AAA on Televisa #895 (07/25/2009)

Last week: Mesias and Wagner had a match which may still be going on, seeing as we didn't get much of a finish. Teddy and Jack had a match that wouldn't finish, but the finish itself was pretty obvious from the start. Not so obvious was Hijo del Tirantes getting suspended after years of tolerating rudo referees. Especially Tirantes, who vowed revenge. There was a trios match, and I have no segue there, nor am I so clear why HX ran out after the match. Also, Cibernético returns.

Today: Mesias, ? Vs Wagner, Silver King. Plus, Jack, Parka, Tiger vs Electro, Teddy, and ?. Plus, other people.

Four sided ring, though they have more room around ringside. The bigger ring would've been close.

Match 1: Gato Eveready & Octagoncito vs Mini Abismo Negro & Yuriko
Auditorio Benito Juarez, Cuautitlan de Romero Rubio, 06/30/2009

Winner: Rudas
Match Time: 8:12
Rating: rudo referering dragged it down, like usual.
Notes: This is like a relevos AAA if half the people got lost on the way. El Brazo is the special referee, which will not go well for anyone. Looks like it hasn't been going well for Brazo, judging from the wrap around his left elbow.

Early part of the match appears to be heavily edited. Not because of blown spots, but just cutting the mat work out of rime, with plenty of crowd and other random shots. Guapito is here, of course. Part of Gato/Yuriko is shown, most of Abismo/Octagoncito is shown, Octagon does a twisting dive thru the ropes, then they clip to the beatdown, which doesn't last much longer. Octagoncito is able to lift Yuriko onto his shoulders and drop him forward, which is a impressive show of strength. Top rope tornillo splash would be a nice finish, but Goat and Octagoncito are too busy arguing with Brazo instead. Replay of Octagoncito's splash, and then onto later in the mat again. Gato and Mini Abismo are nearly the same size; you wouldn't figure they were classified differently from watching them. Mini Abismo makes a great save of Gato botching his spinning DDT, nicely turning it into a sides slam. Gato gets the move on the next pass, and Brazo argues for a timeout for his friend. Tags to Yuriko and Octagoncito, and the size difference is much more noticeable there. Octagoncito takes the kiss, and get pulled into a mall package, but Brazo's not good at counting fast. Yuriko almost gets the win on a bodyslam, which is a legit finisher here. Gato breaks up and gives Yuriko an inverted powerslam, but Brazo doesn't even bother to count. Abismo kicks Gato in the back of the head. Whip, quick reverse, Gato off the ropes, but Abismo sends him out with a rolling dropkick. Abismo celebrates, and ignores Brazo's warnings. Abismo finally turns around, sees Octagoncito standing there, and kicks him before he does anything. Octagoncito gets up, chest slap, off both site of ropes, bodyscissors into a small package, no count. Tecnicos are so dumb. Octagon clothesline himself and Abismo out. Gato gets Yuriko with a plancha, springboard into an armdrags into a double armbar into a backslide, and Brazo just kicks the pin to break up. So much for subtly. Yuriko misses a charge, and yells as she falls out of the ring. Gato follows with his tornillo, and we're back to the minis. Abismo knocks Octagoncito down with a running back elbow, Brazo gets in a stomp, Abismo lifts Octagoncito up, Octagoncito goes over for a sunset I wish we had a Guapito reaction shot in here to confirm he was down with all of this., but this match is about getting over Brazo, I guess. Octagoncito flips off Abismo's chest, then pulls him into a 'rana. One two Abismo grabs Brazo's hand to stop it from going down. Wouldn't have been easier to kick out? Octagoncito shoves Brazo, Brazo shoves Octagoncito, this is a bad time for that Guapito reaction shot. Octagoncito off the ropes, right into Mini Abismo's fireman's carry, running death valley driver. Brazo fast counts, though he probably doesn't need to bother. One two three four! Somehow, that actually makes it better. Rudas celebrate winning a match they fixed for no particular reason. HOORAY.

Vignette: Guapito, Brazo and Decnnis discuss a job well done. They're going to get the money and the ladies when Guapito takes this promotion to the top. Brazo shows Guapito a list of all the names who are just dying to join Los Chihuahuas. We don't get the looks, but we get at least one veiled joke. Decnnis reminds them not to forget his big match, teaming with Sexi Star against that ballerina. Somehow, this turns into Brazo challenging for a mask vs hair match against Elegido – oh, Brazo is still bitter about that cage match loss. Fair enough.

