AAA on Televisa #886 (05/23/2009)

Last week: we found about Pimpi's love for Gato. What, that's an ongoing storyline? Laredo beat Super Fly, much to Super Fly's surprise and general displeasure. Alex beat Rocky, who took it better. Zorro got X-Pac with the fire extinguisher, quite good. This week, we do seem to see X-Pac's head put in the toilet, but the third of the screen with X-Pac's head is darkened, and then they cut away before he actually goes in. Electro won again. Mesias turned down joining the legion for either the second or third time.

Today: Wagner, Zorro, Electro and Vamp for a title shot, plus the Circus vs tecnicos, and other stuff. They only mention two matches, low for them. Highlights of everything else.

In Ring Promo: Nicho and Lider are out with – a whole bunch of Marco Corleone posters, taped together. OH NO THEY SPRAYPAINTED IT! The horror. Nicho starts doing the promo in English so Marco can understand it, how nice of him. If only he did the actual threats in English. Look at that big section of bleachers completely empty – did they not sell it? Anyway, they want Marco 2 on 1, which probably does not work for Marco. I don't know why this needed to be in-ring, but whatever.

Backstage, and earlier today, and seemingly a completely different building: Brazo and Decnnis talk in low voices about not being on shows much lately. Things are going downhill for him. Who should come by but Guapito, who notes they're getting booked without the backing of Guapito. They need to come back under his wing, if they want to get back on TV. In fact, they need to join his new promotion. Decnnis, in between calming Brazo down, says they want to do it on their own. Guapito tells thjem to check out his new ts-shirts and think about it. They look at the t-shirts, but we don't, and throw them down as Guapito leave. Neither guy likes it – no work, or work with Guapito.

Match 1: Mini Abismo Negro ©, Mini Histeria, Mini Psicosis vs Mascarita Divina, Mascarita Sagrada 2007 ©, Octagoncito
Estadio de Futbol Los Pinos de Cuautitlan de Romero Rubio, 04/21/2009

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 8:56 (Sagrada satellite armbar on Abismo; Divina double underhook slam Histeria @ 6:13, Abismo knee bar Divina @ 6:33)
Rating: good, but edited
Notes: No entrances. Pause during intros as they try to figure out the tecnico captain. Piero is ref.

Clips start 10 seconds in, and beatdown is right after, so maybe no play by play for this one. Actually, no PBP because this show is 2h30m long and I'm not excited for it and I have a whole bunch of CMLL I could be watching but this has to be done. Worth nothing that this is an outdoor arena – it's just getting dark at the start of the match – but I would guess it'd be a lesser attendance than other TV tapings. Most of the seating is on the floor, because the ring is a distance away form the main seating structure. Tecnicos make their comeback after two minutes of not so interesting stuff. Seems like another clip after the comeback, taking out Divina's run of offense. Sagrada has an okay sequence with Abismo – seems like they've got the sequence now, even if they're not doing anything special with it. Octagon does a big moonsault off the corner to the floor. Divina gets his sequence here on Histeria, with both guys going for pinfalls instead of the follow up dive you'd expect here. Divina does something in the double underhook family for a pinfall, and everyone's weirded out by a captain not being pinned again. Divina gets a near fall on Abismo, but then Abismo walks him thru his complete knee bar sequence. Divina gives up. Crowd clearly behind Abismo, who probably is going to eventually need to do somethings rudo-ish if he's still meant to be booed. Sagrado tries a 'rana on him, but Abismo powerbombs him. One two and Abismo smacks Sagrada in the head to break up his own pin. I think that's what happened there, anyway. It doesn't make much sense, because Abismo follows up with a belly to belly suplex and then complains about the count being too slow. Maybe Dorada got knocked out? Sagrada gets the satellite armbar on Dorada, and Abismo gives.

Sagrada's music plays for literally one second before Guapito's replaces it. He's got a specific brand of small dog with him, and has security help him into the ring. All the minis are standing and waiting for him, and Abismo takes off his glasses. Abismo even puts hi on his shoulders so he can do his promo for a high place. He invites all the minis to his new promotion -, and then buttons his jacket to show off his new shirt – Chihuahuenos del Mal. They play the Perros del Mal music – not a cover, not a parody with the Chihuahuenos instead – and Guapito dances before offering t-shirts to everyone else to join. Of course, everyone does

Noti AAA

Backstage: Super Fly still thinks Laredo Kid got lucky to beat him – Super Fly's the main event star, it has to be a fluke for the best wrestler and leader of Fuerza Aerea to lose. Aerostar and Laredo have no more idea what's up with this rudo turn than the rest of us. Argenis is nowhere to be scene.

