AAA - 02/07/09 (#870)

Previously: Mesias is a beloved tecnico, leading the world against Konnan. Chessman and Charly have issues. HX can't lose the tag team titles, also can not detach them. Mesias beat the Legion in the main event. (Abismo Negro was also there.)

Today: Parka, Latin Lover, Mesias vs the Legion; Circus & Chessman vs the Sect

Vignette: X-Pac says he's doing better from his beating at GdT, and congratulates Zorro for waking him up. Arm scar. X-Pac reminds us he was nice enough not to kill Jack and Konnan and look how it goes. DMEX says it's really on now. Alex: “I don't [bleeeeeeeep] care what's going to happen, but something bad is coming.” Dig the wood paneling on the wall here.

Match 1: Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Psicosis (c), Mini Histeria vs Mascarita Sagrada 2007, Octagoncito (c), Mini Charly Manson
Plaza de Toros de Chilpancingo, Guerrero, 12/19/08

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 11:12
Notes: Minis Vipers get an entrance! That's now you can tell this show is back to three hours. This is Mini Psicosis (v3)'s debut; it's Jerrito Estrada. I think Mini Psicosis is like Mascarita Sagrada, where they just prefer having someone do that gimmick whenever possible. Mini Charly does not have his belt. Ref is Piero

Rudos jump the tecnicos before the whistle, but the beatdown lasts only about a moment before the rudos are tripped up trying to go for a double clothesline and Sagrada gets Abismo with an up an over sunset flip. Charly powerslams Abismo, and Octagoncito adds a missile dropkick. Tecnicos go 3 on 1 on everyone, each taking turns to do a move rather than combos or such. Showcases go Mini Charly (nice spinning headscissors into a spinning DDT on Abismo), Sagrada (Abismo making him look better), Octagoncito. Octagoncito gets Abismo with a quebrada, right on the knees, and Piero apparently decide to count real slow. I say apparently, because they didn't actually include him in the frame while he was doing it. Also, wasn't Piero a tecnico last anyone checked? After Mini Abismo gets Mini Charly in a cross armbreaker and Sagrada breaks it up, Sagrada sneaks in an up and over sunset flip, which Piero counts slow, and again they miss the shot. They do catch the count the next pinfall, when Piero I counting quick for Abismo, and the next when he's counting slow for Charly, so now I just have to be annoyed they're doing a heel ref bit in the opening match for absolutely no reason. Match breaks down a little bit and heads for dive – Octagon has a nice thru the ropes top con giro. Sagrada pulls off to the floor spinning headscissors on Mini Abismo as well as this version has, and Histeria spears the post on a missed charge, setting up a nice Charly springboard dive to the floor. Octagon cuts off Mini Psicosis from a dive with a flying armdrag, but kinda misses the corner flip escape next. Octagon recovers to a 'rana, but Piero counts super slow. If I'm Octagoncito, I'm not going for more pinfalls. Naturally, Octagoncito goes for a roll up, a hammerlock cradle, one....two.......three. Mini Psicosis completely buried on night 1! AAA is so awesome.

Continuing that trend, there's a clip and suddenly Hermanad Extreme is running in the ring and chair shotting the minis. THEY have their belts, so someone must've freed them eventually for Lider. I was thinking they might forever be hanging in Xalapa. Octagoncito has to take a wild running powerbomb into the ropes. Tags champs beat up the rudos to because they want to make sure everyone here comes off looking bad.

Lider and Nicho are still in the ring. I didn't ask for such things! It takes a while, but they eventually get around to letting us know they're much better than Jack & Teddy, so there's a kind of point to this promo. This promo also concerns Konnan – all promos must mention Konnna – so they call him out to find out what side he's on. And he actually comes out! Well, we'd gone nearly 40 minutes without seeing him, I was starting to get the shakes. Konnan has a interoffice envelope! The most dangerous weapon of all. Free tortillas for the crowd. You want to encourage people to throw things at the ring after the first match of the show? That can't hurt. Konnan has a special prize for them, but if they're not willing to work with Teddy, Jack and the Legion – STOP SHOWING SHOTS OF JOE LIDER'S BACK – anyway, HX are willing to work with the price is right. Inside the envelope is – well, a mystery target for HX to take out in return for cash, though only Lider and Nicho get to see it. They're happy with the idea, and the cash promised. Should note Konnan's fantastic shirt.

