AAA on Televisa #898 (08/15/2009)

Match 1: Atomic Boy, Gato Eveready, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Pasion Kristal, Polvo de Esterllas, Yuriko
Palenque del Inforum de Irapuato, Guanajuato, 07/17/2009

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 6:20
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Piero. No entrances, or introductions.

Rudos rush the tecnicos, beating them up pretty easily. This week, they're all their own primary color instead of matching outfits. Atomic Boy gets left in a lone. Takedown, helped Polvo's legs, and Yuriko adds the legdrop. Polvo gets crotched coming thru. Whip, double flapjack. Rudas seem unsure which way they were going with that. Cristal adds a missile dropkick. Gato in and attacking them while they celebrate, but the numbers get to him. If we saw any more of Yuriko's backside, I think they'd have to blur the whole thing out. Rudos set up the flying sit, but Pimpi pulls out Yuriko, and Atomic boy flips Passion Cristal the apron so Pimpi can trip her up as well. Inside, Gato gets the inverted bridging facelock on Pimpi, and Atomic Boy adds the dropkick. Pimpi thrown around by her hair. Passion takes Yuriko down, and Atomic Boy adds the bottom rope reverse spin senton. Clip? Ahead to Atomic Boy getting a run on all the rudos. Including a bouncing off the ropes headscissors, and looking smooth while doing it. Gato is next, though it seems like the end of his run gets clipped out to join Pimpi's run in progress. Pimpi walks the ropes on a wristlock for Pimpi, then takes out both Cristal and Yuriko with a rebound armdrag. Replay of that. Pimpi headscissors Polvo out too. Armdrag and a springboard dropkick sends Yuriko out, but Polvo is able to kick his usual rival out. Gato misses on his dropkick, but recovers to enziguri Polvo. Corner whip, reverses, Gato headstands to the apron just in time to get out of the way. Atomic Boy comes in and dropkicks Polvo out. Gato follows, with a nice safe plancha. Atomic boy in with Cristal, handspring flipping run, and armdrags to send Cristal out. Atomic Boy has a neat flip bit to the apron, but then runs back in the ring and to the other corner for a double jump tope con giro. In the ring, Pimpi tries a plancha on Yuriko, but Yuriko rolls on top. One two no. Pimpi off the ropes, spear. Okay. 'rana, too, one two three! That was good.

Noti AAA

Vignette: Alex continues to be upset about X-Pac not being here, and Rocky continues to try and calm him down. Alex is once again going to start the revolution himself tonight, if necessary.

Match 2: Crazy Boy & Extreme Tiger vs Alex Koslov & Rocky Romero
Palenque del Inforum de Irapuato, Guanajuato, 07/17/2009

Winner: Crazy & Tiger
Match Time: 6:48 (2:01+4:47)
Rating: angle was good
Notes: No entrances. Rocky has to hold Alex back from jumping Tiger before the match. We join right before the referee is announced, because the referee appears to be Tirantes. This makes no sense after last week, and Joaquin Roldan turns up to question it. He's got Piero with him, so he's coming out with a plan. Roldan recaps what we saw last week, though he makes it sounded like he suspended Tirantes for discipline reasons. That's not how I remember it, or like Tirantes remembers it. He rants about his years in AAA and walks out. Tirantes walks out, Roldan saying he won't work in AAA. Doesn't seem like he'll care. AAA is down to two referees, how rough. Meanwhile, Crazy Boy and Tiger seem to be having a “you're not going to turn on me this time, right” conversation (or maybe I'm imagining that), but that's all a setup for Alex to punk out Tiger. Crazy knocks down Alex,. Rocky looks surprised, but does back up his friend (after a delay) headscissors sends Tiger out, Tiger sends Rocky out with a flip off his chest into a kick, and Alex nails Tiger with a superkick. Whip, reversed, Tiger trip up Alex, off the ropes, over, into a clothesline. Alex picks up Tiger. Corner whip, reversed, Tiger charges in, Alex vacates, Alex miss a clothesline from the apron, Tiger catches him leaning thru the ropes and snaps his chest on the ropes with a legdrop. Alex is tied in the ropes, and Tiger flip to the apron, then springs back in with a pointed dropkick to the head. Maybe Rocky could've helped there? Clip. Rocky is celebrate something when Crazy rushes in and chops him. Rocky blocks the chop, fights back, and AAA goes to the generic crowd shot again. Rocky headlock, shot off, no, Crazy get the headlocks, shot off, Alex gets in the cheap shot from the outside, Crazy totally ignores it an shoulderblocks Rocky. The foreigners glare at Crazy while he claps for the crowd. Crazy off the ropes, no, he stops, picks up Rocky, kicks him in the back. Rocky can be a bit over dramatic. Whip, quicker reversal, Rocky climbs onto Crazy shoulders, Crazy shoves him off, Rocky kicks, Crazy catches the leg, Rocky misses one whip but connects with the swipe the other way. Rocky is still doing his azuca shake. I guess he still is a tecnico here. BREAK

