AAA on Televisa #892 (07/04/2009)
Recap: 07/11/09

Last week: Teams were announced for the cage match, including Jack on the AAA side. Alex was told to pick one, and picked three. Jack got beat up again, but won. Zorro lost a perfectly good cane due to X-Pac being so hard headed. Electro > Cruiserweights.

Tonight: Mesias/Wagner vs Konnan/Silver, Octagon/Parka/Jack vs Kenzo/Electro/Teddy, and more.

Vignette: Brazo and Guapito are back on the same page, as far as Guapito's promotion.

Four sided ring this week. There's little room between the seats and the corners, but more at the sides. Wrestlers enter from stairs that are actually under the seats.

Match 1: La Parkita, Mascarita Divina, Octagoncito © vs Mini Abismo Negro ©, Mini Histeria, Mini Psicosis
Palenque de la Feria, Pachuca, Hidalgo, 06/07/2009

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 13:19 (4:29+8:50)
Rating: Pretty good. Very nice outing for Divina.
Notes: Minis are already in the ring, but we get Guapito's entrance. Brazo is a surprise referee, though I think that was already announced. Minis are surprised and confuse to see him. Brazo pulling off his shirt to reveal a Pumas shirt gets lots of heckling, though Brazo is confused about why they would feel that way. Brazo checks over the tecnicos throughly, but elects not to do the same for the rudos. Brazo huddles with the rudos before the match, too.

Parkita sneaks his way into the huddle, which causes it to break it up. Guapito joins the announcers, who are behind some seats on the first level rather than ringside because of the cramped space. Not that their area looks any less cramped. When they finally get around to fighting, and this takes a while, It's dancing Parkita knocked down by strutting Histeria. Parkita kicked and chopped into the corner. Corner whip, reversed, Parkita charges in, Histeria bounces him out, Parkita dances on apron and Histeria dances with him. Parkita gets him with as lap on back, Histeria pulls him in, but Parkita gets him with armdrag and Psicosis with a headscissors. Triple team leads to Abismo Negro being knocked down. Parkita armdrags everyone, hops, and starts a dance session. Parkita shakes everyone for a job well done, hops, and goes to strut off, but the rudos jump him and beat the other tecnicos as they try to help. Psicosis hits Octagoncito questionably low with a headbutt, but Brazo's not going to be doing anything about that. Instead, Brazo grabs Divina when the mini tecnico uses a closed fist, allowing the rudos to stomp him. Parkita anders outside and finds a kid in a Parkita mask while the rudos toss around Divina. Octagoncito comes in and dropkicks Histeria, but gets knock down before more. Whip, spinning backbreaker, eventually Abismo sits him up so Psicosis can add a dropkick, even though Histeria seems to be waiting on the top rope for something. La Parkita in, and he gets the backbreaker/flying legdrop combo Histeria was waiting for. Parkita's legs are pulled apart for a middle rope diving headbutt from Psicosis. Octagoncito back in, but Brazo holds him back until the rudos can hit him. He's in and out quick. Divina in, but they go to break before showing a lot.

