AAA TripleMania '09 - (06/13/2009)

Open: Legion beating up people, Wagner & Santo arriving, and the matches. Why is Rocky Romero listed as a Luchador Sorpresa? Split second preview for the opener still thinks Gran Apache is there.

AAA's announcers introduce us to the show. Dr. Wagner Jr. joins their stand up to talk about the match. They have two cameras for this? Of course they do. Why does Wagner have snake heads on his mask? Arturo Rivera has issues with Dr. Wagner, but Dr. Wagner has no issue with catchphrases. He and Dr. Morales walk around, leaving the rest to talk up the atomicos match.

Video Package: rudo Billy Boy, and Sexi Star, and Aerostar 's failed attempts at wooing. Laredo and Super Fly making fun of him after is one of the highlights of this AAA year. There's Billy not advancing in the cruiserweight tournament. There's Elegido in highlights of TV shows I have yet to watch.

Mesias talks with the announcers. Well, as soon as they get their cue. Yelling! You've seen this one.

Video Package: Zorro/X-Pac. 1 down, 34 parts to go! On PPV, we actually get to see X-Pac's head go into the toilet – or maybe that's just a Mexico/US thing? X-Pac's promo is untranslated, which is odd. Zorro being strange about Konnan, HMMMM

Our run of interviews continues with Octagon and La Parka Jr. Octagon is wearing an old red outfit for the occasion. Parka & Jesus get into an argument for no particular reason.

Video Package: Cruiserweight Tournament

Konnan joins the announcers, which causes everyone but Arturo to walk out. He talks about the cage mask and Jack's turn.

Video Package: Hermandad vs Latin & Marco

Back to the announcers. Arturo is digging thru his pocket for something instead of paying attention.

Video Package: Mesias vs Dr. Wagner Jr.

Video Package: AAA vs Legion. Hey, that Sergio angle that went nowhere.

This half hour would had to be meant to be the free thirty minute teaser.

Yep, here's the big open.

Sexi Star, Polvo de Estrellas, Mini Abismo Negro, Billy Boy vs Elegido, Octagoncito, Fabi Apache, Pimpinela Escarlata

Match 1: Billy Boy ©, Mini Abismo Negro, Polvo de Esterllas, Sexy Star vs El Elegido ©, Fabi Apache, Octagoncito, Pimpinela Escarlata
Palacio de Los Deportes, 06/13/2009

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 9:29
Rating: Good
Notes: Sexi Star has new music? Let's just assume this hasn't debuted in the weeks I haven't seen yet. She's now wearing a tank top (with hood) and hot pants., and has a new dance routine before her match. Polvo still has his Night Queens music and fireworks hoot, but a new orange wig and a green coat. It's quite the color scheme. Mini Abismo's music still has the Abismo Negro soundbite. I know Mini Abismo points to the sky and all, but it didn't stop me from yelling at my TV for being creepy. Billy also has new music and appears to be wrestling in street clothes, though it could be a new look, I guess. He's got his wrists taped, probably doesn't walk around like that. Audible crowd reaction of the Undertaker-esque graphics on the screen for Elegido. Octagoncito is dressed as a boat captain for no particular reason. Copetes is ref. Since I'm doing this off of LuchaLibreMexican's YouTube, I might well note that this match starts about 4:30 into Part 5. Let's see if I can remember to do that the rest of the way.

I like how they still put up “Unica Caida”, just in case it changes. Billy tries weakly chest slapping Elegido for a bit, then scooping him up. He can't slam Elegido, though he tries a few times. Elegido shoves him down, but Billy gets up and kicks him while Elegido's dancing. Chest slap, Billy backs up, charges, and misses a corner splash. Billy out of the corner, right into a powerslam. Elegido positions him, and pulls him up before three. Whip, Billy back, Elegido presses him and drops him behind. Billy even has no normal shoes on, not boots. Elegido armdrags and an enziguri. Dropkick sends him out. Dive? Not – wait, yes, tope flattens Billy. Replay of that as action continues in the ring. It's the women, Fabi yanking Sexi by her hair, then armdragging her. Sexi misses a kick, and Fabi dropkicks her out of the ring, Fabi retreating as far as possible. Exotics in, and Pimpi goes after Copetes rather than Polvo. Polvo gets her attention. Whip, Pimpi rolls over, waved by, springboard armdrags, headscissors, wristlock, and up the rope – walking the ropes armdrags gets a nice reaction. Dive? No, Pimpi slides out over Polvo, then gets booted back to the apron by Polo. Polvo struts away, only to turn and get knocked down by a Pimpi apron tope con giro. Minis are last, with Octagoncito showing off his ability to jump from his back. Mini Abismo lets him have his moment, then they chest slap back and forth. Octagon’s forearms knock Abismo back, but he comes off the ropes with one big one to knock Abismo down. Spitting on Octagon? Huh. Abismo off the ropes, cartwheel, backflip (! - not a good one, just odd to see), Octagon knocks him down with a big boot. Octagon charges, Mini Abismo monkey flips him out, Octagoncito lands on the apron and knocks Abismo away. Octagoncito springboards back in, landing a headscissors on Mini Abismo. Mini Abismo stays in, but gets knocked down by a springboard tornillo. One two no – crowd gets on a slow count. Octagoncito charges Mini Abismo in the center of the ring, a spinning headscissors, and around for a second. Mini Abismo goes out to the floor this time, and Octagoncito slingshots after him with a headscissors.

Octagoncito comes back in to celebrate, and we get an actual double feature replay. Competency! Billy and Fabi in, and Billy knocks a charging Fabi over with a kick. Taunting the crowd. Northern Lights suplex, one two no. Billy taking his time, clothesline misses, Fabi German suplex, we can't see the count, but Mini Abismo breaks it up with a top rope plancha. Again, no ability to see the count, but Octagoncito breaks it up with a running legdrop. Gran Apache is in the Pena seats. Octagoncito goes up top rather than following up, and Mini Abismo runs up pull him off with a belly to belly suplex. One two no. Powerbomb? Octagoncito escapes onto his feet, and pulls off a spinning DDT. Copetes doesn't even bother to count before Polvo breaks that cover up with a spank. Corner whip, Polvo walks over to the other corner, where Octagoncito is sitting on the top rope. Octagon tries to fight him off, but Polvo climbs up and super armdrags him off. Cover, but Pimpi breaks up, and the exoticos get into a slap fight. Polvo whips Pimpi, who flips to the apron, shoulders Polvo away, and lands a nice missile dropkick. Pimpi celebrates, covers, and gets kicked by Billy. Chest slap fight, whip, reversed, Elegido didn't figure on that being reversed and dropkicked Pimpi by mistake. Billy tries to add a senton, but Elegido rolls out of the way of that. Shoulderblock to Billy charge, toward Polvo, who backdrops Elegido out and knocks him off the apron. Billy follows with a nice tope. Fabi dropkicks out Polvo and watches as Pimpi goes up – top rope tope con giro to the floor. Sexi's set up behind Fabi, and catches her with a bicycle kick as she turns around. Sexi lifts her up for Mini Abismo, but of course he superkicks his partner by mistake. Spinning armdrags sends Mini Abismo out, and Fabi goes up top – plancha onto the mini! Octagoncito sets up for his dive, but evades Billy's dropkick instead. Billy flips him to the apron, but Octagon knocks him away, and does his Asai tornillo to the floor, from the top rope this time. Elegido back in to face Billy, who's not in a hurry for this. Billy charges, Elegido leaps over him, then tosses him on the next pass. Elegido says this is it, but Billy fights back with shoulders to the midsection and chops. Corner whip, quick reverses to a forearm. Elegido grabs Billy by the back of the pants, lifts him up (has Billy scarily straight upside down), and flips him for the sit down powerbomb. One – no , Sexi Star seduces Copetes into stopping. Billy & Elegido stomps Billy and then grabs Sexi by the neck. Copetes decides to watch anything but this, and AAA gives us the far camera to make it more difficult to watch. Looks like Elegido might have gone for the kiss, but instead Sexi got his mask. Elegido covers up, and Billy cradles him from behind – one two three. Billy was way into the ropes, but I suppose it doesn't matter.

