AAA on Televisa #903 (09/12/2009)
Recap: 10/01/09

Last Week: chain match, Alex beat Rocky, and Wagner brought Electro aboard.

This week: Wagner vs Mesías, Fabi/Aerostar vs Billy/Sexi, and more.

Match 1: Rió Bravo, Tigre Cota, Tito Santana II vs Argenis, Atomic Boy, Relampago
Polideportivo la Huizachera, Tehuacan, 08/17/2009

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 10:58
Rating: seen better with this crew
Notes: Relampago is a Sonora area wrestler, not that he's really given much of an introduce here. No entrances. No captains announcement. Pepe Casas is ref. He's a small guy in a fiery mask, which looks like a clear homage to Rey Misterio.

Seems like a clip to start too. Argenis and Cota start with mat work, until Argenis gets a cross armbreaker and Tigre Cota opts to break it up with a top rope elbow drop. That's a bit much. Cota in turn gets hit by a Relampago plancha. Tito attacks him, dropping him with a double hook faceslam. Atomic Boy breaks up the pin, but his handspring bit doesn't come off well, his corner reverse flip senton does look good, but Cota breaks that up and stomps him out of the ring. Cota throws Atomic Boy out, and turns into an Argenis missile dropkick. Argenis off the ropes, clip, off the rope again) and hiptossed to the floor. Rio follows and goes thru the ropes for a big tope con giro. Relampago follows with an out of on control springboard tope con giro, missing Rio Bravo entirely and wiping out his partner instead. Cota adds a springboard moonsault, and Argenis adds a better springboard moonsault. Tito Santana is last, with his own tope con giro. That did not build to a better dive. Argenis and Cota end up back in and shoving, Argenis pulls off a lesser double headscissors bit. Atomic Boy out maneuvers all three rudo at once, but slips on a headscissors, or Tito otherwise decides to powerbomb him instead. That didn't look good. Atomic Boy rovers, but doesn't look much special the rest of the sequence, sending Cota out with a headscissors and doing at the handspring pose to little reaction. Relampago does a springboard springboard flip in the ring for his turn. Cota ends up booting him right in the head, then missing a charge and sliding to the outside. Relampago chases him out, Tigre Cota comes back in, Relampago knocks him away from the apron, and the pulls sends him out with a springboard headscissors. Relampago shows off another springboard headscissors variation with Tito Santana – is that all he can do? Relampago walks up the ropes and comes off for an armdrag on Cota, so maybe all he can do is springboard spots. Sure enough, next offense is is springboard armdrag. Back to Argenis. Cota backdrops him to start the beatdown. They shot Relampago take in his beating from the farthest away, except for the ending – Tiger Cota dropkicking him hard off the apron, and Tito & Tigre using the momentum to throw him hard into the barricade, back first. Well, then. That was a powerbomb of frustration. Cota gives Atomic Boy an inverted atomic drop, and Cota dds the frog splash. No pin attempt, of course. Argenis just gets a dropkick to send him out, but that's because they to because Cota (carelessly) tosses him into a Cota gutbuster (nearly missing, nearly toppling over Cota), and then the rudos both hold Argenis down for Santana thru the ropes running senton con giro. That last part was impressive. Rudos bring the técnicos in to whip them in to each other, then tosses Argenis around. Just like last week, one técnico backdrops another to safety to start the comeback. Argenis wipes out Cota with a tope con giro here, and the other two go down to armdrags before eating their own tope con giros. Argenis and Cota end up back in, there' a clip in here, and Cota reverses a middle rope 'rana into a superbomb for the win. Guess they were the captains.

Promo: Rocky talks to Jack (subtitled) – they can star tot get their revenge on Alex & Teddy, though Jack wants to get revenge for everyone person who's ever been turned on by their friend.

Promo: Teddy brings Nikki – Nikki! - back up to speed. (subtitles) Nikki has a cat now, I don't know. We don't get to find out, because Teddy's too busy explaining about Jack (gone), Konnan (gone), legion (destroyed). Teddy's all by himself – but Nikki promises that everything is going to be ok since she's there. Nikki has not spent her time away learning how to do promos. Nikki says Teddy's going to prove that he's the best Hart wrestling today, while Teddy says he's the best wrestler in the world and there's no one at his level. Teddy swears he's still loyal to Konnan, whenever he turns up. Teddy does the Greatest Hart on Earth line again – what other Hart is he feuding with here?

