AAA Mini Line - 2/9/8 
Recapped: 2/9/8

Six sided ring. No Dr. Morales.

In Ring: Mesias (and the non-Espiritu members of the Sect) talk about still being champ and defeating Cibernetico at Guerra de Titanes. Prez Roldan interrupts to complain about how he won, and to set up a Cibernetico video interview. Cibernetico makes it clear this isn't over. Mesias gets back to crowing about his victory but is interrupted again, this time by the Legion. It's Konnan, Zorro, Head Hunter I, Kenzo and Electroshock tonight. Konnan threatens to send Mesias back to picking tomatoes in Puerto Rico. The Legion beat up La Parka Jr. and he'll be out four months, and Konnan promises the same for Mesias after the main event. 

This was all quite edited - like a fifteen bit cut to seven.

Interview: Mini Charly Manson, re: tecnico turn. It's less about being a tecnico, more about fighting Mini Abismo and Mini Histeria for turning on him. 

Match 1: Jerrito Estrada, Mini Abismo Negro (c), Mini Histeria vs Mini Charly Manson (c), Mini Dizzy, Octagoncito  
Plaza de Toros Chilpancingo, 12/14/07

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 10:06
Notes: Pepe Casas is ref. Crowd way into Charly thru out, much more than other guys. Tecnico showcase for the 4:30, culminating with Mini Charly sending Mini Abismo out with a spinning headscissors and going the Charly Manson pose. Rudos jump him to start the beatdown. Lots of Abismo working over Mini Charly - I know why Charly is mad at the Vipers 9They turned on him), but not so sure why Mini Abismo wants Charly so dead. Mini Charly escapes a corner charge and takes care of the lesser two, leaving Mini Abismo in the ring alone to get battered. Match is okay, nothing great. Jerrito gets clocked in the head by Mascara's leg on his slingshots tope con giro. Mini Dizzy still looks like a 12 year old kid working as a mini. Mini Charly and Mini Abismo get into a chest slap battle, which Abismo wins. He also pulls Charly's arm into a cross armbreaker, then lets go to finish him with a German suplex, but that's only gets a two count. Abismo tries a tilt-a-whirl instead, but Charly gets a small package for three. Charly could use a little work on that. 

Vignette: Psycho Circus gets dressed. They are, in fact, people who put on crazy clown outfits, and not actually clowns. 

Match 2: Killer Clown (c), Psycho Clown, Zombie Clown vs Aero Star (c), Rey Cometa, Super Fly
Plaza de Toros Chilpancingo, 12/14/07

Winner: Clowns
Match Time: 6:12
Notes: Here's the lineup

They're meant to be a new group, not the clowns from last summer, so you have to imagine their previous wins are ones that haven't occurred on TV. Copetes is ref. Psycho, the smallest one, is still much bigger the Air Force. Clowns destroy the Air Force - it's the trios version of a WCW heavyweight vs cruiserweight battle. Air Force get their first success after 5:30 when the Clowns miss clotheslines to the outside and go out themselves, but triple Air Force pescados are all caught (sorta) and tossed into the clown. Aero Star is tossed back in, given two very gentle backbreakers by Killer Clown and then a move we never see for the win, because they're showing action on the outside. Perhaps an F5. This was all Clowns, they didn't even let the Air Force get a dive in, and got even more beat up after the match. Rey Cometa, already down and selling being out, is picked back up to take a chair shot to the head. That's a nominee for most pointless chair shot to the head ever. Super Fly gets a chairs shot to the right knee, and I think that's an injury write out.  

Lots more post match after. Nothing notable except fans dressed as clowns in the stands. 

Noti AAA:

Interview: Juvi and an extremly seasick cameraman talk about Taiji Ishimori. Guess they didn't have time to YouTube him. Juvi just rambles for two minutes and then yells to end the promo. 

