AAA Mini Line - 08/02/08 (#844)
Recap: 08/02/08

Intro: Announcers are out by the bay. Except for Dr. Morales, who's up in a sky box. They're back to the six sided ring this week.

Last Week: Zorro invited people to join the Legion, then turned on them. Ayako Hamada was there, though they don't show the spear - just here walking around fine after. Legion won the main event, Brazo got the better of Porky, Ozz beat Chessman (easily, according to these clips) and Chessman speared Ayako. Also, Konnan got suspended.

Vignette: Sexi, Fabi, and Estrellita are talking in the bathroom while fixing their hair for the match. Sexi keeps eying Fabi's belt (you bring the Reina de Reinas title into the bathroom), and Fabi has to take it away from here at the end. Okay, it's August 2nd today, I'm thinking they've just started the slow build for a match we'll see next April. 

Match 1: Ayako Hamada (c), La Diabólica, La Hechicera vs Estrellita, Fabi Apache (c), Sexy Star
Centro de Convenciones Teotihuacan de Acapulco, Guerrero, 07/05/08

Winner: Rudas
Match Time: 6:29
Notes: No entrances. Estrellita's right shoulder is all taped up and it seems to be bothering her. Piero is ref. Rudas attack at the whistle.

Normal beatdown, with at least one big clip, and a couple camera switches to make you think it's a big clip. Sexi Star gets hung on the rope for a Ayako top rope stomp, and it looks very painful in replay. Everyone randomly goes to their corners to allow Sexi and Ayako to battle on alone, maybe that was another clip. Ayako thrashes her, but Sexi Star starts a comeback randomly. This match had to be cut up more than I noticed. I also didn't notice Sexi taking tripping over Ayako on a hair toss bump until they reshowed it slow motion. After Ayako is sent out by Sexi Star headscissors, she ends up being the ruda coming back into face Fabi, but that doesn't last long before chaos breaks out with everyone getting involved. The four non captains stay in, with the rudas double team backfiring so Diabolica can calmly clothesline Hechicera into an easy roll to the floor. Sexi gets Hechicera with a silla, Diabolica grounds and pounds Estrellita before diving onto Sexi (and Hechicera) with a thru the ropes tope con giro. Estrellita does a top rope tornillo onto the pile. Fabi and Ayako back in, Fabi immediately landing a missile dropkick Fabi tries to pick up Ayako, but Ayako gives her an enziguri, and Fabi takes a wacky back bump. Ayako's moonsaults misses bit by a lot, Fabi hits the Shining Wizard for two. Fabi tries to go up, Ayako cuts her off with a rolling slap. Superplex! Why did they do the camera shake for that one? Ayako tries a casita, Fabi shoves her off and backsliders her one two NO. These two should've just wrestled the whole match. Ayako catches Fabi with a high kick and drops her with a split legged cradle powerbomb. One two three.    

After the match, some kid sneaks over to the tecnicas and give Estrellita's some roses. She's very impressed and brings him in the ring for a hug, in which the kid gets a little too friendly and so that's the end of that. Security grabs him off camera. 

Promo: Elegido talks about Konnan and the Legion, which makes sense because he's facing them later. He then talks about Pirata Morgan, which makes sense because Morgan did take his mask last week, and also because Pirata Morgan is sneaking up from behind to lay him out. Chair to the midsection, chair to the midsection, chair to the back, and Pirata Morgan has himself another Elegido mask. That was actually much easier than paying $20! All the AAA jumps can be taken to mean many things, but one's for sure - Pirata Morgan's gonna get himself a mask vs hair match soon.  

Match 2: Jerrito Estrada, Mini Abismo Negro (c), Mini Histeria vs Mascarita Divina, Mascarita Sagrada 2007, Octagoncito (c)
Centro de Convenciones Teotihuacan de Acapulco, Guerrero, 07/05/08

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 4:52
Notes: No entrances. Pepe Casas is the ref.