Match 2: Rio Bravo, Tigre Cota, Tito Santana II vs Aerostar, Argenis, Super Fly
Estadio de Futbol Los Pinos de Cuautitlan de Romero Rubio, 04/21/2009

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 5:46
Rating: kay, noting special
Notes: Oh, there he is. I don't think he's ate since last time he was on TV. Ref is Pepe Casas. Why isn't Super Fly captain?

Super Fly fakes out Rio Bravo thru the ropes and follows him out, leaving the other four. The rudos get the armdrags on the tecnicos and hit topes, in a bit of a reverse. Rudos control the ring, next time they show it. Middle rope headscissors, splash combo for Super Fly. AAA shows the same crowd footage twice in three seconds, then shows a replay of a springboard elbow drop on Aerostar they almost cut out. Super Fly actually starts the comeback, setting Argenis on the top rope after a whip and ducking a double clothesline from the unmasked rudos. Argenis planchas them, they catch and toss him, and Argenis turns it into an armdrags on Rio Bravo, which is perhaps the neatest thing he's done. Superkick sends out Tito, Aerostar's springboard headscissors send out Tigre Cota, and the tecnicos dive at the rudos, hitting cascading tope con giro on the same side of the ring.

Everyone heads back to the ring, where Rio Bravo poses on the ropes for no reason but set up a high 619 by Aerostar. Aero comes back in with a springboard splash. Corner whip, reverses, Aero kips up and flips away, but his headlock gets thrown off into a slam. It's ignored in favor of a replay. Aerostar duck a clothesline, and sends Rio out with a climbing headscissors. Aero leaps to the apron and is quick off – instead of the usual death defying reverse tope, Aero's adds in a roll just to make it more dangerous.

Super Fly and Tigre in, and evading each other for a bit. Cota isn't impressed by all of Fly's flips but his punch gets caught into an armdrags, then grabbed to set up a run up the ropes flipping armdrags. Tigre goes out, Super Fly position himself carefully before launching – handspring moonsault to the floor, Super Fly hitting the barricade hard after impact but looking fine. Aero gets Rio with a headscissors, but another one gets turned into a front face slam. Rio gives its' a that's it sign, which never means it's that it's anymore. Ario tosses Aero up, Aero comes down with a 'rana, one two Santana makes the save with a dropkick. Santana whips Aero and also tosses him up, but is a lot more successful in powerbombing him down. One two three. Rudos celebrate but no music plays, and I think briefly the captain wasn't pinned. Someone hits the play button and it starts making more sense. Kinda of a surprise finish.

Argenis checks on Aero, who's a bit groggy. Poder del Norte is very happy with their win. Super Fly is very angry with his loss, and lets Aero know – showing him, and Argenis too when argues. These losers are making Super Fly look bad, I guess.

Backstage: Super Fly and Aerostar have another discussion about what just happened for our benefit. I think Super Fly's case is “where were you to break up the pin?”, a fine question.

Black Abyss, Decnnis, Brazo vs Crazy Boy, Gato Eveready, Pimpinela Escarlata ©

Match 3: Crazy Boy, Gato Eveready, Pimpinela Escarlata © vs Black Abyss, Decnnis, El Brazo ©
Estadio de Futbol Los Pinos de Cuautitlan de Romero Rubio, 04/21/2009

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 7:03 (2:58+4:05)
Rating: eh
Notes: I know it's about honoring Abismo Negro and they're doing this with respect, but still, incredibly awkward. They need to at least do the sudden tecnico turn. Random staggered entrances - is Decnnis a bigger star than Abyss and Crazy? When did Decnnis give up dying his hair? Guapito turns up before the match, though the Guapos are still not happy to see him. Guapito gets in the ring to discuss with Brazo again, but that doesn't seem any more successful. Meanwhile, Pimpi tries to kiss Hijo de Tirantes, then Gato Eveready. Gato's not down with that.

Técnico showcase to start, with Pimpi doing the usual and Crazy doing his usual with Black Abyss. Guapito breaks up the routine by running into break up a Crazy Boy pin, only to get kicked down. It's though for Crazy to get knocked out by Abyss, who follows with a tornillo. Gato's just starting his run as they go to break.

