AAA Mini Line - 06/28/08 (#839)
Recap: 07/05/08

Stand up: Arturo, Jesus, and Andres are out by a dock, talking about the show. They haven't been doing as many outdoor standups lately.

Recap: Fabi Apache is Reina de Reinas, and accepted the hair match. The Legion beat up Parka and Chessman. Super Fly is barely shown. Cibernetico and Kenzo had a match that benefited from editing.

Recap: Fabi Apache/Mari Apache

Match 1: Ayako Hamada, Gran Apache, Mari Apache (c) vs Billy Boy, Estrellita, Fabi Apache (c)
Plaza de Toros Cancun, 05/30/08

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 11:42
Notes: Billy's out with Fabi, so I guess everyone is getting along this week. Mari and Gran have their belts, and Gran Apache brought a chair. The building seems smaller than other recent ones, or at least more seats closer to the center. It's an actual indoor building, so that's probably the difference. Break before intros. Billy's gear will not win any beauty contests this week. He's looking quite Power Ranger-y. Piero is ref.

Rudos jump the tecnicos at the whistle (or at least where it's supposed to be.) Everyone but Billy is quickly cleared, out, and the women hold him on the ropes for Gran Apache to hit. Billy makes it tough for him to get in close, so they switch to a whip. Billy duck an Apache clothesline, and also runs past the two women before Mari grabs him. That looked off, and everyone pounds on him to make up for it. They reset the spot, and this time Billy is bounced off the top rope for a double hiptoss revered into a headscissors on Apache. Apache goes out, women kick down Billy, then double clothesline Estrellita as she tries to help. Estrellita gets them both in wristlocks as they pick her up, and rolls them with a springboard armdrags, Fabi comes in, gets Mari with an armdrags, tricks Mari into kicking out Ayako, and headscissors Mari out. Fabi off the ropes for a dive, but Gran Apache cuts her off with a slap. Billy in, but stopping to check on Fabi before fighting. Both react like there's a big reaction. The crowd noise is very strange – a ton of ambient murmuring noise, far more than usual, and no specific reaction to spots. The ring microphones are audible, so it's not like they're just dubbing in sound, but it doesn't sound natural. Billy and Gran get into a slap fight, Billy ducks and headlocks Gran Apache, shot off, back to slide under, waiting for Gran Apache to turn around, off the ropes again, and headscissors sends him out. Billy quickly follows – big tope racks Gran Apache on the barricade. Billy goes back in and poses.

