AAA - 10/18/08 (#855)
Recap: 10/18/08

Previously: well, I don't remember the brightness being set this low, but okay. Somewhere in the dark, we had a minis title match  (Mini Charly is your champ), we had a Mixed Tag match (won by the Morenos with some help from Fabi), a four way ladder match (won by Hx), and a Mega Title match (won by Chessman.)

Previously: ANOTHER RECAP OF THE SAME MATCHES. Oh, the time we have to fill! We do get a zoom in of Mini Abismo's left shoulder being way up on the pinfall, so I guess Mini Abismo has a point. Let's note again that Chessman is an idiot. 

This week: Porky's big farewell? AAA vs Legion. Cage match wackiness - These shots of vamp and Mesias fighting outside may be a clue on how that one went. Plenty of clips of pervious matches to confuse you. Confuse me, you're not watching this, you're reading this recap. 

Lots and lots of fireworks.

Oh no, not the Konnan angle again. If you have to repeat something, why not a match? 

Noti AAA
- Fabi Apache screwed up. This means more Morenos/Apaches match, shocking. It takes about 45 seconds of random other highlights for them to get around to showing the chair shot gone wrong. The best part is Gran Apache's selling, and the second best part is Diabolica hooking Fabi Apache and Fabi being unable to break free.
- Psycho Circus is going for win 200 - vs Kenzo, Teddy and Jack! They actually have the pre-match here, but that's all we get this week
- Konnan and Roldan have issues. The mysterious man in black is shown again, though no one appears to care who it was. 
- Chessman is an idiot. Good bunch that rudo turn did for him in that match
- Pena Memorial show coming up in October. And his mass is on 10/07. 

Vignette: Alebrije tells Elegido how important it is that they beat the Guapos tonight, Alebrije doesn't know what else to do to cheer up Porky. Elegido fires him up - they'll win, and Porky won't  retire.

Recap: Porky is sad. They show the limo angle - hey, Scorpio, hey, Zumbido. You know, Porky's awful sad about Brazo turning on him when they really didn't team up much beforehand. Lots of Brazo beating up Porky, lots of Porky crying, lots of Porky's friends trying to cheer him up. What song is playing here?  

Match 1: Decnnis, El Brazo (c), Escorpion Negro vs El Alebrije, El Elegido, Super Porky (c)
Auditorio Benito Juarez, 09/14/08

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 8:35
Notes: Alebrije and Cuije are way too excited to see Elegido dance. Porky has a black outfit. No entrance for Pimpi? he's in this match, right? Escorpion Negro has music. I just now realized the irony of replacing Scorpio with a guy named Escorpion Negro. Huh. Kinda slow, I guess. That'll be a fun indy feud when AAA stop booking the Guapos in three months. Guapos have clear coats, which don't seem as cool as I'm sure they're supposed to. Guapito gets his own entrances. Break before the match starts.  No Pimpi and no Pirata? Huh, that's a screwup. Tirantes is the ref. 

They announce to the crowd that it's Porky's last match - they're not happy to hear it, and neither are Alebrije and Elegido. Brazo rants.  Tirantes rants. Of course. Rudos end up jumping the tecnicos.

Escorpion Negro has a bad standing moonsault. I don't know if it's just my TV, but the screen is really dark, and the Guapos tights are really bright orange. Lots of 3 on 1s. Guapito watches. Decnnis' from splash is good on Elegido. Once again, Guapos try to whip Guapito, and he just falls down and that's how the comeback starts. Alebrije teases a piledriver on Decnnis, but gets help from Elegido to turn it into a gutbuster. Brazo begs off from Porky, which allows them just to stand in place for a while. Tecnico showcases. Brazo by Porky, so Cuije bites Brazo in the behind. Appetizing. Porky just leaves, while Elegido works over Brazo and gets a casita before Decnnis and Escorpion Negro breaks it up. Negro/Alebrije, sets up Cuije's tope, ( and his being thrown into the crowd), and Alebrije's tope (totally missed on impact by the camera - hey, our first clip of the night. Yay, they find a replay of the move. Decnnis uses his flashy moves on Porky, which seems a bad fit. He almost misses a second rope tornillo, Porky clothesline him, slams him, goes to the second rope, goes down a rope, bottom rope splash on Decnnis. One two thinking about three. THAT was underwhelming. Decnnis must be so happy he stayed!