Sagrada starts off hot against the rudos, but I'm just very distracted because either the tecnicos or the rudos are in the wrong corner and aren't on opposite sides of the rings. It's the little things. Arturo's very easily excited by Sagrada, but I just saw Dorada so the bar is raised. The bar is raised on his own team, as Octagon does his springboard tornillo as a splash over inside the ring on Jerrito. The Mini Vipers have to rush the ring to break that up. Mini Abismo feed shim self to Divina for some basic stuff (normal wrestler basics stuff, not minis) and then brains him with a knee to the had off a moonsault bodyblock. Abismo transitions into a cross armbreaker, and Divina has to save for his own partner. Dorada doesn't know how to keep the action going at times. Divina's dive here is an Asai moonsault to the floor, and Octagoncito does a full flip on a tope, landing on his feet after running into Histeria. Mini Abismo and Sagrada are matched up again, Dorada getting a near fall on up and over sunset flip, sending Abismo out with a spinning armbar into a spinning headscissors, then getting Mini Abismo with a diving headscissors to the floor. the other four all end up in the ring, tecnicos get double crucifix pins, Pepe Casa is slow count but gets three. Sagrada gets a satellite armbar on Abismo for good measure. This seems abbreviated - rudos offense was either clipped or non-existent. 

Noti AAA
- big surprises coming in July - in Monterrey, a ruleta rusa for a title shot, with two mystery wrestlers
- MTV UK guys got picked up and dropped a lot. And then hit with chairs. 
- Konnan and Roldan still have issues, despite Roldan firing him and all. Here's a clip of that.
- new website soon
- Gronda returns soon

Vignette: Gato Eveready, Cuije and Alebrije talk about Super Porky - he's down because his family turned on him and all, so they've got to cheer him up.

Match 3: Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario vs Crazy Boy & Juventud Guerrera
Centro de Convenciones Teotihuacan de Acapulco, Guerrero, 07/05/08

Winner: Hermandad
Match Time: 10:49 (3:43+7:06)
Other Match Notes:
Juvi has his belt. Someone loves the upside down camera here. If he didn't shoe up at TripleMania, I'd be sure X-Fly didn't really exist any more. TJ Extreme is good enough to loiter at ringside while wearing Halloween's gear. The best part of the Hermandad remains their entrance music. Hijo de Tirantes gets to not DQ anyone for anything in this match. Someone needs to explain why Lider is wearing a black singlet with white fluffy circle patches. Is he the anti-Rabbit?

Nicho & Lider jump after the introductions. First chair shot is 8 seconds in, and Crazy Boy is wearing his DTU shirt. That's all you need to know. Big clearly to skip ahead to the comeback. Break after the MPs have cleared the ring and everyone's standing around. It's a very dead moment in the match that probably should've been clipped out, no the teaser to come back.  

Lots of crowd shots. Al of them seem inserted, and some aren't there to cover up anything obvious. Crowd does seem into the match, even if I'm not. Crazy Boy and Joe Lider are not so good together. Nicho tries to catch Juvi on a pescado and some how Juvi joust bounces off of him. Crazy gives Lider a moonsault side slam and Juvi covers, and they cut away as Hijo de Tirantes is counting three. Announcers say he kicked out, but it just made it confusing. Nicho and Juvi are left in, and try for seem to repeat the same spot like three times before getting it. Nicho ends up nearly missing on a top rope flip moonsault to the floor. Lider brains himself on a miss exchange, Crazy waves to let everyone know he's going to him with a chair, crowd shot, and suddenly Crazy's bent over with Lider on  the middle rope. And Cray ends up giving him that chair shot anyway. And of course it means nothing anyway, because Lider gives him a middle rope DVD onto a chair for the pin. Yay it's over.  

Recap: Brazo as the newest Guapo. They keep showing the TripleMania vignette, though they try to cut down the footage showing people who aren't here. (Yet, they randomly throw bits of the Abismo/Porky BFF bits, so who knows.) This video package lasted a little focus.  

