08/25: WB/CMLL tieup

Ovaciones: CMLL has signed a one year image licensing deal with Warner Brothers. It covers rights for official shirts/jerseys, hats, action figures, games, cartoons and comic books for twenty wrestlers. Wrestlers listed are Mistico, La Mascara, Terrible, Perro Aguayo Jr., Damian 666, Hector Garza, Negro Casas, Averno, Mephisto, Ultimo Dragon, Dr. Wagner Jr., Hijo de Lizmark, Dos Caras Jr., Tarzan Boy, Rey Bucanero, Black Warrior, Sagrado, Mr. Aguila, and Atlantis.

It seems as though this is an attempt to official license CMLL merchandise for (most of) the top stars, so CMLL can push the fans away from the bootleg stuff and towards the items the wrestlers (and the promotion) actually get income from. By licensing it out, CMLL only has to worry about promoting the wrestlers; WB takes care of the merchandise for them. The article states that this is primarily going to be about shirts and action figures (no luck on an AVERNO comic book, I guess.) Masks do not appear included in the agreement; maybe they just figure there’s no chance to compete with the bootlegging there. No mention of financial terms.

Notable omissions from the list: LA Park (independent?), Heavy Metal (independent?), Pierroth, Universo 2000, Canek (independent), Blue Panther, Olimpico, Satanico (they may have preferred younger more colorful guys), Volador Jr., Halloween (independent/injury?), Mr. Niebla (official sign he’s out of the company again?), Terrible (has appeared in commercials so probably has someone already taking care of his image). Santo has his own deal with Cartoon Network. Nacho Libre is a Warner Brothers film, which may partly explain how they got involved here.

The merchandise will start going on sale the second week of September. To promote it, Paco Alonso says the five Friday shows in September will be special events, and the anniversary show (on 09/15) will start early to be a longer show than usual.

Paco Alonso also says they’re in talks with Latin Lover, and Latin wants to join CMLL soon.

Both CMLL.com and NOTIMEX’s preview of tonight’s Arena Mexico card bring up Perro breaking the Leyenda de Plata plaque, which makes me happy. NOTIMEX likes Heavy Metal, Rey Bucanero (“the idol of the ladies” – oh no, he IS John Cena), Ultimo Guerrero and Misterioso II in the match.

AAA still hasn’t updated their site. I can tell you that they’re doing a AAA vs TNA theme for the Verano de Escándalo show. Names have been mentioned, but they’ll change between now and October.

Zumbido appears to be MIA.

WWE is claming their 09/20 Mexico City show (Palacion de los Deportes, ~18,000 seats) sold out in 1 hour 53 minutes. (That doesn’t include pre-sales.) Tickets are still available on the other tour stops in Guadalajara, Tijuana and Monterrey. Speaking of WWE tours, Rey Mysterio collects exotic colognes as he tours around the world. He must have a pretty good system to prevent them from breaking in his suitcase, or that’d be a stinky hobby.

indy (SUN) 08/20 Arena Queretaro Results
1) Luminoso b Stranger
2) Fuira Dorado Jr. b Hombre Sin Rostro
3) El Rebelde & Drabek II & Pantera Gris b Neurosis I & Neurosis II & Star Tron
4) Caligula, Mesala, Macabro b Soberano Jr., Ursus, Polvora
5) Vaquero b Lince [hair]
Lince got hurt in the final fall. They had to stop the match, but Lince shaved his hair anyway.

This Sunday, Queretaro runs a Artillero & Super Comando vs Ozuno & Sombra de Plata match for Artillero & Super Comando’s Queretaro Tag Team championship.

At a CMLL show this week, Mini Damian 666 & Mini Halloween came to the ring looking hurt, and asking the crowd for money to help take care of their injuries. After getting money from some fans, Mini Damian revealed they were actually not hurt, but in fact rich and planning to use this money to buy tacos. (They were beat soundly by the tecnico minis.)