Divina is kicked around and out. Parkita back in, and reversing a powerbomb into a faceslam to kick start the comeback. Octagoncito and Divina rush into hit people, including Octagoncito getting Mini Histeria with a double leg drop that seems to be a low blow, and Divina gives Psicosis a corner dropkick. Octagoncito gives Psicosis the low blow double legdrop. While Brazo is debating a DQ there, Parkita gives Mini Abismo a double underhook faceslam – looked like it was going to be a piledriver or a sec. Tecnicos go to their corner, so this is going for a bit longer. Back to Histeria and Parkita, who have fueling crowd reactions. Parkita off the ropes, under a clothesline, under a clothesline back with a spinning headscissors. Parkita off the ropes, but dropkicked out by Mini Abismo Negro. Mini Abismo poses, but Divina sneaks it behind him – and slaps him. Mini Abismo is not that moved. Divina appears to start an Abismo chant?Abismo puts a finger in Divina's chest, Divina swings and misses, Abismo take shim down with a kick to each side. Abismo starts his own chart. Chop. Whip, reversed, Mini Abismo does his cartwheel over, backflip bit, and Divina dropkicks him down. Chop. Whip, Abismo reverses, Divina hops to the second rope and springboards off with a plancha. Very slow count. Divina superkicks Abismo Negro., and Abismo Negro teases a foul, so Brazo can tease a DQ. Chop, whip, reversed, Abismo misses a back elbow, Divina gets him with a double rotation headscissors. Divina with a dive tease pose, and they show a replay of that superkick. Octagoncito and Histeria in. Crowd is behind him, but Histeria stops him with a dropkick to the knee. Histeria and Abismo celebrates with a jumping celebration, until Abismo accidentally jumps his way right off the apron. Back in the ring, Histeria hits Octagoncito, Octagoncito reverses into the corner, Tiger mask flip, Histeria misses the clothesline, and Octagoncito gets him with a spinning backbreaker. Clip here, and Abismo is in. Octagoncito escapes to the rushes and gets his own spinning headscissors into an armdrags to send him out. Psicosis in, Octagoncito rushes , and gets him with a bodyscissors on the next pass. Octagoncito grabs him with waistlock, chest slaps him a bit, walks to the rope and headscissors Psicosis out. Anyone left. No, so, Octagoncito will join them – top rope tope con giro onto Psicosis. Mini Abismo and Divina in. Abismo flips Divina to the apron, then dances, not knowing Divina is waiting for him. Divina knocks him away, then gets him very nicely with a springboard flip headscissors. Divina up top – plancha to the floor on Abismo. Replay of that as action appears to be going on in the ring. Parkita gets Histeria with a 'rana, but Brazo is slow getting down, and even slower counter. One......two...........Histeria escapes. Parkita slides Histeria out other floor on his chest, and runs – TOPE. Lots of different looking angles this week because of the arena setup, including a camera that's almost a complete overhead shot. Looked pretty cool there. Captains in, Octagoncito flips off Abismo chest, spins in to the escalera, but Abismo escapes and kicks him in the back of the head. One more chest shake. Whip, Octagoncito flips off Abismo again, and drops him with a faceslam. Crowd shot again, and back to see Abismo blatantly uppercut foul Octagoncito. Brazo turns around too late to miss it, but I'm sure that's the actual point – Abismo gets his attention back, and Brazo quickly counts one two three.

While Guapito comes into celebrate with the winers, Parkita gives Guapito and Brazo some very derisive signal. Shove for Guapito! Once more. Guapito does the “thumbs up – THUMBS DOWN” signal, and the rudos all beat up on Parkita – and Divina and Octagoncito for being there, I Guess. Tecnicos are all lined up by the corner, where Brazo is waiting on the middle rope – big splash. Rudos celebrate, then, Guapito has to be held back from beating up the tecinocs some more, and the Mini Vipers are having a hard time holding onto him. He's an angry man, that Guapito.

Noti AAA
- Guapito has his own promotion. You know that angle you just saw? Here it is again.
- Alex Koslov won the cruiserweight title, decided to defend it against three people at once.
- Santo visited the AAA offices to hang out with Octagon. Of course, Konnan just happened to be there as well, and called security! Konnan sits in his office and watches CNBC? I'd love to know what's written on that white board behind him, but they're using a filter for this video package which makes reading things tough.

Vignette: Tigre Cota greets his good friend Billy Boy. The story here is their friends from childhood, and Poder del Norte will be more than willing to help out Billy Boy in his battle with the Apaches and their friends. Tigre Cota inquires about Sexi Star, but Billy doesn't want to talk about it.

Vignette: Aerostar teases Gato about his relationship with Pimpinela. Gato's still clear he just wants to be friends, nothing more. They both agree to help Fabi against Billy Boy, but they'll leave Sexi Star to Fabi. Gato warns Aero not to get to distracted by Fabi.

Match 2: Aerostar, Fabi Apache, Gato Eveready vs Billy Boy, Sexy Star, Tigre Cota
Palenque de la Feria, Pachuca, Hidalgo, 06/07/2009

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 11:34 (5:14+6:20)
Rating: fell apart at the end
Notes: Women are captains? They shove each other, but back off before the whistle. Piero is ref.