Rocky corner whips Crazy, charges in, no one's home, Crazy inside cradle one two no. Crazy forearms. Calling for an elbow, off the ropes, Alex kicks him, and this time Crazy goes down. Rocky goes to knee instead of following up, then goes over to tag Alex, but Alex is already in and stomping. Alex shoves Rocky for complaining, then glares a the crowd. No point in doing this subtly. Corner whip, Alex charges in, Crazy flips him to the apron, Alex shoulders him, waits for Crazy to get up some, slingshot sunset flip in one two no. Alex clothesline caught, turned into a double underhook. Crazy hangs Alex's leg on the ropes, then pulls him off for a backbreaker. Don't know why he kneed the ropes for that. Alex yells for Rocky ash e's being cover one two Rocky breaks it up. Alex rolls out, and Rocky throws Crazy into the corner. Corner whip, corner charge, Crazy gets him on top and chops him. Slaps to Rocky as he sits on the ropes instead of the corner. Crazy limbs up on the ropes to join him, and chops him. Rocky blocks a chop, headbutts him, and pulls him off with a headscissors. Rocky is fired up. Fireman's lift, drop into a gutbuster. Rocky covers, Tiger breaks it up with a dropkick. Chop. Tiger looks around for cheers, which aren't as much there as he'd like. Chop. Corner whip, Tiger charges in, Rocky get his feet up but Tiger catches him, and trips his legs in the ropes. Tiger back all the way up, charges, and dropkicks Rocky questionably low. One two Alex breaks it up. Alex chops Tiger around. Tiger taking the chops on his knee makes him seem even shorter. Corner whip, Crazy flips Tiger to the apron, then stops to check on his partner. Probably should check on Alex – his superkick connects. Crazy rolls out. Rocky in, slightly shoves Alex out of the way, and diving out for a tope on Crazy. Alex looks at the damage, then turns around into a Tiger wheel kick. Tiger slides thru the ropes to dropkick Romero, sliding out to apron in the process, and then joins the pile with an Asai tornillo. He may have racked his knees on the barricade. There is no room to work with. Alex smartly just rolls out to collect Tiger instead of trying his own dive. The springboard forearm would send him to the third row. Alex whips Tiger to the corner, but whiffs on the superkick. Tiger misses a clothesline, Alex grabs him in a waistlock, German suplex, but Tiger flips out of onto his – oh he fell. Anyway, Tiger waistlock, Alex tries to elbow out and spins around, just in time to be dropkicked by Rocky, trying to break up the waistlock. Rocky was a bit late on that, and shouldn't have done it. Alex is ticked and yells at Romero, who also gets pulled and punched a bunch by Crazy. Alex turns to Tiger, gets tripped up to the ropes, and takes the Tiger guillotine double stomp. One two three.

Rocky tried to pull Piero out, but couldn't get him. Rocky checks on Alex. He's probably best to keep his distance right now. Replays of the dives, and Tiger did bang his shins pretty hard on the barrier there. Rocky tries to raise Alex's arm up, but Alex shoves him away. Rocky tries again, because he doesn't know when to back away. Alex appears to be losing his mind, just like at TripleMania, and now he appears to be jump kicking his partner in the head. That one I'm pretty sure of. Alex leaves, but not for long. He's back with a chair. Waiting for Rocky to get up – and a shot to the head. Alex chokes Rocky and rants at him. Elbows to the chest, as the announcers reminds us for like the fifteenth time that X-Pac is not here. Crossface, Alex pulling back a lot and still managing to rant. Tapping out doesn't seem to help here, I Rocky does stop. Piero finally returns to break it up, but Alex looks like a mad dog. Lots of reaction shots of people looking mad.

