AAA on Televisa #904 (09/19/2009)
Recap: 10/02/09

Last Week: Billy & Sexi won the street fight, Elegido & Gronda won the other no rules match, Chessman & Marco won the other other no rules match, and no one won the chain match. Why the chain match ended, I still don't know.

This Week: Psycho Circus vs Yakuza, Cruiserweight title match, and the double date in a cage

Promo: Psycho Circus. Each guy vows to beat a different member of Yakuza. Monster Clown (ex Zombie) and Murder Clown (ex Killer) are introduced with those names, as if they had been their names all along. There's not even a wink about something changing here. How insulting.

Match 1: Killer Murder Clown, Psycho Clown ©, Zombie Monster Clown vs Kenzo Suzuki ©, Oriental, Sugi
Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad de Madero, Tamaulipas, 08/21/2009

Winner: Clowns
Match Time: 8:00
Rating: underwhelming
Notes: No entrances. Pepe Casas is ref. Psycho Circus are announced as 405 wins, going for 406.

Yakuza jump the clowns (who appear to be the técnicos here), but its about a halfhearted attack as you can get. They use their weapons, though more hitting people with the broadside of the swords than stabbing them. Lots more belt swinging. Seems like Kenzo is wearing two belts – one to take off and hit people, and one to hold up his pants. Much better for everyone. Of course, the smaller Yakuza members are too small to knock over the clowns, but Kenzo can take two of them out with a mighty clothesline. Oriental follows with a moonsault onto Killer. Er, Murder. That'll get messed up many times. Oriental unties Murder's mask while he's down on top of him, and Sugi does the same with Psycho. Kenzo randomly has duct tape, and uses it to tie Psycho to the ropes by his wrists. That would seem to be illegal, but Pepe Casas just puts up a mild argument. Same deal for Murder. You know, I don't know how they plan on winning this if they've got only one guy to beat, and he's no the captain. Maybe they'll they just want to eliminate one for the numeric advantage. Kenzo slaps Monster Clown around, and Oriental adds a low blow dropkick. No foul call, though Zombie does ask for it. Of the three, Zombie's the one who most wants to be a técnico, so I guess that makes a little sense. Sugi gets his running the ropes dropkick in. Kenzo's suplex makes the camera shake, odd. Oriental moonsault,t hen telling Sugi to run and flip around. Running shooting star press connects, and Yakuza pose rather than follow up. Dropkicks for the taped up guys, not that they're going anywhere. Monster rallies back on Oriental, but Sugi gets in shots. Monster waves to the crowd for support. The crowd has decided not to root for either rudo team, and boos Monster for waving to them. The crowd is awesome. Monster fights off the little guys, and Kenzo boots him. Kenzo puts Sugi's pony tail for no reason, while Oriental headbutts Psycho clown and hurts himself more. 619 for Monster, and Oriental adds a springboard tope con giro. Sugi adds a quebrada. Any time you'd like to actually win, let me know. Sugi stands on Monster, but Monster is laying on his stomach. Belt shots. Crowd shot clip, and suddenly the Clowns are free and in control. Really, that's the level of editing being done here? I think I'm done with this one.

There's another huge clip in here, setting up Psycho Clown doing hist op rope headbutt, and a tease of that being a DQ this week for the first time ever. Clowns do try their piggy back splash, but Kenzo saves Sugi's life by pushing the pile over. Small guys try top rope to the outside on the little guys and get posted. Kenzo's left in with Monster Clown, but takes him down with a back heel trip. Kenzo celebrates, and the two bigger clowns walk up from behind. Kenzo slowly turn around, then takes off – how did he lose both belts? Why do I have to see that much of his behind – but they chase him back in the ring to take clothesline from everyone. He goes down for each one, then he fires up, then he starts going down for each one. It's an unusual take on that spot. Oh, the Clowns are just going to get in their moves for a while, I can go back to ignoring this. Or not – flying sit on Kenzo, Killer sits on top, Monster holds down a leg, and that's it. Very anticlimactic finish – a spot done all the time as just a usual beatdown spot but this time it's finish. Weird.