I forgot to do lucha times. I’ll try to fix that later today.

Leyenda de Plata Preview, Block A

The first block of this year’s Leyenda de Plata is tonight. It’s an 8 man ciberentico, with 4 tecnicos and 4 rudos.

Last year, picking winners was easier. It helped that we had a good idea of both groups before hand, and it was a pretty safe guess to pick Atlantis versus a tecnico, given the ongoing storylines. Things aren’t as direct this year. They ought to be moving towards a definite anniversary show main event, but it seems as though there’s a billion possibilities and no locks.

As a guide to you, the inquisitive reader, let’s break down everyone’s chances in Block A.

Why he will win: Metro paying CMLL a truckload of pesos to get their gimmick pushed to the top; perhaps the start of a gigantic Neutron push, rocketing him up the card.
Why he will not win: It’s Metro. It’s Neutron. It’s not happening.
Bottom Line: Setting aside his no chance of winning, he’ll be get in this match and get eliminated first. Once next week’s lineups come out, it’ll be interesting to see which tecnicos got left off. This is the worker’s tournament, so Metro fits in, but he’s easily the low man here.

La Mascara
Why he will win: CMLL is high on him, would turn him into a bigger star even if he didn’t win out the tournament, capable worker, puts him in the role of Mistico’s Understudy.
Why he will not win: Doesn’t currently have a rival in the other block to build towards, less experience than the usual champion, probably over his head here. Volador seems to have moved back ahead of him as Mistico’s Understudy.
Bottom Line: Another guy who has no chance of winning; it’s be a huge upshift in his push for him to even make it to the final three. Best case for him is to set up a rivalary with Misterioso or Mephisto, so he’s doing something with his title belt in Mexico City.

Why he will win: He’s a reigning champion of, uh, something. He’s a potential guy to drop his mask in the short-term, and could be set against Volador or Mistico if they won the other side.
Why he will not win: Tag team guy probably isn’t winning a big singles tournament. Despite the shiny belt, really not considered a top singles guy.
Bottom Line: Only a very outside choice, and it’d mean something is up with him in the near future. I highly doubt it. Should be the first rudo to be eliminated, and likely by something spectacular from La Mascara.

Heavy Metal
Why he will win: Just underneath the top contenders, it wouldn’t be unbelievable to have him win and it’d still springboard him up a bit. Of late, CMLL seems to be loving the guys who’ve jumped from AAA. Family connections, naturally.
Why he will not win: Appears to be running in place in CMLL. Promotion doesn’t seem particularlly behind him, and there’s no logical money match from a Metal win.
Bottom Line: Likely will last a great while but ultimately not win. He’s probably the 7th of the 8 workers in this match, but can/will go depending on the circumstances, and his performance will be interesting here.

Misterioso II
Why he will win: His current death feud with Volador Jr. – who must be in the other block – would be a great final match. They’ve been high on him, with the Gran Alternativa win and loose relationship with Perros del Mal.
Why he will not win: Still a big step up for him, and he’d have to beat some much bigger names than him to make this work. Since he’s won other events, I expect someone else gets to win for a chance.
Bottom Line: A very outside chance. Like La Mascara, it’s more about how long he lasts and if they set up something for him to do after this.

Ultimo Guerrero
Why he will win: He’s ULTIMO GUERRERO. That’s enough.
Why he will not win: Doesn’t really have anything going on; taking a backseat to the other feuds. The assumption here is the Leyenda de Plata directly sets up the anniversary main event, and it’s looking unlikely Ultimo will be involved in that.
Bottom Line: A moderate chance at winning, leaning towards no. If this was after the annivesary show (and they didn’t have something to urgently build), he’d have a much better shot. Ultimo doesn’t seem to be part of big plans at the moment.

