Puebla defeats GDL, Aniversario nearly sold out, TripleMania on FITE


CMLL (MON) 09/12/2022 Arena Puebla [Arena Coliseo Guadajara, Arena Puebla, Box y LuchaMas Lucha]
1) Espíritu Maligno, Millenium, Sombra Diabólica b Ángel Rebelde (Querétaro), Optimus (Querétaro), Trono (Querétaro)
2) Furia Roja (Jalisco), Guerrero de la Muerte (Jalisco), Joker (Jalisco) b El Asturiano, Prayer, Siki Osama
3) Rey Apocalipsis b Halcón Negro Jr. [lightning]
Rey Apocalipsis replaced Halcon Negro (who appeared to be there but didn’t wrestle.) About 8 minutes.
4) Arkalis, El Perverso, Guerrero Maya Jr., Pegasso, Rey Samuray, Stigma b Adrenalina (Jalisco), Bestia Negra, Difunto, Explosivo (Jalisco), Fantástico (Jalisco), Zandokan Jr. Facebook video (posted by )
Order of elimination: Perverso, Adrenalina, Fantastico, Rey Samuray, Explosivo, Pegasso, Difunto, Arkalis, Bestia Negra, Stigma, and Maya defeated Zandokan to win.
5) Averno, Místico, Stuka Jr. DQ Atlantis, Atlantis Jr., Fuerza Guerrera [Relevos Increíbles]
Atlantis Jr. accidentally unmasked Stuka Jr. for the DQ.

I read on Twitter there’s a full version of the cibernetico but I haven’t found (and haven’t had time to find it.) Coverage of the Puebla/GDL show was way up than usual and attendance seems somewhat up. They seemed to be into the Puebla/GDL cibernetico at least.

Atlantis unmasking Stuka Jr. by accident is going full circle on this year.

CMLL (TUE) 09/13/2022 Arena México [CMLL, Estrellas de Ring, Kaiser SportsMarca]
1) Oro Jr., Sangre Imperial, Valiente Jr. b Dr. Karonte I, Dr. Karonte II, Enfermero Jr. 20220913cmll_match1Oro Jr., Sangre Imperial, Valiente Jr. vs Dr. Karonte I, Dr. Karonte II, Enfermero Jr..mp4 (posted by luchablog vault (Google Drive))
2) Angelito, Shockercito, Último Dragóncito b Full Metal, Minos, Pierrothito 20220913cmll_match2Angelito, Shockercito, Último Dragóncito vs Full Metal, Minos, Pierrothito.mp4 (posted by luchablog vault (Google Drive))
tencicos took 2/3
3) La Guerrera, Marcela, Princesa Sugehit b Amapola, Dark Silueta, La Metálica 20220913cmll_match3La Guerrera, Marcela, Princesa Sugehit vs Amapola, Dark Silueta, La Metálica.mp4 (posted by luchablog vault (Google Drive))
tecnicas took 1/3
4) Gemelo Diablo I, Gemelo Diablo II, Sagrado b Diamond, Magia Blanca, Rugido 20220913cmll_match4Diamond, Magia Blanca, Rugido vs Gemelo Diablo I, Gemelo Diablo II, Sagrado.mp4 (posted by luchablog vault (Google Drive))
Malditos took 1/3, only losing the second by DQ.
5) Cavernario, Dragón Rojo Jr., Gran Guerrero b Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Terrible 20220913cmll_match5Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Terrible vs Cavernario, Dragón Rojo Jr., Gran Guerrero.mp4 (posted by luchablog vault (Google Drive))
Team Cavernario took 2/3

Heard this was a vocal crowd but not a strong show. It didn’t look great on paper.

