AAA on Televisa #900 (08/29/2009)

Last Week: Double date gone bad. Mari killed Billy again. Lots of replays of the brainbuster and Billy getting strechered out. Gronda & Elegido beat Nicho & Lider. Mesias won a battle royal.

This week: people talk! Cibernético vs Wagner, set up by a promo we'll see later. Charly & Jack vs Chessman & Teddy Hart, and Mesias, Octagon, Extreme Tiger vs Lider, Nicho, and Alex (clips of him being a rudo). Plus more.

Vignette: Laredo & Aerostar discuss Super Fly and his big head. They decide to go to Octagon for advance

Match 1: Rio Bravo, Tigre Cota ©, Tito Santana II vs Atomic Boy, Gato Eveready, Laredo Kid ©
Centro Banamex, 07/26/2009

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 7:03
Rating: Good
Notes: No entrances. Laredo rushes Tito Santana for unclear reasons, and it's the other rudos who settle things down. Pepe Casas is ref.

Those two still start, with Tito grabbing and throwing punches before backing off. Laredo stops to yell his name. Clothesline misses, and Tito kicks him down. Chest slap. Whip, and mid reverse, there's a cut to Laredo siting over Tito, laying on the mat. This isn't a lot better than the crowd shot. Laredo climbs up, but Rio Bravo pushes from behind an crotches him on the ropes, facing out. Rio climbs after him and grabs him in a reverse facelock – middle rope reverse superplex. Rio Bravo isn't Ultimo Guerrero, so he has to go for more – quebrada comes up empty. Gato gets Rio Bravo with his springboard DDT, then follows with a springboard armdrags rolled into a double armbar, into a backslide. That's a Virus move, right? Cota breaks up the pin with a kick. Whip, Gato runs right into a powerslam. Quebrada, and this one hits. Atomic Boy leaps in, then jumps on top of the pin to break it up. Whip, reversed, Atomic Boy slides thru the tope ropes, holding on and swinging back to kick Tiger Cota in the midsection when he charges. Atomico cartwheel into a bodyscissors. Tito Santana runs past the pin to bounce off the ropes and kick him in the back. Santana gives Atomico a fireman's drop and heads up – top rope senton! Straight, no flip. Tito celebrates being different, and is alert enough to move out of the way of a Gato Eveready top rope plancha. Maybe he wasn't expecting that, because everyone but Tito looks at each other for a sec, and then Rio Bravo just kicks Gato. Rudos storm the ring, and out of the ring, turning into three fights for a moment before coming back together to give Laredo a modified 3D on him, and Tigre Cota adds a springboard elbow drop. Rio Bravo dropkicks Laredo out. Atomico in, lifted up for a double spinebuster, there's that crowd shot. Atomic Boy is down when they come back. Rio Bravo lifts him and hands off to Tito, who drops him with a powerbomb while Tigre Cota adds a springboard inverted bulldog. Atomic Boy thrown out. Gato Eveready in, clotheslined down, kicked down. Whip, Gato waved by, double drop toe hold, Rudos high ten and turn to the rope for a triple dropkick, but Gato trips up Rio Bravo and pulls him in font to take a double dropkick from the other two. Laredo and Atomic Boy come in with springboard splash on Cota and Tito., and then Laredo dropkicks Rio out. Dives? Looks like they're all setting up, but instead they just let Tito back in. Cota kicks Gato out, kicks Atomic Boy out, and Laredo consents to one one one. Off the ropes, over, under, rolling over, Laredo bodyscissors into an armdrag. Tito in and, grabbing him from behind, but Laredo pushes off to kick Cota, then armdrags Tito. Double clothesline misses, Laredo double rebound armdrags on both. Laredo misses a gut shot on Tiger Cota, bumps Tito into the ropes, and gets Cota with a headscissors, Is that the first of the match? Tito misses a clothesline, Laredo waves him by on the next pass, and then waves back the first way, throwing him out of the ring into a tope on his partner. That's different. Tito apologizes as Laredo goes to the apron – Asai tornillo! There's that crowd shot. Back to Gato and Rio Bravo avoiding each other. Rio Bravo hides in the ropes, Rio sets himself, charges, and comes up empty. Gato off the ropes, tornillo to the floor. Replay., as there's noises in the ring. Atomic Boy sends Tito to the ropes with a bodyscissors armdrag, but he sticks in. Tiger Cota grabs Atomic Boy in a full nelson, but Atomic moves and Cota takes it. Bad day for Tito. He moans his failures as Atomic hops on Tigre Cota's back for a sunset flip powerbomb, but then swings off into a headscissors on Tito. Cota stomps Atomic Boy while he's down, but Atomic Boy fights free, gets him in a wristlock, runs up the ropes and flips off with a headscissors. Cota still staying in, and Atomic Boy runs around the ring for a better position. Shoulderblock, run the corner, Cota slips out, while Atomic Boy does a flip escape. No problem, Atomic Boy follows out with a springboard tope con giro. Laredo and Tito in, Laredo running into a big backdrop. Tito taps him in the head, then fireman's drop him. Going up again, and this time he says it's it. It sure is, because Atomic Boy and Gato grab him by the legs to stop him. Laredo comes up with him – tope rope moonsault sideslam. Camel clutch – with Dragon sleeper! That'll do.