Rey Bucanero
Why he will win: I’m not sure if you noticed, but they’re trying to push him as The New Great Tecnico Sensation. They’re trying to set up something with Perro here, and this would be a find avenue to do it.
Why he will not win: The New Great Tecnico Sensation has had mixed results. They may not need this do build up the Perro feud, and Rey may have been aced out of it by Santo.
Bottom Line: A very strong possibility. If they’re going all the way with Rey, he needs to keep beating Ultimo on the road to doing something bigger. It’d be a shock and disappointment if he wasn’t the last remaining tecnico.

Black Warrior
Why he will win: Mistico’s gotta be in the other block, and they’ve been setting up Warrior vs Mistico all year. Even if Mistico isn’t going to win the other block, he’s being prepped for it and could use a big win.
Why he will not win: They’ve got other plans for the annivesary show and Mistico/Warrior is being pushed back to some other date, or they sour on Warrior/Mistico entirely.
Bottom Line: Best bet in the group, though it telegraphs a Mistico win in the other block. Though he’s quite possibly the worst worker in this bunch (which isn’t much a insult when you look at the names), he’s gotta look like a dominant force if we’re to believe he has a chance against the dominant force in all of lucha libre.

Who do you think will win? Who do you think will be the other eight?

Congress Theatre, 08/26

I’ve been neglectful in my duties as “dude who appears to know about lucha in Chicago, but actually knows crap”, and I must make good. This time, I’m basically regurgitating the info from a thread on CPW.

There’s a free show Saturday at Congress Theatre. As usual, ringside is not free – I’d advise you either to get their early to get a good seat, or pay for tickets. (That’s my plan.)

Here’s the card:
1) tba (Silute Azul and others listed as in action)
2) Mini Charlie Manson & Lupillo el Terrible vs Guerrerito del Futuro & El Guerrlillero
3) SWAT Kat & Lancer 2000 vs Coco Negro & Coco Verde
4) Principe Unlimted & Rayo Lasser vs Septiembre Negro Jr., Aguila del America
5) LA Park & Super Astro vs Blue Panther & Tarzan Boy

I’m setting the under/over on matches actually happening as listed at 1.5. (I kid because I care. And it’s funny.)

Here’s the spot where I complain about no trios matches

Here’s the spot where I note the start time is 6 PM and wonder if that means bell time or doors open

Here’s the spot where I ask if anyone else is going, and no one is. ROH is the same night, so I suspect I’ll be the only gringo paying to be in the building. Though – if this was a 6 PM bell time and ran efficiently (ahahahahaha – sorry again) it could wrap by 8. ROH doesn’t start till 7:30 – maybe you could get to Chicago Ridge in time to catch the last half of the show? The show surely won’t be done before midnight, so there’s a chance at some of it if things roll right. I don’t think I’ll be trying this (unless someone else wants to.)

I’m going to lucha instead of ROH because ROH makes money, which I figure to mean I’ll have many more chances to see Danielson and such (though the Colt title match sounds pretty fun) but at some point much sooner, the lucha promoters will tire of losing money and I won’t get a chance to see LA Park or Blue Panther without going to Mexico. It’s all about scarcity, I guess. Or STILL being bitter I missed Santo.

That’s all I got.

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08/24: Coliseo, Guadalajara, Neza

Ovaciones says CMLL will have a tribute to Roberto Rangel Friday in Arena Mexico, and IWRG will do the same tonight in Arena Naucalpan and Arena Neza.

The RXLL card I posted yesterday is apparently wrong. The main event (Waltman/Vamp) is right, Extreme Tiger will be on the card somewhere, Blue Panther/Ron Killings is wrong (sorry Bix; Blue Panther isn’t booked), there will be a six way but maybe not those people, ‘Nic Grimes’ is a new gimmick for an American women who’s been working in Mexico (you should figure this out), so yea that is ROH/SHIMMER’s Lacey, and so on from there. The promotion is still working on the actual card, so even all that is subject to change.

