AAA Mini Line - 05/16/09 (#884)
Recap: 05/16/09

Last Week: Alan &Tiger won their tournament matches. You know, as short as the Alan/Escoria match was, I bet it was still longer than every match (but the final) in the minis tournament. “Good beat evil”, though Parka and Silver King really didn't have anything to do it. Dr. Wagner Jr. wrestled. If no one in AAA's fanbase cares about the independents or watches CMLL, why was Dr. Wagner Jr. over?

This week: matches that I'll mention later.

Vignette: Gato Eveready, Ultimo Gladiador and Pimpinela Escarlata have a conversation. This a win already, but they're all hyped for the opportunity to beat the Clowns and end the streak. Though Pimpi seems more interested in kissing Gato

Match 1: Psycho Clown , Zombie Clown, Killer Clown vs Pimpinela Escarlata, Gato Eveready , Ultimo Gladiador
Tepic Nayarit, 04/17/09

Winner: Clowns
Match Time: 5:34
Notes: No entrances, though Pimpi does get the microphone, and gets clipped. They couldn't bother to shoot a new generic crowd shot this week? Pimpi mentions it his birthday, just as the Clowns jump the tecnicos. Piero is ref.

Brawling beatdown. Looks like the Clowns got some new gear since we saw them last. Tecnicos get thrown out, and Zombie does the big splash off Killer's shoulders onto poor Gato. Crowd behind him, which doesn't stop him form the taking a side slam/middle rope elbow drop. Jesus Z tries to start a champs about the Clowns being champs. Nice to know someone might remember that. SCREEN TURN TRANSITION. AAA is seriously paying people to find out why their show doesn't look as good as RAW, really? I find this hard to believe.

Jump ahead to Pimpi down on the mat, Zombie jumping on Killer's back, and Psycho jumping on Zombie's back. Killer's bent over but still on his feet and walking, collapsing on Pimpi. The other two more slide off than hit, but it was still an amusing visual. Gato back in, and Killer press a foot on him. Rudos set up the three man piggy back again, but Gladiador is up on the apron – and knocking the pile over with a plancha. Gato rolled out of the way and escaped with his life. And then everyone just stands around a bit as the rudos leave. Tecnicos remember to bring Pimpi in, which only nearly gets them kissed. Psycho makes the save, slapping him out. Gato shoves Psycho, Psycho shoves Gato down hard. Gato misses a kick, Zombie misses a kick, Gato off the ropes, over, rolling up and over, Psycho shoves him off, and Gato gets him with a spinning armdrag. Gato flips over Zombie's back, ducks under, hides in the ropes, and Psycho throws himself out. Gato points, runs, and CROWD SHOT. Poor Gato.

Pimpi and Killer in, and Killer dropping Pimpi with a clothesline. Crowd doesn't not look as filled as I've seen recently, but it's tough to see the bleaches in the actual structure. Pimpi fires back with chest slaps, duck a punch from Killer, and dropkicks him in the knee. Chops, and an eye poke to keep Killer from attacking. Pimpi races to the top rope and drops Killer with a missile dropkick. Another sends him out. Pimpi teases a dive, but goes for a kiss instead. Crowd shot, though a different one. UG dropkicks Zombie, then rolls over him to get a superkick again. Another crowd shot, and UG 's clothesline Zombie out. Asia Moonsault follows. They've got a lot more room to the floor than they've had lately. Pimpi gets tossed into a headscissors on Psycho, Killer misses a senton him, Gato adds a top rope splash, Psycho tries to break up that pin and gets his partner instead. Gato's fired up, and so is Pimpi – kiss! Pimpi's celebrating getting that in, and missing her partner take a powerlsam from Psycho. One tow three. That's the match, but Killer adds a pres slam and legdrop for Pimpi anyway.

Vignette: Super Fly explains to Laredo Kid that he's the best in the Air Force. He took Super Calo's mask, and he beat Electro one time. Laredo tries to make a counter argument (perhaps about the eight thousand times he's lost to Electro), but Super Fly just cuts him off and tells him to try hard before walking off. Hola, random rudo turn!

Laredo Kid vs Super Fly

Match 2: Super Fly vs Laredo Kid in a AAA Cruiserweight Tournament Quarterfinal Match
Tepic Nayarit, 04/17/09

Winner: Laredo Kid
Match Time: 6:26
Notes: Separate entrances for this team, but they just keep the music playing. Pepe Casas is ref. They edit the opening of the match here, but it's done in such a way that it's very tough to tell, which makes me wonder if their was a coup in the production booth since the last match.

