AAA Mini Line - 03/15/08 (#824)
Recap: 03/15/08

Vignette(s): a caged Octagon talks about how important Rey de Reyes is. An article from Dos De Tres lists favorites for Rey de Reyes: Abismo, Charly, Ozz, Zorro, Kenzo, Oriental. Oriental!?!? I question the journalistic integrity of AAA's official magazine. Laredo Kid wants to be King. I think he'd have to change to Laredo Man if he won. You can be Prince Laredo Kid, but I don't think King Laredo Kid works. Anyway, I bet we get 3 more of these.

Match 1: Ayako Hamada, La Diabólica, Mari Apace (c) vs Estrellita, Fabi Apache (c), Sexy Star  
Auditorio Jose Martia Artega de Queretaro, 02/15/08

Winner: tecnicas
Match Time: 14:12 (9:46+4:26)
Notes: No entrances. Diabolica has random new gear. Pepe Casas is ref. Non-beatdown start! 

Lots more Eveready signs visible this week, covering the walls of the bull ring. It looks much better. Gran Apache is at ringside for no reason - he didn't even buy a ticket this week!, and this match can't get started because Fabi wants to face Mari, and Mari wants to face everyone but Fabi. Highlights of Sexi Star and Estrellita's exchanges may have been Estrellita's ability to keep nearly falling out of her top. Fabi does get to face Mari early, and completely dominated, including a headscissors on the floor. Beatdown comes in while we're watching a replay of that, sure enough. Maybe a clip in there. It takes four minutes to get a comeback, Diabolica missing the corner charge like she always does. Break after the tecnicas have sent all the rudas out and then stood around counting for a while. You could've clipped out people standing around counting for a countout that no one really believes in. 

Fabi and Mari get another long exchange before the end game. They built to a rolling Fabi armbar before Diabolica broke it up, so I guess we're teasing the victory. Diabolica gets a elimination pinfall on Sexi Star with a crucifix airplane spin. Whichever person is the agent in charge of the women (Gran Apache?) likes eliminations more than everyone else in the group behind. Diabolica gets Estrellita with a spear and a punches, but pauses to celebrate and ends up backslide for a pin. Crowd reacts like that's the finish, because it usually is. Ayako kicks Estrellita in the face, charge after her, and ends up getting backdropped to the floor. That looked unfun. Ayako is hurting, but manages to get up in time to be in position for Estrellita's dive, and move up for a great catch when Estrellita's Asai Moonsault doesn't get much distance. Fabi gives Mari a Shining Wizard and covers, but Diabolica comes back in and grabs Pepe Casas. Pepe should probably just do a DDQ here. Gran Apache - does not interfere? Huh. Fabi gives up, ducks a Mari clothesline, does not get tripped up by Gran Apache, and runs into a Mari clothesline. Mari says this is it, but no move of death. Whip instead, Apache swings his chair, but Fabi knows this is coming and dropkicks him thru the ropes. Fabi's hurt from hitting the chair, and Mari has no problem scooping her. Up top, top rope senton con giro! She landed this once during the beatdown, but actually tries for the pin here, one two no. Mari misses a punch, Exploder! Dragon suplex one two THREE.  

Crowd is all "yaaaaaaaaay wait are we sure that's it?", which is partly due to the music guy being slow. He's slow because he's just decided to wait to play it when Billy comes out with flowers a guitar. Fabi has no idea what he's up to. Ah, Billy also brought a band. At least he had a plan. Fabi does not look angry this week, so there's some hope here. Billy breaks the flowers and guitar in the ring while the mariachis play outside. Crowd chants for this while Billy gets on his knees and offers the flowers. It's a better idea than offering the guitar. Fabi takes the flowers and smiles. Billy stands up, and Fabi hits him in the face with the flowers before stomping off. ISSUES. Better try this week, anyway. Billy calls off the band. Gran Apache gets in the ring just to start rolling on the mat in laughter. Billy Boy does not appreciate this, and he's also got a guitar. Bad times for Gran Apache - he stops laughing towards the crowd and turns to laugh at Billy, only to take a guitar to the head. Billy stomps him for good measure. No reaction show of Fabi, who might have been in the back already.

Recap: Last week, Abismo won leadership of the Vipers. Or not so much. Another match today!

