Mil Mascaras and Vincent/Soberano tonight in Arena Mexico, AAA TV in Juarez on Sunday


CMLL (FRI) 11/18/2022 Arena México
1) Hombre Bala Jr. & Oro Jr. vs Disturbio & Zandokan Jr.
2) Avispa Dorada, La Vaquerita, Marcela vs Amapola, Metálica, Reyna Isis
3) Esfinge, Fugaz, Star Black vs Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Yota
4) Soberano Jr. vs Vincent
5) Atlantis Jr., Dragón Rojo Jr., Místico vs Gran Guerrero, Titán, Último Guerrero [Relevos Increíbles]

Mil Mascaras is being honored on the show. Mil Mascaras is probably only going to attend a CMLL show if he’s being honored in some way, and I’m not sure if there will ever be a specific reason for him to be honored again. Maybe CMLL brings many people back for the 90th Aniversario and we see him there. Maybe Mil is around and feels like coming to the 100th celebration. Maybe this is it for him appearing in Arena Mexico. No one knows, but I think the importance of the moment might get a few more people to show up.

Soberano Jr. versus Vincent should be very strange and that’s all we ask. Yota has some tricky opponents to work with (though figure he’ll get matched up with Star Black.) Avipsa Dorada is back on a Friday show after her COVID illness. Zandokan makes his Arena Mexico debut. Here’s the ticketmaster link.

CMLL (SAT) 11/19/2022 Arena Coliseo
1) Micro Gemelo Diablo I & Micro Gemelo Diablo II vs Átomo & Periquito Sacaryas
2) La Guerrera, La Magnifica, Princesa Sugehit vs Hera, La Seductora, Tiffany
3) Flyer, Fuego, Volcano vs Magia Blanca, Magnus, Rugido
4) Dulce Gardenia, Espíritu Negro, Rey Cometa vs El Coyote, Felino, Felino Jr.
5) Místico, Valiente, Volador Jr. vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Euforia, Niebla Roja

Fuego still only working Saturdays. Opener is a micros match without Chamuel after Chamuel lost the title. I think he’s still around.

Atlantis Jr. & Virus face Rocky Romero & Adrian Quest in Los Angeles for New Japan Strong on Sunday.

CMLL (TUE) 11/22/2022 Arena México
1) Acero & Aéreo vs Full Metal & Minos
2) Hombre Bala Jr., Neón, Robin vs Apocalipsis, Disturbio, Raider
3) Avispa Dorada, La Magnifica, Marcela vs Amapola, Hera, La Seductora
4) Dulce Gardenia, Espíritu Negro, Rey Cometa vs Arkalis, Pegasso, Stigma
5) Guerrero Maya Jr., Místico, Stuka Jr. vs Atlantis Jr., Hechicero, Mephisto

The main event is probably a Stuka/Atlantis thing but I want it to be a Maya/Hechicero thing.

Atlantis, hyping next week’s Leyenda de Azul, says he’s written a letter to Santa Claus to request a tag title match with Los Hermanos Chavez. (He also made the challenge publically.) That’s a rare Atlantis 2023 match that has me intrigued. Atlantis also mentions he’d like to star in an Aniversario; prior to this year, he said he was done putting his mask on the line.

CMLL (TUE) 11/22/2022 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Atilus, Maxiums, Rey Urano vs León Blanco, Relámpago Azul, Thunder Boy
2) Black Boy, Carlo Roggi, Maléfico vs El Divino, Persa, Temerario [Relevos Increíbles]
3) Ángel Rebelde, Optimus, Trono vs Furia Roja, Guerrero de la Muerte, Ráfaga
4) Halcón Negro Jr. vs Rugido
5) Yota & Zandokan Jr. vs Averno & JKR
6) Euforia & Soberano Jr. vs Valiente & Valiente Jr. and Flyer & Volador Jr. and Misterioso Negro & Misterioso Jr. [Torneo Herederos, semifinal]

Halcon Negro versus Rugido is not a title match, though that was the challenge last time. I really want Euforia & Soberano to win because a match with them and the Panteritas sounds great.

Mistico vs Averno was scheduled to headline a Lucha Libre Boom show in Puebla on Sunday. Lucha Libre Boom announced the show is canceled, implying CMLL pulled Mistico and Averno because they considered it a competition against their own Arena Puebla shows. I can see CMLL seeing feeling that, it’s doing it on two days notice that’s really strange. They’ll run a new lineup on the building without wrestlers on 12/18.


