family beat Wagner into the ropes. Whip, double clothesline misses, and Wagner hits his own. Wagner poses, but Zorro high kicks him. Wagner kicks him back. Both fired up, Zorro's kicks is caught, and Wagner dragon screws him. Running boot to the face. Wagner off the ropes, running boot to the face again. Pose. Wagner charges in, but Zorro throws the cane at his – ankle? - and Wagner goes down. Dark Family rush the others to start the beatdown. Zorro sets up Wagner on the top rope and goes after his mask. Untying it quickly as the others are kept away. Zorro gets to pull the mask off (slightly), while Escoria & Cuervo make a wish with Electro's legs. Wagner held in the Tree of Woe for a triple dropkick. Pose. Cuervo miss a corner charge on Wagner, and gets hiptossed into the post, while Elector trips up Zorro and crotches him into the opposite post. Cuervo's slammed, and Silver moonsaults him. Electro adds a low blow headbutt drop, which is not actually a foul, but not actually close to hitting him at all. Escoria whipped and forced to run the ropes many times so the Wagner's can leapfrog him, then press him into a Electro chinbreaker. Cuervo tries his luck, but the rudos beat him. It's a beatdown the other way, I guess. Chops. Corner whip, Wagner kick, Silver king dropkick to the back, Electroshock cutter. Zorro in, and mocking the other team. Everyone leaves so it can be Wagner/Zorro one on one. Crowd chants Zorra. Looks like we missed the start of a chop battle while looking at the crowd. Wagner chant starts as they exchange chops, and they show more of the fans than of the fight. Zorro gives an overhead belly to belly suplex, but Silver king breaks it up and works Zorro over with kicks. Zorro tries a clothesline, Silver King catches it and lifts him on his shoulders, Escoria breaks it up with a kick, Zorro gets an inside cradle, and Electro breaks that up too. Escoria off the ropes, waved by Electro and slingshots out into a tope con giro on Silver King. That didn't look right, and the fans didn't react much. Silver King stomps Escoria down instead of reeling from the dive – ah, replay shows Escoria actually went over Silver King's head. Clip to Wagner doing his tope con giro off the apron on Zorro when they're back from the replay. Escoria and Electro in, Electro leading the cheers for himself. Cuervo off the ropes, under, Electroshock tries to roll backwards and takes a dropkick to the the chest. Whip, clothesline is blocked, Wagner grabs the arm, teas it and his a short clothesline. One more clothesline. Takedown, legs tied, arms grabbed, there' the ElectroLock, that's it.

Electroshock beat a cruiserweight. I am so shocked. Joaquin Roldan shows up to say he's got a surprise for Mesías, about his title match for the Heroes Inmoratles. Gee, Mesías' video is playing on the screen right next to Roldan, I wonder who it could be. Roldan says if the Wagnermanicas interfere in the next match, it'll be a DQ. Mesías turns up to pose and say what he always says.

Recap: cruiserweight match from Verano de Escandalo.

Vignette: backstage, Rocky waits for Extreme Tiger to out of the Extreme Tiger dressing room. Really now. Anyway, Jacks meets them, and Rocky runs down the plan – it doesn't matter who's out first, it only matter's that Alex is out last. Everyone seems agreeable.

Match 5: Extreme Tiger vs Jack Evans, Teddy Hart, Alex Koslov, Rocky Romero, Sugi in a cage match where the loser leaves town and the winner is Number One Contenders Match match to the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship
Centro de Convenciones de Tlalnepantla, 08/30/2009

Loser: Alex Koslov
Match Time: 15:08
Rating: better than I expected, especially the last half
Notes: Teddy AGAIN has the US flag. Could they not find the Canadian flag? Nikki has her cat. Is this bring your pet to work day? Extreme Tiger, from Tijuana, has the US Flag. They must not have the Mexican flag. Jack, by far, has the most fans swarming him all show, and he stops for an autograph. Break before Alex makes it in the cage.

Arturo says the loser of this match has to leave Mexico. Even Extreme Tiger! Tigre is displeased.

Alex bolts to the cage, and the three técnicos pull him down. The rudos just kinda watch. Maybe they should participate. They do attack the técnicos from behind, but only after the técnicos pull Alex down. Fights break up into usual rivals. Punching and brawling from two fights while the third actually get to use the space. Rocky gets in his spots on Alex. Teddy backcrackers Rocky. Jumping flipping DDT on Rocky. Teddy pose, and gets kicked by Jack. Jack gets his kicks on Teddy, but Sugi superkicks him when he goes for the standing moonsault. Tiger goes for a powerbomb on Sugi, but we get the second break in 3 minutes.