Sexi parades around with the mask as her trophy, but Fabi come after her and attacks. Billy holds Fabi for Sexi to slap around – that's not going work well. Billy taunts Gran Apache while rolling around Fabi – Mari Apache jumps the rail to get in Sexi Star's face, and the sisters end up stomping her down. Double ax kick to the head! Copetes backs them off, but Gran Apache sneaks past and swats Sexi with his shoe! Rudos are finally able to get some order and get away. Replays of the match, and a better angle of the finish – took two and half attempts for Sexi to get the mask off, ha! Wish I knew why it was untied.

Video Package: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Mesias

Announcers talk to the crowd about Misawa's death – they actually talk about the death, including the back suplex – Antonio Pena's birthday and Abismo Negro's death. This leads into a video package of Abismo and Pena, with highlights of both and an Abismo promo. Moments of applause. Crowd chants Abismo after, even before AAA prompts them to do so.

Video Package: Zorro talks about his TripleMania match with his psychologist as we see random highlights. Zorro not being in the van! Someday, I need an AAA braintrust directory's commentary on this to explain what half of it was supposed to be about.

Match 2: Charly Manson, Rocky Romero, X-Pac © vs Cuervo, Ozz, Zorro ©
Palacio de Los Deportes, 06/13/2009

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 8:38
Rating: OK
Notes: Graphic lists the Dark Family members as Ozz and Cuervo, but it's clearly Scoria instead of Cuervo. Arturo is probably looking at the same lineup, because he introduces him as “DARK.....(long long pause)....SCORIA!” At least he got it right on the first try. Zorro is wearing red and yellow. X-Pac's name is spelling “X-Pack”. He's wearing a WWF DX shirt. Charly has the Mexican National Heavyweight title! Why? I have no idea. Pepe Casas is ref. Tecnicos slide into the ring together and start throwing punches right away. This one starts at the very end of 7, around the 9:25 mark, though the official bell is not for 20 seconds later and by then you're almost onto 8.

Everyone but Zorro and X-Pac end up outside. Zorro hits his usual corner kick combo, but Zorro stops his momentum with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Everyone's headed back to their corner by then. Zorro headlock.

X-Pac drops him with a back suplex. Zorro appears to still be alive. X-Pac clears the dark Family off the rudo apron for no reason, and we watch them reacting instead of seeing Zorro get in the cheap shot. Tag to Scoria. X-Pac's head into the buckle, and all three rudos kick him down. Crowd chants for Zorra. Scoria has a pinning powerbomb for X-Pac, then hurries to the top rope for a big legdrop. One two no. Whip, clothesline misses, X-Pac whips Scoria the other way, and hits him with a standing spin kick. Ozz hits X-Pac as we look at Scoria. Ozz poses, then picks up X-Pac, who tries to figure up with punches. Ozz stops him off, the ropes, clothesline misses, X-Pac hits him with a spinning kick. Oh, but it was a jumping one this time, totally different. Ozz throws X-Pac out and starts running – thru the ropes tornillo. X-Pac is too close to actually can him not that he probably was going to. Scoria and Romero get into a chop battle as we see a double feature. Romero seems to switch to kick first, but Scoria knocks him down with a spinning one. Spin = power. Chop. Romero knocked into the ropes. Whip, revered, Scoria over, kicked by, and into the ropes for a hamstring bump. Romero just looks at him, and then bounces of the ropes for a spinning headscissors. Off the ropes for a spinning DDT, and Guerrero shake while Scoria goes up. Romero tease the tag to Charly, and Ozz back flips into face him. Director more interested in the giant entrance screen rather than the people in the match. Punch/jab fight., Ozz kindly selling Charly's jabs big. Avoidance bits, then Ozz superkicks Charly. Charly manges to move out of the way of a corner. Charge. Off the ropes, spinning headscissors. Is he going to dive? TOPE. Romero and Scoria back in, Scoria tosses Romero up and kicks him on the way down. Replay of the dive as Scoria sets up on the ropes – springboard moonsault tornillo splash thing, I think. One two no. Whip, reversed, Escoria kips up, Rocky just scoops him on his shoulder and drops him off for a gutbusters. One two no. Zorro breaks that up with a dropkick. Charly in, Zorro charges him, Charly takes him down – El Pozo? No, Zorro breaks it up with a cane shot, with was just in reach. Zorro taunts Charly, then turns, then Rocky finally comes over kick is caught, Rocky's attempts at an enziguri and a heel kick miss, and Zorro holds him into a waistlock. X-Pac decides the best way to help is to climb the ropes – Rocky back elbows free, X-Pac lands on Zorro with a plancha, but Zorro rolls thru. One two no. Whip, quick reverse, X-Factor by X-Pac. One two kickout. Not a lot of reaction on that spot. X-Pac fires up, off the ropes, down from a Zorro spin kick. Tag to Ozz, who's not actually near his corner, so I don't know why they bothered to touch. Charly charges Ozz, who tosses him to the apron and snaps his neck over the ropes. X-Pac up and chopping Ozz, but the D-Mex members runs into a powerslam. Ozz can't just hold onto a pin, gotta get in a standing moonsault. Kickout at one! Ozz up and waiving for X-Pac. Pac gives him a crotch hop. Ozz charges, clothesline misses, and Charly pulls him out over the top rope. X-Pac goes up top – tope con giro, and Ozz is too close to really catch him! Goes both ways, I guess. Rocky and Zorro in, Zorro cutting off Rocky with a kick as we see a replay. Corner whip reversal spots ends up with Rocky coming in for a slingshot sunset flip, Zorro grabbing the ropes, and Charly helping by slingshoting Rocky into Zorro's groin! Everyone sells that silliness. Charly takes himself and Zorro out with a clothesline, Rocky sets up and bowls Zorro over with a big tope. Scoria and Charly in, Scoria misses a dropkick, Charly plays with him a bit, setting up some chest slaps. Corner whip, Scoria flips out, but Charly's still behind him. Dropkicks sends Scoria into the corner, Scoria slowly rebounds out, takedown, El Pozo set up again, and again Zorro breaks it up with a cane shot. Easier when the move isn't being put on you.. Cane shot to the front, to the back, and to the head. Zorro twirls the cane, and holds it above his head for one more shot, not realizing X_Pac is behind hi. X-Pac pulls the cane away, gives him the X-Factor once more, one two three. Big pop for the finish.