AAA on Space on Saturday

  • Éxtasis, Mini Vikingo, Radioactivo vs Brazo De Oro Jr., Demus, Draztick Boy
  • Puma King vs Emperador Azteca vs Toxin
  • Mr. Iguana & Niño Hamburguesa vs Carta Brava & Chessman

This is airing earlier than usual, but it’s still going against AEW’s PPV pre show. I’m not planning on being around when it’s going on and it’s just a TV episode to have a TV episode. My plan is to record it on Saturday and stream on Sunday. AAA has its first TV taping since TripleMania Sunday in Ciudad Juarez:

AAA TV (SUN) 11/20/2022 Gimnasio Municipal Josué Neri Santos, Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua
1) Aéreo, Cobarde, Microman vs Arez, Mini Abismo Negro, Rey Horus
2) Reina Dorada, Sexy Star, Sussy Love vs Flammer, La Hiedra, Maravilla
3) Jack Cartwheel & Willie Mack vs Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf
4) Bandido, Hijo Del Vikingo ???, Octagón Jr. vs Flamita, Gringo Loco, Villano III Jr.
5) Pagano, Pentagón Jr., Psycho Clown vs Rey Escorpión, Sam Adonis, Taurus

The main event was probably meant to build up Adomis/Psycho for later, but this appears to be the last time they’ll wrestle on AAA TV this year. The semi-main has Villano/Octagon and Bandido/Flamita pairs and meant to have a Vikingo/Gringo one. AAA knows Vikingo isn’t going to wrestle, they just haven’t bothered to update the lineup. Most of the matches look like they should be fine – I’m not as confident about the women’s one after Sussy Love & Reina Dorada’s work this past week on TV – and there’s not that looks particularly exciting or important. There was a press conference to build up the event on Thursday, and they were still presenting Vikingo as appearing on the show. Local officials were also pushing the idea that Dorian Roldan and Marisela Pena were going to attend the show, and that must mean a TripleMania or like event would be happening in Ciudad Juarez if they would come. (They’re at every taping.)

An Aereo Instagram posts says this show is airing live on the Lucha Juarez Facebook page, but I think that he likely just meant he was doing an interview about the show on the Lucha Juarez Facebook page.

I presume AAA is airing the Showcenter final over the next two weeks (11/26 and 12/03) and then this Ciudad Juarez show (12/10, 12/17). After that, maybe best off as usual around Christmas? Maybe a special airing of the Acapulco show? AAA doesn’t necessarily need to tape Tempe show on paper, unless they’re taking January off from taping.

The WON says Laredo Kid is “hopefully” mid-February. It’s Laredo Kid, he probably wants to wrestle as soon as possible, but also I kinda think he should chill out until Rey de Reyes and AAA should make his return a big deal there. The newsletter also mentions the plan is to have in-person English commentary for the 12/28 Acapulco show, which is also useful confirmation AAA plans on putting that show on FITE. AAA hasn’t announced any plans for airing that hsow. I wonder if AAA would’ve flown them in for this show if the last show hasn’t been such a tech disaster.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter also reports MLW is considering working with CMLL, which would mean the end of its relationship with AAA. I think there are a lot of good wrestlers in CMLL that I would like to see additionally outside the bubble that is Arena Mexico, but that’s also the same reason it’s hard to imagine CMLL wrestlers being any upgrade to AAA wrestlers on MLW shows. If correct, this seems to me like it may be MLW being upset with AAA over something and they’re publicly looking for alternatives. Most of the responses I got to this story think it’s a NJPW thing, but MLW wouldn’t need to bring in CMLL wrestlers to do that (and Impact is quietly doing that with AAA wrestlers on their shows. MLW counts AAA wrestlers on their roster. AAA’s Arez and Aramis are under MLW contract last I knew, though it’s hard to tell watching the show. Aramis hasn’t been on an MLW show since April, Arez hasn’t been on since June. Others have come in briefly. Taya and Micro Man are featured more often, and MLW face issues using them if they use CMLL ones. This story is so bizarre that there’s got to be another part we’re not getting, but a lot of stuff with MLW in the last six months made much sense at face value and no one looks too much into it because it’s only MLW.

Hugo Savinovich and Carlos Cabrera are hosting a show in Chile on 12/11 with Will Ospreay, Santino Marella and Natalia Markova. Makes me wonder if Hugo was the one who came up with bringing Markova to AAA, which never worked out.


IWRG , RGR (THU) 11/17/2022 Arena Naucalpan [Cronistas del Ring, IWRG, Mas Lucha]
1) Rey Halcón & Súper Boy b Baby Star & Jhon Tito ¡Súper Boy y Rey Halcón son los primeros ganadores de la noche! (posted by mluchatv) LIVE (posted by mluchatv)
2) Dick Angelo 3G & Legendario b Aster Boy & Noisy Boy ¡Aster Boy y Noisy Boy salen con la victoria sobre Los Herederos Dorados! (posted by mluchatv) LIVE (posted by mluchatv)
3) Bugambilia, Máximo, Pimpinela Escarlata b Diva Salvaje, Jessy Ventura, Mamba ¡Guerra de exóticos en la Arena Naucalpan! (posted by mluchatv) Las Shotas Vs Las Chicas Superpoderosas Arena Naucalpan (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre) LIVE (posted by mluchatv)
two teams continued to fued
4) Rey León © b Hijo De Canis Lupus [RGR MIDDLE] ¡Así se disputa el Campeonato Medio de RGR entre Rey León y El Hijo de Canis Lupus! (posted by mluchatv) LIVE (posted by mluchatv) Rey León Vs Hijo de Canis Lupus por el campeonato peso medio RGR en la Arena Naucalpan (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
5) Hijo de LA Park, LA Park, LA Park Jr. b Hijo del Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan Jr. La Familia Real ☠️ VS Los Piratas Infernales 🏴‍☠️ | Lucha completa en IWRG-RGR (posted by mluchatv) La Familia Real se lleva la victoria sobre Los Piratas Infernales (posted by mluchatv) LA Park, Hijo de LA Park y LA Park Jr Vs Pirata Morgan, Hijo de Pirata Morgan y Pirata Morgan Jr (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre) LIVE (posted by mluchatv)

