AAA Mini Line - 11/01/08 (#857)
Recap: 11/01/08

2 hours. I know not why.

Previously: Porky did not retire. A bunch of Elegido highlights, even though he didn't actually win last week. And new tag team champions. This is less about what happened this week, and what they're planning on airing this week. Sect turned on Mesias. AAA vs Legion, death of Super Fly.

Announcers do the open from their desk, while shuffling notes. It's pretty low energy, yelling or not. They're interrupted by D-Generation-Mex music. Magically, X-Pac got his entrance music to play despite coming thru the crowd. I don't think anyone picked him out of the crowd until he started climbing the light standard behind the announcers. Oh, yay, promo. Hahaha, X-Pac wrote his lines down and is reading them off! It's a shame he gets one line before Konnan's music hits. Konnan is dressing well. Konnan gets one line, and he's interrupted by Prez Roldan, who's outside with Konnan's SUV. Good thing these sequence of events happened to happen perfectly in this order, or Roldan would've been out there all night waiting for Konnan to run-in. Anyway, as they argue, and X-Pac adds "that looks like your car out there, bro", I wonder how much better this angle might do if Konnan was feuding with an actual wrestler. Instead, it's Roldan who takes a tire iron and smashes some windows. Dr. Morales chanting "OTRA" is fun. Roldan can't quite break the windshield. Roldan vows to go eye for eye with Konnan and destroy what Konnan destroyed of his, thought hey have to clip out some of Roldan's less effective shots. Konnan rushes to the back to stop, so X-Pac can go back to doing his pre-written promo! Catchphrase isn't as over this time, but X-Pac promises he won't be alone. Outside, Konnan vows revenge. X-Pac leaves thru the crowd. 

Video Package: Pena Memorial Show

Promo: Metrosexuals. No so happy Porky didn't stick to his promise of retiring, so they'll have to force him out. 

Promo: Pimpi, Gato, Alebrije, and Cuije feel differently, though they're still in part panning mode. Los Amigos de Porky is such a great collection of weirdoes. 

Match -: Mascarita de la Muerte, Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Kenzo Suzuki vs La Parkita, Mini Charly Manson, Mini Chessman

Match 1: Decnnis, El Brazo, Escorpion Negro Jr. vs Billy Boy, Gato Eveready, Pimpinela Escarlata
Plaza de Toros el Relicario, Puebla, Puebla, 10/05/08

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 8:11
Notes: No entrances. Not to complain bout Billy Boy making it on TV in these tough times, but shouldn't Alebrije be in this trio (and then Billy teaming with Elegido later, which would work well because of the all the Billy/Pirata matches anyway)?  Piero is ref. No captains are announced. 

I'm expecting everything to be clipped up today - based on the previews - we've got 4 matches in 120 minutes, minus the tine we just spent on that promo - so I'm trying to skip the useless PBP. Tecnicos showcases to start. Gato works with Escorpion Negro. Escorpion is not good, but there's been better Gato stuff. Billy fights off Brazo quick, then gets Escorpion with a tope. Clip from there into the beatdown, and that's at the tail end of the beatdown, Guapito being whipped yet again, this time being caught and given a spinning backbreaker by Billy. Billy accidentally splashes him friends, and the other tecnico pull out the other rudos. Lots of rudos begging off on the comeback. Billy teases doing something with Brazo, and then picks on Guapito instead (picking the better worker!) Guapito's held for Pimpi to kiss, which the crowd very much enjoys. Guapos are livid with Guapito after that, huh. Gato/Escorpion again. You know, if you clip out a spot halfway thru it, everyone knows it was blown anyway. Why do they do that. Gato and Decnnis have timing problems themselves, then Decnnis tosses Gato into a dropkick on Negro by accident. Gato fakes Decnnis into going out, then gets him with his tornillo. Pimpi and  - no, Pimpi out, because Escorpion Negro has to do his tope con giro first. Now Pimpi goes up, and a plancha onto Escorpion Negro. Brazo vs Billy, and a slap fight ensures. Brazo wins. Whip, off the ropes off the ropes, Billy dropkicks Brazo, which somehow causes him to stumble to the side and then forward. Magica. Billy shoulderblock, off the ropes, and Decnnis trips him up and pulls him out. Brazo gets in his apron tope con giro on both Billy and Decnnis. Gato and Escorpion in, Escorpion lands a spin kick. Corner whip, Gato flips to the apron, Negro hits the corner head first and falls down. Gato with a springboard splash, but Escorpion moved (way too soon, too.) Kick by Negro, Gato loaded up on his back, and a Gory Driver. Guapito adds a dropkick. Escorpion wraps up Gato's arms and legs, and lifts him up into a reinera. That's impressive, if seemingly really pointless. It's all the finish. Surely makes sense to give Escorpion Negro a win at some point here. Post match is quite clipped.

