AAA on Televisa #905 (09/26/2009)
Recap: 10/03/09

This week: Gronda/Elegido vs Lider/Nicho, Charly/Chessman, and Wagner/Mesías/Cibernético in a cage

Replay: last week's cruiserweight match, edited down to about nine minutes. Didn't watch close enough to see how they manged that.

Noti AAA

Promo: Hermandad 187. They promise a big surprise from Gronda and declare themselves the real champions. By yelling really loud.

Match 1: Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario vs El Elegido & Gronda II in a hardcore rules match
Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad de Madero, Tamaulipas, 08/21/2009

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 11:18
Rating: predictable bad
Notes: Tons of props around the ring. For no apparent reason, there are two druids standing int eh ring for Elegido. Oh, the reason is Lider & Nicho are under the robes, and jump Gronda & Elegido from behind.

Piero is ref. Champs do not wear their belts while wrestling, which seems out, Lider takes Elegido around inside, while Nicho works Gronda over in the ring. Gronda, seated in a folding chair and selling kicks from Nicho, is not exactly the way he was envisioned. Things change. Nicho hangs Elegido off a barrciade, and DDTs him into a chair (or at least the edge of a chair.) Nicho does a rolling dropkick into a chair into Gronda. Clip. More clips the better. Nicho throws some chairs on the middle of the mat, then chops Gronda in in the corner. Nicho yells, and Gronda turns it around, chopping him,and dropkicking Lider – and maybe his chair – as he comes in. I dunno, it didn't look good. Nicho dropkicks Gronda to stop him. Nicho holds him down for a Lider legdrop on a chair. Double STO on to the pile of chairs. Gronda head wedged in a chair, and Lider adds a flying stomp. Elegido back up, and a chair is thrown as him as he comes in. Crowd seems bored. Rudos take forever setting up Elegido for something. A chair thrown to at the head, didn't really all that time. They're working on his mask forever, so either he's bleeding or they can't get it ripped. Boot to the head. Yea, there's blood, as much as you can see it. More is actually dropping out onto his chest and spills onto his back when he falls back down into it. Lider rubs the blood off Elegido, licks on his face, and rubs it over him. That's some issues right there. They seem leery of showing the blood up close, both this week and last. Gronda watches from the Rudos set up a couple rows of chairs, hold Elegido in the corner, and take too long again, this time allowing Elegido to fight both of them. Elegido gets whip into a chair, Nicho gets armdragged, a bit short of the chairs, because Elegido fell off the ropes when trying it. Gronda and Elegido takes control, just as slow brawling. Elegido covers up Nicho with chairs and the técnicos suplex Lider on top. Elegido hits Lider in the head with a chair, while Gronda sets up a table on the outside. Chair to Nicho's head. Break.

Lider fights off both guys by himself,, but at least Gronda has the table set up on the outside. Lider puts Elegido on his shoulder to take him off, but Elegido gets free, and double underhook powerbombs Lider thru the table. Nicho knocks Gronda off the apron with a jumping kneelift, then sets up some chairs. Gronda solely climbs to the apron, and Nicho hits him in the head with a chair. This just causes Gronda come into the ring a little bit slower. Nicho has Gronda lay on the chairs, except that doesn't work at all, so he just sits him in them instead. Nicho goes up – but, Gronda crotches him, puts him on his shoulder as he climbs up, and almost loses him. Nicho slips down his back to sunset powerbomb him into a chair. Nicho dropkicks Elegido as he was coming in, and drops a chair senton on him. Lider is a bloody mess on the outside. Everyone lays around while Nicho brings in a table. Lider in and grabbing Elegido, giving him a chair assisted chinbreaker. Nicho's got the table set up. Why is it a white table? Nicho gives Elegido a chair shot, and Elegido falls perfectly on the table. Nicho goes up, but Elegido pops up to chop him instead. Superplex? No, Lider breaks it up with a chair. Lider holds Elegido on his shoulders, and Nicho does a flipping neckbreaker to put Elegido thru the table – except the table doesn't break (off course) and they just tip it over. Nicho actually cover! One two three. Wait, wasn't that a title match?

Rudos grab Elegido, but Gronda comes in and clothesline everyone, though it takes a while for them to get up between shots. Familiar music plays – the same Road Warrior Hawk sound bite played over and over, as Groon XXX walks fast to the ring. There's about a thousand cuts between the two Gronda here. Both off the ropes, Groon flying shoulderblock. Crowd slightly boos. Clip. Groon lifts Gronda II up for a Torture Rack, but immediately loses him and almost drops him on his head! If that's what they showed, what didn't they show? Lame spear. Another clip, then Groon unties and pulls of Gronda's mask. Gronda waves around his trophy. Elegido helps cover up his partner. Announcers are selling this as the biggest thing ever. Lider hits Elegido in the head and Gronda in the leg for no particular reason.