Mari into to face him, but Billy stops that and tags out to Fabi. Fabi misses a clothesline, and Ayako sneaks in to kick her. The rudas taken turns throwing Fabi far and hard by her hair. Ayako slams Fabi, and Mari adds a running somersault senton. Gran Apache tries to start an "OTRA" chant. Estrellita tries to come in, and is kicked out. Crowd reacts to something not really visible. Fabi takes the flapjack/bulldog combo from the women, which looks mildly better here. Gran Apache keeps Billy out and whips Fabi in the corner. Running clothesline, running kick, running slap. Estrellita in, and quickly kicked out. Crowd losing their mind over something, I have no idea what. Billy in, Billy take a double clothesline. Ayako catapults him, Mari clotheslines him back over Ayako's knees, and – oh, no dive, never mind. Estrellita in and kicked down immediately again. Things not going well for her. She slides out while Billy stays in. Ayako headbutts him. Meanwhile, Gran Apache works on a top turnbuckle, untying it for some reason. Billy's held on the opposite corner, so this isn't going to end well. The other tecnicos are kept out, and Billy's held in the middle of the ring. Rudos whip Billy, Billy reverses it to send Apache toward the corner, Apache puts on the breaks just in time. Rudas knock Billy down from behind, and whip him at Apache, who boots him down. Billy tries to get up, and gets tomahawked down. Billy's whipped into a safer corner, and knock down with a clothesline. Crowd shot. Billy's whipped back to other way, head first into the exposed turnbuckle. Rudos celebrate, as Billy – well, maybe we should avoid those tight shots there. Estrellita in, Estrellita kicked out. Billy's pulled up to his knee, sand everyone works on the forehead with punches and headbutts. Yep, he's bleeding. Apache chokes him around the ropes so everyone can get a good luck at the blood. Rudos let go of him enough that Fabi can pull him out and heck on him. Meanwhile, Estrellita stick in a little longer this time, but just gets brutalized with kicks to head, including a double ax kick. Esterllita's bent over, and Gran Apache spanks her with a chair shot tot the rear. Big reaction on that. I guess Piero will allow it. Fabi in, and kicked in the head many times just the same. Whip, double clothesline, whip, Gran Apache tosses her up, and Fabi dropkicks both rudos. Tecnicos storm the ring quickly, Estrellita tripping Apache into the ropes, where Fabi adds a dropkick to the head. Estrellita storms outside the ring to forearm Ayako in the face and post her. Fabi grabs Gran Apache, and bends him over so Estrellita can get a revenge chair shot. The crowd likes it, Gran apache not so much. Billy Boy stays in the ring, half conscious due to the bleeding (I guess), while Fabi and Estrellita spank Mari with a chair shot too. Tecnicos regroup in the ring. Mari tries to break it up, and gets dropkicked by Fabi. Thos e two stay in, and Fabi gets a headscissors to send Mari out. Fabi is quick out to the apron for a diving headscissors. Estrellita gets Ayako with an armdrags and a springboard headscissors to send her out. Big top rope plancha takes out Ayako. Billy and Gran Apache left, Billy knocks him down with a missile dropkick and crawls on top, one two no. Billy off the ropes, thrown up in the air and own with a 'rana, one two NO. What now? Billy tries the behind the back piledriver, but Grab Apache fights free. Billy gets a wristlock, but Gran Apache back elbows free and then punches Billy in the jaw. Crucifix powerbomb? Yes. Deep leg hook one two THREE. 

Rudas a coupe shots on the tecnicos before going into celebrate. Ayako steps all over Billy Boy.

Video Package: Parka vs the Legion, including lots of WWE shots of Bobby Lashley. Lots of hype for him. Ah, this is naming the teams for the Legion/AAA trios match, except it's a bit dated because Charly's still on the team.

Promo: I'm not sure if these is supposed to an interview or a vignette, because Crazy Boy and Juvi just talk to each other, but they're holding a microphone and probably supposed to be looking at the camera. They're standing in front of the spray painted wall set, but they're also standing in front of in a way where you can tell it's a set. Juvi's ranting about Lider and whatever, and making sure we can see he's wearing his NWE belt. Crazy keeps trying to get words in but it's not happening.

Match 2: Extreme Tiger & Halloween vs Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario vs Crazy Boy & Juventud Guerrera
Plaza de Toros Cancun, 05/30/08

Winner: FdT
Match Time: 11:47
Notes:  Nicho has valets throwing money to the crowd. Because he's just that rich. Juvi and Crazy shove Lider around before the match, but no more. Nicho paints 187 on the barricade and rants to the camera. FdT have the tag belts. Hijo de Tirantes is the ref. No sign of any of the third members of any of this crew. 

It's a scramble early, then the Hermanad take control, bringing in a shopping cart and doing every spot they can think to do with it. Naturally, they lose control on a corner whip, Lider taking himself out and Tiger and Halloween working over Nicho. Halloween hammers Nicho with a chair shot to the head, which looks quite painful. Nicho looks glass eyed after taking it. Occasional muting and clipping during this match. MPs get involved, but Halloween spears Crazy Boy to stop that. FdT resume working on Nicho, 3D him on a standing chair, and pin him for three. 

Joe Lider comes back in and continues to fight, which may be legal because no one seems to know the rules. Hijo de Tirantes doesn't seem to protest. He beats up the Mexican Powers 2 on 1, but fools around messing with stuff too long and gets suplexed on the cart. Nicho rolls back in, and I have no idea what's going on. It's a not a winners escape deal, because FdT are still hanging around ringside. I think Hijo de Tirantes is telling Nicho he's supposed to leave, and he's never really gotten off the mat so maybe he doesn't know. Crazysault on Lider to eliminate him. Nicho does his Perro Jr. impression with a camera man.

