2013 watch later catchup, part 8

La Mistica

10-21 Máscara Dorada, Mistico, Valiente vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora, Rey Escorpión for the CMLL World Trios Championship (Puebla) – very good, borderline great, probably a great if I saw it earlier in the year or (more definitely) if the anniversary match wasn’t already on the list. Místico was better in this match in points, but but the trios title defense from the Anniversary just felt like a more epic match. This one ended a few minutes before I was ready for it and didn’t break out much new, just did what they usually do very well.

top rope ‘rana for the win

11-03: La Sombra vs Volador Jr. (Puebla) – A three fall match where they weren’t very interested in the first two falls, and where the third fall was just dives and kicking out of finishers. The downside of CMLL singles matches were way there were many with no story except for guys doing big moves so the other guy could kick out for about seven minutes, and this is strongly in that group. There was no build to them kicking out, and there was a lack of drama as they did the kickouts – there’s no struggle to do the moves, they’re always going to be set up for the next trademark move, though at least there was a moment where Sombra was able to hit two moves in a row. It’s numbing often and it was numbing here.

Rush dropkicks for everyone

11-11: Negro Casas vs Rush and Shocker (Puebla) – GREAT. A video game threeway in terms of involvement; this wasn’t one of those matches where one guy sits out for a minute while the other two have a normal, but all three guys getting involved frequently. It was the right style for this matchup, which needed to be a brawl and stayed that way the whole way. Shocker was up to the challenge of the other two, and kept up with their intensity. Match was shorter than I’d like but it was good action for the time. Rush’s pose just before the foul was hilarious.

easy spider German suplex

11-17: Aero Boy, Astro Rey Jr., Titán (CMLL), Latin Dragon, Magnifico (Chilangamask) – Finally, science proves an unblocked chair shot to the head is less painful than a Canadian Destroyer, so everyone can just stop doing unblocked chairs shots to the head now. (I’m not sure “cumulative damage” exists in Mexico, quiet.) This was truly a secret Titan/Aeroboy/Latin Dragon three way with guest appearances from the other two. Elimination matches are fun and all, but the logical person in me wants everyone to switch to one fall to a finish for multiman matches so everyone can do all the pinfall break ups they want without looking like they don’t understand the rules of the match. Also, people who really don’t want to get pinned will no longer have to take weird countout eliminations. If I could actually write about the match itself for a second, it was a fun multiman match with exactly what you’d want out of a match like this – big moves and some dives. It was good with all five guys but the three man back and forth was the best stretch. I’d want to see a Titan/Aeroboy match after seeing this, which is good since they did one of those.

Arez gets crushed

11-17: Rey Cometa vs Impulso, falls count anywhere [Chilangamask] – Rey Cometa had Impulso scouted! Get your knees up on his big dive to the outside and win (and hurt your knees, but a win is a win.) I liked the stuff in the ring even though it was their dives which were the bigger selling point; the experienced major promotion guy came off as such, and Impulso looked good just for being able to hang with him. The chops in here where fierce, as was Cometa’s reversal of the satellite armbar into a Michinoku Driver. Good match.

not sure who took the worst of it

11-17: Belial vs Ricky Marvin – EXCELLENT. Belial had no chance at winning this. Ricky Marvin knew this, Belial knew this this, everyone on the crowd knew this was a mismatch. Still, Belial wants to win this, so he surprises Ricky to start and goes after him hard until Ricky stops him and slows him down. Belial gets in a few more shots, but Ricky out does him every time is more frustrated at the referee for not ending this than by anything Belial can do. Belial just continues to survive, then throws bombs every chance he gets, bombs the crowd believes once or twice might actually finish the international star. Belial pushes Ricky farther than he thought he would have to go on this day, and so Ricky has to murder him at the end. It was a good way to die.

inverted hurracanrana

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Todo x El Todo: 2013-10-13/20

caption fail uno (they get it wrong a different way the next show.)

taped 2013-09-29 @ Feria, San Felipe, Torres Mochas, Guanajuato


Imposible lets gravity do the wrong

Centvrión vs Imposible: Liked this one much better than the previous show’s match. They did a better job of saving the bigger spots to the end and building to them. They still did the big spots but did them at times where they felt like they mattered more. Centviron crashed and burned hard right before the finish. There were a few spots that didn’t look good, but this was largely OK.


caption fail #2

Esther Moreno & Lady Apache vs Diosa Maya & Rossy Moreno: A basic tag match, possible more basic because of the size. They got the crowd into it the first fall, then kind of lost them until the finish. It was not a long match but it felt that way with the little crowd noise. Diosa Maya looked better in other matches and struggled here. It was a match, it was fine, not much to say.


dropkick almost gets there

Bobby Lee & Rayman vs Heddi Karaoui & Zumbi: Bobby Lee on the show because it’s Leon. Karaoui & Zumbi came off more like rudos in the prematch promo than they had in any of their matches so far, and were playing up their rudo antics more in the match. Going with slow mat wrestling in front of an already dead crowd was an unlikely tactic. The match was pretty ordinary for the first two falls, then turned in mimsa of the stuff you see at bad lucha libre in fall three. There were okay moments, but a lot of random stuff thrown in a belated attempt to get someone to care. Karoui fouling Rayman in front of the referee (though on the floor) probably should’ve ended the match as should’ve Rayman making a random comeback with chair shots, but rules are what they need them to be. Finished appeared to a blown spot, and it was totally unclear why (or if) Zumbi was eliminated


a good tope and a bad wall

El Hijo Del Santo, Höruz, Huracan Ramirez vs Angel Blanco Jr., Cien Caras Jr., El Hijo del Solitario: Complaining about TxT booking seems fruitless, but it’s quite something to go directly from the last TV show to this one see Angel Blanco and Soliatrio switch right back to being rudos. The problem is probably more with the previous show. Meanwhile, when Höruz is the tallest técnico, it’s a small crew. It didn’t seem to matter much when Santo was chopping Cien Jr. around. These ultra long very TxT matches do not keep my attention the whole way thru. It was very much the generic match – técnicos control fall 1 on the mat, rudos attack in mass to take the fall, rudos dominate fall 2 until the técnicos turn it around (and this goes on for way long in this match) and the técnicos get in all their spots in the third fall. It was an insanely long way to for a mask pull DQ (and Santo basically overturning the finish after the match.) Höruz was treated not like a big new star, but like he belonged, which is better than usual.


suplex? backdrop? a little of both?

