AAA Mini Line - 01/05/08
Recap: 01/09/08

Four sided ring. Dr. Morales is there, though we don't see him much.

In-Ring Interview: Prez Roldan talks up the night of champions. I'd say "hyped up", but it's such a monotone no one could ever be hyped. He mentions Mesias vs Zorro vs Cibernetico and La Parka & Octagon vs Kenzo & Electro (clip here?), but gets no further before Halloween's music interrupts. 

TJ Extreme is with him, and looking like a low rent Halloween with white facepaint. Think about that! Not enough guys around here with white makeup. Anyway, since this is taped two months ago, I know Halloween's challenging the Mexican Powers tag team titles before it even happens. (Which makes it odd there's no Tiger here, but okay.) 

Roldan doesn't get a chance to talk before Crazy Boy and Joe Lider get their turn to walk to the ring. Roldan is so bored. Joe Lider tries to hard, even with promos. After making fun of team Tijuana, MPs seem like they're going to give them a shot but

Here's Konnan and X-Pac, and suddenly this is a RAW twenty minute opening promo. It is moving faster than that, which is nice. Konnan would to make a claim to having the best extreme team, but the crowd is too busy yelling at him to care. Konnan threatens Sabu for GdT. Something's clipped out here, but we end up in the middle of Konnan explaining the Hart family to explain Teddy Hart (as best anyone can.) Konnan vows his guys will beat up the Mexicans, the dancers and the homosexuals. I think the Night Queens could take him. Roldan reminds Konnan that Roldan is in charge, not Konnan. This upsets Konan greatly, for some reason. While they're discussing, Extreme Tiger sneaks in the ring and starts hitting people who aren't his teammate and aren't head of AAA (or his bodyguard) with a chair. X-Pac takes a Halloween spear as Roldan is ushered to safety. Aren't we missing a team? Crazy Boy is quickly held over the rail for Extreme Tiger to hit his flying legdrop, and that' What a strange ending.

Recap of what you just saw.

Match 1: Ayako Hamada, Gran Apache, Mari Apache vs Billy Boy, Estrellita, Fabi Apache
Domo de la Feria de Leon, 11/19/07

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 10:16 (5:18+4:58)
Notes: Estrellita is carried to the ring, like lifted up by her arms. You can tell what they're trying to do, it just comes off as weird. Look, Billy and Fabi are tecnicos this week. Maybe Fabi can get that handshake this time. Gran Apache can stand! He's got a chair! (and a limp.) They probably should've built it it up a bit. Pepe Casas is ref.

Rudos jump the tecnicos. Gran Apache is busy slapping Estrellita out of existence to start, and Mari takes care of her sister, so we don't know immediately what's going to happen when Fabi and Dad meet, though I think he'll get over it. Rudos work over Billy and Lita first. Gran Apache does slap his daughter as he comes in the ring, which the crowd gets all over him about. Fabi turns it around for her team after a missed Ayako corner charging boot. Mari gets a running tornado DDT and Estrellita dropkicks Gran Apache so Ayako can be isolated in the ring. It's tecnico beatdown from there, Ayako taking a dropkick to the head, Mary getting  a big sit down powerbomb, and and Gran Apache getting kicked in the backside by his son-in-law and daughter. Fabi gets a showcase against her family before a break.

After the break, Estrellita and Billy Boy got their turns on offense. Billy's felt odd - once he went thru Gran Apache, Ayako and Mary couldn't do anything to him. Fabi got another turn to fight her father, and Estrellita bailed her out on a corner whip. Somewhere in here, Estrellita had unzipped her bodysuit halfway down her chest, and she was having issues keeping everything inside her gear that needed to stay there while she was doing headscissors and he the like The crowd seemed okay with this, though it probably wasn't a coincidence they stuck with a camera that was mostly behind Estrellita for the sequence. Estrellita paused in between moves to try and rezip the outfit but the zipper was broke, I guess. There was a clip in here, skipping ahead to Fabi getting a plancha on both rudas. Tecnicos miss their clothesline sand get kicked out by the rudas. Billy enters to kick Mari out, and slaps Ayako in the backside when she climbs up for a dive. Ayako is carried to the middle of the ring, but reverses to a victory roll for two. Billy ducks a clothesline and superkicks Ayako, turning to yell at the crowd while Gran Apache got passed a chair. Apache walks around the whole ring to get in a free chair shot to Billy's head. No idea where Pepe Casas was for this, but we're supposed to think he was distracted. Mari grabs Fabi, sets her up on the top rope, and superplexes her off, while Ayako doses the same thing with Billy. Rudo Apaches give tecnico Apache's Michinoku Drivers, Ayako holds Estrellita, and that's three. No pop for the finish - they went on a couple moves too long.