Match 4: Decnnis, El Brazo (c), Pirata Morgan vs El Alebrije, Gato Eveready, Super Porky (c)
Centro de Convenciones Teotihuacan de Acapulco, Guerrero, 07/05/08

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 9:02 (2:15+6:47)
Other Match Notes:
Metrosexual is used as a nickname for Brazo here rather than a group name. They actually announce him as Gato Eveready this week! Big news. Super Porky doesn't bring his guitar, because he's here to fight. And by fight, I mean slowly walk into a chair shot to the head from El Brazo. Porky's bleeding and he hasn't even made it half way down the aisle. Pepe Casas is the ref and probably should've been here sooner. Anyone going to blow the whistle? They announce the captains, but that's it. Ah well, might as well start the timer anyway. (And then it rings anyway.)

Usual beatdown with a break early on. Rudos get a triple submission/pose on Alebrije, Cuije breaks it up with a bite, and then it breaks down from there. Cuije gets in shots and crawls to safety. Gato Eveready gets in shots and crawls to safety, Porky gets in shots and crawls to - well, not so much, he can't quite fit under the bottom rope for some reason. Brazo accidentally clotheslining his teammates works as well. Brazos are left in together, el Brazo asks for a handshake, Porky thinks about, and El Brazo slides out to safety in the meantime. Gato Eveready showcase, amusingly starting with Decnnis. They seem to know each others well. Gato scares off Guapito with his crazy cat action. Alebrije gets Pirata, and Pirata gets to walk funny after some tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Cuije sets up Guapito for an Alebrije dropkick, and Alebrije dives on him from the apron. Gato and Decnnis briefly in before being whipped out by the other captains. Alebrije dropkicks Pirata out, Gato comes back in, and the tecnicos get in a tope and a plancha at the same time. (Rudos very helpful to stand in place for a bit.) This leaves us back with the Brazos. Porky uses his fat to knock down Brazo, but Brazo slams him and splashes. Two count. Three count? Okay, perhaps they should've used an angle that let us see Pepe Casas' hand, because it seemed like three until Brazo's music started to play. Brazo stomps him a few more times.

Vignette: Zorro's in a sling and a sad sad man. Konnan is ranting to Head Hunter, Electroshock, and Jack (Jack!) while Zorro mopes in the background. Does Konnan only buy mid 90s NBA Jerseys (McGrady with the Magic?) and WHY? They mock some magazine cover with Cibernetico on it. Jack clearly has no idea what's going on, which makes it great. Electro rips up the magazine, and Jack's just amused to be in AAA at this time. Konnan does remember to tell Jack his instructions for the cage match ("out work and out create everyone!") and Jack responds back in Spanish. Konan reassures Zorro that he'll recuperate and gets the title. Zorro quietly rants about Cibernetico but then yells and I have as much idea what's going on as Jack. 

Promo: Cibernetico, wearing a Metallica shirt, talks about the Legion and Zorro. Day after day, month after month, year after year, he's still going to be the champ.

Match 5: Electro Shock & Head Hunter I vs Cibernetico & El Elegido
Centro de Convenciones Teotihuacan de Acapulco, Guerrero, 07/05/08

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 7:08 (2:51+4:17)
Other Match Notes: Staggered entrances, so Elegido comes out first and Cibernetico ends up last. Best worker in this match is possibly Piero, your referee. 

Rudos jump the tecnicos. Beatdown lasts all of a minute. Crowd is loudly into Cibernetico. Highlight of the match by far is Elegido doing his dance, Head Hunter hitting him, then Head Hunter doing the Elegido dance. Elegido 'accidentally' moons the crowd, though they keep it off camera. Cibernetico holds Electro in an armbar forever so Head Hunter can slam Elegido, climbing to the top, miss a moonsault, and get rolled up in a casita. Yea, they did this match to put Elegido over. Huh. That, and show the same exact crowd shot like three different times. 

Promo: Konnan, walking down the street and ranting at the camera. I guess he's fighting his firing.

Promo: Parka talks about the cage match with Chessman, Zorro and Mesias. Well, not so much. Parka reminds Mesias who took his mask, accuses Zorro of talking too much (times sure change!) and will keep his eyes on Chessman.

