09/01: Guadalajara, Mexico preview

There are rumors going the lucha boards around that Shocker’s jumped back to CMLL to redebut on 09/17. I have less than full confidence of this.

Actually, the better random lucha boast post is the one where someone did one of those Chuck Norris bits, but replaced Chuck Norris with Universo 2000. GENIUS.

CMLL (TUE) 08/29 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Results
1) Milenio b Thunder Boy
2) Destroyer b Estrella de Jalisco
3) Carlo Roggi b Mr. Trueno
4) India Sioux, Marcela b Hiroka, La Nazi
Marcela pinned Hiroka and challenged her for a title match (for the 400th time this month)
5) Angel Blanco, Super Maquina b Maximo, Satanico
6) Dr. Wagner Jr., Hijo de Lizmark, Metro II b Ohara, Okumura, Terrible

Mistico gets another shot of NWA Middleweight Championship on Monday in Puebla.

If you’re in Hidalgo, Texas this Saturday, Konnan’s signing autographs. Don’t tell him the article says he’s a “former” lucha libre star. (Thanks to mikeinformer)

Luchas 2000 Special 13 is about myths and legends.

Tonight’s the second part of the Leyenda de Plata.

CMLL (FRI) 09/01 Arena Mexico
1) Tigre Blanco, Tigre Metalico vs Artillero, Super Comando
2) Felino, Maximo, Metro II vs Mephisto, Misterioso II, Sangre Azteca
3) Blue Panther, Hijo de Lizmark, La Mascara vs Kenzo Suzuki, Pierroth, Universo 2000
4) Mistico vs Negro Casas and Sagrado and Volador Jr. and Atlantis and Mr. Aguila and Averno and Alex Koslov [ciber, LdP, sf]
5) Dr. Wagner Jr., Heavy Metal, Rey Bucanero vs Hector Garza, Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Terrible

The only thing that matters here is the cibernetico. (Though it’s worth noting we haven’t gotten the promised annoucement about the Anniversary card.) I strenously disagree with Robert’s notion earlier this week that we’re about to get a Negro Casas power play here. It’s totally going to be Mistico as the winner, and if it’s not, I’ll plug Robert’s new blog every day for a week.

Speaking of: Robert Bihari is reposting his reviews over at luchareviews.blogspot.com. Right now, it’s only stuff you’ve may seen elsewhere, but arranged a bit nicer. More stuff is on the way.

Backtracking for a second, this is what seems set up for the month

09/01: Leyenda de Plata, Block B
09/08: Leyenda de Plata final (which means if the final leads directly to the Anniversay main event, they can’t actually announce it till here)
09/15: buffer week to build Anniversary match (though it’s mexican independence Eve, so I’m suspecting a title match somewhere this weekend)
09/22: Anniversary main event
09/29: first appearance of guy who lost his mask at the anniversary show

08/31: Coliseo, Neza

CMLL (TUE) 08/29 Arena Coliseo Results
1) Polvora, Vaquero b Sombra de Plata, Super Nova
2) Sensei, Texano Jr., Trueno b Apocalipsis, Ramstein, Zayco
3) Canek Jr., Dr. X, Hooligan b Pantera, Stuka Jr., Tony Rivera
4) Felino, Lizmark, Virus b Alex Koslov, Hijo de Pierroth, Hombre Sin Nombre
5) Dos Caras Jr., Heavy Metal, Rey Bucanero DQ Averno, Mephisto, Ultimo Guerrero
Averno fouled Heavy Metal. I wonder if Averno could get a great match out of him.

IWRG (SUN) 08/27 Arena Neza Results [KrisZ]
1) Bacteria, Cyborg b King Cobra, Platino
2) Ave Fenix, Cibelius, Kid Tiger b Chaco Mool, Francotirador, Hijo del Gran Markus
3) Hombre Arana, Suicida, Texano Jr. b Hijo del Diablo, Pierroth II, Puma
4) Mistico, Pantera, Sagrado b Black Warrior, Cerebro Negro, Misterioso II

16 days since AAA bothered to update it’s site. Maybe Pena was doing it himself and it was stressing him out. I know HTML makes me angry sometimes.

