AAA Mini Line - 03/14/09 (#876)
Recap: 03/24/09

Previously: Konnan and Roldan had issues. Silver King turned. Chessman got put thru a table for the umpteen time, but we're told this one sent him to the hospital.

In Ring Promo: Konnan! Ah, why wait for the opener to start talking. Looks like we've got Zorro, Teddy, KENZO!, Jack, Nikki and Black Abyss here. The next month of TV is going to be so odd. HF2 hold up the 2-0 score of the US/Mexico game. Turning to other events, Konnan complains about Roldan's boy Mesias attempting to murder Chessman last week and say Chessman will be out a year. Roldan's only slightly concerned.

Promo: ZORRO, sounding oddly coherent, and fighting bleeps with bleeps as far Konnan is concern. HF2 wanders up to make sure they're on the same page with Zorro as far as Konnan. Zorro promises they can trust him, and he's totally not crazy. As soon as he gets out of the picture – Jack: “Homeboy's CRAZY.” They don't really trust him.

Match 1: Tiger Cota , Tito Santana, Rio Bravo, Billy Boy vs Laredo Kid , Aerostar, Angel, Gato Eveready
Centro Civico Ecatepec de Morelos, 02/15/09

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 10:09
Notes: Pepe Casas is ref. Billy screwed with the tecnicos before they get going. Total tecnico showcase to start, cycling thru everyone. Gato looked the best, including going over Billy's back into a dive to the floor. Aerostar looked pretty good too, but seemed to slip while climbing up the ropes for a dive, decides to somersault over the ropes anyway, and almost drives the top of his head into the apron. I have no idea how he didn't kill himself on that. Rudos take over within ten seconds of that, Billy Boy leading the way. Of note, the crowd chanted for Gato to start the comeback. Rudos are very well coordinated as a team. Downfall comes when the rudos want to try a triple boot on Laredo Kid while Tito hold him, two of the rudos get ripped up, and Billy still manages to hit his ally. Laredo boots Aero into a dropkick on Billy. Aerostar gets yanked to the floor, going for his dive, but Laredo is free to do a brilliant looking tornillo, wiping out the guy intended to catch him. Gato and Angel come in and intend to dive on Tito and Billy, but get smashed with chairs on the way thru the ropes. The doctor checks on Laredo while everyone else reassembles themselves. Aerostar decides now is a great time to up the light stand tower. Billy chases him up, but gives up when Aerostar decides to climb across the horizontal portion of the light setup. Billy's not THAT crazy. Billy and Tito watch Aero from the floor, then watch him drop off the lights into a huge plancha onto the rudos. Everyone not Laredo Kid come to the ring, where Angel headscissors Cota out but gets dropkicked by Rio Bravo – tope con giro thru the rope s there. Gato fired up before going for a dive (and so the crowd is more fired up for it) tornillo. Laredo Kid springs back to life to confront Cota as he comes back to the ring. Clotheslines miss, Cota kicks him, scoop, Michinoku Driver. Tito with the thumb across the throat and he's going up, but Laredo pops up and crotches him. Superplex? No, all the way up - both guys all the way up - top rope moonsault sideslam! Laredo sets up Cota on his back and motions for something – stead reverse facelock? Huh. That works for the finish anyway, though I was kinda expecting a flip there.

Anyway, really fun match. The Aerostar dive will make it stick out over the other ones these teams will inevitably have, but it was pretty good even without that. Exactly the kinda of match we were missing last year.

Promo: Super Fly recruits the MPs to help fight the Legion. They're up for it, especially for the HF2.

Promo: Electroshock. Mostly disputing Super Fly's claim of being super.

Match 2: Electroshock , Teddy Hart, Jack Evans vs Super Fly , Ultimo Gladiador, Crazy Boy
Centro Civico Ecatepec de Morelos, 02/15/09

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 11:09
Notes: Piero is ref. Entrances. Arturo laughs out loud at the concept of Super Fly being captain. Apparently, he does pay attention!

