AAA Mini Line - 05/17/08 (#833)
Recap: 06/01/08

Recap: Fake Abismo Negros, Mexican Powers divided, more Mesias/Zorro/Cibernetico fun (plus angry Chessman)

Vignette: Familia de Tijuana, and some ladies, are leaving a fancy hotel restaurant. A limo to take to them show! I see Extreme Tiger's prize money is being used wisely. 

Match 1: R-15 (c), Mega, Bestia Metalica vs Gato (c), Millenium, Danger
Parque de Beisbol Ciro Soto, Celaya, Guanajuato, 04/16/08

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 7:58
No entrances. At least we get names this week, very necessary for this random crew. Hey, Danger.  Piero is ref. Unlike last week's opener, this seems to be taken from the same taping as the rest of the matches.

Clipped right off the start, with Danger and Metalica going. Tecnicos get a long, near five minute showcase, culminating with Gato getting back dropped into a tornillo on the floor. Millenium and Danger look okay early, but only Gato stands out. Short beatdown by the rudos - they get moves on Millenium and Danger, with R-15 calling the shots, but Gato out smarts them. This sets up tope con giros by the non-captains by Danger and Millenium. Gato is left in with Mega, nearly gets a cradle, but Mega splashes him hard on the next pass. F5, moonsault, Gato moves out of the way by Mega lands on his feet. Gato off the ropes, spinning headscissors into a spinning DDT is a least new. Gato works hard to set up a bow and arrow, and that gets the win. 

Tecnicos get about a second of celebration before Mesias walks out, chair in hand. Tecnicos just stand around waint for him, which is dumb. Mesias hits them all, of course. Rudos come back in to clap for Mesias, which is probably also dumb. Yep, chair shots for them as well. Mesias does his mad libs promo. 

Vignette: Konnan says hello Crazy Boy and Laredo Kid. Too bad it's Super Fly and Pegasso who's standing there. Super Fly and Pegasso actually correct him, where I think the usual response would be "[expletive] you, Konnan." Konnan manages to turn this into a recruiting pitch, like the least effective one possible, talking about how people will actually know who they are if they join the Legion. Konnan talks up the Legion's success at Rey de Reyes and seems to be looking for people to take care of the Sect for him. Which is actually something these guys might be willing to do, if they still want those atomicos titles. Konnan tells them to think about it. So he leaves, and they actually seem to. 

Zorro walks up. "PIMPINELA! MAY FLOWERS!" Zorro is awesome. They correct him too. Zorro: "Anyway." There names are unimportant, what's important is what Zorro can do for you. Zorro is great here as he explains his overwhelming charisma can take them all to the top, if they just join the Legion. And then calls one of them Pimpi.  

Match 2: Gallego, Gran Apache (c), Mr. Cóndor vs Billy Boy (c), Pegasso, Super Fly
Parque de Beisbol Ciro Soto, Celaya, Guanajuato, 04/16/08

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 8:14
Notes: I guess they thoguht they were only going to air the entrances for the people who are feuding here, because Billy and Gran Apache come out separately after the other four get their entrances. Pepe Casas is ref. Happy Birthday Gran Apache.

Pegasso and Mr. Condor start out with chain wrestling. Billy Boy and Apache aren't in long before Billy decks Apache with a tope. Gallego/Pegasso sequences leads to a dive tease, and the rudos jump Billy before he can get on Apache again. Beatdown, but it seems like it's clipped down a bit. Pegasso ducks a double chop, which gets Apache instead and starts the comeback. Lots of brawling.. Super Fly tries to whip Apache a couple times, Apache keeps blocking it, Super Fly bits him and switches corners to get the whip to work. Super Fly gets a slow handspring 'rana in the ring. Just an odd hesitation before the 'rana. Billy takes care of the Diabolicos one on two for a moment, and Pegasso helps him out with things start to go bad. Everyone's eventually knocked out of the ring until it's just Pegasso standing in, and they clip it there, so something must've gone odd. Picked up with Super Fly getting in his handspring moonsault dive on the Diabolicos. Captains back in, Billy gets a 'rana for two. Billy leads up Gran Apache in the behind the back piledriver, but Mari Apache has already run in to break it up with a kick. Pepe Casas argues with her, and Mari shoves him out of the ring. You can see Fabi Apache running to the ring as they go to a clip, and she's at the ring when they come back from the clip, which makes it a weird clip. Exploder suplex for Mari, dropkick to Gran Apache to save Billy from the crucifix powerbomb, and to the apron for a diving headscissors on Mari. Meanwhile, Gran Apache recovers and loads Billy Boy back in the crucifix powerbomb, but takes his time and Billy is able to reverse it to a 'rana. PEpe Casas rolls back in, and decides to count - one tow three. Doesn't seem legal, but it counts. 

