I think I’ve finally figured out the accent problem on the new site! I should be more elated, but I’m not convinced I got everything; if you’re a person who uses the current luchawiki often, please take a moment on luchawiki.com and see if you notice any weird characters mixed in the text. (Don’t worry about the pictures not being there; we’re looking for accented letters replaced by random characters.)

If I’m all clear there, my tentative plan is to make the move on Friday night/Saturday morning. It’s not quite the simplest operation:
- upgrade thecubsfan.com/lucha to 1.6.3
- post moving message on current site
- freeze database
- backup database
- backup files (including all the images!)
- upload files to new site
- upload database
- run install script
- run manual fix to install script (oh those wacky install programs)
- pray everything works out right.

so I’m allowing some time in case on of those goes wrong, you know?

If everything’s a go, I’ll post a message on the wiki (and probably here) with an approximate shut down time for Friday.

Thanks for your patience and all your help.