CMLL (TUE) 08/22 Arena Coliseo Results [cmll]
1) Bracito de Oro, Mini Olimpico b Fire, Sombrita
2) Danger, Sensei, Trueno DQ Chamaco Ortiz, Jeque, Ramstein
Chamaco Ortiz is secretly the unmasked Artillero, and replacing Soberano Jr. here. Update: Wait, no, Chamaco Torres is Artillero. Who was this? Jeque pulled Sensei’s mask for the DQ
3) Kronos, Stuka Jr., Texano Jr. b Mr. Mexico, Nitro, Okumura
4) Lizmark, Sagrado, Virus b Pierroth, Soberano Jr., Terrible
Soberano filled in for Emilio.
5) Dos Caras Jr., Heavy Metal, Hijo de Lizmark b Eclipse, Olimpico, Ultimo Guerrero
They build to a big Dos vs Ultimo finish, and then they ended up outside after a dive and Eclipse got pinned by Heavy. It’s seeming like Eclipse job is to job a lot for the crew (and hopefully learn something.)

CMLL (TUE) 08/22 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Results [cmll]
1) Impostor b Thunder Boy
2) Metal Blanco b Exterminador
3) Makabre b Danger (Guadalajara)
4) Leon Blanco b Asesino Negro
5) Satanico, Tony Rivera, Volador Jr. b Malefico, Mascara Magica, Sangre Azteca
6) Rayman b Cien Caras Jr.
Cien Caras Jr. wants a title match. Rayman wants a mask match.
7) Atlantis, Mascara Ano 2000 b Dr. Wagner Jr., Rey Bucanero
Atlantis snuck in a foul on the Doc.

IWRG (THU) 08/17 Arena Neza Results [thegladiator.com]
1) Red Bull b Rey Estruendo
2) Kid Tiger, Sibelius b Carta Brava Jr., Vampiro Metalico
3) Ave Fenix, Platino, Rayo Tapatio I b Chac Mool, Fantasma de la Opera, Xibalva
4) Felino, Pantera, Rayo Tapatio II b Head Hunter I, Head Hunter II, Veneno
go to the recap if you want an intensely bloody picture of Pantera. stabbing = bad!!
5) Felino, Mistico b Atlantis, Ultimo Guerrero

Rudopolis has updated with the last three weeks of lucha TV in Mexico

The only explanation I’ve heard for Dr. Morales disappearance is he’s on vacation.

Blue Demon Jr. has come out against the futbol mask ban. That changes everything.

08/23: Rangel, IWRG, Guadalajara, RXLL

La Cronica and Ovaciones both have articles about Roberto Rangel’s death.

update: CMLL posted a statement on their website


En las primeras horas del martes 22, el r�feri Roberto Rangel y Rangel falleci� en su casa de la Ciudad de M�xico. Sus restos fueron velados en la Funeraria Garc�a L�pez, partiendo el cortejo f�nebre al Pante�n Franc�s, donde ser� sepultado. Descanse en paz en inolvidable G�erito, el Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre se une al dolor que embarga a su familia.

In the first hours of Tuesday 22, r�feri Roberto Rangel and Rangel passed away in his house of the City of Mexico. Their rest were guarded in the Undertaker Garci’a Lopez, starting off the funeral courtship for the French Pantheon, where it will be buried. Rest peacefully in unforgettable G�erito, [CMLL] is united to the pain that obstructs its family.

There was a moment of applause for him at last night’s Arena Coliseo show.

IWRG (THU) 08/17 Arena Naucalpan Lineup
1) Black Stone b Golem
2) Panterita, Platino b Black Jaguar, Ultra Mega
Panterita filled in for Marco Rivera.
3) Lady Apache, Marcela, Princesa Blanca b Hiroka, Medussa, Rosa Negra
After the match, Apache, Marecla, and Blanca challenged Hiroka to a CMLL title match. I hope this is now a running joke. Anyway, Hiroka refused, because there are three of them and one of her, and she only defends her title in singles matches.
4) Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro, Nitro b Fabian el Gitano, Kung Fu Jr., Tony Rivera
5) Dos Caras Jr., Sagrado, Silver King b Damian 666, Mr. Aguila, Terrible
Sagrado replaced Lizmark, Aguila and Terrible replaced Misterioso and Olimpico. Silver King wrestled as Ramses, though there wasn’t an attempt at pretending this was someone new; they’ve got him contiunally listed as “Ramses (Silver King)”. So weird. Finish saw Damian get away with a foul on Dos, but Ramses get away with a foul Damian in turn and get the pin.

