AAA - 10/25/08 (#856)
Recap: 10/28/08

Previously: Verano de Escandalo. Specifically, the minis title match, the mixed title match, the tag title match, Porky's non-retirement, the Mega title match and the cage match

Previously: a Verano de Escandalo music video. You only need to do this once a show, I swear  

Match 0: Jerrito Estrada, Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Histeria vs Mascarita Sagrada 2007, Mini Charly Manson, Octagoncito 
(so you know what's cut)

Match 1: Cinthia Moreno & Oriental vs Fabi Apache & Gran Apache  
Plaza de Toros en Candiani, Oaxaca, 09/21/08

Winner: Morenos
Match Time: 4:57
Notes: Entrances. Is Gran Apache supposed to be upset about the grandfather chant now? I'm not sure. Morenos have their belts.  and high five everyone on the way to ringside until Apache smacks Cinthia in the head. That'll stop that. Apaches control the brawl. Piero is the ref. Everyone fights to the ring, and they're a bit slow to get to the whistle. 

This an outside show, it's quite a bit darker than when they did the announce standup, but the lights are only having affect on the hard camera, and they like going to the other ones. Kinda dark is what I'm saying. Apaches are working this like they're the rudos, beating down the Morenos (in their new blue gear.) [1] Gran Apache misses a charge and slaps his daughter to start the comeback. Oriental makes the Apaches look all sorts of dumb, so I guess the Morenos are now tecnicos? This is very confusing. Morenos get stereo straightjacket camel clutch, but Piero walks away rather than look for a submission. Morenos pick fights with him (is Piero a tecnico or a rudo? I HAVE NO IDEA) and get rolled up by the Apaches for two. Apache and Morenos set up for stereo spots and get totally confused, but the Morenos just take over via cradle to make it work. [2] Morenos act more like rudos as they control his time. Fans aren't reacting much to either team, because they don't know any more than I, but they get on Oriental when he rolls the ropes a billion times to set up a dropkick to the face. Apaches appear to start a comeback while they're replaying that (fine editing as usual), but are very much bumbling when it the show picks the match up, Oriental outsmarting them in a very tecnico way. Apache accidentally slaps Fabi again, Oriental dropkicks Gran Apache out, then follows with a tope. Cinthia gets Fabi with a 'rana, Fabi rolls thru one two NO. Fabi's slap is blocked, reversal, reversal, Fabi with Angel Wings one two NO. That's her move! Fabi not happy with not being able to get her move, Powerbomb, Cinthia reverses to a 'rana, one two three. Looks like Fabi might have had her far shoulder up, but we never got a look at it.            

Okay, I think the Morenos are rudos because they've been so each week before now, and they beat up Fabi after the match for no good reason [3 - slow motion crowd shot this time! a new level of horribleness], but you couldn't tell from the match. 

Previously: another Verano de Escandalo music video. Because we've got all sorts of time to kill. (Or not.)

Promo: Super Fly puts on a brave face
Promo: Electro says Super Fly's family can't save him now

Match 2: Electroshock vs Super Fly
Plaza de Toros en Candiani, Oaxaca, 09/21/08

Winner: Electroshock
Match Time: 8:14
Other Match Notes: What push? Super Fly's still in the second match. Electro has his head shaved. I wonder if they mention why. Tirantes Sr. is the ref. I wonder if the Just for Men sponsorship has come in yet.

