AAA Mini Line - 05/02/09 (#883)
Recap: 05/03-13/09

Last week: Aero was just about to get rejected by Fabi when Billy Boy made the save for Aero's dignity. I mean, he got beat up, but the emotional scars last longer. Why does it always say closed captioned when it's never closed caption. Parka and Marco beat the Legion, kinda sort of. There was a trios match, where Charly beat Zorro this time. You know, if Charly wasn't crippled, I'd be so stoked for this teased feud. 13 people entered a domed cage, and 12 people left. We see all the escapes in order, though not the interference at the end.

They're in Arena Coliseo Monterrey, so it's the four sided ring. It's also a ramp to the ring, which might come in handy. Also, picture quality is good for the first time in a month.

Konnan shoes away the AAA flagbearers on the way to the ring. Hard to tell with all the flashing lights. Konnan discuses Mexican soccer as they show Marsela Pena shake her head no a bunch of times. No Joaquin? Random rant about Facebook & MySpace and Marsela and then we get a bit clipped. Konnan calls the newest AAA wrestler “Marco 'Latin Lover' Corleone” and sets him up in a match tonight. Looks like the upper most reaches of the arena are a little sparse, but it's a good crowd. Konnan gives Wagner one more week to come back to AAA and make up his mind.

Promo: Fabi is fired up for this match. Aerostar is looking for revenge for his mask getting pulled off.

Promo: Billy Boy and Sexi Star. Billy Boy's wearing a mask, and Sexi Star is ranting and snapping her head. Billy challenges Fabi and makes fun of Aerostar.

Match 1: Billy Boy & Sexi Star vs Aerostar & Fabi Apache
Arena Coliseo Monterrey, 03/22/09

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 9:21 (2:09+7:12)
Notes: No entrances, but I'd rather get those promos. Copetes is ref. Maybe a clip to start?

Rudos jump the tecnicos. Are we going to get this crane shot instead of a main hard cam? It seems that way, because they stick with a long time, only switched to ringside camera to show the impact on kicks and such. Again, men and women fight indiscriminately here. Fabi's arms are yanked around the top rope. Double boot, double armbar, flipped onto her feet, drop toe hold, Billy dropkick to the head, Billy kick to head. Aero argues with Copetes before coming in, and whatever spot he does with Sexi Star gets clipped. Billy lifts him in a Gori stretch and drops him with a powerbomb, and Sexy adds the dropkick. Fabi back in as the show goes to break.