Billy and Fabi start, Billy missing a clothesline and taking a dropkick. Fabi off the ropes, Sexi tries to get in the kick, and Fabi goes crazy with hair pulling. Billy recovers, and kicks Fabi in the back before yanking her around by her hair. Here's the angle you'd get from the tenth row, if you were really short. Thanks for that, AAA. They're really into shooting the back of people's heads today. Billy Boy taunting more than wrestling here. Whip, reversed, Fabi armdrag. Fabi off the ropes, tilt-a-whirl reverses a to an armdrags, and Fabi does the dive tease pose. Sexi turns to argue with the crowd for cheering, and Fabi boots her off the apron. Gato in, and Sexi sinks in the ring. Gato off the ropes, rolling over, waved by, sunset flip over, Sexi tries a dropkick, misses, and grabs her head. Gato waits for her to get up, clothesline misses, and Sexi connects on a spin kick. Sexi seductively crawls over to a an empty corner. I guess she's mocking Gato again? Sexi Star is a strange woman! Gato ends up dropkicking her in the back, and then poses as she rolls out. Billy ambushed him with a dropkick to the back, and laughs about it. What a jerk. Punch to head. Crowd chants for Fabi, which distracts Billy. Whip, reversed, Gato flips over, waved by, springboard DDT by Gato sends Billy out. Tigre Cota in and striking. Corner whip, reversed, Gato charge in, Tigre flip him to the apron, Gato shoulders him away, and then dive to the floor, plancha onto Billy. Aero double springboard into the ring to face Sexi Star. I don't that's really much necessary for this particular opponent. Sexi misses a dropkick right off the bat. Chop to chest. Corner whip, reversed (Sexi Star more powerful than Aerostar!), Aero flips her to the apron, then runs all the way back to the other corner. Sexi ducks down as Aero charges, so he flips to the apron behind Sexi. Sexi gets up and chases Aero on the apron, but Aero flips in and Sexi hits the post – that's quite edited, for whatever reason. Billy knocks Aerostar down with a high kick to stop his run. Billy again takes his time taunting the people in the first three rows, who are near at eye level with this seating set up. Corner whip, Billy misses the corner charge, Aero charge, gets flipped to the apron, but backflips into an armdrags. Tigre Cota in, Tiger Cota taking a spinning headscissors to the ropes. He gets up, slowly, and Aero gets him with a flying arm scissors, I guess. That looked odd, and far away. Aero with a dive tease too, and I'm not sure I want him to dive with the room they have. Fabi misses a dropkick on Billy, Billy clears the tecnicos off the apron, and Sexi shakes Fabi by her hair. That beatdown was a bit random. Billy whips Fabi into a kick, Fabi thinks about falling forward, but changes her mind and falls backwards. OK. Good time for a break.

Beatdown, including Sexi beating up on Aerostar on the outside. Gato is brought in for a drop toe hold/ dropkick combo. Aero is set up for a Tiger Cota springboard elbow drop, which looks a bit awkward. Fabi gets a hold of Sexi for a moment, but the men grab her for Sexi to hit. Billy get to slap her around for a bit, which seems rude. Sexi takes her turn slapping. Tigre cleans off the tecnicos from the apron just so he can pose there. Whip, double clothesline is very telegraphed as a miss, Fabi gets Billy with a boosted headscissors, then attacks Cota. He's sent out, and Fabi stomps Sexi into the amt as the tecnico men go after the rudo men. Piero has to pull Fabi off and one point, but she still slide kicks Sexi out. Fabi thinks about hitting Piero, missing Gato having thrown Sexi back in. Fabi asks Gato to behind Sexi over, so he can kick her in the backside. Crowd is loud for another. Match finds to the halt for a bit as Sexi gets free and yells at the front row. Cota and Aero pick it back in the ring, with Cota hitting the corner on a charge immediately corner on a charge, and Aero landing on him with the springboard reverse tope con giro. Given the room, it's actually the safest dive -there's not enough room to catch the other two. Not that Cota does the best possible job of catching this, as Aero's back still hits the barricade. Other four all in, and the tecnicos clear out the rudos. Fabi sets up for a dive on Billy, but Tigre Cota pulls her out. Gato waits for Cota to get in, heel kicks him and nails him with the flipping DDT. One two – why is Piero pausing? Did he turn rudo and forget to tell us? – three. (10:30) Piero actually stopped and gave Gato the two sign, as if Cota kicked out, then noticed no one was moving and counted three. He must've thought that wasn't the finish – and actually it's not. Women are the captains, and maybe that's what Piero forgot. Announcers actually remember. Billy storms in and kicks Gato out, then both he and Sexi turn into Fabi's plancha. Fabi ducks a Billy clothesline and nails Sexi with a boot. Boot for Billy, but he manage to fall to only one knee. Fabi holds Billy for an Aerostar dropkick, and before everyone can yell what a horrible idea that is, Billy moves and Fabi goes head over heels for Aerostar – well, only his dropkick. Billy runs over Aerostar with a kick, lifts him up, and drops him with the behind the back powerbomb. Aero is done, but Billy doesn't pin, moving onto the one they want to pin. Sexi kicks Fabi in the head, Billy grabs her before she goes down, cuts his throat, and powerbombs her. Cota back in to help to pin (?!??!), one two three. There was some issues in these finishes, for sure.

