CMLL Gran Prix field announced, Leyenda de Plata part 2, Horus/Bandido to Impact


Kind of a quiet tournament show tonight for CMLL. The B Block of Leyenda de Plata is Volador Jr., Templario and six guys who don’t appear to have a shot. Soberano’s interviews this week have focused on wanting Templario to come out of this block so they can fight in the final. It’s a coin flip. The rest of the show are just three matches with no reason to exist going into them, though maybe they’ll set up something going out. The show will air on TicketmasterLive as always.

Soberano also mentions he wasn’t very mature before he had his injury break. He’s since learned both to take care of his money and that he’s not going to be around forever so he’s got to make as much as he can while he can and be as big star as possible.

CMLL (SAT) 07/23/2022 Arena Coliseo
1) Diamond, Magia Blanca, Magnus vs Bestia Negra, Difunto, Zandokan Jr.
2) Hera, La Jarochita, Lluvia, Olympia vs Dark Silueta, Nautica, Sexy Sol, Valkiria (Jalisco)
3) Akuma, Dark Magic, Espanto Jr. vs Adrenalina, Explosivo (Jalisco), Fantástico
4) Dulce Gardenia, Espíritu Negro, Rey Cometa vs Furia Roja (Jalisco), Guerrero de la Muerte (Jalisco), Joker (Jalisco)
5) Soberano Jr., Star Black, Star Jr. vs Bárbaro Cavernario, Demonio Maya, Principe Daniel

This is the previously announced CMLL Mexico City vs Guadalajara show; team Guadalajara is on the right side of all these matches. This Coliseo card might get a little more media coverage than usual because of it.

Star Black was asked why he’s on Team Mexico City and basically explained “that’s the job CMLL asked me to do on that day.” He’d rather be on Team Guadalajara.

I’ve got a database trigger that alerts me to add a new wrestler to the database when they reach 10 matches in CMLL’s main arenas. It’s best used to identify people from older results, but I was using Olympia as a modren test case. Until now – when she got to 9 matches and I gave it up. She’s been here for four months already, CMLL is just very slowly booking her. (Hera was already in the database because there are multiple Hera’s to separate.)

CMLL (SUN) 07/24/2022 Arena México
1) La Guerrera & La Magnifica vs La Seductora & Olympia
2) Astral, Robin, Volcano vs Kráneo, Nitro, Raider
3) Arkalis, Guerrero Maya Jr., Pegasso vs El Coyote, Okumura, Rey Bucanero
4) Último Dragóncito vs Shockercito, Aéreo, Acero, Angelito, Fantasy, Kaligua, Pequeño Magía [cibernetico, cibernetico suicida]
loser faces Pequeno Olimpico on 07/29
5) Atlantis, Negro Casas, Titán vs Gemelo Diablo I, Gemelo Diablo II, Sagrado

Ultimo Dragoncito is the big opponent, Aereo is the cheap way to get to a hair match.

CMLL (MON) 07/25/2022 Arena Puebla
1) Asturiano & Centella Roja vs Espíritu Maligno & Fuerza Chicana
2) Mercurio & Último Dragóncito vs Angelito & Pequeño Olímpico [Relevos Increíbles]
3) Esfinge, Fugaz, Star Black vs Akuma, Dark Magic, Espanto Jr.
4) Dulce Gardenia, Espíritu Negro, Rey Cometa © vs Arkalis, Guerrero Maya Jr., Pegasso [MEX TRIOS]
first defense
5) Ángel de Oro, Atlantis, Niebla Roja vs Fuerza Guerrera, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero [Relevos Increíbles]

That title defense should be fine. Minis match could be a mask match preview, but they wouldn’t need to do a relevos increibles to set it up since it has to be tecnico/rudo anyway.

CMLL (TUE) 07/26/2022 Arena México
1) Acero, Aéreo, Shockercito vs Full Metal, Minos, Pequeño Violencia
2) Marcela & Skadi vs Stephanie Vaquer & Tiffany
3) Enfermero Jr., Hombre Bala Jr., Oro Jr., Robin, Sangre Imperial, Valiente Jr. vs Arkalis, El Perverso, Guerrero Maya Jr., Pegasso, Rey Samuray, Stigma [cibernetico]
CDMX vs Puebla
4) Blue Panther, Negro Casas, Stuka Jr. vs Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Terrible

That Ciebrnetico is a good way to make a random Tuesday show a bit more interesting. There’s at least a temporary pattern of pulling in the non-Mexico City arenas for these ideas a bit more. It’s also possible a way to set up a Stigma title match (or maybe even a Bala/Robin title defense?)

CMLL (TUE) 07/26/2022 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Ángel Rebelde, Halcón Negro Jr., Optimus, Trono vs Flash, Omar Brunetti, Ráfaga, Vaquero Jr.
2) Adrenalina, Explosivo, Fantástico vs Diamond, Magia Blanca, Magnus
3) Dalys, Lluvia, Sexy Sol vs Dark Silueta, Náutica, Valkiria
4) Akuma, Dark Magic, Espanto Jr. vs Bestia Negra, Difunto, Zandokan Jr.
5) Dulce Gardenia, Espíritu Negro, Rey Cometa vs Furia Roja, Guerrero de la Muerte, Joker
6) Atlantis Jr., Soberano Jr., Star Black vs Bárbaro Cavernario, Demonio Maya, Principe Daniel

The second half of the GDL/CDMX challenge. Dalys is going to have a long travel day – back to Mexico City then to Japan (with maybe another stop over in between?) to get to Japan by the 29th. Or maybe someone just replaces her.

TUDN has an interview with Valiente about his injury. When he got hurt and taken from the match last November, it looked like it might have been maybe a bit of covering for the spot went wrong and not a significant injury, and then it turned out he was gone for most of a year. It turns out Valiente thought the same thing: he felt hurt a little bit but didn’t think it was a big deal. The CMLL medical staff checked his knee the next day and told him he tore ligaments. Valiente did not believe them at all, wanted to keep working and wrestling, and it took some convincing for him to believe he was actually seriously hurt. The rehab sounds like it’s been tough as well and there didn’t seem to be a mention of a return date.

That Valiente injury in November would’ve been a couple of months after CMLL announced changes to the medical team (and after the Warrior Jr. training injury which may have led to those changes.) Maybe the previous medical setup would’ve caught Valiente’s injury and urged surgery as well, but the new medics have been much more present and involved and I can only wonder if that changed how Valiente’s injury has been handled.