Looks like they've jumped ahead a little bit here. Billy hangs on the outside as Sexi Star works over Fabi more. Whip, reversed, Fabi, armdrag to start a comeback? No, not from the way they're acting, this is post comeback and she's just starting her showcase. Billy and Aero are in corners – adjacent corners, someone's a goof. Spinning backbreaker for Sexi Star, who writhes on the mat. Fabi thinks about a dive, but Billy cuts her off with a kick. Crowd gets on Billy. Billy gets his revenge by dragging Fabi around by her hair. Worth noting Billy's clearly decided to stop investing in hair cuts for the time being. Probably a wise decision. Crowd chants for Fabi, annoying both rudos. Corner whip, Fabi goes to the middle rope, and headscissors Billy out. Tags – Aerostar and Sexi Star in. This can not be a good idea. Aero is not so into this, but Sexi forces the issue with chests slaps. Aero asks for harder ones, brushing these off. Sexi kicks him in the leg, which still works. Stops. Headlock! Whip, reversed, Sexi goes under, rolls over, rolls backwards for the headscissors, but Aero rolls her forward into the ropes. 619 is ducked, Sexi Star congratulates herself and poses, but Aero comes back and hits her on the next try. Aero flips back in to the ring, but gets cut off by a Billy clothesline. Billy stops to yell at the ungrateful fans once more, then directs Sexi Star to yell at someone. Chop. Billy looks at the crowd before another corner whip. Reveres, Aero charges in, Billy tosses him up, Aero lands clean on the top rope, backflip into an armdrag. Aero charges Billy, pausing shouldebrlock, Aero runs to the opposite corner, Billy charges, Aero flips to the apron and Billy hits the post on the way to the floor. Aero springboards to the top rope, leaps to the adjacent rope and springboards off that one into a tope con giro to the floor. Very nice. Sexi checks on her boyfriend, and finally heads back into the ring to face Fabi. She's stalled long enough for Billy to get on the apron, but Fabi still chases her and kicks her down. Whip, reversed, Sexi dropkicks, but Fabi grabs the ropes, and kicks Sexi directly in the face. Fabi off the ropes, and Billy sneaks in a kick here. Sexi picks up Fabi, but Fabi pulls her into a short arm scissors! Sexi Star has just gotten owned this match. Sexi screams for Billy, who kinda takes his time breaking this one up. He wanted to get space for a proper hard kick to Fabi, I guess. Aero back in to get Billy, but Billy sneak in a cheap shot and throws him out to the ramp. Sexi kicks down Fabi in the meantime, adding a choke on the ropes. Billy takes Fabi up the ramp and tosses him over the side, into the crowd. Meanwhile, Sexi Star has tossed Fabi over the barricade by ringside and Billy follows her out there to stomp Fabi. There's surely some clipping here, because Aerostar is already lurking on the balcony above. Sexi tries to whip Fabi into a Billy Boy cookie sheet (?) shot, but Fabi reverses it and Billy hits his girlfriend. Billy swings and misses at Fabi, and Fabi kicks him. Billy staggers, and then catches Aerostar as he lands a gigantic plancha. Aero looks away out of it. Fabi's the only standing, and she smacks Sexi a couple times with the cookie sheet before repeatedly hitting Billy. Fabi takes it back to ringside and hits Sexi with the cookie sheet a few more times here. You can tell Piero isn't ref, because there’s no countout. Women back in the ring, Sexi with a sunset flip, Fabi roll thru but misses the dropkicks, Sexi misses the big kick, and Fabi inside cradle, Why is Copetes cheating in this match? Fabi goes for the double underhook. Sexi slips free, Sexi 'rana, Fabi rolls thru, one two no. Both are down, Fabi up first and hitting the shining wizard variation. Fabi says this is it. Lots of knees to Sexi's head. Fabi pulls Sexi into the full nelson she never seems to actually finish with, and this time isn't any different – Billy Boy appears to break that up. Sit down powerbomb. One two three. Aero is nowhere to be seen – guess that dive wasn't such a great idea.

Noti AAA
- Estrellita's mother, Elda Sheila Barradas, passed away.
- Mesias and Wagner had issues, two weeks ago.
- Marco Corleone has joined AAA

Promo: Joe Lider and Nicho are fired up for the match, but seem to still be on friendly terms.

Match 2: Nicho el Millionario vs Joe Lider in a quarterfinal match in the Cruiserweight Tournament
Arena Coliseo Monterrey, 03/22/09

Winner: Nicho el Millionario
Match Time: 9:55
Notes: One entrance for both. They wear their belts to the ring, of course. Pepe Casas is ref. This is classic alternating moves with little selling, and then a standoff for clapping. (Crowd whistles instead. Good crowd!) From there on, it's less pausing for claps and just as much turn taking. Lots of big moves, little selling for the particular move. Like Lider even does a Spanish Fly to the floor, and they cut ahead to them doing normal chop exchanges. It's almost ritualistic how both men refuse to do more than one offense spot in a row. They're in capable of doing anything more than their move and, setting another guy up for his move. I'd tell you the moves, but none of them matter and they make a point of it – Lider throws Nicho out of the ring onto the ramp via crucifix powerbomb, everyone acts as thought this is the most deadly thing ever, and Nicho is not only recovered fifteen seconds later, he's doing the same exact move to Lider. Nicho brings Lider back in and breaks the rules, adding in a Tijuana Jam, and that's enough to end this.

Vignette: Jack and Teddy talk about how they're the best wrestlers, but they want to stay friends. No hitting in the face! Friendly competition!

Jack Evans vs Teddy Hart

Match 3: Jack Evans vs Teddy Hart in a quarterfinal match in the Cruiserweight Tournament
Arena Coliseo Monterrey, 03/22/09

Winner: Jack Evans
Match Time: 13:18 (8:28+4:50)
Other Match Notes: Hijo de Tirantes is ref. Both come out together, just like the last match. Arturo starts to introduce the guy dancing in the ring and immediately screws it up: “Teddy 'Marvelous' [long pause as the gears turn and he realizes he's matched up the wrong nickname] Hart!” It's even better, because he screams Jack's name much happier. Jack, apparently a big of HDNet, asks for a handshake of honor. Teddy's not too interested in this, but extends his own hand – and slaps Jack in the face! No hitting in the face! (Oh gosh, they actually established a heel and a face for the match. Teddy bringing the psychology?)