This being Silver King and lucha libre, Ramses apparently was wearing a random title belt. (Close up look) I think it’s the old UWA Junior Light Heavyweight title, but I’m not 100% sure. The ‘Championship’ has been inactive since Silver Star bought it, took it to Monterrey, and renamed it (and, oh yea, the UWA died.) I guess he thought his brother was looking sharp with a dead promotion title belt and had to get one of his own.

IWRG (SUN) 08/20 Arena Naucalpan Results
1) Vampiro Metalico b Antaris
2) Halcon Salvaje, Kid Tiger b Carta Brava Jr., Macho II
3) Avisman, Black Terry, Okumura b Gran Cuchillo Jr., Star Boy, Stuka Jr.
Gran Cuchillo replaced Marco Rivera, who must’ve been hurt.
4) Dr. Cerebro, Pierroth Jr., Veneno b Fabian el Gitano, Fantasma Jr., Psicodelico Jr.
Rudos did a lot of mask pulling and got away with it.
5) Heavy Metal, Panterita, Suicida DQ Black Warrior, Cerebro Negro, Fantasma de la Opera
Warrior fouled Metal and got caught.

CMLL (SUN) 08/20 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Results
1) Estrella de Jalisco, Metatron b Mr. Trueno, Rey Trueno
2) Antrax, Evola DQ Danger (Guadalajara), Depredador
Depredador low blowed Antrax and got caught. Antrax challenged him to a stakes match, but was ignored.
3) Gallo b Infierno
4) Satanico, Tony Rivera, Volador Jr. b Angel Blanco Jr., Magnum, Sangre Azteca
5) Idolo b Destroyer [mask]
Since Negro couldn’t make it for his title match versus Toxico, I believe they made good by changing this from a normal singles match to a mask match; it wasn’t announced as a mask match previously. Sucks for Destroyer, who lost his hood here; no info about real name.
6) Dr. Wagner Jr., Rey Bucanero b Atlantis, Ultimo Guerrero

I’ve been saying we shouldn’t bother to start evaluating RXLL – that’s the new promotion with Vampiro – until there was a card announced. We have a card announced.

RXLL (SAT) 09/02 Coliseo Olimpico de la Universidad de Guadalajara [box y lucha, KrisZ]
1) Phoenix Star & Zokre vs Hego Boy I & Hego Boy II
2) X-Fly vs Morivus vs Hego Boy vs Astro Boy vs Thunder vs Danger (Guadalajara)
3) Blue Panther vs Ron Killings
4) Nic Grimes vs Lacey
5) Extreme Tiger vs Mortiz
6) Flash II & ? vs Aaron Aguila & Kaos
7) Vampiro vs Sean Waltman

