AAA on Televisa #896 (08/01/2009)

Last Week: Guapito and Brazo conspired for a win. Joaquin Roldan failed to show up to stop this bad referring. D-Mex beat some people. Brazo helped Decnnis, Sexi Star and Guaptot beat Elegido. Shiima Xion made his debut and farewell match. Cibernético returned, beat Silver King.

This Week: Wagner, Charly, Jack vs Silver, Chessman, Teddy. Lider, Nicho vs Mesias, Cibernético. And much more.

Match 1: Aerostar & Fabi Apache vs Billy Boy & Sexy Star
Gimnasio Jose Maria Arteaga, Queretaro, Queretaro, 07/03/2009

Winner: Rudas
Match Time: 9:30 (3:51+4:39)
Rating: OK, expected better
Notes: notes

Hey, Billy found his gear. Also, we have entrances for the opener? Matches must've gone short. Billy has gotten weird blue and gray hair extensions during his time off. Huh, Fabi has her Reina de Reinas belt. Piero is ref.

Match starts with Sexi and Billy jumping Fabi. Just as they whip here, crowd shot, and suddenly Fabi's celebrating after having turn the tables. So it's going to be one of those matches, I see. Aero is too fast for Sexi. Billy jumps him from behind, but Aero rallies, gets him with a headscissors, sends him out with a top rope spinning armdrags, and impales him with the no hands tope. Aero is down and checked on after, so he might have stung himself with that one. Rudas start the beatdown soon after. Break, as Sexi goes into the crowd to grab a chair.

Chair gets used for one shot to Aerostar's backside, then Billy kick slides him out. Fabi jumps Sexi, but Billy is able to pull her off and they both work her over with kicks. Aerostar starts the comeback by ducking a double clothesline, puling himself to the apron, and dropping Sexi with a missile dropkick Fabi gets a Billy with a spinning backbreaker, and does her crazy stomps on him. Clip to the end game. Aerostar 'rana reversed into a powerbomb, but Fabi breaks up that pin with a kick. Fabi double underhook faceslam on Billy, but Sexi breaks up that pin. Sexi spinning fisherman's suplex, but Aero breaks that up with a foot right to Sexi's face. Sexi's always very surprised he gets hit. Whip, Sexi runs the ropes funny, Aero charges, and Sexi flips him all the way to the floor. Sexi apron tope con giro connects. Inside the ring, Fabi side steps a Billy Boy dropkick and kicks him. Corner whip, reversed, Billy charge in to a kick and Fabi covers, one two kickout. Fabi was sure that was three, but it really wants that close. Fabi misses a clothesline, and Billy kicks her right in the head. Sexi slides Billy that chair, and he hits him right in the head. Crowd shot here, so I guess there's another clip. If Piero was supposed to be distracted, they didn't show us that – they didn't show us him at all, actually. Billy kicks Aero away from coming in, and Sexi slides out the chair. Sexi lifts up Fabi, gives her the least impressive FU ever, and covers – one two three.

Aero checks on Fabi, and gets stomped. I think Fabi's bleeding, but she's covering her head up which kinda defeats the point. You can pretty well see the blood on the mat – maybe that chair actually did cause the cut? Didn't seem that way. The doctor walks out while the other three are still fighting, putting on rubber gloves on the way.

In-Ring Promo: Hey, Zorro, long time no see. No mask. Zorro says this is his chance to explain what happened at TripleMania. Zorro explains there's only one Zorro, and the only guy who wore that mask for a year in a half, and the only prophet. And thats' it. As usual, I have the 'advantage' of being way behind what's actually happening and know what is or what isn't going to be happening, but if I was watching this live, I'd think he was more trying to convince himself than us. He didn't just say “I was the guy at TripleMania”, much less explain why.

Match 2: Alan Stone, El Elegido, Extreme Tiger © vs Cuervo, Escoria ©, Ozz
Gimnasio Jose Maria Arteaga, Queretaro, Queretaro, 07/03/2009

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 10:37 (3:23+7:14)
Rating: pointless injury angle aside, OK
Notes: Elegido gives Marisela a big hug and insists on holding up Antonio's urn. Complete entrances for this match too.