Electro slaps Super Fly hard in the face to start, and that's the end of that. Electro should've just gone for a pinfall, but instead he leaves to get a chair. Super Fly gets up just enough to get booted down. Head to the buckle. I wonder if he's bleeding. Kick to the head. Whip, backdrop, stomp. I don't need to tell you that this is all Electro offense, right? I don't need to tell you that Super Fly's gear actually makes him look fatter than eh actually does, right? Mask ripping, and pouncing to the head. They have to go to the far camera a few times, because Super Fly's face is so exposed. Hey, why DID they have Electroshock lose his hair to Chessman at a spot show anyway, since Super Fly actually sorta ends to win it to get anything out of this feud. (Super Fly is not designed to get anything out of this feud, this is about building up Electroshock and no one's caught on.) Oh, right. Super Fly reverses a whip, celebrates much like a jobber would, and charges - only to get tripped by Tirantes. That is hilarious. Super Fly is turning into Colin Delaney. I look forward to trios against the Colony. Meanwhile, Electro kills Super Fly with a chair shot to the head. Super Fly got one arm up, but it didn't block the shot at all. That's no good. [4]. Another chair shot to the head, Super Fly gets two chair shots this time. They have to blur the shot of Super Fly, because his face is totally exposed. Not that they do a good job of it. [5 - slow motion, probably again covering Super Fly's face.] Super Fly choked on the ropes. Sent out. Slapped. Posted. Chair shot to the back. Electro loudly sets the chair down on the announce table, halfway around the ring, then talks back to Super Fly, who's still on the floor. Slap. [6] Right hands. Electro working on the cut  - oh, yeah, forgot to point he's been bleeding at least since the chars shot. All that blood smears on Electro's white top, which is quite the visual. Lock Lesnar/Hogan, kinda. Electro throws Super Fly in and rages. Stomp. Super Fly gets up, Electro kicks him. Hey, Electro, want to try a pin at some point? No, back to working that cut. On the upside, it doesn't matter much that Super Fly doesn't have a mask on, because his face is nearly as obscured by blood. Corner whip, Super Fly thrown up, down with a 'rana one, Tirantes breaks it up. Crowd wasn't really screaming for the possible pinfall, and now is more angry at Tirantes than anything. Still, Super Fly at least gets some offense. Dropkick sends out Electro, Super Fly sets up for his dive, Electro calmly moves out of the way, Super Fly at least lands on his feet, but that's just because it's easier for Electro to him him from there. Right hands. 

And then comes the best part ever. Electro reaches into the crowd to grab a chair. Crowd is packed, so it's not like he's grabbing an empty chair, he's grabbing the chair of someone while they're standing there. As Electro reaches over the barricade and down for a guy's chair, that guy grabs a bottle of beer, and empties it on Electroshock. Electro backs up, in shock, takes a second to process what just occurred, and shoves that guy into the third row. Electro reaches over the barricade, where that man/kid once stood, and grabs a half full beer bottle. Electro makes sure to try and taunt the guy into jumping over the barricade to fight for his Corona, but the guy isn't that crazy. Electro holds onto the bottle, gets into the ring, and smashes it into Super Fly's head at full force! One two three, a million  

That had to be a worked bit, right? Because it worked too good for the finish. Seemed real in Electro's eyes for a moment there. [7] Elector makes sure to taunt Super Fly, and to stop the doctors from coming out to check on Super Fly. Replays of - Tirantes inference. [8 - even the replays have to be covered up, that's something. Replay of the beer bottle to the head form another angle - the bottle did split into a million different pieces rather easily. I hope that's a good thing. 

Noti AAA
- 2nd Anniversary of Antonio Pena's death. 
- X-Pac returns
- D-Generation-Mex teaser video (with copycat entrance video, and actual entrance music)
- Porky didn't retire

Promo: the Sect vent about Mesias

Match 3: Cuervo, Escoria, Ozz vs Alan Stone, El Elegido, Vampiro  
Plaza de Toros en Candiani, Oaxaca, 09/21/08

Winner: Vampiro
Match Time: 6:30
Other Match Notes: Sect have some belts they used to do something with. For some reason, Vampiro comes out last, after the tecnicos and the rudos. Vamp is wearing a Yo Soy AAA shirt, which is funny for many reasons. My favorite is Vamp taking the Tommy Dreamer approach to wardrobe. That's no way to go thru life. Piero is ref.

Alan gets the better of Cuervo for about 30 seconds before the rest of the rudos interference and the beatdown starts. Tecnicos just hand out on the apron while Alan gets tripled teamed, which seems very odd, but Alan slides under a double clothesline set up an Elegido clothesline so I guess it works. Elegido and Vampiro double team from there, which works far better than you might think (well, at all is a surprise, so we must look at replay of the double bulldog.) [9] Ozz vs Vamp working a test of Strength. Vamp has to cheat with a knee, but Ozz reverses a whip to powerslam him. [10 - at least they switched to stock crowd shots with a dark sky, since that's what we got now] Oz punching Vamp, which somehow gets a replay - which makes it look bad, thanks for that. Hilarious double shoulderblock spot, which consists of Ozz shoulderblocking Vampiro, then falling down for no real reason. Vamp makes the tag to Alan, and tags are randomly dramatic in this match. Alan gets a German suplex on Ozz immediately, and Cuervo has to make the save. Cuervo puts Alan in an armbar, but again, he's close enough to make the tag so he does. Cuervo seems annoyed with these tags., and then runs into an awkward Elegido clothesline. Odder than usual. Armdrags, cover one two Scoria breaks it up on the run. Alan comes in, and they have a chest slap fight. Escoria wins (!) and follows up with a dropkick. Chop, and the rudos hold him in the corner, greatly annoying Vampiro. Corner whip, reversed, Scoria flips out of the corner, but Alan just sands behind him and dropkicks him back in. Alan kicks Scoria in the corner, Charges, gets put on top, but pulls Scoria down by his hair. Cuervo in, Cuervo planchas. Kick for Scoria, grabbing for a powerbomb, and Elegido cuts off Cuervo with a plancha. Alan lifts up Scoria in a Gory stretch, but Ozz breaks that up with a hamstring kick. Meanwhile, Elegido grabs Cuervo, but Vamp runs into a Cuervo kick anyway. Back elbow for Elegido, and a Scoria snap mare to take him down. Ozz stomps Alan out of the ring, and gives vamp a half nelson suplex. Triple snap kicks for Elegido take care of him. Sect takes turn kicking Vampiro in the head. He stumble over to Ozz, who grabs him, sizes him up, and gives him the spinning slam. One two three. 