Dr. Wagner Jr. vs LA Park: The match the crowd cared the most about, but the previous match fed off a much larger crowd and they didn’t have that here. This match had a lacking first few minutes, with LA Park grabbing the microphone to rant at Wagner in between hitting him to build to a moment where Wagner talked and fought back, and a crowd brawling segment which wasn’t as much as other ones they’ve had. They picked up the intensity towards a finish, then slowed it way back down to stretch it out for ten more minutes. It’s really hard to care about traditional near falls in a LA Park/Dr. Wagner match when every finish involving them requires a ref bump and a foul, so the long bit of move two count kickout didn’t work at all for me. (There was a ref bump much earlier which didn’t make any sense, except maybe they wanted to pretend they got the ref bump out of the way already. Still didn’t believe it.) Usual convoluted finish so everyone could their a participation ribbon.

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2 surprises on Friday, TripleMania in August, Pesta Negra win trios title, Navarro beats Solar, Wagner

CMLL (MON) 02/17/2014 Arena Puebla [El Popular, Periodico Enfoque, Porra Fresa]
1) Paris, Tigre Rojo, Tigre Rojo Jr. b Artillero, Disturbio, Súper Comando
Rudos took 2/3.
2) Metálico, Metatrón, Robin b Espíritu Maligno, Siki Ozama Jr., Toro Bill Jr.
Tecnicos took 1/3.
3) Fuego, Rey Cometa, Sagrado b Kamaitachi, Sangre Azteca, Shigeo Okumura
Tecnicos took 2/3.
4) Rush b Vangellys
Rush took 1/3. Rush Driver for the win. Vangellys was stretchered out.
5) Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas b Máscara Dorada, Mistico, Valiente
Peste Negra took 1/3 when Niebla snuck in a foul on Mistico. Dorada asked for a rematch next week. Mascara Dorada was wearing a #19 Puebla jersey

Mistico win streak ends at 1.

CMLL (TUE) 02/18/2014 Arena Mexico [CMLL]
1) Cholo & Inquisidor b Flyer & Metatrón
2) Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Warrior, Pierrothito b Angelito, Fantasy, Shockercito
Angelito’s debut.
3) Hombre Bala Jr., Súper Halcón Jr., Tritón b Cancerbero, Puma, Raziel
Puma replaced Espiritu Negro.
4) Tiger b Stuka Jr. [lightning]
Tiger replaced Puma.
5) Ephesto, Misterioso Jr., Pierroth b Black Panther, Blue Panther, Cachorro
Ephesto replaced Dragon Rojo. Rudos took 1/3.
6) Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas b La Máscara, Rush, Titán [MEX TRIOS]
Peste Negra take falls 1/3 to become the 37th champions. Negro Casas beat Rush clean with a casita to win. Rush, La Mascara & Titan fall on the second defense.

These trios titles have a lot of random title reigns in their history. Rush, La Mascara and Titan appeared to be champions mostly because they needed a way to get Rush into the Universal tournament and somewhat because didn’t want have a title on Mr. Aguila. Peste Negra winning the trios to seems to be another random idea. They had been pushing the concept of Mr. Niebla teaming with Herodes and Cavernario instead, but that’s the way it goes on CMLL. Both of those ideas have been presented on the same day of the week, so whoever came up with one probably came up with the other. (And possibly didn’t tell whoever’s booking these guys into a world trios title feud in Puebla.)

Somehow, this is the first time Negro Casas has won these trios titles. In the bigger picture, Negro Casas defeating Rush is a clear setup to their hair match.

The Tiger/Puma switch is odd. Maybe Puma isn’t cleared for singles action? Maybe TRT doesn’t work terceras? Not so great for Espiritu Negro to be missing matches this early. Ephesto replacing Dragon Rojo might have made that match salvageable, though that’s still a tall order.

CMLL (TUE) 02/18/2014 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [@acogdl]
1) Acertijo & Sádico b El Brillante & El Divino
Rudos took 2/3.
2) Canelo Casas, Demonio Maya, Nosferatu b Dragon Lee, Esfinge, Magnus
Rudos took 1/3.
3) Camorra b Stigma
Camorra pulled Stigma’s mask and beat him in one fall.
4) Gallo, Sagrado, Super Porky b Kamaitachi, Shigeo Okumura, Virus
Tecnicos took 1/3 behind Super Porky splashes.
5) Negro Navarro b Solar I [FLLM MASTER]
Solar came in as champion, but Navarro beat him to win the title.
6) La Sombra & Marco Corleone DQ Euforia & Último Guerrero and Atlantis & Diamante Azul and Rey Bucanero & Terrible
Apparently a four way match and not a tournament. Bucanero & Terrible were DQed for excessive violence on Azul, Euforia beat Azul, and Euforia fouled one of the tecnicos for the DQ.

Weird finishes for the main event. 52MX will usually take Camorra vs Stigma (which is also odd), but maybe they’ll do it differnetly this week.

At yesterday’s press conference, Marisela Peña clarified AAA has two surprise luchadors showing up on Friday’s Gimansio Juan de la Barrera. Marisela’s surprise luchador is different than Dorian’s new Sociedad member. Marisela wouldn’t confirm or deny Sin Cara as one of the surprises. I can’t confirm it and this is only speculation, but my guess is Sin Cara will be there. It’s not clear which surprise is in the Rey de Reyes tournament, or if that is even possibly something else entirely.

Marisela also said TripleMania will take place in Arena Ciudad de Mexico in August. Which means not much is going to happen in AAA Mexico for about five months. (I will die if they do another Consejo/Circus feud for TripleMania.) TripleMania is normally June, but AAA has other projects this year. If AAA/El Rey is going to launch the US promotion sometime in the second half of the year, they’re probably going to be busy setting the stage this summer and everything else gets moved around to make time.