- Yes, really, Blue Panther versus Ron Killings. Then again, who do you have Panther face? He’s a great mat wrestler, and there’s no one else to work his style here. More over, the concept of promotion seems to be the opposite of what he brings to the table. I’d like to see him (and may this weekend), but I’m not sure of this promotion booking him.
- The word is Blue Panther, like LA Park and probably others, is an independent and books his own schedule. Still, I wonder how happy CMLL’s going to be with anyone wrestling for Vamp’s promotion. More so for Astro Boy. X-Fly is Pierroth Jr., seemingly on the outs anyway, and presumed to be part of this from the start.
- If you’re going to use Blue Panther, why third on the card? Why behind the match where no one quite knows who those people are (for all I know, it could be Cali hardcore wrestler Vic Grimes vs ROH Valet/SHIMMER wrestler Lacey, but that’d be just weird.) Unless the Flashes or someone else is a lot stronger draw locally than I’m figuring, Panther’s the second biggest star on this show.
- That may be Danger (Mexico City) or another Danger entirely. I’m guessing.
- A lot of the semi-familiar names are indy workers from So Cal.
- I wonder if this means Extreme Tiger didn’t make those AAA tapings? The world shall never know. I think this jump is a bad gamble on his part.
- The only logical reason to have a mystery wrestler on a debut card short of drawing names is someone jumping who hasn’t announced yet. But I don’t think we can limit ourselves just to logical decisions.
- This show will air in Mexico on 09/04.
- My gut feeling is this isn’t a show I’d be interested in. More usefully, I’m guessing the show will do fine attendance wise for an opening show, but will have to add more drawing wrestlers to succeed in the long term (and I’d guess that would be the plan)

Ultimo Gladiador #6 has a cover of…Latin Lover joining Perros del Mal. That’s FIVE. I’m beginning to think this was a big deal.

Arturo Rivera’s car was stolen this past Saturday. He parked it, left it for a few minutes, and it was gone. Police have no leads. (Maybe this is why he didn’t do Accion?)

This site is selling T-Shirts with mask designs. The side bar is completely unhelpful, click on Ver todos los productos for the full list rather than blind guessing forever. It’s too bad I’m not a fan of Rayo, because the black shirt with his white mask design is great. The Ricochet shirts look smart too, if possibly vastly illegal.

Lucha Loco, a book of lucha photography, goes on sale today. Site’s got some good stuff even if you aren’t getting the book.

Roberto Rangel passes away

–Roberto Rangel, a fixture at a referee for CMLL dating back to 1953, passed away this morning due to complications from diabetes. (thanks to Steve “Dr. Lucha” Sims)

- WrestlingObserver.com

There’s a thread on box y lucha here

Back in January, Box Y Lucha had an article about Rangel (sometimes listed as Guëro Rangel) being out of the ring due to injury. I recall there was some publicity after because he was not in the best of financial situations. There was a benefit show held for him (and Solitario) in April, and there was announced one to happen at Arena Coliseo coming up in October (which I presume will go on to help his family.)

Among the famous matches Rangel refereed as part of CMLL was the Santo/Espanto I mask match. Both men bled quite a bit (“their masks turn red with blood” is the usual description), Espanto was caught in the camel clutch and would not give, but Rangel stepped in and stopped the match because of what shape Espanto was in.

Rangel is credited with recuriting Lizmark into lucha libre and coming up with the Espectro gimmick.

Like many referees, he started out as a wrestler, but he was too small. If you search thru this thread, it says Rangel wrestled at 48kgs (105lbs) and never won, so it was an easy switch to make when the referee position was offered to him.

Outside of the ring, Rangel also ran the first Super Luchas magazine (a predecessor to the one Ernesto Ocampo runs nowadays) and wrote for Box Y Lucha at other times, mostly focusing on the history of lucha libre.

08/22: Puebla, Recaps, Halcon

CMLL (MON) 08/21 Arena Puebla Results
1) Siki Osama Jr., Super Star b Ares, Mr. Rafaga
2) ?, Asturiano, the Tiger b Espiritu Maligno, Toro Bill, Toro Bill Jr.
3) Fabian el Gitano, Lestat, Tigre Rojo b Blade, Canek Jr., Furia Chicana
4) La Mascara, Mascara Purpura, Maximo b Hombre Sin Nombre, Misterioso II, Terrible
5) Heavy Metal, La Mascara, Mistico DQ Black Warrior, Olimpico, Ultimo Guerrero
La Mascara worked twice to replace Negro Casas, who’s been out injuried since Friday (so why didn’t they send a replacement?)