Billy's bleeding - they thought the chair shot was important enough for him to blade, but not for it to be the finish. The blood is barely visibly as well - you can see it when he's laying in the ring, but then he's helped to the back while the replays are being shown. That seems a waste. 

Noti AAA
- Super Porky played Santa Claus as a children's hospital. Yes, they found a suit big enough for him. All the kids seem thrilled, so that's good.
- Jesus Z talks to Decnnis and Guapito re: cage match. They're ready, ready to take Intocable's hair.  
- there will be title matches at GdT
- Jesus Z talks to a very mellow looking Cibernetico. I guess Mesias and Konnan making fun of him wounded him deeply. Maybe it's just the earth tones. Maybe they taped this after he got hurt and are trying to cover. I dunno. He promises death for the Sect and Mesias. I guess Zorro is too good for death. Cibernetico does scream his catchphrase at the end, I was getting worried.
- in Chilpancigo: Ishimori! Here are clips. Ricky Marvin will back in '08 at some point. 

Match 2: Extreme Tiger & Halloween vs Electro Shock & X-Pac vs Crazy Boy & Joe Lider  
Domo de la Feria de Leon, 11/19/07

Winner: Mexican Powers
Match Time: 13:24 (8:13+5:11)
Other Match Notes: Well, it's been a half hours since we saw these guys, why not. I guess this is what the opening bit was setting up? This explains why X-Pac was there. No Alicia. MPs have the belts here, but I mostly sure this isn't supposed to be a title match. Which is a good thing, since Copetes is the ref and they're facing two rudo teams. Why is Crazy Boy wearing his belt backwards? Halloween and Extreme Tiger have to introduce each other, naturally. Tiger needs to work on it.  

They work this with two men in and the other four on the apron for the first 7:30, people doing moves and having the usual lack of interest in winning. Tiger is worked over by the MPs for a bit, but they don't really do much of a job holding him from making a tag, and he finds himself standing next to X-Pac when Lider is looking to follow up. Tiger wisely tags out, X-Pac comes in, and the Legion team opts to work over the MPs, while the Tijuana duo (who's taken the worst of it so far) hang outside the ring. Break.  

MPs quickly turn the after the break, sidestepping Legion charges that send them out. The Familia try to take advantage and get the MPs with kicks, but the Legion pull down the ropes so they go tumbling, and the MPs follow everyone with dives. They only get the Legion, which allows them to put do double team moves with Halloween (which don't look good, but it seems to be Halloween), and a usual impractical double submission. TJ Extreme runs out, hits both Crazy and Lider with a chair, and runs to the back just as fast. I guess he left the over going? Copetes was fine with seeing all of this, but he gets bumped immediately after. Ah, Extreme is back with a wood panel. This one is an old piece of stage that they're disposing of, and believe that's the deal with all of them. As Halloween takes forever to set it up (and can't get it to stay in the corner), X-Pac comes in and takes care of both Tiger and Halloween. Halloween gets the X-Factor and Tiger is thrown to Electro, who needs a ton of help lifting Tiger up for a middle rope shoulder powerslam. On the outside, we miss TJ Extreme tossing Lider into the crowd off a crucifix powerbomb because Electro's move take so long. Halloween's set up next to the wood panel, out they're having lots of trouble making it stand in the corner. X-Pac ends up giving Halloween the Bronco Buster in the opposite corner. For no particular reason, Charly Manson is out. He rushes to the ring to make a save - for who? Not a big fan of either Halloween or the Legion. I guess he wants Electro?  He's stomped coming in, but ducks a X-Pac chair shot that gets Electro and spears X-Pac. Halloween thanks Charly by spearing him, with everyone falling on the wood panel that just won't stay up in the corner and has fallen to the mat again. Chessman is out to help his partner, late as always. Halloween gets the panel back in the corner just in time (though facing the wrong way), and he and Chessman play Tease The Spear until Chessman mists him and spears him thru the wood panel. Charly's hold the panel from the outside, which helps, but the breakage is sorta of hilarious - it breaks neatly across a painted line. Chessman throws Crazy Boy on top of Halloween, and then wanders around to find a ref. Where did Copetes go? No one knows? TJ Extreme helpfully gets out of the way and just pounds the mat instead of trying to break this up. Copetes is thrown in and makes the fair count. He must've really been out of it. 