The article does have Marisela saying they’ll run five major events this year, which doesn’t make sense and may have just been a mental typo thinking back to past years. They ran four last year, and they last two were too compressed. Running four different major events just between August and December would mean half of those events wouldn’t be too major. The best case scenario would be AAA running a fifth event in May (an Anniversary show?) as a milestone marker between Rey de Reyes and TripelMania. I don’t think that’s what is actually happening here.

An article on the AAA/Citi Express deal mentions a tour of San Luis Potosi, Merida, Tijuana, Chetumal, Mexico City, Monterrey and Puebla. We know SLP has an AAA taping that hasn’t been officially announced, and Mexico City and Monterrey have been announced. I’d assume that rest of that list are also planned 2014 taping locations.

TV y Novelas in Mexico has an interview with one of Dr. Wagner Jr.’s ex-wifes (not Rossy Moreno) accusing Wagner of abuse of all sorts, as well as refusal to pay support. The money issue is played up more than abuse, which is peculiar. This magazine is known to be sensationalistic and loose with the truth, and it’s surely no coincidence this article came out the day after Wagner was cast on a TV show. Domestic abuse is always inexcusable, but I doubt we’re getting the full or even actual story here.

IWRG returns to midweek shows tonight with a Gym Skyade vs FILL rematch and Super Nova vs Eterno in trios.

If you like strange stipulations, the 03/01 show at Arena Lopez Mateos is the card for you. Matches include a three falls match with different rules for each fall and a match where you can only win by ten count. Main event is Atlantis & Gran Guerrero vs Guerrero Maya Jr. & Ultimo Guerrero.

El Dandy’s retirement match versus Satanico will take place on 04/27 in Arena Lopez Mateos, the first time ChilangaMask has run a show in that venue. Dandy will also appear at the 03/01 Expo Mascaras.

Nelson Fraizer Jr., who wrestled as Mabel, Viscera and other names, passed away yesterday. He worked in Mexico for WWL last year.

Ryu Nakata, who worked in the NOAH front office, also passed away in the last couple of days.

Doradafan has amazingly fast turn around on a 02/16/14 CMLL music video.

Black Terry Jr. has photos of the press conference for the Arena Ichiban show this weekend.

CIMA will be holding a Dragon Gate tryout on 02/26 in Gimnasio Hercules in Mexico City. The fee is 100 Mexican Pesos ($7.50 USD), which is quite a bit cheaper than the NOAH tryout. I’d assume this means a CIMA appearance in IWRG next week.

El Hijo del Santo’s documentary about El Hijo del Santo will premiere in Mexico City next week at the Cineteca Nacional. It will be shown on 02/25 at 6pm and 02/28 at 8:30 pm. There’s more info on the Cineteca’s website.

The Clown Corp talk up their WWL appearances; their opponents will be surprises on each show.

Chessman wants to destroy Blue Demon Jr. because he thinks he’s tarnishing the name.

Terra (CMLL) has an article on the history of Dos Leyendas.

The lucha show in Atlantis last Sunday sounds like it was a good show.

Toryumon says it’s next show is 03/16 in Sala de Armas.


CMLL (MON) 02/24/2014 Arena Puebla
1) Águila Egipcia & Black Tiger vs Ares & King Jaguar
2) Astral, Asturiano, Eléctrico vs Pequeño Warrior, Pierrothito, Saurón
3) Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr., Pegasso vs Boby Zavala, Kamaitachi, Shigeo Okumura
4) Dragón Rojo Jr., Rey Escorpión, Shocker vs Blue Panther, Máximo, Rush
5) Máscara Dorada, Mistico, Valiente vs Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas

First show without a singles match in a while, though it seems like a trios title match coming up on 03/04. Tercera looks good.

CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2014-01-18


triple dive


taped 2014-01-10 @ Arena Mexico
Máscara Dorada, Mistico, Valiente vs Kráneo, Mr. Águila, Reaper: The same Estetas/Invasors match they’ve been doing the last few months, only a bit shorter because of edits for time (and because it only took two topes to take down Kraeno this match.) The editing means you’re probably best off finding one of those other matches, unless you want to see Místico lose in the clutch.


Volador rearranged Casas’ face

Volador Jr. vs Negro Casas: Good, but last week’s was better. Volador has a mindset of spots he’s got to get in and there’s not a lot of variety to it – not even which ones or what order. I prefer more creative matches in general, but it didn’t help him here when he asked Negro Casas to do things he was unlikely to do well (Spanish Fly!) Volador did seem to add the headbutts to spice things up but he didn’t seem to take advantage of working with Negro Casas as much as he could’ve outside of the chop/boot spots. The Sunday match was more fun (for the Zacarias wackiness), though the crowd seemed a little more receptive to Volador as a técnico here. This was a good match suffering among some better ones.

Casas almost goes over the barrier on his own silla

Atlantis, La Máscara, Máximo vs Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto: Again, having the average trios match after the big singles match is an anti-climatic finish to the show, but this one appeared to be a change in plans to get the Volador/Casas match on Terra without putting on the whole card. That almost suggests CMLL’s deal with Fox doesn’t allow them to air the full card, because there’s no other reason to ‘protect’ this very usual Hijos del Averno versus técnicos match. More interestingly, it suggests CMLL believes airing a match on Terra is actually important – I am fairly certain no significant amount of people are watching those shows (guessing under 1000, and that may be way high), but they’re planning that show like it matters. I dunno. Anyway, this match has all the spots you’d expect – the star, the Averno doing their triple rolling pose to set up técnicos dives, Máximo trying to kiss people, Máximo actually kissing people – done fine.


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CMLL on CadenaTres: 2014-01-18

Oro Jr. tope con giro


taped 2014-01-14 @ Arena Mexico
Leono & Magnus vs Apocalipsis & Cholo: Bad, one of the worse openers in some time. The end of the first fall was embarrassingly for all involved and the rest didn’t get much better. Comeback was not too smooth and I’m not sure if something got edited in the third fall or if Magnus was supposed to get in no offense before the finish. I don’t have high standards for some of these guys but everyone could’ve done better.


