AAA on Televisa #899 (08/22/2009)
Recap: 08/25/-0

Last Week: Hijo de Tirantes was fired/quit. Again. Get used to that. Alex turned on Rocky after a loss. Surely, that'll be the end of that team. (Oh., right.) SUGI BEAT ZORRO. Short list of people beating Zorro who wouldn't upset people and I think he's on it. Charly, Jack, Chessman, Teddy had a match that didn't settle anything. Cibernético had a match that settled which side he's on – his own, like always.

This week: Elimination for a title shot – Mesias, Silver King, Chessman, Zorro, Charly Manson, Kenzo Suzuki, Octagon, La Parka Jr., Electroshock, Cibernético – all to face Wagner. And other stuff.

Four sided ring. There's a large group of similar blue shirted fans right in front of the hard camera – an AAA version of the CMLL rowdy tecnico section.

Fabi Apache & Aerostar vs Billy Boy & Sexi Star in a lumberjack strap match

Match 1: Aerostar & Fabi Apache vs Billy Boy & Sexy Star in a strap match
Auditorio Benito Juárez de Zapopan, 07/19/2009

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 5:25
Rating: OK
Notes: Hijo de Tirantes is back as ref. The story here is the Tirantes and Roldan made a deal, though they don't go into it. We'll be hearing more about it later. Does AAA do any lumberjack matches that don't involve straps? The lumberjacks are the wrestlers from the unaired opener – Gran Apache (making his return from the injury angle they've forgotten, I guess), Mari, Pimpi, Cinthia, Polvo and Pasion Kristal.

Four way brawl breaks out, rudas taking control. Sexi stomps Aerostar out the ring, and he scoots in to avoid much strapping. Billy chokes the mother of his child. He's got red hair this week. They switch, and Sexi throws Fabi out for straps. Crowd shot. Bullring looks pretty full from what we can see. This is just time killing brawling. Hijo de Tirantes gets reversed into a a whip, and flipped to the apron by Billy. Billy holds up from hitting him, but moves when Aero tries a dropkick and Hijo de Tirantes is sent to the floor. Everyone straps him, and he runs for his life. Meanwhile the tecnicos take control and send the rudos out, but there's no one to him them outside. Hijo de Tirantes kinda leads them in that direction, being kept out of the ring repeatedly by Aerostar. When they can't get him, the lumberjacks end up getting Sexi Star instead. Sexi gets back in, only to be stomped right back out, then she makes it and Billy Boy gets sent out. Billy slides in, tecnicos throw Sexi Star out. Lumberjacks are getting tried by this point, and I guess Sexi thinks she's safely separated from them on the floor. She stop to pose and gets smacked in the backside by Gran Apache. That gets Sexi running again. Clip? Rudos back in control. Aero on the apron, Sexi holding Fabi for Billy. Fabi moves, Billy kicks his friend, Fabi gets him with a spinning armdrags, and that sends them both out into the straps. Pimpi actually holds Sexi out there for more straps. Billy gets a way a lot easier. Aerostar flips in to face Billy Boy, headscissors him to the apron. Billy holds up, but falls out – this is the point where they have trouble working their normal match. Billy seems frustrated, but that may just because he's been hit so much. Aero and Sexi in, Aero takes Sexi down with a jumping back elbow, then lands springboard splash. One two Billy breaks it up. Billy comes in, whips Aero the apron, misses the charge, and gets dropkicked out. Lumberjacks don't seem to bother, but I think it's less about being tired and more they know the next sport – Aero running springboard middle rope tope con giro! He pushed off the inside of the rope while going out, making it look more crazy. Lumberjacks decide to fight each other instead of the people in the match, and all run to the back (then run back to the ring a minute later – I dunno.) I guess it's finish time. Inside the ring, Sexi Star manages to knock down Fabi with kicks and celerbates. Fabi breaks free on the pick up, and Sexi clothesline is caught into the double underhook faceslam. One two three.

