AAA Mini Line - 02/28/09 (#874)
Recap: 03/03/09

Previous: Konnan is or is not driving AAA bankrupt, Guapito perhaps is turning tecnico, Abismo Negro didn't piledrive Black Abyss because he was concerned about being DQed (really?) and Mesias put up people

Vignette: Teddy can't sleep at night, because Zorro said he'd take control of the Legion and then forgot, and Konnan working with the Hermandad might mean curtains for them. Teddy and Jack agree that X-Pac might have had a point about things going bad when Konnan gets in power and decide to go talk to Zorro to make sure he won't tell Konnan about their plan to take control. Nikki stands and says nothing.

Match 1: Tito Santana, Tiger Cota ©, Rio Bravo vs Argenis, Gato Eveready ©, Aerostar
Plaza de Toros Joan Sebastian, Chalco, EdM, 01/31/09

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 7:39 (1:24+6:15)
Notes: Ref is Pepe Casas. No entrances. Argenis looks like he's gotten thinner since we last saw him.

Alternating offense for the minute plus before they go to break. Tigre Cota (helpfully with a tiger on his pants - why didn't I notice that before?) gets some control, getting Argenis with a faceslam and a dropkick, then, recovering from an Aerostar plancha to clothesline him. Aerostar reverses a whip to send Cota into Rio Bravo, but Rio backdrops his partner to safety and they celebrate. Argenis and Gato slide in the mean time, and trip Tigre on the apron. Aero and Rio are left in, Aero getting a walk up the ropes headscissors quickly. Tito in, Tito waved by and slid back out. Aerostar rushes to the ropes, a good sign that he's faking it (or he'll have nothing to dive onto.) Noticeably, Argenis' sequence is completely edited out. Gato Eveready is coming in for him after the clip. Gato gets some counters, and poses, the all of the Poder del Norte comes in for him. No problem, he reverses, there's a rebound move into a headscissors on Cota, then gets the other two with an armdrags headscissors combo. Gato flips out of a trip, ducks a double clothesline, climbs to the ropes, and causes the rudos to to throw themselves out. Gato poses, but gets jumped by Tiger Cota, and I think the rudos may get this beatdown to stick this time. Whip, Rio Bravo spinebuster, unmasked rudos slide out and hold Gato off the apron, and Bravo adds a running dropkick to knock him to the floor.

CLIP. They're awful bland today. Aerostar is messily tied in in the ropes for a dropkick to the back. Tiger Cota adds a flying elbow drop and Rio Bravo dropkicks him out. Argenis in, Argenis slapped around. Headscissors is reversed into a face first powerbomb, with double dropkick and quebrada to follow. Argenis goes out, and Gato is immediately caught in a full nelson by Bravo. As the other two set to charge, there's another clip, and Gato is kicking away Tiger Cota and getting rid of Rio Bravo. Aero returns with a headscissors on Rio Bravo to send him out, while Gato trips Tigre Cota on the ropes. 619 by Aerostar, and Gato dropkicks Tiger out. Tecnicos wave to the crowd instead of following up.

Gato and Rio to restart this. Gato slides past Rio, but gets chest slapped as he gets up. Tiger Cota in to help, corner whip, Bravo misses a corner charge and Gato gets Cota with a headscissors. Yet another clip, and Rio Bravo is throwing Gato out into a tornillo on Tiger Cota for some reason. Rio Bravo turns around, and Aerostar gets him with a springboard silla. Loose headscissors sends Bravo to the ropes, and Aero follows with his springboard cannonball inverted tope. As figured, someday someone would fail to catch him on that and it'd hurt – here, Rio Bravo doesn't make a good catch, and the back of Aerostar's head bounces off the side of the barricade. He looks hurt immediately. Tito Santana sets up for his own dive, but Argenis distracts him. Argenis still gets armdrags, but manages to backdrop Tito to the ropes. Tito knocks him down from there, but stands around long enough for Argenis to dropkick him out. Argenis off the ropes, jumping to the top rope, almost falling off, and then flying off with a tope con giro. Captains back in. Gato ducks a clothesline, heel kick, off the ropes, somersault neckbreaker. Gato pulls Tiger Cota out of the ropes and holds the arms and the legs – one two three.

Tecnicos get to celebrate for all of 5 seconds before Konnan shows up. Maybe there was a clip in there too. For some reason, Gato, Aerostar, and Argenis decide they are staying in the ring for this. This will not end happy. Konnan ignores them well doing his usual speech to the crowd, then lets those guys know that he's in charge with no Vampiro around, it's his promotion. Konnan has something for the tecnicos – La Hermandad. Tecnicos just stand there while Nicho and Lider attack them from the front, and the two rudos have no problems beating up the three tecnicos. I'd be okay with them killing Argenis, but Gato and Aerostar (a full nelson into a powerbomb) take the far scarier moves. Nicho and Lider are completely fine after being destroyed last week.