Zorro tries to beg off from the stipulation, but his partners aren't taking the cane shots for him. Zorro stalls this out for a while, but takes off his shirt and presents his back. Instead of using the cane, they use a belt – why? Charly gets in the first shot, and everyone sells it big. Rocky goes second. They show X-Pac's shot from as a far as possible. Announcers explain how 3 is not 10 (math wizards!), when Charly suddenly presents Zorro with a large fake looking flower. I have no idea why, but this causes Zorro to deck X-Pac, then grab his cane and layout Rocky and Charly. Cuervo shows up to help the Sect stomp the tecnicos, who are already down. Pimpi and Aerostar show up, and are immediately caned down. Laredo Kid is a little late, but Zorro has no problem with him either. Zorro knocks him down, and the Dark Family is happy to do the rest. Scoria powerbombs Laredo and Zorro hits him with a big shot. Charly's crawled outside, so Zorro walks out by himself. Zorro swings and clocks him in the head, right in front of the Pena's. Charly doesn't as much sell as turn and talk to Marisela Pena from his knees. Zorro goes to grab Charly, but Marisela slaps him. Zorro reacts the slap (which was as bad as you'd expect), mostly surprised, and walks away. Rudos leave, and they show replays of the match.

Why are they showing Still To Come? Are they afraid we're turning the channel? You're still getting paid.

Announcers set up a Konnan vignette, which we can hear but not see. They catch up to the video by the end, and this is just him saying he's not going to the ring for the main event, just letting his men settle it.

Match 3: Alex Koslov vs Alan Stone and Crazy Boy and Extreme Tiger for the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship and in a hardcore rules match
Palacio de Los Deportes, 06/13/2009


  1. Alex Koslov via powerbomb/silla (9:32)
  2. Alan Stone via Crazysault (20:04)
  3. Crazy Boy via countout/450 splash (24:29)

Winner: Crazy Boy
Rating: about what you'd expect.
Notes: Crazy Boy's chair has fireworks shooting off of it. It's only a matter of time before that's a spot. Maybe in this match? What is Tiger wearing around his neck? A warning sign? Tables are already set up outside. Alex has his own entrance music? Alex has lots of giant Alex heads for his entrance. Hijo de Tirantes is ref. Just like the last one, this one starts at the very end of Part 10, but only 15 seconds.

Everyone jumps Alex, then lets him up. Tiger charges, and is backdropped out to the floor, where he rolls into a table. Alan charges, and take a backdrop. Crazy charges, and is flipped to the apron, where Alex gives him a jumping enziguri. Alex charges Alan, now sitting on the second rope in an entirely different corner, but eats a kick. Alan jumps off with a headscissors. Clothesline misses, Alex armdrags him. Alex charges, Alan waves him by, Alex slips out to the the apron and comes in with a springboard dropkick. Tiger in, and dropkicking Alex as he walks around. Whip, Alex cartwheel and backflips over, under a leapfrog, over a roll, clothesline misses, and there's the stop sign. Elbow pads thrown off to the crowd, feeling himself up, Tiger bored, Alex posing, Tiger whiffs on a clothesline, but this a chop anyway. Once more. Clotheslines, and Alex clocks him with a jumping enziguri. Tiger out, Crazy blindsiding Alex with a back elbow. Whip, quick reverse, counter, blah blah, Crazy hits a weak kick on the ground after all of that, then misses a quebrada when Alex rolls. Alex walk all the way across the ring to get his hat. This gets booed! Dancing kicks to the back. Alex off the ropes, clothesline misses (Alex throws off his own hats), but Alex hits a springboard dropkick anyway. Crazy goes out, flips a table out of the way to clear some room, and Alex comes out after him with a springboard forearm. Alex rolls back in, and Tiger takes him out with a dropkick to the knee. Alan add a dropkick to the head, and falls on top to cover. Tiger breaks this count up – DUMB. Alan breaks Tiger's cover up – DUMB. They both turn to fight, but at least they just stomp Alex instead. I wonder if maybe there was something to explain why this is all against Alex here, because it's not clear why they're doing it. Tiger chops Alex into the rope, while Alan stands on the apron. Whip, trip into the ropes, Alex hangs there, and Alan adds the guillotine legdrop. That's how it's supposed to work. Alan sits Alex on the apron, Tiger hands Alex a chair, then knocks him over with a running dropkick. Pose. That got a big reaction. Tiger tries sliding out the other side of the ring to get Crazy with a spinning headscissors, but Crazy blocks it and gives him a spinning DDT on the floor. Crazy fires up, is immediately taken down by Alan springboard spin kick. I've seen enough spin kicks for the day already. Whip, no, Crazy will just chop him Whip, Alan slips out of the tilt-a-whirl, ducks the clothesline, waistlock, Crazy gets the ropes an back elbows him away. Springboard kick to to the shoulder. One two no. I can't believe he didn't beat him with a kick to the shoulder. Table in the ring now, by the way. Tiger in, taking out Crazy with a dropkick, then leaning that table against a corner. Alan rolls out. Crazy whipped towards the table, reverses, Tiger slides short and turn to charge, Crazy flips him with a clothesline. Crazy Boy turns the table around in the corner, apparently deciding it'd be much more unsafe to have the legs side facing the ring. Hijo de Tirantes disagrees, but does nothing to stop it. Crazy grabs Tiger for a powerbomb or something, but Alex returns to crank him into the head with a chair, and Alan immediately German suplexes Tiger into the table, as it breaks neatly in half. Alex on top of Crazy and pounding him with punches, which gets boos from the crowd. Alan breaks that up with an axhandle, as Hijo de Tirantes cleans up some furniture behind him. No idea why no one tried to pin Crazy Boy – here's a replay to make me think of it again. Tiger and Crazy have snuck out of the ring, and Alan climbs Alex's shoulders for a headscissors cradle, one two th-NO. Whip, jumping enziguri kick to the back, Red Scare. Alan is in trouble but not giving up. Tiger is just laying in the ring and watching. Perhaps he's figured out how elimination works. Alan breaks free, and Tiger decks Alex with running back elbow. Alex misses a chair shot, but Tiger is kind enough to catch it so Alex can dropkick it back into him. Crowd boos. Alex knocks down Alan with a thrown chair as he gets up. Crowd boos as as Alex staggers around. Alex taking his time going wherever hes going. Ah, he's sliding into another table. No idea where Crazy boy went, but the other two are still on the mat hurting while Alex sets up his table. Alex puts it near a corner, then charges his mind to another corner. Tiger set up on that corner. Superplex? No, Alan stops him from behind, picks him off for a powerbomb, and Tiger adds the silla – which causes Alex to bounce off the table, instead of going thru it. As the old saying goes, it's not really an AAA show until a table spot gets botched. Tiger, Alan, Alex, and Hijo de Tirantes lay on the mat and have a conversation about what they should do, and they belatedly opt just to pin Alex and get him out of here. One two three. Not a big cheer for that, as much he's been booed.