The Vampiro interview on Figure Four Daily is worth your $0.99.

Lucha Times

Saturday/Sunday: The 07/28 taping from Madero. Tuco said it was just okay, Robert said – I don’t remember what Robert said. If only I didn’t have to navigate thru a thread to figure such things out.

CMLL Velocity & Heat: Matches from Arena Coliseo! I’m still lost to figuring out which goes where, and there’s not two ‘main event’ matches to split here. Looks like FSE’s show moved back a couple hours this week. (Yay for DVRs.)

08/30: Guadalajara, IWRG notes

Mistico thrown like a dart (magazinecmll)

Haven’t seen Tuesday Coliseo results yet.

CMLL (SUN) 08/27 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Results
1) Metal Blanco, Metatron b Fraile de la Muerte, Valentin Mayo
2) Depredador, Destroyer, Infierno b Antrax, Idolo, Lider
Depredador fouled Antrax and got the pin; Antrax demanded a hair match for next week, and will get it.
3) India Sioux, Marcela b Hiroka, La Nazi
Marcela pinned Hiroka clean with a German, setting up a title match for next week.
4) Gallo, Maximo, Satanico b Angel Blanco Jr., Ohara, Okumura
5) Dr. Wagner Jr., Metro II, Rayman b Cien Caras Jr., Mephisto, Terrible

Sunday’s card is reshuffled compared to what was in Box Y Lucha.

CMLL (SUN) 09/03 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Results
1) Estrella de Jalisco, Golden vs Flama, Imposter
2) Sahori, Silueta vs Atenea, Medusa
3) Gallo, Lider, Mascara Purpura vs Hombre Sin Nombre, Malefico, Mr. Trueno
4) Marcela vs Hiroka [CMLL WOMEN]
5) Hijo de Lizmark, Lizmark, Volador Jr. vs Mascara Ano 2000, Misterioso II, Universo 2000
6) Antrax vs Depredador [hair]

IWRG invaded Ovaciones’ offices yesterday. It was a bloodless takeover, except for that thing with the Head Hunters. The Futbol Nacional section will be renamed “Stuff about Veneno”, and the Futbol Internacional section will be renamed “More Stuff about Veneno.”

Anyway, the article’s a puff piece about IWRG getting big – or at least bigger than it was. They claim to be running in 7 states, though the big shows are still Naucalpan and Neza. Neza’s shows might be shifted to a Friday/Sunday schedule. They’re in talks to co-promote with Dragon Gate in Mexico in 2007. Their school, their TV show, and their wrestling recap TV show are all doing fine. The article states IWRG has 85 wrestlers contracted to it and another 45 outsiders who work there; that’s huge but not implausible in Mexico.

DGUSA has the lineup for the next Toryumon Mexico show

Toryumon Mexico (SUN) 09/10 Arena Coliseo Lineup
1) Negro Navarro, Arkangel de la Muerte vs Skayde, Brian Lee
2) Mima Shimoda, Hiroka vs India Sioux, Marcela
3) Kazuchika Okada, Rascal Matsuzaki, Oscar Hanaoka vs Joe E. Slick, Ashlam, Rip Impact
4) Hiromi Horiguchi, Okumura, Masada vs Brazo de Oro, Brazo de Platino, Passion Hasegawa
5) Hajime Ohara vs Hijo de Fantasma [NWA WELTER]
6) Ultimo Dragon, Mistico, Negro Casas vs Mark Jindrak, Alex Koslov, Kenzo Suzuki

That’s a new Brian Lee.

CMLL (WED) 08/30 Tuxtepec, Oaxaca Lineup
3) Dark Angel & Lady Apache ve Princesa Sujei, Hiroka
4) Mini Olimpico vs Mini Damian 666 [CMLL MINI]

I’d presume Mini Olimpico takes it here; if he does, it’d be the first year with two known* successful defenses since 1997. (Of course, there’s more we don’t know about.)

Artillero & Super Comando retained the Queretaro tag team titles over Ozuno & Sombra de Plata on Sunday.