Fabi watches from the apron as Billy and Super Fly gets their arms raised. Something must've happened to Pegasso, he's gone. We don't see why, but Billy clotheslines Mari after the match, and Fabi runs back in to argue with Billy about it. SLAP. Fabi yells angrily and walks away, but Billy pulls her back by the hair and lays a kiss on her. Fabi is not happy with that either. Billy gets a microphone and ask Fabi what he can do to make her happy and get rid of her family? Some fans very loudly chant for a divorce, but I don't think that's what Fabi is thinking here. She's still not happy. 

Noti AAA
- 13th anniversary of the AAA Lucha Libre school 
- an Octagon retrospective and a feature on Eddie Guerrero is in Dos y Tres
- Mesias wants a lot of matches, but Roldan is not sure he's going to give him them. Mesias shouldn't be running in matches, and Roldan will take care of him one way or another
- The Psycho Circus have won a lot of matches, even if they haven't been on TV in a few weeks. Also, dramatic Psycho Circus putting on their gear video package with highlights of their Rey de Reyes match.

Teaser Video: TripleMania

Vignette: Extreme Tiger and Halloween pay off someone! We only see their shadow. Again, fine use of the money. 

Match 3: Extreme Tiger, Halloween (c), TJ Xtreme vs Crazy Boy, Joe Lider, Juventud Guerrera (c)
Parque de Beisbol Ciro Soto, Celaya, Guanajuato, 04/16/08

Winner: FdT
Match Time: 9:08
No teasing of problems this week, so far. Ultimo Gladiador is hanging around and making me think he's in this match. Hijo de Tirantes is ref. 

Usual style of match between these teams, but with absolutely no weapons and shorter than usual. Actually, that's not really the usual style at all, but just imagine moves, other guys doing moves, dives, and then a finish. TJ Extreme pulled Crazy Boy off the apron to prevent him from an Asai, but collapsed at the same time. Tiger and Lider end up in, and Lider gives Tiger a head crusher, then turns to pose. Juvi, actually trying to win the match, adds a springboard elbow drop and covers. Lider is displeased when he turns around and sees his pin taken - but if he wanted it so bad, why didn't he cover. Lider breaks up the pin and he and Juvi get in a shoving match. Gladiador gets in the ring to play peacemaker, but he ends up accidentally knocking down Juvi, and shoves down Lider in response. Halloween comes in, spears UG, out of the ring, spears Juvi, and watches as Tiger gives Lider as double underhook behind the back faceslam. Halloween is more than willing to let Tiger get the pin here,  so he does. Tiger and Halloween realize Juvi's the captain and finish him off with a double fujiwara. That there is the match.

Juvi yells at Lider from cross the ring, and Gladiador and Crazy Boy have to hold Lider back from attacking Juvi. Meanwhile, Halloween gets the microphone to taunt them. No one's listening to Halloween, which is funny. Juvi eventually gets annoyed and pays attention, and Halloween gets out his challenge for the tag team titles. Juvi, who's not actually one of the tag team champions, starts to talk, but Lider steals the microphone away and yells at him, blaming him for the losing and points out they're the tag team champs. FdT fall asleep, but wake up when Lider gets to accepting the challenge. Halloween slaps Lider and thanks him. Lider says they're going to win, now that Juvi's not involved and walks out on the rest of the team. Juvi is SAD. 

Recap: Speaking of Sad, here's sad Chessman. Recap of some of the many ways Chessman has died for Cibernetico, and Mesias destroying Laredo Kid. And the Legion beating up people and now it's just a million things. In case you forget, Cibernetico, Mesias, and Zorro will not be going out for ice cream later on.  