Apaches and Pimpi come back to celebrate with the winners. Looks like Pimpi attacks Billy, then Billy goes after Pimpi and Mari. Gran Apache puts a stop to that, and Mari kills him again with the brainbuster. Sexi runs behind the announcers for protection, and Hijo de Tirantes – noticeable impartial in this match – tries to settle it all down.

Noti AAA

Vignette (part 1): Aerostar & Gato Eveready meet Pimpi and Fabi at a nice restaurant. (Where no one else appears to be eating.) Gato is shocked that Pimpi is his date, even though I'm still pretty sure this was his idea. Aerostar wears his black mask for formal occasions. Matches his suit, you see. Both have flowers, Pimpi grabbing Gato's away. Aerostar hands his to Fabi and leans in to kiss her on the cheek, but Fabi turns her head away to look at the flowers and Aero comes up empty. That was classic. Apparently Gato Eveready could not find a shirt in his size, only smaller. That would also explain why he's so angry with this. Fabi and Aero calm him down. Aero has a whole night of fun planned out – dancing! Gato is not thrilled. Waiter!

Match 2: El Elegido & Gronda II vs Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario
Auditorio Benito Juárez de Zapopan, 07/19/2009

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 7:12 (2:26+4:46)
Rating: bad
Notes: Nicho & Lider talk, which is always good if it replaces time in this match. Hermandad are still looking for respect – they beat Mesias and Cibernético! They beat Latin Lover and Marco Corleone! You probably shouldn't say those two can't wrestle if you want us to be impressed by beating them. Lider complains they're facing more bad wrestlers – Gronda and Elegido. Joe Lider would know about bad wrestling. At least Elegido is over. Joe Lider makes me defend Elegido, something has gone wrong here. Piero is ref.

Elegido dances lewdly with Joe Lider's coat, which causes the rudos to lose their mind. Gronda takes a belt shot, and the rudos dropkick Elegido out. You know, I think I'm going to skip play by play on this. Big clip after a beatdown into Elegido's offense run. Gronda appears to have gone back to his old mask. That surely can't mean anything. Elegido has awful punches. Crowd sort of turns on him. Crowd shot during the mooning spot this week – guess they couldn't afford the blur. Clip to Hermandad giving the Elegido a curb stomp. Clip to both tecnicos down in the ring and Hermandad getting chairs, and then a break after that.

Beatdown continues, Lider throwing chairs at people. They show the same clip again. Gronda stands up just so Lider can chair shot him in the head. Tag champs fail at double suplexing Gronda. Gronda doesn't reverses it, he just keeps blocking it. Elegido wakes up and distracts Nicho, then clotheslines him. Gronda suplexes Lider on top. Crowd is definitely booing Elegido. Gronda is gassed after those suplexed, so the rudos knock Elegido out and Grab Gronda for something. Lider goes up, but Elegido trips him off the ropes fro the outside. Lider falls into the rings, and may have crotched himself on one of the chairs he set up earlier. That had to suck. Very much an uncontrolled fall. Nicho takes the a bad Doomsday Device from these two – Nicho is INSANE. Gronda dint' have him set up right, Elegido didn't help on the way down. Gronda appears to blow a flapjack on Lider, but I'm not even sure that's what he was trying to do. Tecnicos are successful on a double boot! Nicho's hung on the ropes, and they chop and punch him to the outside. That's about the limit of their abilities. Lider, who left for unknown reasons, returns, just in time for a clip. Nicho has Elegido down, but Gronda posers him. Bad half crab, but Lider eventually shows up to break it up. Crowd just generally booing now. Lider with wild (bad) punches and knees) on Gronda. Now both he and Nicho are wandering around. Ah, they're waiting for a stage hand to finish setting up th chairs on the outside. Lider acts as if he's going to suplex Gronda over the top rope and to the floor. I don't think so. Gronda lifts him up for a powerbomb, Lider gets free, Elegido dos a horrible enziguri to send him out. Nicho attack and is slid out. Elegido after him with a tope, just getting there. Nicho is heroic in selling this. Lider and Gronda set up on the apron – Lider DVD off the apron thru the chairs. Surprised Gronda did that. Not the finish, of course. Elegido and Nicho in, and Elegido completely gets lost doing whatever sequence they're trying to do. Nicho settles on a double underhook powerbomb, one two three.