Guerreros del Ring 47 takes you right into Satanico’s eyes.

I don’t know if this Blue Demon Jr. site is new or if I just forget it existed for a while, but someone posted a link to it, so I guess I might as well.

08/29: Puebla, AULL

That’s a cover of some promotional materials they were using at the CMLL/Warner Brothers announcement thingy last week (I think.) I see LA Park and Ultimo Guerrero there, so I’m starting to doubt that list. Also, there’s a guy in Pierroth’s pants who appears to be jumping, so we’ve obviously left the realm of reality.

AULL (WED) 08/23 Arena Lopez Mateos Results [el pancracio]
1) Black Jaguar II, Heavy Boy b Black Fighter, Epidemia
El Pancracio has an extensive recap of this match, in case you’re a huge fan of Black Jaguar II
2) Ojo de Tigre I, Ojo de Tigre II, Ojo de Tigre Jr. b King Cobra, Misterio, Psicopata
3) Juan El Ranchero, Ogun, Rocky Santana b Krimen, Sadico, Sepulturero
4) Luna Magica, Marcela, Sahori b La Nazi, Medusa, Rosa Negra
Marcela seemed hurt after the match, after a La Nazi powerbomb.
5) Atlantis, Sangre Azteca, Terrible b Dos Caras Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr., La Mascara
Atlantis pulled Dr. Wagner’s mask and got away with it. Sangre challenged La Mascara to a title match, and it’ll happen tommorow.

CMLL (MON) 08/28 Arena Puebla Results [hugo999]
1) Blue Center, Fenix b Ares, Mr. Rafaga
2) Asturiano, Centella de Oro, SWAT b Espiritu Maligno, Karisma, Siki Osama
3) Batman, Fabian el Gitano, the Tiger DQ Black Terry, Bobby Jack, Fuerza Chicana
4) Alex Koslov, Atlantis, Olimpico b La Mascara, Mascara Purpura, Sagrado
Koslov replaced Tarzan.
5) Hijo de Lizmark, Mistico, Rey Bucanero b Black Warrior, Eclipse, Ultimo Guerrero
Mistico beat Black Warrior

magazinecmll.com is back up, though wasn’t updated when I checked it.

El Pancracio has a long interview with Julio Cesar Rivera, who I know as the host of Guerreros del Ring. People with slightly more of a clue than I will read this interview and find out he’s currently publisher of Luchas 2000, but has worked for CMLL, AAA, PROMELL, Promo Azteca, WCW, Super Luchas and a bunch other things.

According to this article, Arena Neza was bought by a drug cartel in 2002 for money laundering purposes. The previous owners didn’t want to sell, but they were pressured into doing it. (I think it’s ‘was’, at least.) Wasn’t there a long period where shows weren’t being run at Neza? This story is about one of the key figures in the cartel, but perhaps the property was seized earlier on in the case and now someone else owns it? I don’t know.

The MLS’s LA Galaxy’s Hispanic Night is Saturday, with Lucha Libre action.

“I am a huge fan of Lucha Libre, but I am partial to Doctor Maldad,” said President and General Manager Alexi Lalas. “I look forward to an action-packed night in the ring and on the field.”

That is exactly why I would never make Alexi Lalas my GM. Anyway, card looks like
1) Genio vs Mister X & Silver Tiger
2) Infernal vs R2K & Sombra Infernal
3) Super Parka & Mascara Sagrada vs Enigma de Oro & Kayam (w/Dr. Maldad)

You may notice those opening matches don’t make any sense, but, hey, it’s an MLS team doing lucha libre. (Thank to mikeinformer)

Dream Deciphered

Based on today’s release of the 09/03 AAA lineup, I can backtrack and figure out who’s advanced in AAA’s Dream Tournament. (Did we ever find out what the winner gets first winning this tournament? Way to go AAA, for not updating the website.)

Anyway, here’s what I’ve got.