Sexi stomps Fabi until Gato returns to pull her off,. Cota pulls Gato off, and as Billy beats up Aerostar, Sexi goes back to kicking Fabi.

Vignette: Gato Eveready gets bugged by Ultimo Gladiador about Pimpi. Now's not the time.

Vignette: Psycho Circus yell at the camera a lot. They've got the volume turned up too high, or the mics set up in the wrong spot or something. Anyway, Clowns want tougher matches.

Vignette: Laredo congrats Gato on his relationship with Pimpi. Gato is so sick of this.

Match 3: Crazy Boy, Laredo Kid, Ultimo Gladiador vs Killer Clown, Psycho Clown, Zombie Clown
Palenque de la Feria, Pachuca, Hidalgo, 06/07/2009

Winner: Psycho Circus
Match Time: 7:08 (0:41+5:27)
Rating: usual
Notes: I don't think this qualified as tougher matches. Mexican Powers dance with their valets, and the ring is filled with confetti. No one owns a broom, so they're going to get to wrestle on this during the match. The valets barely make it out of the ring before the Psycho Circus strikes – one is just out of the corner when Psycho Clown smashes Ultimo Gladiador into it. Why do the announcers want the crowd to chant for Psycho Circus, if they're supposed to be the rudos? No one one knows. Pepe Casas is ref. Either they don't announce tapings, or they they do it really quietly. Break almost immediately.

The tecnicos comeback, about two minutes, in succeeds and fails at the same times. Killer Clown holds up Laredo Kid on his shoulder. The shorter clowns whip the Mexican Powers, who manage to reverse into dropkicks to Killer's back. Killer slowly sits down on his knees, and carefully drops Laredo, who smacks him around. Double clothesline on Laredo fails, Psycho gets clotheslined, Laredo's boosted into a dropkick on Psycho, and Zombie tosses Laredo into a plancha onto Killer. Killer's supposed to catch him, but he just doesn't, then picks him up from the floor as if he did. This is bad. Zombie sure loves taking the monkey flip into the ropes, and I have no idea why. UG does a thru the corner tope on him after monkey flipping him to the floor. Crazy and psycho are left in, Crazy getting two after a neckbreaker. They end battling on the middle rope, and Psycho drops him with a front superplex. Killer clothesline UG as he tries to make the save, then whips him into a Psycho powerbomb. Zombie adds the splash off Killer's shoulders. Chokeslam into a gutbuster on Crazy, then Killer's tossed into the big sit – except they cut away from it, so it must've gone pretty bad. On a replay, it looks fine. Why did they show the crowd instead? This show is strange and mysterious. Laredo is held up for a flying elbow drop from Psycho, then everyone jumps on him and beat. Pepe Casas tries to break it up, as if we're about to end the streak with a DQ for excessive violence. Killer decides to one up that, punching Pepe Casas straight out of the ring. Crowd is yelling for a DQ. Piero calmly wanders out, looks over the situation, and calls Crazy Boy in to the ring, presumably to raise his arm. Laredo's too busy being mauled by the Clowns in the center of the ring to raise his arm, and Piero's probably better off going out to Crazy instead of Crazy coming in. Sure enough, just as he's about to raise Crazy Boy's arm, Hijo de Tirantes shoves Piero out of the ring. Killer press slams Laredo into the confetti, then everyone drops on him with the piggy back splash. Hijo de Tirantes counts one two three. Why Hijo de Tirantes is helping the Psycho Clowns is beyond me, but the logic in the match is being passed up by the teme of the show.