Backstage: Brazo is still blaming Elegido and Guapito for costing him his hair (which is still all back.) Not a big fan of Alebrije or Cuije either.

Backstage: Guapito offers to pay off Elegido to out Brazo. Elegido thinks it over, but doesn't seem to trust Guapito all that much.

Match 2: Escorpion Negro, Brazo, Decnnis vs Elegido, Alebrije, Pimpinela
Plaza de Toros Joan Sebastian, Chalco, EdM, 01/31/09

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 5:58
Notes: Everyone but Elegido, and Guapito's entrances are cut out. Again Brazos lurches towards for Guapito before the match, but ends up beating down the tecnicos instead. Piero is ref.

Escorpion oddly goes for a pin early, but then picks up Alebrije. Guapito and Cuije get in a chop battle on the outside, mostly out of habit. Random clip to the tecnicos being back in control, mid Alebrije sequence. Decnnis goes flying into the ropes on a monkey flip. Alebrije's layout chestbreaker is no nearly as cool as Valiente's. Brazo stand in place and holds up his hands in front of his face, and Alebrije dropkicks him there. Elegido's run is next, so they clearly cut out Pimpinela. Tecnicos all end up with rolls ups for two, then Metrosexuals try bulldogs and get shot of into each other. That sets up the star. Cuije and Guapito ends up in the center to fight, but Guapito offers a handshake. Alebrije refuses and walks off, and everyone just lets go of the hold. Pimpinela and Decnnis end up the last ones standing, and Pimpi wins the slap off. Decnnis slaps his way back, and spins Pimpi out by her new hair. Pimpi backdrops him to the apron a charge, ducks a chop, and delivers the big kiss. Alebrije enziguris Decnnis to the floor, but eats a big boot to the head from Escorpion. Alebrije scoots near the ropes, and Negro eventually charges into a monkey flip to the floor. Cuije tries to tope him. That one's caught. Alebrije tries a tope, and he obliterates Negro. Back to Elegido and Brazo, with some clipping here too. Elegido goes up, Brazo pulls the trunks, which means it's time for a finish. Brazo snap mares Elegido down and yells at him, but Guapito comes into distract Brazo and foul headbutt him. Don't know where Piero was looking right there. Elegido cradles Brazo for the pin.

A replay of the finish, how odd. This also allows them to clip towards the Metrosexuals cornering Guapito and kicking him down. Cuije tries to make the save (small people unity) and both the minis try to fight off the rudos, but that doesn't work out well. Elegido and Alebrije return to make the save for Cuije, and ask him why he'd do such a thing. Cuije helps Guapito up, but, the larger tecnicos still don't want to be friends with him.

Noti AAA

Vignette: Looks like Jack & Teddy were too slow, because Zorro is already talking to Konnan. Well, actually, Konnan is talking to Zorro while Zorro is playing with the curtain behind him and not saying much. Teddy and Jack arrive to see they're late, but Konnan tells them to wait for a moment while he finishes up his “don't be crazy, crazy Zorro” speech. “NO NO NO NO ESTOY LOCO” Well then. Teddy and Jack have a hilarious mimed conversation, and then Teddy shifts the blame to Zorro before Konnan even has a chance to blame him for anything. “What are you talking about?” Konnan explains not crazy Zorro was just telling him how Konnan owed these guys an explanation about their dealings with the Hermandad. Konnan explains how that deal is going bad – La Hermandad is getting paid, so now everyone wants money. Anyway, Konnan also wants to know – what was Teddy talking about? Teddy explains Zorro's idea was – that he was crazy. “NO NO NO ESTOY LOCO!” Everyone decides to agree, at least until he's out of the screen. And then Zorro wanders back into the scene to calmly explain to Jack, Teddy and Nikki how he's not crazy. Kiss for Nikki, and he's off. Zorro is awesome. Jack: “All I can say is I'm a hella confused!”

Match 3: Jack Evans, Teddy Hart, Electroshock © vs Laredo Kid, Angel, Super Fly ©
Plaza de Toros Joan Sebastian, Chalco, EdM, 01/31/09

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 8:29 (3:11+5:18)
Other Match Notes: Entrances! Hijo de Tirantes is ref. Electroshock has a read skull (it with attacked spine) that he brings to the ring and kisses. Lady Apache is totally going to be jealous. Electro and Super Fly as captains, that won't work well.

Alternating offense until we're left with Electro and Super Fly, and a break.