In Ring Promo: Cibernético moans for a title shot, since he never actually lost it. That doesn't work when you quit, I'd think. Surprisingly, Joaquin Roldan comes out to agree – Cibernético abandoned the company in their time of need, so he doesn't deserve any favors. Dr. Wagner Jr., who seems most over with this bunch, turns up to – well, do catchphrases first, and then make fun of Cibernético for talking all the time. Wagner says, if Cibernético can beat him tonight in a match, then he'll earn himself a title match at Verano de Escandalo. Cibernético makes fun of Wagner for talking all the time. Cibernético accepts, as long as Wagner is willing to make tables and chairs legals, and then vows to put everything back the way it was before he left, with the help of the Bizarros. Roldan and Wagner agree to the match – more Roldan, since Cibernetico's already walking down the ramp to the entrance before Wagner can get a word in.

Noti AAA

Promo: Aerostar says Fabi Apache is a great woman and Billy is treating her wrong and he's going to put a stop to it and take his hair

Promo: Billy is happy with what he did last week, and will retire both Apache sisters after what the Apache family has done to him.

Match 2: Billy Boy & Sexy Star vs Aerostar & Fabi Apache
Centro Banamex, 07/26/2009

Winner: rudos
Match Time: ~7:45
Rating: good, not great
Notes: Billy is awful smiley on the way to the ring. Sexi does not dance. Fabi has her belt. Rudos jump tecnicos. Pieros is ref.

Billy attacks Apache, while Sexi and Aerostar keep up their weird matchup. Crowd shot clip during the beatdown, to the rudos working together to kick Aero. Fabi comes in and gets in a kick battle with Sexi star. Billy has to bail her out, of course. Whip, double clothesline, whip, double boot. Aero argues with Piero, when maybe he shoulder just back in. oh, he does, and Billy trips him. Forgot I said that. Sexi throws Fabi by her hair, sending her all the way out. Billy pulls down Aero's top to slap him in the chest. Corner whip, Sexi whipped in for a – I guess that was a clothesline. Billy's is much batter. Fabi in, Billy catches her leg on a kick and Sexi kicks the leg. Quick clip. Looks like the tecnicos have control back, but because Aero is on top of Sexi. Disappointed I didn't get to see that one. Fabi crazy stomps Billy out of the ring, and helps Aero kick Sexi in the head a bit. Sexi retreats out, and this is as good time for a break as any.