Promo: Hx talk about beating all the teams - who's left? The Stones? They're not concerned with the Stones. 

Video Package: Pena Memorial Show

Video Package/Promo: Elegido. Lots of making the sign f the cross.

Match 2: Pirata Morgan Jr. & Pirata Morgan vs El Alebrije & El Elegido
Plaza de Toros el Relicario, Puebla, Puebla, 10/05/08

Winner: Piratas
Match Time: 7:05
Other Match Notes: Tecnicos enter before the break. Piratas enter after, and Elegido rushes them, only to get beat. Maybe he should've let Elegido know. Pirata Jr. - he's been listed as Hijo, but it's Junior, the shorter fatter one - is very taped up, but doesn't seem to be specifically favoring anything. Alebrije belatedly tries to make the save, but it's belatedly. Pepe Casas is ref. Pirata clothesline Alebrije over the railing and into the crowd, and Jr. is backdropped into a quasi pescado on him. 

Whistle blows before they get close to the ring. Elegido is up, so gets a chair shot to the shoulder. As Piratas are beating Elegido down, some Elegido fans accidentally drop their sign. They ask Pirata Sr. to pick it up. He just keeps on walking, which is the best they could've hoped for. Piratas take it to the ring, powerbombing. Cuije there. Alebrije is kept out, as the Piratas rip up Elegido's mask, then untie it. Elegido's mask almost comes off as they grab him to pick him up, but they keep it on for now. Piratas in no hurry. Pirata spends as much time starting Elegido chants as he does fighting. Tecnicos are run into each other. Finally, Elegido is whipped at Alebrije, Alebrije whips him to safety, and the comeback is on. This is clipped up. Cuije's dive is caught and he's booted, but Alebrije gets Junior with a huge tope. Clip. I was just about to say these are shorter than usual, and then this one goes on forever and doesn't seem to clip all that much. Crowd rooting for Elegido as he slowly gets back in the ring to face Pirata Sr. Punch battle. Elegido gets the better of it! Elegido rallies the crowd. Pirata charges, waved by, armdragged. Pirata takes advantage when Elegido drops down to soon, stomping him into the mat. This is not the endgame I'd though we were at. Elegido get a run with a short clothesline a bulldog, Pirata Jr. dropkicks him, then rolls out of a sunset flip to kick Alebrije he comes in. Alebrije and Elegido has a big clip in the middle of it, taking out a move but showing the pinfall - I guess because Sr. turns it over to put Jr. on top. Doesn't work. Pirata throws a low superkick, walks around, and then covers for two. Can't believe that didn't work. Everyone's selling massive exhaustion, and it's just a seven minute match to this point. Alebrije misses a charge, and goes wildly over to the top rope to the floor. Pirata Jr. gets him with an inside out moonsault to the floor, and we're back to the captains. Elegido dropkicks Pirata Sr. in the knee and kicks him in the back. Pepe Casas is way too concerned about what's going on outside. Elegido goes for a German suplex, Pirata is way too smart to take that, so he blocks it and pulls of Elegido's mask from behind. Small package, Pee Casas back to work one two three.

Elegido poses with the mask in hand, then throws it in the crowd, so Pepe Casas is not having his best match here. Piratas shovel dirt onto Elegido, which is pretty awesome. 

Promo: Konnan. yelling. about. Roldan. Turning out matters, Konnan tried to emphasize how important is for Zorro to bring his A game here. Zorro is actually sane for a good fifteen seconds, which pleases Konnan to no end.  

Video Package: Pena Memorial Show

Promo: Alan Stone tells Chris Stone that this is their big chance, their opportunity that they, not the foreigners, deserve the big matches. How meta. Chris Stone is just happy to be on TV. Both check themselves out in the mirror. 

Match 3: Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario vs Alan Stone & Chris Stone
Plaza de Toros el Relicario, Puebla, Puebla, 10/05/08

Winner: Stones
Match Time: 6:16
Other Match Notes: No entrances. Hijo de Tirantes is ref.

