AAA - 11/08/08 (#858)

Previously: enthralling SUV breaking - maybe Konnan can trade it in for a hybrid? Exciting urn stealing, and I'm not even sure what you'd trade that in for. Why was Zorro not in the car? Also, Rocky Romero. 

This week: Zorro vs Cibernetico. Sect vs Clowns. No, don't go away, this is a new show.

Opening Twenty Minute Promo: Konnan is dressing sharp again, but this week, he's got Pena's urn. And he's a clipped up promo. Prez Roldan (and Dorian, in a suit! - looks more like Shane McMahon that way, you see) are out to confront him. As soon as they get to the ring, Konnan calls out the Legion, who kills them all. Dorian goes down taking a cane shot just amidst the security drones running at Zorro and ducking their head down - that's not smart booking. I just realized it - these security guys must be local indy guys, right? This is what they do, of course. Everyone's such in a hurry to get killed by Zorro, there's no one really left for Jack, Teddy and Electro to beat up. They get some stomping in. Someone takes an electro powerbomb. Joaquin's left standing, of course. When he's cornered, Octagon's music plays and out come the undercard - we've got Super Fly, the Stones, and Psycho Circus? I guess they want revenge for last week. Oh, Octagon too, of course. Five different people grab on to Konnan, grab on to the urn, and can not get it from him. I had no idea this was a comedy angle! Defying all logic and laws of physics, Konnan gets free and to the apron. Konnan then stops to taunt, and everyone grabs on to him again! Security and the Legion reach for him from outside. Finally, Alan rips the urn away! And so ends the storyline. Oh, wait, you should probably take the cloak off the urn. Roldan gets the turn back and taunts Konnan. You should probably take the cloak off the urn, dude. I'm just saying. Roldan finally does, and of course it's not the real urn. (Though, the other one surely isn't either, but this is the real fake as opposed to the fake real.) Konnan threatens that the AAA will never see the urn again if they go after him, and we have a detente. A detente that quires a lot more talking and electro laughing like a mad man, but there you go. Two hours to give into Konnan's demands, or the urn is gone forever. Which actually means Roldan has until about 8 minutes after this show is over. 

Pena Memorial Show plug #1

Vignette: X-Pac, Rocky and apparently a terrorist are walking down the street. If only Rocky had a spare mask to give him. 

Promo: Alan wants the urn back, which somehow turns into a Alan/Chris vs Jack/Teddy challenge. Though he's ready for Nicho and the other guy too. 

Match: Fabi Apache & Mari Apache vs Ayako Hamada & Cinthia Moreno
Match 1: Jack Evans & Teddy Hart vs Alan Stone & Chris Stone
Auditorio Municipal Jose Maria Arteaga de Queretaro, 10/10/08

Winner: Stones
Match Time: 5:49 (5:23+0:26)
Notes: Hijo de Tirantes is Ref. In his all white outfit, I keep thinking Chris Stone is actually one of the New Barrio Boys sneaking on TV. 

With in a minute, Alan's hit Teddy with a Michinoku Driver and Chris had added his walk the ropes splash finisher, so they're in hurry or this is going to be quick. Jack makes the save. Jack takes over on Chris, with lots of chopping and occasional stalling when Teddy hasn't left the ring and is in his way. Jack misses a splash, allowing Chris to come back, including a tope rope headscissors. Alan adds his own splash, but Teddy makes the save there. CLIP. Teddy suplexes Alan. Teddy over shoots him on the quebrada, but Alan sells it anyway because it's supposed to count. Chris rushes in and kicks Teddy down, but Jack springboard clotheslines him to start he beatdown. Corner whip, Jack rushes in with jumping double knees, and connects this time. Alan tries to help out his brother, and fires up when Jack tries to work him over. Teddy ends that, then checks off the powerbomb back cracker. Jack is suplexed into a somersault splash on Alan. Teddy gets in his straight jacket backcracker, and right as Jack adds a twisting moonsault splash, there's a wave transition effect! I guess they're not even trying to hide the clip. Alan and Jack are in pre-comeback showcase, and Alan trips Jack on the ropes to set up Chris' 619, which sets up Alan's springboard dropkick. Teddy makes the save there and stomps Alan. until Jack starts to get back up. Reverse neckbreaker, pose. Jack whips Alan, Alan grabs the ropes, Jack throws a spinning heel kicks and catches Alan right in the side of the face. Alan goes out, and Jack follows with his handspring twisting moonsault. Teddy dropkicks Chris to the floor and gets in his moonsault dive. Break, because people are out of the ring and that's what you do on RAW.