Doctors check Gronda, who seems to be having leg issues. Meanwhile, Nicho and Lider beat up Elegido inside the ring. Gronda recovers to try and make the save, bu goes down to one chair shot to the midsection. Rudos beat him up and bury him under every chair they can find, but Gronda pops back to life and chases them to the back. Gronda running is a treat.

Vignette part 2: dinner is served. Everything seems to be going well until a photographer insists on coming over to take a photo. Fabi and Gato aren't like this idea , but go along with it. As they pose, Pimpi sneaks in a kiss, and now he's got one angry cat to deal with. Aerostar takes Gato aside to talk him down, while Pimpi is convinced everything is going great. Aero's speech is very much “don't screw this for me! I'm in there!” While they're still talking, Billy Boy and Sexi Star turn up, complaining about the example she's setting for her child.

Match 3: Rocky Romero, Extreme Tiger, Jack Evans vs Sugi, Alex Koslov, & Teddy Hart
Auditorio Benito Juárez de Zapopan, 07/19/2009

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 12:30 (10:57+1:43)
Rating: really good for the first half, kinda all over the place after
Notes: This was listed as a three way tag, but they've made it a trios instead. No entrances. Rocky rushes Alex, only to be held back by Tirantes. No one holds Alex back, so Rocky eats a superkick. Alex throws Rocky out to the floor, Tiger flips him out with a nice looking dropkick, and Sugi tripos up Tiger with a dropkick to the shin. Tiger trips up Sugi on the run, rope avoidance spots for a bit (including Tiger running around Sugi instead of over him), then Tiger blasts Sugi with a dropkick. Tiger misses a clothesline, Sugi rolls under flip dropkicks him into the ropes, knocking him off with a 619. Springboard, Tiger trips him up to stop him from flying, then knocks him off the apron with a running dropkick. Teddy in and missing a clothesline. Tiger flips over his back, but lands on his. Teddy kicks him, sets him up for the powerbomb backcracker – crowd shot clip – Teddy finishes the powerbomb backcracker. What happened there? Must've been take two, because it looked right outside of the really obvious crowd shot. Alex warns Teddy to turn around, but Teddy is a bit slow, and Jack's in and working him over with kicks. Teddy ducks a high one, and pulls Jack back for a a sorta of cradle Russian legsweep. Half straight jacket backcracker. Teddy poses. A water bottle sails past him, Teddy unaware. Replay of the backcracker as Teddy's getting around to doing more stuff. Jack trips up Teddy, and drops down with his standing twisting shooting star press. Tirantes counts one, and then punches Jack in the head. Someone's forgot how to be impartial. Announcers are more interesting in Jack being awesome. Jack threatens violence, but turns hims way to back to action. In between a replay, Teddy grabs him, but Jack slips out of a knee bar. Teddy yells in pain. Sugi comes in to break it up, backs up to the ropes, and then breaks it up with a shooting star press. You know, a kick might have worked just as well. Jack whipped, under a Sugi leapfrog, under a Sugi back flip, and a flipping dropkick knocks Jack down. Sugi with a set of forward headstands as he runs the ropes, just to be nifty. Spinning headscissors sends Jack out. Sugi going to dive? Sugi handspring dive fake as Jack dives out of the way. Sugi doesn't understand why he's not getting cheers. Alex tagged in, and Rocky comes in after him. Alex runs, and Rocky chases him around the ring, Back in, Alex over, Rocky misses a clothesline, Alex puts up the stop sign – and Rocky STOPS! You're so angry but you'll still stop?!?!? Oh, wait, he swatted the arm away and kicked Alex down, that's a lot better. Rocky with fired up kicks to the chest, though he could probably follow up instead of having Alex just standing up for another. Whip, quick reverse into a powerslam, and Alex calls for his hat. He's evil now, so the kick dance hurts more. Alex off the ropes, Alex kicks him low, and the hat flips off Alex's head. Alex misses a clothesline, mises a back elbow, Rocky cradles in the ropes, Alex charges and flings himself to the floor. Rocky after him – big tope. Rocky is so mad, he keeps doing that shoulder shake. An angry shoulder shake, for sure. I'm missing calling the wacky moves Teddy is doing to Tiger – there's a cradle DDT. Jack is in, but AAA does the wavy transition to a replay, and onto Teddy pinning Jack. Must not be a good night for Teddy. Crowd's a lot quieter than they were a few seconds ago. As Teddy argues something with Tirantes, Sugi gets Jack with a standing moonsault slam, which is just crazy. Rocky breaks it up, so Teddy gives him a reverse neckbreaker. Alex comes back in to help out as the rudos are fiercely in control.