Video Package: the assembly of Kenzo's Yakuza. So, was Oriental reporting to Kenzo, or were Kenzo and Oriental both reporting to someone else? And where did that bit with Cinthia Moreno and Oriental come from, that might have been something I'd like to see earlier. Did Kenzo ever get his money from Konnan? Kenzo promo in English: “Now it's my turn! You understand? Now is my turn! I have a new teammate.” Oh, now he's off in Japanese. I guess I could transcribe the words are displayed in screen, but this is a lot of Oriental not being impressed with Sugi last week, but now with highlights of him looking impressive. Sugi says, with Kenzo and teammate, they're going to be impressive.

Match 3: Cuervo, Escoria, Zorro © vs Kenzo Suzuki ©, Oriental, Sugi
Palenque del Inforum de Irapuato, Guanajuato, 07/17/2009

Winner: Yakuza
Match Time: 9:04 (3:11+5:53)
Rating: fine for for rudo/rudo
Notes: Zorro's a man who certainly has things to talk about, but teaming with the Dark Family puts you in the No Promo Zone. Still, I sure would like some explanation for that team. Piero is the referee. No mask for Zorro, also no idea who's supposed to be the tecnicos here. Arturo helpfully explains the Yakuza is the Japanese mafia.

Crowd seems to be cheering for Zorra. Kenzo and Zorro tease starting out, but then a six way brawl breaks out, with the Yakuza in control. Oriental and Cuervo battle over who's got the best mesh shirt. Oriental seem clearly fired up to be working somewhere past match 2. Yakuza do the triple eagle wave, and everyone's happy until Zorro chucks in his cane and hits Kenzo in the back of the head. That'll never stop being funny. Team Zorro storms the ring to take back control, brawling their way in control. Cuervo makes sure Oriental gets crotched just the same. Clip ahead to Team Zorro triple teams, including an ice triple snap kick on Kenzo. Oriental is stomped around, and not much more. Sugi's turn to come in, but hes' not aware at first. Scoria dropkicks him back out. Kenzo storm the ring, knocks the Dark Family off the apron, but gets caught by a Zorro clothesline. Break.

Kenzo slaps Zorro around. Zorro and Kenzo have a battle of high kicks that don't actually hit anything, and Zorro wins with a bad dropkick. Zorro jumps to the apron, teases a dive, comes back in, and gets knocked out of the ring by Oriental. Cuervo comes in while Oriental is posing, and clothesline him as he turns around. Cuervo's got a much better big boot. Whip, Oriental rolls under a clothesline, under leapfrogs, and back with a headscissors. Oriental poses again, then turns around to be kicked in the face by Scoria. Maybe he'll learn. Nah. Scoria chops him into the corner. Corner whip, Scoria charge, Oriental gets an elbow up, goes to the second rope, and sends Scoria sliding out of the ring via headscissors. Oriental sets up for a dive, but gets taken down by a Zorro heel kick. Sugi in, and pounding Zorro with forearms. Zorro sells them like anyone else, and then again, not like anyone else. Of course, when Sugi tries a whip, Zorro blocks and thrown him down. Sugi up again and forearming. Headlock, shot off, shoulderblock, and down goes Sugi. Whip, Sugi backflips over Zorro, then dropkicks him out. Cuervo totally surprises Sugi with a running back elbow, and taunts the fans while he's at it. Sugi thrown in a corner, corner whip, Cuervo charges, Sugi puts him on the rope and nails him with a springboards kick to the head. Scoria in, Scoria headscissors out. Sugi going for a dive? No, handspring fake out. Kenzo comes in to pose with him. Stop poising – Scoria takes out Sugi with a dropkick instead. Oriental rushes him while Cuervo brawls with Kenzo. Zorro comes in to observe, I guess. Clip to Team Zorro all having Oriental down, alone in the ring. Cuervo drops him in front of the corner, and Scoria adds the legdrop. Clip ahead, maybe, to Sugi in. Sugi backflips over a her, back flips out a German suplex, and takes Zorro with with an enziguri. The two Dark Family guys must've gotten yanked out. Sugi follows with a running handspring moonsault to the floor, except Zorro's too close to actually catch most of him. Kenzo boosts Oriental into a plancha onto Scoria, except Scoria totally muffs the catch and get spoked in the eyes. Even better, Kenzo wants to dive on them to, He ends up only just doing a running axhandle to Cuervo's back as he' down checking on other people. Piero threatens to count everyone out. Sugi and Zorro end up in. Sugi tries a plancha, but Zorro catches and spins him around to a spinning side slam. Zorro looks around for something, then gives Sugi last rights. Oriental is snaking up on the apron the meantime, and hammers Zorro in the back as he comes off the ropes. Zorro superkicks him away, but looks around for Kenzo. Ah, Kenzo's back in. Zorro misses a charge, but gets his elbow up on Kenzo' charge. Cane shot to the head! Cane shot to Oriental's head. Cane flurry on Sugi, but Sugi rolls away form the final blow. Enziguri, and Sugi's going up. Zorro's already moved into position . Shooting star press. One two three.