Back for - D-Generation-Mex's music? If they came thru the crowd, they forgot to show them until they get in the ring. Jack and Teddy get in the ring, but argue with DGM on the outside for whatever reason. Stones, apparently feeling fine after those dives, sneak insid1e cradle HF2 for the win. RUN STONES RUN. They do get out of the way, before they get beat up again, just passing by ski masked member #3. He circles around to the other side of the ring, to attack Jack & Teddy while they're arguing with X-Pac and Romero still. It's instantly obviously who he is based on his flying chair assisted kick to Teddy, but then it's also instantly obvious when this is a taping from a month ago. X-Pac stops mystery man before he can chair shot Jack. Jack Evans is crazy, but he isn't stupid, and he skedaddles before anything else happens. Now, Nikki, I'm not so sure about. She gets in the ring and slaps mystery man, and takes a jumping kick to the head. Crowd goes crazy, as they shows this from the farthest angle possible. Crowd chants Otra, and I guess kicking a girl in the head just isn't enough these days, as she's set up for more in the corner - is that clipped away? There's a sudden jump to X-Pc and Rocky giving Teddy a Martinete, and Nikki's outside the ring, so yea. Why is Hijo de Tirantes still here? To hand off the microphone to Alex Koslov, who pulled off his mask when AAA didn't have a shot of it. That's unfortunate. He gets more screams of recognition, mostly for the girls. He handles the promo for the team, calling out Zorro, La Parka and everyone else. Hey, how fortunate they just happened to have their fireworks ready in case they made an unscheduled appearance. Security, the same guys who were killed 20 minutes ago, show up to grab the DGM and pull them to the back. 

Promo: Konnan's pep speech to a brooding Zorro (that's going around!) is interrupted by Jack running in. You know how you can get those little keychain bits that say something when you press it? I want one that has Jack saying "Hey, yo, what's up Zorro?" exactly as he says it here. Konnan sort blows Jack's concern about what just happened, when gets Jack annoyed, which sets Konnan off. Konnan eventually assures Jack he'll take care of as soon, but Zorro's first. Jack leaves, and Konnan grills Zorro - some weeks he's up, some week he's down. What's going on this week. "Que pasa con X-Pac?" Zorro is the best.  They should've ended it there, but they got an actual point to get across here - Zorro wants to take care of Cibernetico himself, so no backup. He convinces Konnan to go along with this.

Vignette: Black Family - minus Ozz - are still cutting promos about Vampiro, so I guess he's not meant to be a nonperson.

Match 2: Killer Clown, Psycho Clown, Zombie Clown vs Cuervo, Escoria, Espiritu
Auditorio Municipal Jose Maria Arteaga de Queretaro, 10/10/08

Winner: Psycho Circus
Match Time: 8:12
Other Match Notes: As with the opener, no entrances. Announcers again try to get the crowd to chant for the Clowns, and they actually sort go with it. Sounds like kids. Clip right off the back, it seems. Pepe Casas is ref.