Video package: Zorro – perhaps not all there. Hey, was ahead of the curve on the whole “Que pas X-Pac?” bit! Also, “I've got a two words for you - Legión Extranjera!” is fantastic. This is the rare video package that coherently tells a story and builds interest in an upcoming match. I have no idea what it's doing on this show! Oh, here's the point with the Mesias feud to confuse what this video package is supposed to be about, that's more like it. How many times is Zorro going to break that chain? (A lot.)

Match 2: Hijo del Pirata Morgan Pirata Morgan Sr., Espectro de Ultratumba vs Pimpinela Escarlata, Laredo Kid, Angel
Plaza de Toros de Chilpancingo, Guerrero, 12/19/08

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 8:40
Notes: Espectro is debuting here. Pepe Casas is ref. Captains are not announced.

Espectro does the old Pena bit of sitting in the center of the ring and counting everything, or just getting back to the seated position. This goes on until Laredo just give shim a running splash, and the Pirates decided to get involved for a beatdown. Espectro is bigger than Laredo Kid, but that's not saying much. He's short than Hijo Pirata. Tecnicos again get the quick comeback, Pimpi backdropping Laredo to safety, then leading the rudos into a Laredo plancha. Rudos try to catch him, but Hijo kinda falls and it looks odd, even before Angel pushes over the pack with a missile dropkick. Angel resets the pile, as it was probably instead to be, for Pimpi to splash the whole group but it doesn't come off as well as it probably is supposed to be. Pimpi gets the big crowd pop anyway with a kiss for Pirata Sr. as the tecnicos clear out the other rudos. Showcases go Angel (not much, mask looks resigned – or it's just an alternate version with a mouth opening.), Laredo (top rope springboard tope con giro onto Hijo and Espectro), Pimpi (more kissing). There's not nearly the clipping this week as his been for the last six months, but there' still some odd camera choices. Pimpi gets Pirata Sr. with a missile dropkick, but Espectro slowly breaks up that pin and boots Pimpi out. Laredo dropkicks Espectro (with his knees, looked bad and clipped away.) Suplex sets up Espectro, and Laredo goes all the way up for a 450 splash, but Hijo breaks up that pin. Whip, jumping back elbow. Both Pimpi and Hijo try starting Laredo chants. Laredo tries a spinning headscissors, but Hijo reverses to a face first powerbomb, and gets on a top wristlock crossface variation. Angel runs into break that up with a kick., then ties up Hijo's arm. Pirata Sr. breaks that up with an inverted atomic drop, then whips Pimpi towards Angel. On the run, Pimpi boosts Angel into a dropkick on Pirata Sr., Hijo superkicks Pimpi, Angel gives Hijo a spinning backbreaker. Angel heads up, but takes way too long and Hijo knocks him off and to the floor. Hijo to the apron – Asai tope con giro., while Pimpi gets Pirata Sr. with a tope. Laredo and Espectro back in – green on green violence. Espectro kicks Laredo down, then gives him a wild scoop slam. Middle rope senton con giro misses, and Laredo sets him up for something. Tornillo moonsault comes up empty. Someone need to hit something. Espectro hiptoss Laredo, then lifts him up in a – spinning overhead wristlock? I have no clue, but it's enough for the submission, though no one in the crowd knows it for a good ten seconds.

Rudos beat up the tecnicos more after the match.

Noti AAA

Backstage: Nicho and Lider wait for Vampiro to go in a room, and padlock the door behind him. Crafty!