CMLL (TUE) 09/13/2022 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, thecubsfan]
1) Black Boy, Ponzoña Jr., Raven b Capitán Cobra, Micro, Mortis 20220913cmll_match1Capitán Cobra, Micro, Mortis vs Black Boy, Ponzoña Jr., Raven.mp4 (posted by luchablog vault (Google Drive))
2) Flash, Mágico, Metatrón, Ráfaga DQ León Blanco, Maléfico, Mr. Trueno, Rey Trueno 20220913cmll_match2Flash, Mágico, Metatrón, Ráfaga vs León Blanco, Maléfico, Mr. Trueno, Rey Trueno.mp4 (posted by luchablog vault (Google Drive))
Flash faked a foul from Mr. Trueno
3) La Jarochita, Lluvia, Sexy Sol DQ La Magnifica, Reyna Isis, Valkiria
Reyna Isis excessive violence DQ
4) Bestia Negra, Difunto, Rey Bucanero, Satánico b Felino, Joker, Omar Brunetti, Vaquero Jr. 20220913cmll_match4Bestia Negra, Difunto, Rey Bucanero, Satánico vs Felino, Joker, Omar Brunetti, Vaquero Jr..mp4 (posted by luchablog vault (Google Drive))
Satanico & Bucanero fouled Felino & Joker
5) Euforia, Soberano Jr., Zandokan Jr. b Demonio Maya, Furia Roja, Principe Daniel 20220913cmll_match5Euforia, Soberano Jr., Zandokan Jr. vs Demonio Maya, Furia Roja, Principe Daniel.mp4 (posted by luchablog vault (Google Drive))
Julio Presadio and his band played a surprise performance after the match.
6) Averno, Hijo del Villano III, Místico b Atlantis Jr., Explosivo, Último Guerrero 20220913cmll_match6Averno, Hijo del Villano III, Místico vs Atlantis Jr., Explosivo, Último Guerrero.mp4 (posted by luchablog vault (Google Drive))

This looked very weird skimming through it. A run of two DQs and a foul finish in the middle, people who were taken off the show (Felino) somehow ending up on the show, Hijo del Villano III being sent to town so Explosivo gets a random main event. Difunto did the “carried to the ring in a casket” Espectro entrance, the semimain was followed by a surprise band performance, they shot off confetti for Mistico winning a normal trios match, just an all over the place show.

Hijo del Villano III added did serve as a reminder that, at one point, CMLL was building an Atlantis/Atlantis Jr. vs Villano IV/Hijo del Villano III big match that fell to the wayside. Both Atlantis father and son are still getting their big match, Villano IV is actually getting a big match and Hijo del Villano III just exists. Only Guadalajara still books him as an Atlantis Jr. rival right now.

CMLL said they’re down to 150 tickets left for the Aniversario show. I suspect they’re selling out after Informa.

KeMonito announced he’d make his return to CMLL on the Aniversario show. He’s been out a couple of weeks after minor surgery.

ESTO’s Aniversario interviews continue with Atlantis (“the best arenas are the ones filled with children”) and Atlantis Jr. (who talks about putting on masks and wrestling with his father when they were young.

CMLL Informa has a cast of thousands. The Copa Independencia finalists, Solar, Rocky Santana, El Gallego, Mr. Condor, Hombre Bala and Robin are scheduled.


TripleMania Mexico City is available to purchase on FITE. It’s $23 USD. The two previous TripleManias this year were $20, the NYC show back in 2019 was $30. $23 seems fine, as long as AAA gets around to announcing some matches. The default link seems to be the English version and they’re listing a start time of 7 pm CT.

I made fun of the FITE description, weirdly translating the names of the wrestlers and spelling TripleMania wrong. They fixed the names. TripleMania is still spelled wrong. FITE still is pretty useful because they sent out a press release to the news sites to announce the PPV was on sale as “new matches announced for TripleMania” and a lot of places ran it without noticing there were no new matches announced for TripleMania.

Battle Championship Wrestling, a group in Australia near Melbourne, announced they’ll have Hijo del Vikingo vs Adam Brooks on their 10/28 show. That’s the first time Hijo del Vikingo has wrestled outside of Mexico; I wouldn’t have bet on that happening in Australia, but Drago & Aerostar have gone to Australia before off the Lucha Underground fame. Every country has different visa rules, Vikingo not being able to get into the US doesn’t really stop him from working elsewhere if the promotion can get him there.