Alan and Tiger start throwing chops, while Alex is still down on the mat. No one makes the usual attempt to roll him out. Tiger takes both of them out of the ring with a headscissors. Alex recovers to an empty ring...

...boos, and Hijo de Tirantes telling him he got beat. Alex shoves Hijo de Tirantes, storms out of the ring, and gets his belt. Hijo de Tirantes grabs him to take the belt back, and Alex just grabs his his head and walks out. Announcers, apparently feeling dumb, need an explanation for why Hijo de Tirantes would not let Alex walk off with the belt that's clearly not his. Koslov gives us “freaking out” as he walks backwards up the ramp to the back. Hey, do we have people wrestling? We do- Alan and Tiger are back in the ring, and Alan drops Tiger from a torture rack into a backbreaker. Alan goes for a springboard back in, but Crazy Boy returns from his vacation and this him with a chair. Crazy throws a chair at Alan's behind before going into use a completely different chair on Tiger. It's at in the middle of the ring. Whip, scoop to the shoulder, and Tiger reverses it to a DDT onto chair. Hey, another table in there. Hey, Alan in there for no reason. Scoop, slam onto a chair, one – why is Alan grabbing the ropes for leverage? Even Hijo de Tirantes spots that one, so Alan relents – and tries grabbing onto another set of ropes. He's caught again, so Alan gives up on that, and puts his feet on the ropes instead. Hijo de Tirantes misses it, because he is bad. One two no. Crazy grabs Alan, which allows Tiger to escape, with a chair. Corner whip, reverses, Alan scoops up into Crazy's shoulders, and Death Valley Drivered into a chair. Crazy Boy celebrates, fools around, and turns around into a giant chair shot by Tiger. Tiger throws just about every chair he can find into the ring. Maybe he has fifteen? Crazy and Hijo de Tirantes promptly start setting up a chair fort. Crazy helpfully hands him more chairs to him from outside the ring. Alan gets bored and charges Tiger, only tog et backdropped to the apron. Alan is able to swing kick him from there, but Tigre throws a chair at his head when he tries to climb. Superplex into the chair fort? I like the idea that 15 chairs in a setting hurt more than like five. It's geometrical pain. Tiger does not superplex Alan, instead gutbustering him on the buckle so he can resume his work of modern art. Hijo de Tirantes and Tiger quickly completely their project, and Tiger climbs back up. Extreme Tiger decides the best month to throw Alan Stone thru fifteen chairs is a huracanrana. This is why Extreme Tiger is who he is. Naturally, Alan reverses it to a powerbomb, sending them both thru the chairs – which get pushed away on impact. The domino affect of the chars are far more impressive than the implied impact – it seemed like it actually hurt less that way. Not the idea. Hijo de Tirantes starts counting out Alan and Tiger, with the crowd counting along – wait, who would win? Crazy Boy? Crazy Bo comes back into the ring, which they decide is a good time to show anything but either ring. How about pinning someone? No, no, no. Crazy scoops up Alan on his shoulders, and drops him into a headcrushser, then picks him back up, and sets him on the ropes for a spinning DDT. Maybe now you can pin him? No, no, no, gotta slide him out. MOOR SPOTZ! Chair shot on the outside to keep Alan down as Crazy busies himself setting up his own chair bit. Alan is at in them, hit once more with a chair, and Crazy heads in. Yelling. Off the ropes, Tiger trips him up! Tiger wins me back right there. Oh, he just wants to do the tope con giro himself, he lost me. Crowd starts counting again, and again I have no idea who would win. Tiger throws Alan back in. I'm really hoping Alan finally gets pinned her,e because that means the match is closer to being over. Tiger goes up, super unsteady, even before Crazy crotches him and shoves him off. Chair shot to Alan, who sure is taking a lot of that. Don't tell me he's setting up another elaborate chair spot? Oh, he is. I guess it's easier to assemble chairs than to learn how to express genuine drama in your match.

I'll let you know when they get around to doing something. Crazy drags Alan to the four chairs he's got set up standing, and has them both step on them. Because being eight inches more off the ground makes it all the more dangerous. Alan gets to fight back a bit, but of course Crazy's doing his spot – lame looking behind the back powerbomb thing. Pin? Well, no, but he actually goes for the Crazysault. And it actually hits. One two three.

Crazy pulls himself up, and goes down to a Tiger springboard dropkick. Tiger sits up another table in the ring. Begging for this one to be over. Tiger slides thru the ropes and knocks down Crazy with a dropkick. Tiger going all the way up – but Crazy stops him with a forearm. Of course this can't end yet, they haven't broken every table and one everyone move they can't think of. Alan is strechered out in the background. Moonsault lam thru a table in the ring. Looks like Hijo de Tirantes is about to count, so it's time to cut away to Alan being strechered out. You can hear the kickout, can't see it. Crazy's up after ten seconds, because it wasn't that big of a deal. Setting up a table on the outside, and scooping Tiger up . Tiger small package, one two ha ha are you kidding me, they have to break that table or they'd just die. Since it's the wrong spot to do them (they've signaled the match isn't going to end until that table does), they decide to screw around with their near fall spots here for a bit, and I think I'm just ignoring them until they break that table. Crazy ends up on in very staged fashion, Tiger pours – water? - on him, then climbs up the ropes. 450 thru the table, which actually breaks it. Everyone marks out, at Hijo de Tirantes starts counting them out – fast, too. Tiger has to hurry to climb in at 19, and that's the match.

Tiger gets his belt. Crazy helps put it on. Replays, blah blah.

Match 4: Latin Lover & Marco Corleone vs Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario for the AAA World Tag Team Championship
Palacio de Los Deportes, 06/13/2009

Winner: Hermandad, retain
Match Time: 11:44
Rating: eh. Crowd needed to carry it and they didn't care.
Notes: Marco Corleone and Latin Lover both get big reactions. Maybe Marco got more, it's hard to say. Hermandad brings bats with them to the ring. Why does Joe Lider keep buying Joe Lider masks? It's not like he was famous for wearing this mask. Tirantes Sr. is ref. Arturo calls these the national tag be;ts because he really doesn't do details. This one starts 2 minutes into Part 15

Marco and Nicho start off. Circle – no, Lider jumps him from behind, and a four way brawl breaks out. Marco and Latin actually win the brawl. Rudos regroup on the outside. Marco and Nicho to start again. Lockup, no, Nicho knee, forearms to the back. Whip, reverses, Marco puts his head down too soon, Nicho kicks it. Nicho off the ropes, leapfrog, leapfrog, kick blocked, and Marco connects on his stone punch. Whip, head down way too soon, Nicho sunset flip, Marco dances for the block, Lider drops him with a bad looking faceslam, if that's what it was supposed to do. Rudos celebrates with crotch chops, and clear Latin off the apron to double team Marco. Marco makes the Marco Corleone comeback, this time with more leapfrogs. Plancha on both, pose. Tag to Latin Latin. Latin goes to pose, and Lider get tossed a bat from outside. Tirantes pulls it away? He's making belt motions? Latin is confused, but shakes Tirantes hand for being so unusually fair.