Match 3: Nicho el Millinoario & Joe Lider vs KENTA & Extreme Tiger
Plaza de Toros de Chilpancingo, Guerrero, 12/19/08

Winner: Hermandad Extreme
Match Time: 12:06 (4:02+8:04)
Other Match Notes: Extreme Tiger is still using the FdT music. It's a small family. Oh no, not more 187. Hijo de Tirantes is ref, and one can only hope it was his picture in the envelope. This appears to be no-title, even though the other team as good enough to get a title shot last week. I shouldn't think like that, no good can come of it.

Champions wrestle the match while wearing their tag team belts! How? Why? At least we know those this stay tight, but that's bizarre even for AAA. The crowd shots are back for this match, even though they don't appear to be taking up any action. Nicho and KENA pretend to wrestle on the mat for a while before KENTA gets to the serious business of kicking people. Lider eats Tiger's flying moves until Nicho gets in a cheap shot form the outside and Lider flips out with a clothesline. Nicho rushes cross the ring to beat up KENTA and runs him to a rail. Nicho and wastes no time in grabbing a chair form the crowd. Chair shot is to the back, KENTA is no dummy. Tiger takes an atomic low blow drop onto a chair, and they break there.

KENTA gets tripped face first into a chair in the corner, never fun. I still can't get over what goofballs HX are for waring their belts while wrestling the match. Their gold and black tights do look nice. KENTA lands on the back of his head off a shoulder backbreaker legdrop combination - that looked ugly. HX give him a double urange a little later, and hopefully that means he's fine enough. HX do a bunch of tag team moves and don't both trying to finish, until the comeback. It's amazing that these guys can think of so many double team moves, but then the comeback is always on a missed clothesline. Seeing as that spot is actually far more important, you think the creativity would be of better use there. Nicho gets tossed into a KENTA high kick and sells it big. Tiger holds Lider on his shoulders for a KENTA sort missile dropkick, and Lider takes the worst of it when falling to the mat – he turns and catches his shoulder instead of his head. Clip here, to Tiger getting in the guillotine legdrop on the rail, and then clip again to Nicho and KENTA picking up in the ring. KENTA destroys Nicho with kicks. Hiptoss sends Nicho over the ropes and to the floor, and KENTA follows with an off the apron headscissors. Lider and Tiger are actually too dead to still come in, so KENTA brings Nicho back in and gives him the Wagner drier, but Hijo de Tirantes doesn't even consider counting before Lider breaks it up. KENTA tries to plancha Lider, but Lider catches him and drops with a fireman's carry neckbreaker. Tiger breaks it up and argues with Hijo de Tirantes. Tiger ticks Lider into setting himself in the ropes for a guillotine stomp. Then covers for a count that's not coming. Nicho breaks it up anyway. Nicho tires t op rope move, and Extreme Tiger hits with a bad dropkick. Nicho tries claiming a low blow, and they show a replay from the worst angle to tell. Alas. Back to KENTA and Lider, KENTA kicking Lider until Lider blocks one and suplexes him. Lider suplex is blocked and reversed into the Go TO Sleep, the knee hitting somewhere around the ribs. Hijo de Tirantes slowly counts and accidentally gets taken out by a Tiger dropkick when he was aiming for Nicho. Nicho kicks Tiger low, struts, and then fakes his own low blow. Hijo de Tirantes tease awarding each guy for the match – the crowd is into loud yelling si and no – Hijo de Tirantes go es to the no side and Nicho gets the DQ. Nicho pops right back up find after the finish, not even bothering to fake it and then remembering he's supposed to when Hijo de Tirantes turns around (only after Hijo de Tirantes has seen him a couple times.)

Vampiro walks to the ring. Perhaps there were two ways out of the room. Vampiro discusses with Hijo de Tirantes, who insists on giving those guys the win. Wait, no, he raise the others teams arms. Okay, I guess that's an over turned finished. So, will Vamp be doing that for every foul finish? Nicho throws chairs in the ring while Lider argues. Vampiro kinda ignores them, holds up the arms of the tecnicos.