Match 4: Jack Evans & Teddy Hart vs Charly Manson & Chessman
Parque de Beisbol Ciro Soto, Celaya, Guanajuato, 04/16/08

Winner: Hart Foundation II
Match Time: 10114-10509
Other Match Notes: Hey, it's Chessman. Teddy Hart makes the "snap" motion about five hundred times on the way to the ring. Did they just call Jack an urban ballerina? Piero is ref. Jack makes a half hearted - maybe even one-eight hearted - attempt to mock the Charly Manson gesture and Charly is livid. Jack teases walking out before the match events starts. Teddy has to attempt to out flip Jack before the match starts. This has great potential on many different levels.

Match starts while the have the camera zoomed out as far as possible. Charly dropkicks Jack out, Teddy dropkicks Charly out, Chessman superkicks Teddy out, and then follows him with a tope, 30 seconds in. I thought it was going to be one of those matches. Charly punches Jack on the outside and whips him towards the ring, but Jack jumps to the apron and immediately moonsaults off into a twisting headscissors. Jack celebrates, then charges after Charly and runs directly into a monkey flip. Jack thrown back in, Charly and Chessman both with him. HBs take turns giving Jack chops. Corner whip, Charly running knee, Charly catapults him into a Chessman spear! That was awesome. Teddy gets punched around by both men. Corner whip, Charly whipped in after, flying forearm in, running clothesline. Chessman puts Teddy on the top rope, and fights him there for a moment. Chessman 'rana, Charly flying headbutt. Jack back in and lighting up Charly with kicks. Whip, Charly back with another forearm. Charly off the ropes, and an average running boot gets Jack to flip. Charly off the ropes again, this time Jack flips under the boot to escape, then nails Charly with a backflip kick to the head. Arturo is marking out for every Jack Evans move. Chessman tries to dropkick Jack out, but Jack waves hi away, and Teddy gets Chessman with a plancha. Teddy big spike DDT. Crowd shot, though I don't think we missed anything. Teddy stomps Chessman and heads up. Shooting star press! One two Charly breaks it up. Charly back up, kicking Teddy and almost losing him on a a powerbomb. Teddy breaks free, lifts Charly up, Charly cover sup his head, which doesn't help when Teddy powerbombs him onto his knees. Clothesline sends Charly out. Teddy goes the apron, kicks Chessman away, and top rope Asai moonsaults Charly. Teddy back in, and running into a Chessman chop. Jack charges again, and takes a Atlántida, basically, Chessman dropping to his knees almost immediately. Chessman wants to flip. Chessman goes up, corkscrew moonsault but no one's home. Jack Evans pulls him into position, signals himself, climbs up, 630 senton one two three. Wow, that was fast. They did all their moves and then they went home! Fascinating.

Chessman sells the senton as death. Hart Foundation is put over super strong here. Not the HBs looked bad, but Jack and Teddy are immediately on the top level. Many replays of Jack's insanity, with the announcers marking out again. Chessman is selling a rib injury. Oh my god, are they do an angle based on Chessman getting beat up all the time? I can not believe it! A completely reverse from when he falling 20 feet thru tables each week and selling no pain the next week like some sort of demonic zombie. Charly and Chessman both go to the announcers and say they're still a good team. They'd like a rematch, because it was a good match, or a trios match with Cibernetico and Konnan. 

Promo: Mr. Niebla promises a surprise. Well, Black Abyss is standing right there, I think we might see it coming this time.

Vignette: Abismo Negro is working out. Super Porky tries to make friends with him again, but Abismo Negro is still a jerk. Porky will not give up. 

Match 5: Black Abyss, Mr. Niebla, Psicosis II vs Abismo Negro, Intocable, Super Porky
Parque de Beisbol Ciro Soto, Celaya, Guanajuato, 04/16/08

Winner: Vipers
Match Time: 14:30
Other Match Notes: Staggered entrances again - Intocable, Porky, Vipers, then Abismo, then Black Abyss. People run up to hug Abismo Negro, WHILE HE HAS THE FIRE GOING. Abismo is a professional (no really) so tragedy is adverted. First time I've seen fans slip thru in a few shows. Vipers jump Abismo ASAP. Black Abyss, introduced using that name, is using Smells Like Teen Spirit. Inexplicable! Pepe Casas is ref.

