Leyenda de Plata tonight, Gran Prix set for 08/19, IWRG


Tonight’s CMLL card

CMLL (FRI) 07/15/2022 Arena México
1) El Audaz, Flyer, Suicida vs Inquisidor, Okumura, Raider
2) Atlantis, Atlantis Jr., Blue Panther vs Fuerza Guerrera, Stuka Jr., Templario
3) Niebla Roja © vs Bárbaro Cavernario [CMLL LH]
10th defense, first since October 31st, 2020 (air date)
4) Soberano Jr. vs TitánDragón Rojo Jr.Negro CasasRey CometaMagia BlancaHijo del Villano IIIPanterita del Ring Jr. [Leyenda de Plata, battle royal]
5) ? vs ?? [Leyenda de Plata, quarterfinal]
6) ? vs ?? [Leyenda de Plata, quarterfinal]
7) ? vs ?? [Leyenda de Plata, quarterfinal]
8) ? vs ?? [Leyenda de Plata, quarterfinal]
9) ? vs ?? [Leyenda de Plata, semifinal]
10) ? vs ?? [Leyenda de Plata, semifinal]
11) ? vs ?? [Leyenda de Plata, final]

Ticketmaster Live link. We still have no idea if Leyenda de Plata is meant to be a ciberentico (like it was in most every year) or a single elimination tournament (like it was last year.) It could be a strong show if it’s a cibernetico, and a timestrapped one if there really are 11 matches.

CMLL takes Leyenda de Plata a bit more seriously than the other tournaments, so a top guy is probably coming through both brackets. Titan went to the final last year and has gotten wins lately, Soberano Jr. just won his tournament and I’m not sure if CMLL is going to put Negro Casas in a singles final of a tournament at this point. Dragon Rojo Jr. is in the Friday mix but hasn’t done much on Fridays since his full time return, and this might be a way to fix that. Rey Cometa would be a fun dark horse pick. I will write a column for VOW imploring people to start paying attention to Panterita del Ring Jr. if he pulls off the big upset here.

This is also about the time where CMLL would give the upcoming loser of the Aniversario a big win to boost them up prior to their big loss, but no one really fits. I guess be alarmed if Cometa both wins and suddenly has a death grudge with Magia Blanca or someone. The second match exists to get those other Aniversario challenges out there.

Niebla Roja has come through well in title matches. Barbaro Cavernario tends to coast through trios but does better in singles, and that could be a great title match.

I think Raider might be a halfway decent base and he’ll need to be given his opponents and his teammates.

CMLL (SUN) 07/17/2022 Arena México
1) Micro Gemelo Diablo I & Micro Gemelo Diablo II vs Chamuel & Periquito Sacaryas
2) Diamond, Magnus, Rugido vs Akuma, Dark Magic, Espanto Jr.
3) Dulce Gardenia, Espíritu Negro, Rey Cometa vs Esfinge, Fugaz, Star Black
4) Pierrothito vs Pequeño OlímpicoMercurioFull MetalPequeño ViolenciaMinosPequeño Polvora [cibernetico]
5) Negro Casas, Star Jr., Titán vs Euforia, Hechicero, Mephisto

There’s seven minis rudo in the cibernetico, which leads to a problem when trying to split into two teams. There’s lot of ways that could be handled. CMLL picked an overly complex method:

  • something like the usual battle royal to set teams happens
  • that stops when they get down to the final two.
  • those final two wrestle a one fall match (probably a short one)
  • the winner gets first pick of people on his team, and ends up with one extra
  • the loser gets the rest
  • a 4 v 3 elimination match happens
  • wrestlers escape the match by pinning/submitting someone
  • the last person left moves onto the final on 07/29

Simple enough.

CMLL (TUE) 07/19/2022 Arena México
1) Micro Gemelo Diablo I & Micro Gemelo Diablo II vs Átomo & Chamuel
2) Cachorro, Leono, Suicida vs Cholo, Grako, Nitro
3) La Guerrera, La Jarochita, Princesa Sugehit vs Amapola, Reyna Isis, Tiffany
4) Blue Panther, Dark Panther, Panterita del Ring vs Hijo del Villano III, Pólvora, Rey Bucanero
5) Soberano Jr., Stuka Jr., Volador Jr. vs Atlantis Jr., Dragón Rojo Jr., Terrible

Reyna Isis & Jarochita pick up their feud. I still feel like there’s a half chance of a press conference on Wednesday to announce that match and other Aniversario plans, but there’s been no talk of one.

Atlantis Jr. is a rudo this show. Cachorro seemed like he was going places early on and then CMLL remembered he was part of the Blue Panther family and put a stop to that.

CMLL (TUE) 07/19/2022 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Obelisk, Persa, Raven vs Huitzil, Jhonny Dinamo, Temerario
2) Crixus, Omar Brunetti, Vaquero Jr. vs Bobby Black, Destructor, Quka
3) Cris Skin, El Divino, Joker vs Demonio Maya, Omega, Principe Daniel
4) Dalys, Metálica, Sexy Sol vs Dark Silueta, Náutica, Vaklyria
5) Felino & Negro Casas vs Fuerza Guerrera & Satánico
6) Esfinge & Fugaz © vs Averno & Zandokan Jr. [MEX TAG]
2nd defense

The tag title match was set up last week. I keep expecting Dalys to be off this lineups to go on to her Japanese tour (the one announced last month) and she’s still here.

CMLL announced the 2022 Gran Prix will take place on August 19th. Both Team Mexico and Team World will be announced on next Wednesday’s edition of CMLL Informa. So far, only Titan has been announced for Team Mexico. No one has been announced for Team World, though CMLL regulars Dark Magic and Okumura are presumed to be two of the eight members. I’ve been repeatedly told to expect a minor NJPW name. The G1 finishes up the day prior, so anyone involved in that that tournament is probably off limits.


AAA has part 2 of Ciudad Madero. There are four matches left to air. AAA has a strict belief in airing three matches from a regular TV taping, so one of these matches is probably not airing:

  • Willie Mack vs Flamita vs Dinámico vs Emperador Azteca
  • Lady Shani, Sexy Star, Sussy Love vs Flammer, La Hiedra, Maravilla
  • Mr. Iguana & Niño Hamburguesa vs Carta Brava & Parka Negra
  • Hijo Del Vikingo & Laredo Kid vs Antifaz del Norte & Taurus

I have another obligation Saturday afternoon and it doesn’t currently appear I’ll be streaming this live. I’ll tweet out the other wild Twitch link if I can find it on Saturday and stream it later, maybe late Saturday night.

No AAA TV tapings this weekend.

Chik Tormenta appears to be part of the WOW tapings in Los Angeles.


IWRG (THU) 07/14/2022 Arena Naucalpan [IWRG, Mas Lucha]
1) Sol & X-Devil b Astaroth & Súper Boy EN VIVO: Revancha súper libre: Herederos Dorados VS Los Vipers | Camino a la Jaula de las Locas ´22 (posted by mluchatv)
2) Jhon Tito & Spider Fly b Gallero & Wagner Kid EN VIVO: Revancha súper libre: Herederos Dorados VS Los Vipers | Camino a la Jaula de las Locas ´22 (posted by mluchatv)
debut of Gallero here
3) Aster Boy, Freelance, Noisy Boy DQ Fly Warrior, Shocko, Yorvak EN VIVO: Revancha súper libre: Herederos Dorados VS Los Vipers | Camino a la Jaula de las Locas ´22 (posted by mluchatv)
Fly Warrior pinned Noisy Boy, got the three, and then lost by excessive DQ. Sets up a IWRG Rey del Aire title match anyway. Freelance replaced King Charro.
4) Óscar El Hermoso & Yuriko b Mary Caporal & Satania and Bengalee & Keyra and Paymon & Zoy Raymunda EN VIVO: Revancha súper libre: Herederos Dorados VS Los Vipers | Camino a la Jaula de las Locas ´22 (posted by mluchatv)
Ventura hit Paymon with a chair to give Yuriko a win. Those three made challenges.
5) Abismo Negro Jr. & Toxin b Dick Angelo 3G & Legendario [super libre] 2 contra 1: Abismo Negro Jr Vs Dick Angelo 3G y Legendario en IWRG (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre) EN VIVO: Revancha súper libre: Herederos Dorados VS Los Vipers | Camino a la Jaula de las Locas ´22 (posted by mluchatv)
Los Herderos Doradaos (Angelo & Legendario) took out Toxin, but Abismo still won, then challenged Dick Angelo 3G for the IWRG JUNIORS title. Legendario is now part of La Jacuan.

Perhaps the most notable part of this show was a (apparently drunk) fan deciding to try to clothesline Dick Angelo 3G and Legendario. It didn’t go well for him, or for a (apparently drunk) fan who tried to get involved and tripped over a chair in the process. Fans should not try clotheslines on wrestlers but also wrestlers should not be surprised they’re going to be hit by drunk fans if every match involved brawling around drunk fans.

Mas Lucha will have their 16th Anniversary show on July 28th from Arena Naucalpan and have announced DMT Azul vs Grond XXX. This will be a members only show. Mas Lucha probably has the best idea of what’s going to sell tickets of anyone who doesn’t run a promotion (and maybe they have a better idea than some that do), so they’re surely running the freak show main event because a freak show main event is going to fill up Arena Naucalpan and it probably will.

If someone from Mas Lucha is reading this, please let me know how much it would cost to fix whatever broken device makes stream flicker to a black screen and I would very much consider donating it to you. Or starting a GoFundMe for you. It’s apparent how out of control it’s gotten in a GIF of that fight yesterday.

Other News

LuchaWorld has this week’s Lucha Report.

Lourdes Grobet, who’s lucha libre photography book is one of the most well know modern Mexica wrestling books, passed away Friday. CMLL and IWRG noted the passing. SuperLuchas has an obituary.

Big Lucha is running a play-in tournament for their World title on their Wednesday night Big Lucha World shows. Viajero, Bendito, Extasis and Elemental won matches last night; Mas Lucha indicated those four will meet in semifinals next week.

Mexico City area luchador Magnetico will be wrestling as Maya Azteca Jr. on the Mi Sagrada Lucha Libre show this weekend He’s the grandson of long time referee Rafael el Maya and taking the name he used as a wrestler. Rafa el Maya was surprised and in tears about it. It reads like the name change is only meant to be a one-time thing but may change if it gets over.

I’ve got extra time today, so here’s a list of notable shows week:

GCW tonight has Tony Deppen vs Komander. Sunday’s GCW show has Gringo Loco vs Komander. Like always, there’s a bundle for both shows. Gringo Loco vs Komander will also take place on the 07/23 Warrior Wrestling show.

GCW also announced Bandido vs Jordan Oliver for their 07/29 show.

Big Lucha announced a 07/28 show in Torreon, but that show is now postponed until September. Bandido’s show had Psycho and Vikingo scheduled, there was also an AAA staffed show announced for Arena Olimpico Laguna that day and that appeared to be a conflict.

AAA on US TV, CMLL Tuesday results, Puebla Anniversary lineup


Diamond beat Stigma in Arena Puebla, setting up a title match there. I guess that’s their big Anniversary match.

