AAA on Televisa #893 (07/11/2009)
Recap: 08/01/09

Last week: La Parkita had an issue with Brazo's referees, so Guapito had an issue with him. Psycho Circus won without any issues, if this video package is to be believed. A main event match happened. Caption says it was a draw, which is interesting in that it sure didn't appear to have a finish. Also, Cien Caras.

Today! Matches of some sort.

Match 1: Argenis, Atomic Boy, Laredo Kid © vs Rio Bravo, Tigre Cota, Tito Santana ©
Centro Civico de Ecatepec, EdM, 06/17/2009

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 12:37 (5:55+6:42)
Rating: Above average
Notes: Atomic Boy looks taller, though how long is it since we've last seen him anyway? Everything is very smoky to start – I don't know if it's fireworks or the lights turning water into fog, though it seems like the later from how everyone's dressed. Mat work pairs go Laredo/Rio Bravo (sold), Cota/Argenis clipped, eh), and Atomic Boy vs Santana, which turns into Atomic Boy versus everyone. This is really good planning, because Atomic Boy gets to be flashy right out of the gate and looks good, if a bit tentative. Big spot is the springboard headscissors to the floor. Rudos try to double team Argenis, but he makes his own comeback, with a roll over the top rope into a headscissors spot to end it. Clip right as Laredo Kid is being suckered into the beatdown, and a break after that.

Beatdown falls apart quick, Laredo slips out of the way of a corner charge and coming back from there. Springboard headscissors on Tito, off Rio Bravo's shoulder into a DDT on Cota, and sending Bravo to the ropes with a spinning headscissors. Rudos kick down Laredo when he poses, tecnicos come in to attack the rudos, and lay out all the tecnicos to set up dives. Atomic Boy is doing a running, springboarding version of a 630 senton, Argenis does a moonsault, and Laredo 450 splash - and the rudos kick out. Why is that not your finish? Tecnicos get whipped into each other, charge the rudos, and all get tossed out. Oh, gotta get more in. Topes for everyone, with Tito showing off a thru the ropes tope con giro. Nice try of trying to show all them going off at once. Rudos get back in the ring first, and now we get the beatdown. Front powerbomb/diamond cutter combo on Laredo, with a springboard elbow drop added. Part of the chants for the rudos, and Tito orchestrates the cheers. Argenis comes in, and fans chant for Laredo. That seems about right. He ends up taking a backbreaker and a top rope splash. Laredo gets held up for a Tito Santana missile dropkick to the back. Rudos all look to pose instead of following up. Argenis is whipped into a corner, Laredo in after him, but Argenis backdrops his partner to safety, kicks away Rio Bravo, and helps flip Atomic Boy into a headscissors. Laredo bulldozes Tito with a missile dropkick and Argenis gets in a spinning backbreaker. Clip, to much later in the match, with Tito Santana and Laredo Kid chopping it out. For the first time in history, Laredo actually zips up his suit after it's been unzipped. Tito gets enziguri-ed out, Laredo follows with an Asai frog moonsault - I have no other way to describe his action. Atomic Boy sends Cota out with a bodyscissors bulldog, and follows with a big springboard tope con giro. Bravo and Argenis back in, Bravo dropkick Argenis in the corner and stops to pose. Charge, Argenis moves, Bravo throws himself out, and Argenis follows with a springboard moonsault to the floor. Why did Argenis go last? Tito and Laredo end up back in, and there's another clip. Laredo sat up on the top rope, Tito climbs up join him. They position themselves all the way up top for a moonsault side slam. Laredo Kid says now, that's it. Camel clutch? No, Dragon sleeper! OK. That'll do. This was fun.

Noti AAA
TripleMania recap. The fans. Tiger winning the cruiserweight belt. Wagner winning his belt. Roldan getting cane revenge on Konnan, and Santo winning the match.

TripelMania Recap: Wagner vs Mesias. The boos for Mesias seem to be missing here, though there's plenty of cheers for Wagner.

Match 2: Gato Eveready, Pimpinela Escarlata ©, Ultimo Gladiador vs Pasion Kristal, Polvo de Esterllas, Yuriko ©
Centro Civico de Ecatepec, EdM, 06/17/2009

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 8:27
Rating: OK, storylie is pretty clear
Notes: Passion Cristal's music is Like A Virgin. Of course it is. Piero is ref. Yuriko and Polvo are still wearing matching gear from the Night Queens. Clip right after the entrances.

The story here is whenever the rudo exoticos flirt with Gato, Pimpi gets very angry and jealous, even though Gato wants nothing to do with any of this. UG is here to give people a break from reacting. Actually, no, he and Pasion do a bit with about six reversals, including a piledriver reversal spot that's not given much attention, and when they're finally about to do the spot, there's a clip and suddenly Pimpi and Polvo are wrestling. Pimpi is able to take out the rudas 3 on 1, but eventually gets distracted by Yuriko being too friendly to Gato. Of course, its' also Pimpi's passion for Gato which allows her to beat up all the rudos when they're attacking the cat. Yuriko is not being into catching Gato on his plancha. Match meanders with UG in control, and Yuriko manges to take back control with a superplex, only to lose it a few seconds later on a missed charge. Gladiador gets him with a top rope legdrop, just as he'd done to Cristal a minute before. Top on Polvo to complete th run. Cristal does a top rope tope con giro onto the pile, Pimpi does a plancha onto the group. Gato and Yuriko are left in, Yuriko kisses Gato, Gato kicks him, headbutts him, and this the flipping DDT for the win.