Match is mostly comedy, including Pimpi getting beat up by a brawling Guapito. Gato manges to evade the rudos to to start his own comeback, and the match breaks down to individual brawls. Crazy and Black Abyss get to their big moves on the outside, while Brazo pairs up with Pimpi and Gato with Decnnis. Everyone just as quick goes back to their corners, so Gato can complete his run, ending with a tornillo on Decnnis. Brazo belly bumps Pimpi out and teases a dive, but instead goes to the apron for a bowling ball tope con giro fro there. Crazy gives Abyss a DVD and runs off the ropes for more, but Brazo trips him up and pulls him out. Abyss adds a moonsault to the floor. Guapito somehow end sup with Gato and Pimpi, but the tecnicos fail, and Guapito shoves Pimpi into a kiss on Gato. Decnnis pinwheels Pimpi by her hair and goes for a sunset flip. Pimpi blocks it, but Guapito pushes her over, and Decnnis holds on for three.

Post match lasts ten seconds or less, but we do get Decnnis being really happy with Guapito for his help (Brazo is unaware) and Black Abyss doing a flip off the top rope for no reason – is Teddy under the mask this week?

Match 4: Jack Evans vs Extreme Tiger in the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship tournament
Estadio de Futbol Los Pinos de Cuautitlan de Romero Rubio, 04/21/2009

Winner: DRAW (double pin)
Match Time: 9:41
Rating: typical
Notes: No entrances, with the show starting just seconds before the match. Usually they at least give in-ring introductions, but there's just the tail end of it. Maybe that's how they cut enough time to avoid an over run this week? Piero is ref.

Lockup, Jack with a waistlock, Tiger switches, Jack into a headlock. Backing up to the ropes, shot off, back with a shoulderblock. Jack off the ropes, over, Tiger jumps for no reason, which makes Jack's dropkick look better. Grabbing him and backing him up, then walking with him to set up a corner whip. Corner charge, no one home, Tiger knocks him won with the Tiger mask flip, and adds a standing dropkick. Tiger drags Jack close to the ropes - he's pretty close already, and then lands a split legged senton. One two no. Tiger is frustrated he didn't end this match in one minute. Jack tries to battle up with punches, but Tiger punches him down. Loud chop. Tiger taunts the crowd – I think he's the rudo here. Slap. Whip, reversed, quickly into one of Jack's spinning kicks to the head. Jack picks up Tiger, and kicks him to the ropes. Whip, Jack flipping dropkick. Standing on his chest moonsault twisting senton. One two NO. Jack's not hurrying in between moves here, but this match seems hurried. Jack snap mares Tiger, and then runs him over with a kick to the chest. One two no. Jack on Tiger's back, and applying a camel clutch with Tiger on all fours. Seen better. Crowd is library quiet; hasn't been a loud crowd, but they've been louder than this. Double stomp to Tiger's neck, that never fun. Whip, reversed, Tiger charges Jack, Jack dropkicks him as he flips over the ropes, then slingshots in – right into Tiger's stunner. Timing was good on that. Jack falls out of the ring, and Tiger topples him over with a running dropkick to the floor. Now Tiger's appealing for support – which is it?