CMLL (TUE) 07/12/2022 Arena México [CMLL, Estrellas del Ring, Kaiser SportsThe Gladiatores]
1) Dr. Karonte I & Dr. Karonte II b Bengala & Leono 20220712cmll_match1Bengala & Leono vs Dr. Karonte I & Dr. Karonte II.mp4 (posted by luchablog vault (Google Drive)) Lucha inicial: Karonte I y Karonte II Vs Leono y Bengala en el CMLL (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
Leono replaced Retro late Monday
2) Enfermero Jr., Grako, Okumura b Astral, Robin, Sangre Imperial 20220712cmll_match2Astral, Robin, Sangre Imperial vs Enfermero Jr., Grako, Okumura.mp4 (posted by luchablog vault (Google Drive)) Okumura, Enfermero Jr y Grako Vs Robin, Astral y Sangre Imperial en el CMLL (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
Okumura replaced Disturbio late Monday
3) Amapola, Dark Silueta, Reyna Isis b La Seductora, Princesa Sugehit, Skadi 20220712cmll_match3Marcela, Princesa Sugehit, Skadi vs Amapola, Dark Silueta, Reyna Isis.mp4 (posted by luchablog vault (Google Drive)) Lucha amazonas del CMLL: Dark Silueta, Reina Isis y Amapola Vs Princesa Sugehit, Skadi y Seductora (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
Seductora replaced Marcela, though she didn’t get along with her partners
4) Dark Panther, Dulce Gardenia, Panterita del Ring b Felino, Hijo del Villano III, Pólvora 20220712cmll_match4Dark Panther, Dulce Gardenia, Panterita del Ring vs Felino, Hijo del Villano III, Pólvora.mp4 (posted by luchablog vault (Google Drive)) Dulce Gardenia, Dark Panther y Panterita del Ring Vs Felino, Hijo del Villano III y Pólvora (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
5) Star Jr., Stuka Jr., Volador Jr. b Gran Guerrero, Rey Bucanero, Último Guerrero 20220712cmll_match5Star Jr., Stuka Jr., Volador Jr. vs Gran Guerrero, Rey Bucanero, Último Guerrero.mp4 (posted by luchablog vault (Google Drive)) Último Guerrero, Gran Guerrero y Rey Bucanero Vs Volador Jr, Stuka Jr y Star Jr (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
Tecnicos took 2/3

EDIT: Seductora replaced Marcela.

Marca’s stream was messed up for most of the first match and a bit of the second. Didn’t seem like anything too important happened, then or the rest of the show.

CMLL (TUE) 07/12/2022 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, Mas Lucha]
1) Johnny Dinamo, Micro, Último Ángel b Jabalí, Ponzoña Jr., Tigre Blanco
2) Crixus, Omar Brunetti, Vaquero Jr. b Bobby Black, Cris Skin, Javier Cruz Jr.  (posted by luchablog vault (Google Drive))
3) Audaz, Guerrero Maya Jr., Panterita del Ring Jr. b Difunto, Joker, Omega  (posted by )
4) Furia Roja & Guerrero de la Noche b Mr. Trueno & Rey Trueno © [OCCIDENTE TAG (posted by )
title change
5) Averno, Mephisto, Zandokan Jr. b Esfinge, Fugaz, Star Black  (posted by )
Averno unmasked Fugaz and Zandokan Jr. fouled Esfinge. Sets up a MEX TAG defense.

Averno/Zandokan vs locals Esfinge/Fugaz actually makes sense for a big match locally. No results posted, skimmed through the video so might have missed a erplacement.

CMLL (FRI) 07/15/2022 Arena México
1) El Audaz, Flyer, Suicida vs Inquisidor, Okumura, Raider
2) Atlantis, Atlantis Jr., Blue Panther vs Fuerza Guerrera, Stuka Jr., Templario
3) Niebla Roja © vs Bárbaro Cavernario [CMLL LH]
10th defense, first since October 31st, 2020.
4) Soberano Jr. vs TitánDragón Rojo Jr.Negro CasasRey CometaMagia BlancaHijo del Villano IIIPanterita del Ring Jr. [Leyenda de Plata, torneo]

Hopefully Informa brings us news the Leyenda de Plata is a cibernetico, but assuming a single elimination tournament until told otherwise. CMLL often lists the name as some sort of depth chart, which isn’t great for Panterita del Ring Jr.’s odds.

Last week had the Averno/UG and Soberano/Templario challenges, this week should have Atlantis Jr./Stuka Jr. and Atlantis/Fuerza ones. (Commitment-phobe Fuerza should defintely go last for most drama.) I could see CMLL running a press conference as early as next Wednesday to announce the Gran Prix teams and the plans for the Anniversary show, though they could wait longer than that. Maybe 07/27 makes the most sense, they could promote this tournament final at the same time.

Niebla Roja/Barbaro Cavernario could be good. A title change is possible. Also possible is an instafeud to add more names to a cage match.

CMLL (SAT) 07/16/2022 Arena Coliseo
1) Acero, Aéreo, Último Dragóncito vs Angelito, Fantasy, Kaligua
2) Cachorro, Leono, Valiente Jr. vs Apocalipsis, Cholo, Inquisidor
3) Arkalis, Pegasso, Stigma vs Akuma, Dark Magic, Espanto Jr.
4) Guerrero Maya Jr., Panterita del Ring, Volcano vs Cancerbero, Kráneo, Luciferno
5) Soberano Jr., Titán, Volador Jr. vs Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Terrible

Just a show. Kraneo is one of the guys who appears exiled from the streaming shows.

CMLL (MON) 07/18/2022 Arena Puebla
Arena Puebla 69th Anniversary
1) Dr. Karonte I, Dr. Karonte II, Enfermero Jr. vs El Malayo, Rey Apocalipsis, Siki Osama
2) Dulce Gardenia, Espíritu Negro, Rey Cometa vs Arkalis, Guerrero Maya Jr., Pegasso
3) Stigma © vs Diamond [CMLL SL]
3rd defense
4) Fuerza Guerrera, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero vs Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Terrible
5) Volador Jr. vs Soberano Jr.

Stigma winning the Super Light title gives the building a big match regularly. This looks like a good show that we probably won’t see.

CMLL Informa has the rudo minis (cibernetico on Sunday), Niebla Roja (title match) and Gran Guerrero (CMLL Pekes?)

Last week, Misterioso Jr. posted “I’m back“. Misterioso, as far as I can tell, isn’t back. He hasn’t wrestled in Arena Mexico since March, appearing once in Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, once in Auditorio de Tijuana and infrequently in home Torreon/Gomez Palacio shows. He didn’t pop up on the new cards this week. Misterioso is like a lot of lucha libre dads, just trying to to find bookings for his children, and his return to CMLL may be dependent on that project.

Former CMLL luchadora Mystique has opened an Onlyfans account. US wrestlers have done similar things. Her profile doesn’t mention what type of content she’ll be producing. She’s the most high profile Mexican wrestler to open an OnlyFans, though she’s back to not appearing around CMLL at the moment. She’s been selling gear, saying it’s to fund a dentistry business, her other line of work..


AAA and EstrellaTV announced AAA TripleMania will air on the US network on Friday at 6 pm. It’s a two hour show, and the preview lists Rayo/Demon, the weird trios match, and the Young Bucks vs Vikingo/Fenix. That could mean there’s two more episodes to come with the rest of the matches. No one’s really said. La Estrella (a small over the air Spanish language network) aired CMLL TV from about 2012 to 2015; I never got the sense anyone beyond me was watching those. TV viewership has only gone down since then and it’s hard to believe AAA’s going to pick up much of audience on them, but it’s easy money if they’re getting paid for this and they get to add “We’re on US TV” on their press releases.

The Chik Tormenta/Lady Flammer mask match, promoted as giving the women a bigger spotlight, was cut down from 13 minutes to 3 minutes on the version that AAA put up on their YouTube channel. I’m willing to believe it’s a video error because that full episode is 10 minutes shorter than any other AAA episode. But it’s sat there for a week and half and no one’s fixed it, so it’s not important.

AAA seems like they also missed uploading a part of that TripleMania show; the two mask tournament matches and the main event didn’t make it up, though they did reair on Space.


IWRG (THU) 07/14/2022 Arena Naucalpan
1) Sol & X-Devil vs Astaroth & Súper Boy
2) Jhon Tito & Spider Fly vs Gallero & Wagner Kid
3) Aster Boy, King Charro, Noisy Boy vs Fly Warrior, Shocko, Yorvak
4) Óscar El Hermoso & Yuriko vs Mary Caporal & Satania and Bengalee & Keyra and Paymon & Zoy Raymunda
5) Dick Angelo 3G & Legendario vs Abismo Negro Jr. & Toxin [super libre]

Main event continues the Jacuan/Vipers feud, semi-main is everyone in La Jaula de la Locas cage match.

IWRG (SUN) 07/17/2022 Arena Naucalpan
La Jaula de las Locas 2022
1) Baby Star vs Rey Halcón
2) Noisy Boy, Sol, Spider Fly vs Cerebro Negro Jr., Gallero, Tom Fulton
3) Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro vs Gran Pandemónium, Hijo de Pandemónium, Pandemónium Jr. © [EdM Trios]
5th defense
4) Toxin © vs Puma de Oro [IWRG MEXICO]
9th defense
5) Galeno del Mal & Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Dick Angelo 3G & Legendario and Fly Warrior & Fulgor
6) Jessy Ventura vs Diva SalvajePaymonSoy RaymundaMary CaporalSataniaBengaleeKeyraÓscar El HermosoYuriko? [cage, hair, mask]

A Mas Lucha premium show. Satania & Bengalee, who’s feud stretches back eons at this point, are late additions to the cage match. A mystery person in an apuesta cage match is never a good idea. The undercard could be better. Tom Fulton is another foreigner (Scotland) who’s been wrestling around Mexico of late, though his Facebook indicates he picked up a (hopefully) minor knee injury in the last day or so.

Other News

LuchaWorld has this week’s Poster-Mania and this week’s Lucha Report.

Big Lucha announced the wrestlers for the July 29th Block A of the tournament

  • Flamita
  • Emperador Azteca
  • Cometa Maya
  • a wrestler from Big Lucha World TBD
  • Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr.
  • Texano
  • Super Nova
  • Rey Horus

Half regulars, half outsiders. Flamita still seems likely, but any of the outsiders could be reasonable choices. It’s important to remember that the winner of this tournament just gets fed into another tournament on 09/16, it’s not the CMLL style block winner versus the other block winner.

GCW announced Black Taurus for their 07/29 show. Bandido was already announced, and I’d assume Laredo Kid will also work this show as a part of the weekend swing with the GCW show. “I feel iffy about buying the Ric Flair show but the GCW show with nearly the same Mexican crew seems safe” is a extremely not sane to type but I did it because I wanted to see how it looked.

Gallo and Rayman are announced for a mask match on 10/01 in Arena GDL. Those two have feuded for locally forever (2017), even doing a hair match between masked wrestlers last year won by Rayman. They’re also two guys not eager to lose, so I’m waiting for another shoe to drop.