Joaquin Roldan is in the ring with Parka Jr. and a bunch of midcarders. Let's point out names instead of paying attention to this. Tiger, Laredo, Atomic Boy, Argenis, Gato, Crazy Boy, Parka, Jack Evans is hiding somewhere here. No Ultimo Gladiador? Huh. Anyway, they're happy about AAA winning, of course, Joaquin thanks Marisela for allowing him to do this. Thanks to La Parka. Congrats to Tiger for winning the title. Congrats to Mesias for being a good champ! Here's Mesias now. Looks like he lost about 3 pounds, mostly gold. Mesias wants a rematch, I'm shocked. He'll get one, though no one mentions the title. The love fest is broken up by Konnan, with the rest of the Legion. Konnan says he was cheated by Zorro – if that was the real Zorro. AAA needs Konnan. Roldan says Konnan has a year and a half on his contract, so he can't be fired – but he can be suspended and sent home, so that's the deal. Konnan threatens to take to this to the lucha libre commission, like that ever works. Anyone else who complains gets the same treatment.

Vignette: Fabi & Pimpi talk about Pimpi's love life. Fabi tells Pimpi should ignore Gato and play hard to get. Of course Fabi thinks it needs to be difficult and drama-y.

Match 3: Aerostar & Fabi Apache vs Decnnis & Sexy Star and Cinthia Moreno & Oriental
Centro Civico de Ecatepec, EdM, 06/17/2009

Winner: Decnnis & Sexi Star
Match Time: 11:08
Rating: Good for a three way match.
Notes: No entrances? Elimination rules. Pepe Casas is in charge here.

Match is a bit hard to follow earlier on with a couple clips, but still good in what we see. Aerostar does a huge reverse tope to the floor on Decnnis, and the rudas decide they ought to be teaming up after that. Cinthia, Oriental and Sexi stomp down Fabi in the ring, and Decnnis comes into help the beatdown as they go to break.

Rudos are under the impression it's first pinfall, because Decnnis breaks up Cinthia's pin, and they argue a bit. Luckily, Aerostar clams them down by providing himself as a new person to beat up. Aerostar takes corner charges, and is whipped out into a double clothesline. Fabi sneaks in and grabs Sexi by the head before Cinthia can help out. Meanwhile, Decnnis gives Aerostar a Gori Special. Sexi coves, and the Morenos break it up. That lead to more problems, which they miss by showing a replay of the Gory Special. Rudo get along long enough for Decnnis to hold Aerostar for Oriental, and that fails. So does Oriental's toss, which allows Aerostar to dropkick both rudas. Fabi clears everyone out of the ring with kicks and stomps, and Aero gets in a big tope on Oriental. Fabi and Decnnis end up in, Fabi gets Decnnis with a snapping 'rana, but Decnnis escapes – maybe with a count? Couldn't see Pepe Casas actually count on that one. Fabi sends Decnnis out with an armdrag, and follows with a headscissors of the apron. Everyone's out now, so they show a replay of the dive, and then a long crowd shot to cover up a clip. Back live, Aerostar gets a bodyscissors cradle for two, Oriental pulls him into a backslide but Aerostar out with a count. Oriental forearms him into the corner. Corner whip, reversed, Aerostar charge in, Oriental flips him to the apron, Aerostar blocks his punch but Oriental kicks him anyway. Oriental goes to the apron, but Aerostar flips over him and knocks him off with a modified 619. Aerostar goes all the way up for a dive, but both women shove him off the top rope, sending him flying to the floor. Aerostar is down and grabbing his right ankle. Fabi checks on him, only for the men to beat on her. Oriental does not lead up with the headbutts. Fabi's thrown back in. Crowd chanting for her is probably not going to help the 1 on 2 situation. Men are on the outside, I don't know why. Doctors is checking on Aerostar. Fabi manges to make her own comeback, mostly because Sexi has no idea what's she doing. Backdrop sends her out, but Cinthia reverses a punch into a straight jacket camel clutch. A wrestling move! (9:14)

Match goes on, because it really is elimination despite the pins being broken up earlier. Sexi slams Cinthia, but misses the somersault senton. Men are still watching on the outside, for whatever reason. Cinthia whip, and Sexi's yanked down by her hair. Cinthia to the outside, running silla takes them both into the barricade. Men in and exchanging chops. Maybe a quick flip there. Decnnis whip, quick reversed into an Oriental trip, and a running legdrop. Casita, no, Decnnis shoves him off, gets one of his own, one two no. Oriental lifts Decnnis on his shoulders, drops him forward and head to the corner. Bottom rope moonsault, pose, middle rope moonsault, pose, maybe you want to do this faster? Top rope headstand splash eats knees. Decnnis need to finish this now. Suplex. One two three. His finisher is a basic vertical suplex! OK! Team that doesn't team and won't be taming winning is a weird way to do this, but OK.