Gen 11 double dive

Oro Jr., Robin, Stigma vs Espanto Jr., Herodes Jr., Inquisidor: Congrats to Inquisidor for finding another big set up to do a front cracker. I would fine these guys every time they use a Canadian Destroyer in the first fall of a segunda, but they’re probably not paying them much to begin with. Still, Espanto Jr. can do all sorts of moves but has no idea which ones to do or how to get himself across; Herodes is still greener in the ring but is going to be zooming right past him. Match was wrapping up fine until Tiger Hispano decided not to count three on the third fall planned finish, and everyone runs half lost for two more minutes to come up with a new one. Inquisidor and Robin were better at improvising than Herodes and Stigma.


high low

Hombre Bala Jr., Sagrado, Súper Halcón Jr. vs Cancerbero, Guerrero Negro Jr., Raziel: Bad refereeing night continues with Tirantes completely missing Raziel putting his outside foot on the bottom ropes in the third fall. That was clearly not supposed to be an elimination, because Raziel just kept wrestling and Tirantes did his usual bit of reacting to a loud voice in his earpiece. (The kids in the previous match did a better job of handling it.) Raziel was rather angry about it after the match. The match itself had some good moments and not smooth moments; the first fall mat work had a few weird looking spots which may have not meant to be so weird. There was still good stuff here, they just need a bit more work. Guerrero Negro fit in fine enough; I’d be totally okay with a mask vs hair feud with Sagrado before Guerrero Negro goes off to get the new non-indy-looking gimmick he really needs.

headbutt war (everyone loses)

Negro Casas, Puma, Tiger vs Black Panther, Blue Panther, Cachorro: Payoff to all the bad refereeing – one where the referee is supposed to do a bad job! This was much more of a brawl then the previous week’s match, which might have actually worked out better for the young Panthers. They again did surprisingly well, helped by working with the Casas (and a very planned out match) but obviously bringing something to the table themselves. The crowd was really into Negro/Blue specifically, but this is a good feud for everyone. Here’s the “oh, duh” way of telling the Panthers apart – Cachorro means ‘cub’, as in small bear. The guy who’s name implies small is in fact the smaller one. It’s almost like they planned that.

Valiente tope!

Delta, Super Porky, Valiente vs Boby Zavala, Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora: A Super Porky match; I spent way too much of this match trying to figure out if Dragon Rojo had lost weight. (Maybe? I’m not sure, which is why it took so long.) Weird layout with the rudos starting the beatdown, losing the first fall anyway, the rudos continue the beatdown unimpeded, the técnicos make another comeback the end of the second fall, then lose that fall anyway. It was reversals of expectations for the sake of reversing them. Zavala got to work with Delta & Valiente and very little with Brazo de Plata outside of getting a surprise pinfall on Porky. That was a surprise to me, and he handled himself well with two tricky guys. Delta actually landed the moonsault well, another surprise.

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AAA teases big surprise, AAA hotel deal, Wagner sent to an island, CMLL Tuesday

Dorian Roldan posted on Twitter last night La Sociedad would have a new member on the Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera TV taping next Friday. Today, Marisela Pena said there’d be a big surprise on the  same show. It’s unclear if this is meant to be the same surprise, or if either of them is the surprise person in the Rey de Reyes tournament match.

AAA returned to running occasional TV tapings in this building in 2010 with the surprise return of Heavy Metal, who was brought in as a new Sociedad member but turned on them and went with the tecnicos by the end of the night. They could be repeating that bit here. Or they could just be introducing a lot of people on the same night, like they did when Dr. Wagner Jr. and Marco Corleone came aboard.

I know AAA would like Sin Cara to be on this show. I’m unsure if they’ve actually worked out a deal at this moment, but this is the moment for it to get done. No Sin Cara on the show would mean the two sides aren’t even close on a deal and might not get one done any time soon. AAA must have locked in someone to start pushing it and Sin Cara is the name that’s going to be the big deal. Still, any CMLL no-shows the next couple of days are going to get extra attention. I think most of the names being thrown out are speculation, but there probably are real discussions with current CMLL luchadors about moving to AAA. AAA can promise much more right now – “we’ve sold out every taping, we’re going to take off when the US show starts, and we’re working 10x harder on making our product attractive than the guys across town” – than CMLL. There’s reasons not to make a move – there’s no guarantee AAA will be able to deliver on their promises, and CMLL luchadors are giving up security – and most people who talk about making a move don’t actually do it, but I kind of expect someone to bite. Friday night is going to be a very interesting night.

a dumb discussion about dumb things on Twitter because there’s nothing else to talk about today: Dorian teasing a big deal happening at a show you can pay for is a pretty good use of Twitter. I wish he would share his practices for using Twitter with other people in his workplace.

Yesterday, Fenix talked about how he lost the love for his job, but then assured us he still loves lucha libre. So I guess it’s just AAA that’s awful? This was justone day in a continuing series of Fenix, Saddest Man On Twitter. I’m hoping this is more of that performance art in wrestling I’ve heard so much about, but I don’t think it actually it is. I hope Fenix is okay more than I care about any dumb Twitter etiquette. Not since Ricky Marvin has any luchador seemed more depressed on Twitter. I’m thinking this is probably a normal case of “being in your 20s and frustrated about things not happening as quick as you want” and he’ll be fine soon enough.

Still: people who know me for long enough know I did pretty much every possible dumb thing on the internet before the phrase social media was invented. It was not a good look. I’ve banished most of it, but it’s never all gone and I’m sure something will come back at me some day. Don’t go down the same road. I’m not encouraging anyone to copy my soulless automaton bit, but just manage the release of your emotions better. Complain all your want to the right people online, in a safe restricted format where only your actual friends can seem them (like an account that doesn’t use your stage name), and let the rest of the world see you as a happy successful luchador. If you feel like you’re not happy with your job, find a way to tell your friends, not the people who are paying to see you do your job. If you can’t find a secure way of doing that on the internet, then just pick up a phone and call someone  – that’s another mistake I’ve made that you shouldn’t.