Match 2: Alex Koslov & Teddy Hart vs Rocky Romero & Jack Evans
Polideportivo la Huizachera, Tehuacan, 08/17/2009

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 16:49
Rating: the parts where Kolsov was in were fun.
Notes: Piero is ref. This seems joined in progress. Or Rocky and Alex are just doing a dramatic chop battle 30 seconds in.

Unlike some people here, Alex has been paying attention to know the fans want the rudo to be very much hurt by the técnicos shots, not show how tough he is by standing up to them. Alex does look like got cut up on the chest from one of them – there's a mark on his chest when he goes outside to recover.

Crowd very much loves Jack when he comes in. I love him because I realize this is the point where I've got to stop writing down every move, because they don't mean much and I'll never get done with this that way. My turn, your turn, Nikki being a distraction to switch turns. Jack vs Alex is much more one sided for Jack, as long as it lasts, and Rocky vs Alex is the same way. Alex has to cheat to get any advantage, and it's short term even when it happens.

While Rocky is working over Teddy, Alex sneaks in and flapjacks him on the ropes to start the comeback. Teddy, while selling both knees, still has enough power to overhead belly to belly Jack. Highlight of the beatdown is Alex celebrating after a jumping kneedrop. Nikki comes in the ring to stop Rocky from punching Teddy at one point, Piero I guess paying attention to Alex and Jack at the time.

Jack start the comeback by flipping under a double clothesline, and hitting a springboard moonsault back elbow on both rudos. Rocky clothesline people until he runs out of people to clothesline, then topes Alex into the front row, with Alex taking a bump to get over the barricade. They clip immediately to Teddy doing a moonsault onto Alex & Rocky, who are back inside the barrier and at a different part of the ring area. Not subtle. Jack is last, with a springboard into a twisting moonsault onto everyone. More like near everyone, but close enough.

Piero dramatically, but speedily, counts them all out, but Jack brings in Teddy to beat the count. Cover, one two no. Standing moonsault eats knees. Teddy gives Jack his powerbomb backcracker, covers on delay, and Rocky breaks up the pin. They sure like using the same shot of Nikki to hide clips. Well, not so much hide. Fireman's carry gutbuster on Teddy, and Alex breaks up the pin this time. Alex gets whipped into the corner, but moves out of the way and Rocky spears the post on his way out. Jack traps him in his bridging backslide to break it up, but Teddy punches him in the chest to break it up. Same shot of Nikki again. Jack escapes a powerbomb, but Nikki still ends up grabbing him. Jack pulls Nikki up, Teddy charges, Jack moves, and Teddy forearms Nikki in the face. And we're right back where we left off. Jack dropkicks Teddy, who gos out, half falling on Nikki on the way out. Jack takes a look, then turns around into Alex's superkick. Red Scare, Teddy fights, taps, taps, taps – and Piero starts checking his arm! One, two – just two, that's good enough! Oh, one day they'll figure this out.

Noti AAA

Match 3: Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario vs El Elegido & Gronda
Polideportivo la Huizachera, Tehuacan, 08/17/2009

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 9:12
Rating: bad
Notes: Gronda's back to the Hell Boy look here. Though he takes off that mask to reveal the traditional mask. Gronda has pull away pants, which means he's already been spending too much time with Elegido. Pepe Casas is ref. Announcers are clearly doing voice overs over live ring announcements, but it wasn't until I noticed that I remembered this was the taping with no announcers

Clipped early. That's fine. In fact, I better it looks better at a higher speed. They like showing the same Dr. Wagner sign over and over again this week. Early break.

Gronda did not take a bump when being worked over by the champs, which might work if his offense didn't stink. Rudos get the advantage by throwing a chair at Elegido, then Gronda. We're back to chairs being totally legal. Rudos bring in a table to. Big clip over something with Elegido going wrong. Técnicos make the comeback with an armdrags and a spear. Gronda and Nicho have a run where Gronda just looks bad, and Nicho looks annoyed, then there' a big flip, then Nicho boinks himself on the head on a chair on a missed pescado. If he did that on purpose, that was really dumb for a match like this. Maybe really dumb for any match. Lider takes forever setting up for a powerbomb Elegido, and Gronda breaks it up. Nicho charges into him, and Gronda lifts him and spinebusters him thru the table. About time. Elegido gives Lider a double underhook powerbomb, almost losing him in the process. Lider's head looked like it bounces off the chair there, and he was covering up after. That could not have felt well.

Promo: Sexy Star is very worried about losing her mask, but Billy promises he'll take care of it. Yea, Billy's a guy you want to trust to win an apuesta match. Bill forces a kiss on her.

