AAA Mini Line - 11/10/07 (#650)
Recapped: 11/12/07

This is part 1 of the Antonio Pena Memorial show. Announcers, including Dr. Morales, spend the opening talking about Pena. They also show an extended but sped up (so it repeats a bunch) version of the AAA open videos with fireworks. Extended enough that we actually see the Reina de Reinas belt, though not anyone holding it. Video includes plenty of Latin Lover, but that's all you're getting of him here.   

The preview for the rest of the show tries to keep the Familia de Tijuana Third Guy a secret, and then shows him doing spots in the match. 

Pena video package. 

Abismo Negro praises Pena for giving chances to the young and talented. He thanks Pena for his career, basically, and gets a bit torn up about it.

Match 1: Billy Boy (c), Cassandro, Fabi Apache, Mini Abismo Negro vs Cinthia Moreno, Mascarita Sagrada 2007, Pimpinela, Super Fly (c) in a lumberjack strap match 
Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, 10/07/07

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 18:06 (8:43+9:23)
Notes: Entrance videos are back to including highlights. Maybe that's only for this setup? It's the big show setup, naturally. Cassandro walks over to talk to the Roldan family on his way to the ring. Billy Boy and Fabi have matching outfits, and Billy brings his Alfa mask. New music, too. Before the second team starts to enter, Gran Apache is helped down the stairs by security. He's still ins wheelchair, and he's got Mari and Marvin. Gran Apache is crushed by Fabi going back to Marvin. Apache stands (and they take away his wheelchair.) He wants to walk over to Fabi, but he can't walk. Look what Billy and Fabi have done to him! Gran Apache teases stepping forever, and falls to the ground,. Billy tries to help him up, but that doesn't go well. Mari ends up shoving Billy and Fabi away and helping Gran Apache up himself. Despite this man collapsing in the aisle, the doctors fail to actually help him. Fabi and Billy try to help him get back in the wheel chair, but he keeps shoving them away. They really should've put a ramp down, because now they have to lift the wheel chair back up the steps. Makes for a less dramatic entrance. Fabi and Billy are devastated. At least they're not arguing. Break.

Cinthia gets her own entrance, despite not having her own music (Oriental's, instead). How odd. She' got her tag belt. They've turned the Air Force helicopter noises into actual music. That's nice. Mascarita Sagrada's video sure features a lot of highlights of the last guy. That makes me think it's a new one - they'd bend over backwards to point out he was the original if he was the original. Hijo de Tirantes, apparently having stolen a hat from Fabian el Gitano, is your ref. As promised (though we're still not sure why), this is a lumberjack strap match. The minis are the lumberjacks - we can account for Octagoncito, Mascarita Divina, La Parkita, Mini Chessman, Mini Histeria, and Mini Charly Manson. Mini Chessman is holding in his right arm like he did something quite unfun to his shoulder in the opener we haven't seen. Doesn't seem to lave anyone to be Mascarita here. I dunno. Another break.

Opener starts THIRTY NINE MINUTES into the show. So I wrote all that about stuff before the match, and I'm not going to write nearly as much about the match, how hypocritical. Cassandro takes a  dropkick off the top rope to the floor, and the minis are passionate about killing him with straps. The rest of the rudos have to fight them off to save Cassandro, including Octagon doing martial arts poses. Billy works with Cinthia and gets sent out, and the minis are on him like rabid bees! Billy tries to slide in but slides all the way thru a corner and out the other side to get killed more. Cassandro nearly goes out on a Cinthia headscissors, but carefully stops short and stands up on the apron. Fabi takes a Cinthia backdrop to the floor, and stops selling to stop from prevent death by mini's straps. Cinthia does her dive fake despite Fabi not being near the spot. That's the problem with this stipulation - no one can do dives. Mini Abismo/Mascarita was next. Announcers started burying Latin Lover. This Sagrada wrestles like the last one, but he's unsteady on the ropes. Fabi and Super Fly is a lot of Super Fly leaping before Fabi doesn't get too high on a leapfrog and Super Fly accidentally takes out her knee. Billy takes over for her, and ends up getting dropkicked out. He backs off the minis, so Super Fly can do his purposeful tope con giro roll to the floor and then backdrop Billy into the crowd. Cassandro gets tossed out while working with Pimpi, and Pimpi has her way with Mini Abismo Negro. Sagrado comes back in, and Mini Abismo tosses him around by his mask as the rudos start the beatdown. All of the tecnicos try to fall down on the apron not to be killed by the belts. Break.   