This one looks to have drawn great, especially for a Thursday. LA Park can still mean a lot. LA Park and Rush spent Thursday jabbering back and forth on social media.

IWRG (SUN) 11/20/2022 Arena Naucalpan
1) Stelaris vs Súper Boy
2) Bengalee vs Keyra [IWRG IC WOMEN, quarterfinal]
3) Cerebro Negro, Cerebro Negro Jr., Dr. Cerebro vs Gran Pandemónium, Hijo de Pandemónium, Pandemónium Jr.
4) Hijo del Alebrije vs Jessy VenturaMáximoRelámpagoTonalliDiva SalvajeRocky CasasBugambiliaNoisy BoyHell BoyGaleno del MalMr. LeoHijo del Pirata MorganGarra Mortal Jr.PaymonSpider FlyYorvakPantera Jr.LegendarioHijo del Pantera [lumberjack strap, battle royal]
5) Puma de Oro vs Aster Boy
winner faces Tonalli in a mask match

The main event resolves the unsigned mask contract from last week, where either Puma de Oro or Aster Boy will end up facing him on IWRG’s anniversary show. Match 3 looks headed to a trios title match, probably on the anniversary show as well.

Big Lucha

Tonight’s Big Lucha World, listed as starting at 8:30 pm:

  • Action Jackson vs Potro
  • La Estrella & Cometa Maya vs Vengador & Anarko
  • Iku vs Extasis

I think Iku is the guy listed as Scarecrow on the poster for the next show.

Other News

LuchaWorld has the latest news update.

Segunda Caida rates Pentagon Jr vs Villano IV as the best match of the year so far. Segunda Caida putting a Pentagon Jr. match up top is as unexpected as the Pope switching to Buddhism.

Jalisco luchador Lazzer Boy (Mario Alberto Contreras, 40) passed away Tuesday. He was a regular at Arena Jalisco but doesn’t seem to have wrestled since 2014.

Black Taurus defeated PJ Black and faces Trey Miguel for the vacant X-Division championship tonight on Impact’s Over Drive PPV. You can subscribe to Impact’s YouTube channel and see the show for $5/month. Taurus seems like the slight favorite, in the way most US promotions just take turns with different people holding midcard titles and Miguel already have him his turn earlier this year. The counterpoint is Black Taurus is a luchador in Impact.

01/27 PCW Ultra has Black Taurus vs Jacob Fabu. It’s crazy how other promotions see Black Taurus as impressive enough to be in a big singles match on a show and AAA doesn’t see it.

Pro Wrestling Revolucion and West Coast Pro Wrestling have the King of the Indies on Saturday. Matches include Titus Alexander versus Dragon Lee (who’s won the last two of these) and Viento vs Dralistico. It’s a one night eight team tournament, so the winners will be wrestlers multiple times on that show. Extreme Tiger and Califronia Misterioso will appear on the show as well. It streams on IWTV. This should had the bad luck of running against AEW or I think it would be a bigger deal.

12/17 RIOT

That looks like a really good trios match. Can’t wait to find out who replaces Willy Banderas, who seems never to make these shows.

KAOZ announced they’ll be bringing in Flip Gordon for February. It’s a combo show with Robles and The Crash. I have no problem with Flip Gordon and I don’t like that I’m frequently in a position to be critical of Flip Gordon, but I have no understand of why these groups are so stuck on Flip Gordon.

An ESTO article has the author wrestling Hijo de Fishman to find out if wrestling is real, which leads to his glasses being broken.

El Imperial has an interview with Thunder Rosa on being added to the Tijuana walk of fame.

Big Mami and Baronessa are listed on a poster for Great Khalis’ CWE promotion in India. That fits with Mami saying she was heading to India in February. The poster, as uploaded by Khali and reposted elsewhere, crops off the location and the date of the show.

Puebla officials held a press conference for their lucha libre licensing exam, which is scheduled for 11/27. Asturiano, Pegasso, Black Tiger and Loco Max will be the talent evaluators. The exam costs 253.68 pesos (~13 USD)