Sugi, being new here, goes to his corner in the middle of the beatdown, and it's Teddy who has to explain about getting to stay in. Alex throws Rocky into the announce desk and rants to the announcers. Rudos are really lax here, and Jack recovers enough to pull Teddy off the ropes where he's pausing, but Alex jumps him and throws Jack all the way to the floor. You know, it looks like they could've fit the six sided ring in here, - they've got a lot room to the sides. Oh well. Alex, who's got Rocky in, convinces his partners to leave so he can take care of Romero one on one. Lots of kicks to the head. Rocky picked up to be chopped down. Corner whip, Alex charges in, Rocky moves (Teddy and Sugi stand inches away and watch), Rocky clotheslines Alex, then knocks Teddy and Sugi off the apron, One more clothesline for Alex, another clothesline misses, Alex's punc his blocked, Rocky hits him on both sides of the head, then hits his blocked enziguri kick. Rocky covers, one....two....kickout. Rocky stops to argue, but is busy punching Teddy out of the ring. Whip, reversed into a short knee, Alex locks on a pumphandle and drops him in a backbreaker. Tirantes down to count, one two NO. Lot faster, obviously. Tiger in and chopping out Alex. Corner whip, Tiger charges in, Alex gets his foot up, Tiger catches it and locks his legs in the ropes. Tiger backs all the way up, charges- and Tirantes trips him up. Tirantes acts like he was just getting paper out of the ring. Tiger gets up, but goes down to a big Sugi dropkick. Sugi off the ropes, right into an Atlantida and a face first powerbomb from there. Both up, both off the ropes, both do planchas, colliding. Jack's on the apron, screaming for the tag. This is a weird mix of ideas., but Jack gets that ho tag, runs in – and immediately takes an overhead belly to belly suplex by Teddy. Who laid out this match? Please stop! Teddy turn to taunt the fans, then charge Jack in the corner and eats double boots. Teddy charges again, Jack forward flips into 'rana, Teddy blocks and puts him in a modified crab. Alex runs in, kicks Alex off the apron first, then grabs Teddy by the head for a DDT as Teddy lets go. Alex dropkicks Rocky out, and follows with a plancha. Tiger in, and flying thru the ropes to for a big dropkick to Alex. Tiger sets up Alex on the barricade – there's absolutely no way he's going 10 feet to to make that legdrop. I'd say that even if Sugi wasn't setting up for his own dive – running handspring moonsault to take out Tiger. Who's left? Jack! Off the ropes handspring twisting moonsault, kicking into Sugi. Teddy's up and looking the pile, but going to the apron first – top rope springboard moonsault, over shooting Jack and Rocky's catch and racking his shins on the barricade. Break.