Recap: Alex Koslov's rudo turn, once again. I like how the footage is edited to make it look like Alex lost directly to Extreme Tiger, which would make this storyline work a lot better. Just like real life, Alan Stone & Crazy Boy are edited out of existence.

Match 2: Extreme Tiger vs Jack Evans and Rocky Romero and Teddy Hart and Alex Koslov for the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship
Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad de Madero, Tamaulipas, 08/21/2009

Winner: Alex Koslov
Match Time: 18:55
Rating: better than expected, picked up nicely after Teddy left
Notes: Entrances. This set isn't nearly as elaborate as the TripleMania, and the strobe light pointed right at the camera has to go. They've got a pair of screens dedicated to showing the country flag for each wrestler. I hope the Clowns got their own flag. Teddy, Canadian, gets the American flag. We're all professionals here. Nikki has one outfit. The entrances videos do look much better, even though Alex's one has him with the belt. Alex has the valets all give him a kiss. Teddy looks for a handshake as Alex comes in, and Alex blows him off to pose on the buckle. Jack Evans has the US flag, and runs around the outside of the ring like a loon. Extreme Tiger has an AC Delco advertisement! Well, why would they actually have a Mexico flag ready to be shown? That's useless in AAA. Hijo de Tirantes is ref.

Match is announces as an elimination match. Hijo de Tirantes looks kinda rough. Alex tires to steal the belt back when Tirantes tries to present it to everyone. Alex and Rocky get in a shoving match.

Five way fight right off the bell, with Jack taking Teddy over the top rope with a big clothesline. Nikki shoves Jack to get Teddy some time, and then slaps Jack too. Nikki is gleeful about the slap, and Teddy almost runs her over trying to punch Jack. They show Teddy working over Jack, and Nikki, and not much of the ring. Tiger seem to have disappeared while Alex and Rocky are working normal early opening spots until Alex puts up the stop sign. Rocky stops and waits while Alex feels himself up, with no big shot for him this time. They take turns hitting spots as Teddy continues to beat up Jack on the outside. Rocky ends Alex out with his back heel kick, but Teddy sneaks in and drops him with his half straight jacket backcracker. Teddy comes in, and knocks him around, hitting a flipping dropkick and standing flip for a near fall. Ringside camera is shaking every time someone lands on the mat, which is incredibly annoying and fake looking. Turn taking two counts. Same stuff we've seen since the turn, though Jack's handspring front flip into a spinning headscissors to the floor is new and crazy.

Tiger returns from wherever to exchange shots with Alex. You know, I wouldn't actually mind seeing that singles match. Certainly more like to see it more than this as a five way. Alex flip him with a clothesline, follows with the dancing kicks, and then slides out when a running soccer kick misses. Alex turns to the crowd and points to his skull, then turn around into a thru the ropes dropkick. Tiger poses, gets knocked over by a Jack springboard spin kick. Slam, and Jack goes up - and Nikki trips him up. Teddy climbs up with Jack and – kinda bodyslams him off the top rope, but more just lets go so Jack's legs hit the corner and Jack hits the mat awkwardly. Were they trying Generico's brainbuster there? It didn't look close to anything, but there's immediate corner about Jack, who broke the fall with his right wrist and is lucky not to have broken it. Jack, Tirantes, and Teddy talk, but Tiger grabs Teddy. Alex breaks that up before Tiger can do anything, and lights him up in a powerbomb so Teddy can dd a flying backcracker. A stage hand is in a panic about Jack, waving to someone for help. (Jack's laying on the apron, in a lot of pain, Hijo de Tirantes standing outside of the ring checking on him and not the match. Don't think Jack is ever going to be officially eliminated, but he's done right here.