Vignette: Kenzo is talking to someone on the phone about TripleMania, but gets called away by Arturo.

Vignette: Octagon & La Parka talk – well, when they're not being clipped. The interview was about five seconds in and they clipped it, so odd. They're cool with Jack, because he was good as a rudo and he was smart enough turn against the Legion.

Match 4: Jack Evans, La Parka Jr. ©, Octagon vs Electro Shock ©, Kenzo Suzuki, Teddy Hart
Palenque de la Feria, Pachuca, Hidalgo, 06/07/2009

Match Time: 14:08 (7:34+6:34)
Rating: angle over powering the match
Notes: Break before the match. Piero, apparently fine, is ref.

For reasons only possibly understood by Electroshock, he does every roll he can think of before starting with Octagon. That rolling is a lot more than Octagon is going to do. Save it for Jack. Electro does some wacky martial arts posing during Octagon's run, but more surprising was Octagon walking the top rope (for a couple steps) and coming off with a headscissors. That doesn't seem like the usual guy in the suit! (He reverts back to form for the rest. ) Kenzo and Parka have a punch battle, then rudos gamely feed themselves for Parka's offense. Crowd is way behind Jack. Teddy and Jack work move turn style against each other, of course. Teddy gets the clean advantage with the powerbomb backcracker, and that starts the beatdown. Oh, a break during the match too.

Wacky knee drop, check. Back suplex tossed into a powerbomb, check. They work about the same, though Parka rushes in to break that up. Beatdown seems to go really long, but maybe it's because it's this crew. Teddy's double underhook Canadian Destroyer, check. Rudos seem bored at this point. AAA misses the comeback spot while watching replay of that move. Jack does a 450 splash to the floor. As everyone else fights in the ring, Parka gives Electroshock an unconvincing double underhook and covers. Piero starts to count, then stops to cut off Hijo de Tirantes, back in the ring. Piero is furious with him and orders him gone, but misses Silver King coming in with a chair. Electro leads Parka into a chair shot, and covers. Piero turns around to count, while Silver King poses with the weapon the ropes. One tow three.

Promo: Konnan talks about the awful lace the world of Mesias must be, and Silver King is offended by Wagner claiming to be the best wrestler in the world when he's not the best wrestler in his family. Silver King still wants Parka.

Promo: Mesias is focused on Konnan and Silver

Promo: Wagner claims to represent tradition, so he's got to stop Konnna tonight, and Mesias at Triplemania.

Match 5: Mesias & Silver King vs Dr. Wagner Jr. & Konnan in a Relevos increíbles (incredible partners) match
Palenque de la Feria, Pachuca, Hidalgo, 06/07/2009

Winner: none?
Match Time: 6:59+4:12 = 11:11
Rating: a complete mess
Notes: Wagner has his belt. Hijo de Tirantes is ref. Teddy Hart is out with the rudos, so Konnan's not going to be doing much. Wagner offers Konnan the Wagner Touch, Konnan thinks about it, and they show the crowd instead of how that turns out. Fantastic. It looks like Teddy talked Konnan down, but who knows. Silver King and Wagner start slow, then get into a chop fight. Silver King off the ropes, into a powerslam. No cover. Wagner chop, Silver Kin selling each big. Whip, reverses, Silver King leapfrogs, tries a monkey flip, and end up kicked in the head. Teddy's standing on the apron, so they're not even pretending Konnan is going to wrestle here. Silver King gets a random advantage for the third time, slamming Wagner to set up a middle rope moonsault. Wagner opts to get knees up instead of just moving out of the way. Springboard Tornado DDT, and out Silver King goes. In comes Teddy – to fight Wagner? And they'll allow it? No one realizes this makes no sense – not just because Teddy's not actually in the match, but also because if he's in the match for Konnan, he's teaming with Wagner. I don't know.