UG and Teddy Hart start, which includes strong slapping and Teddy doing the slowest Mistica yet. MPs just randomly start doing their double teams, until Electroshock kills all the small people. (Or at least he does when they can get the timing right.) Electroshock/Super Fly sequence starts after the break, and they do a better job of building up to Super Fly's offense this week, but he still gets killed when he tries to go for a 619. MPs make the save, only to be taken out by the HF2 for a beatdown. UG gets killed by Teddy's backbreaker powerbomb, but Crazy fights back against Jack Evans, getting his knees up on the standing SSP and dropping him with a cradle DDT. Teddy dropkicks Crazy, but UG chops him around, Crazy Boy suplex him up and hands him off with to UG for a front suplex. Crazy Boy dropkicks Teddy over, and Super Fly adds a top rope frog splash with nice timing. The half crab Super Fly follows with, not quite as nice. Not a submission specialist. Electroshock arrives to kill the small people again, and while Crazy Boy ends up being tricked into a half crab by Jack, Nikki arrives and pounds Super Fly on the back. Nikki grabs Super Fly by the hair and serves him up for Electro, but a slap goes awry and Nikki takes it. Oops. Nice spot in the background with UG breaking up that half crab with a diving knee, though maybe you want to do it when someone's paying attention. Anyway, Electro's freaking out whatever he did – and maybe Teddy is just off camera – too late, Super Fly dropkicks Electro out. He tries to follow with a sliding dropkick, but is foiled per usual, pulled out and beat. Nikki stays in the ring for some reason, and gets grabbed by the MPs – set up on Teddy's shoulders, and Teddy's tripped into powerbombing his girlfriend. Totally ludicrous but great and gets over well. Nikki rolls to the the outside, where Electro puts her down gently. Meanwhile, crowd hilarious cheers”OTRA”. UG throws Teddy out to the floor, where he hits the barricade with his face pretty hard. Electro back in, but Super Fly headscissors him out. Dive this time? Elector's getting a chair, but Super Fly sets up anyway – tope con giro, Electro moves out of the way, and Super Fly finds the empty pool. Electro kills him with the chair just to be sure (yay for getting your hands up.) Super Fly's dive missed, but Crazy Boy's top rope moonsault does not, Electro getting wiped out pretty bad. Crazy and UG are slow pulling it together, and Teddy kinda over shoots with his rope flip moonsault to the floor. UG want to do his dive next, but no one's home. Everyone set – top rope Asai tornillo actually overs shoots the pile! Super Fly's dive was like second best here. Wait, we're not done – Jack Evans springboard 450 splash! Crowd actually starts counting out the wrestlers here – good thing Super Fly and Electro are already heading back to the ring.

Super Fly tries to get the crowd totally behind him, and they're totally excited enough to chant for Super Fly. Electro moves out of the way of the flipping run, flips Super Fly to the apron, Super Fly fights him way with some forearms, climbs up – climbs faster not fast enough, Electro meets him on the ropes and they fight there. Too tough to tell who's got control, but it becomes obvious – gutwrench superplex! Super Fly's done, but Electro drags him in position for a little but more. The four on the outside fight as Electroshock adds a top rope senton (!?!?!?), and that's more than enough. Electroshock wins again.

Noti AAA

Recap: Commissioner Vampiro, and those who have some issues with him. Plus Chessman and the Legion? Plus the money issues. Plus drinks being thrown. Plus Arturo having issues with Roldan. Plus Konnan threating all of AAA. Plus Hermandad. Wow, this breaks the record for most random squeezed into one recap.

Promo: X-Pac is so excited (to face Zorro.) Very convenient Konnan booked Alex and Rocky for Tijuana. Catch phrases from the Syxx days, wow.

Match 3: Zorro vs X-Pac
Centro Civico Ecatepec de Morelos, 02/15/09

Winner: Zorro
Match Time: 6:33
Other Match Notes: Zorro rants halfway to the ring, then sends Hijo de Tirantes ahead to make sure that X-Pac doesn't try any funny business. Wouldn't want that. Zorro wanders around the ring rather than confront X-Pac. Zorro eventually goes in, X-Pac get loose after him, they go out, they go in, and Zorro stomps X-Pac coming in once again.

They work this as a US style match, Zorro getting control off the bat, working over X-Pac with moves, and using chinlocks to try and rally the crowd. Not so much. X-Pac gets a brief comeback after off a whip, Zorro takes forever and a day to get up after a spin kick, and then immediately throws X-Pac out as he charges. Hey – it's so US style, this is actually the “guy falls to the floor, TV show goes to break.” (because this is AAA, they wait until after X-Pac has taken a superkick off the apron, and then finally comes back in to take that break.)