Los Micros Gemelos Diablos were among many local combat sports atheltes honored in Aguascalientes. AAA’s local promoter was also honored.

the Gran Prix is getting it’s own section

CMLL announced the participants in the 08/19 Gran Prix on Wednesday

Team Mexico

  • Ultimo Guerrero
  • Volador Jr.
  • Titan
  • Stuka Jr.
  • Atlantis Jr.
  • Soberano Jr.
  • Templario

Team World

  • Tiger Mask IV
  • Matt Taven
  • Lince Dorado
  • Robbie Eagles
  • Rocky Romero
  • Kenny King
  • Oráculo

This is a 7 v 7 field, when past years have been 8 v 8. There’s no obvious reason to make that change, it would’ve been just as easy to add one more for each side.

The Team Mexico focus is on heavy on the Aniversario feuds. Stuka Jr. & Atlantis Jr. and Soberano & Templario continue their issues. Ultimo Guerrero is in though not Averno; maybe they couldn’t justify leaving Volador or Titan out. Averno in general is not booked much by CMLL. Atlantis and Fuerza Guerrera would be exposed in a match like this.

Mistico, Barbaro Cavernario, the Chavez Brothers and Hechicero are the big missing names. It’s possible Mistico is an injury wait-and-see; I saw a theory that the 7v7 is because CMLL’s waiting to see if Mistico’s healthy and will add him and Okumura if is possible. Mistico should be back next week on the original timeline, so I’m not convinced they’d hold off announcing him for a show three weeks later. Caveranrio got his title win last week and so that may be the justification to leave him off (instead of following the momentum.) CMLL seems to like the Chavez Brothers but thinks of them just below the top level. And maybe Hechicero is even lower than that; he’s taken the Blue Panther/Virus spot of a guy CMLL agrees has great technical ability but doesn’t see him as a star as much as his fans do. Like those guys, there’s really no where better for him to go. Hechicero is doing commentary for the Televisa show, seems like a guy who’ll get a training gig if he wants it one day, and probably can stay in CMLL forever even if it’s not as good as it could be for him.

As for Team World

Tiger Mask IV is a NJPW wrestler who’s currently the AJPW Junior Heavyweight champion. The gulf between those two companies is such that a person who rarely does much in NJPW can reasonably be a top guy in AJPW. (There are mitigating factors; Tiger Mask IV did win half of the IWGP Junior Heavyweight tag titles last year, AJPW is said not to have much of a junior division anyway.) Tiger Mask is truly booked here because Satoru Sayama was such a big deal in Mexico. The “Tiger Mask” gimmick lives forever in the mind of the Mexican people who grew up following wrestling in the late 70s and early 80s, and those are the people who are making the decisions in CMLL. This Tiger Mask IV is not that Tiger Mask I and everyone should be aware of that difference – the original Tiger Mask return to Arena Mexico in 2006, this one has a big IV in the center of the mask, they are clearly different people – but knowledge about Japanese wrestling in Mexico is about the same as knowledge of Mexican wrestling in the US. There’s a lot of people who assume the Tiger Mask in NJPW is still Sayama (only off by 40 years), including some people who work for CMLL. I guess what’s to watch here is if CMLL is interested in correcting that perception or if they’ll just let it go.

It sure seemed like Matt Taven being announced for Federacion Wrestling was one of the primary reasons ROH and CMLL had its falling out – CMLL demanded ROH pull Taven (and, to a lesser extent, the other ROH contracted wrestlers), ROH explained they didn’t have the rights to so, and so CMLL pulled the deal with ROH. I’m now not sure it made a lot of difference: ROH may have not be able to bring in CMLL wrestlers for the rest of Sinclair ownership, the Federacion show didn’t happen, Taven and CMLL are back together. I’m out about $20 USD but that’s nothing new. Taven had tours of Mexico in 2016, 2017, 2018 (losing a very confusing Aniversario main event) and 2019, being part of Gran Prix three of those times. He seemed to like working in Mexico – no one cared how hard ROH did or did not push him in Mexico City for one – and he clearly had big fans of CMLL management. I didn’t expect to be so big fans to bring him back, but it’s apparent through this list that CMLL was going to stick with people they knew well and they know Matt Taven. Taven has been in Impact this year as part of ROH invasion stable Honor No More as well as working in NWA. I read this as a direct Taven/CMLL relationship and not something that implies a relationship with another promotion.

Lince Dorado was the long time tag partner of Gran Metalik (Mascara Dorada) as the Lucha House Party in WWE. The two seemed close, especially after Kalisto (Samuray del Sol) was split off from the group and it became just a unit; they mutually made the decision to leave WWE. It’s surely the connection to get Lince to Arena Mexico. Lince talked Thursday about wanting to come to CMLL more than just one show, including teaming with Dorada. Lince has been doing a “Lucha Lit” character since leaving WWE, and I can’t think of anyone who’s done a drug referencing gimmick that strongly in CMLL (though there are references I catch and probably more I do not.)

Robbie Eagles (from Australia, not New Zealand) is a NJPW regular junior, well regarded by those who watch the promotion. He had a match with Will Ospreay that ended with Ospreay endorsing him; he came into NJPW as part of hell Bullet Club and was so well-liked that a switch to being a face made a lot of sense. He’s won both the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship and the Junior Tag Championship (w/Tiger Mask.) I saw him in person in PWG, and he came across to me as a guy who did an awful lot of Volador Jr. spots. Taven would probably be a bigger deal if they spun a 1v1 match out of this, but Eagles would probably have a better match. Titan defeating Eagles on the final group stage day of the BOSJ cost Eagles his chance to advance farther, and that’s an obvious setup for a singles match or even just an elimination if CMLL follows up on it.

Rocky Romero has a lot of history with CMLL and Mexican wrestling in general: he had a fondly remembered 2003/2004 as part of the Havana Brothers, then a 2008 stint as Grey Shadow that didn’t work out for anyone. (Among other issues, CMLL wanted to get him over as this new masked star, when it was already obvious that the new masked star was going to be this kid named La Sombra.) Romero jumped from CMLL to AAA, unmasking in the process, but didn’t seem to enjoy the couple of years he hung around there. He found his way back to NJPW, where his career really took off in and out of the ring. Romero is the NJPW foreign promotion liaison; he’s shown up in ROH and Impact as NJPW’s worked with them, and he and Tony Khan have talked about working together a lot to put together the NJPW/AEW Forbidden Door show. It’s a bit surprising Romero hasn’t been back to CMLL already for that reason – he knows the players in Mexico as well as anyone after working for both companies – though maybe NJPW’s so far just been content with Okumura being their voice to the Arena Mexico office. Romero is going to do well in a match like the Gran Prix, it just might not be his only or most important work in Mexico. If there’s anyone who can sit in an office with CMLL people and convince them it’s OK to let NJPW people be in the same ring with Andrade or Fenix or Pentagon, maybe it’s Rocky. (I’d also like to bet on AAA trying to set up a clandestine meeting with Romero while he’s in the country.)