Match 3: Joe Lider, Juventud Guerrera (c), Taiji Ishimori vs Alan Stone (c), Chris Stone, Super Calo
Plaza de Toros Chilpancingo, 12/14/07

Winner: Mexican-ish Powers
Match Time: 9:10
Other Match Notes: Sound system sounds awful quite during the entrances, but they fix it. Bello Greco walks out behind Alan dancing and singing. I'd think that might be weird, but Alan (and these other two) had to deal with Bello Greco being an exotico so many years. Alan would have to do much more to balance this out. Taiji Ishimori wears a Mexican Powers jersey, while Joe Lider has a DTU jersey. Why does Ishimori's jersey say Hayashi? Why does Juvi's jersey say Antonio Pena? Hijo de Tirantes is ref.  Break after entrances.

Juvi brings two shirts to the ring, so he can take off one before the match and then put on another one to take off later. He's a crazy genius. Both teams work as tecnicos early. Matchups are Ishimori/Alan, Chris/Lider (fictional main event of AAA Velocity - also, Chris is much better than Joe Lider) and Calo/Juvi. Juvi quickly takes off his shirt. Juvi's working hard in this match, of course. Everyone gets involved for a second, and Lider almost kills Super Calo with a hiptoss. It's kinda of chaotic - no side working rudo, but both breaking up pins. Taiji lands his handspring jump kick to the head on Super Calo, impressive all. Fans one want more, but Ishimori instead slams Calo and adds a handspring elbow drop. Chris has to make the save. Juvi ends up dropkicking Calo out and follows with a pescado. Juvi brings Calo back in, springboard over him, and gets kicked. Alan is tagged in and hits Juvi with a springboard spin kick. Lider breaks up that pin and takes over for his team. Lider whips Alan into the corner, gives a him a running knee, backs up, and gets in a running elbow smash. Alan pulled away from the ropes one two Chris breaks it up. Whip, Chris scoops Lider up on his shoulders and slams him down. Chris walks the ropes and jumps off with a splash, one two no? MPs teases coming in, got out, and now Chris signals his brothers to go jump the stones. Whips are reversed, Stones stop short of each other, MPs roll them all up, one two everyone kickout. Juvi and Alan end up on the outside, MPs miss dropkicks, Chris sends Lider over the top with a headscissors and Calo clotheslines Taiji to the floor. Stones stick in the ring, back up, charge - double slingshot tope con giro. Alan back in and ready to dive, but Juvi cuts him off with a springboard dropkick. Juvi kips back to his feet, jump at Alan, but Alan blocks the 'rana and powerbombs him one two NO. Fans thought that was it for a second. Bello Greco not happy with that call. Alan with  German suplex on two NO! This got good. Alan sets up Juvi, goes to the top, moonsault but no one's home. Juvi hits Alan with a left, a right, a backfist (hmmm), cradle Juvi Driver one two THREE. Good match.         

Stones come in to check on Alan, who's not feeling good after that finish. Juvi's a bit tired too. Replays. The doctor checks on Alan's neck (which appears more selling the injury and less an actual injury) while the Stones give credit to the Mexican Powers for winning. 

In Ring: Following the La Parka Jr. portion we saw before in AAA Nota, the Legion appeared again to confront him. Konnan calls him a clown. Konan guarantees next year is Parka's last. He then starts to yelling at Roldan, saying Parka is first, but there's more to come. Legion attacks Parka and Roldan's security. Tecnicos from the first four matches are immediately out to make the save, clearing the ring before much is done. Legion leaves.

Match 4: Jesse, Nygma, Polvo de Esterllas (c), Yuriko vs Casandro, Intocable (c), Mascara Divina, Pimpinela Escarlata
Plaza de Toros Chilpancingo, 12/14/07

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 10:54
Other Match Notes: Night queens have oars. Oars. The things you might use to row a boat. I have no idea why they would have oars. Maybe they're giant soup ladles. Mascara Divina is now using Gregorian chants. He might have been for a while, it's been some time since he's had an entrance. Casandro and Pimpi come out dancing together as a pair. Pimpi faints with Intocable dances in the ring. Jesse makes a point of not being impressed. Pimpi tries to kiss Pepe Casas. That's stopped, so he goes to the announcers, who shut her down. Eight person standoff before the match. Intocable does a magnificently horrible cartwheel when he's announced as captain. 

