AAA on Televisa #890 (06/20/2009)

Last week: they told us the winner of the cruiserweight tournament, and then showed the semifinals. Tiger, Alex, and Alan advanced, while Jack earned a trip to the hospital. Dr. Wagner somehow found time to do commentary in between standing up and looking around at the crowd. So they would look at him. Some guy in a silver mask showed up, and the Legion was very disappointed it wasn't Axxel. Hey, here's Santo doing a promo they couldn't manage to show us last week.

This week: final of the cruiserweight tournament, as seen last week. Marco, Latin vs Kenzo, Joe Lider. Parka, Wagner vs Silver King, Cuervo. Cuervo?

Guapito introduces his match.

Match 1: Mascarita Divina, Mascarita Sagrada 2007, Octagoncito vs Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Chessman, Mini Psicosis
Auditorio Jose Maria Morelos, Aguascalientes, 05/21/2009

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 6:08
Rating: short, but with a couple good moments.
Notes:Entrances. Mini Psicosis has new red gear, and is wearing the shirt. I guess Mini Chessman wasn't around that week where they gave out the shirts, though Guapito seems to have no issue with him. Abismo Negro shows off his shirt. No shirt for Divina, but the other tecnicos have their shirts. Everyone removes them before the match – can't get them messed up. Piero is ref.

Tecnico show case to start. Octagon does a nice thru the ropes tope con giro onto Mini Abismo, Sagrado sends Psicosis out with an over the back armdrags, and Chessman falls into the crowd after a spinning armdrags from Divina. Guapito returns – I didn't know he had left – to watch the match at this point. There's definitively some Mini Abismo front row fans, because they all cheer him when he drops Divina with a leg kick and starts beating him up. Divina rallies back with a second rope flip silla I don't think I've seen from him before. Chessman comes in to try his luck, and gets Divina in a Gory stretch before Sagrado breaks that up. After Sagrada tossed Chessman around (Firemean's carry pin in here), Psicosis breaks up the pin and slams him. Octagoncito breaks that up to take over. Octagoncito sets up Mini Psicosis with a big spinebuster, and adds a long springboard moonsault. Abismo kicks him directly in the side of the head to break up. Look at the cameraman tell the fans to start getting excited before he starts to shoot them. Probably not supposed to see that part, possibly not supposed to have them chant for Mini Abismo again. Octagoncito goes up and over to pull himself and Abismo to the floor via headscissors. Clip in here, or a bad angle missing Divina knocking Psicosis to the floor. Divina fights Chessman off, and Divina pulls a big Asai moonsault to the floor. Sagrada dropkicks Chessman out and does his own Asai . Captains end up back in, Mini Abismo take the hamstring kick onto his feet, Octagoncito escape to a tilt-a-whirl and locks Abismo in La Escarlata. Abismo gives.

Aferr a break, the Legion is in the ring, with Konnan exchanging salutes with various people. Electroshock, Teddy Hart, Kenzo Suzuki, Silver King, Joe Lider – no Nicho, but Konnan seems more concerned with the lack of Zorro. Konnan calls him to the ring, and just goes onto his usual bit when Zorro's not seen. Moving onto news business- Jack Evans is gone for not respecting Teddy Hart, and will never work here. Konnan gives the microphone to Teddy, who cuts his promo in English, until Lider reminds him that the people are too dumb to understand English. Konnan announces Electroshock as the third member of the AAA team, and he's so surprised and thrilled. That's great. Somehow, everyone in the ring already knew but him. Konnan demands to know the fourth member of AAA's team, but is interrupted by La Parka Jr. and Joaquin Roldan. Why are they going inside the ring? That seems tactically unsound. Roldan promises to reveal both remaining members of his team as a surprise team on the next show, versus two of Konnan's guys. Legion huddles, and accepts.

Noti AAA
- TEAMS. In case the last ten minutes weren't clear enough. Here's the Santo promo we didn't see last week.
- They explain the whole match idea again.
- Teddy beating up Jack last week, and Jack being put in to an ambulance and taken to a hospital

Match 2: Fabi Apache, Gato Eveready, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Billy Boy, Polvo de Esterllas, Sexy Star
Auditorio Jose Maria Morelos, Aguascalientes, 05/21/2009