Wagner powerbombs Teddy, Hijo de Tirantes thinks about it, and then counts, one, kickout. Wagner slow chases as scared Hijo de Tirantes around the ring, then gets distracted by the crowd, then points at Konnan some. Konnan thinks about coming in, comes in long enough to get in a pointing match with Mesias, leaves, and comes back. Why am I writing any of this down? This is just going to get dumber from here. If you enjoy stalling, this is the match for you. Lots of shots of the crowd, because they're more action packed then the ring. After about a minute and half of teasing a test of strength, Konnan just leave and Teddy comes in. Teddy does not fare well at the test of strength, oh no. Konnan tries to get a cheap shot, but Mesias no sells, points at him, blocks his punch and punches him into the corner. Teddy really has no idea what he is supposed to be doing here, and it takes a while for him to realize Silver King is yelling at him to break it up. Teddy starts that direction, then stops, still lost. Mesias punches in the corner, but Konnan knocks him away with an eye poke. Kick, Corner whip, reversed, Konnan kips up and rolls out (!!!!! - not that it was great looking but still), Mesias knocks him down with one pinch anyway. Teddy in, Teddy grabbed by the neck, Teddy press slammed into the corner. Konnan gets knocked down off camera, and Teddy gets flipped by a clothesline. Hijo de Tirantes shoves Mesias, and before we can see more of that, they show a replay. Ah, here's Hijo de Tirantes taking a spinning back breaker, which would hopefully end this match, but instead just sets up a questionable hug with Konnan. Silver King in now, mad at the crowd for cheering for his partner. Mesias agrees to leave, and Silver King calls in Dr. Wagner. Break.

Silver King punches Wagner around, and Wagner finds time between each punch to wave to the crowd and signal for cheers. Mesias comes in to help? That sort of make sense, why not. Wagner ducks a double clothesline, Silver King misses a solo one, Wagner shove him over to Mesias, Mesias throws Silver King down. Wagner shoves Mesias for who knows what reason. I don't care. I don't know that I ever cared, but I know I could care less about Mesias and Wagner facing of right now. (And they had a good match!) Konnan sticks his foot in, but Wagner catches it, and Mesias walks off. Konnan manages to sneak in a punch, off the ropes, Wagner catches him and drops him with a fallaway slam. Rubbing Konnan's head, and kicking him in it. Teddy tries to sneak around, but we see Konnan instead. Eh. Anyway, this leads to Mesias trying to punch Teddy, but getting Dr. Wagner in a fake looking accident. Teddy backs off, and Wagner's more interesting in getting the crowd to cheer than throwing more punches. For Mesias' part, this allows him to throw more punches, these on purpose. Spinning backbreaker, and the crowd is booing Mesias. Wagner gets his own backbreaker, and the crowd is more mixed. Slap fight, off the ropes, both tries a clothesline, both hit, Konnan and Silver kind cradle the guys on the other team, one two NO. Tecnicos whipped into each other, but stop short and drop their rivals with clothesline and back elbows. Hijo de Tirantes goes down to count but has no intention of doing of doing it, even before he stops to shake hands with Teddy and give him a big hug. How sweet. Hijo de Tirantes turns around, counts one, stop, gets back up against, and only then do the tecnicos realize they might not be getting a three count there. Randomness breaks out – Wagner starts walking towards Hijo de Tirantes, and ends up getting punched by Konnan, but Wagner ignores that. Mesias clothesline his partner Silver King, who rolls out. Mesias goes off the ropes, Wagner drops down in front of him for no perceptible reason, Mesias bounces off the other side, Silver King trips him up. Silver King holds him down and Teddy adds the shooting star press, but Mesias gets up knees. Wagner clothesline Teddy out. Konnan, Mesias, Wagner and Hijo de Tirantes are left standing, and waiting for something. While showing a replay of that, the Legion somehow take out both tecnicos and go for pins – huh? Hijo de Tirantes counts one two but stops as the AAA music plays. I have no idea why he just don't count three, but I think I ought to mark the time here.

Announcers mark out over Joaquin Roldan showing up. Roldan calls all his referees inept or corrupt, so he's got a special guest referee for the match. Cien Caras shows up, who gets a loud reaction but not a really loud. He's wearing his old mask, which is maybe why the announcers call him Hijo de Cien Caras, but he's not walking a young man. Legion retreats, escape for Hijo de Tirantes. Wagner raises Cien Cara's arm. Tirantes rushes him, back elbow misses, Cien Caras sends him in to the ropes and knees him. Referee stomped out of the ring. Konnan demands Cien Caras pull of his mask to reveal it's actually him, and he does and so it is. Konnan is apoplectic. Legion leave, tecnicos celebrate, Mesias and Wagner face off one last time.