Jack kicks Teddy in the hamstring. Teddy punches him in the face. Jack kicks him in the middle, Teddy punches him in the face. Jack tries that kick, but Teddy's paying attention. Caught, spun, European uppercut. Teddy throws Jack onto the middle rope and pounds him with crossface punches. Teddy's got to stop and pose on th ropes, but then back to business, including a big boot scrape. Teddy yells at Jack as he gets up, and slaps him in the face again. Jack tries to rally from his knees, but Teddy cuts him off with a knee to the face. Hijo de Tirantes interjects something, Teddy gets in his face, and Jack kicks Teddy from behind. Jack to his feet, but eye poked by Teddy. Jack manages to roll away, but Teddy is quickly on him, with some seated crossface blows. Jack struggling to his feet. Teddy European uppercuts him again, and again. One more? No, Jack catches him in a backslide, big bridge over, one two no. Jack miss a high kick, Teddy flips him with a clothesline. Teddy stomps Jack. Another pointed stomp. Jack gets to one knee, which opens him up for some kicks to the chest. Teddy mocks the crowd for chanting Jack (which they're not really doing – they do boo Teddy here.) Teddy does a celebratory handstand as they cut to the crowd – clip. Teddy works over Jack on the ropes with punches to the head. Whip, Jack grabs the ropes, Teddy is kicked away, Jack flips to the apron and kicks him once more, then comes in with a springboard spinning kick to the head. Teddy rolls out, Jack pounds the mat, and Teddy accidentally soaks a camera with a thrown beer. Jack readies for the dive and the crowd warms up to him – handstand spinning moonsault to the floor connects (or at least as much as it ever does – no one's quite sure how to catch that without getting killed.) Despite the dive, Teddy is looking much better, up and taunting the crowd while Jack is recovering. Hijo de Tirantes comes out to ask Teddy to bring it in. Teddy goes in, just to break the count. Teddy makes sure Jack is set – rope flip moonsault to the floor. Teddy grabs his left knee in pain, and shoves away Hijo de Tirantes when he checks on him. Hijo de Tirantes obligatory notDQ, CHECK. It's funny how Teddy's knee is fine when he turns to stop him from the DQ. It comes and goes, you see. Teddy elbow to chest, still on the floor. Teddy comes in to break the count again, though the crowd still keeps on counting for him. If Piero was referring, this match would be over. Teddy rams Jack into the ramp, which would look better from almost every angle but the one they give us. Snot blower. Hijo de Tirantes out again to ask Teddy to return to the ring. Good luck on that. Knee to the head. Jack finally thrown in. Teddy hanging on the apron and looking at the crowd before following up. Jack's been beaten up for quite a while here. Teddy pulls Jack thru the top and middle ropes and kicks Jack in the chest as he's leaned over. Again, Hijo de Tirantes gauges. Again, Teddy doesn't care. Teddy turns to yell at the crowd, and Jack tries to kick him, which just enrages Teddy into many more stomps. Teddy walks around on the ramp a bit, staring sternly at the crowd. Suplex off the ramp to the floor? No, Jack blocks it. Teddy tries some knee lifts instead, and then gives a “1”. Oh, this time for sure? Teddy gets Jack up, but Jack counters this suplex and lands back on his feet. Too bad Teddy still punches him down. Teddy turns so this time the suplex will be on the ramp, which may actually work. Lots of punches to set it up. Jack slips behind on the suplex and tries his own, but Teddy DDTs him. Like I was saying, long time since Jack's gotten to do much here. Sudden break while Jack is recovering.