As it turns out, it's actually a faceslam. Alex attacks Tiger next. Corner whip, Alex misses his charge, Tiger charges, Alex tosses him up, and Alex grabs onto the cage and climbs. Alex grabs a leg, but Rocky pulls him off, and Tiger is free tot he top of the cage. He spots Teddy climbing up on the corner of this wall, but still goes over the top. Oh, wait, he's just setting himself – plancha off the top onto Alex and Rocky. Replay shows some nice catching. Apparently, Teddy just climbed back down. Jack and Teddy do spots while everyone recovers. Teddy gets in the powerbomb backcracker. Rocky starts to make a run from it on a Sugi whip, but Sugi catches up with him. Sugi must've blown the spot after knocking Rocky off the cage, because there's a long clip, and then suddenly Tiger is on the outside of the cage, standing on the top part. He climbs down this time, so that's it for him. Tiger makes a number 1 sign and makes a belt motion, so I guess the top contender stipulation is still on, or at least Tiger still thinks it's on. Announcers say it is as well.

Teddy gives Jack also sorts of backcrackers. Sugi drops on Rocky with a quebrada. Rudos control the ring, with the numbers easily in their favor. Teddy does a shooting star press which is almost missed, but they do totally catch it on replay. Match is slowed down. Crowd is not that into it, though they're trying a chant now. Sugi hangs Rocky in the tree of woe, and walks the ropes for his dropkick. Alex puts Jack in a camel clutch for fun. Teddy gives Rocky a piledriver, and the announcers call for medical attention. I don't think they're getting it. Announcers are distracted Nikki and forget about it. Nikki has seems to have a spray (and no cat?) rudos are in no hurry to get onto whatever is next, just choking Jack and walking around. Pepe Casas actually tries to confiscated the objects from Nikki, but she deftly hides it by putting it behind her back. Alex actually tries to make a run for it, but Rocky stops him and pulls him back. Sugi pulls Rocky down, and Alex adds a flying axhandle. Teddy starts climbing up, and Jack crotches him on the corner. Jack climbs up with him, and Nikki climbs up the cage to get Jack. If you called “Nikki doesn't spray it the right way and misses Jack”, hurray for you. Luckily, she's got enough spray and time to fix it. Sugi limbs on to of the pile and headscissors Jack off Teddy's shoulders. Teddy then decides to leave, waving be on the way out.

Rudos still in control in the ring. Rocky makes a kick based comeback, and goes to climb. Alex catches him by the foot. Meanwhile, Jack give Sugi a neckbreaker. Standing twisting moonsault is always neat. Jack climbs up the cage to leave. Alex and Rocky are down in heap for whatever reason, but Sugi catches up to him. Oh, Alex has the Red Scare on, that explains it. Sugi jumps on Alex's shoulders for an inverted 'rana, and dons really pull him off. Jack takes the flip anyway, but it's fine because he lands on his feet, springboards off Sugi's back to jump high on the cage, and climbs out. They replay the big fall Jack takes off the cage to the floor.

There's about five guys chanting for Rocky, but that's five more than I'd figure. Rocky makes a one on two comeback, throwing Sugi into the side of the cage and clothesline Alex all around. Whip, big backdrop. Rocky climbs to the top, but Alex gets him by his foot again. Sugi comes back to life looks at those two not paying any attention to him, and just climbs out the other side of the cage. He's a smart one. Alex begs for him to come back and help, but like I said, he's a smart one. Sugi stands on the ring post, on the outside of the cage, and moonsault to the floor – landing badly and injured his foot. Forget everything I've just said about Sugi! That was quite dumb!

Rocky rallies, running Alex into the side of the cage. Once more. Chops, kick, clothesline misses, and Alex knocks him with the big jumping enziguri. Alex climbs up, and the Crowd is unhappy, but Rocky pops up and runs across the ring to forearm him in the back. Crowd behind Rocky, as much as they've been behind anyone. Foreman's carry gutbuster off the middle rope hurts Alex, but Rocky is just as down. Rocky climbs up, but Alex pulls him off the cage strongly, him on the top rope as he falls. Alex starts to climb, and he's wasting no time. Well, he's wasting no time until he gets near the top quarter, where he climbs so slowly. Rocky stops him, grabbing a leg, but Alex kicks him off. Alex loses his balance in the process, so he makes no progress before Alex joins him again. Headbutt to the back drops Alex down, and now Rocky is actually standing higher than him. Rocky grabs on to the top of the cage, gets his arms over, but Alex him by the legs. Rocky kicks at him, kicks at him, and Alex is knocked off! Rocky is over! Alex is done!

Alex is TripleMania Alex, not believing what has just occurred. Crowd sees more anti Alex than pro-Rocky. Joaquin Roldan is out to rub it in – he's gone. Alex fans have jumped the rail to hug him as he's gone over- there's another one , both girls, who want to get up close with him. Are they crying? They don't get shuffled away fast. And that's it.