Chessman gets the post match promo, calling the Familia and Legion garbage (Halloween makes a blurred hand signal) and throwing his and Charly's (top) hat into the battle for the tag team titles. Charly gets to do the catchphrase. I like how Chessman waves goodbye to the MPs leaving the ring. HBs and FdT have a standoff outside the ring which leads to one in the ring, but the Familia figure out the numbers and leave. 

Vignette: Intocable, Intocable's tapped ribs (with suspenders over the top!) and Alan are fired up in the locker room! Though not so much when the Guapos jump them. Anyone seen Super Calo? Anyone? No? Huh. Alas.

Match 3: Decnis, Scorpio Jr., Zumbido vs Alan Stone, Intocable, Super Calo  
Domo de la Feria de Leon, 11/19/07

Winner: Guapos
Match Time: 13:41 (7:07+6:34)
Other Match Notes: Decnis has new music, and almost gets yanked into the crowd when he wanders that way for handshakes. Guapito is back up to two valets, thankfully. Hey, there's Super Calo. Perhaps his robe takes up a dressing room all of his own. Alan and Intocable aren't hurt on their way to the ring - that was just to tell us this was next, I guess. Zumbido jumps Alan before we get to the chorus! That's horrible. No one much cares about the fight because Intocable hasn't made his way out. Intocable gets jumped on by a girl, but really it's Guapito's waiting to meet him in the aisle. Intocable takes forever to fall for the distraction, but Decnis makes it work, knocking Intocable's hat off with a chair shot. 

Piero is ref, so there's that. Forks, CHECK. I like how they have to hide the forks, yet Piero is holding the Guapos and allowing low blows later on. They probably should've shown a clip of why Intocable has wrapped ribs, just so we can recall. He's bleeding here, more so than Alan, so this is probably compelling to some.  Calo is bleeding as well. Intocable is corner whipped towards a chair, but turns it around and sends Decnis in instead to start the comeback at about 6:30. Break just after the comeback.

Alan and Scorpio's brawling goes into the crowd, which they haven't done much lately. Intocable transepts to piledriver Guapito into the ring, but more so has to hold him forever until someone will finally break it up. Guapito gets forked. He actually gets forced to go to the back, due to blood, though he's no worse than Intocable. Everyone but Piero is bleeding, the Guapos quite a bit, and I give that time. Alan tries to finish Decnis with a moonsault, but Scorpio pulls him to safety. Intocable comes into kick him and Decnis. Those four all battle, with Scorpio fouling Alan on a leapfrog and Intocable kicking Decnis low. Both cover at the same time, Piero counts for Intocable one two, breaks up that pin, and fast counts three for Scorpio. Yay, crap finishes. 

Teams brawl some more after the match. 

Backstage promo: Mesias, by the numbers. ZORRA is sweeping the nation. This split is so forced. I totally would've still been thinking swerve. Anyway, we pan back to see that the Sect is still with him, quite literally.  

Match 4: Elegido, Gronda II, La Parka Jr. (c), Super Fly vs Cuervo, Escoria (c), Espiritu, Ozz  
Domo de la Feria de Leon, 11/19/07

Winner: Sect
Match Time: 10:28 (4:58+5:30)
Other Match Notes: Entrances. A guy jumps the rail to hug GRONDA. Get that child mental help ASAP. Same girl who mugged Intocable does the same with Elegido. Elegido pulls a girl out of the crowd to dance with for a bit. At least six kids jump the rail to get Parka, and he has to be freed by security to make it to the ring. Why is Scoria the captain all the sudden? No one cares.