Rocky come in to fight both rudos, but he's subdued. The doctor takes forever walking over to Jack, who's now screaming in pain. They're checking his head, so maybe he hurt that more? Rocky takes a STO, and Alex and Teddy discuss Jack's situation. Teddy walks back over to Jack, talks to him, then steps out to the apron, grabs Jack, and piledrivers him on the apron. Didn't look like Teddy took it any easy with him, and that probably wasn't necessary. Jack fell from the apron to the floor, and Teddy taunted the crowd while Jack got put in a stretcher. Back inside, Alex holds Rocky in a camel clutch. I think the crowd is booing Hijo de Tirantes for not disqualifying Teddy. It didn't even occur to me that piledrivers are still supposed to be a DQ here, because it's so not enforced. Or I guess they could be more simply booing Teddy, but Hijo de Tirantes is reacting to it. Teddy decided to rush the guys carrying off Jack as they go up the steps – one stage hand falls down and appears to hurt his knee, plus jack goes down again. Teddy grabs the stretcher and tries to walk off with it, but Hijo de Tirantes pull it away, and keeps pushing Teddy away from doing more. Teddy gets past him anyway, and gives him a Canadian Destroyer on the stage. Wonder if they'll show this again after this TV taping. Alex calls for Teddy to come back to the ring and help him work over the two técnicos (who aren't putting up much of a fight), and the show goes to break.

There's a lot of stalling, and a noticeable moment where Hijo de Tirantes talk to Alex right before the clip. Alex and Teddy talk after the clip. Pretty clear Jack wasn't supposed to get out so fast. Rocky makes a one man comeback after another clip, landing a spinning DDT and clotheslining both guys. Big springboard dropkick sends Alex to the ropes, and Tiger adds a dropkick to knock him to the floor. Tiger and Teddy aren't in the same page next – Tiger tries a dropkick, Teddy kicks him, and we have a whole bit as everyone debates if it's low or not. Teddy lays out Tiger with a powerbomb backcracker. Rocky works over Teddy with kicks to the chest and an enziguri. Rocky says this is it, puts Teddy on the rope, climbs up – and gets knocked off by Nikki. Teddy gives Rocky a flipping stunner, then goes up once more – top rope shooting star press, Teddy covers – but we see a replay instead of the pinfall – and then a wavy transition to some other point. Huh. Rocky goes up and over on a powerbomb for a sunset flip, but Teddy kicks out at one and half. Legdrop. Azuca shake. Off the ropes, Rocky looks at Nikki to trip him, Nikki trips him, Rocky held up, Teddy charges and forearms Nikki. Two for two on that. Rocky gives Teddy his fireman's carry gutbuster, one two three.

Teddy angrily shoves Rocky after the pin, and throws a fit to the announcers. Teddy gets back on the apron to distract Rocky from Alex sneaking up behind – and break.

Rocky takes forever to turn around, but does duck the superkick. Inside cradle, one tow NO. Rocky argues the count. Teddy and Nikki finally leave. Rock off the ropes, Alex takes his head off with a superkick, Red Scare, Rocky taps out again (!!) but then remembers to wave (HOORAY).That was quick.

Crowd boos Alex. Tiger tires snaking in with a springboard, but Alex cuts him out of the air with a kick, and puts him in the Red Scare. Unlike Rocky, Tiger's moving a bit, though has to go about half the length of the ring to get to the ropes. Alex can't believe it. Alex argues with Hijo de Tirantes instead of following up, then goes to get his flag. Focus! Alex goes to pick Tiger up, and feeds himself into a small package, one two no. Crowd didn't get into that near fall. Alex runs Tiger over with a low kick, then taunts the crowd more. Whip, Tiger slides out, Alex slides out, Tiger slides in, Alex gets on he apron, Tiger tries a forearm, Alex ducks down, Tiger kicks him, loosely ties him in the ropes, and connects on a top rope dropkick to the head. One two NO. Crowd behind Tiger. Chop. Chop. Off the ropes, tossed up, and down with a flying legdrop. One two no. Alex kicks Tiger in the ropes, charges, Tiger moves and kicks Alex into the ropes. Guillotine legdrop – no, Alex moves out of the way goes up top, plancha, Tiger cuts him down with a dropkick. That was .3 Sangre there. One two no. Tiger kicks Alex, ties him in the corner, backs up, charges, and dropkick him. Tiger goes up, rope flip moonsault eats knees. Guess that dropkick didn't help. Alex covers, puts his feet on the ropes blatantly, one two NO. Hijo de Tirantes catches on a little after, but just warns Alex. Teddy Hart returns, which distracts Hijo de Tirantes. Alex tries a German suplex, Tiger flips out to his feet, Tiger off the ropes, Alex boosts him up, and fouls him on the way down. Teddy stops distracting Hijo de Tirantes, and he turns around to count. One two three.