Guapos attack Porky as they play sad farewell music. Tecnicos are kept out out of the ring. Break.

Pimpinela is out now, making the save! Alebrije arrives from the back (how did he end up there?) Dropkick and backdrop for Brazo, monkey flip out for Escorpion Negro. Negro lands on the apron, but then gets tripped up by Elegido anyway. Kiss for Tirantes. Porky is crying and that sad music is playing again. Pimpi tries to talk some sense into Porky, while stopping to stomp on Decnnis. Tecnicos rally the crowd to chant for Porky. Chant is working. CLIP. And now porky is amazed about the positive reaction. And now he's sad. Announcers tell the crowd to give one final moment of applause for Porky, and then get the Porky chant a little louder. Brazo gets the microphone and screams for people not to chant for Porky. This spurs Porky not to want to retire after all. Marcela Pena gets to void the retirement, and Porky dances. Everyone dances. This was a segment. 

Vignette: Alebrije is thrilled with Pimpinela for getting the job done. Of course, now Porky is sad again as he walks by. This may be only a temporarily fix. Pimpinela proposes a party, which sound great. 

Recap: various meaningless AAA vs Legion encounters leading to this meaningless AAA vs Legion encounter. Also, Zorro, slightly totally insane and Super Fly indecisive, then decisively murdered by Electroshock barring one fluke pin. Hope his dad is here to bail him out again. This is going on forever, huh?   

Match 2: Electro Shock, Kenzo Suzuki, Zorro (c) vs Gronda II, La Parka Jr., Super Fly
Auditorio Benito Juarez, 09/14/08

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 9:32
Notes: Electroshock is thrilled with the Electro #1 sign. Well, he does beat people like no one else has been beaten, of course people are going to like him. Singular Kenzo this week, though he's styling with the scarf. Air Force still needs updated music. Elector some how doesn't kill him the first moment he gets in the ring. Gronda has quite the costume. Parka has his troops of dancing zombies again.. Parka more takes in the show than dances himself. It's actually funny as Parka just stands there watching as the zombies do their whole routine, just like a spectator. Parka chant catches on better than the attempt at a Kenzo one. Pepe Cass is ref. Break.

They clip out the captains, for some reason. Rudos jump the tecnicos. Clips during the beatdown, though it seems like they leave every shot of Super Fly getting beat in. (They might have taken out the Gronda stuff, now that I think about it.) Another clip just as Parka starts to get worked over in a corner. They start with a replay of Gronda being hit questionably low, which we didn't see in the first place. Super Fly takes a super high flapjack. Lots and lots of punches by Electro to Super Fly. No blood, yet. Kenzo gives Gronda a suplex. Parka takes a can shot, and a kick to the ribs. Running punches on Gronda in the corner. After 7 minutes of beatdown, Parka sidesteps a corner charge to start the comeback. Gronda gives Kenzo a spear as Parka gives Electro multiple backbreaker. Super Fly, a guy who might have some exciting offense, does nothing. Gronda clotheslines Kenzo, who start to roll out and then is brought back by Parka so they eventually can do a whip. Sure is a lot of waiting around for people to get in position. Kenzo puts his head down too soon, parka kicks it, Kenzo hilarious back up to the ropes, Parka clotheslines him out. Zorro gets his cane flurry on Parka, Gronda dropkicks Zorro out, and I amazed Gronda just did a dropkick. Kenzo trips up Gronda and pulls him out, so we're left with Super Fly and Electro. They spend time building it up before going, Super Fly evades, evades, and gets tossed into a flapjack. Clothesline, one two ELECTRO PULLS HIM UP. Man almost lost to a clothesline after five seconds, right there. Kinda hilarious. More punches. Whip, Super Fly back, 'rana, one two three. Yay, he got one more. Crowd goes loses it's mind, so let's give this that. Zorro and Kenzo are in two seconds left but absolutely broadside Super Fly, knocking him off the pin and stomping him to death. Electro helps. Konnan, who may have switched shirts during the show, rushes out to attack Parka on the outside. Break.