Hijo del Tirantes/Lady Shani on Verano de Escandalo, more CMLL Aniversary mask challenges, weekend results


CMLL (FRI) 07/08/2022 Arena México [ASCMLLCronista del RingEstrellas del RingExcelsiorKaiser SportsR de RudoThe GladiatoresThe Gladiatores (video), thecubsfan]
1) Angelito, Pequeño Magía, Último Dragóncito b Mercurio, Minos, Pierrothito Pequeño Magia, Ultimo Dragoncito y Angelito Vs Mercurio, Pequeño Pierroth y Minos, (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
2) Akuma, Dark Magic, Espanto Jr. b Arkalis, Pegasso, Stigma Fuerza Poblana vs Ola Negra intenso duelo de tercias en la Mèxico catedral (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
3) Princesa Sugehit b Dark Silueta [CMLL WOMENCampeonato Mundial Femenil Princesa Sugehit Vs Dark Silueta, viernes de Arena Mèxico (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre) CMLL - CAMPEONATO MUNDIAL FEMENIL / PRINCESA SUGEHIT VS DARK SILUETA /ARENA MEXICO / 8-07-22 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL) CMLL | Princesa Sugehit retiene su Campeonato Mundial Femenil ante Dark Silueta (posted by mluchatv) Princesa Sugehit vs Dark Silueta campeonato mundial femenil. (posted by )
5th defense
4) Cavernario, Dragón Rojo Jr., Hechicero b Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Terrible CMLL - B. CAVERNARIO - DRAGÓN ROJO JR. - HECHICERO VS LOS INGOBERNABLES /ARENA MEXICO / 8-07-22 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
Cavernario beat Niebla Roja to set up a CMLL LH title match
5) Averno, Templario, Volador Jr. DQ Gran Guerrero, Soberano Jr., Último Guerrero [Relevos IncreíblesCMLL - VOLADOR JR.-TEMPLARIO-AVERNO VS SOBERANO JR-GRAN GUERRERO -ÚLTIMO GUERRERO/A. MEXICO/8-07-22 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL) Lucha estrella: Volador Jr, Averno y Templario vs Soberano Jr, Último Guerrero y Gran Guerrero (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
Soberano unmasked Templario for the DQ. They accepted a mask match, and Averno accepted the hair match with Ultimo Guerrero.

Nothing great but a solidly enjoyable show.

Those were the expected challenges. We’re still missing Fuerza Guerrera agreeing to Atlantis’ challenge and Fuerza Guerrera agreeing to anything at all is the biggest possible news, so maybe that’s for last.

A Niebla Roja/Cavernario title match is a surprise, because CMLL should be busy enough Friday without it. Leyenda de Plata historically has been a cibernetico, but was a single-elimination tournament last year. Eight people in a block usually means CMLL single elimination tournament.

CMLL (SAT) 07/09/2022 Arena Coliseo [Box y Lucha, CMLL]
1) Átomo, Chamuel, Periquito Sacaryas b Gemelo Diablo I, Gemelo Diablo II, Mije Facebook video (posted by )
2) La Vaquerita, Marcela, Skadi b La Seductora, Metálica, Tiffany Facebook video (posted by )
Tecnicas took 1/3. CMLL listed as Hera replacing Magnifica earlier in the night, but Marcela ended up in the spot.
3) Panterita del Ring Jr. © b Inquisidor [MEX LIGHTPor el Campeonato Nacional Ligero: Panterita del Ring Jr. vs Inquisidor (posted by mluchatv)
first defense, said to be one of the best Coliseo matches of the year.
4) Esfinge, Fugaz, Star Black b Felino, Hijo del Villano III, Pólvora Facebook video (posted by )
tecnicos took 2/3
5) Negro Casas, Star Jr., Titán b Dragón Rojo Jr., Rey Bucanero, Templario Facebook video (posted by )
tecnicos took 2/3

CMLL had a video crew filming the title match, so maybe we’ll get 3-5 minutes of highlights on Informa.

CMLL (SUN) 07/10/2022 Arena México [CMLL]
1) Full Metal, Pequeño Olímpico, Pequeño Violencia b Aéreo, Fantasy, Shockercito
Rudos took 2/3
2) Enfermero Jr., Inquisidor, Raider b El Valiente Jr., Oro Jr., Suicida
Inquisidor replaced Nitro early Sunday
3) Dulce Gardenia, Espíritu Negro, Rey Cometa b Disturbio, El Coyote, Okumura
Tecnicos took 2/3
4) Ángel de Oro © b Dark Panther [MEX LH]
first defense
5) Atlantis, Negro Casas, Volador Jr. b Euforia, Hechicero, Mephisto

I was told the title match went well by someone who was there. That show will air on AMX on July 22nd, but they only air three of the five matches and those choices seem more about what will easily fit the timeslot rather than picking the most interesting matches.

CMLL (TUE) 07/12/2022 Arena México
1) Bengala & Retro vs Dr. Karonte I & Dr. Karonte II
2) Astral, Robin, Sangre Imperial vs Disturbio, Enfermero Jr., Grako
3) Marcela, Princesa Sugehit, Skadi vs Amapola, Dark Silueta, Reyna Isis
4) Dark Panther, Dulce Gardenia, Panterita del Ring vs Felino, Hijo del Villano III, Pólvora
5) Star Jr., Stuka Jr., Volador Jr. vs Gran Guerrero, Rey Bucanero, Último Guerrero

A show taking place on a Tuesday.

CMLL (TUE) 07/12/2022 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Johnny Dinamo, Micro, Último Ángel vs Jabalí, Ponzoña Jr., Tigre Blanco
2) Crixus, Omar Brunetti, Vaquero Jr. vs Bobby Black, Cris Skin, Javier Cruz Jr.
3) Audaz, Guerrero Maya Jr., Panterita del Ring Jr. vs Difunto, Joker, Omega
4) Mr. Trueno & Rey Trueno © vs Furia Roja & Guerrero de la Noche [OCCIDENTE TAG]
5) Esfinge, Fugaz, Star Black vs Averno, Mephisto, Zandokan Jr.

That tercera could be good.

The CMLL staffed show in Tijuana on Saturday appeared to draw poorly. Maybe Tijuana is going to struggle to attract a lot of fans following Tijuana, but CMLL outside of their home building doesn’t seem to do well.


we have a full Verano de Escandalo lineup

AAA TV (FRI) 08/05/2022 Nuevo Lienzo Charro, Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes
Verano de Escandalo, 2022
1) ?, ??, ??? vs ????, ?????, ??????
locals dark match
2) Aramis, Mr. Iguana, Niño Hamburguesa vs Diva Salvaje, Dulce Canela, Jessy Ventura
Microman will be with the Iguana/Hambuergesa team
2) Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón vs DMT Azul, Puma King, Sam Adonis [AAA TRIOS]
3) Laredo Kid vs Willie MackBandidoJohnny Caballero
4) Charly Manson, Pagano, Psycho Clown vs Abismo Negro Jr., Cibernético, Psicosis
6) Lady Shani vs Hijo del Tirantes [hair]
7) Fénix, Pentagón Jr., Taya vs Chik Tormenta, Hijo Del Vikingo, Taurus

So there sure was a reason they held off announcing the last match. The local promoter encouraged a round of applause from the assembled for the announcement of the Hijo del Tirantes/Lady Shani hair match. He was definitely excited about (and the media did clap, so I guess they were.) That match is already getting killed among fans on social media, which AAA expect would happen. Their case is probably that they need a mix of matches to appeal to the “family fans” who enjoy the silliness of Hijo del Tirantes rudo referee bit and to the “workrate fans” who are going to like the other matches on the card. Still, building big shows around the heel referee getting his head shaved paints AAA in a way that no amount of ‘workrate’ matches are ever really going to wash clean. AAA’s going be AAA, always.

Faby Apache and Hijo del Tirantes have been feuding for a decade and Faby vs Tirantes would be a bigger match. AAA moved the feud over to Shani earlier this year. It’s probably better long term for Shani to get the high profile win, but there’s little sign AAA is thinking that way. Faby has also vanished from AAA TV since TripleMania Monterrey and seemed downplayed all year.

Verano de Escandalo otherwise comes off as a TV taping with a special name. I was stunned when the press conference mentioned it’d air live on FITE and Space, because it doesn’t feel like something that’s going to get a lot of attention. (Most of the Showcenter lineups look more promising as internet shows, and they gave up on those immediately.) The people who buy everyone AAA show are going to buy this, but there’s no reason for anyone outside of Mexico – anyone who isn’t already getting it for free on Space – to pay $13 USD to see this live.

The main event is a pain point. There is no reason for Vikingo and Taurus, two long-term rivals, to team and there’s no reason to expect AAA will try to explain it. Chik Tormenta doesn’t make sense as a partner for either of them either. It feels like AAA just asked Fenix, Penta and Taya who’d they’d like to work with, and that’s what they came up with. If that is the reason, I’d at least take a promo explaining. Instead, they’ve given us many promos teasing this group, announcing this group, then somehow regressing to pretending they hadn’t announced the group, and all along talked about how important it was to have Arez a part of it. This would’ve been a good chance to actually have Arez as part of the group and he’s not, and I’m not sure why he got destroyed by the Vipers over all of it. The match will be great but AAA is making minimal amounts to make you want to see the great matches.

This trios match as the main event, and AAA’s previous announcements of future shows, also clinches the the matches teased at TripleMania Tijuana won’t be happening until Mexico City. That’s at the soonest; I can’t imagine AAA finding room for a Flammer/Taya title match on TripleMania card, especially when they’ve simultaneously set up a Taya/Thunder Rosa match. (Flammer’s best hope at actually getting that title shot is being an extra woman in that match to get pinned.) A build up Fenix/Vikingo trios match here all but confirms that’s the TripleMania title match. That’ll be great, but also probably closes the book on the Omega/Vikingo match happening as one time promised this year. There are a lot of matches AAA’s failed to deliver on and this one doesn’t even seem their fault, but I suspect people are going to be unhappy about it when they figure it out it’s not happening. (I guess it’s theoretically possible AAA could do a Fenix/Omega/Vikingo match still, but it’s not something fans should be expecting.)

I was surprised to see NGD and La Empresa in the second match after so much time AAA’s spent putting both teams over all the tecnicos for the last year. But, again, nothing really matters here (and both would be facing someone more important if he was meant to be something.) There’s a lot of banking on Bandido vs Laredo Kid vs Willie Mack vs Johnny Caballero will be a great match – Dorian Roldan went as far as saying it’d be a five star match – and that might be an unfair expectation. There’s a lot of goofiness on this show and that and the main event are being expected to be the counter balance.

AAA TV this week was fine, maybe good. The opener (Dulce Gardenia, Mamba, Draztick Boy vs Komander, Aramis, Drago Kid) had the most excitement and the most brutal ankle injury for Mamba. I didn’t get into the NGD vs Psycho, Pagano, Penta main as much as everyone else, but the crowd reacted strong to the idea Pagano might end the NGD win streak. There’s just something missing with NGD for me.