Kenny King, like Matt Taven, has been spending time on Impact as part of their evil ROH invasion group. CMLL’s brought him in for the 2017 and 2019 Gran Prix, but hasn’t used him beyond those weekends and he didn’t go particularly far in the tournament. King had been part of the LFI group in ROH, closely associated with Dragon Lee, Rush and La Bestia del Ring, which seems like it’d be enough to cross him off the list most years. This again looks like CMLL pulling in someone they knew from the past rather than finding/trusting someone new.

Oráculo wrestled in the 2019 Gran Prix and, according to Cagematch, has wrestled 13 matches in the last three years. Most of those were The Crash matches, where he was both a regular and lost his mask. He hasn’t been back there since February. Almost all of the rest are small Florida shows. He appears to be someone who decided to pause wrestling during the pandemic, with no matches between February 2020 and October 2021. There may be other factors for why Oraculo isn’t booked much. As noted every time Oraculo gets reintroduced, wrestler Mia Yim has talked about (and been consistent in her details of) domestic violence suffered from her boyfriend of a certain time period. She doesn’t seem ever to say the name of that boyfriend and no one’s ever been charged with a crime to the best of my knowledge, but Yim was public about her relationship with Jay Rios during that time period, and everyone’s certain he is the person she’s talking about. Rios has repeatedly denied the accusations, and the story tends to go away because his career has gone such a low profile; most people don’t realize Oráculo is Jay Rios. It’s also at least possible his career has been so low profile because his peers have made the decision not to use him on shows – either they believe Yim’s story or they’ve decided he’s not worth the blowback from using him – but we can’t be sure of that, there may be other things going on. I know there was a suspicion CMLL might bring in a Travis Banks or Marty Scurll or even Michael Elgin in this year’s Gran Prix, and it was a relief not to see one of those guys involved in Arena Mexico for a few weeks. They’ve still brought in someone who can be lumped in the same pile, a person with accusations that have made him unbookable except in places run by friends or lucha libre promotions. I don’t think most CMLL fans know who Oráculo is, he’ll probably go out of the match early, and fans still won’t know who he is. It seems like an easy name to take a pass on, but CMLL’s limited contacts and likes others vouching for him got him on the list.

Team World is the heavy favorite. It’s just too easy for Team Mexico to self-combust. The bigger questions are if there’s a specific singles match coming out of a Team World, and if CMLL will hold off announcing the Anniversario plans until whatever happens on this show goes down.


Space’s description is “Mazatlan 1”, so it’s on to the July 2nd taping. If you’re reading this, there’s no lineup preview video yet. The highlight match is Vikingo & Penta vs Hermanos Lee.

I kinda want to move the Twitch stream so it’s not running against the same time of the ROH, but I had to move it last week too and don’t want to keep doing that and I’m not sure if anyone besides me cares about both the ROH show and the AAA TV show. It’ll probably be on the normal time.

Verano de Escandalo will not be airing live on FITE after all, according to a source. I’m pretty sure they announced it would be back at the press conference, but maybe I misunderstood or maybe it was a misspeak. It never made total sense. I expect AAA won’t be live again until TripleMania Mexico City in October.

AAA has Showcenter #4 on Sunday. The main event is Vikingo, Iguana and Hamburguesa against Puma King, Chessman and Toscano. Dralistico/Latigo is the only men’s tournament match. La Hiedra versus the debuting Natalia Marakova is probably meant to be a women’s tournament match. It’s hard to be all that involved in these shows when nothing on AAA TV matters outside of having good matches and it’s unclear if we’ll ever see the good matches. There was the usual late discount on tickets, though it doesn’t appear that’s going on. The ticket map shows a lot of empty seats. It also shows the upperdeck as being sold; it seems like they’ve closed that down and moved people closer the last couple of shows, so I’m not sure if the map is that useful.

We did get an answer is Showcenter 3 was taped; AAA is putting up highlights of Showcenter 3 on YouTube spread out through the weekend. Not sure when or if we’ll ever see the full show.

Impact Wrestling announced Bandido vs Rey Horus for their 08/12 Emergence show. This is an Impact Plus ($8/month subscription and probably like $10/15 on FITE as a standalone thing.) Emergence is taking place in Cicero Stadium outside of Chicago, where lucha libre promotions (and MLW) have run very successfully in the past, so it makes sense to bring in extra Mexican wrestlers for the show. Impact tapes TV the following day in the same location, and it’s safe to assume they’ll be on those shows as well.

Impact is billing Bandido and Rey Horus as AAA wrestlers and AAA is going along. Rey Horus hasn’t actually wrestled for AAA on TV since 2020. He was on in a Showcenter match taped for TV against Gringo Loco, but it didn’t air. I believe he was supposed to be Tijuana mascot Rey Xolo at one point, but it got switched to Extreme Tiger and then weirdly Villano III Jr. in the Copa TripleMania lost month. (Horus appeared on that show and did a run-in during that match, and I did a poor job matching up tattoos.) I don’t think either Horus or Bandido are actually under contract to AAA; this is just Impact going through AAA to find some Mexican wrestlers instead of contacting them directly out of politeness. Both Bandido & Horus would be assets to Impact if they were used past this show but it’d hard to imagine they’d be used to their full potential give Laredo Kid and Black Taurus’ roles in the promotion.

There’s a mention in today’s WON about a Channel 62 in Los Angeles airing TripleMania Tijuana as the start of regular TV. That’s the La Estrella TV deal (as previously mentioned in the WON), they aired TripleMania Monterrey, and it’s just the start of airing the TripleManias on long delays. It’s not a regular AAA TV deal, though obviously AAA hopes it would turn in to something like that. Whoever passed the info about the show to the WON probably has a vague idea of AAA – “they’re saying TripleMania, I remember they had a Tijuana show recently, it must be that” – similar to Rey Horus and Bandido being passed off AAA wrestlers because most Impact fans will have a vague idea either or both have wrestled there. Almost no one actually follows AAA, most just have a vibe of AAA they’re working off. It may be actually the more pleasurable way to follow AAA.

Former AAA wrestler Decnnis is working as a police officer in Cuautitlan Izcalli. He says started five years ago, which is about the last time he appeared in AAA.