Vignette: Charly and Chessman are all fired up for their shot at getting in Rey de Reyes. Also, Cibernetico will be here, at some some point.

Match 2: Killer Clown, Psycho Clown (c), Zombie Clown vs El Alebrije, Mascara Divina (c), Pimpinela Escarlata  
Auditorio Jose Martia Artega de Queretaro, 02/15/08

Winner: Psycho Circus
Match Time: 6:54
Other Match Notes: Cuije and Alebrije have their belts. Not only does Zombie steal a child this week, the other clowns try to stuff him a in a bag (which is way too small.) Security has to stop them, but I suggest switching to stealing babies. Pepe Casas works back to back matches, though I think these are airing out of order. Break before the match.

Clowns pound their opponents and get a beatdown for quite a bit. Like last week, the team's mascot comes in to fight the clowns when there's no one lese left. Cuije is smart enough to run for his life when things go bad, even getting out of the ring and going over the barricade, but the clowns still come for him. Cuije is tossed over the ropes into the ring to Psycho Clown, who gives him a very gentle shoulder powerslam. Killer adds a legdrop, Zombie adds a splash, and Psycho gets in his own splash. Cuije can fit in the bag! Well that solves that. They tie up the bag, with the purple guy inside, and tie it to the ropes. Crowd very angry with the clowns, and Alebrije can't do anything to make the save. Alebrije does manage do avoid a double shoulderblock to give the tecnicas offense. It's quickly there to set up dive spots, except the clowns no sell Alebrije's tope and just stomp him down on the outside. This does leave Zombie alone to face a two on one, and the two mange to knocks him down and working him over a bit with dropkicks. Tecnicos don't finish it fast enough and get cut off with clotheslines. Alebrije comes back in with one last run of clothesline on everyone, but they're ineffective  Clowns clothesline and big boots work on him. Big triple press slam too. Psycho powerbomb on Divina, Killer adds a legdrop, and that's the match. The announcers eventually realize it - the music guy is slow tonight. Zombie gets in a pescado splash on Pimpinela for good measure. 

While the clowns celebrate, Tropicasas unties Cujie's bag and helps get him free. Cuije has to be carried to the back. 

Noti AAA
- Dos de Tres plug
- signs signs signs
- Abismo still thinks he's the leader of the Vipers and is angry at Roldan for getting involved. Can he win today? Abismo yells that he doesn't lose. Jesus Z tries to bring up the Vipers going on without him, but Abismo dismisses the very idea.
- keys keys keys

Vignette: Halloween and Extreme Tiger get their time to talk.

Match 3: Abismo Negro vs Mr. Niebla in a bull terrier match
Auditorio Jose Martia Artega de Queretaro, 02/15/08

Winner: Abismo Negro
Match Time: 12:14
Other Match Notes: Hijo de Tirantes and his hat are refereeing this match. Abismo turns tecnico forever and ever by yanking the hat and chucking it out of the ring. Meanwhile, Niebla is talking and no one cares. I think Niebla says he wants tonight's decision to stand, and Abismo's good with this since he's going to win, but has one condition - No Hijo de Tirantes! Abismo Negro is my favorite wrestler. Abismo accuses Niebla and Tirantes of having a special relationship. Anyway, they're going to do the match with Tirantes, much to Abismo's disappointment.