Last week’s Mas Lucha podcast mentioned Hijo del Vikingo missed the Torreon TV taping show due to a flight issue. This week’s podcast mentioned Octagon Jr. is still waiting for medical clearance to come back to the ring; he was close but still not approved to wrestle on this past week’s taping. Hard Rock Hotel’s owners posted a highlight package of the taping.

Did you know NGD has new theme music? You can listen to it here. I would not suggest listening to it.


IWRG (FRI) 09/16/2022 Arena Naucalpan
1) Jhon Tiger & Spider Fly vs Limbo & Rey Halcón
2) Diosa Quetzal vs KeyraBengaleeSatania
3) Aster Boy, Noisy Boy, Tonalli vs Dick Angelo 3G, Legendario, Puma de Oro
4) Coco Rojo, Coco Verde, Cocolores vs Cerebro Negro, Fly Warrior, Maniacop 360
5) Hijo del Pirata Morgan vs Hijo del Fishman [IWRG Rey del Ring]
6) Caballero de Plata vs Hell Boy [hair]

Not a lot of help for the main event hair match and this show goes directly up against the Aniversario show. The match should be good enough that I’ll want to watch two shows at once (but probably won’t). The poster has this as a Mas Lucha membership but Mas Lucha explained that it’s actually a free show and Sunday’s IWRG show is the pay one.

Big Lucha

No Big Lucha World this week either. The promotion hasn’t said anything but what I believe they’re putting it on hiatus this month because they’re otherwise busy. They are still running angles on social media, most recently King and Kong wondering if they should be tecnicos or rudos.

Bandido’s Gym will have it’s second annual bodybuilding competition on 12/17.

Other News

LuchaWorld has the latest Lucha Report and this week’s Poster-Mania. There’s a lot of posters for Friday but somehow I thought there would be even more.

Titanes en el Ring luchador Indio Geronimo (Raymundo Saire Carrasco) passed away on Monday.

RIOT put up the 2021 Arez vs Hijo del Vikingo match. In lesser important news, PWI put out their annual 500 list. Vikingo finished 8th. I haven’t seen the full list, I’m sure someone will do the hard work of writing it all out today, then everyone else will just steal it from them and you’ll be able to find it. PWI uses a June/June calendar and is ranking “who had the best year”, not “who is the best”. Vikingo was mega champion for about half that run, so he was always going to be ranked highly – the unusual think is PWI valued AAA contributions more than past years. It’s recognition AAA ought to take advantage of while they can.

Impact on Thursday:

Dragon Bane and Alpha Wolf wrestle again in NOAH on 09/16, a show airing on their WrestleUniverse service. Extreme Tiger and Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr. are also in tag matches. Tiger, Wolf, Bane and Ninja Mack have a four-way match 09/21.

Oaxaca’s Arena San Francisco had a 09/18 Endevaor vs Fantasma Blanco Jr. mask match scheduled for a while and will sell it as an iPPV for 50 pesos. No details on how to buy yet. I don’t know if that match is any good, I don’t know how to actually buy the show. It’s just rare to see iPPV offered away from the major cities.

Warrior Wrestling originally announced Briscoe Brothers versus the Lucha Brothers for the 10/02 show. They announced Tuesday night that AEW had asked them not to book that match and the Lucha Brothers will instead face Brian Cage and Gringo Loco. It’s all weird.

JCW announced Negro Navarro for their 10/09 show in New Jersey. That’s a funny idea that probably won’t end well.

GCW announced Komander for their 10/22 (Detriot) and 10/23 (Columbus) shows.

This is two weeks old news, but the Disney “Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion” show is believed to be canceled. That was the show that which originally included Blue Demon Jr. until it was suddenly no longer not. The article mentioning the cancelation speculates Disney may have given up on the show before it even aired.