Beatdown goes on. Konnan stomps Parka for a good long time. Kenzo and Electro spread Super Fly's legs for Zorro to cane, but are distracted by - DX's music? Rudos are baffled. X-Pac is back, walking to the ring. X-Pac is happy to see his friends again, and begs to get the cane so he can take the shot himself. X-Pac warms up, swings - and hits Electro. Shot for Kenzo, Zorro misses, hard to the head. Crowd is confused, but excited, as X-Pac does a hundred crotch chops that they don't really show us. Konnan stands on the apron, not really in a hurry to get involved here. Konnan does come in to check to see if his mean are alive or dead while X-Pac says D-Generation-Mex is here. This is sub-Marco Corelone Spanish here. Magically, they just happened to have DX pyro ready in case. X-Pac leaves, and Zorro blames Konnan for this. He could've helped more, that's for sure. Those tow have ISSUES. Oh, good to remind us Super Fly is still dead.

Recap: Vampiro/Mesias. This one gets some time, yes. It's the full segment!

Match 3: Mesias vs Vampiro in a cage match
Auditorio Benito Juarez, 09/14/08

Winner: Vampiro
Match Time: 32:54 (25:34+7:20)

Other Match Notes: Six sided cage. Hijo de Tirantes is your ref. Vampiro climbs the light standard to pose. Vampiro climbs back down, and while we're looking at a shot of the cage, Vampiro and Mesias are magically brawling on the edge of the floor area. Clip for sure, and they can't get a decent angle of the fight until circle around a third. Time is started from when they first start fighting, though I guess it's not technically official until they actually get the cage. They had to have a crowd brawl in their cage match, you see

I don't figure this out until they actually get in the cage, but for some reason, they decide not to turn on the house lights and wrestle this match with spotlights. It's not a good idea. 

Mesias and Vampiro brawl among the crowd, which is not afraid to go right up next to them as they fight. Lot of punching with one hand, shoving people away with the off hand. Mesias and Vampiro bring it back to the ringside area, but keep brawling outside the ring. Mesias grabs a camera, gets in the catchphrase, then hits Vampiro with it. Mesias picks a fight with Hijo de Tirantes for fun. Going in the cage? No, around the ring some more. And into the crowd, after Vampiro reverses a whip and sends Mesias into the front row seats. Vampiro charges, and dives over the seats onto Mesias. In the scrum to get away, someone actually dumps a seat on to Mesias, which is hilarious. I guess is should feel bad for Mesias for getting hit by the crowd, but he's the guy who willingly keeps going in there. Vampiro's bleeding from the face pretty decently already. Hijo de Tirantes yells at Vampiro to take it to the ring. Vamp punches Mesias deeper into the crowd. Of course. Chair shots galore. Vampiro finally take sit back over the barricade and towards the ring. Mesias magically rallies back, and decides to climb the cage instead of going around and in the door. LONG CLIP. Vamp, not an idiot, just goes in thru the door. I'm not sure if, during the clip. If Vamp just climbs out now, does he win? Not sure at all. Mesias tries to climb down the cage to get away, and they battle as they're both hanging from the top panel. Mesias almost losses his grip and falls all the way down a couple times. 

Vamp and Mesias talk about it for a bit. Vamp brings Mesias back, trying to balance hitting him and yanking him in. Mesias ends up horizon on the side of the cage for a moment, which must not be fun. They both get in the inside, and Vamp rock bottoms Mesias to the mat. (They're both in at about 6:02 of my clock.) Plenty of AAA wood panels set up in the corners for later, though they show replays of the Rock Bottom for now. Oh, a ladder too. This isn't really that much interesting. One guy hitting a weapon shot, time passes, another weapon shot. Mesias occasionally hits Vampiro with the same weapon many times, but hit Vamp 20 times and he'll be fine on his feet before you hit the 21st. It approaches backyard wrestling comedy at point. Mesias stands around as Vamp gets a huge metal pipe, Vamp waits until Mesias has his hands over his head, then swings, and it must've gone bad enough that they had to clip it out. Also fun is when Vampiro just do a bulldog spot for no reason. It's sold no different than the many chair shots. 