Seems like a clip to start. Psycho and Zombie seem to have new gear - Psycho is all bright colored now. Opening is worked even, one guy knocking out another from that team, someone from that team knocking out that guy - there needs to be an name for that. Or I need to know that name. Psycho gets a fujiwara on Psycho, and the Family rush the ring for a beatdown. Yes, the Clowns are getting beat down. That's how you know they're tecnicos. There's a triple fallaway slam spot to begin with which looks much more like a normal plancha that hits three men. Double flapjack/faceslam spot on Zombie is fun. Killer is no longer a monster, just a tall version of a normal guy, taking two clotheslines and a bulldog. They try it again, but this time Killer shoves off the bulldog, and the rest of the clowns hit the ring for the comeback. Escoria takes a face first powerbomb so badly, it couldn't have have possibly been meant to be that move. Clowns get to their down on beatdown. Psycho gets Espiritu with the big elbow drop, but they keep going because that's what they do. Cuervo's spinebusters for Killer to slingshot legdrop, slipping over the ropes in process. Clowns randomly go back to their corner to go back toe on ones and Zombie dances to get a reaction from the crowd. It doesn't come. These are the same guys, but as completely generic clowns. Zombie misses a move, Espiritu lands his quebrada. Psycho comes in to chop fight him, wins, and adds a middle rope headbutt. Cuervo in, looking ghastly thin in his bodysuit, against Psycho. Cuervo catches Psycho going for a monkey flip and dropkicks him. Killer breaks it up, then pie-faces him to the mat. Punches. Clothesline misses, back elbow misses, big boot does not miss. Legdrop, but Escoria breaks that up. All the Dark Family guys look really thin against this crew. Escoria fight back enough to try a plancha, Killer catches it, but tosses him behind. Scoria slips out, gets in enough kicks to knock him down, and adds a inside out corkscrew moonsault splash. Everyone hits the rings,, and the Circus slams them all. Psycho misses a moonsault, Zombie misses a mount, Killer takes quite a while to get up and misses a horrible looking moonsault-- why did they have him do that? Dark Family cover, then immediately argue the count before anyone's even kicked out. They attack Pepe Casas - why? Chessman slides in the ring. Why? This seems to be the question all six guys are thinking, too, thought the announcers wonder if he's rejoining the Black Family. Chessman gives a slight shove to Psycho - then spears Espiritu! choke powerbombs on the other two from Psycho and Killer, as Chessman pounds Espiritu. Zombie adds a horrible middle rope elbow drop as Chessman rolls Pepe Casas back in. One two three. What the heck? The post match is clipped up, for no particular reason.

Pena Memorial Show plug #2

Promo: Konnan & Electroshock laugh about their match, laugh about having a guy 24/7/65 on the urn.

Promo: Octagon & Super Fly's promo looks edited. Super Fly, having paid attention, doesn't like his chances here. 

Match 3: Electro Shock & Konnan vs Octagón & Súper Fly
Auditorio Municipal Jose Maria Arteaga de Queretaro, 10/10/08

Winner: Legion
Match Time: 4:50
Other Match Notes: This is the non entrance show. They're already fighting when we see the ring. Tirantes is your ref. 

Seeing as Super Fly gets killed every single week, and Octagon makes sure he doesn't get killed much at all when he does wrestle, it's not hard to figure out how this one is going. Clip early. Even during the beatdown, Octagon gets to make his comeback sequence, take one shot, and roll out. Octagon's mask gets tied around the ropes, making this Everyone Octagon Match Ever. Tirantes actually tries to untie it, so unlike it. He's usually the one keeping him there, half the time. Must not be the same without Fuerza around. On the other hand, he's doing worst possible job of untying ever, so maybe he's just screwing with Octagon and the fans. Rudos entertain themselves by beating up Super Fly. This has been one of the quieter AAA crowd lately, and this match is no different. Electro powerbombs Super Fly, Tirantes turns around to count, and that's the match. Super Fly gets no offense, again. Konnan kicks Octagon a bit after the match, but I guess decides isn't worth the effort if Octagon's just going to sit there the same anyway. 