IWRG (THU) 07/21/2022 Arena Naucalpan [IWRG]
1) Rey Astaroth & Súper Boy b Legado & Rey Minos
2) La Estrella & Takuma b Baby Star & X-Devil EN VIVO: Por el Campeonato Junior de Jrs: Dick Angelo 3G (C) VS Abismo Negro Jr (R) en IWRG (posted by mluchatv)
3) Hell Boy, Limbo, Yorvak b Caballero de Plata, Noisy Boy, Vértigo EN VIVO: Por el Campeonato Junior de Jrs: Dick Angelo 3G (C) VS Abismo Negro Jr (R) en IWRG (posted by mluchatv)
Hell Boy snuck in a foul on Caballero de Plata
4) Aster Boy, Diva Salvaje, Imposible b Paymon, Puma de Oro, Tonalli EN VIVO: Por el Campeonato Junior de Jrs: Dick Angelo 3G (C) VS Abismo Negro Jr (R) en IWRG (posted by mluchatv)
5) Dick Angelo 3G b Abismo Negro Jr. [IWRG JUNIORS] EN VIVO: Por el Campeonato Junior de Jrs: Dick Angelo 3G (C) VS Abismo Negro Jr (R) en IWRG (posted by mluchatv)
first defense. Abismo Negro Jr. seemed to be having a medical issue (overheating?) during the match.

I scanned through the main event and didn’t see a specific incident, but Absimo Negro Jr. was moving slow. They stopped the match to get him water at one point, and the ringside doctor looked like she was ready to stop the match for about the last half of it. Abismo needed help standing and staying on his feet after the match. It wasn’t especially warm in Naucalpan – it’s cooler there than it is where I’m typing this outside of Chicago – but it seemed like Abismo was trying to get air. I’ve been since told people there were very concerned about his immediate health after the match. Hope he’s OK today; he was back to posting Instgram stories this morning so that seems like a good match.

Aster Boy got a surprise birthday cake from his teammates. It did not appear to get smashed.

Mas Lucha (THU) 07/28/2022 Arena Naucalpan
1) Lady Amazona & Luna Mágica vs Princesa Águila (Chihuahua) & Sakura (Chihuahua) and Bengalee & Zuzu Divine and Artemiz & Princesa Azul
2) Atómico vs Yorvak vs Radioactivo vs Calibus
3) Alas de Oro & Alas De Plata vs Imposible & León Dorado
4) Rey León © vs Travis BanksKempo Jr.Karaoui [915-656]
5) Brazo Cibernetico Jr. & Villano V Jr. vs Brazo Celestial & Rokambole Jr.
6) DMT Azul vs Groon XXX

This is a Mas Lucha Premium show. Not every show should be for everyone. This is remarkably a prestige card of six matches I wouldn’t pay for individually. DMT Azul/Groon XXX will draw as a freak show and there’s other who have cult Mexico City popularity. I’d definitely check out Imposible & Dorada vs the Alas, even though I’m led to understand Imposible and Dorado are teasing a mask match and so that’s probably going to be a bad ending. The rest I would not watch for free. I think they’ll still draw fine and there’s obviously something going on with the Juarez/El Paso group to explain why so many of their wrestlers are on this card (and why the lineup is mostly working around them), but I can’t believe how much of a gap there is between what I think there’s a good show and what Mas Lucha thinks is a good show.


LuchaWorld has this week’s Lucha Report.

El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. did a round of press in Mexico to talk about his time in NOAH. BolaVIP has some text quotes, Mas Lucha has their video version. He mentions he’s signed a one year deal with NOAH, lasting through July 2023. Wagner also notes he’s had to battle loneliness in Japan – he knows only a bit of Japanese, and the food isn’t spicy enough for him.

The main event of tonight’s Arena Neza show was scheduled as LA Park & Rush vs Blue Demon Jr. & DMT Azul. It’s Producciones Sanchez’s 25th Anniversary as a promoter. Being a promoter is hard work and it seems like it may have gotten harder tonight: Rush announced he, Vangellys and Bestia del Ring have pulled off the show earlier this afternoon.

ROH has their Death before Dishonor PPV on Saturday. No Mexican wrestler has been announced yet despite my best efforts at chaos. (My power only reaches as far as a scoreboard.) AEW did indicate more matches would be announced tonight (at least JD Drake appears to be booked) so maybe there’s news yet to come. I have no inside info.

Penta Oscuro faces Matt Taven on Sunday in Waterbury, Connecuit for North East Wrestling. That’s a bit more interesting with Taven headed back to CMLL soon.

Dalys & Stephanie Vaquer will face Hikari Shimizu and Kaho Matsushita on 07/29 in Ice Ribbon.

Big Lucha announced Cometa Maya vs Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. as the first match in their 07/29 Big Lucha world championship tournament.

GCW announced Gringo Loco, Black Taurus, and Jack Carthweel vs Komander, Laredo Kid and ASF for their 07/29 show. They previously announced Joey Janela vs Psycho Clown for that show.

Laredo Kid called his appearance on the adjacent Ric Flair show one of the most important matches of his career in his hometown paper. It’s good news for those who are planning to watch if those guys are treating it like a big deal. Komander was added to the show’s Bunkhouse Battle Royal, which sounds like a terrible match for him but probably an easy payday.

Pro Wrestling Revolution announced Aerostar vs Super Astro Jr. for the PWR Junior Title for their August 20th show in King City.

Alpha Wolf & Hijo de Canis Lupus return to NOAH on August 27th. They haven’t been seen in Mexico since the last trip to NOAH.

MLW officially announced their 09/18 taping with Mucha Lucha Atlanta and teased it as involving multiple outside of promotions. Mucha Lucha Atlanta, one step ahead, revealed AAA would be involved.

Dragon Lee will be part of the 11/29 King of Indies tournament in San Francisco. He’s won the last two of those.

(Unspecified) lucha libre YouTubers were pushing a story that the October WWE Mexico shows were being blocked from happening by AAA. WWE happened to officially announce tickets go on sale on 07/25 for those shows today.  Apolo Valdes mentioned the situation as part of a larger thread about lucha libre YouTubers frequently and unhelpfully putting out fake news stories to gather attention.

Many wrestling promotions in Cuernavaca were upset about changes in the local commission and held a demonstration to protest it,  going as far as blocking a street. As best I can tell, they’re upset about the new people who voted in charge of the commission, feeling they didn’t have proper knowledge of wrestling to be in those roles.

Diario de Xalapa has an interview with local mask maker Moises Calderon Mestizo, who also wrestled as Dragon Killer, Cara Meca, Pato Donald (Donaldo Duck), Dragon Azul, Draogn Fuego, Dragon Rojo, Dragon Espacial and “during 10 years” Huracan Ramriez.