Jack is crawling in the ring as the show returns, and Teddy joins him. Neckbreaker? Into a head crusher, sure. Curb stomp into the corner buckle. Remember when Zorro was doing that? I just did, right here. Replay of Teddy's move, in case you forgot it already. Whip, Jack back flips under a clothesline and jumps up to hit a big kick to Teddy's head. Cartwheel kick connects too. Teddy's not going down. Jack kicks away his punch with one leg, then swings around to kick him in the head with the other leg. Twisting moonsault senton, one two no. Crowd is with Jack, though it's now quite after that pinfall. Corner whip, Teddy goes in chest first, then slowly turns around and stumbles out – Jack handstand backflips behind Teddy into a split legged inverted faceslam. That was pretty crazy. One two no. Teddy can't believe it, but he's fired up. Crowd trying to get a chant started. Modified Ultimo Dragon three kick combo, off the ropes, running knee misses, and Teddy drops him with the back suplex flipped around into a seated powerbomb, one two no. Teddy can't believe that wasn't it. I don't know, maybe try the shooting star press? Just an idea. Teddy instead spends a lot of time contemplating the number 2. Powerbomb backcracker. Teddy says that's it – hey, he IS going for the SSP. Just very slowly. Can't have it all. Teddy stands on the ropes, explaining to the crowd exactly how he feels about them , and that surely gives Jack enough time to get his knees up. Jack does, then pulls Teddy towards the corner before calling for his own finish. Crowd wants to see him win, which is more than you can say for either guy in the last match. 630 senton – gets knees, oh no. That's not good. Teddy grabbing that left knee again, and Hijo de Tirantes calling a timeout to check on it. Teddy calling the end again, what'll be this time? It's that back suplex again, but Jack reverses the flip it into a 'rana of his own, one two three.

Crowd and Jack very happy with the finish. Teddy, not so much. He throws a tantrum in the ring while Jack goes outside to celebrate and collapse.

Vignette: Jack is recovering in the locker room. Teddy strolls by, and Jack yells at him – what's with the punches to the face? Teddy accuses him about sucking up to the people by dancing, and so he had no choice but hit him in the face. You know, for Teddy Hart, this makes sense. They're arguing, but not particularly loudly or anything, when Electroshock loudly interrupts to break up the non-fight. They're all part of the Legion, they're all together, no internal fighting, they've go to be united. Elector is doing this all in Spanish, which make it greater. Electro demands a handshake, and they do, but they're still beefing – Jack wants Teddy to watch his temper, Teddy wants no more dancing in his face. Teddy accuses Jack of loving Mexico too much!

Match 4: Black Abyss & Electroshock vs Elegido & Marco Corleone
Arena Coliseo Monterrey, 03/22/09

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 8:38 (4:47+3:47)
Other Match Notes: Can't help but be creepy to see Black Abyss when you know people have found Abismo's just hours previously. Marco doesn't seem to get as big a reaction here. Pepe Casas is ref.

The team up of Elegido and Marco is interesting because Marco's managed to expand his gimmick behind his entrance and dancing during the match; the wrestling he does works with his character, and he's got a few bits down. Elegido's (and others) issue is they have no bits, they just wrestle the same match as other tecnicos (except worse, in Elegido's case.) Elegido could stand to learn from Marco. The team up of Elegido & Marco is not good for having to actually watch this match which is about twice as long as it needs to be. Rudos get the beatdown, tecnicos come back after a couple minutes, break before the showcase. Rudos do comedy, Elegido topes Electro, Marco gets Black Abyss with his old side slam into a urange finish, and that's the match. No Superman dive here.

Match 5: Silver King vs La Parka Jr.
Arena Coliseo Monterrey, 03/22/09

Winner: Draw (DCO)
Match Time: 12:04
Other Match Notes: Silver King jumps Parka on the ramp to start the brawl. And that's all this is, a brawl in the ring, and then out of the ring. Hijo de Tirantes watches near by in a theoretical official capacity. Silver King beats up Parka for four minutes, Silver King misses one move, and Parka is back to normal. And in complete control. Lots of mask ripping here. They wander around ringside, then casually go over the barricade into the crowd (where a camera is already waiting for them, how nice.) Into a mask stand, and then around the and thru the seats with a little bit of clipping. Silver King and Parka try to climb to the upper level, though it take some work. The security trails behind the guys, so they're fortunate that the fans just clear out of their way for their punch battle. They tease throwing each from level to lower level, three feet below. Silver King just swings his feet over and lands safely. Camera actually loses them as they walk around the back area – hey, Hijo de Tirantes actually counted them out. Good on him, though kinda odd when they were brawling in the crowd four about 3 minutes before he got to 20. Break.