In Ring Promo: Apparently, Silver King turned tecnico when no one was looking, because he's very happy to team with Dr. Wagner and spouting off his catchphrases. Dr. Wagner joins his brother in the ring. Wagner is very over with this crowd. Wagner recaps last week's main event, but says he and his brother have to reunite for their father's memory, they're the most Mexican Mexicans there ever was and does the catchphrase. I thought I was joking about the Silver King tecnico turn, but I guess not. He just is, no explanation. Wagner talked about Silver King leaving the union, but it's not like Silver King was debating it, he'd already left.

Noti AAA

Promo: Alex Koslov appears to be doing bicep curls with invisible weights. OK. Rocky shows up to ask what's up, but Alex wants to know where X-Pac is. Rocky begs off, but Alex again explains X-Pac is at some convention, playing Pokemon, exchanging cards with the kids (and Chewbecca!) To tell the truth, that sounds better this. Alex, on the other hand, is angry with X-Pac for not being here. Rocky's more concerned with how loco Alex has been since he lost the title at TripleMania. Alex: “I didn't lose the title.” Rocky tells him to wake up and move on. The people are booing Alex now – and it's rubbing off on Rocky! What a sweet friend. Rocky says they need the people for the revolution. Alex apologizes, and vows to try and relax. Rocky says they need the win over the Sect. This was a promo completely in English, by the way.

Promo: Escoria & Cuervo – hahahahahahahahaha no promo time for them, let's not be silly

Match 2: Alex Koslov & Rocky Romero vs Cuervo & Escoria
Auditorio Benito Juarez, Cuautitlan de Romero Rubio, 06/30/2009

Winner: D-Mex
Match Time: 11:51 (4:53+6:58)
Rating: D-Mex exhibition
Notes: Pepe Casas is ref. Rocky is all friendly with the fans, Alex not quite as much.

Romero show case to start. Crowd seems mostly behind the tecnico, but there are a section of the rudos against him. Alex is next, with the rudo getting a brief advantage after the Stop Sign, but Alex going on a flurry after that. Alex is much more booed by the men, and much more cheered by the women. Rudos get the advantage after a break with a simple kick to Rocky's back as he hits the ropes. Rudos miss double corner charges to start the come back after about 4 minutes. Slingshot/superkick combo is big tecnico spot. Rocky takes out Cuervo with a tope, and Alex finishes Scoria with an enziguri and a crossface. Boos as he gives up. Longest squash ever.

Vignette: Fabi & Gato. Gato is not happy with Fabi giving Pimpi tips to help get Gato. Gato knows Aerostar is crazy about Fabi, and has a plan to fix both things.

Match 3: El Elegido & Fabi Apache vs Decnnis & Sexy Star
Auditorio Benito Juarez, Cuautitlan de Romero Rubio, 06/30/2009

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 9:36 (2:27 + 4:19 + 2:50 )
Rating: given the particpants, fine
Notes: Sexi sprays perfume at the fans on the way to the ring, but appears very worried someone's going to just yank it away. And then she has a dance routine in the ring. And dances to Decnnis – well, the Perros – music. Guapito is out with him. Sexi and Guapito do the secret handshake, hooray. Rudos clear the ring so Guapito can dance too. Fabi's the only non dancer here. Piero is the ref.

Elegido's opening features both Sexi and Guapito getting spanked. Fabi's run includes Decnnis missing a superkick but Fabi selling it as if it her shoulder. (Replay after the break shows that it clearly missed. Thanks, replay.) Break just as Fabi is getting Decnnis with the outside the ring headscissors.

Fabi grabs Sexi by the hair, but Decnnis assaults her with a big kick to the back of the head. Beatdown, though even with Guapito help, not an especially believable one. Guapito keeps trying to help out, but he and Sexi Star appear to be on different pages, or perhaps on different books. Sexi's setting up things with a purpose, so it feels more like she's the one who remembers how the match was laid out, and not so much the small guy. Guapito manges to hold Elegido back by holding his mask alone (his legs are tied up in the ropes too), while Sexi and Decnnis work over Fabi for a it. Highlight of that work on Elegido is Decnnis lifting the masked man up, and Sexi lifting Guapito up to dropkick him (or more accurately, just tap Guapito's feet with his chest.) Guapito has had enough of the crazy lady by then. Decnnis low blow headbutts Elegido and unties his mask for a bit. Elegido revers a double whip (physically impossible!) and gives Sexi a backbreaker and more spankings as Fabi pulls Decnnis out and stops all over them. Tecnicos switch to knocks their rivals all over the ring, just before yet another break. This match doesn't need three segments!