Fabi and Aero talk on the inside while the rudos pace around on the outside. Billy and Fabi in, but Billy in no hurry to start this. After they yell at each other, Billy charges with a clothesline, misses, and Fabi dropkicks him. Fabi off the ropes, Sexi tries to kick her from the apron, Fabi just grabs her by the hair instead and shakes. Billy is slow, but breaks it up with a kick. Sexi grabs Fabi, but Billy's running kick gets his currently girlfriend. Fabi headscissors Billy out, and does a front handstand celebration. Tag to Aerostar, who waits for someone to come in before he flips in himself, scaring Sexi around the ring with forward front flips. Sexi tries a chest slap, no effect. Aero misses a clothesline, Sexi under, over, waved by spin around into a backbreaker. Sexi was a bit tentative at times there. Billy in, and booting Aero down. Whip, Billy charges in, Aero front flips to evade, Billy splashes on a delay, Aero comes, out of the way, then charges, Billy flips him to the apron. Aero shoulders him away, and comes back in with a no hands plancha. Off the ropes, headscissors sends Billy out, Aero off the ropes into out springboard tope con giro! Women in, Fabi fired up to do this. Sexi misses her clothesline, Fabi quickly grab her in an armscissors, and straight in to a cross armbreaker there. Sexi stomping the mat in a lot of trouble, and Billy returning to break it up. Clip, though better hide than the previous ones. Aero misses a flipping something, and Billy chops him. Whip, Aero under the clothesline, up and over sunset flip, one two NO. Aero fired up. Off the ropes, spinning headscissors, and out goes Billy. Aero off the ropes, spinning fake thru the ropes, pescado – and Billy moves out of the way! Aero crashes and burns on the hard floor. Sexi mocks Aerostar, then turns back to Fabi - and eats a missile dropkick. Fabi covers, one two- kickout. Fabi grabs Sexi by the head, but Sexi flips free. Fabi to the ropes, but cut down by a Billy kick. Billy cuts his throats – powerbomb for Fabi. Sexi picks her up, swinging fisherman's suplex. One two three. Sexi is so happy to win.

After some replays, Fabi has the microphone. Crowd chants for Fabi, which is loud enough that it drives Sexi crazy but quite enough that we can barely hear it. Fabi gives Sexi credit for winning, and demands a mask vs hair match. If Sexi thinks she's better, she should have no trouble accepting. Sexi notes she did win today, so if the fans want to see it, she'll do it. Fabi says she'll win. Billy returns to attack her again, and Sexi helps out stomping her down. Piero pulls Sexi out of the ring from the outside, but it's a bit late for Fabi.

Vignette: Fabi talks to Mari about getting the mask vs hair match; she'll able to get rid of Sexi already. Mari tells her she shouldn't worry about people so low as Sexi, but Fabi wants to get rid of Sexi and get revenge for the mask match. Fabi tells Mari she'll meet her with Gran Apache, after she goes to grab her luggage.

Vignette: Kenzo starts doing his promo in English before doing in Japanese before Yakuza discuses, and Oriental decided to translate. The Legion died in July, and now Kenzo is richer and has a better group.

Match 3: Crazy Boy, Rocky Romero ©, Ultimo Gladiador vs Kenzo Suzuki ©, Oriental, Sugi
Centro Banamex, 07/26/2009

Winner: Yakuza
Match Time: 9:02 (4:30+4:32)
Rating: OK
Notes: Oriental and Sugi have sword, which they chose not to bring to the ring. Romero is still using the DX music. Crazy Boy and Ultimo Gladiador actually teaming up. And dancing in the ring until Sugi just kills Crazy Boy with a 619 variant. Rudos rush the tecnicos elsewise. Pepe Casas is ref.

