this week’s GdR lineup

12/08 Mexico: Fabian el Gitano, Mascara Purpura, Metro II b Arkangel, Hooligan, Loco Max
12/10 Coliseo: Alex Koslov, Eclipse, Sangre Azteca b Felino, La Mascara, Mictlan
unmasked: Mr. Mexico

CMLL 12/15 Results

CMLL (FRI) 12/15 Arena Mexico Results [superluchas, ova]
1) Flash, Super Nova DQ Artillero, Super Comando
2) Dark Angel, Marcela, Sahori b Amapola, Hiroka, Princesa Sujei
3) Dos Caras Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr., Rey Bucanero b Eclipse, LA Park, Olimpico
4) Mistico, Ultimo Dragon, Volador Jr. b Averno, Efesto, Mephisto
5) Atlantis, Tarzan Boy, Ultimo Guerrero b Damian 666, Halloween, Hector Garza [CMLL TRIOS]
6) Shocker, Universo 2000 b Kenzo Suzuki, Marco Corleone [hair]

In the final fall of the main, Universo beat Kenzo, Marco beat Universo, but Universo came back to foul Marco, who was then pinned by Shocker for the win. Ovaciones points out the match was much longer than the 5 minutes Kenzo has vowed; Ocampo has it at 22 minutes, longest of the night.

Not much said about the semimain. It was the shortest match of the night. indicates we’re not done with Guerreros/Perros title matches yet. When do the tecnicos get a shot at the belts?

Ovaciones has a challenge being made after the fourth match (the second longest of the evening, at 18 minutes) by the tecnicos, but apparently the wrong belt. clears it up: Volador wants a shot at Averno’s CMLL Middleweight Championship, and will get it next week. That could be quite good. FWIW, CMLL’s preview has Volador a big favorite (and you know, they might be right.)

Amapola hurt her hip in the main event. Tecnicos won the opener when Artillero pulled Super Nova’s mask.

Lineups for next week’s DF shows are up on Of note, we’re short one match on next Sunday’s Coliseo show (which will actually be on Monday), and the main event of Arena Mexico are the trios champs versus a top tecnico team – Wagner/Dos/Rey – in a non title match. Maybe they will get a shot soon?

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12/15 CMLL PPV

CMLL (FRI) 12/15 Arena Mexico

1) Flash, Super Nova vs Artillero, Super Comando

2) Dark Angel, Marcela, Sahori vs Amapola, Hiroka, Princesa Sujei

3) Dos Caras Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr., Rey Bucanero vs Eclipse, LA Park, Olimpico

4) Mistico, Ultimo Dragon, Volador Jr. vs Averno, Efesto, Mephisto

5) Atlantis, Tarzan Boy, Ultimo Guerrero vs Damian 666, Halloween, Hector Garza [CMLL TRIOS]

6) Shocker, Universo 2000 vs Kenzo Suzuki, Marco Corleone [hair]

What I need are big belt and hair graphics, I think.

So this is your PPV lineup. With just as obvious main event outcome – Mexicans always beat the foreigners – and almost the same semi event, this show lacks a bit of drama. Quick thoughts

1: This is Flash’s debut in Arena Mexico (at least under that name), and they’ve made a point of bringing it up. It’d have a chance at being a show stealer, but I can’t imagine it getting much time. (Pick: tecnicos)

2: The women should get a little more time than last time thru, but I don’t expect much more to come of it. If they’re actually going to go with Dark Angel vs Hiroka (which, the more think about it, even as over Dark Angel is, that’s still a foreigner vs foreigner feud and might be a tough sell – I’m just trying to think of reasons why they haven’t) in ’07, they may want to hint that way already. No Lady Apache, so this has a total disconnect from the Sunday title match. (Pick: tecnicas)

3: It’s the Get A Whole Bunch Of Names On The Card match. Yay for paydays. Technically, it’s people versus their theortical arch rivals: Wagner/Park works, Rey/Olimpico and Eclipse/Dos only do so in theory (Pick: rudos, I guess.)

4: I love Averno & Mephisto. I dislike HSN Safari, so of course he’s Efesto and partners with Averno & Mephisto. Life is unfair. Hopefully he listens to his not-brother Ultimo and brings it to a new level. I think this match will go the longest of the night (though with 6 matches, I’m betting none go over 16 minutes), because it seems like one that – without Dragon – will be repeated in spot shows for a while next year. Efesto’s gotta get the win in his first night as a new man.

5: You know, if it was Mr. Aguila instead of Garza, it’d be a step down in star power but a lot more believable a win and would make me like the idea of a title change that much more – it’d be neat to have trios champions who actually have trios matches outside of the rare title program. It seems as though the Perros are due a win back already – the Guerreros have pretty much rolled over them the whole year – so I’m expecting title change. It’s not a big deal, because these belts still have no momentum. How they work the match is more interesting than the finish – they’ve been trying to do the Guerreros as the Home Team Tecnicos in this encounters, and the fans are more on the Perros side. Maybe they’ll catch up?