Chop battle to start, which turns into shoves. Super Fly tells Laredo to go to the ropes, and so he does. Fly leapfrogs Laredo, Fly off the ropes, Laredo leapfrogs Fly. Laredo waved by, spinning armdrag sends Super Fly to the ropes but he stays in. Which is fine for Laredo, who dropkicks him. Yell at chanting for the crowd. Laredo helps Super Fly up, but opts not to punch him. Whip, Super Fly handspring flip escape, then a 619 escape to sneak behind behind Super Fly. Armdrag sends Laredo to the corner. Fly charges, no one's home, Laredo swung to the apron. Kick from Laredo, going up, plancha meets Super Fly dropkick. Stomp. Laredo picked up to be slapped down. Laredo slapping him in the back of head while down. Whip, spinning back elbow. Whip, Laredo back, Super Fly knocks him down with a big knee. Crowd not as behind him when he tries to get them chanting. Elbow drop. Super Fly chant still won't get going, so Super Fly accidentally starts a Laredo one. Edit here? Headbutt. Whip, backdrop. Knee to the head. Heel kicks to the midsection. Kick to the back of the leg. Kicks to the chest. Laredo's pretty well worn down. Super Fly wristlock – bitting the head! Announcers can't believe what Super Fly is doing to win here. Clothesline misses, Laredo back with a headscissors. Super Fly sent up, Laredo quick up top – tope con giro to the floor. Laredo shoves Super Fly back in and comes in himself, as we see a replay. Laredo goes up, but Super Fly is up behind him, and dropkicking him to the floor. Super Fly calls for his dive – handspring moonsault connects. Super Fly brings Laredo back in and pulls down his top, to make the chest slap hit harder. Laredo does the same thing to Super Fly, and we get super close replay to both. Back live, they're suddenly on the top rope, Laredo sitting and Super Fly climbing up to join him. 'rana is successful, but Super Fly celebrates before covering. One two NO. Super Fly's a bit frustrated. Crowd behind Laredo, with Super Fly just looking at them. Super Fly slaps Laredo, slams him in position, and let's the world know he's going up. Taking to long, and Laredo stops him with punches. What now? Both standing on the top rope - moonsault side slam. Laredo gets up to celebrate and then remembers he needs to be covering. One two three. Now you can celebrate!

Laredo Kid poses a for a bit and goes to help Super Fly, but Super Fly just shoves him away. Laredo tries to get his attention one too many times, and Super Fly slaps him in the chest. Stomps! Laredo manages to take him down for punches, and they brawl on the the mat until Pepe Casas splits them up.

Noti AAA

Promos: Alex and Rocky, separately. Once again, it's the Russian guy who speaks Spanish (doesn't matter that Rocky's a friends, this is his chance to prove his capabilities to the AAA fans), and the Hispanic guy who wavers between English and Spanish. Rocky promises the greatest match in the history of AAA. About time they show some classic footage! Oh, he means this one.

Match 3: Alex Koslov vs Rocky Romero in a AAA Cruiserweight Tournament Quarterfinal Match
Tepic Nayarit, 04/17/09

Winner: Alex Koslov
Match Time: 5:31
Other Match Notes: Again, partners come out separately to the same music. Everyone says Azuca like they're mocking it, or just trying to remember it down. Piero is your ref. Again, seems like a clip to start. There is a brief mention that Rocky's in this tournament in place of Juvi, which is more than I'd figure they'd say.

Rocky mises a punch, weird edit, and Alex is somehow hit. Rocky off the ropes, Alex stops him with a back elbow, Alex misses a clothesline as Rocky bridges under, Rocky runs to the ropes and hangs between them, Alex charges, and throw himself out, and Alex follows with a tope.