Rudos clear the ring. Rocky take a spinning backbreaker and a wacky knee drop. UG gets hammered in the back and chopped by everyone. Corner whip, Sugi corner jumping back elbow, Oriental corner clothesline, and whipped out into Kenzo's kick and brainbuster. That's different. Oriental adds a standing senton for good measure. Triple eagle pose! Crazy Boy comes in and gets knocked around. Oriental gives him a somersault legdrop while the other two look kinda disinterested. Sugi adds a running shooting star press. This goes on, with a clip in the middle of it. Kenzo punches Romero a lot. Corner whip, Kenzo places Rocky on the top corner, Rocky blocks Kenzo's chop and kicks him away, then follows with a headscissors. Other guys are not paying attention, so Rocky gets both of them with a clothesline. Crowd does not seem to into it. Rocky covers both, Kenzo ends up splashing his own partners. Rocky ducks a clothesline, hides in the ropes, and Kenzo throws him out. Rocky shakes, does not follow up, and gets dropped by a Oriental charging axhandle. UG springboards in, and Oriental kicks him down and chops him down. Get a better plan, Gladiador. Chop, chop, chop – blocked, UG gets one slap back, and runs into a back elbow. Oriental clothesline, and pounding Gladiador on the mat. Oriental poses. Huh. Break.

Ultimo Gladiador starts his run with a stunner. Boyd slam, top rope legdrop. Tag to Crazy Boy, who tries to fire up the crowd before coming in. It always looks bad when you do as much to the crowd, and we can't actually hear it, though it does make some noise by the end. Clip. Crazy Boy tries chops on Kenzo, does not go well, Kenzo slaps him down, then kicks him back down. Whip, clothesline misses, Crazy dropkicks the knee, kicks the back of the leg three times, yells, goes of the ropes, and knocks Kenzo down with a wheel kick. Crazy cheer leads for himself while waiting for Kenzo to go in the corner. Charge, right into a choke. Kenzo badly choke throws Crazy into the corner, then badly hits the post for a missed corner charge. He doesn't actually hit the corner, I think. Crazy fakes a dive and yells some more. Tag to Rocky, who gets blown up by a Sugi dropkick. Stomps. Sugi is fired up! Right hand. Whip, Rocky slides under, Rocky kick is caught, enziguri misses, back heel kick connects. Maybe, some day, that enziguri will hit. Sugi whipped, over with his forward flip run, off the ropes, back with a spinning armdrags into a headscissors. Rocky out, Sugi after him – cartwheel moonsault out! Oriental in and Ultimo Gladiador in and avoiding each other, until Oriental lands a giant DDT. Running dropkick knocks Gladiador to the floor, and Oriental wastes no time going up, for a moonsault to the floor. Crazy left in with a Kenzo and gets a full nelson. Crowd shot, and back to see something being finished, who knows. Crazy goes up, moonsault comes up empty. Kenzo pulls off his bet and smacks Crazy in the back with it. Pepe argues about it, but Kenzo just chokes Crazy with it. Rocky breaks up that pin. Sugi on him, but Rocky evades and flips him with a clothesline. Pepe Casas turns back to Kenzo and Crazy as Rocky lifts Sugi on his shoulders. Conveniently enough, here's Alex Koslov, who pushes Sugi free and smacks Rocky with a chair. Alex shushes the crowd and leaves, as Sugi goes up for the top rope shooting star press. One two three.

Vignette: Fabi Apache catches up to Gran Apache, who both thought Mari as with the other one. Uh oh. Gran Apaches tries calling Mari, but can't get a hold of her.

Promo: Chessman – gets his promo CLIPPED. They're no longer bothers and will beat Charly in whatever kind of match he wants, just so he can retire Charly. They cut of the end of his promo too. Why show it if you're going to edit it so?

Match 4: Charly Manson & Jack Evans vs Chessman & Teddy Hart
Centro Banamex, 07/26/2009

Winner: Chessman
Match Time: 9:53 (3:34 + 6:19)
Rating: typical
Notes: Charly has a cheese greater but a different one. No fight until the whistle, how odd. Of course, the rudos rush the tecnicos right after to start yet another beatdown, as they've done each and every time we've done this match. Piero is ref.

According to Writer, we're on page 5 and there are three matches to go, so perhaps I need to tone down my act a bit. Let's see how many minutes can be easily summarized by saying “Chessman and Teddy do moves”. It's good thru one break, though it appears more to be basic brawling then head dropping his week.