Promo: Gronda XXX's volume all peaking out, but he talks about being the original and getting rid of the impostor.

Replay: last week's cage match. This is about in full, so in the first 70 minutes of the show, there's only one match. And it was that match.

Video Package: Charly/Chessman. Why did Charly have to throw away Chessman's shirt? THEY SHOW CHESSMAN PUTTING CHARLY OUT OF ACTION! It took the months and months but they finally got to the reason we're having this feud. They have no problem showing the blood in this feud.

Match 2: Charly Manson vs Chessman in a street fight match
Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad de Madero, Tamaulipas, 08/21/2009

Winner: Charly Manson
Match Time: 19:19
Rating: not my thing
Notes: Chessman's wearing white makeup with red lines. I guess it'll make the upcoming blood stick out more. Did Esther Moreno not get to her seat until the mask match? Charly has the grater with him. That won't go well. Hijo de Tirantes is ref.

Chessman runs from Charly, in, out, in, over, under a clothesline, whipping Charly and then taking off again. Charly bounces off the ropes, and topes Chessman. Maybe he should've moved on that one. Charly goes for – tacks? Well, they're not worried about building here. Charly takes the tacks out of the bag and puts them in his hands, instead of just bringing in and dumping the bag. This actually makes sense, because Charly doesn't want to lay them on the mat – he throws them at Chessman's face as he charges! That's crazy. Chessman is bent over for a while, and we don't get to see if any actually hit. Of course, Charly goes from that to doing one chop, then looking at the crowd. Chop. Whip, backdrop. Charly goes back for the greater. Swing, and miss, and Chessman blows something in Charly's face. Hijo de Tirantes warns Chessman (it's no DQ!) and checks on Charly. Charly's blinded, so he feels a guy coming towards him, takes him down, and puts on El Pozo. Hijo de Tirantes taps out, like that'll help. Chessman smacks Charly with grater before Hijo de Tirantes is too hurt. Chessman is nice enough to check on him. Replay of that bit, as Chessman gets started with the grater. Charly bleeds form the top of the head. Chessman goes out, and grabs some light tubes and some clear plastic tape. Chessman tapes one light tube to the edge of the ring, then goes back in. Charly brought out, and whipped into the light tube. Well, that worked. Took thirty seconds to set up. Hardcore wrestling is so much slower. Chessman mess with the tape a bit. Charly is bleeding a lot, including from the back of his right shoulder, thanks to that light tube. Chessman tries to tape up another light tube, but he he can't get it to work. Break.

Chessman slams Charly on a light tube, then slingshot elbow drops him, to break the tube on his back. Replay of that first one breaking, Charly going directly shoulder first. This one didn't ok as good. Both back in the ring, Chessman setting up two light tubes by a corner, then walking Charly over to it. Punches. Armbar, kick, Whip, reverses, Charly spinebusters Chessman thru the tubes. Hijo de Tirantes kicks as many fragments out as possible. Replays. Charly hits Chessman in the head with a chair shot. Crowd ask for one more and gets it. Charly goes out, brings a wood panel in, and sets it up in the corner. Chessman is surely spearing that, it'll just a question of it being with or without Charly. Charly takes more tacks, and sprinkles them around the front of the table, which allows Chessman to spear him right thru the panel it. Chessman is almost sort of covering, and Hijo de Tirantes almost sort of has something to do, but Charly actually still on the table instead of on the mat. Chessman pulls him out, counts one, counts two – and gets a bunch of tacks stuck in his hand. That sucks. Not sure Charly kicked out, but Hijo de Tirantes make sure to show this to the camera. Maybe that was Charly's strategy – he's going to win by submission, anyway. Chessman hits Charly with a chair, and goes out himself. It's worth noting Chessman has full body outfit on, while Charly is wearing his normal tank top t-shirt. Advantage, Chessman. Chessman sets up a table then stumbled around ringside some more. Hijo de Tirantes has finally recovered enough to clean the ring some more. Chessman sets up a couple light tubes on the table. Now he goes back for more. Yawn. Break.