Fight continues outside the arena. I wonder if they have this on the entrance video screen, or if 95% of the people who paid for this show can not see this fight. The only light outside is the one coming from the camera. Hey, it's Joe Lider and Nicho hanging around outside for no reason. They hold Parka and hand Silver King a light tube, which he breaks over Parka's head. Of course, they can't just let that be the defining blow and keep talking trash there. Small cut on Parka. Parka is rammed into a bus in the parking lot, then into more merchandise stands on the outside. Plastic table to Parka's back.

Parka's pulled back in the building by Hermandad, and the camera quickly loses them as they come in – good that they have another one set up around the corner. Why is Hijo de Tirantes there? Parka brought all the way back to the entrance, and does his usual seated selling. Back in the ring, where the rudos continue going after Parka's cut. Too bad Parka has no friends. After beating Parka for about 8 straight minutes here, Silver King stops to pose for a moment, and Parka pops back up to his feet and clubs him in the back. Rudos take him back down again, and Marco and Aerostar rush out of the save. Took you long enough. Marco and Lider are done after one punch. So is Aerostar – Parka shoves him down to get to Silver King. Marco is able to stop him from fighting, and I'm not quite sure why he's doing that. Crowd is behind Parka, as both sides have decided not to let the guys who want to fight to fight anymore, though they were totally okay with the last ten minutes of fighting. Silver King gets away and tries to get Parka, but Marco tosses him off. Hijo de Tirantes throws Aerostar off Parka (he's just getting tossed around here) so Parka can charge Silver King again. Crowd loud behind Parka, who gets pulled off again.

Promo: your weekly Mesias/Charly bit.

Vignette: Zorro/X-Pac/Charly. Whoa, Zorro has quite the black eye in one of the bits they keep showing.

Match 6: Escoria, Chessman, Zorro © vs Vampiro ©, Mesias, Charly Manson
Arena Coliseo Monterrey, 03/22/09

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 12:07
Other Match Notes: Chessman got as much promo time as Escoria. Sad for one of those two. Are Zorro and Chessman friends this week? Wait, are Escoria and Chessman? I think Zorro & Escoria are cool. Vampiro steals another camera, the thief. Copetes is ref. Zorro seems angry this week. If Mesias is the champ, why is vamp captain? Too much thinking right there. After s aeries of flying sits on the apron, Mesias pops up and cuts off Escoria with a spear to start the comeback. Took about five minutes to get there. Vamp does you hit me, I hit you, we both stand around sell it for a bit stuff with Zorro and then right after again with Chessman. He actually loses both of them, taking a dragon screw from Zorro, and a dropkick to the same knee by Chessman. If this was any other promotion, I'd think they were setting something up here. Big clip in the middle of Charly's run on the rudos, right as he's grabbing Zorro's cane. Charly teleports to his corner and Zorro and Mesias re facing of instead. Zorro takes himself out by hitting the post on a corner charge. Vampiro chokeslams Escoria and Mesias adds a top rope plancha, but Chessman breaks that up. I'm not sure why Chessman cares, but it's nice of him. Also nice people are Mesias and Vampiro, who stand in place waiting for Chessman to superkick them. Spear for Vamp is not a great idea, seeing as Vampiro's not too enthused with falling down. Charly's comes back in to help his team, but Zorro chucks his cane and gets Charly in the knee. Zorro takes him down with another shot, while Chessman gives Vampiro an awkward looking double choke powerbomb. One two three. So that's why Vamp is captain?

Charly attacks Chessman from behind for – wait, not sure. Are they still feuding? IS Charly a sore loser? Zorro eventually finishes him off with cane shots, so there's that. Zorro with dramatic shots to Charly's knees as Konnan and Teddy and Nicho. Run out to help beat the tecnicos. No Electro or Lider or Jack for whatever reason. Marco runs out for the save yet again, and he's helped by everyone standing there waiting to take this punch. Well, Zorro and Chessman are smart enough to bail, but even Konnan takes a left handed punch here. Here's Electro, knocking down Marco with one punch. Chops, Marco's whipped, quick reverse into a slam. Marco goes back out, and he's finally going to do it – superman dive onto Electro. Marco poses, then checks to make sure Charly still has the use of his knees. Replays.

Show ending video package, and we're done.