Hijo de Tirantes puts the dog collar on Abismo Negro first. Keeping with every bull terrier match in AAA, Mr. Niebla attacks Abismo while he's vulnerable. This is all Hijo de Tirantes fault, since he's still fixing the collar while Niebla is beating on him. Stomps. Hijo de Tirantes making no effort to get Niebla's collar on. Niebla chokes Abismo with the chain, then switches to chain punches. Mask is ripped in no time. Abismo yells at the crowd, walking around freely. Niebla comes back over to Abismo t headbutt him. Abismo's hair (and some blood) is pouring out of the op of his mask. Niebla tries to rip off the yanks from Abismo's mask. When that doesn't work, he bites at the cut more. Crowd clearly behind Abismo. Chops, Abismo still hasn't made it off the mat. Niebla grabs his own dog collar in his hand, and holds it there as he starts touching corners. I don't think this is going to work. Should note this is a six sided ring, as they've all been lately. Hijo de Tirantes cuts Niebla off to explain the rules to him. Niebla decides he'd rather dropkick Abismo then put it on. Hijo de Tirantes finally insists Niebla put the collar on, so Niebla takes it, hangs the chain on his neck (not the collar) and starts touching corners again. Hijo de Tirantes is beside himself. Niebla makes sure to dance on his way, but Tirantes cuts him off to explain the concept one more time. Niebla grabs the collar, starts to tie on his neck collar - and gets yanked by the chain into an Abismo backbreaker! He's he's alive now. One more, and Abismo's all fired up. Niebla never got the collar tied around his neck, so the chain is all lose for Abismo to whip Niebla with it. Abismo grabs the collar and forces it on Niebla, then goes to work on untying his mask. Abismo drags Niebla to the corner and puts his head into the buckle. Abismo takes Niebla outside, tells the front row to clear out o f the way, and throws Niebla over the barricade. Niebla lands on the second row, and Abismo starts throwing the chairs on top of him. Abismo throws some on Niebla, and throws some back in the ring for later. 

Abismo brings Niebla back in the ring, grabs a chair, and hits Niebla in the head. Niebla may want to get his hands up, instead of just watching it come all the way in. While we see a replay, Abismo starts touching corners: one two three four five Niebla shoves Hijo de Tirantes into a shoulderblock on Abismo, and Abismo goes down! Not too often you see the ref delivering a bump. Niebla screams at the crowd, may want to touch a corner along the way. Alas. Niebla slams Abismo, and grabs all the loose slack on the chain to whip Abismo with it. Abismo's quite bloody. Elbow to the head. Crowd way into Abismo here, getting louder to get him to comeback. Crowd shot. Abismo off the ropes, sunset flip, Niebla blocks it and hits him with a chair. That'll work. Niebla dances. Abismo's hands are covered in blood. Niebla gets Abismo with a running boot, but is backdropped over to the apron the second try. Abismo pulls him hanging over the ropes, and dropkicks him there. Abismo wastes no time touching corners. One two three four f-no, Hijo de Tirantes is accidentally standing on the chain! Abismo gives Tirantes a looks, and Tirantes back up for his life. Niebla makes the save for the referee with a slap, but now I'm starting to wonder if this is on purpose.  Niebla knocks Abismo down in the corner and gives him a Bronco Buster. Niebla starts from the next corner for his count - one, two, three, four, five and Abismo's waiting for him with a chair to the gut. Perhaps Niebla didn't think that one over well. Abismo grabs the chair and falls for one more shot. Abismo's mask is turning into Electroshock's - there's a little more material than a bandana. Abismo drops the chair and starts touching corners, which Niebla seems to be actually allowing - until Abismo get to the four and Niebla cuts him off with a clothesline. Scoop, slam. Niebla going up, middle rope elbow connects! Niebla walking with a purpose - one two three four and Abismo pulls him by his chain. Niebla's tripped up, so Abismo leaves him there and starts touching corners - one two Why Pick Now To Fix That Buckle, Hijo de Tirantes? Hijo de Tirantes won't let Abismo even touch until he's got it set. I guess Hijo de Tirantes still thinks he's feuding with Abismo. Niebla knocks Abismo down from behind and heads up, but Abismo stops him, very carefully climbs the ropes, and armdrags him off. 

Abismo now running the corners, and you can see the tragedy coming - one two three four fi- NO, HIJO DE TIRANTES GRABS THE CHAIN! Abismo is stronger, pulling Hijo de Tirantes into him - Martiente? Crowd going crazy, but Abismo just safely drops Hijo de Tirantes. Hijo de Tirantes begs off, and gives away that Niebla's coming from behind Abismo . Abismo ducks Niebla's clothesline, kick to the gut, Martiente - no, Hijo de Tirantes breaks it up. Abismo grabs Tirantes by the hair, but Niebla breaks it with a slap. Hijo de Tirantes grabs Abismo, Niebla swings, Abismo ducks, and Hijo de Tirantes is slapped out of existence. Abismo takes out Niebla with an inverted atomic drop. Abismo gets one corner, and that's it, Niebla yanking his chain and both guys getting tired. Niebla walks over, hits Abismo, and gets that corner too, so we're closing in now. Both chop each other, both get the second corner. Same for the third. Same for the fourth, Abismo always first. At the fifth corner, Niebla batters Abismo with chops and gets it first, but takes time to dance. Abismo pulls him away from the corner and gives him a kneelift, but Niebla gets him one more a lire more questionably low. You would think they'd have to restart now, but Niebla' goes to the six corner like that's it. Abismo grabs the chain one more time to stop Niebla. Abismo runs and leapfrogs over Niebla towards the corner, Niebla throws a chair at him, Abismo catches it and hits Niebla on the head one more time, then hits the sixth corner. Does that count? Hijo de Tirantes is half dead, but they do play Abismo's music.