Guerreros del Ring #49 has a cover of…Silver King. I guess it was too late to change their cover.

MLS team LA Galaxy will be having pre-game lucha libre matches before their 09/02 game versus the Kansas City Wizards.

Victor recapped FSE and GALA AAA shows. Jose Payan recapped the FSE show on f4wonline.com and would really like some feedback. (So would Victor, I’m sure!) The glamorous life of recapping lucha libre television on the web is neither glamorous nor something indicating a life.

El Halcon #68 is up!
- Interview with Shocker. He would’ve led his team to the win in the TNA X Cup, but he a bunch of young guys. He also says he’s headed back in to TNA in two weeks. He feels like he’s too big (weight-wise) to be in the X-Division, but he’s not big enough to be in the Heavyweight Division, so to the X he goes. Shocker’s very complimentary towards CMLL, and makes it sound like he left CMLL to go straight into rehab and AAA picked him up on the rebound.
- Results from Arena Queretaro 08/08

CMLL (TUE) 08/08 Arena Queretaro Results
1) Pantera Gris b El Rojo
2) Ozuno, Ursus b Drabek I, Drabek II
3) Chamaco Valaguez Jr., Sensei b Neurosis, Startron
4) Hijo de Pierroth, Misterioso II, Sangre Azteca b Felino, La Mascara, Maximo
5) Dr. Wagner Jr. b LA Park

The biweekly Arena Queretaro show should be today, but I haven’t seen a lineup. Mistico is going to on it, I think.

- Interview with Los Dragones de Oriente. This is one where the text is in graphics so I can’t just hit the translate button and have to read and think and guess. Actual work is so tough. Anyway, this is a bio piece.

- Results from an AAA house show
AAA (SAT) 08/05 Auditorio Arteaga, Queretaro Results
1) Atomico, Dance Boy, Red Star Jr. b Money Pack, Pony, Cometa de Fuego
2) Picudo & Silver Cat b Hijo de Anibal & Dragon de Oriente I
When you’re losing to Picudo and Silver Cat, isn’t it time to give up the Hijo de Anibal name?
3) Martha Villalobos & Cinthia Moreno b Miss Janeth & Rossy Moreno
4) Electroshock, Histeria, Kaoma Jr. b Super Fly, Nemesis AAA, Rey Cometa
Electro snuck in a foul on hometown boy Rey Cometa and got the win
5) La Parka Jr. & Dos Caras DQ Muerte Cibernetica & Chessman
Muerte’s foul on Parka was noticed, and so his team lost. He and Chessman were not getting along as partners. Dos Caras replaced Vampiro.
- Short Bio of Gallo Tapado Sr.
- There should be an Olimpico article, but it’s missing. Too bad.

08/21: Coliseo, AULL, lineups

CMLL (SUN) 08/20 Arena Coliseo Results [cmllmagazine]
1) Bam Bam b Fire
This better make someone’s TV.
2) Leono, Stuka Jr., Virus b Canek Jr., Hooligan, Nitro
3) Hombre Sin Nombre, Olimpico b Felino, Metro II [torneo, qf]
4) Heavy Metal, Texano Jr. b Hijo de Pierroth, Pierroth [torneo, qf]
5) Misterioso II, Terrible b Lizmark Jr., Lizmark Sr. [torneo, qf]
6) Blue Panther, La Mascara b Emilio Charles Jr., Okumura [torneo, qf]
7) Heavy Metal, Texano Jr. b Hombre Sin Nombre, Olimpico [torneo, sf]
8) Misterioso II, Terrible b Blue Panther, La Mascara [torneo, sf]
9) Heavy Metal, Texano Jr. b Misterioso II, Terrible [torneo, final]
10) Dos Caras Jr. b Black Warrior
Dos pinned him clean with the German. Didn’t seem like they were setting up a title match here, but it does make me heavily question my Anniversary match pick; what’s Warrior doing taking a singles loss if he’s being built for Mistico?