More move-arific after the break. Wonder hwy the rudos don't use the cheese grater. They've really cut down on their chair spots. Between that, and the Tirantes deal, you can feel like they're trying to phase out the heel refs and the inconsistent DQs, long standing parts of AAA (which I don't mind losing, don't get me wrong.) Jack front flips over a double clothesline at the five minute mark, which felt like the first tandem move the rudos had tried. Double springboard back elbow kinda hits, but it's enough to start the comeback. Highlight of the tecnico showcase is big Charly Manson tope, toppling Chessman over the barricade and into a (cleared out) front row. It's more painful looking then Jack's normal, very acrobatic dive. Charly and Chessman end up back in, Chessman misses a climbing the ropes moonsault, crowd shot, Charly sets up el Pozo, but Chessman has the ropes. Jack hands Charly the grater, but Piero takes it away, and Chessman has enough time to recover and spear him for the pin. Charly can say he has an excuse, but it's a one two three clean for Chessman, as he points out to the crowd.

Promo: Charly blames the referee for distracting him, and demands a street fight with Chessman so no referee can get stop him from what he wants to do. Wow, that's a logical bild to a stipulation! What show am I watching?

Recap: Wagner/Mesias.

Match 5: El Mesías ©, Extreme Tiger, Octagon vs Alex Koslov, Joe Lider ©, Nicho el Millionario
Centro Banamex, 07/26/2009

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 12:18 (8:04+4:14)
Rating: about what you expect
Notes: Alex has his own music, and has dug his Russia flag out of the closet. Nicho getting right into Mesias' face after he enters is fun. Tiger has a different looking mask. Pepe Casas is ref. Lider is captain? They're doomed for sure.

Even start, which normally means a showcase for the tecnicos. Instead, the rudos control Mesias. Every time he made one or two spots for a comeback, someone else would jump in and stop him. I still don't know why he's doing headscissors, but he does one to send Nicho out to end it. Alex's stop sign still works as a rudo, but he and Tiger are nothing memorial. Octagon comes in to run thru the rudos like usual, an the rudos nicely wait until he's got all of his stuff in before starting the beatdown. Break.

Nicho helpfully holds Tiger in position for Alex's kicks. That's teamwork right there. Crowd chants loudly for Mesias when he's being beat, not that we can actually hear them. He fights off corner charges – Alex runs into a punch, Nicho a kick to start the comeback. Joe Lider is smart (!) and whips in Tiger instead of running himself. Mesias flips Tiger to safety (or not, since Tiger lands hip first on the cords, oops), and then Lider rushes into a hiptoss to the stage. Tiger cracks Alex in the jaw with a springboard dropkick. Octagon comes back into give Nicho his spinning armdrags, but then the two are lost for the next bit. They get it back together for Octagon to monkey flip Nicho to the floor, and Octagon follows with a tope. With all he doesn't do, I'm surprised Octagon does dives, every time. Tiger fights with Alex on the outside. He kicks Alex, lays him on the barricade, and somehow that's supposed to be enough to get Alex to lay there for 10 seconds while Tiger climbs up. Tiger's got a long way to go here, but the guillotine legdrop makes it. Mesias and Lider in. Lider brings in a chair – forget what I about chairs earlier – and swings and misses it. Mesias dropkicks the chair back in his face and picks it up himself. Mesias sets up to swing, but Lider kinda fouls him. Enough for Mesias to drop the chair, not enough for Pepe Casas to call it. They insert a replay, though it still doesn't look much good. Back live, Lider sets Mesias head wedged in a chair and goes up, but Mesias is already out of the chair before Lider is on the top rope, and Lider jumping into the jumping STO. One two three.

Doctor checks on Tiger on the outside. Replays. Mesias rants to the announcers and makes sure to pose with the Pena family. And the person with the Puerto Flag.

Match 6: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Cibernético in a Number One Contenders match for the AAA World Heavyweight Championship
Centro Banamex, 07/26/2009

Winner: Cibernetico
Match Time: 10:10
Rating: eh
Notes: Cibernético still appears to be a tecnico to the fans here. I think Wagner – with both belts – is cheered too. Piero is ref.