X-Pac comes in with a sunset flip, Zorro holds onto the ropes to block, Tirantes breaks the hold (did he turn back tecnico on AAA Jakked? Gotta watch that show.) and X-Pac holds on for two. Zorro knocks X-Pac down before he can get up, and X-Pac crawl sot the corner as Zorro stands. Zorro kicks him over so he's seated in the corner, and tries the old in out and in dropkick, but no one's home. Zorro rests right in position for the Bronco Buster, but he moves out of the way just in time too. The two get up and brawl, X-Pac winning by strengths of his kicks. Zorro's kicked down in the corner, and this time that Bronco Buster hits. Lots of whistles from the crowd, and that's even before Konnan shows up. X-Pac has a word with him, then turns, kicks and X-Factors Zorro. One two Konnan breaks it up, then leaves. Hijo de Tirantes will allow it. X-Pac won't, punching Konnan off the apron. X-Pac grabs the cane, and Jack Evans and Teddy Hart put the RUN in run-in. Too bad they're clocked once and out. X-Pac goes for one more on Zorro, but Hijo de Tirantes take the cane away. Konnan grabs his open weapon – a chair from the front row (child ready to hand it to him as he comes over) and just throws it in X-Pac's face. Meanwhile, Hijo de Tirantes has tossed Zorro back the cane (huh) and so Zorro can get in his cane flurry on X-Pac. Everyone stand around much – perhaps a pinfall? No, we've got to wait a Konnan promo – he wants it clear what'll happen to traitors. X-Pac's held over the ropes again for Zorro to acne in the back. Konnan directs HF2 to bring out X-Pac in front of Roldan, and X-Pac is caned right here. Someone want to make a save? Oh, Vampiro. Is this match still going? Vamp may want to walk a little faster to the ring, though it's his music that gets the beating to stop. Lots of strong pointing going on. Crowd loud behind Vampiro, who doing a weird dance everyone' s willing to go along with. Konnan's actually okay with Vampiro coming out, because he can't physically interfere or he'll lose his job, so he can watch and everyone can take turns shoving him. Even Arturo joins him. One more shot for poor X-Pac. Konnan turns back to Roldan and grabs him by his shirt, so Roldan knocks him away (must've been a bad punch, by the way they avoid showing it.) Arturo goes after Roldan, and Vampiro grabs him and pulls him off. Vampiro goes in the ring and the Legion keep Konnan from going in once, but they let him in the second time. Konnan does something that gets clipped out, though we can see him give the double bird when outside the ring. Vampiro apparently took off his Guardian Angel gear and is ready to fight, but gets held back (even though eh does get a hold of Arturo again.)

Promo: Roldan tries to get Vampiro down – he's got a plan and calls someone to show up tonight

Promo: Mesias is okay with Chessman dying.

Match 4: Chessman vs Mesias
Centro Civico Ecatepec de Morelos, 02/15/09

Winner: Chessman
Match Time: 9:56
Other Match Notes: Konnan is out for Chessman, to once again explain his horrific injury. This would be easier to believe if someone didn't get destroyed each and every week, and then show up fine the next week. This is Konnan segment #3, by the way. Also, how many times did Mesias try to set someone on fire and not care? Dont think he can care so much about a guy who tried to murder him a few months ago. Chessman shows up in his gear, despite needing a crutch and Hijo de Tirantes to get to the ring. Neck brace too! This whole “Chessman selling” thing is very disoriented. Also, I think he forgot which leg was hurt.