Both coming in, but Rocky gets there first and dragon screws Alex's leg thru the ropes. Rocky with a sharp dropkick to the knee. Rocky off the ropes, Alex leapfrogs, and Rocky throws him down by the bad knee. Cover, one two no. Replay, and suddenly Alex is in charge and putting Rocky in a tapatía around the ropes. Haven't seen this one from Alex for a while. Piero actually gives him the five count, which is surprising for AAA. If I start writing every time there seem to be a micro edit, this will be a hundred pages long, but here was another one. Whip, reversed, Alex springboards off, and Rocky catches him in a cutter. One two NO. Replays of that. Whip, reversed, Alex misses a clothesline, but nails the superkick. One two NO. The fans are definitely in the match, but it feels like we're getting highlights broken up by replays. After as replay of that superkick. Rocky is suddenly outside, and Alex follows with a huge springboard plancha. After a replay of that, they're suddenly back in, and Alex has hit. Alex rallies the crowd to clap for his kicks to the back of the head. Alex off the ropes, running kick to the chest is caught and pulled in to the anklelock. Alex in trouble, but spins it forward into a cradle one two NO. Rocky has that ankle locks till out and gets back to his feet. Alex yelling in pain, but reaching for the ropes. Nope, Rocky pulls him back. Alex rolls forward to knock him into the ropes, Rocky bounces backwards, Alex cradles him, one two NO. Crowd shot here as an edit. Rocky climbing to the middle rope, Alex slowly getting up. Rocky jumps at him, but Alex turns and kicks him in the shoulder. One two NO. Crowd is loud for the near falls, and easily more behind Alex. Rocky picks up Alex, Alex slips behind, Rocky elbows him away. Rocky jumps to the middle rope, but Alex jumps with him – Russian legsweep, Red Scare! That's pretty good right there, and that's all for Rocky. I'm pretty sure they just did have a really good match, I just wish we would've gotten to see it.

Vignette: Oriental is all excited to help out the Legion – and act as Kenzo's translator! Since when did Kenzo need a translator? Not really now either, since he blows off Konnan's plan (shut up X-Pac) by demanding to know where the money he's owed is. Oriental switched to peacemaker instead, but Kenzo still ends up walking out on them.

Match 4: Kenzo Suzuki, Zorro ©, Oriental vs Charly Manson, Elegido, X-Pac ©
Tepic Nayarit, 04/17/09

Winner: Zorro
Match Time: 7:46
Other Match Notes: No entrances. Guess Zorro's bit got dropped? They made X-Pac captain? Does X-Pac have any idea what that means? He does know he still wants Zorro dead, and chases after him to start. Zorro flees the ring and X-Pac stays in it, staring at him while his partners get beat. Hijo de Tirantes is the ref.

Rudo beatdown to start, with Zorro sneaking in behind X-Pac and attacking him. Zorro takes him outside, and throws him over the rail into a bunch of empty seats. Elegido gets isolated in the ring, and everyone stomps on him. Generic crowd skips up to the comeback going bad, Kenzo accidentally kicking Oriental and Charly and Elegido clearing the ring. Zorro's dumped to the outside, where X-Pac's ready to shake and threaten and no not actually to punch quite yet. Hijo de Tirantes ignores the two fights in the ring, and heroically exits it to cut off X-Pac. Lots of weird camera shots or editing in here. Things settle down with Elegido and Zorro in. Zorro's not too impressed with Elegido's act, and easily distracted Elegido for Kenzo sneaking in behind. Slap, double kick. Superkick to X-Pac for coming to close, too. Elegido manages to rally back with a middle rope clothesline thing, and Kenzo accidentally slaps Zorro. Trunk pulls sunset flip, CHECK. Zorro tells off the crowd, then misses a clothesline and gets dropkicked out. Oriental in, going a lot faster than Elegido seems comfortable with. Elegido ducks a clothesline and back elbow, but gets caught by Elegido and slammed down. Kick. CLIP