Chessman's back in, and slamming Charly. Chessman says this is it, and starts to go up top, but is completely distracted. Crowd chanting for Charly. Chessman goes up , and misses the moonsault. Charly rolls to the apron, picking thumb tacks out of his hand and wincing in pain. He's on the side next to the table, which is a bad idea. Charly stands on the apron, Chessman chops him, Chessman off the ropes, Charly slingshots in, Chessman slides under the bottom rope instead of diving thru. Charly blocks Chessman's punch and foul kicks him. Off the ropes, slingshot sunset flip – powerbomb, sending Chessman thru the table. Crowd goes nuts for the spot. Chessman is now bleeding more than Charly. Both guys are getting counted out. Charly throws Chessman back in, and gets a chair. Charly gathers up the dust and small glass shares, lays it on the chair, then DDTs Chessman into the chair. El Pozo? - no, he takes too long, and Chessman hits him with a chair from the mat. Chessman jabs him with the chair, and tries El Pozo himself. Chessman doesn't appear to know how to do it, and Charly hits him with the the chair before Chessman can figure it out. Hijo de Tirantes counts them both down, and Charly's stirring first. Crowd behind him. Charly looks to go up, but Chessman punches him on the way up. They battle on the ropes, and Chessman suplexes him off. The ring is utter mess of blood, glass, attacks, and who knows what else. Hijo de Tirantes counts the pin, and again gets hurt before getting tow two, though there's a clear kick out this time. Chessman catches Charly on the post, pulls him into the Tree of Woe, and adds a running dropkick. Chessman sets up more chairs. And gets more light bulbs. About six this time, creating a light tube table. If this isn't the finish, not sure what they've got left. Chessman sets up to crucifix powerbomb Charly off the middle rope, but Charly barely reverses it into a headscissors to send Chessman thru it instead. Chessman is hurting, and Hijo de Tirantes stops Charly from putting on el Pozo right away – huh? Charly argues the point, then just pushes him away and puts it on. Chessman immediately gives up – ha, Chessman taps the mat and Hijo de Tirantes knows what that means. Maybe he can tell Piero?

Recap: return of Ciberneticos, Cibernetico turn.

Match 3: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Cibernético vs El Mesías in a cage match for the AAA World Heavyweight Championship
Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad de Madero, Tamaulipas, 08/21/2009

Winner: Dr. Wagner
Match Time: 24:06
Rating: bad. Really dragged for the last half, after Cibernetico. At least 8 minutes longer than it had any reasonto be.
Notes: Mesías has a shirt with a picture of himself on it. It's kinda dumb. They try to start chants for all three guys. Wagner only has the AAA title. Piero is ref, and cleaning bits off the mat. Actually, they don't start the Wagner chant, but they do try both Mesías and Cibernético chants at the same time. It's especially hilarious, because the Crowd starts a loud Wagner on their own, and the announcers try to prompt chants for the other two and fail. They do explain the weird elimination rules here – first man gets pinned, the it's escape for the last two.

Cibernético clothesline Wagner, then spears Mesías. Boos. Wagner fights back, gets speared. Slam for Mesías. Punches for Wagner. Slam for Wagner. Cibernético drops a chair on Mesías foot, and slams another chair into it. That's about the least impressive thing he could do with a chair. Cibernético continues to dominate both guys until I'm bored. Beside the chairs, there's also a couple tables in the ring. Mesías rallies back, hitting the jumping STO on Wagner, and the clothesline on Cibernético. Boos for him too, which seem to annoy him. Mesías climbs up the cage, but just to stand on top – top rope plancha. Cover, one two Wagner breaks it up. Why would he do that? Also, Mesías already did more top cage moves than the guys in the match last week, how odd. Wagner catches a Mesías kick and gives him the dragon screw. Cibernético misses a clothesline, miss a back elbow, and Wagner catches a kick for a dragon screw on him too. Wagner holds Cibernético until Mesías punches him. Mesías tries to start a chant himself, and that just causes more boos. I love the fans of AAA. Mesías slowly runs Wagner into the side of the cage. DDT for Cibernético onto a chair. Wagner hung in the Tree of Woe, and Mesías slowly walks over to set a wood panel in a corner. He's in hurry. I celebrate, because there's only 30 minutes left in this show. Cibernético manages to stunner Mesías – those two are better at it then Fabi and Sexi, for sure. Cibernético chops Wagner, then mocks the Wagner chant – which actually gets it to start up again, good job. Whip to the table, Wagner stops short, Cibernético turns, ducks a Mesías clothesline, Wagner ducks as Mesías leapfrogs him, Cibernético charges, Wagner waves him by, and Cibernético spears Mesías thru the wood. Replay, and clip to Cibernético giving Wagner a stunner. Cibernético sets up a table, but the legs give up when he tires to position it. This gets many boos. Cibernético sets it up in the corner, then argues with Piero over something. Wagner grabs Mesías out of the wreckage, but Mesías fires back with a punch. Crowd boos. Mesías walks around with Cibernético on his shoulders, then tosses him off into a cutter. Wagner up, but before we see that, a replay of the last move. Mesías lifts Wagner on his shoulders, and powerslams him. Wagner tease going up, climbs up, goes to the top, and waves. Again, he looks like he's escaping, but he's actually climbing all the way up for a dive – top rope splash on Wagner. One two Cibernético breaks it up. Why does Cibernético break it up? Cibernético chokeslams Mesías. Cibernético climbs up, and he's not going for a top rope move, he's just escaping. Cibernético has no idea of the rules, and Piero explains it to him. Cibernético protests to the crowd that these are dumb rules. That's a pretty clear sign. Cibernético grabs Piero by the shirt and yells at him, ignoring his opponents getting back up. Mesías kicks him, holds him over, Wagner adds a chair shot to Cibernético's back, Mesías jabs him, and then gives Cibernético a bad looking powerbomb. Cibernético bounces off the table, which doesn't break again, and slide off the other side. Mesías covers, one two three.