The angle focus was Pagano and Cibernetico teasing their hair match, the same thing they’ve been doing since February and will do until at least October. Nothing noteworthy has happened in between. Zorro got a nice reaction in his return in his old character, though the trios match he was in didn’t go well.

Keyra said she was done with AAA for the time being and fully independent. Keyra hasn’t been used on TV since Rey de Reyes and has been working with Robles since April, so she might have made this move a while ago.


IWRG (SUN) 07/10/2022 Arena Naucalpan [Cronista del Ring, IWRG, Mas Lucha, R de Rudo]
1) Spider Fly b Rey Aztaroth EN VIVO: Rumbo a la Jaula de las Locas (posted by mluchatv) Spider Fly Vs Rey Aztaroth, mano mano en la Arena Naucalpan con IWRG (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
2) Baby Star Jr. & Brillante Rb b D Andrew & Limbo Brillante y Baby Star Vs D Andrew y Limbo en IWRG Arena Naucalpan (posted by ) EN VIVO: Rumbo a la Jaula de las Locas (posted by mluchatv)
3) Aster Boy, Caballero de Plata, Legendario b Fly Warrior, Fulgor, Hell Boy EN VIVO: Rumbo a la Jaula de las Locas (posted by mluchatv)
4) Cerebro Negro, Cerebro Negro Jr., Dr. Cerebro b Dick Angelo 3G, Shaun Moore, Tonallli EN VIVO: Rumbo a la Jaula de las Locas (posted by mluchatv)
win via unseen foul. Black Terry and Legendario got involved post match to tease a 4v4
5) Mary Caporal, Óscar El Hermoso, Yuriko, Zoy Raymunda b Diva Salvaje, Jessy Ventura, Kerya, Paymon EN VIVO: Rumbo a la Jaula de las Locas (posted by mluchatv) IWRG | Lucha estelar en relevos atómicos, Keyra, Paymon, Las Shotas, Mary Caporal y más estrellas (posted by mluchatv) Keyra, Jessy Ventura, Diva Salvaje y Paymon Vs Mary Caporal, Zoy Raymunda, Yuriko y Oscar el Hermoso (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
Paymon betrayed his teammates. Keyra and Mary Caporal added to the match.

Paymon getting something to do suggests he’s not the person just in to lose his hair; it would be unlike a Mexican cage match to resolve an actual feud. Keyra & Mary Caporal were added to the main event because they’re also going to be in the cage match; IWRG’s used women in the La Jaula de las Locas prior.

Other News

Box y Lucha 3501D looks to have Tigre Hispano coverage.

AIW announced Drago for their annual JLIT tournament on 08/19 and 20th.

Photos from an upcoming “El Halcon” movie; they’re taking the mask used by Danny Ortiz for an unrelated drama. Haven’t seen this mentioned before, not sure when it’s coming out.

The family of Queretaro’s Dragon de Oriente I announced he’d be “taking a break” from wrestling due to problems with his nervous and neurological systems. It sounds like they’re still looking for the underlining cause.

Casandro helped cut the ribbon on a photo exhibit about his career in El Paso. Casandro was in a (often hidden) wheelchair last time he appeared in public, so seeing him standing for the ribbon cutting seems like great progress.

Tiger Hispano passes away, CMLL women’s title match tonight, AAA Showcenter 4 lineup


Former CMLL referee Tigre Hispano (Ventura Lahoz, 85) passed away today. He was a referee for the promotion from 1987 to 2014, usually wearing a tiger-stripped arm sleeve and occasionally working as a slightly rudo referee. Tigre Hispano was originally from Spain, which inspired the name. Like many Mexican referees, he started his career as lighter weight wrestler. The 60s and 70s magazines always singled him out as a star of Arena Lopez Mateos, to the point where he was the only thing mentioned from those show. That building was not affiliated with EMLL and he was a lightweight, so there wasn’t room to grow. He did make at least one appearance as a wrestler in Toreo de Cuatro Caminos in 1978 and worked some non-Mexico City EMLL shows. Tigre Hispano also married Lupita Blancarte, the first winner of an annual “queen of lucha libre” competition, a huge thing at the time that feels impossible to explain now. Tiger Hispano stopped wrestling in the late 80s, started referee and also was part of the CMLL programming team for a period around 1993, though I’m not sure how long that last part lasted. Tigre Hispano is best remembered by recent fans for being the oldest and slowest of the CMLL old slow referees. His last decade was infamously poor. CMLL’s reputation is for holding grudges against people for a long time, but they’re equally as loyal to people, and they were extremely loyal to Tigre Hispano in continuing to give him work as a referee eons longer than any other wrestling promotion would’ve kept him around. It was only after Tigre Hispano was too injured to continue working as a referee after a freak collision with Angel de Oro that CMLL stopped using him. (Tigre Hispano said CMLL paid for knee surgery and kept him employed as a referee for another year even though they weren’t using him, before he took a retirement offer.)

CMLL is back on TicketMaster Live tonight. The main event is Averno, Templario, Volador Jr. vs Gran Guerrero, Soberano Jr. and Ultimo Guerrero, which should end in apuesta challenges. Princesa Sugehit defends the CMLL World Women’s championship against Dark Silueta, who’s attempting to win a fourth concurrent title. (She seems unlikely to get it tonight.) Next week’s the start of the Leyenda de Plata, so probably nothing much else being set up.

Blue Panther is off tomorrow’s Arena Coliseo show, replaced by Star Jr. That Saturday show has Panterita defending the Mexican Lightweight Championship against Inquisidor, Sunday has Angel de Oro doing the same with the Light Heavyweight Championship against Dark Panther. Both champions are strongly favored to retain; the Sunday title change is maybe slightly more likely to see a title change, but everyone would still be surprised.

CMLL announced the second Leyenda de Plata block. Both of them, on more time


  • Titan (CMLL WELTER)
  • Hijo del Villano III
  • Panterita del Ring Jr. (MEX LIGHT)
  • Magia Blanca (MEX WELTER)
  • Rey Cometa
  • Negro Casas
  • Dragon Rojo Jr. (CMLL MIDDLE)
  • Soberano Jr.


  • Dulce Gardenia
  • Fugaz
  • Audaz
  • Star Jr.
  • Volador Jr. (NWA WELTER)
  • Templario (MEX MIDDLE)
  • Coyote
  • Stigma (CMLL SL)

The gimmick is lightweights, welterweights, and middleweights. Mistico is the only champion of one of those divisions not appearing. It may be officially due to injury, though it appeared he was told he didn’t need to rush back to be a part of this tournament.  Barbaro Cavernario, the 2018 winner, is a notable missing name. Not sure if he’s meant to be a middleweight or light heavyweight, CMLL weight divisions are very fuzzy ideas. This group of people should mean some good matches if they get enough time.

recent winners
2021: Titan (over Templario)
2018: Cavernario (over King Phoenix)
2017: Volador Jr. (over Caristico)
2016: La Mascara (over Negro Casas)
2015: Negro Casas (over Dragon Lee)
2014: Negro Casas (over Titan)
2011: Volador Jr. (over Jushin Lyger)

CMLL (SAT) 07/23/2022 Arena Coliseo
1) Diamond, Magia Blanca, Magnus vs Bestia Negra (Jalisco), Difunto, Zandokan Jr.
2) Hera, La Jarochita, Lluvia, Olympia vs Dark Silueta, Nautica (Jalisco), Sexy Sol, Valkiria (Jalisco)
3) Akuma, Dark Magic, Espanto Jr. vs Adrenalina, Explosivo (Jalisco), Fantástico
4) Dulce Gardenia, Espíritu Negro, Rey Cometa vs Furia Roja (Jalisco), Guerrero De La Muerte, Joker
5) Soberano Jr., Star Black, Star Jr. vs Bárbaro Cavernario, Demonio Maya, Principe Daniel

CMLL is running “Mexico City” versus “Guadalajara” shows in Arena Coliseo (Mexico City) on the 23trd and Arena Coliseo Guadalajara (on the 26th.) Saturday is an odd day to do it, but I’d guess it makes travel easier for the Guadalajara people who are probably working full-time jobs back home. These aren’t the shows for this week, or even next week, but the week after that announced much earlier than CMLL usually announces things. For the sake of the bit, Barbaro Cavernario is a Guadalajara wrestler and Star Black is a Mexico City one.

This will be Mexico City/main roster debuts for Bestia Negra, Explosivo, Valkiria and Guerrero de la Muerte. Joker actually popped up way back in the 2015 En Busca de un Idolo qualifying cibernetico. Fantastico was part of the Super Lightweight tournament back in March. A different wrestler used the name Guerrero de la Muerte in CMLL in the 90s; I haven’t seen it confirmed this is the son of that wrestler, but the ages fit. “Valkyira” is sometimes spelled “Valkiria.” Nautica and Sexy Sol were in a tag team tournament last year you’ve already forgotten.

CMLL (TUE) 07/26/2022 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Ángel Rebelde, Halcón Negro Jr., Optimus, Trono vs Flash, Omar Brunetti, Ráfaga, Vaquero Jr.
2) Adrenalina, Explosivo, Fantástico vs Diamond, Magia Blanca, Magnus
3) Dalys, Lluvia, Sexy Sol vs Dark Silueta, Náutica, Valkiria
4) Akuma, Dark Magic, Espanto Jr. vs Bestia Negra, Difunto, Zandokan Jr.
5) Dulce Gardenia, Espíritu Negro, Rey Cometa vs Furia Roja, Guerrero de la Muerte, Joker
6) Atlantis Jr., Soberano Jr., Star Black vs Bárbaro Cavernario, Demonio Maya, Principe Daniel

The GDL version of the show, though not with the same crew.

Dandy Garcia, who we have as Stuka Jr.’s brother, is organizing a travel package from Gomez Palacio to the CMLL Aniversario show with a big picture of Stuka Jr. to promote it. Maybe he knows something we don’t.


Space lists Saturday’s episode as “Domo Madero Part 1” and AAA indeed put out a preview for that show

  • Draztick Boy, Dulce Kanela, Mamba vs Aramis, Drago Kid, Komander
  • Charly Manson, Heavy Metal, Zorro vs Abismo Negro Jr., Cibernético, Látigo
  • Pagano, Pentagón Jr., Psycho Clown vs Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón

I guess Puebla Part 2 will be turning up random day. Space is at the normal 6:30 pm start time and I’ll be back streaming it if nothing comes up.