To start off. Whip, reversed, Latin over, under, rolling over, waved by, sunset flip. Lider rolls thru, Latin ducks the dropkick and kicks him in the head. There needs to be like a three letter abbreviation for that whole set of spots, it'd ave me some time. Nicho dropkicks Latin, and crotch chops again. Chops on the ropes, different kind here. Whip, reversed, Nicho's bodyscissors reverses into a wheel barrow suplex. Latin bridging cover, one two Tirantes sweeps Latin's leg out from under him. Well, they did you even count:? I need to pace myself, it's going to go that way for a while. Speaking of, double feature of that pin break up fails, and they have take a second try on it. Lider and Nicho both in, and whipping Latin to the ropes. Spinebuster, slingshot, Nicho twisting clothesline. Marco in and chopped in the corner. No, now the ropes, whip, leapfrog sets up Nicho's superkick. Marco helpfully rolls to the apron, for that's there the Hermandad want to do their next spot – back suplex, Nicho clothesline combo. Not sure why that was on the apron, actually. Back in the ring on Latin with stomps. Walking to the spot. Whip, double boot, double suplexes. There's like a dozen more interesting teams in CMLL than Hermandad. (There's a half dozen in AAA.) Rudos try to suplex Latin to the floor, but that's not happening. Marco pulls him to safety, and Latin clothesline them both out. Boos here, but cheers after Marco adds his Superman plancha. Latin goes all the way up – top rope plancha onto the rudos. Kinda the Místico reaction to Latin “yaaaboooooooo”, Lider and Latin end up back in, with Latin getting a drop toe hold and a casita, but not Nicho breaking the pin up. Marco comes into kick him. Corner whip, Nicho gets a boot up, Nicho misses his clothesline, Marco does not miss his springboard clothesline. Let's show this from the super far crane cam – one two Lider breaks it up. Latin kicks him, whip, quick reverse into a kick, Lider pumphandle backcracker looks unimpressive. One, Marco breaks it up. Nicho on him, but Marco stops him with back elbows. Whip, reversed...

Nicho charges, Marco puts him on the top rope, Nicho fights him off and takes him over with a springboard 'rana, one two reveal one two Lider breaks it up. Lider slaps Marco. Corner whip, Marco clothesline, misses, Latin pulls him backwards for a one knee backbreaker. That looked more impressive, though more fake. Latin breaks that up, and gets booed again. Crowd is not behind him for whatever reason. Nicho attacks Latin from behind a kicks him down in the corner. Whip, Latin grab the ropes, Nicho is tossed over, and Lider misses a dropkick. Latin turns to charge Lider, but gets kicked. Lider tries again, and Latin catches him by his legs and dumps him over. Latin goes for a dive, but Tirantes cuts him off, calling a timeout. Latin backs up again, and then boosts of Tirantes for a tope con giro the floor. Marco up and calling for something as everyone gets assembled. Another superman dive? Well, no, because Tirantes trips him up. Marco grabs Tirantes by the neck and lifts him up – but Lider eventually shows up to dropkick him in the knee, and Nicho grabs him behind for a cradle. One two three - fast count, and that's it.

Crowd is anti-Latin enough to be okay with that finish. No idea where he went there, by the way – maybe Hermandad dropped him on the outside? He's fine and in the ring after the finish. Replays don't explain that part of the story. Rudos and Tirantes leave together, Tirantes limping. Why is that? Well, because we missed Latin superkicking Tirantes from behind when he held the champ's arms up. At least they had a replay, probably shouldn't have missed it the first time. Marco needs him to the back – because of a dropkick he didn't even fall down on? Confusing. Announcers set up...

Video Package: AAA video game.

Video Package: Mesias vs Wagner

Match 5: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Mesias for the AAA World Heavyweight Championship
Palacio de Los Deportes, 06/13/2009

Winner: Dr. Wagner Jr., new champion.
Match Time: 38:11
Rating: Pretty good, better than expected
Notes: A little bit disconcerting for these entrances to start on part 18 when there's 17 more to go. This match is only 5 minute segments, which makes a little more sense. Wagner is wearing a Mexican flag outfit, of course. No sign of the UWA belt, which is the first time he's not worn it in quite a while. I could've seen it as a clue either way. Mesias gets the druid entrance. Whistle at 1:10 of part 20. Piero is ref.

Face to face. Mesias back off first to get a crowd reaction. I would've lost that bet. Long crowd shots, though I doubt we miss much. Crowd is buzzing. Lockup, and Mesias backs Wagner into the corner. Boos on the clean break. Lockup, Mesias backs up Wagner towards the corner, but Wagner turns it around at the last second. Wagner threatens punch, but decide to pat Mesias on the should. Mesias shoves him in the face, Wagner shoves him, then backwards rolls into a pose. Crowd chanting for Wagner, which distracts Mesias bit. Lockup, Wagner waistlock, Mesias goes down to the mat, wristlock, armbar, Wagner up to his feet, Mesias takes him back down with a headlock. Crowd is clearly anti-Mesias. Wagner rolls him back on tho his shoulders, one two no. again one two. Mesias blocks attempts a headscissors reveal, but Wagner eventually gets it. They're milking every spot. Wagner rolls free into a front facelock, but Wagner reverses it to a hammerlock, but Mesias reverses to an armbar. Back put a headlock. Wagner shoots Mesias off, Mesias back with a shoulderblock, Wagner goes back but doesn't go down. Wagner pokes Mesias in the face, Mesias slaps him. Off the ropes, Mesias shoulderblock knocks Wagner down. Mesias poses a bit., then waits for Wagner to get up to get him in an inside cradle. One two hand grabs the ropes