Soberano & Stigma win on Arena Puebla anniversary show, Gran Prix announcements this afternoon, Mistico/NJPW Strong


CMLL (MON) 07/18/2022 Arena Puebla [Contacto DeportivoTelediario]
Arena Puebla 69th Anniversary
1) Dr. Karonte I, Dr. Karonte II, Enfermero Jr. b El Malayo, Rey Apocalipsis, Siki Osama
2) Arkalis, Guerrero Maya Jr., Pegasso b Dulce Gardenia, Espíritu Negro, Rey Cometa
Fuerza Poblana asked for a MEX TRIOS title match
3) Stigma © b Diamond [CMLL SLFacebook video (posted by )
3rd defense
4) Fuerza Guerrera, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero DQ Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Terrible
5) Soberano Jr. b Volador Jr. Facebook video (posted by ) Volador Jr. VS Soberano Jr. | 69 Aniversario de la Arena Puebla (posted by )
Soberano won with the fire driver

I’ve stopped paying much attention to the Arena Puebla Facebook videos because it’s usually only the last few minutes of a match posted. A fan posted the complete Soberano/Volador match and it’s worth watching. It’s not a MOTYC or anything, but it’s great crowd interaction, rudo Volador feuding with two Soberano fans in the front row with other people also involved.

CMLL (TUE) 07/19/2022 Arena México [Box y Lucha, CMLL, Cronista del RingKaiser SportsMarca]
1) Átomo & Chamuel b Micro Ángel & Micro Gemelo Diablo I Chamuel y Átomo Vs Micro Gemelo Diablo II y Micro Ángel en el CMLL (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
One of the Micro Gemelos was replaced by Micro Angel; The Gladiatores says it was Gemelo I who wrestled, La Tijera says it was Gemelo II.
2) Dr. Karonte I, Grako, Nitro b Cachorro, Leono, Suicida Nitro, Grako y Hermano Karonte I Vs Cachorro, Suicida y Leono en el CMLL (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
Dr. Karonte I replaced Cholo. Rudos took 2/3.
3) Amapola, Reyna Isis, Tiffany DQ La Guerrera, La Jarochita, Princesa Sugehit Reina Isis, Amapola y Tiffany Vs Jarochita, Princesa Sugehit y La Guerrera en el CMLL (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
straight falls. Jarochita unmasked Isis in the second.
4) Blue Panther, Dark Panther, Panterita del Ring b Hijo del Villano III, Pólvora, Rey Bucanero Blue Panther, Panterita del Ring y Dark Panther Vs Rey Bucanero, Hijo del Villano III y Pólvora (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
tecnicos took 2/3
5) Soberano Jr., Stuka Jr., Volador Jr. b Atlantis Jr., Dragón Rojo Jr., Terrible Soberano Jr, Volador Jr y Stuka Jr Vs Atlantis Jr, Terrible y Dragón Rojo Jr en la Arena México (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
tecnicos took 2/3. Stuka & Atlantis feuded but did not figure into the third fall finish.

The sound and video weren’t sycned on this show and I haven’t had a chance to fix it yet; maybe it’ll go up on the drive tonight. It doesn’t seem like it’s something that needs to be watched soon.

CMLL (TUE) 07/19/2022 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, De Golpes y Caidas, Fuego en el RIng]
1) Huitzil, Jhonny Dinamo, Temerario b Obelisk, Persa, Raven
Team Huitzil took 1/3
2) Crixus, Omar Brunetti, Vaquero Jr. b Bobby Black, Destructor, Quka
Team Crxus took 2/3.
3) Demonio Maya, Omega, Principe Daniel b Cris Skin, El Divino, Joker
Team Daniel took 1/3.
4) Dalys, Metálica, Sexy Sol b Dark Silueta, Náutica, Vaklyria
Dalys beat Silueta, asked for a MEX WOMEN title match.
5) Fuerza Guerrera & Satánico b Felino & Negro Casas
challenges followed
6) Esfinge & Fugaz © b Averno & Zandokan Jr. [MEX TAG]
2nd defense

Dalys had an announced match in Japan for the last week of July so next week probably has to be it for her for now. She already has the CMLL Japan title so she doesn’t necessarily need to win the Mexican women’s championship.

CMLL (FRI) 07/22/2022 Arena México
1) Oro Jr., Sangre Imperial, Valiente Jr. vs Disturbio, Enfermero Jr., Inquisidor
2) La Vaquerita, Marcela, Skadi vs Dalys, Dark Silueta, Stephanie Vaquer
3) Cavernario, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero vs Euforia, Hechicero, Mephisto
4) Volador Jr. vs TemplarioStar Jr.El CoyoteFugazEl AudazStigmaDulce Gardenia [Leyenda de Plata, semifinal]

Not really much going on here outside of the Leyenda de Plata, and that’s not a very deep group. Coyote won the Gran Alternativa at the right time; he wouldn’t have been considered for this tournament prior and he could make it a long way just by the lack of other rudos. Anyone beyond Templario or Volador is a big surprise.

CMLL announced Mistico will appear on NJPW Strong/USA’s 09/11 Autumn Attack show in Las Vegas. The biggest story here is NJPW has decided autumn starts two weeks early and they need to be stopped. These shows do not air live, but cycle Mistico follows Negro Casas appearing on the recent Los Angeles tapings and Mascara Dorada technically being a CMLL-affiliated wrestler appearing regularly with NJPW Strong.

NJPW’s Misterioso challenged Mistico to a match. It’d make sense for Mistico to work with someone with lucha libre experience on that show; if you’re bringing him in as a special attraction, you’d want to make him look as good as possible. This Misterioso has also previously implied CMLL’s blocked him from going to NJPW because they have their own Misterioso, so that might be a politically tough match. Or maybe not, since CMLL Misterioso doesn’t appear to be around CMLL right now.

NJPW’s evolution to their current Strong sub-promotion took place during the early pandemic, so there hasn’t been a lot of opportunity for wrestlers to travel between that group and CMLL much so far. It’d make sense if the Gran Prix was the start of some NJPW Strong wrestlers heading to Arena Mexico, but I have no idea if they’ll be announced today.

CMLL did mention Microman beating Chamuel in their daily apuesta match countdown, so not mentioning Zeuxis in Princesa Sugehit’s mask situation seems like a situation specific to Zeuxis.

Those Gran Prix names will be announced later today on CMLL Informa. I have no idea what to expect, outside of one minor NJPW name that has been talked about for weeks as coming in. The Informa preview is mostly the CMLL tecnico minis to hype up their match on Sunday. Volador Jr. & Soberano Jr. are on and probably on the CMLL team, thocouldey could also talk about Leyenda de Plata.