Teams brawl to start, and Nicho is immediately killed with a wheelbarrow suplex into the corner. Lider gets Chris with a backbreaker, Alan gets Lider with a kick, Nicho gets Alan with a neck straining bulldog. No one left to beat, so time for a clip. Chair in the ring, check. Alan set in the corner, facing out, and I guess Lider want to put him in the tree of woe, so Alan's head will rest on a chair. Instead, he pulls to hard, and Alan takes a huge self powerbomb bump onto his head and neck. That looked brutal. They re-set it up for a tree of woe dropkick into his face, which looks painful but nearly so. Nicho sets up for a chair leaping something on Chris Stone, but Chris cuts him off with a dropkick. Lider takes care of Chris with a thrown chair to the face, and Nicho pounds on Chris in revenge. Nicho grabs Chris, yells 187, and he and Lider giving him a spinning DDT onto a chair. Chris hit the chair with his ribs, and rolls out holding them. Not another ladder! Let me fast forward to the comeback. There seems to be another clip in here. Hijo de Tirantes teases awarding a DQ - for what? And the chairs and the ladder are fine. Chris ducks a Nicho chair shot, clip, and back in time to hear Nicho hit Chris, though not see it. Lider gets a thrown chair too. Chris is in no hurry, setting up chairs so he can powerbomb/silla Lider with Alan's help. Hx makes quick and random comeback of their own, but the stones turn it around again. Alan splashes Lider thru the ladder, and Chris walks the ropes into a big springboard splash on Nicho for the pin. Crowd pops, then seems unsure if that was an actual finish until they get their hand raised. Nicho recovers quickly to kill them with chair shots. And on and on. 

And on and on, after the break. Hey, X-Pac is back. It's nice Arturo Rivera was talking about his music playing before the music even started playing. X-Pac comes back in the same way, and he's got a friend. Grey Shadow gives Nicho a missile dropkick (into a chair) and Lider takes the X-Factor. The announcers haven't even said Grey Shadow's name, that I've heard. Oh, there we go, never mind. Stones are helped to their feet, so they can be hit with a chair again. Yay. X-Pac: "This is war, and there ain't nobody safe." Shadow actually does a promo in Spanish, must not be the real one! He takes off his mask, to reveal Rocky Romero. No real reaction to unmasking. Back out thru the crowd. 

Video Package: DGM says they're against everyone who isn't with them, and they'll have more in Queretaro. "There's two more coming." 

Noti AAA
- you know, that Pena Memorial show is ocming. 
- Memorial mass. Packed church. 
- Pena's last speech
- moment of applause in Puebla

Video Package: Pena Memorial Show - OKAY, I GET IT

Promo: Charly wants Chessman and Cibernetico not give up on the Hell Brothers yet. 

Promo: Sect talks about ending both Vampiro and Mesias. But mostly Vampiro tonight. They burn pictures., which sounds unfun.

Vignette: Legion talks about their plan, though Zorro points out the camera is right there. That ends that.

There's a break here, but more..

Promo: Dr. Wagner and Volador Jr. wait no, Silver King and Aerostar take care of the Legion and the Dark Family. Vampiro? Is not here.

Match 4: Cuervo (c), Escoria, Ozz vs Aerostar (c), Silver King, Vampiro
Plaza de Toros el Relicario, Puebla, Puebla, 10/05/08

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 9:16
Other Match Notes: No entrances. Fight breaks out just as they pick up. Arturo speeds thru the captains but he does get them in. Hijo de Tirantes is the ref.

Tecnicos turn it around quick with a misplaced Ozz dropkick. The tecnicos all get in shots on Ozz, and Silver King goes for a pinfall - lots of those today, hmm. Scoria rushes in to break it up, and the Black Family quickly takes back control, knocking most everyone out of the ring. Triple faceslam for Wagner. Big powerbomb for Aerostar. There's a nice long look at Pena's urn in here, with a flashing "FORESHADOWING" message on the screen. Or maybe I just imagined that. While I'm making jokes, and they're showing the match from as far as way possible, the tecnicos make a random comeback. Aerostar gets in his springboard reverse motion senton, then his Asai SSP onto the floor. Vampiro is very impressed. Ozz lights up Sliver King with clotheslines and slam him before - well standing around so we can replay that. Somehow, the rudos are in total control again, Aerostar being pressed and kicked. Vamp sidesteps a corner charge and gets in kicks to start the comeback again, and it's more brawling. Crowd is are more in to this comeback than you'd expect it for being like the third in four minutes.  Silver works over Ozz on the outside. Aerostar gets a fireman's escape headscissors on Scoria, and spinning heads him out, walk up the ropes spinning armdrags for Cuervo, and a run up the post escape on the apron from him. Aero does the 619 fake out instead of a dive. Very unlike him not to do a dive. Silver King and Scoria next, Scoria gets in armdrags, but Silver King comes back to powerslam him. Slow count, Silver king gets Hijo de Tirantes face, and it's almost a DQ until Vamp can talk Hijo de Tirantes out of it. Scoria takes advantage of the confusion to spin kick Wagner. Lots of crowd shots. Chop battle. Whip, reversed, sunset flip, King escapes and gets in something. Clip as King climbs the ropes, then back to doing a moonsault. Cover, but Ozz breaks that up. Vampiro is able to throw him out, and King continues to cover, but only for a one. Silver King goes up again, but Espiritu rushes out and throws a chair at Silver King to knock him down. Escoria is very proud of himself. Aerostar gets revenge with his bullet tope, flipping over on impact. Vamp and Cuervo in, Vamp sunset flip, Ozz rolls thru, dropkick misses, Vamp grabs him and pounds him. Vamp off the ropes, Ozz trips him, Vamp ignores it and goes back to punching Cuervo. Fisherman's buster on Cuervo, and Vamp turns back to look at Ozz. This allows Cuervo to clotheslining him from behind. Silver King back in, Silver King Driver (looks familiar) on Cuervo one two Ozz breaks that up. Ozz chops him around, King knocks him back for a second, charges, and gets caught in Ozz's spinning slam. Ozz covers for what might be the win, but Scoria comes in and stomps Silver king. Soon, all 4 rudos are stomping Silver King, which seem vaguely illegal. Aerostar breaks it up with a bad springboard dropkick. Clothesline for Espiritu, but Scoria fouls him and gives him a back suplex into a powerbomb. Espiritu spears Silver King from getting him to break it up, and Ozz topes Vamp to keep him out as Hijo de Tirantes counts the pin. One two three.