Video Package: Chessman. Doesn't like Zorro, doesn't like Ricky, Charly's no longer his friend. No one else matters until he's champion.

Match 4: Espiritu, Ozz, Cuervo, Scoria vs Chessman, Psycho Clown, Killer Clown, Zombie Clown
Plaza de Toros de Chilpancingo, Guerrero, 12/19/08

Winner: Chessman & Psycho Circus
Match Time: 10:03 (1:20+8:43)
Other Match Notes: For some bizarre reason, there are happy clowns out for the Psycho's Circus' entrance. This ends very poorly for the happy clowns, who immediately gets beat down. Zombie kidnaps a child, of course. I think we're supposed to root for the Psycho Circus this week, even though they're teaming with Chessman. Clowns enter first, Sect next, Chessman last, and the Sect jump him and his partners as soon as he enters. They're still ticked about that turn, I guess. Piero is ref.

Quick break, while the Sect are still in control. These rudos are the first to have beatdown last two minutes, lasting past the commercial break. Lots of brawling and holding for other people to hit. Clowns and Chessman try the odd strategy of not waiting for their turn and jumping in, but the Sect manage to handle them. Comeback starts while they're doing a wide shot – surely a sign of great editing. Killer Clown goes thru everyone, and then his friends get around tho helping out. Zombie Clown climbs on Killer's shoulder for a big splash. Rudos regroup on the outside before one on ones.

Chessman gets the best of Cuervo, but eats boots on a charge of Zorro, who gets a standing moonsault and a middle rope moonsault. Psycho breaks that up. Crowd behind Psycho, though that's before he does anything (and doesn't have the best looking stuff this week. ) Psycho and Ozz fight on the middle rope, Ozz gets shoved off and Psycho lands on him with an elbow drop. Cuervo breaks that up. And dropkicks him many times. Killer's turn to break it up. Cuervo's offense has limited affect on him, and putting his head down too soon on a whip does not help Cuervo any more. Swinging neckbreaker, Jackhammer suplex, and Scoria breaks up that pin. Scoria flips around, but it's the missile dropkick that actually works. Zombie breaks that up and throws Scoria out before resuming his anding. Espiritu comes in, and Zombie runs right into a backdrop. Scoria reverses a whip, but Espiritu still manages a spinning headscissors. Espiritu bodyscissors is shoved, Zombie misses his own quebrada (?), but Espiritu runs into a hiptoss. Zombie sets up Espiritu, goes to the apron for his celebratory jumping jacks and slowly climbs up – and falls to the mat. Scoria trips him up, they nearly missed it. Espiritu sets Zombie up and gets enough of him on a quebrada, then moves him in position for Scoria's inside out tornillo moonsault, but Zombie gets his foot on the ropes. Espiritu hooks it for another count, but Zombie escapes this time. Killer elbows Scoria down and press slams Espiritu face first on a buckle. Cuervo in, he blocks a big boot but still eats a killer clothesline. Psycho in with a frog splash on Cuervo, one two three. I guess he's not the captain? Ozz dropkicks Psycho out, kicks Killer as he comes in and sliders underneath his legs and boots him in the ropes. Ozz gets a big head of steam and clothesline Killer Clown out, then follows with his tornillo. Espiritu and Psycho left in, Espiritu crash and burns on a quebrada and Psycho slides him out chest first before following with his own tope. Chessman and Scoria in, Chessman miss a corner splash and hits the buckle. Espiritu dropkicks him back into the corner again, then hops to the opt rope – tornillo connects, but it doesn't hold Chessman down. Both up, and Chessman spears Scoria out of his boots. That's plenty, but Chessman always has to get more – 450 splash! One two three.