FdT immediately jump the tecnicos. The cart is still in the ring, because no one can has cared enough tog et it out. Tecnicos revere whips into double DDTs, but Familia reverses their next moves and give them big moves of their own. It doesn't really matter what it is, especially at this point. Tiger gets in a moonsault to the floor on Crazy, leaving Juvi and Halloween in. Juvi gives Halloween the Juvi driver and goes up for the 450, but Halloween moves. More counters on the mat, and Juvi escapes the F5, lots of waistlock reversals, and Halloween heel kick fouls Juvi before spearing him. FdT's music starts to play, Hijo de Tirantes is confused – don't they have to pin Crazy too?, the music stops playing, the music starts playing again. FINE WORK. Oh, wait, Hijo de Tirantes thinks there may have been a foul there, we've got to kill time that way. Replays and teams mess around with each other a bit more.

Noti AAA
- Press conference for TripleMania. Highlights include Gran Apache throwing his drink at Fabi, and Gran Apache and Billy getting into a fight with him. Zorro mocks Mesias for a while. Zorro taunts Prez. Roldan because Cibernetico isn't there. Mesias and Vampiro are set up on opposite sides of the stage, and since Cibernetico sis supposed to be sitting next to Vampiro and isn't there, Vampiro's just off on his own island. Cibernetico runs in on his own press conference to cut a promo on everyone. 
- title match hype
- music and more at the show
- bring signs, they'll totally put you on TV

Promo: Mesias rants about Vampiro

Promo: Teddy Hart promises Jack Evans will really be awesome at TripleMania. Well, okay. He also hypes Danielson (still photos shown – I guess they didn't buy the ROH PPVs.) This all part of all three teams doing promos for the triangle trios match at TripleMania. Teddy is under the impression they're getting the tag team belts. Jack talks about beating Ricky Marvin in Japan. Let's quote Teddy here: “Owen Hart, Bret Hart, Brian Pillman, Chris Benoit, that blood flows thru our veins! We are trained by the best, and we will destroy the rest!” Jack Evans promises the best performance the Earth has ever seen. 

Match 3: Jack Evans & Teddy Hart vs Mesias & Ozz
Plaza de Toros Cancun, 05/30/08

Winner: Sect
Match Time: 10:29
Other Match Notes: Teddy's climbing the light standard again. Announcers love to see Jack dance. Ozz has quite the awesome undertaker-like hat. This is an odd match. Piero is ref.

One on one to start, Ozz/Jack, then much longer Jack/Mesias (because Jack kept ticking off Mesias.) Sect worked as tecnicos, mostly because Teddy Hart was very hateable. Long crowd shots during the latter sequence and during the start of the beatdown – Sect on Hart Foundation at about 5 minutes. Beatdown only lasts 90 seconds, or at leas that's all we see, before the Heart Foundation comes back with moonsaults. It turns into a beatdown the other way. Teddy lifts Ozz up for Jack's moonsault stomp, but Jack actually leaps off Ozz into a moonsault to the floor on Mesias. That was great. Ozz is the victim for most of their combo moves. Hart Foundation are aghast when their moves get kicked out of. Mesias finally saves Ozz after a Teddy SSP, punching Jack out, choke lifting Teddy, and throwing him hard into the corner. Mesias tosses both guys around easily. Ozz gets a near fall on Teddy with a Falcon Arrow, but Jack breaks it up. Mesias lifts Jack up into powerbomb position and tries to thrown him out onto Teddy, but actually throws him short. Arturo says that should be a DQ, and I'm not sure why he's wrong. Ozz kinda sort gets Teddy with his tornillo. Jack comes in and misses chair shot on Mesias, who boots it into his head. Mesias gives Jack his leaping reverse STO on the chair, and gets the win.

Vampiro is coming to the ring again, and again easily takes care of the Sect wrestlers. Crowd loud for Vampiro, and it helps him to totally no sell a running chop, Mesias tries to hit Vampiro with by a chair, but Vamp kicks him away and Mesias drops the chair. Vampiro tries to chair Mesias, but is distracted into kicking Ozz. Mesias gets the chair and hits Vamp. Chair to the chest. Chessman's music? Ah, he's got a torch! Time to take care of some unfinished burning business. Mesias and Ozz see him coming and decide they ought to be running. They get back to the stage and taunt Chessman from there. Replays, and Vampiro's helped out.