AAA also announced the July Showcenter lineup:

AAA TV (SUN) 07/24/2022 Showcenter Complex, San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo Leon
1) La Hiedra vs Natalia Marakova
2) Baby Extreme, Komander, Lady Shani vs Diva Salvaje, Dulce Canela, Jessy Ventura
3) Aramis & Jack Cartwheel vs Flamita & Parka Negra
4) Dralistico vs Látigo [Showcenter Tournament, torneo]
5) Laredo Kid & Myzteziz Jr. vs Abismo Negro Jr. & Antifaz
6) Hijo Del Vikingo, Mr. Iguana, Niño Hamburguesa vs Chessman, Puma King, Toscano

The tournament bracket‘s goofed up after four shows, and only two after announcing the bracket. Seems about right. Dralistico was scheduled to face Baby Extreme and Latigo to face Dinamico. Maybe they got byes, but then Taurus should’ve been included in the second-round match. Maybe AAA will release an updated bracket, maybe I’ll retroactively figure out what the tournament was, and maybe it just won’t ever make sense. It’s very possible no one cares about this beyond me because the only people who bother to think deeply about AAA are the people who decide to write about it; everyone else takes for granted its silliness. The “why” is more important; skipping ahead in a tournament is something you’d do if it suddenly needs to take place over fewer shows. But it’s AAA, so it could be for some other reason.

Marakova was supposed to be on show #2 and missed it due to reported travel issues. I presume that’s a women’s tournament match even if it’s listed as one. Still no bracket for those, and it would be surprising if we got one.

There are matches on this show that look really good if we’re going to see it and I think there’s a good chance this one might show up on TV. There are four weeks of blank TV bracketing the Aguascalientes shows, so either AAA is going to air some repeats or this show and the next can slide in before and after. It’s really tough to know with AAA TV this year though; I thought it was going to get easier when we weren’t dealing with no fan shows and it’s not really been that way.

AAA announced four matches for Verano de Escandalo and then just stopped announcing matches. The local promotion has a press conference scheduled for noon on Monday, so we’ll probably get a full lineup there if not prior.


The IWRG versus Big Lucha cibernetico from last Saturday is getting attention for out of control it was; the IWRG guys appeared to be upset the Big Lucha guys have the buzz right now and decided to hit Big Lucha guys unexpectedly hard to prove they’re the ‘real’ luchadors. Rob was among those who called it unprofessional. Both Legendario and Eterno are pushing the idea that the Big Lucha guys were disrespectful to the IWRG prior to the match and the IWRG taught them a lesson but pushed back on the idea they were unprofessional. Eterno goes as far as to say the Big Lucha guys are only trained in flips and don’t know how to really wrestle like the IWRG guys. Sometimes, it’s the wrestlers who believe it’s real more than the fans.

IWRG (THU) 07/07/2022 Arena Naucalpan [IWRG, Mas Lucha]
1) Sol & X-Devil b Garra Mortal Jr. & Rey Halcón Jr. EN VIVO: Los Nuevos Vipers vs La Jauria Canina (posted by mluchatv)
2) Limbo & Tamilian Vaneesh b Phoenix Kidd & Spider Fly EN VIVO: Los Nuevos Vipers vs La Jauria Canina (posted by mluchatv)
3) Danno Burns, Legendario, Paymon b Junta, La Estrella, Takuma EN VIVO: Los Nuevos Vipers vs La Jauria Canina (posted by mluchatv)
4) Tonalli b Cerebro Negro [IWRG IC MIDDLEEN VIVO: Los Nuevos Vipers vs La Jauria Canina (posted by mluchatv)
1st defense. Cerebro Negro challenged him to a hair match.
5) Dick Angelo 3G & Puma de Oro Legendario DQ Abismo Negro Jr. & Toxin EN VIVO: Los Nuevos Vipers vs La Jauria Canina (posted by mluchatv) LOS VIPERS: Abismo Negro y Toxin VS Dick Angelo 3G y Legendario. THURSDAY NIGTH (posted by hector godfrey) Vipers Vs Herederos Dorados: Abismo Negro Jr y Toxin Vs Dick Angelo 3G y Legendario en IWRG (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
super libre challenges followed

A lot of random foreigners for a Thursday show. Burns is an Irish wrestler, Phoenix Kidd from Indiana and Vaneesh from New York. Instagram has them training Gym Hercules and hanging around Mexico for the month. Phoenix Kidd wrestled on the GHC hardcore show in Guadalajara over the weekend.

IWRG (SUN) 07/10/2022 Arena Naucalpan
1) Spider Fly vs Rey Aztaroth
2) Baby Star & Brillante vs D Andrew & Limbo
3) Aster Boy, Caballero de Plata, Legendario vs Fly Warrior, Fulgor, Hell Boy
4) Cerebro Negro, Cerebro Negro Jr., Dr. Cerebro vs Dick Angelo 3G, Shaun Moore, Tonallli
5) Diva Salvaje, Jessy Ventura, Paymon vs Óscar El Hermoso, Yuriko, Zoy Raymunda

More exoticos in as Jaula de las Locas gets closer.

Other News

LuchaWorld has the latest Lucha Report.

Big Lucha announced they will be introducing a world championship over their next three shows. There will be eight wrestler qualifying tournaments on July 29th and August 26th, and those two winners will join an unspecified number of other wrestlers for a tournament final on September 16th. They showed off the belt but no names were announced. Big Lucha pushed the idea wrestlers from outside of Big Lucha and outside of Mexico (Japan, England, and the US) would compete for the title. My impression is that’s more an aspirational goal than an indication of names that have been locked in. Flamita & Bandido are the favorites, though I think a final would be best as one of those two wrestlers against a big outside name.

I mentioned previously WWE running Mexico City on 10/30 was strange because it’s coming just two weeks after TripleMania and on a weekend where CMLL usually draws well. What I totally forgot about is October 30th is also the LigaMX final this fall. It’s six weeks earlier than usual due to a strange World Cup schedule. That’s going to be a tough day to draw just with nothing special going on, and an impossible one if any of the Mexico City teams make that final. Credit to the El Rompehuesos column for pointing that out. The expectation is WWE will do well because it’s their first show in Mexico City in years, but they couldn’t have picked a more challenging day to make that return.

AAA Hard Rock Hotel lineup, CMLL Tuesday results, AAA/Flair


CMLL (TUE) 07/05/2022 Arena México [CMLL]
1) Dr. Karonte I, Dr. Karonte II, Grako b Apocalipsis, Cholo, Príncipe Odín Jr. Lucha inicial del CMLL: Karonte I, Karonte II y Grako Vs Cholo, Apocalipsis y Príncipe Odín Jr (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
2) Dalys, Reyna Isis, Stephanie Vaquer b La Jarochita, Lluvia, Marcela Duelo de amazonas del CMLL: Lluvia, Jarochita y Marcela Vs Dalys, Reina Isis y Stephanie Vaquer (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
Reyna Isis replaced Hera. Rudas took 2/3.
3) Espanto Jr. b Rugido Gran mano a mano Espanto Jr Vs Rugido en la Arena México del CMLL (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
Espanto took 2/3. Oddly a three fall match when most singles matches this year have been one fall.
4) Dark Panther, Guerrero Maya Jr., Star Jr. b Cancerbero, Luciferno, Rey Bucanero Guerrero Maya Jr, Dark Panther y Star Jr Vs Rey Bucanero, Cancerbero y Luciferno en el CMLL (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
Tecnicos took 2/3.
5) Negro Casas, Stuka Jr., Titán b Gemelo Diablo I, Gemelo Diablo II, Sagrado Negro Casas, Titán y Stuka Jr Vs Terrible, Gemelo Diablo I y Gemelo Diablo II (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
Tecnicos took 1/3.

Mexico VPN was and is down so I haven’t seen anything from this. Of all the singles matches to make one fall, Espanto/Rugido is sure a pick. Espanto Jr. said he wanted the leader of Los Depredadors, Volador Jr., as his next opponent. That is a very funny idea.

CMLL (TUE) 07/05/2022 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, Fuego en el Ring]
1) Minotauro, Persa, Raven b Huitzil, Samuray Azteca, Temerario 20220705cmll_match1Minotauro, Persa, Raven vs Huitzil, Samuray Azteca, Temerario.mp4 (posted by luchablog vault (Google Drive))
2) Ángel Rebelde, Halcón Negro Jr., Optimus, Trono b Bestia Negra, Cris Skin, Difunto, Omega 20220705cmll_match2Ángel Rebelde, Halcón Negro Jr., Optimus, Trono vs Bestia Negra, Cris Skin, Difunto, Omega.mp4 (posted by luchablog vault (Google Drive))
3) Furia Roja & Guerrero de la Muerte b Mr. Trueno & Rey Trueno 20220705cmll_match3Furia Roja & Guerrero de la Muerte vs Mr. Trueno & Rey Trueno.mp4 (posted by luchablog vault (Google Drive))
challenges followed
4) Diamond, Magia Blanca, Magnus b Adrenalina, Explosivo, Fantástico 20220705cmll_match4Adrenalina, Explosivo, Fantástico vs Diamond, Magia Blanca, Magnus.mp4 (posted by luchablog vault (Google Drive))
5) Pólvora, Templario, Zandokan Jr. b Dulce Gardenia, Espíritu Negro, Rey Cometa 20220705cmll_match5Dulce Gardenia, Espíritu Negro, Rey Cometa vs Pólvora, Templario, Zandokan Jr..mp4 (posted by luchablog vault (Google Drive))

Nothing too notable here.

CMLL (SAT) 07/09/2022 Arena Coliseo
1) Gemelo Diablo I, Gemelo Diablo II, Mije vs Átomo, Chamuel, Periquito Sacaryas
2) La Magnifica, La Vaquerita, Skadi vs La Seductora, Metálica, Tiffany
3) Panterita del Ring Jr. © vs Inquisidor [MEX LIGHT]
first defense
4) Esfinge, Fugaz, Star Black vs Felino, Hijo del Villano III, Pólvora
5) Blue Panther, Negro Casas, Titán vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Rey Bucanero, Templario

Panterita Jr. is interesting enough that any title match is interesting, though it’s unlikely we’ll see this.

CMLL (SUN) 07/10/2022 Arena México
1) Aéreo, Fantasy, Shockercito vs Full Metal, Pequeño Olímpico, Pequeño Violencia
2) El Valiente Jr., Oro Jr., Suicida vs Enfermero Jr., Nitro, Raider
3) Dulce Gardenia, Espíritu Negro, Rey Cometa vs Disturbio, El Coyote, Okumura
4) Ángel de Oro © vs Dark Panther [MEX LH]
first defense
5) Atlantis, Negro Casas, Volador Jr. vs Euforia, Hechicero, Mephisto

This is the first meaningful match on a CMLL Arena Mexico Sunday show since Esfinge & Fugaz beat Felino Jr. & Polvora for the national tag championships. (We haven’t seen Felino Jr. since; he appeared to suffer an injury but this is a bit long for no update.) It is Dark Panther’s first meaningful singles match in eight years, when he lost to Hechicero as part of the 2014 En Busca de un Idolo tournament. Dark Panther seemed close to Dragon Lee, Barbaro Cavernario and Hechicero back then and his current has never really progressed. He’s got opportunities in teams with his family and with Guerrero Maya Jr. and he’s won a mask in cage match, but Dark Panther (by any name) has kind of been stuck in the same place. I’m not sure one match with Angel de Oro is going to change that, but it’s a chance to at least make the point it should change. I’d like to just generally see more out of him than the few spots he keeps going back to in trios matches.

CMLL Informa has Templario, Dulce Gardenia, Fugaz, Dark Panther, Dark Silueta, Coyote and Inquisidor. Some of those names are probably Leyenda de Plata Block B names; the news here might be if Mistico is in or out that tournament.