Clip, and Tiger's bringing back in to the ring. Cover, one two no. Jack trying to figure up for om his feet, but Tiger punches him down. Clip again. Tiger picking up Jack and looking around a lot. Whip? Maybe? Reversed, reverses, Tiger with an Atlantida into a faceslam. One two NO. Tiger standing on that pin and not doing the best job of covering. Clip, and both men are down. Replay of a spinning kick we just missed, how great. Jack gets just enough of Tiger on a standing twisting moonsault splash, one two no. I guess he didn't get enough after all. Tiger smashed into the corner as the announcers talk about the main event again. Whip, reversed, Tiger miss a jumping spin kick, Jack waits for him to get up, kick to the midsection, another, a very telegraphed clotheslines, Tiger catches it, Jack re-reverses it, Tiger slide out, Jack goes out after him. That was a lot for a little. Tiger kicks Jack and sets him on the barricade - oh, is this back? Tiger's got a long way to jump as he goes up top, but he does get there, landing the guillotine legdrop. Lots of replays as Piero counts both guys out. Tiger throws Jack in, and then follows himself, but its very slow crawling on top. One two no. Tiger covers again, one two no. Jack slapping the mat to get the crowd to clap. Doesn't quite work here. Tiger up and charging, but Jack swing his foot in Tiger's direction, and we pretended it hits – twice. (Not the best camera work there. ) Jack running 450 splash, one two no. Jack can't believe that' snot it. Crowd is still dead. Whip, Jack kicks Tiger, and pushes him into the ropes. Jack backs up, charges and gets kicked (sort of, in the shins) and hangs himself in the ropes for no real reason except to set up Tiger's flying stomp. Quite contrived. One two no. Hey, Tiger, maybe you'd get the three if you didn't help Jack kick out every time. I'm just saying. Tiger picks up Jack in an inverted gory, and just hurriedly and recklessly drops him for a powerbomb. Jack was completely not ready and takes a really bad landing on his head and neck – both me and Arturo think he's dead, and then I remember I probably would've known that by now. Jack looks all glassy eyed, but a replay shows he was able to turn slightly. Still looked like it sucked real bad. Tiger slowly climbs to the op, but Jack gets up and crotches him. Jack climbs up with him and pulls him off with a 'rana. Jack covering, one two no. Tiger's turn to do a move, right? Jack: “SEIS TRIENTA!” This just in, Jack Evans, still amusing. Of course, Tiger's already rolled out of position before Jack's even up top, and crotches Jack with a kick. It is his turn, after all. Superplex, both reach with their legs to cradle the other, and they just end up locking legs with both pinned. Piero counts one, two, stops – no one's kicked out – one two three. Piero is very clearly signaling draw, from the start, but both guys are down and can't quite see it.

Both celebrate without realizing the finish or that the other guys is celebrate. No music plays. Announcers figure it out, but that's because they've got it written down before them. They eventually settle on playing Tiger's music, but Jack argues with Piero. Piero goes over to the announcers to explain the double pin – wish someone could do it for the fans in attendance. Ah, they don't care much anyway. The music guy switches to Jack's music, which makes him a bit happier. He's still grabbing his neck on the way to the back.

Vignette: Zorro is acting a bit unstable. Jack shows up, asking for Konnan to rectify that last finish. Zorro says Konnan's not here (in English, and then again in Spanish.) Jack wants a rematch, and Zorro promises him one. Zorro says it's time – just like Jack told him. Jack has no idea what he told Zorro, and of course Zorro's not explaining.

Promo: La Parka's not interested in the clowns – he wants Silver King, and wants to put an end to Konnan running the show.

Match 5: La Parka Jr., Laredo Kid ©, Marco Corleone vs Killer Clown, Psycho Clown ©, Zombie Clown
Estadio de Futbol Los Pinos de Cuautitlan de Romero Rubio, 04/21/2009

Winner: Psycho Cirucs
Match Time: 10:31 (1:38+7:43)
Rating: Usual
Notes: Only Parka and Marco get entrances. Zombie tries to out dance Parka, somehow failing. Laredo's captain? DOOMED FOR SURE. Hijo de Tirantes joins in the rudos pre-match huddle, but Parka joining it is too much.

Rudos immediately take control. Lots more separated brawling than usual for the Clowns. Clowns get it together after the break, though Parka takes as much as Octagon usually does. Parka backdrops Laredo to safety after about five minutes of comeback, Marco hit his clothesline on everyone, and then tossed Laredo into a plancha on the outside. Parka has to hang Zombie Clown off to Marco to slam him, because he's too heavy for Parka. Laredo adds a frog splash, Parka adds a legdrop, and no one thinks to actually pin him. Oh, they're going to string this out longer with showcase spots. Laredo vs Zombie is edited, and no one can do a move today without backing someone up into the ropes for a whip. Laredo eventually gets Zombie with a tope rope armdrag. Circus plays Pesta Negra to Marco, with Psycho Clown standing on Killer's shoulders, and Marco dropkicking him off. Stone hand punch and clothesline all around, and Marco finishes with the running plancha to the floor. Parka is in last, but doesn't do much before Nicho and Lider show up at ringside to stomp Marco down. While they wear their belts, of course. Zombie gives Parka the flying low blow headbutt and he's kicked out. Nicho shows off a figure four on Marco, an odd thing for a beatdown. Laredo takes a giant legdrop from Killer Clown, and a frog splash from Psycho for the pin. Win streak lives on.