Fabi has no problem with Sexi Star, but Decnnis lays her out with a Gory neckbreaker. As Elegido and Decnnis start, El Brazo wanders out to argue with Piero for no clear reason. Elegido quickly gets his trunks pulled, and odes a 180 so everyone can see him. Elegido recovers to get Decnnis with a double underhook powerbomb (though it takes two tries) and covers, but Piero is arguing with Brazo. Elegido gets up, Guapito low blow headbutts him and drags Decnnis on top. Piero counts, and Decnnis wins despite being out. When do Sexi & Decnnis get their much deserved title shot?

Vignette: Alex and Rocky are happy about their win. Rocky: “Did you see my tope?” Alex: “No, I was beating him at that point.” Hey, it's X-Pac – his flight was delayed. X-Pac is all confrontational – he did do a convention, but he was also at his son's birthday. Alex reminds X-Pac that he promised they would be done with Zorro, and now X-Pac is supposedly going to the commission to demand his missing cane shots. X-Pac: “Have you ever been tortured the way I was tortured by Zorro?” Yes, many weeks. Anyway X-Pac justified himself and tells Alex to get over losing his belt. The revolution is still going to happen, and apparently next week (vs the Psycho Clowns) would be the perfect opportunity. X-Pac wants to know if he can trust them to hold up things while he's gone, and they point out they one (though only the caption guy seems to know who they beat – oh, it must not be too important.)

Vignette: Jack & Tiger, who are talking about Shiima, even though they can't decide if he's still supposed to be a surprise so far. Jack wants to finally get his revenge on Teddy. “If you don't walk out in a body bag, I'm going to be very disappointed in myself.” Well, it's tough to walk in a body bag, so I think it's going to be tough for Jack.

Match 4: Extreme Tiger ©, Jack Evans, La Parka Jr. vs Electro Shock, Shiima Xion ©, Teddy Hart
Auditorio Benito Juarez, Cuautitlan de Romero Rubio, 06/30/2009

Winner: Extreme TIger
Match Time: 14:00 (6:27 +7:33)
Rating: OK, I guess. Shiima Xion didn't look bad, but we didn't see all that much of him.
Notes: Shiima's also doing the spray gimmick, though he's spraying it on himself. And have the girls spray it on his hair. Teddy and Jack get into a shoving match during introductions. Shiima's captain? Oh, because it's him and Tiger. Pepe Casas is ref.

Teddy and Jack get pulled away form brawling outside after the bell. Jack backs away from those holding him, runs 3/4ths of the way around the ring, and jumps Teddy from behind. That's effort. Parka/Electro comedy when they finally get that sorted out, then Teddy gets tossed around easily by Jack. Jack vs Teddy, and they've got the crowd pretty excited for this fight. Jack bounces him around early, and they go to break as Teddy powerslams Jack and Shiima's waved in. There one big spot is a two man tapatía (during which Electro spontaneously falls off the apron?), and Jacks' comeback appears to be clipped out. Moving on, Xion vs Tiger features Xion jumping on Tiger while he's hunched over and giving Tiger a double leg stomp, then spraying his own hair some more. There's a hole in the ozone right over whenever Zion is standing. Turnbuckle smash. Corner whip, reversed, Tiger charges in Xion's boots, Xion back suplexes him into a head crusher. No reaction, Xion dying for one there. Whip, quick reverse into a Tiger Atlantida, dropped backwards into a slam. Tiger chops Xion around. Whip, reversed, Xion charges in, Tiger flips Xion to the apron, trips him up, runs off the ropes, and dropkicks in the face out. Electro in now, but crowd behind Tiger. Off the ropes, ducking a clothesline, Electroshock tosses him up, and Tiger comes down with a split legged faceslam. Tiger celebrates, gets beheaded by an Electro clothesline. Parka in, and Parka hammered, then rammed into the corner. Electro slaps him around, and holds him for Teddy to get in punches. Xion gets his turn, and seems typically baffled by being allowed to stay in for as long as he wants. Teddy gets in a quebrada elbow drop. Everyone else leaves Electro in with Parka, and Parka immediately fights back, perfectly fine. Chop battle. Electro pulls off a bodyscissors roll into an ankle lock – not that it looked good, but it did occur. Jack kicks the ropes close to Parka, helping him grab it, which doesn't seem legal. Parka does the slowest float around small package in history. Teddy breaks it up. Elector and Parka seem to stumble thru another exchange, which ends with Electroshock slamming Parka. Electro backs up the ropes, and the monkey flip to the floor. Parka walking tope? They go right to the crowd in impact, and jump into Teddy give Jack something for 2. Jack ends up nailing Teddy with a springboard spin kick then does the cartwheel moonsault tope con giro to the floor on Teddy, which the announcer goes nuts for. Xion and Tiger are left in, Xion misses a corner charge, Xion flips off his chest, Xion clothesline him anyway. Xion says this is it, charge, and gets tripped up to hanging in the ropes. Tiger adds his springboard double stomp, one two three.