Abismo celebrates. Hijo de Tirantes stands up, holding his face. It was one heck of a slap. Prez Roldan is out. He seems to say there's only one man in charge of all the guys in AAA - that's him - and so even though Abismo win, Mr. Niebla is leader of the Vipers. Abismo can't believe it. Neither can I. Neither can the crowd. Before we can get much further, Zorro intercedes. Roldan pointed out earlier that he doesn't control the Legion, says Zorro is there to remind him that. Zorro, as the god messiah prophet! of wrestling, invites him to join his group. Roldan says Abismo can do anyone else, but he's still not in charge of the Vipers. Why is Konnan out now? Does he want a religious nickname? No, just to yell at Roldan (idiot!) and tell Abismo to take his time considering joining the Legion. Konnan decides now is the time to kill Roldan, but security holds him back. And then lights go off - the better to see Cibernetico's fireworks. Crowd is happy to see him back. God > Prophets & Messiahs, he explains. He'd like a title shot. Mr.. Niebla and Hijo de Tirantes vanished somewhere in here, but Abismo is still hanging around in his blood soaked mask. Fun. Cibernetico rushes the ring, and the rudos helpfully run right into clotheslines. Zorro misses on a cane swing, and gets speared by Cibernetico. Cibernetico standing over a KOed Zorro - I think we've gotten back to level ground. 

Vignette: Scorpio and Decnnis say they're going to Rey de Reyes because Guapos VIP are #1. I see no flaws win that argument. 

Vignette: Intocable is checking out male strip clubs(! times a million.) The idea is he's recruiting dancers for his new back up group (since he had a falling out with his last one) and you can write in to find out how to participate and this is totally not supposed to be a coming out of the closet moment. They do show him chatting up a woman but they're both checking out the guys so I dunno. 

Match 4: Electro Shock, Kenzo Suzuki, Zorro (c) vs Brazo de Plata, Gronda II, Intocable (c) 
Auditorio Jose Martia Artega de Queretaro, 02/15/08

Winner: 17:57
Match Time: Gronda gets fireworks? Gronda checking out Porky dancing and Porky encouraging Gronda to dance along is all sorts of bizarre. Girls are wild about Intocable. Kenzo's entrance is getting impossibly more spastic by the week. And then after I say that, he just walks around for a bit and never finds the announcer desk. Copetes is ref. 

Porky and Electro do fat chain wrestling before Zorro starts the ambush, and it's a beatdown from there. Rudos destroy the tecnico pretty well and celebrate about it. Copetes helps. Rudos fail when they try to whip Zorro into a corner charge on Porky. Porky's way too big of that. All the rudos go down, all the rudos get splashed by all the tecnicos. Tecnico showcase from there, including the Gronda/Kenzo match the world's been waiting for. I can't believe this is a world where this match goes 15+ minutes. Rudos end up bailing rather than dealing with Porky any more, so Poky gets them all with a 'tope con giro' off the apron. Zorro takes Intocable's move, but tecnicos take too long helping Porky up for his plash and Zorro rolls to the other side while Porky's still seating there Gronda's charge misses and Zorro dropkicks him out. Intocable gets superkicked, and Porky get a cane to the head. Zorro casually grabs Intocable's legs and puts on his STF for the win. Clean and all by himself!

Vignette: Highlights from the earlier promos. We get a shot if the inside of the magazine, which has blurbs on Ozz, the Circus, Crazy Boy, Aero Star, Octagon, Super Fly, Alan Stone and Scorpio Jr.