An article about CMLL honoring cancer survivors on the June 24th show mentions attendance for that show as 5,500.

This weekend’s dumb controversy is someone made up a list of “prices famous luchadors would ask to lose their mask”, just making up numbers in a note app. There’s no reason anyone should take that list credibly, only Atlantis RT-ed it because his name was listed as most valuable, more than the Santo or Demon and somehow that gave it credibility. It also appeared that list included the real name of Fuerza Guerrera, which isn’t so nice to RT if you’re doing a mask program with him.


In the comments, Malecon mentioned Mazatlan is still requiring vaccination proof to enter buildings. The attendance at the AAA TV taping in Mazatlan was low enough that it’s probably not the whole reason, but it would make sense as part of it.

AAA’s only announced one more match for Verano de Escandalo. Here’s the card so far:

AAA TV (FRI) 08/05/2022 Nuevo Lienzo Charro, Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes
Verano de Escandalo, 2022
1) Aramis, Mr. Iguana, Niño Hamburguesa vs Dulce Canela, Diva Salvaje, Jessy Ventura
2) ? & ?? vs ??? & ????
3) Laredo Kid vs Willie MackBandidoJohnny Caballero
4) Charly Manson, Pagano, Psycho Clown vs Abismo Negro Jr., Cibernético, Psicosis
5) Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón vs DMT Azul, Puma King, Sam Adonis [AAA TRIOS]
6) ? & ?? vs ??? & ????

I’m guessing six matches and guessing card order; only the opener has been specifically listed with a match spot.

No update on Hijo del Vikingo, which I’m going to assume is good news. He’s also not listed for a match on this yet. He’s probably in the main event, and it’ll tell us a lot of what’s going on for TripleMania Mexico City by what he’s doing here.

AAA TV (SAT) 09/10/2022 Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, Puerto Aventuras, Quintana Roo
1) Aramis & Arez vs Komander & Látigo
2) Lady Shani, Reina Dorada, Sexy Star vs Flammer, La Hiedra, Maravilla
3) Mr. Iguana, Niño Hamburguesa, Willie Mack vs Dave The Clown, Dinámico, Emperador Azteca
4) Laredo Kid & Taya vs Christi Jaynes & Johnny Caballero
5) Hijo Del Vikingo & Octagón Jr. vs Dragón Lee & Dralistico
6) Pagano, Pentagón Jr., Psycho Clown vs Parka Negra, Taurus, Villano III Jr.

The lineup for the resort show; this crew (and Vampiro) will be around on Friday and Saturday. These shows do not historically have the highest effort, but there are obviously matches which could be great if they’re trying to make them great.

AAA originally advertised this as “the people in the apuesta match at TripleMania Mexico City will be here”, but Villano IV seems to be staying home. Christi Jaynes gets a spot over some of the other full-time AAA woman who don’t seem to be around. This probably airs late September/early October and there could be one more taping after it and before TripleMania Mexico City.

Late in the press conference, an official mentioned there was a proposal to air this show as a PPV but no deal was completed – it came off as it was not something close to happening.

Right now, it appears AAA is running one taping in July, one taping in August, and one taping so far in September. They’ll have Showcenter shows and they may have to tape again in late September, but there’s not a lot going on here.

The 07/31 “Ric Flair’s Last Match” show is going for a theme of matches from various different promotions, similar to Antonio Inoki’s World Peace Festival in Los Angeles and various shows in Japan in the past. The AAA match will be Rey Fenix vs Taurus vs Laredo Kid vs Bandido. It’s a replay of the TripleMania Tijuana match without Vikingo as he still doesn’t have his visa. Bandido mentioned he was hopeful of making it back for this match in his most recent injury update, though that’ll probably be his first match back if he does make it back. This full show will air on FITE for $35.

I’ve been turned off by this Flair show from the moment it was announced. I’m not sure I was ever a particular Flair fan. I certainly don’t have enough of a nostalgic haze to enjoy a 70 year old Ric Flair going through some of his old spots at a one-eight speed and feel good about watching it. I don’t think Flair is going to die or anything, too many people are invested in making sure that doesn’t happen, but this feels more sad than fun to me and it’s definitely not something I’d pay $35 to see.

The idea of making it a multi-promotional show appears to be an attempt to balance that out, broadening the appeal of the show to other types of fans who might buy it on FITE. I’m not sure that’s going to work as well for the live crowd; every time AAA’s involvement was teased, the only replies were fans believing this was a backdoor way of announcing AAA tag team champions FTR on the show. It was not. Likewise, AAA is sending this match as a way to hopefully pull eyeballs back to their own product. The people don’t buy AAA shows but will buy this Ric Flair show don’t seem the type to suddenly get invested in AAA off this match, but maybe it sounds better as an elevator pitch.

As for me, I was happy when this match was announced because I knew it wasn’t important and I won’t have to watch it. It’ll be great for sure. It may even be better than the TripleMania Tijuana match; it’ll be tough without Vikingo and probably with a less freedom or time, but I don’t want to count those four guys out ever. It’s also fine if I miss it. Being a wrestling fan in the 2020s means there’s always another outstanding match around the corner and you’ll never ever have time to watch them all unless you make that your sole purpose. Maybe not even then. You can go nuts about trying to catch everything or you can just wait for the next one to come be. I’m sure this match will be great, but it’s also a great match with no stakes and no meaning on a show that isn’t about these guys at all. Verano de Escandalo will be a week later (or maybe it’ll air a month later) and there will be something great there too. I can wait.

aside 1: It does remain curious that this Flair promotion is allowed to have Rey Fenix and NJPW wrestlers on it when that was specifically not allowed for Forbidden Door. Maybe it’s under the radar for now.

aside 2: I thought Bandido also said he got booked for this Flair show through Impact, though others have translated it as he’s booked for this show and also Impact. I guess we’ll just see how it turns out. Impact picking up Bandido makes sense, but it is an all-together unexciting possibility given Impact’s disinterest in doing anything with Laredo Kid or Black Taurus.


IWRG (TUE) 07/05/2022 Arena Naucalpan [IWRG, Mas Lucha]
1) Súper Cometa, Superboy, Último Caballero b Cheff Benito, Rey Minos, Steve Manson EN VIVO: Todos juntos por TEELO | Función a beneficio de Teelo para que vuelva a subir al ring (posted by mluchatv)
2) Leo, Rey Aztaroth, Rey Halcón b Águila Enmascarada, Águila Oriental, Coco Azul Jr. EN VIVO: Todos juntos por TEELO | Función a beneficio de Teelo para que vuelva a subir al ring (posted by mluchatv)
3) Hellboy, Judas el Traidor, Mordok b Lunatik Extreme, Ovett Jr., Venganza EN VIVO: Todos juntos por TEELO | Función a beneficio de Teelo para que vuelva a subir al ring (posted by mluchatv)
4) Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Último Vampio b Comando Gama, Guardia, Ultra Mega and Bestia Rubia, Black Terry, Panterita EN VIVO: Todos juntos por TEELO | Función a beneficio de Teelo para que vuelva a subir al ring (posted by mluchatv)
5) Mr. Mike & Puma de Oro b Gravity & Komander and Paymon & Spider Fly EN VIVO: Todos juntos por TEELO | Función a beneficio de Teelo para que vuelva a subir al ring (posted by mluchatv)
6) Látigo, Tonalli, Toxin b Bendito, Demonic Flamita, Keyra and Aster Boy, Diva Salvaje, Hijo del Alebrije EN VIVO: Todos juntos por TEELO | Función a beneficio de Teelo para que vuelva a subir al ring (posted by mluchatv)
La Jacuan and Los Vipers fought after the match

This was the Teelo benefit show. He was delivering food on a motorcycle for an app, got hit by a car on his way home, and lost his left leg below the knee as a result. This was an attempt to raise enough money for a prosthesis that would allow him to return to wrestling. Teelo is the brother of Mr. Mike and the son of long time trainer Bombero Infenral, so he’s got long ties to this promotion beyond being a Ninja Turtle. They drew about a half full house, a good number for a Tuesday, and seemed to get a decent number of online donations. No idea what number they needed to hit for the prosthesis or how close they got.

Some of the AAA wrestlers were working a show in Pachuca and tried it make it here; not all of them made it. There were plenty of changes in the undercard deal. Benefit shows tend to have a lot of card changes.

IWRG (THU) 07/07/2022 Arena Naucalpan
1) Sol & X-Devil vs Éxtasis & Radioactivo
2) Peonix Kid & Spider Fly vs Limbo & Tamilan
3) Caballero de Plata, Legendario, Paymon vs Estrella, Junta, Takama
4) Tonalli vs Cerebro Negro [IWRG IC MIDDLE]
1st defense
5) Dick Angelo 3G & Puma de Oro vs Abismo Negro Jr. & Toxin

La Estrella and Takuma show up in Dragon Gate ancestral home IWRG, though perhaps not with someone making sure to spell their names correctly. Junta is young NOAH wrestler Junta Miyawaki, who announced he was going to Japan at the end of May and has been around for the last month.

La Jaula de Locas, IWRG’s annual exotic cage match, will take place on July 17th. That usually means a lot more exoticos will be booked for the next few weeks to build to the cage match, though IWRG has a unwelcome habit of having an unknown exotico lose their hair in the actual match.


Lucha Memes (SAT) 07/16/2022 Arena Lopez Mateos
1) Fantasmín, Ryder, Tormenta vs Junta Miyawaki, La Estrella, Takuma Fujiwara
2) Sol & X-Devil vs Belial & Impulso
3) ?, Alas de Acero, Iron Kid vs Kastigador (Querétaro), Mike, Vengador
4) Dante, Kilvan, Thunderstorm vs Avisman, Judas el Traidor, Negro Navarro
5) Calibus & Perro de Guerra Jr. vs Black Terry & Solar I
6) Corsario Negro & Drako vs Hombre Bala Jr. & Robin © [Arena Coliseo TAG]
first defense
7) Atlantis Jr. vs León Dorado

Lucha Memes has been talking about running shows beyond Coacalco this year, but it still seems a rarity. It’s also a rarity to see Atlantis Jr. on a pure indie show and I’m interested in how that’s going to go. Black Terry & Negro Navarro won the Arena Coliseo Tag Team Championships on a previous Lucah Memes show, though I’m not sure Corsario & Drako will have the same luck. Virus will be honored on the show (which also suggests he’s not expected to be back wrestling by this point.)

The Big Lucha show on Friday was supposed to have Mr. Mike teaming with Abismo Negro Jr., only Abismo Negro Jr. ended up on AAA spot show in Puebla. It seems like Abismo Negro Jr. passed the booking to Parka Negra, but Parka Negra also ended up working AAA spot in Queretaro that day. So poor Mr. Mike was left on his own.

Big Lucha has a press conference with no announced topic tonight at 7. They’re also running a new Big Lucha World episode tonight.

Masked Republic officially announced the opening of the Lucha Libre Agency. They’re representing Arkangel Divino, Ultimo Maldito, Konnan and Psicosis at the moment.