Wagner's fired up. Back suplex for Mesías. Chair shot to the back. They got the cage door open to get Cibernético out, who's still laying on his back in the ring. Wagner sets up another table in a corner, then stomps Mesías. Cibernético waits to be pulled out of the ring by the ring workers, and Wagner just waits for them to be done. Cibernético eventually convulses on the outside. Inside, Wagner suplexes Mesías thru one wood panel – uses he had that set up and a table in another corner. Cibernético's carried off on a stretcher, which bends under his weight. Break.

Wagner waits for Mesías to get up, then knocks him back down. Wagner whips Mesías towards the table, but Mesías stops short, and backdrops Wagner thru. This time, the table actually breaks. Chair shot to the back. Wagner pops back up and DDTs Mesías. Selling is optional. Wagner goes to the top rope and splashes Mesías. Pose. Hey, maybe you want to climb out? Wagner thinks about it, but grabs a wooden board, smacks Mesías with it, then chokes him with it. Wagner off the ropes, senton, cover for a pin, Wagner quickly remembers there are no cover and starts climbing. Clip – that shot of Esther again – and Mesías is holding onto Wagner by one ankle. Mesías climbs up to the cage to join him, and they both get one leg over. That should mean the match is over and a draw, but no one's paying attention. They fight on top of the cage. Mesías slips and stat to fall out of the cage – which means he's got both legs out – and still the match is not over, and we're supposed to be worried about Mesías. Mesías climbs back up so they can fight some more. Wagner starts to fall over head first, out of the cage and Mesías holds him up. They both tease falling back inside the cage. Wagner falls more, Mesías tries to climb over, Wagner brings them back in, and superplexes him. After some reversed whips, Wagner tosses Mesías, who latches onto the cage and starts to climb over. Wagner has hard time getting a hold of him, with Mesías kicking at him. Wagner, Electroshock, and Ultimo Gladiador show up to cut Mesías off. Wagner gets Mesías on his should anyway, and Electric chair drops him back in the ring. Break.

Wagner gets Mesías in grounded octopus hold, but that's no going to help him here. Wagner dos jumping jacks to show how he's not tired here. Running tornado DDT. Wagner climbs up. Clip. Mesías has Wagner by the ankle again. Mesías lets go to climb up with Wagner, and walk him along the reps. Rock Bottom off the top rope. I think Mesías tries to cover here too. Mesías climbs up, gets hit in the back with a chair. Crowd clearly behind Wagner. Corner whip, reverses, Mesías runs into a boot, Wagner charge out into a powerslam. Cheers, than boos. Mesías fans try to force a chant. Mesías climbs again, but Silver King climbs the other side of the cage. Electroshock climbs with him, as does Gladiador. Silver King and Electro get punched, but UG gets in a punch to knock Mesías of the cage, and right to Wagner for a sit down powerbomb. Mesías get a suplex in 10 second later. So bored. 7 minute left in the show. Mesías climbs up, and again the Wagner guys climb up to stop him. This time, it's Electro who gets the shot in. I think we've established the point already, I don't know why this match needs to go as long as it has. Wagner beats up Mesías more. Mesías tries to draw from the crowd, but no one much cares. Mesías walks around with Wagner on his shoulders again, doing his best John Cena imitation, before dropping him off for a F5. Mesías climbs up, this time it's Silver King with a chair to knock him off. Wagner finally calls for the Wagner Driver, and they may actually be booing him now. Wagner Driver. Wagner climbs up, this time to boos, and gets other top. He stops at the top – same spot they were before, and they shoot off the confetti before he even moves off.

WagnerManiacs celebrate for three minutes. And it's finally over.