Sugi got the pin over Zorro – not Scoria or Cuervo. That definitely needs to be noted here.

Promo: Charly calls Chessman a traitor. Cibernético too, so he has been paying attention. Charly's got a bloody cheese grate now, even though we didn't see it being used last week

Promo: Chessman is mejor!

Match 4: Charly Manson & Jack Evans vs Chessman & Teddy Hart
Palenque del Inforum de Irapuato, Guanajuato, 07/17/2009

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 9:29 (4:16+5:13)
Rating: better than last week, but lack in dramatics
Notes: Charly has his cheese greater, but I don't think it'll help. Ref is Piero. CLIP.

Hey, why hasn't Roldan fired Teddy Hart? Or Chessman, who actually did appear to turn his back on AAA here? I guess they still have contracts! Referees need a union. I'm ignoring a lot of Teddy and jack kick work to think about this. You know, Jack's shorts are so long, they clearly should be considered pants. But my actual question is, why does it look like he has the IWRG logo on them? They're doing headlock/shoulderblock bits, so I've missed nothing of any meaning. Teddy does his powerslam, adjusts his elbow pad instead of covering. Standing on his chest – no, Teddy has to step down to yell at the crowd before doing his flip. It costs him, his shooting star press eats knees. Jack's spinning shin kick connects. Standing on the chest moonsault senton also connects. Teddy rolls out. Can Jack get in a dive in this building? Perhaps he's too busy thinking about that, or perhaps the four sided ring has thrown off his steps, because jack gets caught in the ropes setting up the back flip. Not at all at dangerous pot, and it makes it easy to find something else to do – springboard 450 silla quickly makes up for it. Much better idea, given the room. Chessman – yellow and red face paint this week – and Charly. Charly runs in but misses a dropkick. Chop battle. It's equal until Chessman sneaks in a kick. Pose. Whip, quick reverse, quick reversed again, and Chessman knocks him down with a clothesline. Cover, no, Chessman gets up to level Jack with a punch, knocking him off the apron into the barricade. Chessman bring him back in so Teddy can flip him with a reverse neckbreaker – Teddy even seemed impressed by Jacks' bump there – while Chessman gets Charly with a a back elbow. Both are sold about the same, by the way. Jack is dragged towards the corner, and Chessman holds Jack down as Teddy does his top rope shooting star press. BREAK.

Chessman press tosses Jack into a Teddy gutbuster, then follows with his own huge DDT on Jack. Dropkick sends Jack out. Jack works over Charly with European uppercuts. Punches. Chessman's ems to have gone out to work over jack more, so Teddy is killing time with punches. Chessman returns, and Charly gets whipped into a superkick. Teddy adds a rope flip moonsault and covers, one two Charly 's foot is on the ropes, but Jack is also into break up the pin. Teddy scoops him up, gives him a backbreaker, and Michinoku driver. Chessman works over Charly with chest slaps. Crowd chants of Charly as he's whipped in the corner. Just like last week, Jack's whipped in after him. This time, Charly backdrops jack out of the way. Chessman misses his charge, Charly knocks down Teddy with a back elbow, Jack tosses his the cheese grater, and Charly brains Chessman with it. Jack springboard into to Teddy, given him flying knees. Charly goes after Chessman's forehead with the cheese grater, and the referee is a lot slower than breaking it up then last week. Meanwhile, Jack is hitting a move flurry on Teddy, but the topping moonsault twisting splash only gets two. Charly drops the cheese grater to stomp ahead. Tough to tell if Chessman's bleeding due to the red facepaint, of course. Teddy some hot rallies to spike Jack with another Michinoku Driver. Charly stops him from more with a kick to the face. Teddy fights back, but gets topped by a chest slap. Teddy rolls out after another. Back to Chessman. Head to the buckle. Whip, backdrop. Jack is up and crawling around for something. Clip. Looks like Jack got Charly the cheese great, but Piero finally it away. He probably shouldn't just leave in a corner, that's not far enough away. Charly grabs Chessman in an armbar, setting up for a reverse gory stretch – and a vertabreaker. Charly didn't do much to make sure Chessman's head was up there, good thing it was. Charly goes right back for the great again, and Piero isn't as fast this time. Charly seems to just be putting the great on Chessman 's head and letting us imagine the rest. Piero pulls the grater, and Teddy pulls Charly away with a backcracker. Teddy celebrates, and Jack sneaks behind for a bridging backslide one two three! Crowd is beyond thrilled. Piero raises Charly and Jack's hand with the cheese greater still in and, and Charles uses it as a chance to get the grater back. Piero realize s it and grabs it back again. Replay – Chessman did get the top of head brushed with and Charly went to punch with him once. As were watching a replay of that, the two teams started lightning again. Chessman really is bleeding, but we haven't gotten to see much of it. He works the cut, as Jack and Teddy do more high impact stuff. Teddy decides to get out of there as soon as he sees an opening, and Piero backs Charly out. Charly's making hair motions now, so perhaps he's got a new idea.