Speaking off, Vamp dramatically grabs a chair, as if we haven't seen many of them. I guess he was also going slow to set up Mesias dropkicking it into him. Vamp takes many chair shots to the back, then one to the side of the face that they hide with camera switches. Mesias spears Vampiro into a wood panel, and Vampiro looks mildly annoyed. Not hurt, just like planned on setting the wood panel on some legs later for a nice dinner, and now he's going to have to find something else to do. Vampiro slowly climbs out, Mesias knocks him down. Mesias climbs up to the top rope and gives Vampiro a big chair shot to the head, but it's completely impossible to see because there's a big spotlight shining right into the camera.  For all Vamp trying to protect his head with the chairs to the back, he takes lots of shots to the head now. Mesias gets a light tube, takes his time showing it to everyone, but Vamp actually blocks it for once. Mesias still lends up getting it back and hitting him in the back, again. Mesias also takes the broken light tube, and shoves the broke end into Vampiro's forehead. What a wonderful show! I'm done here

(15 minutes) Highlight here is either the AAA cage match rules magically changing, or neither guy realizing that once you go over the top, that's it. Mesias goes over the top here and wins the match under normal rules, but they're teasing the WWE two feet on the floor rule so he doesn't win. Crowd seems to have a better grasp of the rules than they wrestles do. Unending amount of hanging on the cage and fighting each other. AND they do the ROH ramming headbutts spots, if the point was to miss 9 out of 10 of the headbutts.

(20 minutes.) Back inside the cage now. They're better at headbutting each other when they're really close to each other and knelling on the ground. Hijo de Tirantes seems to yell something to them, but it sadly does not seem like Go Home. Clip. Clip again. Vampiro's taken many many blows to the head. Okay, Mesias finally called down the Sect, maybe things will pick up. No sign of Ozz, strangely. Hijo de Tirantes warns them, and they just circle the outside of the cage. I like how Mesias hits Vampiro with a weapon as he's standing up, and he just keeps on standing up. There is no drama in this match. One guy does stuff, the other guy does stuff, none of the stuff means anything at all. 

(25 minutes) Hey, a break. Hey, look, another random comeback for Vampiro, so Mesias can take a bump into a ladder. There's been twenty hundred crazy bumps, so one more makes absolutely no difference, and why did you need to spots involving a ladder on a show that had a ladder match? Both guys are exhausted and I have no idea why this match ends to be this long. Vampiro slips while giving Mesias a Vampiro Driver, but lives. Mesias is back in control five seconds later. Why should I care about any of these moves? They did fix the lighting somewhat during this. Mesias takes his light bulb shot to the back. He still recovers to pull Vampiro down from climbing. It's that match. Espiritu, who was climbing to meet Vampiro on top of the cage, goes down. Escoria starts climbing up, but Mesias waves him down. 

(30 minutes) Mesias goes over, so he's won again. Mesias top rope splash, for no reason at all, onto Vampiro. Why a would rudo do that? He's still a rudo here, right? He did spike Vamp with his knees, which is assuming. Mesias climbs up again, but Cuervo climbs up, had shoves him down. That gets a cheer, because Mesias is a rudo. Mesias tries another side, and Escoria shoves him down. Again, so Espiritu can shove him down. Sect climbs in the cage, still no sign of Ozz. Mesias yells at them, slaps them, and spits them. Mesiss turns to point at someone outside the cage - Ozz? cant' see, and turn again to get stomped down by the Sect. Vampiro pops back to life, confused, and climbs out. Crowd cheers him winning as Mesias is beat. Music guy starts playing Vampiro's music before he hits the ground, so he knows what the rules are. If only the wrestlers did.  

All the crap  in the ring is dumped on Mesias. Vampiro celebrates, climbing the light standard again, but the camera's paying more attention to the beating in the ring. Mesias is left for dead in the ring. Sect come out of the ring, and beat up Vampiro too. I sure hope the announcer explained where Ozz is during this and I just missed it, because that's baffling. Hijo de Tirantes runs off the rudos eventually. Mesias' out, only to get attacked once more. I'm not sure I've got the point, could you make it fifty more times? Thanks. Vampiro actually tries to make the save, because he's good friends now. OZZ FINALLY SHOWS UP. And he's just chairshotting Vampiro like everyone else. Was his car running late? Was there traffic? Ozz sorta of chokeslams Vampiro onto the announce desk. I can only guess they're trying to make it look like Ozz is the one in charge (which I support), but they did in such a ineffective way. Finally, everyone is dead, so the Sect leave, and everyone gets stretchered out.

Vignette: The Sect is done to Mesais and they're going to the top on their own. They're going to break Mesias if he gets in their way. Break.

Replays. And that's it.