After a break, they pick up with Konnan and Electro still in the ring, standing on Super Fly. Like a doormat, in fact. Roldan is back out, so I guess the time's up. Konnan says he wants control of the company for the urn, and starts assigning Tirantes and Arturo to positions. Marcela waves her finger no, so I guess it's a no. Octagon and Super Fly are able to back off the Legion enough to get in the ring with him. Roldan makes the ownership vs retirement match offer, and refuses more negotiation. Konnan and Electro walk off.

Vignette: DGX is finally leaving the building. Highlight is Alex telling Rocky to hold him back - from talking to the camera? who can say.

Vignette: As Konnan rants about signing a contract for that match next week, Jack blows smoke. No, it's not that, it's a tease of smoking Pena's ashes. At some point, this stops being a vignette and Konnan turns to the camera to cut a promo. Jack, who's totally over Teddy being taken out four segments ago, gets to do his catchphrase. 

Noti AAA
- Pena mass, without urn. Cibernetico, Vampiro, and Maricela Pena talk about it
- DGM promo. 

Pena Memorial Show plug #1

Breakup of the Hellbrothers - sane one that aired last week. 

Match 4: El Mesias vs Chessman
Auditorio Municipal Jose Maria Arteaga de Queretaro, 10/10/08

Winner: Mesias (DQ)
Match Time: 9:27
Notes: No entrances. Hijo de Tirantes is ref.

Mesas misses a clothesline, Chessman's kick is caught, and Mesias can hit that clothesline given a second shot. Whip, Chessman grabs the ropes, Mesias charges and clothesline him out. Dive time? Yes, a big tope in the first 30 seconds. Mesias gets up and talks to the crowd. Crowd cheers, a bit. Replay, to cover up a clip. Mesias wastes no time in grabbing a ladder. Plenty of shots to Chessman's midsection. Head into the ladder. And again. Okay, so maybe Chessman's the tecnico. Someone turns up the ring lights really bright as Mesias takes his time, punching Chessman in the aisle. Mesias grabs a beer and punches Chessman with it, except he clearly throws it past him instead. I have no idea, it's a beer, I think Chessman could've taken it. Whip, reversed, and Mesias goes into the ladder. Big cheer for that. That ladder's dead. Replay of that spot, surely to cover another clip.. Chessman, Mesias and that broken ladder are in the ring. Chessman misses a clothesline, Mesias slide over on the next pass and get to punching. Chairs is thrown at Chessman, knocking him down. Pose. Mesias, as usual, not in any hurry. Kick, faceslam on the ladder. Mesias covers him - how is he pinned if he's laying on the ladder? One two no. Ladder set up in the corner, head into the ladder. Running big boot, Chessman stays up (and actually adjusts the ladder, must be a spear coming.) Another running big boot, another, and Chessman finally goes to one knee. Mesias points at the crowd, clearly taunting them. Why is Cibernetico on this guy's side again? Crowd rallies behind Chessman as he comes back with punches. Chessman blocks one, hits one of his own, Off the ropes, spinning headscissors into a spinning DDT is impressive. Mesias poses before pinning, then is shocked that his pin didn't work. Avoidance counters end with a Chessman hitting a dropkick to the knee, and kicking Mesias in the head. Chessman takes what's left of the ladder, drops on the mat, and then wedges Mesias leg inside it. Barely. Chessman does a running elbow drop to the ladder, and they give us the best angle to see how Mesias wasn't hurt at all. Chessman was, though, because Chessman's a goof who just dropped an elbow on a ladder. Mesias rolls out, hobbling. Chessman slide out after him, and kicks him in his leg. Punch. Chessman grabs a chair, tosses it in. Mesias thrown into the crowd. Lot of empty floor seats in that shot. It's like there are three rows of people and plenty of empties behind them.  Chessman brings Mesias back in, and in the ring. Chair on Mesias leg, chair shot into the chair. Why not just him with the first chair. Hijo de Tirantes teases a DQ, but of course he's not going to DQ someone for a chair shot. Chessman brings Mesias back when he tries to hobble off, and goes after that left leg with a chair shot. Crowd gets on Hijo de Tirantes when he teases a DQ. Clip ahead to the end of a chin lock. Mesias fights out, and with one punch, is in control. Chessman catches him on a corner charge. Flying nothing causes Chessman to (kinda sorta) be caught into a RKO. Both down, and Tirantes puts the count on. Mesias gets to his knees, which Hijo de Tirantes decides is good enough. Mesias grabs a chair, look at the crowd, looks at Chessman, and hits him in the back. Mesias' legs are fine, suddenly. Chessman makes another random comeback with a superkick, and I don't know why I'm doing PBP. Well, there's the spear, at least things are picking up. Hijo de Tirantes was okay with ladders and chairs, but pulls off Chessman when he goes for mounted punches. Chessman back elbows him away. Chessman geo back to jabbing Mesias with a chair. Hijo de Tirantes takes it way, so Chessman headbutts him. YAY. CLIP. Tirantes starts to count, shoves Chessman off, and awards the DQ to Mesias. Amazing how Tirantes could shove Chessman that far. (And it's not like he's at the high point of his usual cycle.) There's some cheers in the crowd, but they seem to be coming from those holding up a flag of Puerto Rico. Chessman throws down his chair, and - break.  