After a break, Konnan promises the Legion will support him in his condition, unlike AAA and Roldan. And his family – his family is there family. Konnan gets back to the hard work of yelling at Mesias. Mesias gets back to the hard work of doing his catchphrases. Mesias can't help but be a jerk here, telling Chessman that's what he gets for facing the top guy. Chessman waits till he's done and looking the wrong way, and clocks him with the cane. HE'S HEALED, IT'S A MIRACLE. The best part is Chessman soaks in the miracle of being perfectly fine instead of actually following up the attack. To each to his own. Mesias doesn't get back up before Chessman starts wailing him with the crutch, so I guess it's fine. Mesias is busted open from being hit with the crutch, which is sure something. Chair shot to the head. Chair across the ankle, crutch walked into the chair. Once more. Chessman's takes a good luck at the crutch – what else could he do – point of the crutch to the head works. Chair jab to the ribs. Chessman doing a lot of mocking the crowd between blows. Naturally, Mesias reveres a whip, and ends up in control five seconds later (with a desperation powerslam.) Both are slow up, there's a clip, and Chessman's throwing Mesias outside. One more chair shot, right in front the other Roldan's by coincidence. Mesias is dragged around a bit, as Hijo de Tirantes stays out inside and yells at Chessman instead of the count out. Bottle to the head, always fun. Mesias is thrown back in, and Chessman brings in a chair with him. Chair to the midsection, Mesias grabs the ropes, Chessman charges, Mesias throw him out. Mesias kicks Chessman away from the apron and dives at him, but Chessman moves and Meas gets all barricade. Chessman happily clotheslines him over the barricade, and the right in the middle some very surprised fans. Again, Hijo de Tirantes is out at ringside watching the action inside of counting. Was this one no DQ/no CO and I missed it? Might as well, they go battling up into the crowd as long as they did last week, and no countout seems to be coming. Mesias gets someone's umbrella and starts cranking Chessman with it, Chessman knocks Mesias back over a railing, with a possible two feet drop, and and Mesias hold onto the railing for dear life. Chessman shoves him off anyway. And takes him back towards the ring. Chessman lets Mesias back in and beats him more, even choking him with the crutch. Mesias blocks one punch and rallies back with punches of his own, doing a drunken stagger. Chessman is able to stop him with a back elbow, and clears out enough room, spear, one two three. WOW, Clean win.

The Legion is out AGAIN. They ant a closer look at a dead Mesias, and Chessman gets high fives from everyone. Everyone stomp Mesias! Mesias could use a friend right about now. Break.

Vampiro walks out, slower than before. Lots of quick cuts between the ring and Vampiro, distractingly so. Looks like half the guys bail when Vamp comes in, but it's tough to see. Vamp strips off his Guardian Angel gear again while talking about the fans of AAA. He hates Konnan so much, he's got to resign as commission so he can fight Konnan and join AAA in fighting the Legion.

Promo: Alan Stone and Abismo Negro talk about Konnan. The sound is all out of sync with the lips.

Match 5: Kenzo Suzuki, Black Abyss , Konnan vs Abismo Negro , Alan Stone, Latin Lover
Centro Civico Ecatepec de Morelos, 02/15/09

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 6:15
Other Match Notes: Rudos jump the tecnicos as soon as as everyone's set up in the ring. Both Pepe Casas and Piero work this match. Latin side steps a charge at 4:30 to start the comeback. Abismo gets Black Abyss in the Martinete Special, but Konnan makes the save. Latin Lover superkicks him, trips Black Abyss and pulls him in the casita for the win.

Abismo, who gave Latin a look before the match, stares a hole in him after the match. Latin looks for a handshake, and Abismo looks as though he's passing him a disease. Before that can be resolved, the Legion is back out again and beating up the tecnicos.

Mesias, left for dead a while ago, is back out and taking out HF2 with chair shots. No one else - the rest swarm him. Crowd has been well trained at this point starts chanting for Vampiro. Instead, they get someone else's music – Charly Manson, run limping his way to the ring. Everyone helpfully feeds themselves for shots one at a time, though the timing isn't so great with some of them. Even Konnan takes a forearm. Abismo Negro returns to take out Black Abyss with a chair shot, and rally the crowd for Charly, who's already chanting pretty loud for him. Charly's walking like his legs are of difference height, which wouldn't be impossible at this point. Meanwhile, Abismo Negro still can't bring to shake hands with Latin Lover. They never reach a conclusion, distracted by the Legion trying to run in again, and the tecnicos chasing after them. Lots of time standing and posing to fill out the show. After everyone else has left, and Latin Lover and Abismo Negro are left alone in the ring, Latin Lover tries one more time for the handshake and Abismo finally accepts. Hug.

That's it.