Promo: Aerostar understands Fabi just want to be friends, but they're going to be winners too.

Match 4: Billy Boy & Sexy Star vs Aerostar & Fabi Apache in a street fight match
Polideportivo la Huizachera, Tehuacan, 08/17/2009

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 12:53
Rating: just OK
Notes: Sexi and Fabi fight over the Reina de Reinas belt. Subtle! Piero is ref.

Rudos jump técnicos and turn it into two separate fights. Sexi Star has a bad Stunner that hey like to use for replays never the less. Billy rips up Aero's mask, and then his top, before helping Sexi with Fabi. Aero ducks under a clothesline and hits a handspring double back elbow to start the comeback. Fabi missile dropkicks Sexi, then powerbombs Billy. Aero springboard splashes him, but only get two. Fabi gives Sexi her double underhook faceslam, but is too distracted by by the not 3 count to actually cover. Técnicos kicks Billy around, but he manages to powerslam Sexi Star, and then clotheslines Fabi to take back control single handily. Wait, why am I doing move by move? They've showed me shots of them brawling into the crowd, and we're not into the crowd yet. I think I can wait. Aero start crushed Billy Boy with a no hands tope just as soon as I stop typing, so there' that. Aero goes for the pin on the floor, and can't believe he doesn't get three.

Teams continue brawling around ringside, with the técnicos in control and occasionally going for pins. While Billy and Aero go back to the ring, Fabi and Sexi make that fated trip to the outside. Sexi turns it around there, whipping Sexi into large plastic containers, before Fabi turns it around. In the ring, Billy is bleeding and covered by Aero, but Piero is miles away. Fabi smacks Sexi around with a lid of some sort. Off in the background, you can see some random fan having climbed up the light standard to try and see the women fight. Lucky for him, they come back to the ring. Unluckily, they go right back over the barricade, this time to a different corner. This time, they go up to the second level. Meanwhile, Billy's taken control of Aero in the ring, and is tripping him again. Sexi goes over the upper level railing, hanging from the railing to the floor below, and Piero has to yank her back to safety. That's all they wanted to do up there, because they swiftly back to the ground floor and to the ring. Everyone in the world wants to slap five with Fabi on the way back to the ring. Meanwhile, Aero gets a up and over sunset flip on Billy, and Piero is back just in time to count only two. Billy randomly gets control as Fabi smacks Sexi around with a chair, then comes in to poke Billy just in time to save her partner. Shining Wizard kick knocks out Billy, and Fabi holds him for an Aerostar. Missile dropkicks. Billy moves, Fabi eats it. Both men are looking fatigued, but Aero headscissors Billy out and goes for one more dive – no, fake out, then a pescado – right into a Billy thrown chair. Billy takes Aero back up to the stage, and slams him onto the entrance way. Powerbomb onto the entrance way, cover, one two three.

Promo: Cibernético mocks Wagner and Mesías – they're not the best, he's the best, and the next champion. He again says Chessman & Charly are in the past and not a concern, and he thinks Marco is very strange and no Cibernético

Video Package: Charly/Chessman – the good times, the less good times, and lots of Chessman ranting. Lots of the cheese grater too. This actually built up the feud really good, and makes Charly looks like some huge star, even if they still don't include the point where Chessman actually turned on Charly.

Match 5: Charly Manson & Marco Corleone vs Chessman & Cibernético
Polideportivo la Huizachera, Tehuacan, 08/17/2009

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 9:27
Rating: eh
Notes: notes