Sect jumps tecnicos at the whistle. Hijo de Tirantes is ref and teasing DQs as usual. La Parka Jr. has the big shoulder harness, as usual. Beatdown seems clipped with crowd shots. Gronda and Parka side step dropkicks at about 2:00 to turn it around. We're back to Elegido's backside getting blurred out this week. Super Fly's dive looks better than usual Gronda remains Gronda. Parka works comedy, and one armed comedy at best. He holds his left arm so limp, it's like this amazing thing whenever he actually can use it. Gronda gets Espiritu in a time killing submission while Super Fly and Ozz do spots, Fly getting in a top rope tornillo but Ozz coming back to get the Darketa for the win. The ring's kinda too small for the move unless they start doing it corner to corner (or use the bigger ring), but that's a relative minor issue with that move. Weird to see the Sect go over strong, far after it might have mattered. 

NEXT WEEK: Guerra de Titanes - featuring clips from 300? HUH. The third matches for next week are all previewed, with lots of clips of the main event. Zorro will get beat up a lot! TUNE IN!

Backstage Promo: Zorro rants while Electro and X-Pac stand nearby. Zorro asks X-Pac: "What do you think about Mesias's...ATTITUDE?" X-Pac talks and gets subtitled! He could've used this earlier in his career. X-Pac informs us that Mesias is in fact, NOT the Messiah. This is my favorite part of the show by far. Oh, Konnan's here too. Anyway, they're very upset with Mesias and the Sect. Zorro makes faces behind Konna while he yells at the TV. Konnan is sending Mesias back to Puerto Rico! For a nice vacation on the beach! Maybe not.

Match 6: Mesias vs Zorro vs Cibernetico in a cage match
Domo de la Feria de Leon, 11/19/07

Loser (of absolutely nothing): Mesias
Match Time: 9:49 (5:29+4:20)
Other Match Notes: Announcers work hard and getting people to chat Zorra. Meanwhile, Zorro has a nice chat with a old lady at ringside. I think she's upset about him turning rudo and all, and Zorro apologizes. They're still tightening the cage as he enters it. Mesias is out second. Cibernetico gets six people jumping the rails, and security is actually trying after the first couple cut him off to bow. 

It's immediately everyone for themselves and Zorro knocks down both early. It helps that he brought in the cane. There doesn't appear to be any wasting period, because people try to climbing early. Lots of two men fighting, third man resting and breaking it up early on. Zorro is the first one to reach the top of the cage, but is pulled back down. At 4:00, Cibernetico spears Mesias. Zorro fights off chokeslam and stunner attempts, but Cibernetico gets the chokeslam on his second try. Zorro gets dumped hard on his shoulder, which can't be fun. Mesias pops up, but takes a stunner. Cibernetico starts climbing, and the Sect is out to stomp him with punches. Charly Manson rushes out to get a couple of them, and Chessman is out late to get the rest. Cibernetico crosses over the top, and he's done. This was a bit of a romp for him. Match continues, with the Hell Brothers taking a seat at ringside to watch, and the Sect rooting on their man as AAA works in one more break.

Zorro gets his cane back, but gets kicked low. Announcers interview Cibernetico at ringside, because no one much cares about Mesias and Zorro fighting quite yet. Zorro sneaks in a superkick and starts a slow climb. It takes a couple of efforts, but Mesias pulls him off the cage. Zorro beats Mesias around a bit, but Mesias sneaks in his finisher and starts climbing. X-Pac, Konnan, and Electroshock rush out to lay out the Sect, and to knock Mesias down. HBs sit back and watch. Zorro canes Mesias one more time, and starts climbing the cage - but he can't get any traction on the side of the cage and keeps slipping. They eventually cut away form him looking like a fool, and Zorro makes it over the top with X-Pac's help.

Zorro's music plays, though Cibernetico rants about having won this himself. Cibernetico promo for the crowd, thrilled about his enemies turning against each other and Mesias losing. The title's going around Cibernetico's waist, we're informed. They try to end the show without Mesias getting in a counter point, but of course that can't happen. Mesias lets us know that he's still going to be champ when Guerra de Titanes is over. Legion gets no mic time.