6: My guess Universo/Corelone will be downplayed, and I don’t think we’re going to see much publicly between them. I’m guessing both of them will be eliminated going into the finish, Marco will sneak back in to low blow Shocker, and Universo will sneak back in to Black Hammer Kenzo and put Shocker on top for the win.

There’s another viewpoint here; Chui briefly mentioned it in the comments, and he expands on the “Shocker is MIA” story over on DVDVR. If this is all true, I hope Shocker can get his life together.

This will not be a MOTYC.

I will not be around this evening, so no live PPV updates. I recommend checking the Box Y Lucha forum or other message boards, because someone will surely be posting their own notes. Feel free to discuss the show here in the comments.

I’ll post the results probably late tonight, but there won’t be any GdR lineups until late Saturday.

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AAA 12/15 preview

Tonight’s the last AAA taping of the year.

AAA TV (FRI) 12/15 Plaza de Toros de Chilpancingo
1) Mascarita Divina, Mascarita Sagrada AAA, Octagoncito vs Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Charly Manson, Mini Chessman
2) Rey Cometa & Super Fly vs El Angel & Laredo Kid and Alliens & El Apache and May Flowers & Pimpinela [AAA TAG, qf, torneo]
3) Crazy Boy, Joe Lider, Juventud Guerrera vs Ishimori, Marafuji, Oriental
4) ?, Abismo Negro, Antifaz, Histeria vs Cuervo, Espiritu, Ozz, Scoria
5) Gronda II, La Parka Jr., Octagon vs Charly Manson, Chessman, Cibernetico

No word on the newest Viper. It’s probably either them remembering Kamoa Jr. is in the group or a guy who’s around but not part of a group they’re pushing being plugged in, like when Antifaz joined the Vipers or Hator joined the Guapos. All the ex-Vatos Locos guys are floating around aimlessly at this point, so maybe a Nygma or a Picudo (with the twist that Espiritu is so twisted by Muerte, he’s now okay fighting them).

To follow up Tim’s question, this is the first taping in quite a while with no Konnan/TNA involvement listed. I’ve rethought this main event since it was first announced; the Hell Brothers are always going to end up being rudos when they’re against the likes of Octagon and La Parka, because that’s just how their characters work together, but I think this match is leading to them forming a united front against the Sect. I mean, there’s gotta be some run-ins, so why not Muerte/Dark Family running into attack both teams, leading them to work together and what not.

Or they could just be killing the tecnicos off for good and having the Hell Brothers take their spots.

AAA’s also updated their news section
- Intocable’s putting out a calender; he says it’s for the whole family, but I’m thinking the whole family isn’t buying it (60 pesos, on sale soon!)
- AAA had an end of the year mass/party/dinner on Monday. They had a futbol game as well: rudos 6, tecnicos 3. They story also mentions they had four pinatas – two of Octagon and one of El Elegido. What of the other one?

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12/15: Guadalajara, Neza

Ovaciones has interviews with the major participants on tonight’s Arena Mexico show. Corelone is quoted (which I hope means he’s actually in the country) saying this will be his revenge for that chairshot. Universo feels Corelone and Kenzo’s hair will be a Christmas present. Kenzo vows victory in five minutes! In a Notimex article, Kenzo also says Universo is one of the worst wrestlers in the world. The trios teams talk as well, but don’t say anything.

CMLL (TUE) 12/12 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Results []
1) Virgo b Flama
2) Neon b Valentin Mayo
3) Nube Roja b Depredador
4) El Gallo b Super Maquina
5) Hijo de Pierroth, Mascara Magica, Toxico b Fabian el Gitano, Tigre Blanco, Tigre Metalico
6) Dos Caras Jr., Hijo de Lizmark DQ Mascara Magica, Universo 2000

CMLL (SUN) 12/10 Arena Neza Results [thegladiatores]
1) Red Bull b Cosmotron
2) Angel Perverso, Rey Mariscal b Cyberman, Goku
3) Lady Apache, Marcela b Medusa, Sahori
4) La Mascara b Misterioso II [MEX WELTER]
5) Shocker, Starman b Black Warrior, Tarzan Boy

Yes, Starman in the main event. Dos Caras Jr. was MIA.

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Sangre and Alex are what?

Sangre Azteca on his relationship with Alex Koslov – this week’s GdR.

This bit really justifies all the other pointless post match interviews. Hearing Magadan isn’t as fun as seeing him.

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12/14: Coliseo, Monterrey


CMLL (TUE) 12/12 Arena Coliseo Results [cmll]
1) Polvora, Vaquero b Espiritu, Karisma
2) Danger, Molotov, Sensei b Caligula, Mesala, Zayco
3) Apocalipsis, Hooligan, Ramstein b Texano Jr., Tony Rivera, Trueno
4) Alex Koslov, Emilio Charles Jr., Okumura b Mascara Purpura, Mictlan, Sagrado
5) Halloween, Hector Garza, Mr. Aguila b Blue Panther, Shocker, Volador Jr.