Chessman can't go high enough for Marco's test of strength, so he gets himself a chair and stands on it. Now who's tallest? Chessman, very barely. Of course, Marco just dropkicks him off the chair. Of course, Chessman picks up the chair and throws it at Marco to get the edge. Chessman actually takes his trip out of the ring too soon on Marco's comeback, so he has to come back in and eat more, including the stone punch. Cibernético in next, and Marco doing the “you're short” to him is much fun. Cibernético's not strong enough to knock him down either. Cibernético finally gets him down with a jumping back elbow. Marco lands the springboard clothesline, and then they skip ahead to Charly and Chessman. Crowd is uncharacteristically dead for Charly, who looks fine to start with Chessman, but then tope his way into a chair shot (before he's left his feet.) Crowd doesn't seem to care much, neither do the other guys in the match. Cibernético and Marco think they Chessman may be doing the beatdown, but they just stand with one leg in the ring for a bit, until Chessman walks over to Charly and hits him with the chair. Chessman greats Charly's forehead yet again as Cibernético brawls with Marco on the outside. Rudos work over both guys. Cibernético's a big fan of headbutts today for some reason. They work over each guy's leg, occasionally. Only when Chessman feels like doing a wacky elbow drop, I think. Marco take the char into the chair into the groin. Marco gets a little rally on Cibernético, Chessman makes the save, and Cibernético repays him when Charly does the same. Too bad the técnicos comeback back shortly after, Marco lifting Charly to safety on a whip, Charly coming off the top rope with a headscissors on Chessman, then being very slow getting up before doing a plancha to the floor. Marco punches Cibernético out of the ring, then goes for his dive – Cibernético bails, and the other two have to catch. Probably safest for all involved. Marco poses, but gets clocked by Cibernético and thrown back in. Marco reels, gets punched around by Cibernético, and takes the stunner. Is that it? No, Cibernético sets up to chokeslam the larger man, but Charly breaks that up. Probably saved Cibernético from looking dumb. Chessman comes in as Marco rolls out. Chessman off the ropes, Charly's head down too soon, Chessman kicks it, Chessman off the ropes, Charly takes him down, leg lock on – no, Chessman gets to the ropes and free. Chessman off the ropes, backdrop, and Charly tries again – El Pozo – no , Chessman blocks it, and holds him down in what we're going to call a cradle. One two three.

Promo: Cibernético's return, turn on Mesías, and the three way title match.

Match 6: El Mesías vs Dr. Wagner Jr. in a bull terrier match
Polideportivo la Huizachera, Tehuacan, 08/17/2009

Winner: No finish (no contest?)
Match Time: 13:59
Rating: disappionting
Notes: Mesías puts on the collar first. Wagner opts to talk on the microphone instead. Mesías does get his chance to say his catch phrases. Seems like his talking is clipped. Mesías says all the fan are for Mesías, all the fans do not agree. Wagner chant, though the Mesías fans are clearly stronger. Wagner kicks Mesías as he's finishing up (helped by Mesías pausing, waiting for Wagner to get to hitting him), punches him down, but then insists on the collar going on. Well, he is a tweener.

Wagner is in no hurry to actually touch the corner, just to beat up on Mesías some. I am in a hurry, so it's fast forward time. It's not like I won't be seeing this match once again, and I can pass on boot choking. Wagner pulling Mesías in the post is a lot slower and not as amusing. Wagner, in control from the start, finally gets around to going to corners about two minutes in. He counts on his hands as he touches everyone, and get to five before Mesías yanks the chain and starts his comeback. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Yank. Match is just brawling, chain spots, and little more. Wagner gets five, but Mesías shortens up the chain and holds him in place before pulling him into a punch. Break.

Mesías gets five, and gets yanked down. And then convulses on the mat for whatever reason. Wagner thinks about putting Mesías in a campana for some reason. Five for him, and Wagner holds the chain to block him. Except the chain is so lax, Wagner can actually turn it around lift it up some. Oh well. Announcers are clearly entertaining themselves, so at least someone's being entertained. Mesías gets yanked down on six. Wagner rolls out, gets a chair, and hits Mesías with it a few times. Wagner does the Wagner touching on each buckle, just to be Wagner. Mesías punches him to stop him from getting six, then gets the chair. Wagner begs and begs and begs, and Mesías weakly hits him in the back, so I guess begging worked. Second shot is a little harder. Somehow, this leads to Wagner suplexing Mesías. Working him over with dramatic punches. Mesías fires back with his own punches, press Wagner, but Wagner escapes, but takes a spinebuster. Might have bounced his head on that. It's going around. I'm rooting for the run in. Mesías lifts Wagner on to his shoulders, and turns to every side looking for the most cheers. Doesn't look like they're reacting. Wagner spun into a Diamond Cutter. Back to the corners. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Wagner pulls the chain to keep him just short. Mesías charge, and they clothesline each other.

Cibernético decides to walk out to the ring. Not a big reaction. Not a reaction, even. A stage hand tries to hand him a microphone, but that's not happening yet. Cibernético rams the match participants into each other, and then starts touching the corners. AND PIERO STARTS COUNTING ALONG. Any one of us could've won if we just went in that ring and start counting, I guess. One two three four five six. Oh, wait, not Piero realizes that does count and is calling for a no contest. What the heck. Cibernético gets the microphone to explain how Verano de Escandalo is going to the same way. Both wrestlers were perfectly fine before and just got boinked into each other, but now are too hurt to get up and do anything. Cibernético gets a chair, and gives both of them horrible chair shots.