Mesias stands, waiting for Wagner to get up. Headlock, takedown. Boos. Mesias blocking the headscissors again. Crowd starts Wagner chant. Wagner gets the headscissors, then scoots to the center of the ring, giving Mesias more room for the headstand into bridging cover. One two shoulder over. One two bridge up, and turn around, and around one more time into the backslide one two no. Dr. Flair here gets pulled into a small package by Wagner one two no. Mesias waistlock, Wagner breaks it with an elbow, snap mare, dropkick to the head. Crowd is happy. Wagner has to pose before covering. One two no that doesn't work. Wagner staring at the crowd, while we stare at his knee pads. They're nice looking red and green knee pads, I'll give the director that. Kick to the head, cover, one two no. Chinlock. This is quite unlike most AAA title matches, in that the early pointless chain wrestling looks a bit decent. Not too much of a surprise. Whip, clothesline misses, Wagner puts his head down too soon, Mesias kicks it, Mesias back up and charge again, headscissors. Mesias taunts Wagner into charging. Wagner misses a clothesline, Mesias grabs the arm, and then grabs the neck in a goozle. - choke – no, Wagner just is sat down on his feet, Mesias presses him instead, and tosses him across the ring. That is impressive, no doubt. Mesias poses to soak in cheers, and there is a Mesias chant fighting to get thru. Clothesline sends Wagner out. Mesias running charge, and hitting the tope. Replay of the dive as both recover. Wagner's looking the better of it, checking his knee pads. Let's look at the empty ring. Piero, unlike usual, is actually out and checking the guys instead of trying the countout. Ah, he's going to count them out from outside. No matter, Mesias walks Wagner around the barricades and chops him. Wagner tries to go over the barricade, but Mesias pulls him back, backs up, and then clotheslines them both over. Hope Piero is counting slow! Mesias poses on a chair in the crowd to get cheers, and the crowd is more positive. Piero asks them kindly to come back in. Mesias does directly, but Wagner has to nod to the fans before coming back over the barricade, then walks around a bit on the outside, looking at the fans looking at him. Piero is counting as Wagner gets to the ring, and I don't know how he didn't get to 20. He must've gotten stuck at 19 for a half minute. Wagner decides just to climbing to the top rope, but Mesias cuts him off with a punch...

...then launches him off to the mat. Mesias backs up to another corner, pulls himself to the middle rope, points at the crowd, and comes off with a flying fistdrop. Mesias shakes his own hand, he hit so hard. Cover one two no. Neck vice on the mat. Mesias adds some punches. Announcers talking about Jack Evnas, of course. Of course. Of course. I'll stop now. Corner whip, Mesias adds a running knee , which takes him over th top rope and to the apron (and almost to the floor when he slips.) Mesias looks around to the crowd for approval, which gets disapproval. Back in, and Wagner falls to the mat on one chop. Mesa sets him up, corner whip, charge, no one home for the knee this time, and Mesias goes to the floor. Wagner out to the apron, posing, and launching a tope con giro to the floor. Wagner lands on his feet and poses, while Mesias is down. Wagner kills time with Wagner fans on the floor, then hick kicks Mesias as he gets up. They walk around the ring, with Piero stopping his count to ask them to go in. This time, they punch and kick each other as they move towards the ramp. Crowd doing the Ole Ole Ole chant, but they kinda lose it when they to pick a name. Camera completely misses Wagner suplexing Mesias on the ramp, choosing to show Piero's ineffectual count instead. Both get up and punch each other back towards the ring. Mesias sells, Wagner looks towards people chanting his name. Wagner brings Mesias back in. Whip, Mesias slide sunder, kick is caught by Wagner, who holds it and tease it for a second before dropping him with the dragon screw. One two no. Was Mesias actually down that time? Didn't look like it. STF. Mesias not really close to the ropes, but Wagner is having trouble with the facelock portion of this. Mesias makes the crawl to the ropes to get the break. Wagner pulls Mesias back towards the corner of the ring and spins a toe hold. Mesias tries, but fails and kicking him off from the figure four, but Wagner battles him and gets it on. Odd seeing that move without the pavlovian Flair reactions.

Mesias is not giving up from this one, either. He turns it over, and that doesn't seem to be as over as either. Wagner turns it back over. Mesias is close enough to ropes now to break the bottom for the break, though Wagner doesn't actually let go for a bit. Wagner puts on a half crab, but they're right next to the ropes and Mesias has no problem breaking it. That was dumb. Wagner scoops Mesias up and slams him down. Stopping to pose before heading up. Wagner waiting for Mesias get up – flying nothing meets Diamond Cutter. Wagner sells it big. Mesias covers, one two no. Mesias thinking things over before following up. Mesias stands over Wagner as he sits up, and pushes Piero out of the way of the camera so they can get a good shot of this – so Piero moves right back in the way when Mesias goes to rip Wagner's mask. They do find some better camera ngles, so horray. That's a clear rudo move. So is leaving to get a chair, Mesias' next move. Wagner jumps to his feet, just to be hit in the head and knocked down. Mesias soaks in his work for a bit, then goes back for the mask. Out to the floor, when Wagner is rammed into the post and manges to stagger around and look at people. Mesias the announce desk to rant, and to punch Wagner over the barricade. Piero again asks them to return to the ring, and Mesias obliges, throwing Wagner in. Scoop, up to Mesias' shoulder, and ...

...running powerslam. Mesias leans on top to cover, one two no. Mesias is not selling the knee from earlier, not that I think he should, but I just point it in case he is five minutes from now. Mesias yanks Wagner around by his mask and punches him out. Standing in the middle of the ring to pose. Wagner waits on the outside, Mesias launches at him with a pescado, and Wagner smacks him with a chair as he comes down. Didn't even see the chair there, that was nice. Wagner celebrates with the crowd, and Piero comes over to warn him. This time, the Ole chant is definitely for Wagner. Chair shot to Mesias head as he tries to stand. Mesias gets up again, and punches the Wagner away. Wagner kicks him and throws him, then is on him with a choke. Is he headbutting him too? Not sure if that's what is meant to be going on. Armbar. Hammerlock, into a forward cradle into a hammerlock/neck vice submission. He's been hanging around Shocker too long. Mesias slips free, but Wagner switches to an arm scissors. Mesias is bleeding, huh. Mesias pushes down on Wagner to cover him, one two no. Mesias argues the count, and gets snap kicked by Wagner. One two no. Abdominal stretch by Wagner, really close to the ropes. Wagner lets go and readjusts, putting the leg over the neck. Mesias is able to reverses free to a fallaway slam. Mesias recovers, than leans on top, one two three. Have we already reached the point where it's just your turn, my turn? Both are looking tired as they sit up. Mesias punches first, but they both standing together and Wagner rakes the eyes and knees him down in the corner. Wagner goes out, looking around.

Wagner grabs a table, still folded up, but seems to have trouble with it. He actually pushes it out towards the front row, stopped by Mesias attacking him from behind. Someone must do a fine sneaky job of setting up the legs for them, because it's set up standing quickly, and Wagner and Mesias get on top to fight. They could use some light on this shot. There it is, nice work. Mesias grabs Wagner in the goozle, Wagner nods and wave sot the crowd, and Mesias chokeslams him thru the table, landing on the ringside of the barricade on his feet. Table cracks but does not break, and Wagner slides off slowly onto his top.