Only Universo and Kenzo showed up for the press confrence signing. Wouldn’t it be funny if, say, Marco Corelone didn’t show for the hair match on Friday? Maybe he just couldn’t get back from Italy in time.

indy (SUN) 12/17 Arena Coliseo Monterrey [rfc]
1) Burrito & Mini Burrito vs Ricochet & La Pulga
2) Kalaka & Mixteco vs Hijo de Senor Tormenta & Nacho Libre
3) Dule Poly vs La Bruja [FILL WOMEN]
4) Casanova, Angel del Amor, Black Dragon vs Black Sabath, Potro Jr., Vudu
5) Pancho Tequila vs Enrique Vera vs Humberto Garza Jr. vs Estrella Dorada Jr. [hair, mask]
6) Rayo de Jalisco vs Konnan Big [FILL HEAVY, hair]

Yea, Konnan Big isn’t losing his hair. Aren’t titles great? This thread also remided me what FILL stands for (Federacion Internacional de Lucha Libre)

The wrestlers and referees in Zocalo are trying to form a union.

In Milenio, Sandro Cohen writes about writing the intro to the Lucha Loco book.

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12/13 Lucha Times

AAA on GALA: 2pm Saturday on Saturday. Scorpio Jr. and Super Porky have a singles matches.

GdR: Back on the normal schedule. I’m thinking Henrik gets his Metro match this week. And maybe the confused finish.

FSE: Something’s up with, but there are other ways to the site thru Anyway, the Friday late night airings back for a week, and the new episode – Sangre and his little brother? – is early Monday morning.

CMLL in Mexico has the PPV, so I’m thinking the TV show will be the top 3 matches from the last show. AAA should be at GdT – maybe they’ll be splitting it up over two shows? They’ve been doing that with the big shows. Perhaps they’ll use some of the filler time to explain their wacky tournament.

on newest look

This post contains zero lucha libre content. You’ve been warned.

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12/13: Guadalajara, IWRG, Toryumon, 12/15 on PPV

CMLL (SUN) 12/10 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Results
1) Estrella de Jalisco, Exterminador b Destroyer, Fraile de la Muerte
2) Infierno, Magnum, Mr. Trueno b Golden, Idolo, Metal Blanco
3) Metatron DDQ Rey Trueno
4) Fabian el Gitano, Tigre Blanco, Tigre Metalico b Angel Blanco Jr., Hijo de Pierroth, Toxico
5) Averno, Mephisto, Ultimo Guerrero b Dr. Wagner Jr., Gallo, Rey Bucanero

Two Mr. Trueno’s interfered in the tercera – one was Magnum under the mask to cause confusion – and the whole midcard locker room ended up in the ring by the end. This sets up a cage of death match with Magnum, Infierno, Mr. Trueno, Rey Trueno, Golden, Metatron, Idolo and Metal Blanco for this Sunday. Gallo replaced Hijo de Lizmark in the main.

IWRG (SUN) 12/10 Arena Naucalpan Results
1) Black Stone b Golem
2) Black Terry, Dr. Karonte Jr., Supremo Jr. b Ave Fenix, Black Terry, Puma King
3) Astro Boy, Dr. Cerebro, Leono DQ Camorra, Cyborg, Xibalba
4) Mascara Ano 2000 Jr., Nitro, Veneno b Felino, Suicida, Tony Rivera
5) Mistico, Mr. Niebla, Sagrado DQ Cerebro Negro, Okumura, Olimpico

They are running Thursdays, this week and next.

Toryumon Mexico (SUN) 12/13 Arena Coliseo Results [mundodehoy, dgusa]
1) Negro Navarro, Arkangel b Astro Boy, Hiromi Horiguchi
2) Mima Shimoda b Amapola
3) Kota Iibushi & Camorra b Rascal Matsuzaki and Oscar Hanaoka and Brian Lee and Dr. Karonte Jr. and Super Nova and Mischa [ciber, Young Dragon Cup]
4) Brazo de Oro, Brazo de Platino, Passion Hasegawa b Hajime Ohara, Alex Koslov, Kenzo Suzuki
5) Ibushi Kota b Camorra [Young Dragon Cup, final]
6) Ultimo Dragon, Kazuchika Okada, Rey Bucanero b Ultimo Guerrero, Okumura, Hirooki Goto

The big Contract Signing for Friday’s hair match is today, according to Ovaciones. Somehow, Kenzo has already signed, but Marco, Pierroth and Universo will sign the contract today. Guess Kenzo has a booking he can’t get back from. Efesto will also debut at the press conference, and the Perros and the Guerreros will be there to argue about their title match.

The 12/15 show will be on PPV, according to Ovaciones, which means no matches from it will air Saturday, which means the stuff that was supposed to air this past Friday will air Saturday. I tend to believe they planned this out in advance.

Ovaciones also says the 12/15 AAA taping is the last of their year. Whatever the AAA TAG tournament is, it’ll definitely stretch till next year.

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