Alex gets his belt back and celebrates.

Promo: Alex says he demonstrated he's the best Cruiserweight in the world.

Promo: Silver King & Electroshock hype the next new member of the WagnerManiacs.

Match 3: La Parka Jr., Marco Corleone, Octagon vs Electroshock, Silver King, Ultimo Gladiador
Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad de Madero, Tamaulipas, 08/21/2009

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 5:56
Rating: better than expected! The right time for this match.
Notes: Piero is ref.

The new member? Ultimo Gladiator, now wearing a mask, is already in the ring. No explanation. Electroshock gets flames for his country. Silver King, in his gladiator gear, gets an AAA logo. Oh, wait, maybe Silver King is going to do explain it. Maybe he'll get his microphone facing the new way while he's at it – there we go. Both Electro & Silver tease introduced the new guy, who's already standing out there with them. Really, all they do is say his name. If there's ever an explanation of why or why the mask, I miss it.

Rudos jump técnicos for brawling. Técnicos make the comeback at 3:30, Parka fighting of everyone on a corner charge, backdropping Ultimo Gladiador out of the ring, and taking care of the other two (who pop back up so Marco and clothesline and dropkick them.) Gladiador come back in so Octagon can get in his dropkicks and armdrags too, and he even does a tope. Electro gets the better of Marco one on one for a while, but runs into a backdrop to the floor. Marco hits the big running plancha on him too. This leave the captains, and if I knew this match was going to move this fast (the right speed!) I would've been more willing to care about it. Parka armdrags Silver King around, DDTs him and only gets two. Parka grabs Silver in waistlock, Silver shoves the referee, goes for a foul, Parka blocks it, Silver King yanks his mask and covers him. One two three. Marco argues what happened, and Silver King didn't do much to clean up the mess, but the rudos still get their arms raised. Clip, and they play Parka's music anyway so the técnicos can dance.

Recap: Billy & Sexi & Aero & Fabi

Match 4: Aerostar vs Fabi Apache vsBilly Boy vs Sexy Star in a cage match with mask and hair on the line
Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad de Madero, Tamaulipas, 08/21/2009

  1. Billy escapes (3:20)
  2. Billy returns (4:23)
  3. Sexi escapes (10:13)
  4. Aero escapes (11:31)
  5. Fabi escapes (17:31)

Loser: Billy Boy
Match Time: 17:31
Rating: better than expected
Notes: notes

Pepe Casas is ref. Billy has a new outfit. I don't think those sunglasses are going to help him inside the cage. Sexi has her perfume bottle and a new outfit with bell bottom legs. I like them better than the Silver mask and top. Aerostar is wearing his black outfit. Fabi Apache has her belt, and a new shiny dark blue and gold outfit. Rudos wait for her to step in front of the door to attack, but they back off before she comes in

No ref in the cage. Six sided cage with no top, of course. They show Esther Moreno in the crowd before the match – she's sitting next to the Penas, of course, and has wacky contacts in to make it completely obviously she's getting involved here. We're told she's hear as Fabi's friend - why is she Fabi's friend? (and why aren't Mari or Gran Apache here?) No minimum time in the cage is mentioned. Rudos attack early to get the advantage.

Brawling, and slow at that. Pacing themselves, I'm sure. Sexi Star hair is turning pinker by the day. Rudos beat up one, then waste the other. They use a shot of Esther every time they want to do a clip, which gets old the first time. Aero ducks a clothesline, dropkicks Billy in the knee, and starts climbing just 100 seconds in, but gets pulled down. Could've just been climbing to do a move. Billy rips up his mask. Sexi and Fabi have a chop fight, Sexi just stop to stat climbing, and Fabi stops her. Billy attacks Fabi, and ends up powerbombing her. Sexi's working over Aerostar, and I don't know why both don't just leave. Oh, Billy does – he's out.