Chiva I----
           |Chiva I----
Paranoica--            |
Kaoma Jr.--            |           |
           |Kaoma Jr.--            |
Super Fly--                        |
Rey Cometa-                        |
           |Rey Cometa-            |
Toxico-----            |           |
Pegaso-----            |           |
           |Apache-----            |-----------
Apache-----                        |
Nemesis----                        |
           |Pesadilla--            |
Pesadilla--            |           |
Laredo Kid-            |
           |Laredo Kid-
Mr. Condor-

Obviously, the first round losers may have been replaced, and there’s no way of knowing it at this point. Based on what Robert’s got for the 08/15 show (the cibernetico for matchups – which were already announced), I’d presume Policeman replaced Toxico in the opening match versus Rey Cometa, but I don’t know for sure.

The semifinals happen on 09/03, and there’s a three way booked for the next big card. I would presume it’s going to be Laredo, Cometa and Kaoma moving on, but that’s because I have no idea who Pesadilla is.

08/28: Coliseo, IWRG, Lineup

CMLL (SUN) 08/27 Arena Coliseo Results [ova]
1) Rayo Tapatio I, Rayo Tapatio II b Polvora, Vaquero
2) Mascara Purpura, Stuka Jr., Virus b Hooligan, Loco Max, Nitro
3) Hombre sin Nombre, Misterioso, Sangre Azteca b Sagrado, Texano Jr., Volador Jr.
4) Heavy Metal, La Mascara, Volador Jr. b Mascara Ano 2000, Pierroth, Universo 2000
Volador filled in for Negro. Since Negro’s now been out for 10 days (yet still somehow gets booked), why didn’t they have a backup here?)
5) Dos Caras Jr., Hijo de Lizmark, Mistico DQ Damian 666, Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Mr. Aguila
Perro low blowed Mistico and pulled his mask. Wash rinse repeat

IWRG (THU) 08/24 Arena Naucalpan Results [iwrg]
1) Golem b Francotirador
2) Platino, Turako b Bacteria, Paramedico
3) Ave Fenix, Kid Tiger, Tony Rivera b Black Jaguar, Black Stone, Cyborg
4) Panterita, Suicida, Texano Jr. DQ Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro, Nitro
Suicida replaced Sagrado. Nitro replaced Cerebros turned on Nitro and beat him up, causing the DQ. Veneno and the Head Hunters made the save.
5) Head Hunter I, Head Hunter II, Nitro, Veneno b Ogun, Pantera, Ramses, Sagrado
Nitro replaced Black Pentagon, Sagrado replaced Negro Casas. Rudos, who appear to be the newest incarnation of the Corporation, were attacked by Cerebros after the match, but 4 on 2 goes to the 4 and the Cerebros were left bleeding.

Super Luchas #176 teases Santo vs Perro and says Rey Misterio Jr. is coming back to Tijuana. Is he working a RAW show now? So confusing.

Box Y Lucha #2781 has a photo from Roberto Rangel’s funeral, and Santo beating Perro Aguayo. Poster is Perro trying to remove the mask, and Chessman delivering a superkick.

Santo posted on the Box Y Lucha board to thank the fans (and mention the cities where he’ll be wrestling this week.)

The Fox Sports Lucha Libre show was cut to 42 minutes because a (replay of a) MLS game went long and they cut out most of the first match to make up for it. No word what aired in Mexico.

- Victor watched Fox Sports lucha show, and AAA on Galavision show.
- Jose @ F4D watched the Fox Sports show.

In this article, Super Astro talks about his giant sandwich, the Gladiador, and how it came to be.

Dark Angel is going to be working in Newfoundland, Canada, for the early part of September.

At Sunday’s Champ Car race driver Paul Tracy was seen parading around in Blue Demon mask and wearing a Quebec flag for a cape. It made sense at the time.

Not for nothing (except I really like typing that this week), it’s been 13 days since AAA’s last updated their website.

Lineup notes
- AAA tapes TV on Sunday (09/03). They’ve got the next round of the Dream Tournament listed.
- The main event of tomorrow’s CMLL Guadalajara show is Dr. Wagner Jr., Hijo de Lizmark, Metro II vs Ohara, Okumura, Terrible, which seems quite weak
- IWRG debuts someone named Dissel (or Diesel); I like how he’s teaming with Nitro.