Video Package: Mesias/Vampiro

Video Package: AAA vs Legion trios. Why yes, this is a repeat. This is what happens when they only tape five matches. This video package does feature Chessman in Charly's position, so there's something.

Match 4: Electro Shock & Kenzo Suzuki vs Alan Stone & La Parka Jr.
Plaza de Toros Cancun, 05/30/08

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 14:12
Other Match Notes: Hijo de Tirantes is ref. This is supposed to be a teaser for ht trios match, but it doesn't Work quite as well when Alan is subbing in for Charly here but not at TripleMania.

Rudos jump the tecnicos right after the whistle. Alan starts the comeback at 4 minutes with headscissors, and long tease of a DQ after Parka gives Kenzo a revenge low blow stomp for one earlier, and it's tecnico show cases from there. It's an okay match, especially for most of this crew. Kenzo and Parka are left in for the finish, Kenzo gets a near fall on his knee drop, Parka cradles him for two, Kenzo suplex Parka but goes for another and Parka slips out the back. Parka grabs him and gives him a German release suplex of all things, then covers him for three. 

Promo: Cibernetico and Chessman are fired up for the main event.

Promo: Konnan says they're ready for TripleMania and the Legion is best and blah blah blah. Zorro get to talk here?

Match 5: Konnan & Zorro vs Chessman & Cibernetico
Plaza de Toros Cancun, 05/30/08

Winner: Legion
Match Time: 6:05
Other Match Notes: Piero is ref. Break right after the whistle.

Surprisingly, no brawl off the bat, and Cibernetico and Zorro go one one. Adn there's no big reaction for it. Oh, never mind, Zorro cheap shots Chessman on the apron and Konnan jumps Cibernetico from behind to start the beatdown. Doesn't take long to get to the cane shot flurry. Piero will allow it. Nothing much more than basic brawling beatdown from this crew. Even AAA must have thought this was too boring, because there's a long series of crowd shots taking the match directly to Chessman ducking a clothesline and spearing Zorro. Konnan does – nothing, just kinda stands there as Cibernetico very slowly tries to get up. Chessman kicks Zorro as he tries to come back thru the ropes, runs after him, and dives into a chair shot. Inside the ring, Cibernetico spears Konnan and gives Zorro a Stunner over the ropes, but Konnan is immediately back up and knocking down Cibernetico with one punch. Chessman is brought back in, and he's bleeding over his read face paint. Long series of crowd shots again. Hey, an Abismo Negro mask. That's the closest he's gotten to existing in the last couple of weeks. Zorro spears Cibernetico and goes to put on his hold, Chessman starts to break it up, Konnan looks like he's going to cut him off, and we go to a crowd shot. That must've been really bad, but I don't know how. Back in the ring, Zorro has the STF locked on, and Cibernetico gives. Huh, 9 minutes left in the show. Konnan also gets a headscissors/armbar submission as well. No reaction. It sounds like there's 300 people there. Hey, let's look at the same crowd shots again.

Rudos beat up on the tecnicos every so slightly – no like they're going to pick them up or anything – so Prez. Roldan comes out with security. Konnan and Zorro attack the security, laying them out. Roldan shoves Konnan – who sells this bigger than Cibernetico's spear, of course – and Zorro to get them to stop. Yea, I'm thinking not so much. It gets Konnan to get a microphone and talk, while completely out of breath. Konnan yanks off Roldan's glasses and stomps on them, then talks some more. Electroshock and Jack Evans have slipped in the ring behind Roldan. Ah, Teddy's coming in the other way, and everyone plays a game of shove the AAA President. Too bad Kenzo's missing out on the fun. Electroshock and Jakc hold him , Konan rips Roldan's shirt, Zorro punches him once in the stomach, and everyone stomps him. Some security hits the ring, not realizing it's an angle (I ugess), but it's really La Parka who runs out of to make the save. Legion celebrate with the remains of Roldan's glasses. Roldan's left arm gets wrapped into a sling, but the Legion cuts them off form going to the back right away.

Parka backs them down, the Hell Brothers finally recover in the ring, show ending video package and they're done.