Way to leave your girlfriend behind! Billy gets into an argument with someone in the front row, and this part looks clipped up too. Sexi has both técnicos down, but gets annoyed by the crowd instead. Billy climbs back up the cage – why? And comes back just as Fabi hits Sexi with a chair. Where did the chair come? Must've happened during a clip. Anyway, Billy's back in, and dropkicking the chair back at Fabi.

Aero/Billy have a sequence, interrupted by Sexi hitting Aerostar right in the head. Sexi had a harder chairs than Cibernético! Billy hits Aero in the head even harder, thought the seat of the chair actually appeared to fold back as it was hitting him, so maybe that saved some of the impact. Aero drops his face down on the mat, and but Billy lifts it up to work over the forehead. Sexi stomps Fabi and goes to leave, but Fabi pops back up and pulls her down. That same shot of Esther again. Sexi starts to climb, and Fabi grabs her again. Sexi just keeps climbing, one of her bell bottoms leggings being pulled halfway off in the process. Aero star turn up to help pull Sexi down, and Fabi kicks her in the head and then punches her a lot. Yet another shot of Esther Moreno. You'd think people actually care about Esther Moreno, given how much she's shown here. Fabi starts to climb up, but Billy grab her by the leg, and then hits her until she's off the top rope. Sexi yells at she kicks at Aerostar. Someone's gotta really annoying air horn and they like using it. Sexi stumbles around the ring, only to come back to kicking Aero again. Whip, reversed, Sexi just starts climbing up, Aero grabs her from the backside, Sexi wriggles her backside in Aero's' face to get free. The crowd is amused. This works, but Aero still gets her legs. Having loose leggings is hurting her here. Aero ends up sweeping her the legs, causing Sexi to fall head first on the top turnbuckle in a horrifying fashion. She's hurting, but Aero still bangs her head into the middle buckle many times. Billy slowly breaks it up, then charges on Sexi. Break. Aero gets a chair, swings, Billy ducks and, Sexi takes on the back of the head.

Fabi goes crazy stomping on Sexi, while Billy tries climbing out and gets grabbed by Aero. Aero jumps on his back, which can only end badly. Billy elbows him off, then starts walking across the ropes to catch Fabi, who's making her own escape. Both Billy and Sexi grab a hold of her, while Aero tries to pull Billy off the ropes. Sexi climbs to the rope to fight Aero as the men fall away. Sexi stops fighting and tries to climb, but Fabi decides to grab her rather than escape. Sexi gets one leg partly over, but Fabi won't let go over the other, and roughly pulls her back in. Sexi tries walking the ropes away from Fabi, but Fabi kicks her away. Some camera guys has climbed the cage and is trying to shoot from there, which makes for the new most shakey camera of all time. Fabi and Aero give Billy a mistimed double DDT, and Aero holds Billy as Fabi works over Sexi. Instead of showing the action, they have one camera zoom in the climbing camera man. Priories. Fabi accidentally missile dropkicks her partner, Billy clotheslines her down, and Sexi throws a chair onto Aero's back. He hurts his leg. Billy decides now is the time to go, and tells Sexi to climb out. Why not Billy? Well, anyway, Sexi gets over.

Aerostar recovers in time to pull down Billy. Aero and Fabi pull it together and double suplex Billy. Aero seems to be bleeding, although we haven't had gotten a good shot of it. He talks to Fabi, and they both decide to make a break for it at the same time. Billy pops up, and grabs Fabi. Aero can get free, but can't decided if he should stay or if he should go. Clearly, if he goes there will be trouble, but if he stays there will be double. Aero decides to stay, toppling Billy with a plancha. Aero off under a clothesline, off the ropes, moving to another side of the ropes, leaping off Billy's back, and climbing up the cage to escape. Wait, why did he come back in? Just for one more move? Crowd boos a little there, and they probably should.