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problems in publishing

So I think I’m not going to update Monday till late – it’s nearly 2 am and I’m not sure about when I’m sleeping yet is the usual sign – but to hold you over, I present to you (via box y lucha’s forum)

Apparently this poster was posted in Guadalajara? (I guess it could be photoshop, but you’d think they wouldn’t make it that blurry.) And that’s why people were reporting the Blue Panther match last week? And now I’m now I’m going to ignore all card updates – from wherever they come – and not say anything more till the show happens and we have results. For what it’s worth.

08/27: Accion

Accion – Alfonso Morales returns!

CMLL: Perro vs Santo. Tope! Silla! Plancha! Babe Richard got killed on a Perro dropkick, and Santo had no problem kicking him hard and low. That’s three.

AAA: La Parka Jr., Intocable, Octagon vs Shocker, Alan Stone, Scorpio Jr. – these are from the 08/15 tapings, which aired in Mexico today I believe. Octagon got a clean pin on Shocker, Inotcable got a clean one on Alan, and that’s that.

CMLL.com says Perro and Santo have agreed to a mask/hair match in a near future, which doesn’t seem to follow the events of Friday (where they kinad blew off the fued and had Santo ignore Perro’s challenges for such match.) I’m skeptical it’ll happen, or happen in a singles match – the Santo/Mistico vs Perro/Warrior tag match losers advancing into a stakes match seems much more likely.

CMLL.com also says they’ll have a Anniversary card out in the next few days, so we’ll probably know what’s up then.

CMLL’s put up it’s cards for next week, which means we’ve got the second Leyenda de Plata lineup:

- Mistico
- Negro Casas
- Sagrado
- Volador Jr.
- Atlantis
- Mr. Aguila
- Averno
- Alex Koslov

but really, it’s “Mistico and seven other guys with no chance”, because we all know what’s going down here. The preview even builds it at “Mistico versus 3 of his biggest rivals (Atlantis, Averno, Aguila sorta is”); maybe Mistico and Koslov can argue Roman Catholic Christianity versus Orthodox Christianity to make it four versus four.

(And I thought the required religion classes would never be useful!)

The presence of Atlantis in this block clinches that the old idea of “champions defend” has been quietly dropped.

The latest guess on Dr. Morales disappearing act is that he and Magadan may be jumping to AAA. They haven’t turned up on TV yet (and probably wouldn’t for a while, given all the TV AAA has in the can) and Magadan is still on the Arena Coliseo stuff. So I dunno.

Congress Results, 08/27

The big news coming out of the show

- Mistico & Santo are coming in as a team to the Congress Theatre on 09/24. No mention of opponents, ticket prices, start time, anything like that.
- Tarzan Boy has some abdomen injury which kept him from wrestling. He came to the ring, showed his taped ribs to the crowd, apologized for no wrestling, the usual thing.


This time, “6:00 pm” turned out to be doors open time. Ticket situation was a bit crazy; you could either pay $5 for ringside or get in free, but either way, you had to have a ticket. The people keeping the line in order didn’t make it clear enough to everyone, so the people at the door were constantly arguing with people who thought they didn’t need a ticket to get in (and had to find someway to get back thru the mob trying to get to the door and into the mob trying to get to the ticket window.) The topper was the security at the door took your ticket, free or ringside, and left you with no wristband or whatever to indicate you were ringside. Once you got in, you could sit where you wanted, regardless of what you paid; the ringside cost was just a stupid tax.

Naturally, I paid the stupid tax.

Balcony was closed off; there were signs on it signing “broken ring”, which surely means something to someone. They need to get that fixed by September. The lower level ended up being about 80% filled; less than I was expecting for a free show. I think they were trying to make their money back this time on concessions – what was a $1 bottle of water was $3 this time, and other prices went up slightly less crazily.

Pre-show, they had a repeating 15 second commercial for Santo/Mistico on the stage’s big screen. Around 6:30, they introduced a male Mexican singer, who sung 6-7 songs. Reaction was “okay, but where’s the lucha.”