The CMLL names most suggested for this match in the limited replies I got on Twitter:

  • Templario
  • Hechicero
  • Volador Jr.
  • Soberano Jr.
  • Barbaro Cavernario
  • Angel de Oro
  • Mistico
  • (Titan is already announced)

It seems unlikely one Chavez brother will appear without the other, though I’m not sure who gets bumped off. I’d like to see at least one fresh name – a Panterita del Ring Jr. or a Coyote or someone unexpected – just to give each year a different feel. Still, it’s been three years since CMLL had one of these Gran Prixs, just doing it is going to feel new.


AAA (SAT) 08/06/2022 Explanada Malltertainment, Puebla, Puebla
1) La Parkita & Octagoncito vs Mini Gronda & Parkita Negra
2) Aramis, Drago Kid, Komander vs Diva Salvaje, Dulce Canela, Jessy Ventura
3) Reina Dorada & Sussy Love vs Chik Tormenta & Flammer
4) Aerostar & Drago vs Dave The Clown & La Parka Negra
5) Arez & Myzteziz Jr. vs Carta Brava Jr. & Chessman
6) Hijo Del Vikingo, Mr. Iguana, Niño Hamburguesa vs Estrellita, Puma King, Sam Adonis

AAA posted this on Friday and I should’ve had this in the post on Monday. This is the same local AAA taped back in May. It appears to be something similar to the Showcenter monthly events as an periodic attraction for a venue. There’s no “TV” logo on it, and my presumption is these aren’t being taped. They are calling it Campeonato Explanada, so it’s possible another one-off belt comes out of this as they keep running shows.

Cibernetico will be honored on Verano de Escandalo as part of AAA honoring a different wrestler on each big show.

Dralistico’s “@CMLL_Mistico” account seems to be suspended, so he’s now on Twitter as @Dralistico_LFI. The former Mistico never had the blue verified check so there was nothing stopping from just changing his name earlier, he just never got around to it until something forced him. No idea what got the account suspended, though I’m sure CMLL likes that no one’s able to accidentally reference the wrong Mistico. Dralisico is more of a Instagram user.


IWRG (THU) 07/21/2022 Arena Naucalpan
1) Legado & Rey Minos vs Rey Astaroth & Súper Boy
2) Baby Star & X-Devil vs La Estrella & Takuma
3) Caballero de Plata, Noisy Boy, Vértigo vs Hell Boy, Limbo, Yorvak
4) Aster Boy, Diva Salvaje, Imposible vs Paymon, Puma de Oro, Tonalli
5) Dick Angelo 3G vs Abismo Negro Jr. [IWRG JUNIORS]
first defense

The title match was set up last week. Caballero de Plata/Hell Boy goes on.

ESTO has an interview with La Pandemia, who said they did a backyard wrestling match with lighttubes recorded by their aunt when they were younger.

Other Notes

LuchaWorld has this week’s Poster-Mania and the latest Lucha Report.

Angel put together a YouTube Playlist of the best matches he’s recorded in Torreon this year.

Big Lucha World tonight has Bendito vs Elemental and Extasis vs Viajero in the semifinals on of their qualifier tournament.

Laredo Kid faces Johnny Swinger on Impact’s BTI tomorrow. The live report on that match was not positive.

Andrade & Ric Flair will wrestle Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett in the main event of the 07/31 Ric Flair final match show.

El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. will wrestle in NOAH’s N1 tournament from August 11 to September 3. He’s a long shot at winning but a good sign for him that he remains important enough to make the field.

AAW announced Laredo Kid & Gringo Loco for their 09/01 show, which is the same weekend as AEW’s All Out.

MLW will run in Norcross, Georga on 09/18 in partnership with Mucha Lucha Atlanta, according to Lucha Libre Online. That follows an August show partnering with 915-656 in El Paso. I wonder if a) is MLW going like AAA and partnering with a local promotion for their tapings? and b) MLW says hit pause until a new TV deal came through and, if that’s true, maybe it could be a Spanish language one.

Rayman & El Gallo held a contract signing for a 10/01 mask match. I still struggle to believe the long-time Guadalajara rivals are actually going through with this (and going through with it at a growing but small local area), but they treated it seriously like it was definitely happening.

Identitida Puebla visits Puebla’s Arena Coliseo San Ramon.

Zeta Tijauna interviews la Familia de Tijuana.

An interview with Orizaba’s Billytronik, who retired as an in-ring wrestler in 2021 but currently works as a masked chef.

Box y Lucha 3510D+ writes about CMLL and Lourdes Grobet. “D+” means it’s a second straight digital-only issue, which they’ve done in the past.

Soberano advances to Leyenda de Plata final, Cavernario new champ


CMLL (FRI) 07/15/2022 Arena México [CMLL, Cronista del RingKaiser SportsR de RudoThe GladiatoresThe Gladiatores (videos), thecubsfan]
1) Inquisidor, Okumura, Raider b El Audaz, Flyer, Suicida Inquisidor, Raider y Okumura se llevan el triunfo ante los espectaculares Flyer, Suicida, y El Audaz (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
2) Atlantis, Atlantis Jr., Blue Panther b Fuerza Guerrera, Stuka Jr., Templario ¡Descalificados! Fuerza Guerrera le quita la máscara a Atlantis (posted by mluchatv) Atlantis y Atlantis Jr vs Stuka Jr y Fuerza Guerrera ¡¡¡ Al Rojo Vivo en la Arena México !!! (posted by Estrellas del Ring) Atlantis, Atlantis Jr y BPanther triunfan por descalificación ante FGuerrera, Stuka Jr y Templario (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre) CMLL -BLUE PANTHER-ATLANTIS JR.-ATLANTIS VS STUKA JR.-TEMPLARIO -FUERZA GUERRERA/A. MEXICO/15-07-22 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
14:36. Straight falls, DQ in the second when Guerrera unmasked Atlantis. Guerrera/Atlantis and Stuka Jr.Atlantis Jr. mask challenges followed.
3) Bárbaro Cavernario b Niebla Roja © [CMLL LH (posted by ) ¡Hay nuevo campeón! Bárbaro Cavernario rinde a Niebla Roja con la Cavernaria (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre) CMLL - BARBARO CAVERNARIO VS NIEBLA ROJA /ARENA MEXICO / 15-07-22 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
19:56. Title change! Cavernario cleanly submitted Niebla Roja to La Cavernaria. Niebla Roja falls on his 10th defense, first since October 31st, 2020 (air date). Cavernario is the 17th champion.
4) Soberano Jr. b TitánDragón Rojo Jr.Negro CasasRey CometaMagia BlancaHijo del Villano IIIPanterita del Ring Jr. [Leyenda de Plata, cibernetico, semifinal¡Soberano Jr. primer finalista rumbo al Torneo Leyenda de Plata! Derrota al actual campeón Titán (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre) CMLL - PRIMERA FASE DEL TORNEO LA LEYENDA DE PLATA / ARENA  MÉXICO / 15-07-22 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
30:44. Teams were Titán, Dragón Rojo Jr., Rey Cometa, Magia Blanca vs Soberano Jr., Negro Casas, Hijo del Villano III, Panterita del Ring Jr. Eliminations: Villano 3 Jr. (by Magia Blanca, 10:17), Cometa (Soberano, 13:53), Panterita del Ring Jr. (Titan, 15:52), Magia Blanca (Negro Casas, 17:03), Dragon Negro Casas (Dragon Rojo, 18:23), Dragon Rojo (Soberano, 20:41), Titan (Soberano, 30:44); Soberano advances to the 07/29 final.