That's as clean as it gets, and they appeared to edit out all of Vamp's offense. Or he just didn't have any.

They come back for replays of this after a break, which just seems a bid to give 1 minute of action within 10 minutes of ads. 

Vignette: Prez Roldan and random man have found a random painted warehouse. They knock loudly on the loud metal door, and eventually it's opened. Ah - this is Roldan's card, stripped for the part on the orders of the Legion.  

Match 4: Killer Clown, Psycho Clown (c), Zombie Clown vs Jack Evans, Kenzo Suzuki (c), Teddy Hart  
Plaza de Toros en Candiani, Oaxaca, 09/21/08

Winner: Clowns
Match Time: 9:53
Other Match Notes: Jack yelling into the camera in Spanish is always fun. Teddy Hart climbs the light pole, because he has to do it. Whenever we go five weeks without clowns, I have to think about which one is which again. Zombie does pilfer a child, but he gets away before he can be bagged. Pepe Casas is ref. Kenzo tries to steal a kiss from Nikki, and Teddy alerts him get one on the cheek. Anything for team unity. Break before the streak. And they're still talking about the win streak after it. And trying to get the crowd to cheer for the Psycho Circus. It's very forced. 

Teddy's been skirmishing since before the bell, but his teammates want to play it a little slower. Killer Clown and Kenzo are just about the same side. Legion takes their time getting going, much to the Clowns annoyance. Rudos tart a Kenzo chant, which catches a little bit. Either Jack is getting shorter or his shorts are getting longer. They're pants now! Kenzo spits at the Clowns, then walks into a Killer clothesline, and the clown beatdown is on. Kenzo takes a superplex from Killer and a flying lowing blow headbutt Psycho, and that gets the crowd far more on the Circus' side than any chant promoted could've done. Clowns have fun thrown around Jack, as everyone does. Powerbomb/silla/lift into another powerbomb combo on Jack, really close to the ropes. Teddy screams loud after a chest slap. Corner clotheslines, pressed, and dropped throat first on the ropes. Psycho adds the middle rope elbow drop.  [11] No one's coming into fight, so Zombie comes out to pull in Kenzo. Crowd getting on the Legion, and Jack loses his mind a little bit. Kenzo stretched around the ropes a bit. Lots of time hanging in the corner. Killer bits him to kill some of it. Corner whip, Killer whipped in, clotheslines connects, Psycho clothesline, Zombie fires up, and Kenzo ends up spearing him before he can get on the corner. Killer accidentally elbow drops his partner, Kenzo spear for Psycho, Kenzo spear for Killer! Teddy and Jack come in and help him stomp everyone. Spin kick, plancha for Killer, and he still won't go down. Jack finally gets him over with a top rope silla. One to no. Jack dropkick Psycho from helping, then gets Killer with a handspring twisting flip over the ropes into 'rana, only for Killer to catch him, left him, and chuck him into the crowd! Both Nikki and Teddy work over Psycho clown. Teddy gets in his backbreaker variant, and gets in his powerbomb backstabber variant. Teddy wastes time flipping of the crowd when he could be filling out his bingo card. There's the top rope corkscrew elbow drop. More taunting of the crowd. Psycho stomped put, and Teddy get Killer with thru the ropes dropkick. Top rope moonsault to the floor doesn't really get much of Killer or Psycho. They pick him up and ram him into the post. Zombie in with Kenzo, but that's far less interesting then Jack jumping at Psycho from the apron, trying for another headscissors and getting powerbomb onto the apron. That's all sorts of painful. In the ring, Kenzo misses on the knee drop and gets dropkick in the corner. Zombie grabs him by he legs, and Killer gets boosted a corner variant of the Guerreros sit (thought they let go of Kenzo too soon.) Time to finish? Psycho frog splash one two three. Clowns still can't be beat. 