1: Mascara de Jade beat Silueta Azul in straight falls.

If you are either of these two men, please stop reading. This match was quite the opposite of good. My favorite blown spot was the awful backdrop, but there was some competition. Azul was the theoretical tecnico (he threw a stuffed animal to the crowd during his entrance), but Jade was doing more tecnico bits in the match, which led the crowd to cheer for him, which made Silueta Azul very sad. Azul’s (left?) leg got worked on during the match. Post match, he spent three minutes limping around in the ring, begging for some sympathy cheers. No luck. Azul then tried demanding a mask match to get the crowd behind him, and that didn’t work. (Despite this – and because he’s a guy in a cool blue mask at a lucha show with tons of kids – he was besieged with autograph requests when he finally left the ring.)

In between matches, they had someone who’d turn out to be a bandleader come out and do a long monologue. He might have been a comedian, he might have been a storyteller, I have no idea what was going on here. I do remember him telling the crowd they could laugh or applaud, which got them to do it a tiny bit.

2: PATO LOCO and Acero Dorado beat Gringo Loco and Guerrerito del Futuro in three falls

This was a nice surprise; no one but GdF was listed on this card. Gringo Loco not only brought out the tortillos (and stalks of corn) again, but new tights – with the international symbol for no over a Mexican flag on his butt. People would yell at him, he’d show them the crossed out flag on his backside, people will yell at him more. This was great, crowd very much was into booing him.

Match was a rudo showcase; Gringo Loco got in a tope con giro and 450 splash in the first fall to help win it for his team, and then they were taking nice bumps to make the tecnicos look good, even carrying them thru near blown spots. Futuro took the first ever top rope Duck Splash I’ve seen (looks a lot like a Frog Splash), but Loco got pinned when he tried to block a Dorado sunset flip and Crazy Duck pulled his tights down. Third fall was more the tecnicos getting flashy spots (this is where the rudos helped out a bit; this would’ve been a much lesser match with usual rudos) and the tecs getting simultaneous sunset flips for the win. Good match.

BTW, Pato Loco is over. Kids love the duck, and it’s awesome mask. But we were thinking he needs to take it to the next level, and start doing wacky duck-like things in the ring. Quacking on comebacks, waddling around, flapping his wings around on a dive – there’s some untapped potential here. (Pato Loco is also a great example of something that’s awesome live in audience with kids and families but I don’t know if it would play well on TV with a different audience.)

In between matches here, a marichi band played. I was actually going to pay attention to this, maybe, but they let the kids play around in the ring, and watching 60 kids jump around on the ropes and bump into each other is always entertaining. Lots more older kids getting in and fooling around for photos as well.

(Not that it matters much, but the whole thing with kids in the ring was weird the whole show – at parts it was okay, at parts it was not, at parts it wasn’t okay till five seconds later when it was cool. There seemed to be hired security who told people they’d be working till 111, but after this point in the show, they mostly vanished. After allowing the people in the first three matches to be mobbed after they left the ring, the impromptu building security yelled at people if they moved towards a wrestler any time they were out of the ring. Very fluid.)

Anyway, no one much paid attention to the band, and I felt a bit sorry for them. But the wackiness in the ring was quite awesome.

3: SWAT Kat & Lancer 2000 beat Coco Negro & Coco Verde

I think Coco Verde announced he was a new father (son) before the match.) The Payasos still worked rudo and the match was good though it slowed down a bit too much in the third, though I’m failing at remember details. It’s the usual match with these guys, with wacky evil clown bits and dives from the tecnicos and all that good stuff. It seems like SWAT Kat has been working against the Cocos for about a year straight, and they’ve got the match figured by this point. SWAT’s mask got untied during the match, and they teased (or screwed up) pulling it up for the finish, but the Clowns ended up winning by completely legal means in the end.

This reminds me – there was a guy taping the first three matches on a handheld camera, but then morphed into a security type after the paid security seemed to vanish. (I presume the taping was for the wrestlers and not for sale. Didn’t see the DVDs this time either, now that I think of it.) If there was someone taping the main event, I didn’t see it, and they weren’t allowing people to bring video cameras and the like inside.