Cuervo and Alan shove each other, and Alan dropkicks Cuervo out, Ozz dropkicks out Alan, Elegido dropkicks out, and Scoria just kicks Elegido in the head. Fair enough. Tiger wits for Elegido to roll out then, charge under Escoria jumping spin kick and drops him with a bodyscissors bulldog. CLIP. Tiger is tossed to apron by Ozz, but pulls him down be the hair. Springboard headscissors in and Ozz, sending him spinning out of the ring. Tiger celebrates, tags out. Alan in with Cuervo. Alan slider under Cuervo, but Cuervo dropkicks him in the knee as he gets up. Cuervo yells at the fans, who do not yell back. Not nearly as loud as crowd as last week, for sure. Corner whip, reversed, Alan charges in, Cuervo puts him on top, Alan kicks away his slip and gets him with an overhead headscissors. Alan charges Cuervo, Cuervo flips him to the apron, looks around before realizing Alan is still there. Alan forearms him away, climbs up top, and grabs Cuervo with a top rope headscissors. Cuervo had to wait here, then waits on the outside – but Alan slides out after him and Cuervo runs. Alan poses, does not follow up. Elegido and Scoria, Scoria backflipping in but not the on getting the cheers. Elegido waves to the crowd to scream, which some done. Pose. Dance. SCOIRA POSE. Aw, Elegido knocks him down,. Snap mare, spine kick. Crowd shot, wacky due in a Tiger mask here is best. Clip to Elegido chopping Cuervo and Scoria around at once. Scoria's tripped down in the corner. Cuervo's tripped into headbutting his partner low, and Ozz rushes into dropkick Cuervo in the backside. Ozz sunset flip on Eleigdo some how does not involve Elegido's trunks going down, though Elegido does roll thru and kick Ozz in the back. Elegido goes up to the corner to pose – and there's the trunk pull, ahh. Ozz is a master. This is also how the Black Family get control, rushing the tecnicos and beating them down. Break.

Individual brawling, Scoria with Tiger, Ozz with Elegido, Cuervo with Alan. Tiger's tossed out first, and Ozz knee drops Elegido's shin while watching the other two chop around Alan. Alan's tossed, so everyone works over Elegido's right leg. He's dragged over to the ropes for a bottom rope sit. Ozz sure like knee dropping his shin. Scoria just hold him down by the leg, as Ozz walks off to grab a chair. And a second chair. Scoria gets Tiger in, and drops him with a wheel kick. Ozz and Score both use chairs to hammer Elegido's leg. He's totally going to be up and walking fine at the end of the match, right? I've seen this show before, you see. Scoria goes up top with a chair, and does a top rope chair senton on the chair. Why isn't Pepe Casas calling a DQ for this, the announcers wonder. This level of violence hasn't gotten part of the crowd on the Dark Family side, of course. Alan and Tiger are held at bay with the rudos just destroy that right leg. Alan tries to mount a rally on Scoria, but he's stopped. Meanwhile, Cuervo and Ozz find some tape and bind Elegido to the bottom rope. I don't know why they bother, Scoria is having no problem with Tiger on his own, they don't need the numbers. Alan tries to run over to make the save, and Cuervo hits him with a chair. Cuervo continues to attack Eleigdo's leg with a chair while he's just stuck there – Scoria hits a running dropkick too. Tap must've not been good, because they clip ahead and Elegido's laying face firs ton the ground, not taped at all, with the doctor and Pepe Casas wandering over to check on him. This is about as a clear an injury angle there is, except I don't recall Elegido missing any time. While Elegido is attended to, Dark Family continue destroying the other two. As Elegido gets put n the stretcher, Ozz wanders over to stomp him off it. Inside the ring, Alan take a double clothesline, then a standing moonsault from Escoria. Alan side steps a corner charge to start the comeback, Extreme Tiger coming in just to dive out, completely missing Scoria on a tope con giro – isn't the second time in three weeks? That shouldn't really happen once. Alan lets the Dark Family screw themselves, Ozz big booting Cuervo out by accident. Ozz is able to kick Alan to the apron, but screws around, and Alan leaps over the running tornillo, leaving Cuervo to get it. Alan does a top rope plancha on both, which eliminates the numbers advantage. Scoria and Tiger back in, Scoria tries a German suplex, Tiger jumps to soon but escapes anyway. Tiger charges, Scoria tosses him up and punts him in the chest on the way down. One two no. Chop. Whip, reversed, Tiger dropkicks Scoria so he's hanging in the ropes, top rope double stomp, one two three. Scoria was totally in the ropes, not that any of this matters.

Promo: Psycho Circus, who yell that they're the best team around and D-Mex is no match – no team that exists is a match.