Usual beatdown. Cassandro stomps Pimpi out of the ring, and when she gets attacked, she grabs a security person to use as a shield. Super Fly handsprings over a double clothesline to start the comeback. You can tell the belts are messing with everyone, because Sagrada sends Abismo out and sets up for a dive, except Abismo hangs on to the bottom rope so he doesn't get  hit by the belts. Back to one one ones and near fall wacky submissions - Cinthia and Fabi a really good at this. Cinthia gets the farmer's roll, but Cassandro breaks it up to do her own holds. Super Fly makes the save and is more suplexy. Billy saves for Cassandro, Sagrada saves from Super Fly and gets an arm scissors submission of all things. Mini Abismo comes in to makes the save, and quickly spears he post. Divina starts to strap him, but Abismo begs off. Cassandro sends Pimp out, and now the minis giving space for dives - Pimpi plancha, Cinthia planchas, Super Fly handsprings moonsault, Billy Boy tope, Fabi Asai Moonsault. No dive by Sagrada? Hijo de Tirantes quickly counts out all everyone, but Cassandro and Super Fly beat the count. Cassandro lands a missile dropkicks, and sets up Super Fly on the top rope - top rope bodyscissors cradle one two THREE! Wow. I wasn't expecting Super Fly to take pin, but it was quite a move. Lumberjack minis bolt to the back for whatever reason. BREAK.

Cibernetico, much more in character than Abismo was, thanks Abismo Negro.

Welcome back to the post game of the opener, now going into it's fifth segment. Everyone on both teams shakes hands. After everyone else leaves, Cassandro and Pimpi try to corner Hijo de Tirantes. They pull a camera over so they can give him a kiss at the same time, and then start dancing as Hijo de Tirantes heads to the back. ON the way out, he's passed by people on the way in - Nygma and Polvo de Estrellas look close to the same, but Jessy looks unrecognizable and I don't think we've seen Yuriko before. Anyway, the Night Queens destroy Pimpi and Cassandro to Cher music, which seems right, though they seem to be more punk exoticos than flamboyant ones. Security tries to break it up and gets laid out, including one guy taking a chair shot to the head. After we watch cut away to replays of the back, Pimpi and Cassandro are being helped to the back. Pimpi is bleeding, though we never really saw how. Break.

Vignette: Arturo Rivera attempts to interview Halloween. Halloween would prefer to interview himself. Who's the surprise? The surprise is Halloween's good buddy, Xtreme Tiger. That was last week, Halloween! Cheater. Tiger attempts to explain why he turned, but he talks very quietly for the ten seconds he does talk, and I'm distracted by AAA spelling his name X-Treme Tiger this week. I really hate AAA. Tiger breaks a light tube for a dramatic exit, but Arturo keeps pursuing him to ask questions and Tiger has nothing much left to see. Arturo says "millianario", that's a slight give away.

Vignette: Juvi yells a lot into the microphone, and attempts to storm off. Hey, now he's ripping off his shirt in backstage interviews. Crazy and Lider get their turns to yell. Juvi walks right up in front of the camera to scream.   