Promo: Mesias being Mesias. Same running down his opponents as Parka. It's great they're doing promos on Zorro when we already know he's not in the match. Mesias calls out Vampiro's while he's at it. 

Match 6: Konnan vs Mesias vs Jack Evans vs Chessman vs La Parka Jr. in a cage match
Centro de Convenciones Teotihuacan de Acapulco, Guerrero, 07/05/08

Loser: Konnan
Match Time: 11:32
Other Match Notes: Chessman climbs straight up the side of the cage instead of using the door, of course. Mesias and Chessman immediately go face to face, but actually wait before attacking. Parka gets jumped by no les than four kids on the way to the ring. Zorro shows up in his sling, and still can pull off his pose. They clip ahead to him actually almost going into the cage, but getting a microphone instead. Before he can talk (because the announcers doing dueling Zorro/Zorra chants.) 

Zorro says the Legion (unlike say, the Hellbrothers) are all for one and one for all. So one's taken his place - Jack Evans. Jack gets jumped by the same kids! Security doing a fine work as usual. Jack's entrance is clipped, but he goes to the the top of the cage to pose. Zorro's not done talking - Cibernetico must be pretty happy since he's out for a three months, but he's going to be very unhappy with Zorro returns to destroy him and take the belt. Same goes for Roldan. Zorro introduces the best teacher in Mexico - Konnan. Hijo de Tirantes is out behind him to referee this match. Konnan brings in a chair into the match. Konnan goes face to face with Chessman for whichever reason. Aren't you supposed to be feuding with Parka? Eh. Fight breaks out while the announcers are still arguing to each other over the house mc.

If you like punches (and not good ones), this match is for you. Parka blades Jack and it's as obvious as a Mesias one. Chessman and Mesias both tease leaving only to be caught early. Mesias lays everyone out, tossing Jack into the cage, and is the first out. That works well, because you can do the rest as a cage match. Jack goes up top, and does an off the top of the cage 450 bodyblock on Chessman. Jack pulls himself up the cage and gets away when Konnan fouls Parka to stop him from blocking. Chessman gets a crossface on Konnan, Konnan taps out, and we go to endless crowd shots as Konnan moans. That's just great. These three have a bad wrestling match. Chessman and Parka's team work fails, so they end up fighting each other. Chessman knocks down Konnan grabs his leg, allowing Parka to climb to freedom. Parka hangs at the top of the cage for a bit, thinks, starts to leave, thinks, and stats to come back in at the break.

Parka is still sitting o n top of the cage. Chessman drops Konnan and start to climb, but does a tope roe moonsault instead. Konnan moves out of the way, gets his chair, and this Chessman in head. And again. Parka still sitting there. Konnan DDTs Chessman. Parka tries to get a Chessman chant started. Konnan climbs the cage, which goes better than I'd figured. He's interrupted and stopped by the AAA theme music. Instead of getting out of the cage, he just climbs back down and ties his shoes as Prez. Roldan slowly walks to the ring. Roldan wants to know what he's doing in this match - he was fired last week! Konnan some how has a microphone, while the match is still actually going. Parka is still on top of the cage, Chessman is still recovering. Konnan says he filed a lawsuit to block his firing. Roldan doesn't care, says he'll win any lawsuit, and gets the cage door opened. Roldan tells Parka to come back, and both he and Chessman work together to beat up Konnan. A table is slid in and Roldan directs them to set it up for Konnan. Konnan's set up on the table, and both Chessman and Parka climb. Chessman's ready to do it, but Parka wants to instead - flying legdrop looks pretty good, considering it's Parka.  

Chessman helps Parka out, and Roldan tells them both to escape the cage. Chessman climbs over the top, and Parka just goes thru the already opened door. What an odd ending. Arturo argues Parka's escape shouldn't count, and it shouldn't, but no one cares. Those same kids run and grab Parka again as he poses with Roldan and Chessman, and before long every kid near the aisle has jumped it. They switch to showing Konnan out in the ring instead, and then just people filling out before they get to replays (Jack Evans centric.) Legion finally turn up when it's' time to stretched Konnan out - they help him walk tot he back instead, even though he collapses a couple times.