Match 3: Killer Clown, Psycho Clown ©, Zombie Clown vs Alex Koslov, Rocky Romero, X-Pac ©
Gimnasio Jose Maria Arteaga, Queretaro, Queretaro, 07/03/2009

Winner: Psycho Circus
Match Time: 14:13 (7:41+6:32)
Rating: longer than it needed to be for this finish
Notes: Announcers are so happy about being crotch chopped at. Psycho Clowns have a crazy clown valet, who appear to be teasing giving balloons to children, only to pop them. There are Psycho Clown fans in the front row, and Zombie poses with them (and the child he's abducted.) They clip part of the captains announcement, for whatever reason. Piero is ref.

Clowns jump D-Mex, of course, and are very quickly warned with an excessive violence DQ. Another clip in here, to the Clowns trying to start a Zombie chant. Dust comes off Zombie when he chest slaps Rocky, which is great. I don't understand why a zombie would wear such bright colors, but there you go. He's the most joyful zombie around, I guess. Rocky makes a comeback on Psycho and Zombie, so I think we've just totally missed the comeback here. Rocky gets caught by Zombie and lifted on his shoulders. Zombie spins around a bit, and accidentally nails psycho Clown with his feet. Zombie rolls out, and Rocky is able to make the comeback on his own. Rocky does his shoulder shake celebrating, and backs into Killer Clown, showing us shock. This is being worked as comedy for whatever reason. Rocky trying to whip Killer does not work, but headscissors him is OK. Even a headscissors of the apron works. Clip. Psycho tease a handshake with Alex, then slaps him in the face. Big slap to the face. Whip, clothesline mises, back elbow misses, Alex nails him with a running forearm. Zombie in, and flipping Alex with a running back elbow. Zombie celebrates, then cheap shots X-Pac off the apron. X-Pac tells Piero to hold him back. Alex slapped in the chest, slapped in the backslide. Whip, Zombie misses a back elbow, Alex does his flipping run and puts up the stop sign to feel himself up. Alex rushed by Zombie, springboard dropkick knocks him down. Killer in, and clotheslining Alex. Stomp. Killer shoves Alex into the corner, corner whip, Killer charge in, but no one's home. Alex goes up top – plancha is caught by Killer, Killer tosses Alex behind, and is totally unaware Alex is still standing. Killer rushes by Alex, stops, and gets kick in the back of the head. Alex poses once more. X-Pac's turn. Psycho in to face him, but first he stops to pose. X-Pac slaps in the back, because he ants to get this on. Tecnicos try to stat an X-Pac chant, and it doesn't really go. Psycho wants a handshake, but X-Pac wants to fight. Test of strength- no, X-Pac crotch chop. Psycho punches him in the face, and does his own crotch chop. Whip, clothesline misses, and X-Pac knocks him down with the standing spin kick. Corner whip, reversed, Psycho charge in, X-Pac gets his boot up, X-Pac charges out, and Psycho powerslams him. Psycho stomps the boot to warm up the band, but the running boot misses and Psycho hangs himself in the ropes. X-Pac bounces him up and down, but the other Clowns come in and stomp him. Psycho punches Alex and Rocky on the apron to help him out. X-Pac is held for shots just as they go to break.

Back to the rudo beatdown. Rocky gets crotched on the outside barricade. Sales takes a killer superplex, then a Psycho diving headbutt low. Rocky takes the flying sit, and the piggyback triple splash. No cover. CLIP, , and X-Pac's in. Killer gives him the catapult/guillotine legdrop. One more piggyback splash? X-Pac rolls out of the way head of time, Clowns try to follow them, but Alex breaks it up with a missile dropkick. Crowd boos? Huh. Rocky charges Killer, the only clown left in the ring, and gets flipped to the apron. Rocky shoulders Killer from the aprons and slingshot in for a sunset flip, but Killer grabs the ropes and blocks it. X-Pac rushes over, grabs Rocky's legs, and slingshots him into Killer's groin. That didn't work out well for either man. X-Pac clothesline Killer, but he doesn't go down. X-Pac clothesline him again, and he goes do gown. X-Pac charge again, Killer misses the clothesline, and X-Pac knocks him over with a jumping spin kick. Suplex? No, Killer tries his own, but Rocky comes over to help his partner block it, and they double suplex killer. Alex top rope frog splash – is this it? One two big kickout. Clowns have had enough of this and take over the ring, stomping all the D-Mex members. Double whip, Rocky ducks the clothesline, and dives out, tope-ing Killer. (Who knew he was even there?) Alex tries a missile dropkick on both remaining clowns and only gets one leg to on Psycho as Zombie moves. Zombie misses a senton, charges Alex, and ends up going thru the ropes on his own, out to the floor. Alex follows with a tope rope plancha. X-Pac and Psycho left in. Psycho misses his corner charge, and X-Pac gets his corner kick combo and Bronco Buster. Piero pulls him off and out of the corner, holding him for a while. Psycho tries to clothesline X-P and gets Piero instead. X-Factor on Psycho. X-Pac counts his own pin, but we're watching Zorro – not with a mask, but with a bandana covering his face – slipping into the ring to nail him with a cane shot. Psycho gets up, takes a look at Zorro and decides to just cover – one two three.