As gay guys, the Night Queens are awful put off by Intocable's act. Are we not supposed to realize how gay that is? Like Intocable's act is so incredibly heterosexual that it offends them? I do not understand. I like how Intocable's super kick ends up hitting Nygma directly in the groin. He's just a bit off his mark. Standard tecnico show case -> beatdown -> comeback -> finish flow, and it's about time for these matches to get a new dimension in them. Oars do not count. Beatdown happening before Casandro and Pimpi get to do anything (and their bits coming after the beatdown) does not count. Oars are treated as legal, and missed swings lead to the comeback as well as playing a roll in the finish. Instead of diving, Pimpi slides out and kisses Jesse. Jesse gets very concerned when the fans chant for another. Divina and Intocable send out Polvo and Yuriko, then blow whatever complicated setup they wanted for dives. I think it's Divina's fault, and he makes it worse with a slingshot tope con giro where he doesn't actually let go of the ropes, and ends up just kicking guys. Jesse and Yuriko follows with there own dives, and Casandro and Pimpi are last out Pimpi does the same thing as Divina, so I don't know what's going on. Something with the ropes? Casandro and Polvo get back in, Polvo misses on an oar swing, Casandro dropkicks him and the oar goes flying to Pimpi. Casandro gets a flying sunset flip on Polvo, Polvo rolls free, looks at Casandro, turns around for no particular reason, walks forward, and gets hit by Pimpi swinging the oar. Pepe Casas distracted himself to ignore this shot, and turns back just as Casandro covers for the win.

Both sides fight a little more after the match, with Pepe Casas waiting for ever to raise up the tecnico's arms. Tecnicos spank Nygma with an oar road, which breaks pretty easily. 

Interview: Halloween steals the microphone from Jesus Z. Halloween cares about nothing but facing Halloween vs Chessman. I think this is followup from the GdT lead up and we should ignore everything that happened there. Or maybe that's just what I want to do. Lots of ranting.

Match 5: Extreme Tiger & Halloween vs Charly Manson & Chessman
Plaza de Toros Chilpancingo, 12/14/07

Winner: DRAW
Match Time: 9:00
Other Match Notes: Crowd is extra excited to see Chessman today. No TJ Extreme here. Halloween attempts to introduce his team, and I think it's cut. The microphone vanishes from his hand between shots. Break.

Halloween tries to spear Charly to start the match, but hits him and just falls down. Charly unzips his jump suit to reveal a steel tray. I miss Bret Hart too. Charly proudly holds up the steel and walks around the ring with it, till Extreme Tiger dropkicks it his face. And so the match starts. Hijo de Tirantes is ref. Might be a clip here too, the replay makes it unclear. If not, Tiger gets in a springboard twisting moonsault dive on Chessman within the first fifteen seconds of the match, which is crazy enough to be true. Charly gives Halloween horrendous headscissors to end him out and follows with a tope. I better stop typing moves now, because that's all this match is going to be. This was one of those matches where if you looked a way from the screen for five seconds, the side in control will switch twice. As with their last match, the Hell Brothers got a clear victories that just didn't count as such - Halloween gave up to Charly Manson's reverse figure four but Hijo de Tirantes was done. Chessman also had Halloween pinned for three, but Tirantes was slow in recovering to count. Halloween gets knocked out of the ring and pulls a wood panel out. Extreme Tiger sneaks in a 'rana on Charly in a very tecnico fashion, and Chessman kicks his partner in trying to break it up. Chessman slaps Tiger down and kicks him in the head while Manson sets up another panel of wood on the outside. Tiger comes back with a bodyscissors powerbomb for two, and a top rope senton con giro for two. Tiger kicks Chessman towards the ropes, charges, and gets backdropped to the apron. While Tiger is staggered, Chessman bounces of the  far ropes, charges, and spears them both thru out of the ring and thru the table. That looked GREAT. Charly  and Halloween come back in, Charly gets knocked to the apron himself, and Halloween gives him a sunset powerbomb thru the other piece of wood. Everyone starts to get counted out, and Chessman and Halloween bring back their victims. Pins, Chessman covers for three, Halloween pulls Charly up at 2 and is very confused. So am I - apparently Chessman thinks this is elimination rules and Halloween did not. Who knows with AAA anymore. Halloween and Tirantes discuss this. Anyway, for the sake of the story, it's down to Halloween and Chessman. They clothesline each other, neither man goes down. They sorta-spear each other, and both go down. It was more shoulderblocks. They're dead, but not so dead so they can't crawl towards each other so they're close enough to put an arm over the top. One two three, both pinned, it's a draw. No reaction to the finish, and then some boos as when Hijo de Tirantes finally gets the idea clear to the crowd. 