Friday night had a hot crowd that was willing to go with most everything, until the last couple minutes of the last month. Cavernario and more so Titan was doing a lot of slow dramatic posing and signaling their moves before going for them. It seemed to lose the crowd near the end of the otherwise strong cibernetico, which turned into a 10-minute Soberano/Titan match. The crowd stuck with Cavernario more, and the crowd doing his shout as he signaled for his springboard plancha was a cool moment. I thought this was a strong show overall.

It seems crazy that Cavernario has been around for quite a while now, CMLL has a billion titles, and yet this was the first time he’s won a ‘world’ title. He’s had the nationals before and still has the Occidente Trios championship with his brother. Meanwhile, Niebla Roja was still masked when he won CMLL Light Heavyweight title, and he won it after CMLL fired then champ La Mascara. It was one of those classic CMLL super long reigns that you forget is even happening all the time.

Panterita del Ring Jr. looked very promising in the cibernetico. It wasn’t just his work, he visually fit in. Panterita Jr.’s seemed small teaming with his father and that could be a reason for CMLL to hold back on doing something with him. Here, he didn’t look much shorter than Titan and some of the others; it didn’t feel like his size should be an issue in pushing him. Villano III Jr. got a big section of the match before he was eliminated and didn’t do nearly as well.

Standard CMLL booking has a preview singles match before the Aniversario in a tournament final or a title match, and the winner of that match ends up the loser at the Aniversario. Templario winning next week’s Leyendas de Plata block, beating Soberano in the final, and then losing his mask in whatever Aniversaro match ends up happening fits that pattern, but it’d be very strange in every other way.

The announcers didn’t say there’s a cage match coming at the Aniversario and the wrestlers themselves reject the idea every time it’s brought up in postmatch interviews, yet there’s still obviously some multiperson match coming. That show is now two months away.

Niebla Roja made a quick request for a hair/hair match with Cavernario after the title change. It was so slight that I didn’t even notice it until it was pointed out by others. I don’t think it’s meant to be part of the Aniversario stuff, just the rote rematch challenge after losing a title match.

It stuck out in the opener that tecnicos were trying more advanced moves with Raider than the other two rudos. Raider has work to do to get better, but you can tell he’s trusted more than most of the guys in that spot.

CMLL (SAT) 07/16/2022 Arena Coliseo [CMLL]
1) Acero, Aéreo, Último Dragóncito b Angelito, Fantasy, Kaligua Facebook video (posted by )
Team Dragoncito took 2/3
2) Cachorro, Leono, Valiente Jr. b Apocalipsis, Cholo, Príncipe Odín Jr.
Principe Odin Jr. replaced Inquisidor (moved up.) Tecnicos took 2/3.
3) Dark Magic, Espanto Jr., Inquisidor b Arkalis, Pegasso, Stigma
Inquisidor replaced Akuma. Rudos took 1/3.
4) Guerrero Maya Jr., Panterita del Ring, Volcano b Cancerbero, Kráneo, Luciferno
tecnicos took 2/3
5) Soberano Jr., Titán, Volador Jr. b Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Terrible Facebook video (posted by )
tecnicos took 2/3

A show.

CMLL (SUN) 07/17/2022 Arena México [CMLL, Kaiser Sports]
1) Chamuel & Periquito Sacaryas b Micro Ángel & Micro Gemelo Diablo II
Micro Angel replaced a Micro Gemelo Diablo; Kaiser Sports says it was Gemelo 2 who wrestled.
2) Diamond, Magnus, Rugido b Dark Magic, Espanto Jr., Inquisidor
Inquisidor replaced Akuma for the second straight day. Depredadores took 2/3.
3) Dulce Gardenia, Espíritu Negro, Rey Cometa b Esfinge, Fugaz, Star Black
Atrapsuenos took 2/3.
4) Pequeño Olímpico L MercurioFull MetalPequeño ViolenciaMinosPequeño Polvora [cibernetico]
Pierroth was scheduled but could not appear after testing positive for COVID. 3 vs 3 reverse cibernetico, Mercurio, Minos & Olimpico against Violencia, Polvora and Full Metal, escape by defeating someone. Escape order Full Metal (by defeating Minos), Minos (Pequeno Polvora), Pequeno Violenca (Peq. Olimpico), Pequeno Polvora (Pequeno Olimpico), Mercurio (Pequeno Olimpico) leaving Pequeno Olimpico as the loser. He will face the loser of next week’s cibernetico in an apuesta match on 07/29.
5) Negro Casas, Star Jr., Titán b Euforia, Hechicero, Mephisto
Tecnicos took 2/3.

CMLL had that whole overly complicated idea of how to handle an odd number of participants and didn’t get to use it. There are six mini tecnicos so they won’t get to use it next week either.

There’s a real chance Pequeno Olimpico is losing his mask on July 29th. He’s 56 and has been talking about doing a mask match with Pierrothito or Ultimo Dragoncito for about a decade. Dragoncito could still come out of the tecnico block next week.

It’s rare for CMLL to reveal COVID positives at this point, but I guess maybe they thought they had to do since Pierrothito was scheduled for the match. It’s tougher to get COVID tests in Mexico on your own than elsewhere – either this means CMLL is still doing regular testing or Pierrothito is dealing with some significant symptoms.

CMLL Puebla tonight has Stigma vs Diamond for the CMLL Super Lightweight Championship and Volador vs Soberano Jr., which might be the Leyenda de Plata a couple of Fridays from now. In a better world, instead of CMLL streaming a random two-month-old match late Monday nights as Twitch content, they just stream live Arena Puebla shows instead. Or even just the once-a-month interesting one, like this.

Hechicero would like to be in the G1 one of these years. No Mexican wrestler has been in the G1 since La Sombra in 2011.