Speaking of people who need to pick up a phone and just call someone, Cibernetico and Konnan! On and on and about how big of a star they are compared to each other, and how neither of them really care about this argument they won’t shut up about. They started this round of it on Saturday, and they were still going back and forth on Tuesday as if one of them was going to ever convince the other one of this. Sometimes Elegido gets involved. Sometimes people say “guey”, which I can only assume is a term of wonderment since both guys seem to respect the exoticos. Sometimes like five other people get referenced in the twitter message and neither man is adapt enough to delete out the bystanders, so it take them three times as many messages to tell each other off. It’s probably a 20 minute conversion if they had it in person or on the phone. It’s been half a week long conversation on Twitter. It’s never been entertaining. The Internet is not a game you can win, but anyone following both of them has felt like they’re losing.

It reads, in my laughably poor Spanish comprehension skills, like Cibernetico’s just joking to provoke a reaction from Konnan and Konnan is happily giving him that reaction. It’s also very possible this is both guys working their feud on Twitter to make AAA feel more real for people who follow them on social media – that may still be novel for lucha libre, but the volume and length of the conversation would seem to wear out anyone’s interest. Except for those two guys, they definitely still seem to be interested. General rule of thumb: if you have to reply to someone more than four times on the same subject, then you need to be having the conversation some place that doesn’t limit you to 140 characters. Probably to something with audio. Cibernetico’s been about 15x better on Twitter than I would’ve ever expected, even if his stories never seem to complete, but I think I have to banish him off into one of the lists just so I can find anything else at night.

My third and final source of frustration is Octagon, who keeps threatening to leave AAA and find a money mark to pay him to tease a mask match with Fuerza Guerrera, in Year Twenty Three of their feud. Octagon’s also asked people to demand the Roldans explain why he’s not on TV. (He’s deleted some of them; this is a bit older.) Now, I’ve checked, and I’m definitely not a Roldan and don’t have first hand info on any of this. I do have a working brain and can use it to make some guesses: Octagon is not being used on AAA TV because he’s old, he’s out of shape, he shows up in poor condition, he gives terrible effort in matches, and he’s not a good promo. Otherwise, he’s wonderful. AAA’s generally done him a great favor by keeping him around as long as they have, as he’s really not useful except for the nostalgia appearance every six months and as a respected legend from the early days of the company. (Even then, AAA has depth at that last position – the Parka was in to advise Aerostar about restarting the Cadetes del Espacio was one AAA has used Octagon for previously, and they didn’t lose anything by making the switch.) Octagon on the indies would do fine the first time everywhere and then not so much the next time, because of all the reasons he’s not used on TV.

I don’t actually know what I want Octagon to do here. I think it’s possible what Octagon is doing might actually work – lucha libre is so backwards-looking nostalgia-based that he will get paid on the first time out. I think I would like him to actually do something instead of frequently talking about how he’s going to do something really soon now, and it’d probably serve him well to be a bit more loyal to a company that’s been publicly and privately very loyal to him over the last two decades, but it seems like a lot to ask him to do that when many luchadors around the same age do about the same. They just do in other media.

The vast majority of AAA people on Twitter are great. You should follow Steve Pain, he’s been amusing since joining. Taya, Jennifer and Mamba interact with a lot of people. It’s cool to see Psicosis and Juvi on Twitter. Pasion Kristal promotes her shows well. There are other people I can’t think of right now and this whole digression has gone on way too long. Twitter is generally good if you’re not annoying about it, like blogs are generally OK when you’re not spending eight paragraphs on why Twitter is generally good.

back to the actual news: El Popular’s report on last night Puebla show mentions Rush beat Vangellys via Rush Driver. Peste Negra beat the Estetas del Aire in the main event, setting up a rematch next week and probably a title match sooner or later.

Peste Negra being set up for another trios title challenge means they’re less likely to win the national trios titles tonight in the Arena Mexico main event. CMLL’s preview of the show also has an interview with debuting mini Angelito, who lists himself as 55 kg, 155 cm, and 18 years old. There’s a picture of Angelito on Facebook.

Tiger’s mentioned he’ll be in the lightning match versus Stuka instead of Puma. It took CMLL about a week of Super Porky being hurt to take him out of shows, and maybe that’s what has happened here. Puma’s off until a show in Neza on Sunday.

AAA & City Express Hotels held a press conference to announce a new partnership. The hotel company will provide travel packages for shows (probably tapings) where fans will get to meet AAA luchadors, and rides back and forth from the hotel with a luchador (similiar to the CMLL Turi-luchas deal.) AAA did something similar with the Hard Rock show back in December and must’ve worked out well. AAA’s also getting hotel rooms for their luchadors and staff. AAA’s previously done a sponsorship deal for the buses they use to go to most tapings. Marisela Pena also mentioned TripleMania would again be held in Arena Ciudad de Mexico, as expected, and that’s probably one of the travel package shows.

Dr. Wagner Jr. will appear on the next season of La Isla, la Reality. This is the TV Azteca Survivor-type reality show Shocker appeared on last year. I’m not sure what the schedule is for this season, but the cast went to the island soon after the casting announcement. Shocker was back on CMLL cards a couple weeks later; I’m not sure if the taping schedule isn’t that long or it was just because he got kicked off pretty quick. Wagner does have a match announced for Tijuana on 03/07, but nothing else until April. Wagner is either going to do great on this show or everyone is going to turn on him within three days, but it’s a good deal for him to get on national network TV show. For all the stuff that seems to be going on with Azteca and CMLL, they picked a non-CMLL guys when they needed a star. (WagnerMania also has a Wagner promo for his April match.)

Black Terry Jr. has highlights of Azteca & Pantera I vs Alan Extreme & Imposible.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update and this week’s Poster-Mania.

Tickets are on sale for the 04/27 Masked Republic show at the ECW Arena, running from $100 to $30 $20 USD (1300 MX Pesos to 250 MX Pesos) for adults.