TripleMania Recap: cage match.

Promo: Hermandad talk about winning one two three and TripleMania. They'll take out Crazy and Tiger tonight.

Vignette: Alex Koslov is sneaking around a corner for no apparent reason. Rocky asks Alex, why are we sneaking around a corner for no apparent reason, except he's more angry and less sarcastic than me. “We're not even booked here tonight.” Koslov is angry too (and possible insane) – X-Pac told him they were done with Zorro at TripleMania, and not so much. No revolution! No promised! Alex says X-Pac is at some nerd convention, talking about Star Trek Galactica, and they never even seen him. Alex is going tos tart the revolution tonight - “you and I, we're going to get what's mine.” “Get what's yours?”

Match 4: Crazy Boy & Extreme Tiger vs Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario
Centro Civico de Ecatepec, EdM, 06/17/2009

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 9:32 (2:43+6:49)
Rating: not really that intersting, in any way.
Notes: This match gets entrances. Piero is ref. This is worked more like a normal lucha make then your move, my move recent cruiserweight stuff, at least until the tecnicos make their comeback. It's not as fast paced as it might be tough, because some of the setup to the complicated spots slow things down, usually more than their worth. Gets clipped up a bit late. Tiger does a tope con giro onto Lider, and Nicho picks him up and Lider helps throw him into the crowd. Maybe they meant to do that originally? The dive looked a bit out of control. Crucifix powerbomb/clothesline combo on Crazy. One two three. Hermandad look strong here.

Alex Koslov and Rocky Romero run out after the match, Rocky seemingly trying to keep with Alex as much a everything. They lay out the tag champs, enziguri for Nicho, gutbuster for Lider. That was a bit unproved, but okay. Alex yanks the cruiserweight belt back form Tiger, tell Rocky and Tiger that it's his belt. Both are a bit confused. Alex doesn't appear to mean it like it's a belt he's going to win, he thinks he's till champ. Tiger steals the belt back and poses, and Rocky tries to calm is partner down. No luck – Alex double legs Tiger, and they roll around on the mat, throwing punches. Rocky pulls Alex off – Crazy is still out in the middle of the ring, and no one cares, so he can't pull Tiger back – but Alex slips by and the fight again. HX are amused. Piero belatedly decide he probably should get involved here, and gives Tiger his belt back after they're split up.

Promo: Teddy Hart, Electro, Silver King – going for revenge for Legion. Teddy vows to put Jack in the hospital.

Match 5: Jack Evans ©, La Parka Jr., Mesias vs Electro Shock ©, Silver King, Teddy Hart
Centro Civico de Ecatepec, EdM, 06/17/2009

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 12:09 (4:58+7:11)
Rating: eh
Notes: Teddy gives his cross to Arturo before the match. Trying to win his love over from Jack, I see. Silver King has his Roman gladiator gear from Triple Mania, and also a La Parka propped head, complete with bloody spine. Thanks for that. Piero is ref. Crowd chants for Mesias. Did they ever relaly announce a captain for the tecnicos? Can sort of figure it out at the end, but I thought it was Parka.

Tecnico show case, Parka and Mesias before the break. Silver King tries to dance with Jack in, and Silver King has no rhythm. Jack showcase mostly consists of Jack getting beat up, of course, at least more than the other two combined. He starts of working with Elector & Silver King, and then it's Teddy who gets the control with a backbreaker and the toss powerbomb. Powerslam, moonsault for two. Cradle DDT, Teddy doesn't bother to cover. European uppercut, Teddy drags Jack over so he can carefully tag in Electro, and then the rudos just push all the tecnicos anyway. That was funny. Electro hits Parka questionably low in the melee, but no DQ. Mesias turns it around when jack is whipped into him. Mesias lifts Jack up, and Jack comes down with headscissors on Silver King. Electro charges in, Mesias sets u him up top, Jack clear out Teddy with a high kick, then gets boosted into a top rope 'rana on Electro. Spear for Teddy too, an Parka legdrops Electro. Cover. Silver King rites to break that up and ends up elbow dropping his partner. Parka holds them in place for a wild Jack Evans springboard 450 splash, but Silver King moves out of the away and then back to break up that pin. Mesias dropkicks Teddy out, and follows with a pescado. Parka and Silver King get left in alone, Silver king get to the apron, but Parka just punches him off. Parka teas dive – FAT TOPE. Jack and the Cruiserweight Killer left in. Crowd chants EVANS. Clotheslines have no effect – no, wait, Elector's clotheslines has a pretty big effect. Kinda pumphandle slam. And the Electrolock. Is that it? Is that it? Yes, of course that's it. Electro doesn't lose to cruiserweights. What an odd to finish. Rudos stomp down Jack before celebrating. Mesias and Parka comes back in and clean house, like sore losers. And that's it.