Promo: Cibernético pleads to Parka to trust him – all he wants us to be friends, and have the mega championship again, that too. He was so close to being Hermandad last week, so perhaps they can do it this week. Cibernético starts talking about how great Cibernético, and he seems very used to doing that. I guess I should note the Bizarros shirt.

Promo: Hermandad talk in front of a valet. The edecan is facing away from the camera, and her bottom is too much of a thong for our eyes, I guess, because it's all blurred out. Blurring is more interesting than Nicho and Lider talking. The valet is apparently taped to light tubes hanging on the wall, because – eh, I don't think it's a good idea to suggest. But the light tubes are so weighty, she can't escape. I guess the idea is they've been paid off in ladies for this particular job tonight, and I believe they're about to have their way with her as the segment ends. Family friendly!

Promo: Marco/Parka promo. Parka wants no turn tonight. Well, too bad for him.

Match 5: Cibernético, La Parka Jr. ©, Marco Corleone vs Electro Shock ©, Joe Lider, Nicho el Millionario
Palenque del Inforum de Irapuato, Guanajuato, 07/17/2009

Winner: rudos
Match Time: not good
Rating: 10:06 (5:05+5:01)
Notes: This one gets entrances. Electro has his sword. Fans react to Cibernético like he's still a tecnico. Park's getting too fat for this special fat costume. Marco and Parka give Cibernético wary looks. No break? I sure hope that doesn't mean this is going 17 minutes. 7 minutes seems too long.

Cibernético get the first tecnicos showcase, but his partners want nothing to do with him. Cibernético tries cheering them on. Parka is next, and seems either short or clipped. Marco is last. Electro take the high dropkick, then Marco does the corner leapfrog run to set a plancha on everyone. Marco and Ciber have words, and I guess Cibernético's drawing the line there – shove for Marco, right into Electro cutter. Rudos beatdown Parka and Marco, which Cibernético walks around ringside. Break. A long one, hooray.

Parka confronts Cibernético, who suddenly has a hamstring pull. And can't get in the ring. After Marco's beat up, Parka gets brought in stead, and rammed in to a chair. Toe holds! Exciting. Marco back in for more. Elector goes out to beat up Ciber, but Ciber falls down on the floor, so racked in pain, and totally scared of Electro. Elector thinks perhaps Ciber is not sincere. Meanwhile, Parka makes a comeback off a missed double clothesline, dropkicks Nicho and armdrag Lider. Marco punches both of them, punches Lider after tossing him to the apron, and kicks a chair in Nicho's face. Marco misses a corner plancha on Nicho, who kicks him in the ribs as Marco's hung there. Lider slingshots into a DDT on the apron, and Nicho puts on a figure four around the ropes. Lider ads a diving legdrop with chair to Marco as he's out, and attacks a leg. Back inside, Elector has Parka with an elbow driver. Cibernético's made it back up tho the apron, and Electro ires ready for him. Cibernético actually comes in, but his clothesline gets Piero instead. Horrible looking clothesline there. Cibernético adds an equally bad short clothesline next, sending Elector out, and then throwing himself out. I'm not sure if the story was he threw himself out, or if he was just really bad there. Cibernético hides under neath the ring, while Silver King runs out with a chair. Shot to to Parka's midsection, shot to his back, shot to his legs. Cibernético in, chair shot for Silver King's back. PICK A SIDE. Cibernético destroyed Silver King with chair shots. Piero is still down and out. Shot for Parka too, of course. Cibernético yells at Parka and laves. Electro comes back in, adds a piledriver to Parka's damage, and Piero rolls back in to make the count. One two three.

Parka is stretchered out. And that's it.