Mesias is till down, and Chessman is gone. no, Chessman is gone and back, with a gasoline container and some tape. Chessman leaves the gasoline at the entrance (???? - right on top of a wood panel bizarrely sitting on the steps, which certainly won't come into the play in the next five minutes or so) drags Mesias to the ropes, and tapes him on the outside. I like to think Chessman just has a gigantic roll of red tape he was saving to the occasion. Both Mesias' arms are tied to the ropes. Hijo de Tirantes tries to get involved, gets punched. YAY. Mesias is hung off the apron, and Chessman goes under the ring - ah, for his other container of gasoline. It's tossed on Mesias. It's not much, but I guess you really don't need a lot for this bit. Chessman could've got a lot more gas for his buck if he had just waited a month, that's for sure. Where's AAA security now, by the way? Chessman goes back to the entrance, dumps the gas can there on that wood panel, grabs a torch (?), lights the torch on fire, then spread the flame to the wood panel. And that's all with the wood panel, he's just going to leave it there while he walks to the ring with the torch. Chessman is making his way when Scoria, Cuervo and Espiritu rush him, shoving him down from behind. Which almost causes him to drop the torch on Mesias, but never mind. Cuervo and Espiritu stomp down Chessman while Espiritu picks up the torch and thinks about it. Not for long, since Cibernetico is out to attack everyone. Crowd pops for Cibernetico's music, I think, not because they care about making a save here. Chessman gets speared into the flaming table on the entranceway, except they completely miss the shot. And now, just to make it more confusion, here's the Psycho Circus. They check on the carcass on the table, walk around the ring (stopping to note Mesias being tapped up) and then just keep walking. Cibernetico is as confused as you are - are they after him? Cibernetico walks to the entrance, while the Clowns stop and look at Chessman again. Lots of pointing going on. Mesias is cut free from the ropes in the meantime. 

Promo: Cibernetico, in a hall of echoes, is pretty sure Chessman crossed some sort of line in the last segment and refuses to explain why he's helping Mesias. Ciber wants to make sure Charly knows - no more Hell Brothers. 

Match 5: Zorro vs Cibernetico
Auditorio Municipal Jose Maria Arteaga de Queretaro, 10/10/08

Winner: Cibernetico
Match Time: 8:10
Other Match Notes: Only match with entrances on the night. Tirantes is ref. Break after entrances.