Everyone's down on the floor, and ring side people are checking to see who might be alive. A good time for replays of the dives. They get thru Alex's dive, before going back to the ring, where Teddy gives Jack a fireman's carry into a Michinoku Driver. Jack falls towards the corner, and they show Teddy's dive as Jack goes up, showcasing Teddy hitting the barricade. Back int the ring, Teddy hits Jack's knees on his shootings star press. Jack's spinning high kick to the head connects, Jack pulls Teddy into position, points to the sky, and goes up – but Tirantes shakes the ropes, knocking Jack off. Teddy gets up, climbs up, and lands his 630 senton. One two three.

Partners check on partners – well, until Alex shoves Tiger out and blows Rocky up with a superkick. Alex dares Tiger to come back in, and nails him with the jumping enziguri when he does. Red Scare back on. Sugi stomps Romero just to fell like one of the gang. Teddy grabs Jack and gives him A Move. Sugi adds a top reverse shooting star press just to get in the last move.

Now that everyone's done hitting moves, Joaquin Roldan shows up to hustle. Teddy is very noticeably limping here. Jack is convulsing on the mat still, not that anyone seems to check on him. Roldan is not here to confront the wrestlers, but Tirantes. Roldan gets to play Vince McMahon and tell Tirantes he's fired for helping the rudos.

Match 4: Dr. Wagner Jr., Laredo Kid, Marco Corleone vs Killer Clown, Psycho Clown, Zombie Clown
Auditorio Benito Juárez de Zapopan, 07/19/2009

Winner: Psycho Circus
Match Time: 8:50
Rating: OK
Notes: As they've done all night, the captain announcement is clipped out. It appears to be Laredo & Psycho, for reasons that become obvious later. Piero is ref.

Clipped to start, to Laredo knocking Zombie down on the apron, but Killer kicking him in the face. Corner whip, Laredo flips to the apron, Killer charges, Laredo fights back with forearms, Killer actually is buckled back by these, Laredo ads a big headbutt, then springboards in for a headscissors. Killer catches him, and lifts him back up for a powerbomb. Laredo punches to stop it, and sort of headscissors killer over the ropes. This as a stretch. Laredo sets for a dive, but Psycho cuts him off with a clothesline. Stop pull down fir a bit chop. Corner whip, Psycho charges in, Laredo's already gone, and Psycho throws himself out of the ring. Laredo gives Zombie a bodyscissors bulldog on the apron, and poses on the inside. Marco in, and posing for the crowd. Pose off with Psycho Clown. Psycho jumps him with punches and knees. Whip, reversed, Psycho over, under, under, stopping to watch Marco pose. Killer and Zombie help him out with shots to the back. Zombie is the only Zombie I know who likes such bright colors. As Marco recovers, Killer goes to all fours, and Zombie helps Psycho to stand on his back, so Psycho can do his Marco impersonation. Marco gives him two thumbs up, then dropkicks him off. Marco stops to pose, which gets him beat by the other two. Zombie dance! Corner whip, Marco does his corner leapfrog routine, and a big plancha onto everyone. Replay of that as Wagner comes in. Rudos are on him immediately Wagner appears to be a tecnico this week. Zombie corner charge misses, Killer corner charge sandwiches his partner. Killer turns around and charges out into a backdrop. Wagner goes down to one knee for some reason, while Zombie is still waiting behind him. I think he starts to pose and forgot he had one more guy. Wagner gets up, and gets slapped by Zombie. Zombie poses, turns, and walks into a Wagner fallaway slam. Dropkick to the back of the head, Wagner goes the apron, tope con giro off. Wagner poses on the outside. The other four come in, all fighting, Laredo dumped of the apron by the rudos. Marco whipped to a corner, Killed whipped in after to squash him. Other tecnicos are knocked of the corner, and all three clowns press Marco over his their head. Big press slam. Piggyback splash? Clipped out for a replay, I guess, that sucks. Wagner come in and chops everyone, but gets stomped by everyone in turn. Flying sit for Wagner. Marco back in – did we skip Laredo Kid? Maybe clipped? Corner whip for Marco, Marco flips out to avoid, and socks Killer with the left hand punch. Marco leaps over the other two as they charge, rudas stand still, Psycho makes no attempt to catch Laredo on his springboard headscissors and ends up taking a leg to face. Meanwhile, Zombie tries to kick Wagner and gets walked around the ring for a bit, as Wagner clears his guy out of the the way – Marco running plancha to Killer to the floor. Wagner holds that leg for a while longer, points up, and finally completes dragon screw. Cover, one two no. Wagner looks around at the crown, while Zombie looks for something to do. Ah, kicking him will work. Whip, spinebuster. Zombie going up? Zombie splash connects! Zombie Clown is going to beat the world champ! One two HE PULLED HIM UP. I hate Zombie Clown. Zombie off the ropes, clothesline. You pulled him up to do a clothesline? Zombie off the ropes, clothesline blocked, Wagner kicks him in the leg, Wagner Driver. One two three. Crowd explodes, because they think Zombie Clown is the captain or they forgot captain rules. Arturo is pretty quick in mentioning Zombie is NOT the captain, so points for that. Someone should've explained that for guys running the lights, who start to do a post match spotlight show. Wagner poses as if he's won, but he's alert enough to catch Psycho with double boots as he charges in. Wagner charges out, but Psycho powerslams him. Killer of the ropes, legdrop. Laredo Kid in, springboard headscissors is a lot better on Psycho this time. Laredo slingshots out after him, but Psycho catches him and throws hi mint eh front row. Back inside, Marco has Killer on the top rope, and jumps up to join him – but Killer fouls him. Marco falls back to the mat, taking Killer's mask with him. Piero turns around from his discussion with Piero, takes a look at both guys, and decides to give it to Killer Clown. We don't get a good luck at Killer's face – despite turning towards the camera, he hides it with his long hair – so that mystery remains one. Streak remains as well.