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 8:36
Rating: better than expected
Notes: Match appears to be joined well in progress, with the rudos in control. Fabi starts the comeback about 30 seconds later, with Fabi beating up on Billy on the outside while Gato takes care of Sexi. Fabi is a very angry woman here, just taking out both Billy and Sexi. Clip after the tecnicas have cleared the ring, right back to Fabi yanking Sexi around by her hair. Billy makes the save, but the couple's double team falls apart. Billy drops Fabi with another clothesline, but Fabi comes back with a middle rope headscissors to send him out. Sexi tries doing a Sexi cat crawl on the mat, and Gato just thinks he's crazy. Sexi's shoves don't work on Gato, who just moves to allow Sexi to fall down. Sexi gets pulled down by her hair again, and Billy has to get in a cheap shot to save Sexi again. Gato turns a boost into a dropkick on Sexi, then moves out of the way and lets Billy spear the post on a charge. Crowd shot, then to Pimpi and Polvo fighting, with Billy again helping out. Pimpi rebounds to get in the walk the ropes armdrags, and a double rebound armdrag on the rudos. Kiss for Billy, headscissors for Polvo, attempted kiss for Tropicasas. Gato dropkicks Billy onto the ropes for Fabi to kick, then pulls of a five step move for a cradle, which Polvo just breaks up. Fabi breaks up Polvo's move and German suplexes him (!) but Sexi break up the cradle. Sexi gets in a swinging fisherman's suplex cradle, but Pimpi breaks that up. Pimpi puts Sexi in a reinera, just with an unusual way of doing it, but Sexi sneaks out to a cradle. Tropicasas counts one, starts to count two and stops, shakes his head and counts two, and then Pimpi kicks out. Not his best moment. Billy and Gato send everyone else out, Gato stats hanging in the ropes before Billy is even running towards him, Billy still manges to throw himself out, and Gato follow with a slingshot tope con giro – looks like he hurt his hand on the ropes on the way over. Exoticos back in, Pimpi dropkicks Polvo out, and follows with a plancha. Fabi in, but Billy just hits her in the back with a chair. Sexi gives her a double arm DDT onto the chair while Polvo keeps the others from helping. Pimpi finally makes it in, and Billy smacks her on the backslide with the chair. Gato runs in to a fierce chair shot to the head. Billy sets up the chair in the middle of the ring, and Sexi drop toe holds Fabi into it. Rudos stomp Fabi into the mat, but Tropicasas shoves them away and raises Fabi's arm. Took him long enough.

Rudos continue to work over Fabi. Elegido's music plays? Hope he doesn't stop to dance! Elegido runs tot he ring, takes out Polvo with a short clothesline, no sells Billy's chops and clothesline, ducks another one, and tosses him with a flapjack. Double underhook powerbomb. Sexi's slaps work no better, Elegido catches her, kisses her, and drops her with a chokeslam. Sexi immediately grabs her head – I believe she spent the night in the hospital after that one. Replay shows Elegido kissed her on the chin, which is a bit odd. Elegido calls out help for Fabi, who is out and stretched tot he back.

Vignette: Zorro with the Psychologist, explaining the Roldan/Konnan storyline.

Backstage: X-Pac apologizes to Alex – he knows they didn't do the revolution they planned because the feuds with Zorro has sidetracked them, but X-Pac promises it'll end at TripleMania. Alex says he's going to start the revolution tonight by winning the title.

Match 3: Alex Koslov vs Extreme Tiger, Alan Stone a tournament final for the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship
Auditorio Jose Maria Morelos, Aguascalientes, 05/21/2009

Winner: Alex Koslov
Match Time: 12:03
Rating: Usual AAA cruiserweights
Notes: It's the end of a title tournament, and there's no entrances. Hooray. Fight breaks out before the bell, and then I kinda zoom thru the rest because I've already seen the next title change and don't expect much from this one.

It's clipped oddly, anyway. Usually three way match, with two guys wrestling and one guy resting on the outside until he jumps into break up something. Alex does the top rope plancha to the floor onto Tiger. Check this sequence: Alan dropkicks Alex in the knee (which doesn't come close, though they tried to hide it), casita, one two kickout. Cut form Alan resting on the mat to the crowd to Alan on the outside, being dropped by a Tiger plancha – or maybe mistimed guillotine legdrop? Alan s sure got out of the ring quick there. Ah, a replay shows it was a tornillo, which actually makes it more seem if not for the fact that we missed th whole set up. Tiger leaps into the ring , but Alex catches him with an armbar takedown into the Red Scare. Alan breaks that up with a dropkick and puts him in a double armbar, but Alex escape that. Spinning backbreaker, jacknife cover, one two no. Wait, how did I end up calling this match? Tiger inside cradle, one two no. Back editing sucks me in every time, I guess. Tiger and Alan kick Alex out, Alan catches Tiger trying go for a up and over sunset flip and powerbomb him. Alan takes forever going up and is tripped up by Alex. Tiger dropkicks Alex to the floor and sets up Alan – 450 splash, one two three. (6:13) Tiger almost landed on his side, such was his dedication to know driving his knees into Alan. I hope Alan appreciates it. Alan and Alex in, and reversing 'ranas to no end. Break.

Both are slow up. Alex tries to leapfrog over Tiger, but Tiger catches him by the leg, turns him over, and holds him upside down for an odd submission. Tiger lets go, stomps Alex a bit, and drags him towards the corner. Too slow climbing. Alex mets him up there, battles him with forearms, but Alex knocks him back with punches and s hove. Alex gets up again, and crotches Tiger on the top rope. Superplex? Top rope superplex. One two NO. Whip, reversed, Tiger hits a spin kick. Both slow up. Tiger charges, Alex backdrops him to the ropes, Tiger springboards in, Alex catches him a bit with an enziguri and puts him in the Red Scare. Will Tiger give? Sure looks he did, but Tirantes is slow in signaling it. Oh well, it still counts.