Vipers brawl, with chairs playing a small part. Total focus on Abyss and Niebla taking turns beating up on Abismo. Porky can't really do all that much. Women are very willing to help Intocable recover via kisses. Usual Vipers beatdown where they do a lot of moves and don't even pretend like they're interested in winning the match. Tecnicos are cycled thru thrice, Abismo Negro (#9) stops it by revving a Niebla corner charge into a backbreaker. Abismo chases Niebla round the ring to get him with a chair shot and brawl some more. Into the crowd they go, while the other four kill time in corners for the most part, then get out of the way as they come back in the ring. Abismo gets Niebla one more time with a chair shot to the head back in the ring. Tecnicos showcases. Porky gets the big second rope splash on Black Abyss, who's generally treated as another member of the Vipers - Abismo's feud is still with Mr. Niebla. With everyone else taken out via dives, Abyss fouls Abismo, and Niebla puts him in the Nielbina for the win. Intocable sits on the apron right in front of the camera and doesn't get involved, oops.  

Mr. Niebla promises more surprises for Abismo. Replays. Porky goes to dance, but Intocable alerts him that the Vipers are beating up Abismo and they stop. Instead, the Vipers get to dance on the stage. 

Promo: Cibernetico and La Parka Jr. have a conversation. Lots and lots of yelling. Again, they can't decide if this is supposed to be a skit, or a promo. But it gets good when they start singing. 

Match 6: Konnan & Zorro vs Cibernetico & La Parka Jr.
Parque de Beisbol Ciro Soto, Celaya, Guanajuato, 04/16/08

Winner: Legion
Match Time: 8:24
Other Match Notes: So. This will be awful! Great. Before Parka's entrance, we get a recap of his (last) injury angle, shots of the damaged car and plenty of Parka in the hospital. Parka returning and facing Kenzo many times, Parka being destroyed at GdT and then destroyed some more. Hey, it's the Konnan promo they muted before. And Parka returning at Rey de Reyes. Parka highlights. Parka throwing punches is not quite a highlight you want to see, but the list of good Parka moves is not a huge. Finally, we're back "live" to get Parka's return, which doesn't actually get a big reaction. Parka tries to go after Konnan, but he takes off. Watching Cibernetico dance along with Parka is the weirdest thing possible. Hijo de Tirantes is ref.

They give us seconds of Parka/Konnan, which could be the worst match possible in this promotion at the moment. Luckily, they go quick to the dancing, and quick to the beatdown. I have to watch this in fast forward to get it to go a normal speed, but I think you're okay if I don't go move by move here. Konnan takes the chair short cut, and there appears to be a decent amount of clipping on this. Hijo de Tirantes enforces the rules for the tecnicos only, of course. Hijo de Tirantes is the most hate-able man in this promotion. Zorro threatens to bring back to the two minute chin lock on Cibernetico, but Parka saves us all. Konnan's selling is, uh, sporadic. Occasional. Tecnicos get the comeback about 5:30 in. Crowd is in it. Konnan takes Parka out of play after Parka gets the best of him for a couple minutes. Cibernetico locks the goozle on Zorro, but Konnan tosses him the cane and Zorro lights him up. Mesias's music plays, Mesias runs to the ring, and Zorro lays him out immediately with a cane shot! Get out of here, fool! A banner day for Zorro! Hijo de Tirantes tries to figure out what that was about. Parka comes back in and clotheslines Zorro, but Konnan fouls Parka and pins him, one two three.

Legion wins again, as Konnan points out. They're better than AAA, they're definitely better than the Sect. Zorro points out how Cibernetico thought it was not possible for Zorro to beat him, but look, his team just did. Cibernetico and Mesias can talk, but Zorro's the best - and that's when Mesias rushes him from behind. Cibernetico runs in to attack him, Zorro and Konan get involved, La Parka just grabs Konnan (in a crossface?!?) and keeps him out of the way as the three way brawl continues. This is a fine build do Guerra de Titanes, it's just unfortunate that show happened six months ago. Security breaks up the fight and keeps the three ides apart to end the show (except for a few minutes of filler.)