Announcers say there's a rematch coming. They replay Chessman killing Extreme Tiger, which justified this whole match. Chessman demands one more fall, but Tiger's gotta be strechered out, so that's probably not happening. Chessman and Halloween brawl some more, showing a lot of life for two guys who were knocked out a minute ago.  

Match 6: Konnan (c), Head Hunter I, Kenzo Suzuki, Zorro vs Cuervo, Escoria, Mesias (c), Ozz  
Plaza de Toros Chilpancingo, 12/14/07

Winner: Sect
Match Time: 7:56
Other Match Notes: Sect have an elaborate druid and torch entrance, though the druids may need some work. They've all got their belts. Copetes is ref.

Since Zorro is the best of this unit - a scary proposition, they totally need to add someone full-time to take the bumps and the pins - he's the guy in selling for all the Dark Family's stuff while the other three hang on the apron. He gets in a superkick on Mesias, but ends up getting knocked from the ring by a spear. Head Hunter running the ropes is interesting. So is Mesias trying to headscissors him. Mesias takes himself over the top rope, but Head Hunter can't get over, so he just falls down and rolls under them. Quite bad. Escoria and Cuervo both get dives on him. Ozz and Kenzo take each other out with clotheslines. Konan kicks Mesias and punches him many times. Corner whip, Konnan eats boots and Mesias clotheslines him in the nose. Konnan pops back to his feet so he and Mesias can choke each other, and Zorro acutely hits wrong guy. Zorro's a moron. He manages to kick Mesias down, but whiffs on a rebound clothesline (Mesias is totally confused there.) Mesias gives Zorro his finisher for the completely clean pin.     

Electroshock comes out and offers to shake with Mesias. This makes no sense, because he's been with the Legion all show long and there's no other induction of a turn but this. Mesias spit s in the hand. Electro fouls him and the Legion beats down the Sect. Mesias is beat up most of all. Mesias gets the win, but still gets destroyed, which makes me wonder why the heck they bothered to give him the win. It doesn't mean anything now, could've meant something if Zorro actually pinned anyone. Lots of chair related violence's for the Dark Family while Electro forces Mesias to watch. Head Hunter splashes a chair onto Cuervo. If you're paying attention,  you can watch Mesias try to cut himself multiple times. Since they cut ahead to where he's bleeding a bit, I wonder if there were more we missed. This goes on half past forever. For no reason but religious imagery (I guess?) Zorro's cane is taped thru Mesias' arms, so it's stuck to his back. Legion beats him all the way up the aisle to (a pre tape in) the back, where they've continently written

La Parka

I guess they're not aware Mesias beat them to the last one. Zorro does Mesias catchphrase one last time, which is actually great. See you in three months, Mesias!

That's it.