Vignette: Back to Billy crashing dinner. The man hanging out with Billy Boy is saying Fabi is being the bad parent. Pimpi sicks up for his friend, while Sexi yells at both of them. Gato and Aerostar rush in, and Billy tells them to calm down, but points out Gato and Pimpi together is another bad example. Billy calls Fabi a bad mother, which crosses the line. Fabi slaps Billy, Billy slaps Fabi, Pimpi? Screams, Aero chest slaps Billy (punch might have worked there) and a riot breaks out. Decnnis appears from off screen to help the rudos get the numbers. Sexi is all over Fabi, stomping her down in heels. Billy & Decnnis get Fabi and Gato down before Pimpi can help out, and then it's 2 on1. Pimpi tries to cover up Gato from move violence, of course. Rudos leave while Pimpi is crying.

Match 5: Cibernético vs La Parka Jr., El Mesías, Kenzo Suzuki, Electro Shock, Chessman, Charly Manson, Silver King, Octagon, Zorro in a battle royal for Number One Contenders to the AAA World Heavyweight Championship
Auditorio Benito Juárez de Zapopan, 07/19/2009

Winner: Mesias
Match Time: 15:41
Rating: seen worse, but this was not a good match
Notes: Mesias is in the ring, in his street clothes. Silver King is waiting on the apron. I think I see the druids on the outside. This is the only way I know this match is about to start, because otherwise we've got Mesias in his street clothes talking on the microphone. (Mesias' luggage got lost.) Mesias waves Silver King in to have a word with him, though he actually talks about Cibernético instead. Mesias didn't steal Ciberentico's spot, the people cheered for him and made his spot. Mesias tells Silver King to take his brother a message – he's getting his revenge match, he's getting another shot, and he's getting the title back. Silver King steals the microphone before Mesias can finish his catchphrase. Silver: “Mal! MAL MAL MAL MAL [PUNCH]” Mesias is a hero right there. Blow the whistle! Mesias strips off his jacket, and shirt. Silver King and Mesias fight in the ring while Arturo is still explaining the rules of the match. Piero and Tropicasas are outside as refs.