News report on this past week at Arena Coliseo Monterrey.

Jack Evans, Angelico, and Australian Suicide talk about their upcoming match versus the Infernal Rockers. Zorro has generic quotes about the show as well.

Zeuxis wants to win a title, defeat Sileuta & Lluvia, and finish up school this year.

Arena Papa Milo in Nuevo Laredo is selling DVDs of their shows (but only at their shows, it seems.)

A lucha libre exhibition will open in Tijuana on Friday.

An article on El Dandy’s retirement match on the April ChilangaMask show.


IWRG (SUN) 02/23/2014 Arena Naucalpan
1) Hip Hop Man & Sky Ángel vs Matrix Jr. & Power Bull
2) Dragón Celestial, Emperador Azteca, Látigo vs Dowki, Hanaoka, Hijo De La Bestia
3) Ángel Del Amor, Chico Che, Golden Magic vs Apolo Estrada, Spartaco, Tupac Amaru Jr.
4) Alan Extreme & Veneno vs Oficial 911 & Oficial AK47 [IWRG IC TAG]
Veneno & Alan Extreme is champion. Second defense.
5) Lizmark Jr., Relámpago, Súper Nova vs Eterno, Hijo de Máscara Año 2000, X-Fly

Nova & Eterno got on opposite sides quick.

Alan Extreme has not been convincing as a tecnico (except for his willingness to bleed a lot.) Maybe it’ll get better for him here, or maybe it’ll end here.

Itinerant Japanese luchador Hanaoka’s non-FILL debut. Maybe Spartaco will show up?

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02/14-16 lucha videos

No new IWRG aired this week.

CMLL on Fox and AAA overlapped; we got all of the Fox show and what we could of the AAA show. I’ll have the rest next week.

I’m now guessing last week’s NdC show was actually from 02/04. Had to be on a Tuesday, it had Mr. Nice.

The stream had some problems during the final Puebla match; I will put up another version later if I can record the replay.

YouTube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYyNnOBGWP7QV1jkyG9AJjAtpss4o0VN1

02/15 WWC: http://www.sendspace.com/file/w8i5dz
02/16 WWC: http://www.sendspace.com/file/itqm8x

02/16 La Lucha Se Le Hace: http://www.sendspace.com/file/c7ool6

CMLL on Terra: 2014-02-14
taped 2014-02-14 @ Arena Mexico
DailyMotion Playlist: http://www.dailymotion.com/playlist/x32b30_thecubsfan_2014-02-14-cmll-terra/1
1) Molotov & Oro Jr. vs Artillero & Súper Comando
2) Fuego, Pegasso, Starman vs Misterioso Jr., Sangre Azteca, Shigeo Okumura
3) Marcela vs Dalys in a lightning match
4) Blue Panther, Rush, Super Porky vs Felino, Negro Casas, Shocker

AAA on Televisa: 2014-02-15
taped 2014-02-09 @ Centro Civico Nueva Aragon, Ecatepec, Estado de Mexico
1) Aerostar, Faby Apache, Jennifer Blake vs El Apache, Sexy Star, Taya Valkyrie

CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2014-02-15
taped 2014-02-04 @ Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Stigma, Stuka Jr., Tritón vs Boby Zavala, Camorra, Sangre Azteca
taped 2014-02-09 @ Arena Coliseo
2) Delta & Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Puma & Tiger for the Arena Coliseo (DF) Tag Team Championship

CMLL on CadenaTres: 2014-02-15
taped 2014-02-11 @ Arena Mexico
1) Leono & Magnus vs Akuma & Zayco
2) Dragon Lee, Flyer, Robin vs Canelo Casas, Guerrero Negro Jr., Herodes Jr.
3) Dark Angel, Estrellita, Goya Kong vs Amapola, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sugheit
Stellar Moments
4) Atlantis, Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Averno, Mephisto, Rey Bucanero
5) Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas vs La Máscara, Rush, Titán

CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2014-02-15
taped 2014-02-07 @ Arena Mexico
1) Herodes Jr. & Shocker vs Espiritu Negro & Reapper in a CMLL Gran Alternativa eightfinal
2) Canelo Casas & Negro Casas vs Dragon Lee & Rush in a CMLL Gran Alternativa eightfinal
3) Bárbaro Cavernario & Mr. Niebla vs Black Panther & Blue Panther Diamante Azul in a CMLL Gran Alternativa eightfinal
4) Atlantis & Star Jr. vs Hechicero & Último Guerrero in a CMLL Gran Alternativa eightfinal
5) Herodes Jr. & Shocker vs Dragon Lee & Rush in a CMLL Gran Alternativa quarterfinal
6) Cavernario & Mr. Niebla vs Hechicero & Último Guerrero in a CMLL Gran Alternativa quarterfinal
7) Bárbaro Cavernario & Mr. Niebla vs Dragon Lee & Rush Herodes Jr. & Shocker in a CMLL Gran Alternativa semifinal

Lucha Azteca (CMLL): 2014-02-15
taped 2014-01-31 @ Arena Mexico
(Gran Alternativa Block A)

CMLL on Terra: 2014-02-16
taped 2014-02-16 @ Arena Mexico
DailyMotion Playlist: http://www.dailymotion.com/playlist/x32byl_thecubsfan_2014-02-16-cmll-on-terra/1
1) Astral, Eléctrico, Último Dragoncito vs Demus 3:16, Mercurio, Pierrothito
2) Hombre Bala Jr., Metatrón, Súper Halcón Jr. vs Hijo del Signo, Hooligan, Nitro
3) Rey Cometa, Sagrado, Stuka Jr. vs Kamaitachi, Puma, Virus
4) Diamante Azul, Fuego, La Máscara vs Ephesto, Pierroth, Vangellys
5) Pólvora vs Mistico for the CMLL World Welterweight Championship
6) Marco Corleone, Super Porky, Volador Jr. vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Kráneo, Mr. Águila