Clowns exit, while Hermandad bring Marco in the ring for Nicho's chair hit into a chair into a going bit. Rudos switch it up to attack his leg, and keep Parka from coming into help out. They leave, and Marco's eventually put on a stretcher, but the rudos return to attack him again.

Backstage: Marco's right knee is hurting a lot, as shown by the doctor grabbing it and being in a lot of pain. Latin Lover is very concerned about all of this. Latin explains the story to the doctor, who seems to care more about his knee. Wait, Latin's here and not in a match?

Video Package: Mesias vs Wagner. I wonder who could possibly win the #1 contenders match!

Match 6: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Electro Shock, Zorro, Vampiro in a Number One Contenders match for the AAA World Heavyweight Championship
Estadio de Futbol Los Pinos de Cuautitlan de Romero Rubio, 04/21/2009

Winner: Dr. Wagner Jr.
Match Time: 16:40
Rating: eh
Notes: Vampiro continues his multi-state crime spree of video camera theft, though they can't get the feed to work from it this time. You think they could've found a few seconds to make us believe Electro, Zorro or Vamp could win this. Wagner has his sword, and a new weird crowd and coat, which is the closest they come. Crowd behind Wagner the most – he and Vamp shake hands and hug before the match. Pepe Casas is ref.

Match is worked as a four way, with everyone fighting at the same time. Crowd chants for Wagner while Vamp gets beat, which must be fun for him. Neither tecnico here is really big on selling, which makes the opening beatdown kind of silly. Wagner's kept out while Vamp is worked over, and they do enough that the crowd starts cheering for Vamp.

Vamp stats his comeback after they come back from the break, which includes a double reverse of a whip to start, and Wagner getting a shot form the outside. Clips, and plenty of posing between offense. Rudos regroup just long enough to that each other tecnico comeback, with both sides still getting along fine with each other. Electro fights a double whip for a bit, for no particular reason, but ends up taking a two man faceslam. A little bit later, they try for the same on Zorro, but Zorro reverses it to a bodyscissors roll up Vamp, and Wagner is completely unaware as Zorro gets the pin. I guess this is elimination rules.

Rudos double team Wagner,but Zorro accidentally superkicks Electro to stop that. Zorro goes for his cane, but just hangs back as Wagner messes with Electro. Zorro swings, and gets Electro again. Wagner chops Zorro around, Zorro misses a dropkick and Wagner gets him with a casita.

Crowd wants to see Wagner win (of course) and is pleased with that finish. They're as loud as they've been all night. Wagner drops his straps to pose, and Electroshock just shakes his head and chops him. Wagner slaps Electro on the back, because that's the place without the big pad. Wagner's no idiot, that's for sure. Both off the ropes, Wagner on top with a running plancha, one two no. Electro charges Wagner, Wagner backdrops him all the way to the floor (quite a fall for Electro) and Wagner knocks him over with the apron tope con giro. Technical wizard Wagner grabs a plastic lid for something and hits Electro in the back and head. Wagner then walks over to Marcelia Pena, and does the Wagner handsignal, with Marcelia reluctantly doing it back. That was great. Both back in, Wagner miss a corner splash, and Electroshock kicking him in the midsection to take him off the ropes. One two no. Electro gets a knee bar, I guess, and Wagner's is stuck in the middle of the ring for a while. Even AAA can't buy this as finish, as they do the wavy transition to later – the crowd seems a quieter, not getting into it until Wagner gets close to the ropes and not reacting when he gets there. Electro tries to get the crowd going again. Electro and Wagner do counter sequences, which seem slow. After a counter sequence, Electro loads up Wagner on his shoulders and drops him with a big spinebuster splash. Electro gos to hook on his submission, but Wagner counters into a small package, one two no. Electro pounds the mat, frustrated. Wagner staggers to his feet, but looks around and claps his hand to get people chanting for him. Pose, Electroshock charges, and right into a backbreaker. Charge, and another, but Wagner is selling his own knee. Electroshock charges one more time, Wagner kick, Wagner Driver spikes Electro. One two three.

Crowd is happy. Mesias comes out, and again Wagner and Mesias can't have a conversation with the lights on. Catchphrases, check. Mesias says he's not scared, and talks about the difference between a man and a child, whatever that's supposed to mean. Apparently Wagner takes it to mean he's a child, because he shoves Wagner down, and they start to fight before security stops both of them. That's it.