Unspecified wrestlers – maybe CMLL ones, maybe Tijuana people – will be appearing this Saturday and Sunday as part of the “MexicoGotMe”‘s San Diego Comic Con presentation. Whoever it is will be signing autographs at Seaport Village, (not the main convention center.) No names are listed, but they CMLL is a sponsor of the presentation and so maybe we’ll hear more about this later this week.. The younder Salvador Lutteroth appeared on virtual panels in the past for the convention; there doesn’t appear to be a lucha libre panel this year.

The Mystique/OnlyFans story got a lot of press attention; there was nothing new to the story, it was the same story being reprinted on a lot of websites with nothing from Mystique at all and written as if Mystique was an active CMLL wrestler (which she hasn’t been for about a year.) It must’ve done some good traffic because there was a follow-up article talking about an ex-AAA wrestler also doing an OnlyFans and linking to Scarlett Bordeaux’s page.

The Gran Prix announcements are expected Wednesday. I think that’s still happening on Informa.


The end of AAA TV this week was an interview with Antifaz del Norte, who noted that he couldn’t understand why the promotion had booked him on the opposite of Laredo Kid but now he’d take Laredo’s mask. This was a very 2022 AAA deal; they started an angle on the first Showcenter event that was going to end with Antifaz betraying Laredo to set up a mask match, AAA dropped the angle after one show, and Antifaz was left to try to make sense of his reason for existing. I have no idea if the mask match is still happening – it’s entirely dependent on if the Showcenter people were promised a mask match – but Antifaz did the promo for it in hopes of talking AAA into following up on it. I wish him luck and hope that he’d do the same for the rest of the show if it works. It’s not ideal for a TV show to end with one of the characters explaining how the show makes no sense, but those were the choices AAA made this week.

It’s obvious AAA had no idea what they were actually booking for Verano de Escandalo at this Madero taping or no interest in booking towards it:

  • the big angle at the end of the main event is Taurus destroying Vikingo; they’re partners at Verano de Escandalo
  • Lady Shani appears, but there’s no hint of an upcoming apuesta match with Tirantes
    • Piero is the only referee for the taping and in street clothes, so there’s some story there we haven’t gotten.
  • The Vipers challenge La Empresa for the trios titles and actually fight NGD later. Verano has La Empresa vs NGD, without the Vipers being involved.

The Vipers are part of the Pagano/Ciberentico match, which was set up, but also has been an ongoing thing since February; they might have done it out of habit rather than planning. It’s not like there are a lot of events in between this taping and Verano de Escandalo – just one taping in Mazatlan, which also doesn’t build up anything. Maybe that Vipers title match is another one of the storylines that only exist for a TripleMania match but it’s hard to believe any title challenge is going anywhere. in I’m not sure if that Verano de Escandalo card changed greatly or AAA is just making things up as they go. The reasons don’t really matter. It’s just terrible from a week-to-week perspective.

The main event from this week’s AAA TV was good. The other two matches were fine.

The La Estrella airing of TripleMania Monterrey was just that, the Spanish presentation from FITE of the tournament matches, the trios match, and the main event tag match. There were some added graphics to introduce the people, but elements like the videos for each of the ruleta de la muerte participants were removed. There was no promotion for future AAA events or future AAA on La Estrellas TV airings; it was just a weird thing that existed. (Sure, someone could’ve googled around to find that information, but if the typical viewer was inclined to google for AAA stuff, they could’ve seen this show two months ago.) It may have been just putting a toe in the water for future agreements, but AAA could’ve made more of it.

Fenix looked hurt on AEW Rampage, taped on Wednesday. He did wrestle Friday in Tijuana and was said to look fine.


IWRG (SUN) 07/17/2022 Arena Naucalpan [IWRG, Mas Lucha]
1) Rey Halcón b Baby Star Kick Off | ⛓️La Jaula de las Locas 2022⛓️ Caerá una MÁSCARA o CABELLERA + Dos luchas de Campeonato (posted by mluchatv)
2) Noisy Boy, Sol, Spider Fly b Cerebro Negro Jr., Gallero, Tom Fulton Kick Off | ⛓️La Jaula de las Locas 2022⛓️ Caerá una MÁSCARA o CABELLERA + Dos luchas de Campeonato (posted by mluchatv)
3) Gran Pandemónium, Hijo de Pandemónium, Pandemónium Jr. © b Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro [EdM Trios]
5th defense
4) Puma de Oro b Toxin © [IWRG MEXICO] ¡Lo logró! | Puma de Oro consigue el Campeonato de México frente a Toxin y Los Vipers (posted by mluchatv)
Title change; first time this title has changed hands in the ring. Toxin falls on his 9th defense. Puma de Oro is the 3rd champion
5) Galeno del Mal & Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. b Dick Angelo 3G & Legendario and Fly Warrior & Fulgor
6) Mary Caporal L Jessy VenturaDiva SalvajePaymonSoy RaymundaSataniaBengaleeKeyraÓscar El HermosoYurikoSexy Star [cage, hair, mask] ¡Mary Caporal perdió su máscara en La Jaula de Las Locas 2022 ante Bengalee! (posted by mluchatv)
Sexy Star was the surprise wrestler. Bengalee took Mary Caporal’s mask. Mary Caporal is Miriam Maldonado (21 years old, 6 years a wrestler)

As always, a cage means two random people are involved in an apuesta match; a Mexican cage match is always built on many distinct rivalries, and none of them get settled. They draw, and this did as well, but they’re never satisfying. It still did draw well; it looked like a full house for what turned out to be a minor mask loss, so it was a great day for IWRG business.

Other Notes

Robles ran in Arena San Juan on Saturday. Attendance looked good for an Arena San Juan show, which doesn’t seem to be nearly enough to pay for a show of the talent scale they’re using. That doesn’t seem to matter to Robles Promotions much. The main event was for a Campeon de Campeones belt held by Cibernetico. He also happens to be the last AAA Campeon de Campeones champion, a title they used briefly in the late 90s and early 00s. It would’ve been very funny for Ciber to be defending an old AAA belt on a Robles show, but it appears to be a new belt.

The DMT Azul/Cibernetico ‘closing stretch’ to finish out that main event went about how you’d expect, though I’d argue the worst worker was definitely the referee. He took a chair shot to the head and went completely limp, Ciber fouled DMT, the referee rose to his feet and was completely fine because the referee needed to get in his own ‘leaping over the pin’ highspot before counting three, DMT Azul kicked out at 2.5 even though it was the finish, and the referee went back to being dead. Just the most indie garbage possible.

Cholo de Tijuana ran in Arena Azteca Budokan. That’s a packed house, though they also had about 40 people booked on the show. It’s probably not good for the lucha libre business where there are so many Mexican City promotions that the business doesn’t seem to make any sense.

Segunda Caida writes about LA Park & Shocker vs Super Boy & Capitan de Oro from 2002, probably the best Shocker year.