Lots of tease towards Super Fly actually getting offense (and a lot of Electro goofing up), Super Fly eventually gets a headscissors to no reaction. Dropkick sends Electro out onto his feet, and Aero fakes the dive – only to get blindsided by Jack. Jack rallies with a spinning leg lariat and a standing moonsault, but the other tecnicos break up the pin and clear the rudos off the apron. Tecnico beatdown? Jack is laid on the ropes, kicked off, and splashed by Super Fly. Teddy in and cornered. Stunner from Angle, backcracker from Laredo Kid, and a German suplex from Super Fly. Angel dropkicks him out. Electro in, and the three smaller man pound him, though Electro keep son swinging. Angel & Laredo try to suplex Electro, Elector blocks, Super Fly kicks him to stop him from doing that, but valiant rudo Elector preserves to suplex women at once. Wait, what? Spinning backbreaker for Super kick, clothesline for Laredo, kick for Angel. Super Fly still manges to sneak in a springboard headscissors before another clip.

Laredo and Jack in, and Jack's kicked off the top rope in mid-springboard. Laredo and Teddy miss, and miss, and Teddy lands a powerslam at last. Teddy grabs his ribs before following up – double underhook is blocked, and Angel dropkicks Teddy away. Laredo and Angel slowly go to the ropes and get in position, but Electro just sneaks behind them and trips them. Huh. Jack in, yelling USA and getting in his handspring moonsault dive on Laredo. Teddy does a rope flip moonsault on Angel.


Distracting, I know. Super Fly manges to get a 'rana on Electro for two. I guess I should stop “manges”, because he's being teated like every other tecnico after months of being able to do nothing, and there's not much of a reason why. Super Fly kicks Elector in the head a few times, Elector kicks him down and goes to the ropes, Super Fly climbs up to join him, but the super 'rana is reversed into a superbomb. One two three. As usual, Electro wins.

Promo: Chessman still thinks he and the Circus are the champs, Vampiro sucks, Konnan is a waste basket, and Ozz is not really wroth talking about much. Chessman is Chessman

Promo: Ozz still thinks the title should be around their waists. He also doesn't like Vampiro. Tonight's the night of Dark Ozz.

Match 4: Ozz vs Chessman
Plaza de Toros Joan Sebastian, Chalco, EdM, 01/31/09

Winner: Chessman
Match Time: 5:20 (2:36+2:44)
Other Match Notes: Chessman's still is under the belief he's a tecnico as he goes the ring. Pepe Casas is ref. Why is this match happening again? I mean, I like Ozz, but if Chessman's being groomed as a big rudo, shouldn't he be facing tecnicos now as to stop confusing the issue? Vampiro shows up immediately to take away Chessman's belt too. I would not be surprised if this is the last we saw of those belts, but there had to be a better way to do this angle. For his part, Chessman could care less about Vampiro taking the belt. Arturo starts a Chessman chant and the crowd goes with it, because no one knows better.

Ozz jumps Chessman, and we have the confusing spectacle of two men wearing all blank fighting each other. Ozz is the one not wearing sleeves! Reversals lead Ozz to dropkick Chessman out and follow the tornillo, so they got that in quick. Ozz brings it back inside for a Quebrada and tries a pin, but only gets 2. Points for effort. Ozz spinebuster Chessman, off the ropes, over, and back with a legdrop. One two no. Ozz slapping his hands for a faster count. Hey, there's that crowd shot for the 18th time. (Groan.) Ozz gives Chessman a stunner over the top rope, but is slow to follow up. Stomp to wake Chessman back up. European Uppercut. And another. Spin kick. Ozz wanders around, then stop to pin. One two no. Standing moonsault, one two no. Ozz was moving quick to start, not so much now. Break.

Ozz dropkick, knocking Chessman into the ropes. Armbar, armwringer, Chessman mostly dead weight. Ozz lets go, and Chessman collapses to the mat. Ozz yells to the crowd just to make sure there's someone alive out there. Chessman up, Ozz headbutt. Ozz fixes his hair. Kick to Chessman's backside. Punches. Fixing his hair. Maybe he should've done a pony tail? Whip, quick reverse, and Ozz stops that with a kick. Corner whip, Chessman rebounds out, Ozz misses the clothesline, misses the back elbow, and runs into a spinning backbreaker. Chessman superkicks Ozz, covers, one two no. The problem is both these guys are good with flurries of moves, but more like 90 second long flurries. Whip, Chessman puts his head down too soon, Ozz kicks it. Clip, and Chessman is suddenly spearing Ozz. Chessman says he's going up, but pulls Ozz halfway cross the ring first, then takes his time going up. Chessman asks the crowd what do when he goes up top. They say no, he goes for anyway. 450 splash – I guess Ozz wasn't supposed to have rolled, but did and Chessman ends up kneeing him directly in the head. Ugly. One two three.