Crowd was rabid about that foul not being called. So is Vamp, after the fact. 

Promo: Parka talks about the serious importance of the main event. Cibernetico's dressed as the Joker again, so there goes that. Super Fly sells Parka patting him on the chest big, so that's going well. Even Parka doesn't believe Super Fly is going to do well. 

Match 6: Jack Evans, Teddy Hart, Zorro vs Cibernetico, La Parka Jr., Súper Fly
Plaza de Toros el Relicario, Puebla, Puebla, 10/05/08

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 6:30
Other Match Notes: Super Fly comes out first, before the other rudos, just to remind you he's not really on the level of these other guys. They cut away right in the middle of Teddy yelling at the camera, which is funny. Actually, just HF2 enters, then Parka, then Zorro, then Cibernetico.  Piero is your ref. 

Teddy fulfills the role he was born to play - distraction - allowing Zorro to knock around Cibernetico with his cane flurry to start the match. Rudo beatdown from there. Zorro chucks the cane at parka for good measure. Teddy catches it and sues it on Super Fly for fun. This does mean Jack Evans and La Parka Jr. work together, a dream matchup. Brawling beatdown with Jack getting an occasional moonsault twisting splash. They miss one Jack/Teddy combo, but catch it up on the replay. Super Fly makes a short comeback, only to get crotches on the ropes by Zorro. Oh, no, Teddy's going to try and fly onto Parka. SSP does not kill him, thankfully, and Teddy goes for a pin for a second before deciding to punch instead. Clip, to Cibernetico ducking under a double clothesline to start the comeback. Both Teddy and Jack flip on Cibernetico double clothesline in turn. Super Fly energetically punches Teddy. Parka just kinda looks at Jack, and Jack's begging off. Cibernetico beats on Zorro until Zorro runs. Parka middle rope legdrop on Jack! He must be feeling good. Clip ahead to everything calmed down, and Zorro and Cibernetico trying to lockup. Cibernetico ends up tossing Zorro, then tossing Jack onto Teddy and knocking them both down with a back elbow. Cibernetico doing a fake dive roll is odd. Clip ahead to Parka going up,  but being stopped by Jack. Jack gets on his back, but Parka lifts him on his shoulders - electric chair superplex! Bad news is Parka turned as he fell, and banged the left shoulder again. He was totally trying to protect it, and failed. Parka lifts him up to pose, then realizes that wasn't three. One two three. Not the smoothest ending.  

Konnan's music plays immediately. He walks right over to the Roldans, yells at Marcela, and steals the urn from the designated urn holder. Konnan walks around the ring to go back to the entrance, but Prez. Roldan cuts him off. The Legion and the tecnicos fight again, so this becomes hard to follow, but it seems like Konnan shoves Roldan down (again) before breaking to the stage. Roldan checks on his wife before chasing Konnan, so Konnan make sure he knows he has the urn and isn't giving it up. Roldan says he's gone too far and calls him Carlos, because it's really real now. Konnan says he'll have his demands, soon. Tecnicos let Konnan walk off, though the rudos are shown bolting for the waiting car anyway. Wait, I see Jack, Teddy and Konnan - did they leave Zorro behind? This sort of thing will drive someone crazy. Yea, there's Zorro, looking at them as they drove off. Huh. Replay of the urn napping. Hey, they left Nikki behind too! You gotta do a head count before you make your escape next time! 

The tecnicos are distraught, or they would be, if eight people didn't rush Cibernetico. Parka is near tears about what happened, and Ciberneitco's angry with Roldan. Maybe they can throw a party for Roldan too.

Video package wrap up - including a mini Kenzo Suzuki dive, and what looks to be Mini Charly winning with a powerbomb on Mini Kenzo.