Match 2: Extreme Tiger, Halloween, Nicho vs Crazy Boy, Joe Lider, Juventud Guerrera in an extreme match
Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, 10/07/07

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 15:37 (4:46+10:51)
Other Match Notes: MPs have the tag belts and confetti. FdT are still short a third man. Is it Hogan? I don't think it's Hogan. Halloween introduces one more star - the millionaire de Tijuana, Nicho. Nicho appears standing on top of the giant screen, on top of the frame. He starts to cut a promo, and then drops the microphone - did it not work? Anyway, while Nicho stands and poses and yells where no one can hear him...his boys get laid out by the Mexican Powers. Perhaps this was not the best strategy. Juvi stands around on the sage, waiting for Nicho to finally climb down, and Nicho manages to jump on him from behind when he does. Not a suplex on the stage.

Improbably, Mexican Powers get control. It's spot your turn spot the ole way. Nicho takes a crazy over the top rope bump thru a wood panel. Halloween swings a chair at Crazy Boy while in the crowd, and the two of them brawl on the first deck for a while. Halloween needs help getting up to the first deck from fans, and almost falls over the balcony (and to certain major injury) when he loses his balance. AAA tries to clip it out, and they find more of the crowd to brawl into. Camera sticks with those two, even though most of what they're doing is walking around. They at least can follow them this time, better than most. Juvi and Psicosis brawl around and in the ring, while Xtreme Tiger and Joe Lider doesn't seem to do much. Fine for them if no one's paying attention. Halloween and Crazy end up back on the entrance, and Halloween climbs up on the rigging to do a dive from there, though he doesn't seem comfortable with the footing. Halloween doe a fine enough job of catching him. IN the ring, Juvi takes a reverse DDT thru a couple of set up chairs and sells it big. Lider gives Extreme Tiger a fireman's carry faceslam thru a wood panel and seems to take the worst of it. Juvi knocks a chair into a chair into Nicho. Halloween returns, and gets Juvi in the side with a light tube. Those things explode fast. Meanwhile, Crazy Boy sets a wood panel on fire. Crowd shot - well, definite clip here, because the table's' not longer on fire and everyone's very obviously trying to get in to position for some spot. I think the fire just went out too quick. Halloween goes to rest it while Crazy and Nicho battle on the top rope nearby. "Battle" is much too strong of word. Nicho gives Crazy a "rana" into the fire table, though the table is out as Crazy hits it and it's the worst 'rana ever (Nicho holding onto the ring to not take a bump along with Crazy.) Can we get a finish already? Halloween grabs Lider, walks him all the way over to the first deck, somehow sets him up on two tables (which are already set up) and gets him to stay there, then climbs up to the first deck (again needing help to get there) and jumps off some speakers to splash Lider thru two tables. In the ring, Nicho climbs the top of a ladder (held by Copetes) and gives Juvi a senton con giro with chair. Nicho makes a messy cover, but that's good enough.

Post match people being stretchered out, talking to the announcers, blah blah blah. 

Intocable talks briefly about Antonio Pena. I think Jesus Z spends much longer setting up what he has to say than how long Intocable actually gets to talk. 

Match 3: Abismo Negro, Electro Shock, Zorro vs Chessman, Cibernetico, Intocable in a domed cage match
Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, 10/07/07

Winner: Zorro
Match Time: 18:05 (5:41+8:17+4:07)
Other Match Notes: Abismo kisses the Pena urn on the way around ringside. Abismo introduces Zorro as the newest rudo. Zorro and Abismo do the Mesias catchphrase, so he's next out. HE HAS THE BELT. I was worried they lost it already. Does Mesias not own street clothes? We did see him walking around outside in his gear that one time, maybe. Mesias sadly informs us that he can not wrestle tonight. Mesias promises a replacement of the highest level. Mesias introduces Electroshock. Mesias is a LIAR. Electroshock looks Well. BREAK.