Chessman stays on top of Ozz for a second, hopefully to say longer. Clip to Konnan arriving in the ring to make a recruitment pitch. Crowd doesn't want him to do it, of course, and Chessman really would rather leave then being lectured too at the moment, but Konnan's a bit relentless. Is Chessman interested? Chessman wags his finger no and rallies the crowd. Konnan warns him there are consequences for every decision, and this consequence is Joe Lider and Nicho. I sure hope he doesn't pay these guys by appearance. Before they can do anything, Vampiro is out to cut off Konnan and Hermandad. Konnan and Vampiro are content to rant at each other until Konnan crosses a line. Vampiro gets ready to fight, but Chessman cuts him off with a bad kick and a slightly better short powerbomb. Probably shouldn't have expected the guy you just took a title belt away to have your back on that one, Vamp. Chessman reiterates that Chessman is for Chessman, though the other rudos clap for him and offer him a handshake. Chessman walks off on him, but Konnan's happy to take Vampiro's destruction out of this.

Promo: Alan Stone, Gronda, and Abismo Negro discuss being fed up with Konnan, the Legion and Black Abyss. Abismo Negro's every tecnicos best-est friend lately.

Match 5: Black Abyss, Zorro, Konnan vs Alan Stone, Gronda II, Abismo Negro
Plaza de Toros Joan Sebastian, Chalco, EdM, 01/31/09

Winner: tecnicos by DQ
Match Time: 9:28 (4:41+4:47)
Other Match Notes: Staggered entrances. Crowd chants Abismo at Black Abyss, and I have no idea if they're mocking him or confused by him. Piero is ref. Konnan picks up a random birthday cake from the entrance set, presents it to Marcela Pena, and smashes it into the random security guy. At least he held onto the urn. Replay of Konnan hitting someone who's not Maricela Pena with the cake. Rudos jump the tecnicos.

Abismos brawl into the crowd, as required. Zorro kills time with Gronda, and Konnan the same with Alan Stone. Another Charly Manson returns promo here. Abismo kicks start the comeback by backdropping Alan to safety, and (slow developing) rudo bumbling takes care of the rest. Konnan sits out of the comeback, as usual, so Gronda and Alan slowly chase him and Zorro up the stage as Abismo throws Abyss into the second row, and all of the second row chairs onto him. They repeat the same ten seconds of footage here, very strangely – weird editing mistake.

Match is joined with everyone back in the ring after the break. Gronda's offense is clipped up. So is Alan's, so maybe they're just starved for time. Gronda gets another run, then Abismo comes in for an awful 'rana, and a German suplex which has no less than three false starts. He's really not good right now. Abismo teases the double underhook piledriver, but Piero breaks it up this week. Alan gets a run, but gets pulled off the apron by Konnan. Abismo gives Black Abyss a backbreaker, but Konnan get is in a cheap shot on him, and Black Abyss takes advantage to martinete him. Piero sees it and awards the DQ win.

Konnan hugs Black Abyss for a job well done. Black Abyss wants more, but the tecnicos screen him off.

Video package: Mesias destroying Hermandad last week

Recap: Zorro mismanaging the money? Hey, Rellik. Hey, Kenzo, he's never here either. Apparently the IRS is after AAA now, which is pretty incredible for a Mexican company.

Match 6: Nicho el Millionario, Joe Lider, Kenzo Suzuki © vs Silver King, La Parka Jr., Mesias ©
Plaza de Toros Joan Sebastian, Chalco, EdM, 01/31/09

Winner: Mesias
Match Time: 7:57 (4:45+3:12)
Other Match Notes: Staggered entrances. Oh, right, Kenzo's in this match. Hijo de Tirantes is ref.

Rudos jump the tecnicos at the whistle. Lots of brawling thru the whole first segment. Mesias makes the comeback about 30 seconds after the break, helped by a lot of rudo bumbling. Kenzo loading up for his slap is a beautiful thing. All the tecnicos get near falls broken up by other rudos, assisted by Hijo de Tirantes slow counts. Mesias dropkicks Nicho out and topes him. Silver King gets Lider with a jumping spinning DDT and clotheslines him both out. Old rivals Parka and Kenzo end up alone, and Kenzo suplexes Park and covers him, but Hijo de Tirantes can't quite count fast enough to get the pin. Kenzo goes for another, but Parka reveres it to a small package, and Tirantes counts fast before realizing who he was counting for. One two three, tecnicos wins.

Rudos beat up the tecnicos after the match anyway. Nicho walks to the stage to grab a table, which didn't work so well last week. Doesn't work so well this week for a another reason - as Nicho holds Mesias in front of the table (leaning in the corner) for Lider to do something, Chessman runs out. Spear for Lider, and Mesias breaks free of Nicho with the distraction, dumping him to the floor. Mesias opts to point at Chessman instead of thank him, so Chessman rightfully superkicks him into the table, and spears him thru it. No reaction for the spot. Announcers wonder who's side Chessman is on, but Chessman's pretty clear – Chessman is on Chessman's side.

That's it.