I guess I should have said Clown still can't be defeated because Konnan and Electro run out to prove the Clown CAN be beat up. Clowns are too tier d from the last battle to fight the numbers. Van Damanator on Killer. Chair added knee drop on Zombie. Psycho is kicked to the floor. Zombie is held in the ropes for a moonsault stomp from Jack. Loads of headbutts to Psycho, and the worst hid clip of all time shows him getting superplex too. Teddy gets in his SSP on Psycho, and Jack adds his 630 senton. Konnan throws a chair at Killer, and Teddy makes sure to get shots in on him too. Konnan's not happy about not being on this card, while the Clowns are. Konnan is very angry about the music video, still. So they show it again. Konnan beats up the Clowns for it. Crowd chants for Konnan to dance. He does not. BOOOO. 

Promo: More ranting by the Legion. Super Fly and the Clowns paid tonight, the rest of AAA is going to pay. Konnan wants Zorro to return - wait, where is Zorro? I don't know! Why isn't Zorro here? Also not sure! Oh well, they'll show it in five hundred video packages if it's important. 

Promo: Porky doesn't care about his family any more. YAY. Wait, that came out wrong. Super Porky promises to be new and improved. 

Video Package: Pena Memorial show, with highlights of past Pena wackiness.

Video Package: Hell Brothers break up with interviews. Chessman seems under the impression he's getting a Mesias/Cibernetico vs Chessman/Charly match. 

Match 5: Chessman vs Mesias vs Cibernetico  
Plaza de Toros en Candiani, Oaxaca, 09/21/08

Winner: Chessman, some how
Match Time: 8:22 (ish)
Other Match Notes: Hard to pay attention to close when I know how this one is going. Chessman's look is still a work in progress - they new black and red makeup design he had in that last vignette looked really good, but it's not as distinct here, except for the red around his eyes. The long sleeve shirt/shorts combo is not working for me. And there ends our fashion update for the day. 

Highlight early on is Cibernetico yelling "FIGHT ME" to Chessman about five hundred times, right after he gave him a legdrop. Let him get up! Cibernetico immediately tries to go Kick wham stunner on him anyway. The match stated with Cibernetico and Mesias each fighting Chessman, so Mesias jumping in a getting Cibernetico with an exchange is their first contact. It goes no further than that for the moment, because Mesias has to rearrange furniture. [12] Highlight of the Cibernetico and Mesias exchange is Cibernetico reversing a corner whip way too late, Mesias standing there and reversing it, Cibernetico standing there and reversing it - yes, they spun each other around for a good ten seconds, and then Mesias just punched Cibernetico to end the dance. So horrible. Decent amount of crowd behind Chessman as he fought Cibernetico. Probably not what they want. At one point, Chessman went for a spear on Cibernetico, ended up taking out his knee, and both guys sold for a moment. Chessman stood around waiting for Mesias to jump him from behind - good he was ready to fight him off as he charges. Bad that he ended up spearing a chair that was set in the corner. Cibernetico recovers enough to spear Mesias. Chessman recovers enough to dropkick him in the bad knee. Amazing how Chessman is able to focus on Cibernetico, now that he actually can find Mesias. Whoops, now he's going after Mesias for no reason, never mind. Mesias is hanging on the apron, so Chessman charges, spears, missed, and dives out of the ring thru a table. Table actually broke! Cibernetico knocks Mesias to the floor, and Piero counts everyone out for a bit. Everyone makes it back in as they watch replays of Chessman's dive (which doesn't look close to ever hitting Mesias on most angles, why show those angles) Chessman comes back to life again, and the other tow have to team up to clothesline him down. Cibernetico and Mesias stare, and just when they're about kiss fight, here comes the Sect. They run in and stomp down Mesias. Cibernetico doesn't actually help at all, but just stares and watches. Chessman pops back to full energy again, and superkick Cibernetico, which the camera switches away from (because it's not so close.) As the sect stomps down Mesias, Chessman stomps down Cibernetico and goes for knee pad. Piero tries to pull him off, so Chessman punches him in the head. Both beatdown stop as the sides look at each other. What's next? Chessman howls - and leaves. The sect leaves behind him, as the announcers speculate on the Black Family getting back together. [13] 

Replays. Cibernetico's music plays, and Piero raises his arm, so I guess that's an actual decision. Though it doesn't make any sense why Cibernetico would win, but there you go. Replays, posing, and we're done.