Vampiro out again. Hey, they won this match clean, what's the issue. Vamp congratulates them on their excellent win. Vamp says it's a new year, and the Clowns are the future stars of AAA. And Chessman is a superstar in the world and a legend of lucha libre. As commissioner, he's giving them a shot at the Atomicos titles at the next TV show. While he's at it, Vamp says he wants no more issues between himself and Chessman. Chessman's a great dude. Chessman's such a great dude, he spits mist at Vampiro. Guess he's not a tecnico now? Chessman says he's a great wrestler, and doesn't need Vampiro either – he tries to get a Chessman chant going, and they actually do chant for Vampiro like they're supposed to, wow. Sometimes it surprises me when the AAA audience is actually following along. This turns into a big tease of Vampiro fighting back. Chessman begs for it – based on reactions, Vampiro can't be commissioner if he attacks someone and Chessman has decided to rectify that, though I'm still not sure why or why Chessman cares.

Video Package: Mesias and Abismo Negro on the side of AAA. Also, Vipers watching TV! Why are they watching this on a HD TV?

Vignette: Zorro gives Konnan the books. Which are a completely mess. You put a crazy person in charge of the numbers, what do you expect? Zorro says he's distracted by X-Pac, and runs off ranting. Konnan hands off the dirty work (and the books) to Electroshock.

Promo: La Parka.

Match 5: Zorro, Electroshock, Konnan (c) vs Latin Lover, La Parka Jr., Mesias (c)
Plaza de Toros de Chilpancingo, Guerrero, 12/19/08

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 19:50
Other Match Notes: Staggered entrances with Latin coming out first! He's no Zorro. Who, in turn, is no Electroshock. Hijo de Tirantes is the ref, so I can zoom to the finish here. Konnan has stare downs with Latin Lover and Mesias before the match.

Mesias and Konnan look to start, but it's Electroshock in after a crowd shot. This get two minutes before Zorro decides to ambush Mesias with his cane and start the beatdown. Nice javelin shot into Parka's knee. Brawling from there, with Hijo de Tirantes occasionally stopping the two other tecnicos from helping out the one in trouble. Konnan misses a corner charge on Mesias to start the comeback, and Mesias clothesline the other two. Konnan and Latin hurry to the stage and brawl to backstage while the other four fight. It was like they had some place else to be, and now. Latin and Konnan randomly show back up, and Parka bits Latin for a while in a lam attempt to hide a conversation. Rudos huddle on the outside, and Parka joins the huddle himself. Parka misses with Zorro, Electro tries to hit Parka with the cane, Electro gets Zorro, and Parka gives him a handshake and a hug. Electro is very slow in processing the whole situation. Showcase go Latin, Parka (just in to hand Zorro back his cane, Mesias, and then back to Parka. Konnan lets Zorro and Electroshock do 90% of the work. Crowd shots return. Zorro returns the cane shot form earlier by accident, then Parka stops Electro on the floor. Latin punches Zorro around an gets him in casita, but Konnan breaks that up. Latin rolls out, and we're back to Mesias vs Konnan and lots of punching. Mesias knocks him over with a shoulderblock and throws punches from the guard, while Konnan covers up. Nicho runs out – now he doesn't have the belt on! - and attacks Mesias. Joe Lider is far behind but shows up to help stomp. Hijo de Tirantes will allow it. Nicho gets a table and brings it in as Konnan comes back to life. I don't know why Latin is down on the outside, but everyone but Konnan, Mesias and HX have stopped existing for the purpose of this moment. Konnan gets Mesias up just enough to powerbomb him thru the table. Zorro turns back up to hit Latin with the cane as he comes back in. Anyone want to try a pinfall? Is Hijo de Tirantes calling the match? Why would he do that, isn't he friends with the Legion? Parka gets low blowed with a chair, and then guillotine inside of if it, in a shot that's almost missed. Konnan cover Parka, but Hijo de Tirantes says he's not counting it. And then he goes ahead and counts it anyway. That was dumb; if he was supposed to be intimidating into counting, it didn't come off that way. Rudos pose over the destroyed tecnicos.

That's it.