Charly and Kenzo are suddenly in the ring. Kenzo teases locking up, and prefers to actually slap and punch. Charly battles back with with his jabs and chops. Whip, reversed, Charly over, waved by, and back again with a headscissors. Charly jumps over Oriental as he slides in, Oriental whips him anyway, Oriental whips him anyway, Charly back with a jumping clothesline. Zorro in - so Charly tags out to X-Pac, and Zorro runs off again. X-Pac just can't seem to chase him through the ropes. Oriental attacks X-Pac from behind. Whip, drop toe hold, off the ropes, somersault legdrop to the back of X-Pac's head. That can't be fun. One two no. X-Pac rallies up. Whip, reversed, Oriental slides under, CROWD SHOT. Oriental off the ropes, right into X-Pac's wonning heel kick. Cover, Kenzo breaks it up and accidentally kills Oriental with an elbow drop. Kenzo back up, and beheading X-Pac with a big boot. X-Pac rallying again. Suplex. Does Zorro want to come in now? Nah, guess not. Kenzo off the ropes, clothesline miss, and X_Pac gets him with a jumping spinning kick. Zorro in now, and X-Pac gets him with a kick catch spinning kick. Kenzo goes to powerbomb X-Pac, but take a backdrop to the floor. X-Pac running – slingshot tope con giro just gets there. Zorro going for his own dive, but Elegido cuts him off with a forearm. Zorro swings and Elegido misses, and gets clotheslined by Charly. Elegido and Oriental in, and Oriental dropkicks Elegido in the knee. Crowd shot. Oriental backs Elegido into the corner, chops him, whip, Oriental follows, Oriental clothesline. Oriental throws Elegido towards the middle of the ring as he goes out. All the way up – corkscrew moonsault bodyblock knocks Elegido over. Oriental goes up again, but Elegido crotches him this time. Oriental falls in the corner, but Kenzo takes out Elegido with a big chop. Running boot sends Elegido out, Charly takes out Kenzo with a dropkick to the shin and starts to put on El Pozo. Meanwhile, X-Pac lands the Bronco Buster on Oriental, despite Zorro trying to shoot a fire extinguisher's exhaust at him. He's too far away, so Zorro just gets closer and tries again, and doesn't quite let up until it's empty. Charly shoves Zorro and tries cover up X-Pac, but Zorro just ignores him, covers, and Hijo de Tirantes fast counts a three. That was a finish.

Charly chases Zorro and the rudos off with a chair. X-Pac slowly pursues.

Backstage camera! X-Pac climbs down the stairs, , where Zorro has snuck behind a corner. He and Oriental jump X-Pac form behind and throw him form room to room. Into the bathroom. Elegido's music is playing, so he and Charly probably have no idea. Zorro and Kenzo try to shove X-Pac's face into a toilet, but they probably need to open it. If they do get any further, we don't see it – there's a part that seems edited out here.

Promo: Electroshock and Silver King

Promo: La Parka Jr. runs down the list of ways he's been killed by Silver King.

Promo: Marco – really doesn't have much to say.

Match 5: Marco Corleone & La Parka Jr. vs Silver King & Electroshock
Tepic Nayarit, 04/17/09

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 6:52
Other Match Notes: Rudos jump tecnios. Pepe Casas is ref.

Not even pointing out the edits any more, but it allows the tecnicos to make a quick comeback, with Marco doing the usual. Rudos get control back with brawling and chairs. Marco makes another comeback, and Silver King and La Parka brawl into the crowd. Electro manages to spear Marco and get in his submission, but Marco escapes to a cradle. Not that it matters, because Pepe Casas as is looking the wrong way. Back suplex side slam, and Marco calls for something more. Nicho and Joe Lider sneak out to ringside, but wait until Marco goes up to get in the ring. Nicho shoves Electro out of the way of Maroc's clothesline, and Lider smashed him with a chair. Pepe Casas is till looking the wrong way. Electro gets in the submission one more time, and Marco is out. Parka & Silver King continue to brawl on the floor

Promo: Vampiro & Mesias – who's the legends of hardcore?

Promo: Nicho & Joe Lider – Nicho smoking? Nicho randomly calling out Marco in English? They believe they're more extreme, how about that.

Match 6: Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario vs Vampiro & Mesias
Tepic Nayarit, 04/17/09

Winner: Tecnicos by DQ?
Match Time: 6:23
Other Match Notes: Staggered entrances, Vamp, tag champs, then Mesias. Hijo de Tirantes is back to ref this one. Edit to start.

Yes, the champs are wearing their belts while wrestling again. Tecnico showcase, rudo get control with chairs, tecnicos use those chairs against them. Lider take a chokeslam and a top rope splash, and the tecnicos are posing instead of pinning. Legion hits the ring: Electroshock, Zorro, Oriental, Silver King, Kenzo Suzuki, and Konnan. No finish is show, wiped out by another edit.

Mesias is held down for Konnan to give him one chance to join the Legion, pointing out how bad things have gone for AAA guys lately (Roldan lost control, Vampiro lost power, La Parka just lost.) Mesias says Konnan has a good offer, but he he's AAA. Marco Corleone shows up to make the save and do the plancha onto the tag champs. Vamp and Mesias clear the ring and threaten to kill, Konnan who still manges to roll out to safety.