Alex has a point – the feud with Zorro cost him here. On the outside, Killer attacks Rocky some more, then rants to the announcers. Alex has a fit about the loss, which everyone makes a point of noting. He argues with Rocky and D_Mex, shoving both away and yelling back at the ring.

Vignette: D-Mex handles the loss backstage. This was clearly taped right after the ones we saw last week, but now they're reacting to the match. X-Pac and Rocky are frustrated with the loss when Alex comes in ranting – in Russian? They pretend it is, though it sounds actually more Spanish to me. X-Pac demands Alex pick a language he actually understands, and X-Pac blames the referee. Arguing, arguing, Alex running out. I guess they still don't know it was Zorro who attacked him? X-Pac needs to see the video.

Vignette: Mesias and Cibernético blah blah blah blah. The point here is a) their Hermandad is not as good as a tag team as these two and b) Cibernético promises the title will soon come back to him, which causes Mesias to glare at Cibernético for the rest of the promo. Hey, Mesias, this is Cibernético, I thought you'd be introduced to him by now. Cibernético is completely unaware of Mesias having an issues, of course.

Vignette: Nicho & Lider are sick of being underdogs.

Match 4: Cibernético & El Mesías vs Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario
Gimnasio Jose Maria Arteaga, Queretaro, Queretaro, 07/03/2009

Winner: Hermandad
Match Time: 10:47 (8:50+1:57)
Rating: way too long. Tag champs don't get anything out of of this win, because it's completly overshadowed by the angle
Notes: Cibernético and Mesias talk about their unstopped able team in the ring, which is again better than seeing them wrestle. Pepe Casas is referee. Nicho has a bandanna over his face, as to make It harder to be identified in police lineups.

They start off with Cibernético and Joe Lider, so it's all downhill from there and very fast forwardable either way. Lider is not wresting with his belt on, but has gear with a pant leg on one side and a short cut on the other side. That has never looked cool. As expected, Mesias and Cibernético just kill the rudos for five minutes. Shiima Xion runs out there and immediately gets press slammed by Mesias. Mesias looking at Shiima's dead body is enough to give the tag champs the advantage, though, and Xion helps them on the outside. Cibernético and Mesias make the comeback around the 8 minute mark on some reversed whips, with a break about a half minute later.

Tecnicos control the one one ones. Mesias dropkicks Lider out, and follows with a pescado. Nicho some how almost falls on his head coming in – there's a camera switch, so no idea how. He gets up and runs into a Cibernético double, but escapes via eye poke. Cibernético just gets him with one arm instead. Xion runs in with a bat, so Cibernético drops Nicho, kicks Xion, and chokeslams him instead. He just tossed Xion with no regards. Nicho grabs a chair, but Cibernético bats that into his head. Pepe Casas check Nicho, missing Lider rush in and fouling Cibernético. Lider covers for three. No idea why Mesias didn't make it back in there.

Crowd DIES after that finish. It's like someone hit the mute button, except for the announcers. Clip to Cibernético asking where the heck Mesias was there. Mesias is apologetic, and Cibernético accepts, but also grabs a chair and hits Mesias from behind. One to the head too. Crowd boos. This was quite rushed. Chair weekly thrown at Mesias. Los Bizarros rush out and stomp Mesias. Nice to see Nygma back. And the other ones. Cibernético puts on a Bizarros shirt. It looks one of the Bizzaros either forgot their makeup or the mask, because they just look like a random guy – maybe Emo Extreme? Another is doing a weak Mr. Aguila hair impersonation. Cibernético gets to rant on the microphone more, which is the worst punishment, harsher to Mesias than the blood coming from his head. Cibernético explains this was all a trap – even the foul? Way to die for the cause – to set up Mesias for being the face of AAA while Cibernético was gone. Replays, and the Bizarros pose on the stage.

Recap: Last week's main event.