One minute clocks tarts soon after they blow the whistle. And they show all 60 seconds on screen, which is a bit overkill. Mesias win the fight in the ring off Silver King's attack, and then takes him to the other corner for slow chops. That clock is really distracting. Silver turns it around for his own corner chops. Corner whip, corner clothesline. Whip, head down too soon, Mesias has issues throwing Silver down by his head. 3. 2. 1.

Chessman is #3. He slides in, grabs Mesias, , spits – but Mesias ducks. Darn. Chessman punches him anyway, and Mesias flips. Meanwhile. Dr. Morales is calling him Charly Manson and everyone else mocks him for it. Rightly so. Chessman stops to pose on the ropes, an unwise move in this match. Good thing both guys are down. More punches in the corner, which will probably be reoccurring. High five for Silver King. Corner whip, Silver King whipped in after, clothesline, Chessman springboards off his back for a flying hip check. That's a very odd Hardy duo. Rudos standing around waiting for Mesias to get up, then standing around waiting for #4 to get in.

Zorro is #4. He's got his cane, and stops for his fire works. Music actually starts playing before the time is up on the screen. Zorro jogs to the ring, where somehow Mesias is the only one standing, and runs right into a powerslam. Mesias thinks about covering, but then just lays there to wait for Silver King's dropkick. Rudo regroup , with Chessman holding Mesias for a dropkick. All three rudos stomp Zorro. Maybe you want to throw him out? Crazy, I know. Mesias is suplex up to Zorro on the top rope, and pulled off for a triple powerbomb. Music is still 3 seconds ahead of the clock

Charly Manson is #5, for sure this time. Charly runs/limps to th ring, chops everyone weakly, but gets knocked down from behind by Zorro just as he's getting to Chessman. Charly fights both Charly and with and Silver King with chops. King just watches as Charly grabs Chessman and throws him on top of the the ropes. Even over the ropes, but Chessman holds onto the ropes and slides back in under the bottom rope. Zorro and Silver King try to throw Charly over, and Mesias tries to break the whole thing up by running into it (which almost knocks Charly over; Silver King has to save him.) Mesias beats up Zorro, then grabs Charly as Sliver King slides in on top of Charly. Sliver King teeters over as 10 seconds are left. Music starts playing 4 seconds early this time.

Kenzo stops to take off his belt! A smart man. Except for the sliding down again, and but he does hit Charly in the back. Mesias is down again for no reason, but Kenzo just stomps him whips him and grabs him in a belt assisted choke. That seems vastly illegal. Kenzo is choking the life out of Mesias, then just stops. Rudos beat up on the two tecnicos. Belt shot to Mesias' back.

Octagon's music is only two seconds in. Tecnicos sure can't run today. As Octagon start to come to the ring, Zorro picks up his cane, backs up, and then chucks it at Octagon as he comes in. That's the end of Octagon. Silver King sets him on the top rope, and attempts to superplex Octagon, which is not happening. Octagon punches back just to make it clear. Meanwhile, Zorro lights up Mesias with the cane, but Charly steals it away before the final big blow. Zorro charges Charly kicks him it the corner, charge again, and gets thrown THRU the ropes. Everyone cheers and marks it as an elimination. AAA!

Zorro argues the point, as well he should. Meanwhile, some how Octagon is standing and lighting up Chessman with punches, and Mesias is choking out Kenzo, who's so great selling it. Mesias throws Kenzo to the apron, but more focuses on choking him then knocking him off. Just to mix it up, the music is one second late this time.

La Parka is out next. Had too many rudos earlier, now we have too many tecnicos. Chessman got Charly enough down that he could be beat up here. Jumping armdrags for him,s pinning backbreaker for Silver King, and punches for him. I think Kenzo might have been two winded to attack Parka. Charly takes advantage of a downed Chessman to put on El Pozo, but drags him closer to the ropes. AAA almost mises it, but cuts back in time to see Chessman kick Charly thru the ropes and to the floor. Hooray for Chessman. Rudos take control in the ring, and they go to break just as the time runs out for the next guy.