So it's Billy and Fabi, and Billy slaps around his maybe ex-wife, though I don't know if they ever did get the divorce. Stomps. Sexi is yelling Billy every two seconds, and spending the in between time yelling at the fans. Sit down powerbomb on Fabi. Sexi: “BILLY! VAMOS!” Chair shot to Fabi's back and Sexi yells for one more. She misses it while yelling at the crowd, but Billy cracks Fabi directly in the head with a chair. I don't think I could do that. Clip here? Crowd chant died awful suddenly.

Billy is climbing up, but Fabi hands a leg. Sexi and Aero are fighting a bit on the outside. Fabi trips up Billy, pulls him in the three of woe, and then just pulls him to the mat. Double underhook faceslam. Fabi appears to be bleeding, but she's also fired up. Chair shot to Billy's head. Chair shot to the back Fabi starts climbing – only for Billy to throw a chair at her to stop. Fabi sits down on the top rope, and Billy climbs up to join her. Both are looking exhausted, Fabi more so. They stand on the top rope, facing out, and elbow each other. Each grab each other's hair, and pull each other off the cage and to the floor. Aero does a fine job of starting a Fabi chant, but it doesn't seem to help. Billy is up first, and grabbing a chair. Fabi is down, while Billy arranges things. Powerbomb onto the chairs? Yes, and it works. Billy should climb. Replay of that, just as Billy starts to climb. Billy climbs up, but Aero is there to meet him. They fight on top of the cage, with Sexi grabbing at Aero's legs. Aero is able to shed her, and knocks Billy back in the cage. Aero opts not to go in himself, but Billy yells at him from inside. Sexi is finally able to pull Aero off as he climbs down, but it's way too late. Fabi battles back in the ring, and gets Billy with the German suplex. Lots of chairs shots, stomping Billy with the chair, and climbing up once more. Fabi gets to the op, gets over the top, and escapes. That was rather easy after all that.

Crowd is thrilled. Sexi is losing her mind, and climbs back in, to scram at the crowd from the top of the cage. Fabi looks so tired. Sexi throws a fit in the ring, sad her man lost, not mad at him. Billy's bleeding too. Break.

Técnicos are back in the cage, as Billy's hair starts to get cut. Barber goes right form the stupid beaded extensions, thank the lord. Fabi did him a favor by winning her. We're interrupted by Tirantes, who materializes at ringside. He's in street clothes, and calls out Joaquin Roldan. Tirantes introduces Roldan to his new friends – Konnan, Teddy, Nikki, random girl one, random girl two, random girl three. Lots of clipping here, or they walk really fast to ringside. To be fair, Nikki is also pretty much a random girl at this point, and I know who the girls are, but I waiting to see if they have time to introduce themselves. Hey, Konnan does – Rain, Roxxi, Jennifer. Arturo is so happy to see the girls. You can buy Konnan's thought process here – men sure let him down last time, better try women. Unfortunately, he instead just goes into his normal rant. I don't think he's going to get the championships with this crew, but perhaps Roxxi vs Wagner is coming. Clip yet again, and Konnan is in the ring, offering a spot in his group to Fabi Apache – more money in it for her, be a bigger star. Fabi should point out Konnan offered this before, and then had her guys attack her (and Gran Apache), but I guess we're not supposed to remember much of this is a retread. Fabi considers, ponders, and decides to stick with the public. Roldan is relieved. “Yo soy AAA.” Konnan calls her ignorant, Fabi slaps her, and Tirantes attacks the woman from behind. That's a rudo move right there. The other women get to stomping as soon as Konnan has made that clear. Teddy beats up Aerostar. Sexi joins in stomping, even though I'm not sure she's still supposed to exist at this point. Somehow, Esther has ended up in the ring and gets stomped too. I don't know why. Billy kinda watches this all from a corner, bemused. Teddy gives Aero something, which is bad timing, because Konnan promises to ruin the Antonio Pena show. Hey, Konnan, ask Billy if he's ll join, I bet he says yes. Roldan responds, but doesn't actually try to help the three people who are being stomped. Apparently Aero, Fabi, and Esther have no friends here, because no one tries to make the save. Esther kinda ignores it all so she can dramatically check on Fabi.

End with a shot off all the women.