Alex celebrates, but is interrupted by Konnan, with the belt. Clip. Konnan still doesn't understand why Alex isn't in the Foreign Legion, but here's hit belt. And his first defense will be a TripleMania. Alex says the championship is for all the Mexican fans, and he's the champion of the people.

Zorro with the Psychologist

Promo: Alex, new champion. It's almost like we saw this last week.

Match 4: Latin Lover & Marco Corleone vs Joe Lider & Kenzo Suzuki
Auditorio Jose Maria Morelos, Aguascalientes, 05/21/2009

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 8:00 (3:41+4:19)
Notes: Rudos are already in the ring. Latin's music is getting bleeped again. Lider and Lider start brawling before the start over Latin's vest, and the rudos end up in control.

Highlight of the match is Kenzo hitting Latin with a chair, and doing Marco's dance to celebrate. Latin randomly starts a comeback – maybe it actually started during a clip? There are plenty of them here. By the numbers tecnico stuff. Latin moons the crowd. Marco and Kenzo facing off near the end, with Kenzo demanding a handshake he's not going to get, is fun. Marcos superman plancha gets a big reaction. Latin and Lider take turns doing backcracker variation to each other, and Latin ends up with the Code Red for the win.

Nicho, who hasn't been seen all night, turns up to hit Latin in the back with a chair, which he sells more than everything in the match combined. Marco lays out with Nicho with a punch to the chair (?), and Lider runs away before Marco can get him. The two sides talk about the tag title match. Hermandad come back in the ring, and bail again. Tecnicos chase them to the back.

Vignette: Charly & Mesias promo. I think I've seen these.

Match 5: Charly Manson, Mesias, X-Pac vs Electro Shock, Teddy Hart, Zorro
Auditorio Jose Maria Morelos, Aguascalientes, 05/21/2009

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 7:39
Notes: Zorro gives roses to Marisela Pena, who just shakes her head. Electro has his sword. X-Pac seems like he's limping on way to the ring. They're big on fireworks tonight. Teddy's captain? Huh. Tirantes is ref.

Usual trios match, building to a brief Zorro/X-Pac fight, and Teddy and Mesias at the end. Mesias gets his knees up on the shooting star press, drops Teddy with the jumping STO, and forces Hijo de Tirantes to count 3 for the win.

Promo: Wagner – which is clipped? Talks about Silver King, Parka, and Mesias, Wagner making sure we know he's the Mexican in the battle.

Promo: Parka makes the case that nationalists don't matter, just AAA.

Mesias has apparently had enough time to go the back, change clothes, and come back between matches.

Match 6: Dr. Wagner Jr. & La Parka Jr. vs Cuervo & Silver King
Auditorio Jose Maria Morelos, Aguascalientes, 05/21/2009

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 10:48 (8:05+2:43)

Notes: No promo time for Cuervo! Wagner has his belt. Piero is ref. '

Whistle blows, and Wagner immediately leaves the ring to confront Mesias. If you like people punching and slapping each other without moving their body, this is the match for you. Cuervo gets moments of offense, only when they need to switch between which tecnico is suppose to be in. Wagner powerbombs Cuervo, Silver King breaks up that pin and pins him, Wagner kicks out and hurries to his feet. Silver just stares at him as he poses, and the wipes him out with one punch (Wagner falling down way too soon.) Wagner & Silver King have no issues fighting each other. Wagner& parka don't work together, just take turns beating up the rudos. Rudos take control with outside the ring brawling. Rudos eventually get it together for some in ring teamwork, and it quickly backfires. Break in the middle of a match that really doesn't need to be that long.

Wagner uses Cuervo as a crash dummy to show of his moves, including his apron tope con giro. Cuervo has to get back and come in, because Silver King alone can't be running around to make Parka look good. Park gets with a one arm sideslam, clothesline for King, clothesline for Cuervo, Parka looks at the crowd and poses, and Silver King whips him out with a loaded jumping forearm. It's really not clear he had something unless you watch it closely, and I'm only guessing it was the handcuffs because of what would happen later. Otherwise, it just seems like a strange finish.

Mesias slides in to check on Parka. Wagner, who was apparently chatting with Mesias during the finish, pulls him out of the ring, and they two start brawling. After a clip, Charly, Alan, X-Pac, Rocky and Elegido are out to try and break it up, though they don't have much luck. Silver King rants to the announcers in the meantime, because we need to have eight things going on at once. Fight is at least stopped in the ring – oh wait, no it's not. Charly and Alan do a bad job of holding Mesias back from Wagner, and those two are fighting again as the show ends.