Match 5: Decnnis & Scorpio Jr. vs Extreme Tiger & Halloween vs Charly Manson & Chessman vs Laredo Kid & Octagon in a cage match, first complete team to escape enters Rey de Reyes tournament
Auditorio Jose Martia Artega de Queretaro, 02/15/08

Winner: Guapos
Match Time: After the entrances, and a break, this one gets started with all eight guys in the six sided ring. There are tables and chairs inside, and Scorpio wastes no time in using a chair. It becomes four separate fights, back and forth and little teamwork. Announcers emphasize the rules. The main lights go off at one point, leaving the ring blue from the spotlights. I don't think on purpose,. It looks strange, anyway. Laredo tries to make a run for it, is caught, and the rudo beatdown seem to start from there. Octagon gets tied up in the ropes, which means he doesn't have to any more bumps. After a long crowd shot, the lights starts randomly changing colors, which makes it more confusing. They come back to the match just in time see Octagon take out everyone on all three sides, then help boots Laredo Kid up the cage. He's up top, but doesn't win anything. 

Decnnis tries to leave, and Charly pulls him down by his trunks, which mostly just means he pulled down his trunks. It's fun to watch Octagon be alone on side of the ring, and make no attempt to climb until he's sure someone's coming for him. Laredo looks to be hurt on the outside, probably his bad leg. Coming back too soon works so well every time. Scorpio stops Octagon, and he and Decnnis start climb a corner. Octagon fights both of them as they climb, but Octagon gets pulled down by Extreme Tiger. What a moron. Scorpio and Decnnis get over, and that's it? Five minute match, huh. 

Fight goes on, because - I don't know. Octagon escapes next, celebrating like he's won something. He has not. The other two teams keep fighting because I guess they'd fight anyway. Crowd is completely unaware of any stipulations. Charly powerbombs Tiger hard and goes for his leg hold, but Halloween breaks that up. Chessman superkicks Halloween, but gets a satellite headscissors from Tiger. Dropkick, back up, charge, and Chessman throws Extreme Tiger behind him - where Tiger grabs the cage and climbs out. Announcers are explaining the rules but appear to be the other ones who are working by them. Halloween tries to climb up, but that's not going to work well with two Hell Brothers. Lots of teasing, and then the BS take turns bouncing him around with punches. Halloween makes a one on two comeback while Extreme Tiger gets more chairs for later. CLIP? Weirdly placed crowd shot, but Halloween still seems to be in the same spot. Charly puts on his reverse figure four, and Chessman knocks Halloween with a running kick to the head. Might as well leave? Charly climbs up, while Chessman stays behind for no reason. Halloween does grab his leg, so that make sense. Charly thinks about coming back, but I think Chessman is okay with taking care of Halloween on his own. He finally got his rematch,. Halloween chops, Chessman ducks one and gives him a backbreaker. Chessman off the ropes, elbow drop into a chair into Halloween. Chessman starts to climb, but Tiger hits his hand with a chair from the outside. Charly rushes towards him, and right into a chair shot. Guapos are still here, and I don't quite know why, but they stomp Charly just for the sake of it. Tiger climbs the cage with a chair in hand, "hitting" Chessman wit it when eh tries to cut him off. Tiger goes all the way up - plancha off onto Charly, announcers lose their minds. Nice catch by Charly and Decnnis. Replay shows Tiger flew from a long way up. 

Back inside the ring, Halloween has control. Whip, reversed, Chessman charges, Halloween moves and hits him in the head with a chair. Halloween off the ropes, spear. Halloween sets up a chair, leans another chair on top, and throws Chessman into both of them. IS Halloween leaving? I hope so, I thought this recap was over five minute ago. Halloween escapes, so they play his music and raise his hand, even though he didn't win. You'd need an encyclopedia to get as many pages as these guys seem to be on. Charly backs Halloween up towards the stage, where Cibernetico has appeared. Cue beatdown. Halloween's battered back to the cage, and in the door. (They have a door?) Tiger's knocked into the announce both while Halloween is stuck three in one in the cage. HBs set up a table, Cibernetico gets Halloween a spear, and Halloween's laid on a table. Chessman recovers enough climbing to the top rope - oh no, he's going to the top of the cage. At least they're building to this spot. Feet on top of the cage - flying legdrop knocks them both thru and off the cage. That could not be fun.

Lots and lots of replays and we're done.