AAA Mini Line - 09/06/08 (#849)
Recap:  09/25/08

I recapped this whole show, didn't save it, and the power went out before I did. It's a short show with a lot of editing to cram five of the six matches in  and doesn't need as much detail anyway. Assume every match is clipped heavily; the only exception was the main event, which seemed to be shown mostly in full.

Previously: Mini Charly moved on in the tournament, Morenos beat Apaches, Chessman and Cibernetico didn't get along, AAA (Gronda) beat the Legion

This week: triangle tag match, Alas de Oro, and that's it for hyped stuff.

Vignette: Charly Manson and Cibernetico read fan mail. Naturally, it's about the Chessman/Cibernetico issues. Cibernetico's all "it's his fault." Speaking of, here's Chessman. TENSION.  Charly tries to get them to get along but we'll see.

Match 1: Rio Bravo, Tigre Cota, Tito Santana II (c) vs Argenis, Babe Rap (c), Billy Boy
Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad de Madero, 08/08/08

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 2:41
Notes: Pepe Cases is ref. Even though now they're wearing matching gear, these rudos are becoming more distinguishable to me. Seeing them often on TV works! Skipped ahead to the tecnicos comeback and really just highlights from there. Babe Rap stands out with a flying headscissors and an SSP to the floor. Billy gets the ring with an inverted Gory Driver on Tito Santana

Promo: Mini Kenzo

Promo: Mascarita Divina

Match 2: Mini Kenzo Suzuki vs Mascarita Divina in the AAA World Minis Tournament
Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad de Madero, 08/08/08

Winner: Mini Kenzo Suzuki
Match Time: 2:40
Notes: Hijo de Tirantes is ref. This is Mini Kenzo's in-ring debut. The normal sized versions of both wrestlers worked as cornerman, and Major Kenzo beat up Mascarita Divina while Mini Kenzo distracted the referee a few times. Mini Kenzo won by simply covering Divna after the damage had been done.

Noti AAA
- more HBs tension; Cibernetico explains he didn't burn Mesias behind because he has a secret past with Mesias that he's never gotten around to mentioning until now. How convenient!
- Roldan is banning those who don't have matches from showing up the show, so they don't cause trouble 
- keys

Vignette: Gran Apache, apparently since he's a good guy, tries to get Billy Boy to go out to dinner with the Apaches. As Fabi and Mari arrive, Billy blows him off and leaves. No one says it - the whole angle is Mari and Gran Apache trying to figure it out - but Fabi and Billy don't seem to communicate any affection towards each other in the time they're on screen. They seem done, though Gran Apache still wants Mari to get the real scoop.  

Vignette: La Hechicera gives the Morenos a hard time, but agrees to fight with them against the Morenos

Match 3: Cinthia Moreno (c), Oriental, La Hechicera vs Gran Apache, Mari Apache, Fabi Apache (c)
Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad de Madero, 08/08/08

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 5:56
Other Match Notes: Hijo de Tirantes is referee, and out after the rudos jump the tecnicos. Fighting is going on for thirty seconds before they get the whistle blown. Oriental does a moonsault form the light standard, then the Apaches make their comeback. Hechicera is kept out most of the way until a showdown with Mari, and then misses on catching Mari's apron tope con giro. Oriental takes out Gran Apache with a tope, Fabi gets a couple near falls with roll ups, Oriental snaps Fabi's neck over the top rope, and Cinthia inside cradles her for a three count.

Match 4: Extreme Tiger vs Jack Evans vs Escoria vs Teddy Hart vs Aerostar vs Super Fly vs el Angel vs Gato Eveready in Alas de Oro
Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad de Madero, 08/08/08

Winner: Aerostar
Match Time: 10:09
Other Match Notes: First match to get entrances. Piero is ref

I'm not sure if it's the 90 minute slot or just the match they wanted to work, but this seemed more crammed than last year and not as good. There is clipping, which doesn't help. The break is really ill-timed as well when they could've just done it before the match got going, but it was there to cover up a clip. Highlights include Aerostar and Super Fly (2) usual dives, and pretty much everything Jack did. Lowlights include people breaking up pins, which still doesn't make sense in an elimination match and yet another piledriver that's not even the finish (UG had to get in a legdrop.) Gato Eveready looked good, and Extreme Tiger was better than lately though he might have blown his finish.

Teddy got taken out by Super Fly's tope by accidentally, taking the blow for Jack and getting busted open near the eye brow in the process. Jack tries to take advantage with a twisting moonsault, but Aero moved, set up him up, 

Of note, both Teddy and Jack appeared to kicked out before three on their pin. Announcers picked up on Jack's, which was impossible to miss on TV, even despite lots of camera switches to hide it. Jack's was probably a miscommunication - Aerostar actually missed on his finish and there's probably a differing of opinions on what to do in those situations. Teddy kicking out seemed more like a Teddy Hart thing.

Aero got a trophy. 

Vignette: Super Porky doesn't need to be cheered up be Alebrije and Gato this week - because he's retiring after this match. Alebrije decides to call in some help

Vignette: Guapos tease their new member and apparently reveal their new name, judging by that Ms Logo. 

Match 5: Decnnis, El Brazo (c), Escorpion Negro vs Brazo de Plata (c), Alebrije, Elegido
Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad de Madero, 08/08/08

Winner: Tecnicos by DQ
Match Time: 4:06
Other Match Notes: Pepe Casas is ref. They're the Guapos or the Metrosexuals or the Metrosexual Guapos. Whatever, no entrances here either, so Escorpion Negro is just on the screen with no one identifying him. Not the best way to identity new people, but whatever. He looks like a younger Hijo del Diablo and is a random northern guy the grabbed for this.

Porky bleeds early and often. Rudos beatdown fails when they try to corner whip Guapito into the tecnicos, and Guapito just falls down on the whip. Guapito ends up being splashed to death. Alebrije and Elegido whip out the rudos with dives, Brazo wanders out to beat the tecnicos out instead of facing Porky. He does come in, Porky handles him, but all the Guapos come in and destroy him. Pepe Casas gets shoved down, awards the DQ, and they get out quick. This would seem to end the losing streak, but doesn't seem to work that way.

Match 5: Cuervo & Mesias vs Kenzo Suzuki & Konnan vs Chessman & Cibernetico  
Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad de Madero, 08/08/08

Winner: Cibernetico
Match Time: 9:55
Other Match Notes: Hijo de Tirantes is your ref. Entrances, helpful to kill some of the time. Cibernetico is in joker gear, and getting along fine with Chessman again. Konna cuts a promo on Roldan yet again, just to get over the whole "no one not in a match can show up" bit over from Noti AAA for the live crowd.

Rudos split the tecnicos up and work them over for a while, then starts fighting with each other. Mesias brings in a chair, but gets worked over with it by Konnan. Mesias turns it around to whip Konnan in head first, not enough for a pin. Konnan fouls Mesias, but Hijo de Tirantes lets it go. This allows the Hbs to make their comeback on the Legion. Mesias and Cuervo break that up. While Konnan fights with Cibernetico on the outside, a mysterious man in black rushes out to work him over. Konnan is beaten to the back, leaving Kenzo alone and beaten by Mesias' jumping STO. Sect stall forever on the outside, and tecnicos get their showcases when they come back in. Cibernetico catches Cuervo in a choke hold, and sets him up for a Chessman spear. Mesias spears Chessman, Cibernetico and Mesias have a stare off that the crowd isn't as into as you'd think after two straight years of this. Punch battle, and Cibernetico gets a clean chokeslam win on Mesias, which the crowd odes react loudly for.