Mesias crawls in the ring and takes a knee. Wagner crawls over the barricade – are they teasing the countout finish? After ignoring the countout for much of this match? Apparently so. Mesias seems to be rooting for the countout, which is not very tecnico. Wagner goes to ropes at 17, Mesias slide kicks him away, but Piero restarts to the count anyway. Wagner's up and standing quicker, but takes his time coming in. Mesias grabs his hair in frustration. Crowd clearly behind Wagner, and why would they not be? Mesias pulls Wagner over as he comes in, and lifts him up = spinning powerbomb. Pose. How about a pin? No, he's going up? Crowd boos, and Mesias soaks that in. I think he's okay with it. Mesias is quick climbing when he actually goes up – splash hits, but Mesias bounces off instead of staying on to cover. Mesias recovers for a second, and covers while they show the replay – one two NO. Mesias looks a lot like Cibernetico when he doesn't believe things. Mesias stomps Wagner into the mat, and heads up again. As he stops to pose on the apron, Wagner is shaking on the mat and doing his hand signal, which may be a bit of a clue – splash, Wagner moves out of the way, then on him quick with a casita, one two NO. That could've been a finish – you can see people losing their minds on it – though it would've been a Wagner shoves Mesias into the corner, backs up, and hand slowly charges into a punch. Mesias hops up to the middle rope, and he and Wagner punch each other. Wagner lose the punch battle but still climbs up to join Mesias.

Superplex? Top rope superplex! One two NO. Fans thought that might be it too. Wagner off the ropes, Mesias scoops him up on his shoulders, and swings him up – F5. One two no. Jesus had a name for that, but I didn't catch it. Looks shaky, but Wagner looks more so. Mesias grabs him for another powerbomb. This is not a time for a long crows shot. They make it just back in time to see anger reverses it to a sunset flip, one two th- crowd thinks that is three and is confuses when it continues, Mesias locking Wagner directly into a sharpshooter. Wagner pushes up and refuses to quick, then holds his head and refuses to quiet. Wagner's got a long way to go the ropes, but starts crawling very slowly. Wagner stops in pain, but picks up speed - and Mesias pulls him aback to the center. Of the ring. Crowd doesn't get into it – I think they've been long trained that submission work quick or not at all – and boo Mesias instead. Mesias isn't getting anywhere, and lets go. Crowd loudest they've been all night for Wagner. Corner whip, reversed, Wagner charges in, Mesias stops him with a punch again. Mesias charges again, Mesias catches the clothesline and drops him with a full nelson nelson slam. Mesias taggers over, drops down to cover, one two no. Crowd cheers for Wagner as he pulls himself up again. Mesias knocks him down with a clothesline. Off the ropes, one more clothesline. Mesias on top one two no. Wagner immediately sits up, but is lower standing. This time, it's Mesias who misses a clothesline, and Wagner reverses it to a running Tornado DDT. One two NO. Shining Wizard style kick.

Wagner says that's it. Mesias pulled up by the head hair – Wagner Driver. Two hand press pin, One two NO. Wagner is more exhausted than befuddled, though that comes. Wagner waves to the crowd for support. Wagner to his feet, and pulling down his straps. Wagner grabs Mesias – again, bad time for a crowd shot – Mesias slips behind somehow, Wagner elbows him, Mesias stops him with punches to the head. Mesias hits his jumping STO, one two NO. That didn't get near the reaction of the Wagner Driver, which still surprises me a bit. Long shot of Piero saying it's two. Mesias punches and chops Wagner into the ropes, to a lot of boos. Mesias looks at the crowd before doing more. Corner whip, Wagner gets out, Mesias charges, and Wagner tosses him into the corner. Wagner driver, straight in the middle of the ring. One two three. Huge cheer.

Wagner points to the sky as his music plays. Celebration. Piero gives him the belt, and Wagner holds it over his head for a pose as Mesias stumbles back up the entrance. Wagner is bleeding, which I forgot to point out before. It's not too clear on my picture, but it's happened not that long after Mesias started to bleed. Neither men bleed a whole lot. Replay of the finish.

Wagner walks around ringside to do the hand touch with fans. And rants to the announcers. Wagner gives credit to Mesias, and he should.

Announcers set up...

Trailer: AAA Film. Of course, the main character doing the talking is Abismo Negro. They mention this movie is coming out middle of October. ANIMATED KENZO SUZUKI = $$$$. I like how this plot is so old, Charly and Ciber are rudos.

Video Package: AAA vs Legion

Why has the cage have the theme from Star Wars? New most inexplicable music choice!

Joaquin Roldan does a promo to explain Cien Caras as the special referee for the match, since that actually hasn't aired yet.

Match 6: El Hijo del Santo, Jack Evans, La Parka Jr., Octagon, Vampiro vs Chessman, Electro Shock, Kenzo Suzuki, Silver King, Teddy Hart in a cage match for control of AAA
Palacio de Los Deportes, 06/13/2009

Order of Escape

  1. Vampiro (9:53)

  2. Kenzo Suzuki (10:24)

  3. Jack Evans (11:39)

  4. Teddy Hart (12:30)

  5. Chessman (12:34)
  6. Octagon (14:44)
  7. Electroshock (19:20)
  8. La Parka Jr. (23:10)
  9. El Hijo del Santo (24:05)

Winner: Team AAA
Rating: usual cage with more confusion
Notes: notes

Teddy's music starts with the Eminem song, but switches to a new one. Kenzo looks mashing in his smoker's jacket, turtleneck, safari hat. My video, which has been remarkable good, considering the conversions that go on to get it on my TV, runs into problems for the first time during Chessman's entrance. If he did anything goofy besides climbing the cage, I missed it. I miss Silver King's entrance in here, where he shows off his painted face and taunts - Roldan, we're supposed to think. Elector has an execution bit going on,. I thin, that's what it's supposed to be. Octagon is in red, as early noted. Vamp is in his normal gear, with a t-shirt. Jack keeps possession of the music. Santo has his WWA and his CMB belt, and make sure everyone sees them, before leaving them with – random fans in the front row? They can't be random fans, I'd think. Parka gets last entrance. Park's reaction is inaudible on TV. He's wearing pharaoh gear, and looking really fat, so much so that I think I have an aspect ratio issue. His dancers dance on the stage instead of in the ring. Arturo explains the rules, and they wait to the whistle to fight. This match starts 8 minutes into part 32.

Rudos are in total control to start. Not that I really do much for a job calling these cage matches to begin with, but the less than clear picture doesn't help. I do see such things as Santo taking a back cracker from Teddy Hart, which I would not have believed if I had no seen with my own eyes. (Santo sells his neck.) Chessman kills time with a chinlock on Vampiro, a fine move. Just separate brawls, rudos changing partners occasionally. Kenzo Suzuki working with Santo!