This was the only match which took place as listed. Should’ve taken the under.

In between THESE matches, they brought out Tarzan Boy (in street clothes) and Blue Panther (in gear and t-shirt) to sell their merchandise and photos. Blue Panther got a lot more business, which sorta surprised me. The t-shirt he was selling looked great (half angry snarling feral Blue Panther, half angry snarling feral blue panther) and he had masks to sell, which Tarzan’s stuff didn’t look nearly as cool. The most attention Tarzan got was from some guy standing ten feet away and heckling him for five minutes straight, for no discernible reason. Tarzan did his best to ignore him, but then the heckler insisted on a “I’m just kidding, we’re good” handshake. Tarzan finally acknowledged the heckler to shake his hand and get him out of there, but the guy went right back to heckling. Overworked impromptu security got the heckler out of there (for a while.)

4: Principe Unlimited, Rayo Lasser, Atlas beat Septiembre Negro Jr., Aguila del America, “Starro”

I’m not sure the name of the giant white man wearing a big star mask and cape which read “Bumpin’ Uglies”, but I’m almost positive he was the guy who puked twice outside the ring. (I was lucky enough to see it, but was told about it and saw the after effects.) That was no cool. This was a lot crowd brawling and less in ring stuff, and I didn’t think it was quite as good as the previous two matches, though it was nice to get an actual trios match here. I believe the rudos took the first fall, the tecs the second, and the rules changed in the third to where everyone had to be eliminated for the fall to end. It came down to Principe Unlimited versus Aguila del America, Unlimted having a rollup, one rudo distracting the ref while the other rudo pulled Principe’s mask. Aguila got the pin, and they did two minutes of teases before overturning it and giving it to the tecnicos. Post match, everyone hit everyone else with a chair and then challenged them to a mask match.

Septiembre Negro Jr. (who, as a rudo, was wearing an Eddie Guerrero RIP shirt – actually, I’m sure we’ll be seeing that on WWE TV real soon) and Principe Unlimited came back to the ring for the single fall five minute mask/mask match, a bit people have done approximately a billion times here in the last two years, and like every single other time, the tecnico pins the rudo within 5 seconds with a sunset flip for a quick three count. Except, they forgot to inform the ref about it, and he had left to the back after the original match ended, so there was no one to make that quick three count. The wrestlers just kinda stayed there for a while, the fans counted, and Septiembre Negro Jr. left. That was funny.

In between these matches – wait, there actually might have no been anything really between these matches! It was past 9:30 at this point, for a show with 4 matches and listed start time of 6:30.

Actually, this is when Tarzan Boy came out, showed off his taped midsection, and introduced his replacement – CK3. I guess it could’ve been Danny Daniels. Apparently, most of this crew is going to LA to work a FMLL show with Santo, but Parka’s heading to Detroit for IWR (opposite CK3.) So, he was available and/or Parka’s ride, I figure.

5: Super Astro & La Parka beat Blue Panther & CK3

This was the usual good La Parka match. Everyone worked their traditional roles here, Panther as rudo and Parka as tecnico. They did a lot of mat stuff with Panther and Astro to start (Astro was wearing his mask) but the fans were really wanting to see La Parka do La Parka stuff. A lot of crowd brawling in the second and more comedy spots in the third (though I may have it in the wrong order; I’m pretty sure the Panther/Parka chop contest was here.) CK3 appeared to be a smart worker here; he realized the fans were here to see the other three and so he sold for their bits and didn’t try to get his stuff in, and he just grabbed a hold and took a break if there was action going on outside the ring, like during a lengthy Parka/Panther crowd brawling segment (where they went around half the building.) Super Astro was impressive for his size and age, and Panther was fun as a rudo and had a group of supporters. Third fall finish was Astro doing a dive on Panther, and Parka nailing CK3 with the top rope corkscrew moonsault.

Most people left after, but they brought back Panther, Astro, and finally Parka for $10 polaroids. Wait was long, but it was cool. I got over there around 10:45-11:00.

It was a long show, but very enjoyable.

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