CMLL Puebla: 2014-02-16
taped 2014-02-03 @ Arena Puebla
1) Águila Egipcia, Meyer, Paris vs Akuma, Cholo, Guerrero Espacial
2) Black Tiger, Milenium, Tigre Rojo Jr. vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Hooligan, Nitro
3) Stigma, Stuka Jr., Tritón vs Misterioso Jr., Puma, Tiger
4) Diamante Azul, La Sombra, Rush vs Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Vangellys
5) La Máscara & Volador Jr. vs Mr. Águila & Reaper

Noches de Coliseo: 2014-02-16
taped I have no idea @ Arena Coliseo Monterrey
1) Mr. Nice, Silencio, Tigre Universitario vs Antifaz del Norte, Corazón de Barrio, Hator 
1) Vaquero Romo, Silver Star, Corazon de Barrio vs Rey Imagen, Angel Espacial, Diluvio I 

taped 2014-02-09 @ Arena Coliseo Monterrey 
2) Memo Valles, Pantera I, Pee Wee vs Bengali, Difunto I, Ejecutor 
3) Caifan & Silver Star vs Alberto Dos Rios & Hijo De Centurion Negro 
4) El Dandy vs Satánico


CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2014-01-18


Superkick freeze power


taped 2014-01-07 @ Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
Gallo, Smaker, Tritón vs Boby Zavala, Misterioso Jr., Shigeo Okumura: So much cheating by the técnicos; Pollito breaks up Zavala’s pinfall, then Gallo uses the ropes to beat the rudo. Boby was fun begging off from Gallo in an otherwise ordinary match. Strange decision to air this match; the double hair match was limited to a quick video package (and the segunda was more interesting for other reasons.)

Atlantis takes out the Niebla

taped 2014-01-12 @ Arena Mexico
Blue Panther, Sagrado, Valiente vs Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Tiger: a sudden pinfall showcase, and a match to have a match. It’s nice to see TRT actually beat a random collection of técnicos, that doesn’t seem to happen a lot. Tiger worked with Panther a lot here, but their bigger feud wasn’t played up on.

Atlantis, La Máscara, Super Porky vs Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas: These were three short matches, and a long bit of showing the entrances. Niebla sure went a long way to forearm Atlantis in the back. This match was build up to next week’s singles match, and not a lot more. Niebla/Atlantis seem game, but there wasn’t enough here to make this particular match attractive. This is an unusual complaint, but there was not enough La Mascara in this match; he should’ve taken things over for the técnico side more, since Porky was looking really tired and Atlantis was tied up with Niebla for most of the match. Instead, Mascara was half sitting this one out and slow wrestling “action” ensued.

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2013 Lucha Libre Win/Loss Records

As always, these records are obtained simply off of publicly available lineup info and records and are pretty wrong. I know I’m missing many, many lineups and more results. This is the best I have, but the totals are greatly influenced by the ease of finding some promotion’s info (CMLL, IWRG) and the difficulty in finding info on other groups (everyone else.) There are an endless amount of small shows which will never be advertised in a place were I can see it; these are not complete, just as accurate as I can make them. The records include matches in Japan which were co-promoted with Mexician promotions, and some shows in Central America just to be random. When it’s really easy to follow a Guatemalan promotion and they use CMLL guys, I include them.

These lists are broken down by affiliation, not by matches in that promotion. For example, the IWRG list includes everyone who stuck in 2013 IWRG long enough for me to consider them a member of the roster (usually just 1 match), but the win/loss/total includes any match that person had anywhere. It’s sorting and not limiting. (I should really do these lists only including CMLL DF and AAA TV at some point.)

I’ve dropped the Arena Afixion and Xalapa sections this year. Aficion (and all Pachuca results, thanks to the tireless work of Funcion Estelar) are still pretty regular but there’s no sign of a set roster (like Monterrey.) Xalapa stopped posted results. I added TxT partly because the last result I put in was their lightly attended taping in Leon, but there’s a lot of cross over with IWRG and the roster data isn’t great. It’s there but I’m mostly ignoring it as a category.

I’m sure more 2013 will turn up, but not much. These results are more likely to change by adding more luchadors to be tracked by name; 1665 luchadors are included this year so far. You can find previous years of this topic under the records tag. I’ve been doing this since 2008; it occurs to me that it wouldn’t be too hard to go backwards and at least post what I have, so maybe that’s a project for later.

The full list of records is here.

Most Matches

2008: Ultimo Guerrero (228)
2009: La Parka Jr. (211)
2010: Mistico (204)
2011: Último Guerrero & La Mascara (188)
2012: Último Guerrero (189)
2013: Ultimo Guerrero (205)


Name Total
Último Guerrero 205
Atlantis 199
La Máscara 168
Rush 163
Máximo 160
Valiente 159
Máscara Dorada 155
Volador Jr. 155
Mr. Niebla 153
La Sombra 149

The top 4 are the same top 4 from last year, with Maximo moving up from 6th to 5th (and Mephisto dropping down to 16th.) Volador was 7th last year, 8th this one. It’s all CMLL top 10, which is strange, but based on a lot more people in the 150s and 160s. Psycho Clown was 10th last year, had more matches this year (144, most among AAA) and fell to 13th.

AAA top 7, just for comparison sake


Psycho Clown 144
Murder Clown 142
Monsther Clown 137
La Parka Jr. 133
Eterno 121
Pentagón Jr. 118
Fénix (AAA) 117

Exactly 50 people are listed as having 100 or more matches.

Top among people who wrestled in IWRG: Eterno (121) – Navarros were all within 5.
Top among Arena Puebla regulars: Black Tiger (29) – average was 16.5, these guys are getting 4 matches every 3 months
Top among Arena Coliseo Guadalajara regulars: Black Metal (69)
Top among unaligned: Aeroboy (110) – I believe there’s an unrelated SLP guy also using the Aeroboy, which is the secret big problem in trying to keep records like this. Violento Jack is second with 81.