Impact Wrestling has Laredo Kid vs Trey Miguel and PCO vs Black Taurus on Thursday.

MLW announced Ayozat TV in the UK. The wrestling news sites generally just posted MLW’s press release and no more, because it’s a free post where the number of posts is a big part of the game, and there’s too much going in life to care about MLW press releases. I understand. Five minutes of googling Ayozat led me to find out it’s a small TV channel that mostly exists to promote its Pluto TV-like ad supported VOD/streaming service. More people will probably see continue to see the MLW on their YouTube channel than will remember this channel exists, but now MLW can talk about having a UK TV deal in every press release in the same way AAA talks about running Madison Square Garden in every presentation. If you look at it just right, it’s true.

CMLL signals cage match is coming, AAA TV in Mazatlán, Big Lucha anniversary show


CMLL (FRI) 07/01/2022 Arena México [ASCMLLCronista del RingEl UniversalEstrellas del RingKaiser SportsThe GladiatoresThe Gladiatores (video), thecubsfan]
1) Full Metal & Pequeño Violencia b Acero & Pequeño Magía De esta manera se llevaron la victoria Pequeño Violencia y Full Metal (posted by ) Lucha inicial: Pequeño Violencia y Full Metal derrotan a Pequeño Magia y Acero (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
9:51. Pequeno Magia replaced Aereo on Friday
2) Dulce Gardenia, Espíritu Negro, Rey Cometa b Hijo del Villano III, Okumura, Pólvora D Gardenia da el triunfo con La Coqueta a los Atrapasueños, ante Okumura, H Villano III y Pólvora (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
3) Amapola, Dalys, Dark Silueta b La Jarochita, Lluvia, Princesa Sugehit Dark Silueta da el triunfo a las rudas, derrotando a las Chicas Indomables y Princesa Sugehit (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
15:31. Silueta beat Sugehit to set up a CMLL WOMEN title match.
4) Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Terrible b Atlantis, Blue Panther, Negro Casas Los Ingobernables se llevan la victoria ante Atlantis, Negro Casas y Blue Panther (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
5) Soberano Jr., Titán, Volador Jr. DQ Atlantis Jr., Dragón Rojo Jr., Templario ¡Le quita la máscara! Templario es descalificado por despojar de la tapa a Soberano Jr. (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre) CMLL - TITÁN -VOLADOR JR.-SOBERANO JR. VS DRAGÓN ROJO JR.- ATLANTIS JR.- TEMPLARIO/A. MEXICO/1-07-22 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL) Soberano, Volador y Titán se llevan la victoria vs Templario, Atlantis Jr. y Dragón Rojo (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
13:16. Straight falls, the last when Templario unmasked Soberano. Mask/mask challenges followed.

This show wasn’t particuarlly good or interesting, but the main event challenges set off alarms. Soberano & Templario are capable of having a spectacular mask match – probably not as good as Sombra & Volador, but not far off – but there’s also no way that’s a standalone singles match on this year’s Aniversario show. It’s instead the fourth mask versus mask challenge in about three weeks, all teased as happening on the Aniversario show. That is how CMLL builds to cage matches, and a cage match anniversary main event became the most likely September outcome as soon as Soberano and Templario made those challenges.

The Anniversario show will draw fine because it’s got that important and it’ll be the first one fully open to fans in three years, and maybe that’s why CMLL believes they can get away with a cage match. It’s dispiriting from a fan perspective even if it’s a sound business decision. The best thing CMLL does is an important mask versus mask match. Atlantis versus Fuerza Guerrera, despite their age and limitations, would’ve been one of those. Atlantis Jr. versus Stuka Jr. would’ve been one of those. Soberano and Templario could’ve been one too. (Jarochito & Isis won’t be part of a cage match and might still be that great match, if they have a good night and if the fans believe it’s that important.) CMLL’s never done a cage match that’s come close to one of their singles apuesta matches; most CMLL cage matches are actively bad for about 10 minutes of people aimlessly brawling (and standing in a huddle to catch the trope dive off the top), and then fine/good when they get around to the singles match portion at the end. CMLL cage matches are also wildly unsatisfying; the build is always about many individual rivalries, the finishes never pay off those rivalries, and then those issues aren’t followed up on as everyone just moves onto their next program. CMLL hasn’t really ever figured out how to make a cage match good – because 8-16 people sharing a single ring at the same time is a tough thing to make work – and it’s hard to believe they ever will until they do it.

potential cage matches participants

  • Stuka Jr.
  • Atlantis Jr.
  • Atlantis
  • Fuerza Guerrera
  • Soberano
  • Templario
  • Ultimo Guerrero
  • Averno

More could be added, more could be taken out, nothing is official until they do the hokey press conference (where CMLL officials act stunned they’re not doing a singles match despite eight people asking for the same match, and the participants bury the idea of a cage match.) There are other ideas CMLL could try – a tournament to decide who gets the match, similar to the Sombra/Volador vs Atlantis/Ultimo Guerrero match perhaps – but CMLL’s not a promotion known for varying their ideas. The best case against this being the actual idea is Averno is the most likely loser, but even he would seem to ave more value in a straight-up single match rather than a cage match like this. (The counterpoint is Averno losing to Atlantis Jr. or Soberano or Stuka Jr. would be the sort of unsatisfying result CMLL does in these situations; it’s almost certainly not going to be Ultimo Guerrero if Averno loses.)

Anyway, this whole thing makes me feel like a crazy person. More than usual. I saw the Soberano/Templario challenges as a clear sign CMLL’s not going to do any of the singles matches people want to see, but it didn’t really come up in any reporting on the show from people in Mexico. It’s the #1 story to me and the people covering lucha libre in Mexico know much more about it then me, but it didn’t come up. It’s too bad, because people are going to be upset with CMLL after they make it clear it’s going to happen, and then it’s going to be too late. It may already be.

This was again a nothing show otherwise, you can safely skip this week when it comes up on YouTube.

CMLL (SAT) 07/02/2022 Arena Coliseo [Box y Lucha, CMLL]
1) Bengala & Retro b Apocalipsis & Príncipe Odín Jr. Facebook video (posted by )
2) Cholo, Inquisidor, Raider b Neón, Panterita del Ring Jr., Valiente Jr. Facebook video (posted by )
Debut of Neón (19). Inquisidor challenged Panterita to a title match, Panterita accepted.
3) Disturbio, Nitro, Okumura b Pegasso, Robin, Suicida
Rudos took 1/3. Pegasso return from injury.
4) Cancerbero, Hijo del Villano III, Luciferno b Guerrero Maya Jr., Hombre Bala Jr., Panterita del Ring Facebook video (posted by )
5) Euforia, Hechicero, Mephisto b Gemelo Diablo I, Gemelo Diablo II, Sagrado Facebook video (posted by )

Inquisidor has a really cool look, does well on social media and the rare interviews he gets, so it’s too bad he’s not really ever been great in the ring. There’s also not that many lightweights so he gets a title program. The Gemelos looked quite bad in the Box y Lucha clip of the end of their match; they’ve progressively gotten worse as they’ve got pushed more.

CMLL (SUN) 07/03/2022 Arena México [CMLL]
1) Enfermero Jr., Grako, Inquisidor b Cachorro, Hombre Bala Jr., Leono
Rudos took 2/3. Moved down a spot. Hombre Bala replaced Sangre Imperial.
2) Micro Gemelo Diablo I & Micro Gemelo Diablo II b Chamuel & Perico
Moved up a spot.
3) El Audaz, Flyer, Volcano b Disturbio, Raider, Rugido
Tecnicos took 1/3. A KeMonito birthday celebration was held after the third mach.
4) Cavernario, Hechicero, Mephisto b Panterita del Ring, Star Jr., Stuka Jr.
Rudos took 1/3.
5) Atlantis, Dark Panther, Soberano Jr. b Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Terrible
Dark Panther beat Angel de Oro to set up a MEX LH title match.

It’s an angle on a Sunday show building to match! They were going to have to have meaningful matches soon, the minis ciberneticos start on July 17th, but this is at least something early.

The KeMonito celebration looked nice in photos, was hoping it would turn up as a video. It hasn’t as of yet.

Atlantis beat Fuerza Guerrera by DQ in Sunday’s Arena Neza main event. That show looked like it drew terribly.

CMLL (TUE) 07/05/2022 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Minotauro, Persa, Raven vs Huitzil, Samuray Azteca, Temerario
2) Ángel Rebelde, Halcón Negro (Querétaro), Optimus, Trono vs Bestia Negra, Cris Skin, Difunto, Omega
3) Furia Roja & Guerrero de la Muerte vs Mr. Trueno & Rey Trueno
4) Adrenalina, Explosivo, Fantástico vs Diamond, Magia Blanca, Magnus
5) Dulce Gardenia, Espíritu Negro, Rey Cometa vs Pólvora, Templario, Zandokan Jr.

Nothing particular following up from last week.

CMLL (FRI) 07/08/2022 Arena México
1) Angelito, Pequeño Magía, Último Dragóncito vs Mercurio, Minos, Pierrothito
2) Arkalis, Pegasso, Stigma vs Akuma, Dark Magic, Espanto Jr.
3) Princesa Sugehit vs Dark Silueta [CMLL WOMEN]
5th defense
4) Cavernario, Dragón Rojo Jr., Hechicero vs Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Terrible
5) Averno, Templario, Volador Jr. vs Gran Guerrero, Soberano Jr., Último Guerrero [Relevos Increíbles]

Averno hasn’t appeared in Arena Mexico since June when both of his appearances ended with Ultimo Guerrero challenging him to a hair versus hair match. That’ll probably happen again here, as will Templario/Soberano, and then maybe people will start to figure out what’s actually happening. The Leyenda de Plata starts on 07/15, so those feuds might hit simmer for a while after that.

I haven’t really been into Sugehit’s recent work so I’m not excited for the title match, but it has a chance to be good. So doe the semi-main. Lots of minis on Friday nights of late, which might be a way of prepping people for the upcoming apuesta match.


AAA TV (SAT) 07/02/2022 Centro de Usos Multiples, Mazatlán, Sinaloa [Noroeste]
1) Cachuy Rubio, Eclipse, Mario Mora b Antrax I, Antrax II, Índio Ladino
a local dark 3v3 match
2) Emperador Azteca & Mini Abismo Negro b Aramis & Komander
Aramis replaced Komander
3) Diva Salvaje, Dulce Kanela, Jessy Ventura b Estrellita, La Hiedra, Maravilla
Las Toxicas abandoned Estrellita after a missed move. Diva Salvaje pinned Estrellita, though it took two tries to get it right. Dulce Kanela (listed as Miss Gaviota in the newspaper) replaced Mamba.
4) Aerostar, Lady Shani, Myzteziz Jr. b Argenis, Chik Tormenta, La Parka Negra
Aerostar shot fire in Parka Negra’s face for the finish.
5) Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf b Jack Cartwheel & Willie Mack
6) Mr. Iguana, Niño Hamburguesa, Pagano b Gringo Loco, Látigo, Toxin
Pagano replaced Vikingo (moved up) and pinned Latigo
7) Hijo Del Vikingo & Pentagón Jr. b Dragón Lee & Dralistico
Hijo del Vikingo replaced Bandido. Pentagon beat Dralistico with the Fear Factor. Gringo Loco attacked Vikingo after the match and demanded a title match TripleMania.