Someone tries a Mexico chant, but it goes no where. Chessman works a chinlock on Santo awhile. He's smart for no wasting himself on this total pointless portion. Tecnicos make some random comebacks. I'm glad Cien Caras' shirt says “Cien Caras” in huge letters, just in case I forget and go semi-blind. Kenzo actually tries to escape at around 4:00, but Jack knocks him off the cage. Tecnicos have random bits of control I here. Best guess is Silver King pulls the handcuffs out of his trunks, because they're just suddenly in his hand without being passed from outside. He shows the camera the handcuffs before putting it on Parka's left arm, how doesn't really fight until it's too late. Silver takes him cross ring, with the announcers distracted by people trying and filing to escape, and cuffs Parka to the side of the cage closest to the camera. Takes him a while. Cien walks around and take a look at the handcuff, but is pretty ineffective in stopping it. Alas. Teddy likes climbing up and getting knocked off, but this time he climbs up, and does a SSP back into the ring. Nice of four people sot stand over there to catch him, and for Octagon to recline in the corner than catch him. Santo takes a break for hit but is stopped by Electro. Silver goes for Parka's mask. Good time to do that, when Parka can't retaliate. Santo fights Kenzo off and starts climbing again, but Electro stops him again. Santo fights him off, and nails him with a top rope tope, which looks good (no short but to Electro.) Teddy does a flying DDT seconds later, which doesn't get 1/10th the reaction jack follows with a top rope spin kick that accidentally gets Vamp, and Teddy tosses him from a back suplex into a powerbomb. Everyone stops fighting os we can watch Konnan doing a promo on the video screen, showing that he's got the handcuff keys. Why is he wearing gloves? Roldan reacts from his ringside (behind the barrier) seat. Nicho and Joe Lider rush out thirty seconds later, and it's like they missed a cue, because nothing is happening in the ring to require them yet. It takes me a bit to piece together, because they forgot to actually show this, but I guess Cien Caras went backstage here to get Konnan, and so the tag champs are out with no one to stop him. I only know this, because the next video on the big screen is Cien Caras backstage, looking for Konnan. Cien gos from room to room, as Joe Lider and Nicho climb up the outside of the cage and stop Jack from going out. Chessman – being Chessman – decides to do a moonsault from the top of the cage into the ring while the third video is going. At least he gets in before they completely cut away from the match, to a whole bunch of AAA tecnicos assaulting what probably is Konnan, though we can't actually see him (or make out most of the guys – I think it's Charly, Rocky, Elegido, X-Pac, Marco and Latin, but there may be more) from this angel. It's Charly who gets the key and takes it back to ringside – don't you want a faster guy for that? Being a man does doesn't seem to have hurt the tecnicos so much, because Vampiro is first out of the cage.

Kenzo misses a corner charge on Octagon, and he starts climbing. And then stops climbing, so I guess he's not out next. Plancha onto Electro, who's catching everyone today. Kenzo climbs up and out, though he stop to ask if they're sure they want him to go. Silver King gives him to okay., so he's out of there.

Four to four. Nicho and Lider are still on the outside, don't know why they didn't stop vamp. Cien (?) returns with the key, and now Hermandad attacks, dropping him without much of a struggle. They walk him towards the ring, which seems like the odd way to go, and are more intent on beating him than actually getting the key from him. Meanwhile, Jack makes a break for the top of the cage, kicking away elector as he tries to send him out. Jack stands on th op of the cage, and leaps out to the floor with a giant plancha onto Hermandad. With those two down, Cien walks around the cage unlock Parka.

Parka is house on fire as he's released, though he's running out of people to beat quick. Santo takes care of one himself with a flying headscissors, and Teddy is actually hanging upside down on the outside of the cage for unknown reasons. He pulls himself over to be next out, relatively quietly.

Three on three in the cage, not for long. Octagon grabs Electroshock for a waistlock, and runs to the corner as if he's going to walk the ropes, but just lets go and keeps on climbing. Electro is too slow, and Octagon punches him away.

Konnan is out, looking none the worse for wear, and with a chair on hand. What happened to the six guys who wear beating him? Konnan is greeted with thrown trash everywhere, and the Legion controlling things at ringside. Konnan gets a free kick on Konnan, then walks over to Roldan, jabs him with the chair, and this him in the back. That was really done matter of act, as if it didn't matter much. Rudos control in the ring, as ringside is getting littered with garbage being aimed at Konnan. 3 on 2 gives the rudos the first big advantage of the show, though we don't see it much. Cien Caras fights Konnan off a bit. I think Jack and Teddy were fighting in the stands? I have no idea what is supposed to be going on. Look, Chessman is climbing out. He can climb fast.

Arturo is four for four on remembering who's still in the match. People have random brawls on the outside, and stand around looking at each other at other points. Roldan is the only one who sells anything. Santo starts the big comeback on Silver and Electro, but Parka can not help out until the rudos get up and walk over to him, because he is so fat and slow. Santo climbs up just to show he could leave, while Parka holds Electro on the mat and waits for him to turn around for the top rope con giro. Santo bounces off that towards Silver King, who tosses him to the corner, and Santo climbs. This is a perfect time for Santo to go, except Silver doesn't seem to agree, pulling Santo back. Konnan pounds Vamp with punches. All four guys in the ring stand on the top rope and fight, as fights continue on the outside. Guys in the ring just fall back to the mat. Santo gets Elector in a headscissors and than the came clutch, which won't help him much here. Konnan shoots him with a fire extinguisher to break it up. Replay shows Electro took it just as bad, but he climbs up while Santo is in pain on the mat. Electro is not a Chessman level climber, but, he manges to go over the top.

With everyone down in the ring, Konnan tries to climb the cage – why? Why would he do that? - and Joaquin stops him by grabbing his legs. Random music plays, and everyone stops to wonder and the random music. Announcers squawk over each other. Nothing seems to happen. Everyone waits for something to happen anyway. Director gets back and switches to shots of people doing nothing in the ring, because they're wearing. Then to shots of people outside doing nothing. Silver King and Parka give up and start fighting, and that's when Zorro shows up. On the entrance videos, for sure. Otherwise, we've got a man in the full Zorro mask and the old black Zorro outfit with Zorro's cane, but something seems off. Masked Zorro walks around, telling the Legion to stay out of the way and discussing something with Roldan. Who he gives the cane to, who use to to hit Konnan a few times to stop him. Which he actually was doing fine before.

Zorro walks over and poses on his knee for Marisela Pena. Silver King decides this might be a good time to finish the match, and spikes Santo with a Wagner driver. Parka is able to stop his run with a backdrop, then checks on Santo. Parka helps Santo climb up, then starts climbing himself. Parka actually climbs up and out first, because Santo is climbing so slow. Slow enough that Silver King is able to grab him by the left leg and stop him. Bad plan, Parka! Silver King, who's facepaint seems to have mostly come off, battles with Santo on the top rung of the cage. Actually, it looks like all the facepaint is now on Santo's trunks. Santo and Silver battle near the top, with Silver King getting one leg over and everyone realizing they're not too sure about when you officially escape a cage. Maybe that's just me. Santo gets him with a chinlock and knocks him down a rung, Santo reaches up and almost low blows him, Santo is able to elbow him down and go over to the top. That's the match.

Konnan doesn't let the victory stand for one seconds before he's complaining on the microphone to the announcers. All of AAA (well, those were on the card, plus the Apaches) come to ringside to join in the celebration. Santo and Roldan get rides on the wrest;er shoulders (Laredo and Marco hold up Roldan, which is an uneven ride for sure) as Octagon rants to the announcers, and Legion somewhat skulks off. Konnan gets a microphone and rants some more. MaskedZorro has vanished along the way and no one seems to care that much. Marisela Pena celebrates some more, fireworks go off, and that's it.