Match 5: Charly Manson, Dr. Wagner Jr. ©, Jack Evans vs Chessman, Silver King ©, Teddy Hart
Gimnasio Jose Maria Arteaga, Queretaro, Queretaro, 07/03/2009

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 9:08
Rating: ok, in an unmemorable way. Silver King turn not set up at all.
Notes: Highlight of Teddy's entrance is him loudly dropping obscene languge on the way to the ring. Chessman's still here? Chessman looks like Chessman doesn't care much that Chessman's still here. Silver being on the rudo side makes no sense, but then his ternico turn last week didn't make much sense. Would've been nice if they tried ot explain it one of the two weeks. Wagner has both belts. Piero is ref.

Wagner gets to talk before the match, all kissing up to the fans and catchphrases. Rudos jump the tecnicos for advantage, though Silver King and Wagner just wqlk outside and then make sure to try and fight different people. Which is a bit problematic, since everyone else is presumably feuding and wants to fight who they're fighting. Charly is a bloody mess in no time at all. Chessman was working on his forhead for a while, but didn't see that much coming. The white makeup makes it look more stark, of course. Jack front flips over a double clothesline, flips off Teddy then gets Silver out with a headscissors. Teddy stops him with his back suplex thrown into a powerbomb. Random clip head to it being even sides, and Wagner and Silver fighting with no issue. Wagner gives Silver a running up the corner Tornado DDT, but Teddy stops with a shot to the face, and both Chessman and Teddy stomp him. Maybe that wasn't a clip, but it sure didn't feel like it had anything to do with the scene prior. Teddy give Wagner a back cracker as the crowd does the ole chant for him. Chessman does something to Wagner off screen, as Silver wanders thru the crowd and breaking over a chair to hit Manson. Not only is Manson's face is covered, but so are both his upper arms. Quite a gusher. Teddy beats up Wagner on the outside while Chessman beats Charly inside. Silver and Teddy come in to help, and keep everyone else out. Might as well make Charly the focus of the match if he's going to bleed so much. Teddy does go out to post Jack. Manson's picked up, walked into the ropes, and hit there. Whip, Wagner grabs him to stop the run, rudos have their heads to soon and get kick can clothesline. Charly takes Teddy down and slingshots him into a Jack spin kick, then holds him over his knees for Teddy to jump off his chest and do a twisting moonsault knee drop thing. Jack throws Teddy out, then has to wait for people to get out of the way – cartwheel handspring twisting dive to the floor. Charly hits Chessman in the head with a chair (Chessman gets his hands up), then throws the chair to Wagner. Wagner hits it on the ropes a bit, but Silver bails before it can be used on him. Wagner chases Silver around the ring a bit, just killing time. Inside the ring, Charly backdrops Chessman, then tries to clean some blood out of his face. Whip, reversed, Charly's clothesline mises, Chessman spears him. Piero always take the long way around to count. One two no Jack breaks it up, then kicks Chessman hard. Corner whip, reversed, Jack trips up Chessman, standing twisting moonsault senton. One two Teddy breaks it up. Cristo – no, dragon suplex, right into the top of Jack's head! That was stupid and careless, and of course not the finish. Wagner breaks up the pin with a dropkick. Wagner poses, the misses a clothesline. Teddy kicks Wagner catches it, but Teddy punches free. Teddy off the ropes, Wagner kicks, grabs Teddy and give him a sit down powerbomb. Silver breaks that up. Crowd boos. Silver King picks up Wagner, and punches him a bit. Of the ropes, into a loose powerslam. Wagner says this is it. Wagner Driver, one two three.

As Wagner poses, you can see Chessman scoop up Charly and put him in the tree of woe. After a replay of the finish, Charly is on the mat, and Chessman and Teddy are beating down Silver King, including Chessman going for his mask. Wagner, apparently having gone to the back, gets his music played again to return and point at the ring. Chessman kicks him and charges for the spear, but get tossed out of the ring – right into Charly's stretcher as he's being taken out! That also was stupid and careless - not only did Chessman land on Charly's legs, but people holding the stretcher go kicked right in the head. In the ring, Wagner spikes Teddy with a Wagner Driver. Chessman beats Charly on the stretcher, though it looks like they might have broken the stretch in the process.

Everyone but Silver King and Dr. Wagner walk off, and Wagner convinces Silver King to join him in AAA on the tencico side. Silver King agrees. And that's it. They needed to runt his main event before the last one, but I guess that doesn't' work with the semimain finish.