Video package/promo: return of Cibernético, who explains he's back because Roldan is back in charge. Cibernético continues with his claim of chasing Wagner all over the independents, and now he and Mesias have to work together to get the title back from Wagner. Wolf howl to end it. And here him saying it without the video package.

Match 5: Cibernético & El Mesías vs Dr. Wagner Jr. & Silver King
Auditorio Benito Juarez, Cuautitlan de Romero Rubio, 06/30/2009

Winner: Cibernetico & Mesias
Match Time: 15:30
Rating: not good
Notes: Staggered entrances go Silver, Mesias, Cibernético, Wagner. Crowd is doing the Ole chant for Wagner and seems 100% behind him. Piero is ref.

Silver and Mesias start. Announcers are going nuts, as if this is the hugest fight there ever has been. Wagner gets in a on Mesias from the outside to allow his side to take control, a clear rudo move, and the crowd goes nuts for him. The fans get loud every time they cheat. Wagner Brothers isolate Mesias in the ring, taking shots on Cibernético occasionally but not letting him in. Good plan. Silver King taunts Cibernético into coming in, only to get him stopped by Piero. Wagner rolls out to taunt a Cibernético fan, but they don't seem so upset. On and on this goes, with a decent amount of rest hold just to kill some of the time. It's amazing that this show can get a half hour shorter, and some of the matches still feel so long. Mesias throws Wagner down when he puts his head down too soon, but Silver King drops him before he can make a tag and punches Cibernético just to be safe. Crowd still on Wagner's side, though not as energetic. Finally, Mesias just comes in when Piero isn't stopping him and clotheslines everyone – so the spot they've been building up to for 8 minutes, and they can't even bother to do the tag. Crowd mostly boos. Wagner roll out to regroup. When they resume, Mesias doesn't just tag out, so guess we're to pretend that just didn't happen. Crowd tries a Mesias chant, but other posts of the crowd boos. I'm sure there are fans for the Mesias/ Cibernético team, but they're just getting out shouted. Mesias gets a near fall on a powerslam of Silver King, but Wagner breaks it up, and stomps on Piero's head for good measure. Why did they have the Wagners do a face promo if they were going to be heels in this match? Mesias finally gets Wagner in a choke, Wagner prances around, and Mesias totally loses him on a press slam. This match, I dunno. Everyone looks at each other for a moment, then Mesias covers. Surprisingly, the failed press slam does not get 3. Crowd completely behind Wagner and Wagner's encouraging it. Cibernético gets tagged in and Wagner runs away. Crowd does not seem to care about Cibernético's big return. Cibernético unties Wagner's mask and goes to pull it off. Wagner battles to keep it on, Silver King comes in to punch Cibernético away, and Mesias comes in just to spear the Wagners. BOOOOO. Cibernético and Mesias clothesline the other two and go for pins, but Wagners kick out. Cibernético and Mesias try cradles, Wagners kick out. Crowd chants Wagner once more, as Wagner makes a comeback on Mesias. Cibernético sets up Silver King for a superplex, but Wagner disposed of Mesias and puts Cibernético on his shoulders and backs him away from the corner. Silver King waits forever to jump at Cibernético, because Mesias ha to push the pile over and put Cibernético on top. Silver King dives at Mesias, who catches him and rolls on top. One two kickout by both. Crowd cheers, and Piero thinks that's because they thought it was three. No, that's not why. Mesias takes himself and Wagner off the ropes, so this is going to end badly. Silver King charges into a chokeslam, Piero counts, one two three.

There are cheers for the finish, for sure, and not the boos you'd expect from the rest of the match. Cibernético gets the microphone to say AAA is his house, but now he's getting booed in his house. He and Mesias are real brothers. Somehow, the Wagners sneaks up behind the other two form behind, and attack them while they're doing catchphrase. Brawl breaks out, so security breaks it up.