Most Wins

2008: Blue Panther (97)
2009: Mistico (110)
2010: Mistico (128)
2011: Ultimo Guerrero (90)
2012: Atlantis (93)
2013: La Mascara (102)


Name Win
La Máscara 102
Atlantis 100
Rush 93
La Sombra 88
Máximo 82
Shocker 78
Blue Panther 76
Brazo de Plata 75
Último Guerrero 74
Valiente 74

As always, the results are heavily tilted towards CMLL because AAA spots shows rarely have results reported. The 19 wrestlers with the most announced matches with no reported results (“Unknown”) are from AAA.

First 100 win year since Mistico left town.

Most of AAA roster: 39 – Monster Clown & Fenix (4oth)
Most of IWRG roster: 45 – Dinamic Black & Impossible (28th)
Most of Guadalajara roster: 33 – Black Metal (62th)
Most of Puebla roster: 15 – Espiritu Maligno (198th)
Everyone else: 27 – Aeroboy (91st)

Most Losses

2008: Averno (84)
2009: Negro Casas (86)
2010: Negro Casas (75)
2011: La Mascara (72)
2012: Ultimo Guerrero (79)
2013: Ultimo Guerrero (84)


Name Loss
Último Guerrero 84
Averno 80
Mephisto 74
Volador Jr. 72
Rey Escorpión 71
Euforia 68
Dragón Rojo Jr. 66
Valiente 65
Mr. Niebla 62
Máscara Dorada 60

Having lots of reported matches means having lots losses, but it always tends to be the rudos at the top of the list.

Most in AAA roster (ignoring short term guys): 42 – Pentagon (43rd)
Most in Puebla roster: 15 – Black Tiger (227th)
Most in Guadalajara roster:  35 – Exterminador (67th)
Most in IWRG: 59 – Eterno (12th)
Everyone else: 35 – Aeroboy (63rd)

Best Win % (with at least 10 known results)
only 25% of the wrestlers (579) have at least 10 known results


Name W%
Tinieblas Jr. 90%
Voltron 90%
El Hijo Del Santo 86%
Rayo de Oro (Guatemala) 82%
Máscarita Divina 80%
Octagón 78%
Hombre Sin Miedo 78%
Rayo de Jalisco Jr. 78%
Jack Evans 78%
El Elegido 77%

I always love these lists for the weird people. Tinieblas is the best luchador in the world by the stats (which don’t include level of competition.) Voltron is an old Guatemalan luchador show who the Arena Guatemala Mexico promotion is built around, Rayo de Oro is the young tecnico who had a long win streak there. Hombre Sin Miedo is just random.

Most in CMLL roster: 90% – Thunder (11th) – your depressing stat of the day!
Most in Puebla roster: 64% – Ares (67th)
Most in Guadalajara roster:  67% – Smaker (42nd)
Most in IWRG regulars: 76% – Pirata Morgan Jr. (197th)

Worst Win %

Estrella De Fuego 5%
Fly Metalik 9%
Fly Warrior 9%
Pequeño Universo 2000 10%
Argos (Astro Boy) 11%
Jhonky 11%
Mini Psicosis 13%
Baby Star 14%
Pentagón Jr. 14%
La Seductora 16%

Most in Puebla roster: 64% – Ares (67th)
Most in Guadalajara roster:  18% – Thunder Boy (12th)
Most in IWRG regulars: 32% – Sky Angel (84th)

Estrella de Fuego is a Monterrey luchadora. The Flys are indy wrestlers around Mexico City. Jhonky – who I only recently realized wast meant to be pronounced Junkie – is of course a DTU luchador who pops up in Arena Aficion a lot. Baby Star appears to be based in Ciudad Juarez but has been turning up elsewhere, including on Toryumon Mexico shows.


Super Nova wins Rebelión de Los Juniors

photo by Black Terry Jr.

IWRG (SUN) 02/16/2014 Arena Naucalpan [Black Terry Jr. (Flickr), The Gladiatores]
1) Fulgor I & Power Bull b Ángel Del Amor & Dragón Celestial
2) Electro Boy, Rayan, Tupac Amaru Jr. b Chico Che, Diva Salvaje, Miss Gaviota
Electro Boy replaced Spartaco/Spartan/whomever. Rayan’s first match here since September.
3) Alan Extreme & Veneno b Oficial 911 & Oficial AK47 [super libre]
Listed as super libre, does not appear to be so. AK-47 faked a foul for a DQ in the first, and the Oficials won clean in the second for straight falls. Oficals would like a title match.
4) Golden Magic, Máscara Púrpura, Relámpago DQ Eterno, Tony Rivera, Trauma II
Tecnicos took 2/3, Eterno pulling Relampago’s mask in the third fall.
5) Súper Nova b Hijo De Dos Caras, Hijo del Lizmark, Trauma I, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Hijo del Fishman, Hijo de Máscara Año 2000, Fresero Jr. [La Rebelión de Los Juniors]
Winner gets a shot at Trauma II for his IWRG Junior de Juniors title. Luchadors were eliminated being thrown over the top rope (battle royal rules) until it got down to the last two, where submissions and pinfalls were also allowed. Brawling outside was OK, so there was a lot of that. Elimination order: Fresero Jr., Hijo de Fishman, pirata Morgan, Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. (pulling each other out), Hijo de Dos Caras, Hijo del Lizmark. That left Nova and Trauma I, and Nova got some revenge for the Traumas putting him out of action last year by smashing Trauma I’s knee with a chair a few times and submitting Trauma I to his own hold.

Porra Fresa has a preview of tonight’s Arena Puebla card. Vangellys versus Rush is the semimain headliner.

This week’s Box Y Lucha #3167 has the Gran Alternativa winner, AAA in DF, and WWE masked men news.

This week’s Luchas 2000 has the Gran Alternativa winner, Perro going to Rey de Reyes, Halcon Suriano & Stukita, and Titan/Rush/La Mascara as “Los Bad Boys.” La Mascara?

Crazy Boy, Joe Lider, Septimo Dragon beat Dance Boy, Alex Guajardo, Star Boy (Guanajuato) in the main event of show in Salamanca, part of a seminar.

Cibernetico beat Perro Aguayo Jr. in Ciudad Victoria.

An article on a Bronx lucha libre promotion.

A lucha school in Tlaxaca.

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