Feeling out – no, Wagner kicks, Cibernético punches back, and they fight amidst the pyro smoke. Cibernético takes control, snap maring Wagner over and kicking him in the back. THERE are the boos. Right hands. Headbutt, sends Wagner out, and Cibernético follows Wagner flops over the barricade, and Cibernético punches him from inside the railing, then pulls him back. Into the post. Into the desk. Chair to the back. Forget what I said about those before. Oh, right, hardcore. Shot to the midsection, to the back. Wagner rolls in while Cibernético gets more chairs. One thrown in, and Wagner, which knocks him in the corner. Chair between the legs, chair swung into that. Booos. Cibernético comes a mock Wagner pose. Wagner struggles out of corner, and Cibernético hits him in the back. Cibernético lays a chair on Wagner's back, and throws another one at it. Posing, to more boos. Wagner struggling to his feet, and Cibernético runs, then slows down to give him a boo in the back. Chair poked in the back, as Wagner is waving to the crowd. Headbutt. Crowd chanting for Wagner, and Cibernético throws another chair at him. Ripping the mask! Don't get much of that here. Wagner's face must get very well exposed, because they show it every way but front. Cibernético punches the head, then digs at it with something – I don't know what he got, but he was trying to cut it for sure. Chair is set up, and Wagner's head bounced off it. Wagner checks himself for blood. Cibernético boots him in the corner, and chokes him there, while posing. Crowd chants for Wagner. Crowd much louder than they've been the rest of the show. Another chair shot to the head. CLIP. Wagner and Cibernético out on the ramp, Cibernético forcing Wagner down, then smashing him against the barricade. Wagner brought back in. Cibernético talks to Wagner, very loudly, then whips him. Clothesline misses, back elbow misses, Cibernético kicks way too late, Wagner pretty much has to pick it up from the ground, but gives him the dragon scree anyway. Wagner's perfectly fine after 4 minutes of beating, and grabs a chair. Shot to Cibernético's head, though he does get his hands up. Wagner does the chair hit into the chair into the groin spot, revenge for earlier. Snap kick to the head. Snap mare, off the ropes, dropkick to the head. Cover (!), one two Cibernético grabs the middle rope. Cibernético thrown out. Crowd shot, and straight to Wagner coming off the apron with the runic tope con giro. Wagner stokes the chant for Wagner. Replays of the dive. Cibernético thrown back in. Hammerlock headscissors submission, Wagner pounding Cibernético's back, but Cibernético's no getting. Wagner lets go and argues with Piero a little for no clear reason. Cibernético rolls out, and Wagner hops out after him, throwing Cibernético into the booth. Wagner walks around to find something under the ring. Not on that side, apparently. Wagner vies up and walks Cibernético around ringside. Headbutt. Cibernético rolls in while Wagner check the other side of the ring. Nope, not there either. Wagner goes back in, and hooks Cibernético into a standing figure four pin. Cibernético gets his shoulder up. Wagner holds it a while longer and poses, before kicking Cibernético. Wagner leaves the ring and looks one more time – ah, he found the table, laying out in the open. Wagner gives us a good luck at the under side of the table, which doesn't appear to be cut, then thrown it in and sets it up. Cibernético recovers in the corner. Wagner points at him, and throws some bad punches. Wagner sets up Cibernético on the tope, no where near the table. Crowd chants loudly for Wagner, but he still gets himself fouled and headbutt off the ropes. Cibernético drops down, then spears Wagner. Wagner nearly landed on a chair, but not at all on purpose. Cibernético readies himself for Wagner to get up, and Wagner drags that out. Choke, and Cibernético turns and throws Wagner thru the table, which breaks really easily, as if had been cut. What do I know? One two three.

I think Wagner's problem there might have been never trying the Wagner driver. Announcers talk about Cibernético going to Verano de Escandalo while Cibernético desperately looks for someone to give him a microphone. Cibernético says he beat Wagner, just like he said, and he's going to Verano de Escandalo. Cibernético leaves, Piero checks on Wagner, and that's it.