Electroshock is out a couple seconds after they come back. Parka runs right to him, and Electro takes about 5 seconds to set up a cutter. I blame parka. Kenzo waits for him to clear out of the away, backs up cross ring, charges at Octagon, and sails over as Octagon goes down. That was quite lame.

Silver King bad Parka battle on the top rope, which seems to be a bad idea. Parka pushes off Silver King repeatedly, but then climbs down to fight Chessman head. Mesias and Electroshock do a sequence, with Mesias taking a lame headbutt into the corner, but Electroshock's cutter looking a lot better. Music is 3 seconds again – no way they can possible see the same clock we're seeing, I think. Perhaps they added in post production, but didn't actually add it correctly?

Cibernético limbs to the ring worse than Charly. The man can not run. As a rudo, they make sure he clothesline all the rudos. Parka blocks his clothesline (which hurts Cibernético?), then takes him down for – stomps? Killing time - ah, it's just set up for Silver King to enziguri him. Silver goes out, and does a flying chin drop into Parka's legs. That's dumb. Parka yells at Silver King, then turns around into a stunner. Parka rolls and rolls of it, and rolls himself right under the middled rope out of the ring.

Cibernético dumps Silver King right after him.

Octagon gets in his offense on Electro, so he must be about done here. Electro kicks him towards the ropes, Electroshock charges Octagon after something that's cut away from, and Octagon flips him to the apron, Electro knocks him away, then grabs the ropes to pull himself in – only he slips and falls to the floor. Some really dumb eliminations here.

Jumping snap mare for Chessman by Octagon. Spinning armdrag too, but Chessman stays just in. Octagon kicks him towards the ropes, charges, Chessman does the low bridge, and Octagon can't manage to get thru the ropes on the first try.

In the ring, Mesias hits a big spear on Cibernético and punches. Chessman just sands and claps. He's rooting for Mesias? No, he hammers Mesias and offers his hand to Cibernético. Cibernético is not so sure of this idea, but Chessman actually seems genuine. Crowd shot, then back to both guys cornering Chessman. Somehow, a table learning on two chairs has been set up on the outside. When did they at happen? How did that happen? Chessman and Cibernético put together a plan. Double whip, Chessman misses his clothesline, Cibernético kinda misses his clothesline but I don't even know what he was trying, Cibernético turns and kicks Chessman towards the ropes (?), Mesias charges back, and Cibernetico hists the clothesline he was supposed to hit originally, I think. Cibernético ask for Chessman's help – didn't you just kick him? Chessman asks the same thing! Shove for Cibernético. Cibernético shoves him Chessman, and Chessman flies to the ropes. Cibernético goes thru the ropes for no reason AT ALL. They're set up Is there another table around this side? Chessman tries to suplex Cibernético back in, which is just as dumb. They both block each other's suplexes, and Cibernético ends up doing a stunner, knocking Chessman backwards. Mesias gets up, and runs into Cibernético with a big shoulderblock. Cibernético starts to fall, stops, then falls anyway, thru the table on that side.

Chessman's down in the ring, Mesias is out look at Cibernético, who isn't moving. He fell nearly three feet, it was crippling. Mesias' jumping STO on Chessman, but he's so hurt he can't follow up. Even though he was fine like 10 seconds ago. Mesias picks up Chessman, who eventually gets around to hitting him. Chessman off the ropes, spear knocks Mesias down near the ropes. Chessman looks around, waving for the crowd to cheer. Perhaps you'd like to win first? Chessman backs up, charges once more, and take a hiptoss out of the ring onto the table on the outside. Table doesn't break - of course – but that's an elimination and a win for Mesias.

Dr. Wagner turns up to confront Mesias. Wagner gives Mesias credit for being a good wrestler and tells him to get ready for Verano de Escandalo. That's it.