Intocable has his Intocable dance team. This show takes forever because everyone's got a five minute entrance. They have to circle the whole ring to high five everyone, talk with the announcers some, and cut a promo. Intocable takes of his pull-away pants to show his trunks. His dancers start to take off their pants but moon the crowd instead. Random Mexican Celebrity pretends to be a fan who jumped the rail but reveals himself to be Random Mexican Celebrity. I guess that's who it is, anyway. Chessman, in fact, does not get the last entrance. Cibernetico stops to cut a promo on Mesias and Antonio Pena. Mesias is waiting outside the door, and those two shove before Cibernetico goes in. The fight starts immediately after Cibernetico gets in the cage, though we don't get an opening whistle. The ring is filled with weapons and such, of course.

Rudos control, and Mesias is healthy enough to get in shots from the outside. Chessman gets backdropped into a ladder, and that's the end of that ladder. Abismo tries to fix it, but it's dead. SO he just drops it on Intocable. Good enough. Cibernetico's held for Zorro to mess with some. Intocable tries to sneak out, but Abismo cuts him off, and starts going on his own. Chessman stops him, and gives him a Rock Bottom off the top rope. Rudos remain in control mostly thru the first break.

Tecnicos get short comebacks, but it remains mostly rudo controlled. They cut away form Abismo delivering his finisher on Intocable, and I don't know if that means Abismo blew it or they weren't paying attention. Zorro climbs out first, but has a heck of time trying to get on top. Everyone else is right behind him, but they get stopped. Cibernetico tries to go thru the rails right next to Zorro, and Zorro lets it happen while he gets himself set with his cane for the next spot. Zorro and Cibernetico very slowly get themselves in position fight on top of the cage, but you can tell Cibernetico's really not feeling comfortable up there. He forces Zorro back into the cage, sorta. "Forces" is too strong. Cibernetico slowly climbs down the cage, leaving his partners behind. Mesias blindsides him with the belt as he climbs down and the Dark Family run out just to stomp Cibernetico. That seems like a lot. Zorro plays dead while other the other four in the ring take turns doing stuff - Intocable gets burned by Abismo (when Abismo was going for Chessman, Chessman spears Abismo, Electroshock gives Chessman a neckbreaker that takes forever to get on. Electro's the only one standing, so he climbs out. Meanwhile, Charly turns up to help Cibernetico make a 2 on 4 comeback. They're on the stage by this point, far away from Mesias. Abismo uses Intocable as a boost to get climbing on the cage, and climbs all the way out. BREAK.

Intocable dropkicking Zorro and starts climbing himself. Zorro tries to climbing after him, but Chessman pulls him down and those two fight. Intocable has a clear path out. He does a dance move on top of the cage. Chessman has Zorro down, but appears to be setting up furniture rather than escaping. Meanwhile, Psicosis II and Histeria are attacking Cibernetico, but Charly helps there too. Intocable climbs around the cage instead of down, and then goes very slowly down. I guess he was avoiding the Vipers and other rudos? Zorro dominates Chessman, Chessman powerslams him. Looks like Chessman set up wood panel leaning in the corner, so we're killing time till that spear spot. Abismo Negro has similar issues getting down, and ends up standing on the cage watching the match. Ah, Zorro is going to wet the table with gasoline. I bet that's why Abismo and his can of fire is still around. Chessman attacks him and gasolines the table himself. Chessman sets up to powerbomb Zorro thru the wood panel, and Abismo thinks right before his partner is about to be killed is a wise time to light the table on fire. Shockingly, Zorro fights out, Chessman goes for a spear, Zorro moves, and Chessman goes thru another table again. I'm all in favor of the insta-extinguished fires, the more I think about it. Chessman rolls around in agony, but still manages to grab Zorro as he tries to climb up. On the outside, the rudos have finally realized they are many, and the tecnicos are three, so they can win this. Abismo Negro spots for Zorro as he climbs up the cage, though Zorro once again has a heck of a time climbing up. He manages to win. 

Abismo tries to burn Cibernetico. He gets the flame so it's close enough to make him hot and annoy him, but doesn't move any closer to burn him. The Foreign Legion, including Scott Hall, wander out to stomp Cibernetico. Hey, way to give away next week's surprise.