They only have 11 minutes and change left on the show, always a good sign. Zorro cracks Cibernetico with a canke shot ot the knee just as Arturo's announcing Cibernetico's name, which is a fine distraction. Kicks, kicks, rolling kicks! Dropkick too. STF? No, Zorro's a a master, he can work in ankle lock too. Cibernetico tries to get up, and thrown in to a buckle. Crowd starts the Cibernetico chant on it's own. mid kick mid kick, spinning heel kick. I guess Zorro's thrilled for X-Pac matches too. Toe hold, Cibernetico grabs the ropes, Tirantes kicks it free. Well okay then. Kinda a half crab. Cibernetico tries to elbow free, but it's not happening. CLIP. Zorro standing and taunting Cibernetico. Kick to the left knee. Zorro grabs hi cane, and chucks it at at the knee! Zorro calmy walkover the ropes, and has someone on the outside hands his cane back. Shot to the knee. Figure four? No, Cibernetico kicks him away, but Zorro is quickly up and knocking Cibernetico down. I wonder how many different leg holds Zorro can do. Oops, guess we won't know, Ciberneitco's up and blocking punches. Cibernetico, right, right,- Zorro ducks  it, and gets the sleeper on. This'll kill a minute. Cibernetico down to one knee, both knees, slowly slipping to the mat. Crowd rallies for him to get up. Why are they only showing this from behind? I don't think anyone want to see Zorro's backside that badly.   Zorro's long hair does cover up Cibernetico's face, so there's that. One arm drop, two arm drop. What could possibly happen on the third. Cibernetico doesn't let it drop, and waves his finger no. Crowd does not really react. Cibernetico sands back up, crowd still no reaction, and runs Zorro forward to knock him off. Cibernetico with limping clothesline, decimating Zorro. Corner whip, Zorro kips up and, rolls, and Cibernetico stills pears him. Well, you gave it a good try, Z. Cibernetico ready his chokeslamming hand. Goozle. Cibernetico contemplates the meaning of life, and then Konnan's music plays. Cibernetico doesn't even bother chokeslamming the man, just throws him down like an inconsequential sack of garbage. (As opposed to the consequential ones you've been hearing about.) Konnan, Elector and Jack walk to the ring, but do not get in. This gave time for Zorro to get back his cane, and gets in his cane flurry on Cibernetico. What now? Konnan seems to be telling him to finish it, but Zorro - rolls out. He told them he didn't want them out here, you gotta listen to Zorro. Konnan agrees to take his men and leave, peacefully. Okay! Zorro waves for  them to leave all the way. Electro is more sure than ever that Zorro is crazy. Zorro slides in, and amazingly does not immediately get chokeslamed. In fact, he ducks a punch and superkicks. Unfortunately, that's caught. Spin, kick wham, Zorro shoves Ciber off, Ciber takes an odd route to the corner. Zorro charges in, Ciber tosses him to the apron, Ciber lunges for Zorro, Zorro slides in under him, and low blow uppercuts him! Zorro's the man. PIN HIM! Tirantes is doing his "what? I saw nothing " bit. Oh, Zorro wants it all, and sets up for the Zorro stretch, or whatever we're supposed to be calling his STF. Unfortunately, he too delays when he hears music play, only it's Chessman. I guess Chessman isn't content with watching Cibernetico lose a match. Zorro gets a microphone to rant, telling Chessman to leave. Chessman does. Of course, this time, Cibernetico is waiting for that chokeslam. One two three. I blame Chessman.

Oh, he's back, and waiting for Cibernetico to get back up so he can hit him with a chair. Cibernetico crawls for the ropes. Chessman spikes the chair and agrees to take him on one on one when - hey, that's Charly Manson's music. And he's on the stage. Sounds like he had a non working mic for a moment there. Charly says he's with - listens to the crowd a little bit (Chessman's sure he's with him) - and kinda just picks neither side before leaving. Well thanks for that. Man, when Zorro wants no one to interfere, everyone shows up. Chessman just leaves instead of spearing Cibernetico, which seems odd.

Music video and they're done.