AULL (WED) 08/16 Arena Lopez Mateos Results [AULL, KrisZ]
1) Gringo Loco (Mexico), Sol de Oriente b Dragon Sagrado, Mr. Potro
2) Astro Boy, Robin Maravilla b Dr. Karonte I, Dr. Karonte II
3) Brazo de Oro, Solar I, Super Astro b Negro Navarro, Signo, Texano Jr.
4) Villano III, Villano IV, Villano V b Damian 666, Hijo del Pierroth, Mr. Aguila
5) Black Warrior b Heavy Metal [NWA MIDDLE]

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, TNA wanted to bring Hector Garza back, but found out he’s banned from entering the US for 9 years. (I don’t think we had offical conformation of that before; the whole saga seemed to end with Garza vowing to fight it in court. But this was the most likely outcome.)

By far, the best part of this Mexico loves Nacho Libre (Chicago Tribune) article is this Fray Tormenta quote:

“I was a fatty too, and, like Jack, I had a lot of agility in the way I could jump around from here to there,”

If you’re skiing, cold, and have $90 to spare, you too can buy this ski hoody with lucha mask top. This makes a lot of sense to me (though perhaps not at $90.)

Lineup Notes
- As previously noted, Leyenda de Plata kicks off Friday. I’m under the impression there’s no title defense this year, and we’re just getting the winners of 2 8 man ciberneticos facing each other as a final. Between the cibernetico, the Perro/Santo main event, and the lack of an extra midcard match to prop up card positions, there’s quite a few people working as low on a show as they’ll work all year.
- No AAA TV tapings, at least that I know. It’s been a week and we still haven’t heard a word about the last set. Way To Go!
- There’s a Metro in the main event of Sunday’s Arena Coliseo Guadalajara; gotta be Neutron. I have no proof of this, just a feeling.
- On a Sunday spot show, Averno and Mephisto face Mistico and … Astro Boy. (And then they do the same match for hours later, a bit south down the road.)

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08/20: Accion, magazine covers

Accion highlights were done by Jorge Pietrasanta, and I have no idea who that is.

CMLL: Main event. Hey, it’s Latin Lover. Perro’s low blow was quite violent. Dos tried to break up the pin by stomping the referee (instead, of say, stomping the pin!), but no luck.

AAA: Zorro, Gronda, La Parka Jr. vs Muerte, Electro and Chessman from Morelia (08/06). This is the first I’ve actually seen of the Zorro mask,a nd it looks quite odd. Muerte gets in a blatant low blow, Copetes coutns the pin, but Tirnates beats him to the arm raise and so there’s a DQ.

Guess what’s on everyone’s cover this week?
- Box Y Lucha #2780 has Latin Lover, new Perro del Mal
- Luchas 2000 #331 has Latin Lover, new Perro del Mal
- Super Luchas #175 has Latin Lover, new Perro del Mal (more from Super Luchas here – Tony Salazar uses Vista?)

Guerreros del Ring appears to do their covers shots weeks ahead of time. But I think they might try to change this week.

Latin Lover’s bio is still up on Triple A’s website, but they don’t move that fast. If it’s up a month from now, I’d only be slightly surprised.

GdR #39

from yesterday

The women’s mask match nearly got more time than some of the recent shows have gotten entirely. It was certainty not the disaster I was worried about; it was a competent match with some good spots. I don’t think there’s a point to doing this unless you can put on a great match (to make the the concept mean more in the future) or a drawing match (which this was surely not.) But the fans did get into it and I enjoyed it, and I can’t really ask for more than that.

Best possible match between these two, I’m sure. I may rip this one later and upload it somewhere.

2/3rds of the opener seemed like they were building a Stuka/Arkangel match, and then they forget in the end. Arkangel seemed to have problems with Tony he didn’t have with anyone else, so I’m leaning towards blaming Stuka. Hooligan really didn’t do much here and wasn’t spotlighted.

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