There’s video of part of the main event floating about, which is good because I wouldn’t have believed Dralistico taking a clean pin if I didn’t see it with my own two eyes. Gringo Loco’s purpose for being in AAA is to wrestle Hijo del Vikingo and AAA’s moved Vikingo into other matches now multiple times. I think the post match angle was more about trying to make it up to Gringo rather than any sort of plan to do that match at TripleMania. Not much of importance on the rest of this taping, just content for content’s sake (and who knows if/when Space will air the content.) Aramis appears to have been pulled from PWG to work a generic opening match that could’ve gone to a dozen other people; I can’t figure how that helps AAA.

AAA’s might want to be judicious about which camera angles they use for this show; videos and photos from the building showed lots of empty seats. It wasn’t a particular big building, this show just didn’t draw. (This is one of the kinder photos.)

That’s it for regular AAA TV tapings for July. There’s a Showcenter event at the end of the month and apparently nothing for the main show until Verano de Escandalo in August.

AAA , DTU (SUN) 07/03/2022 Domo Care, Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon [DTU, Telediario]
1) Parkita Negra b Raúl VidalMini GrondaDragón Kid
2) Aeropanther & Fight Panther Jr. b Dulce Canela & Larry Miranda and Black Fire & Paranoiko and Baby Xtreme & Charro Negro
3) La Hiedra, Lady Flammer, Lady Maravilla b Ayako Hamada, Lady Apache, Miss Janeth
Ayako Hamada was the surprise wrestler
4) Dark Cuervo, Dark Ozz, Dark Scoria b Crazy Boy, Mr. Iguana, Niño Hamburguesa
5) Abismo Negro Jr., Látigo, Psicosis II, Toxin b Arez, Histeria, Maniaco, Mosco de la Merced
Originally Arez, Latigo and Toxin vs Histeria, Maniaco and Mosco with Psicosis II as referee, but changed to Arez with the original Vipers and Abismo & Psicosis being added. New Vipers destroyed Arez, left him bloody and beat him.
6) Laredo Kid b Black Taurus (Indie)Hijo Del VikingoLokilloBlazeCamuflajeKaleth
Vikingo left this match via injury.
7) Dragón Lee (Indie) & Dralistico DQ Electroshock & Sharlie Rockstar
Electroshock & Sharlie Rockstar unmasked the tecnicos
8) Pagano & Psycho Clown DQ Cibernético & El Mesías
Los Vipers & La Secta all ran in to beat up the clowns.

This’ll probably get written up as an AAA show, though I think it was actually local promoters working with DTU, who subcontracted AAA wrestlers. (DTU wouldn’t be on this show unless they were running it somehow, and they’d been pushing it a lot locally.) Lots of people are going to want to take credit for this show because it did really well; it’s a 6,000 seat building and it appeared to be a sell out. Jose Manuel Guillen of Mas Lucha was there announcing, so it may turn up on their channel down the road. I would’ve encouraged better finishes in the top matches for a show that drew this well but so it goes with Mexican wrestling.

Vikingo’s injury is the most newsworthy part of the show, but I have no details on the severity. He was back on Instagram re-posting videos of him and didn’t post anything from a hospital, so hoping that means it’s not to

AAA confirmed Verano de Escandalo will take place August 5th and began to announce matches over the weekend

NGD and La Empresa are both undefeated so it’s logical they’d meet for the trios titles, but the TV has been pushing a Vipers/Empresa title match and NGD have not really existed on TV for months. If NGD did sign last August for one year, as Mas Lucha reported, that might be their last appearance under contract.

The second match is billed as a Dream Match, which is just throwing a slogan onto a match that has no reason to exist. (I’m not sure any four-way match has ever been a dream match.) This is one where we can all mock AAA for calling it a Dream Match and it’ll cause them to push it as a Dream Match even harder.

Pagano and Cibernetico continue to feud and to tease a hair match, but that hasn’t progressed an inch since February. Maybe it’s happening in October.


IWRG (SAT) 07/02/2022 Arena Naucalpan [IWRG]
1) Rey Del Fuego & Último Caballero b Balac & Yetti
2) Nativo & Rosel b Milagro & Superboy
3) Guerrero Olímpico, Rey Aztaroth, Súper Cometa b Ajolotl, Cheff Benito, Rey Minos
4) Genex, Heredero Maya, Jhon Tito b Kenji, Rey Eclipse, X-Devil
5) Cometa Maya, Éxtasis, Radioactivo b Noisy Boy, Sol, Spider Fly
Noisy Boy asked for a rematch
6) Black Skayde, Forneo, Hijo De Skayde, King, Kong, Little Star, Senky, Viajero b Cerebro Negro Jr., Dick Angelo 3G, Garra Mortal Jr., Hell Boy, Legendario, Limbo, Puma de Oro, Rey Halcón [Copa Higher Power]
GYM FILL vs Gym Higher Power. Cometa Maya distracted the ref so Black Skayde could foul Puma de Oro for the win. Challenges followed.

This won’t turn up until Wednesday on IWRG’s YouTbe channel (and then maybe only some of the matches.) You can see some of the more hard hitting highlights on Black Terry Jr.’s Twitter account. I think people who do not watch much Mexican wrestling feel it is all like the Komander match from Big Lucha or the five way from TrpleMania Tijuana. It’s obviously not, and there are definitely people who wish it was a lot more like those clips more often instead.

IWRG (SUN) 07/03/2022 Arena Naucalpan
1) Kenji b Baby Star Jr. IWRG | Kenji VS Baby Star Jr | Lucha completa (posted by mluchatv)
2) Mary Caporal & Satania b Bengalee & Diosa Quetzal IWRG | Mary Caporal y Satania VS Diosa Quetzal y Bengalee | Lucha completa (posted by mluchatv)
3) Black Dragón, Freelance, Legendario b D Andrew, Garra Mortal Jr., Tortuga Leo IWRG | D-Andrew, Leo y Garra Mortal Jr VS Freelance, Legendario y Black Dragon | Lucha completa (posted by mluchatv)
D-Andrew (who appeared to be called Big Andrew on Big Lucha’s show the night before, from WAR LUCHA LIBRE in Ecuador) subbed for Shil-Kah.
4) Dick Angelo 3G & Puma de Oro b Aster Boy, Cerebro Negro Jr., Noisy Boy IWRG | Puma de Oro y Dick Angelo 3G VS Cerebro Negro Jr y Aster Boy | Lucha completa (posted by mluchatv)
Cerebro Negro Jr. replaced Noisy Boy when he was given a martinete before the match really got started. La Jacuan attacked both Cerebro Negros after the match.
5) Cerebro Negro b Tonalli IWRG | Mano a mano: Tonalli VS Cerebro Negro | Lucha completa (posted by mluchatv)
sets up a title match again
6) Diva Salvaje, Jessy Ventura, Paymon b Hijo del Pirata Morgan, Shaun Moore, Travis Banks IWRG | Paymon y Las Shotas VS Hijo del Pirata Morgan y los extranjeros | Lucha completa (posted by mluchatv)
Hijo del Pirata Morgan wrestled the match under his old mask to avoid showing his bald head. It never got taken off

IWRG ran on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and is running on Tuesday. It’s hard to draw running that often. This one didn’t draw well. Mas Lucha promoted the stream around the idea of seeing Hijo del Pirata Morgan bald, and I guess Hijo del Pirata Morgan was scared people might not think of him as a top guy if he showed his bald head here. (I like Hijo del Pirata matches but I do’nt believe that’s a problem he needs to worry about.) Silver King once got in trouble in this same arena for wearing his lost mask in a match, but it didn’t seem it was an issue for Pirata.

IWRG’s next show is the Tuesday Teelo benefit show.

The IWRG World Trios Champions since 2015 have been Dinastia Navarro, Negro Navarro and his sons Los Traumas. Navarro and IWRG stopped working together in 2017, so the titles have been in limbo since. IWRG seems to a policy of not stripping champions even if they leave the company; it’s IWRG, so it may be as simple as “they don’t want to pay for new belts and can’t get the old ones back.”  The IWRG World Trios Champions since Sunday are Saltillo’s Espartaco, Latino and Tempestad, who beat the Navarros in Arena Pavillon del Norte. The promotion had announced a IWRG trios title defense but not the Navarros opponents. Espartaco was celebrating 30 years of wrestling on this show, so that’s probably the reason why. It’s the Navarros, so the finish was as screwy as possible – one ref was slow to count for them, Espartco pinned Navarro after a foul and a second referee got involved. I presume the Navarros are just winning the belts back in a few weeks and this isn’t a fix for the long-running stalemate. This title change hasn’t been acknowledged by IWRG and probably wasn’t done with their approval or knowledge.

That show was also supposed to be headlined by Mistico, who did appear but is unable to wrestle. The “wrestler of equal stature” CMLL sent as a replacement? Nitro.

A team of IWRG wrestlers are playing a soccer game on Sunday. I assume there’s some charity aspect to this.


LuchaWorld has the latest LuchaWord podcast.

Big Lucha (FRI) 07/01/2022 Bandido Gym, Iztapalapa, Distrito Federal [@robviper, Mas Lucha]
1) Carito b Diosa NixKingKongVórtizeShockoHijo De SkaydeMr. WinOrbitaElipseZenkyBig AndrewForneo [Torneo de Skayde] Torneo de Aniversario  Torneo Leyenda Viviente en el 1er Aniversario de Big Lucha | Lucha completa (posted by mluchatv)
2) Éxtasis & Radioactivo b Big MikeFujiwara & La Estrella Éxtasis y Radioactivo Vs Estrella y Takuma Fujurama Vs Mike, 1er aniversario Big Lucha (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre) Mr. Mike VS Takuma Fujiwara y La Estrella VS Éxtasis y Radioactivo | Lucha completa (posted by mluchatv)
Team DG added to the match. No Abismo Negro Jr. so Big Mike wrestled on his own.
3) Skayde b Látigo ¡Alumno VS Maestro | Skayde VS Látigo en mano a mano | Lucha completa (posted by mluchatv) Skyde Vs Látigo, Alumno Vs Maestro en el 1er aniversario Big Lucha (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
4) Komander b Jack CartwheelASFCometa MayaNoisy Boy ASF VS Jack Carthwheel VS Komander VS Cometa Maya VS Noisy Boy | Lucha completa (posted by mluchatv) Komander Vs Noisy Boy Vs Cometa Maya Vs ASF Vs Jack Carwheel, 1er Aniversario Big Lucha (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
5) Gran Pandemónium, Hijo de Pandemónium, Pandemónium Jr. b Accion Jackson, Bendito, Elemental [EdM Trios] La Pandemia Vs Black Generetion, 1er aniversario Big Lucha (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre) La Pandemia VS La Black Generation por el Campeonato de Tríos Edomex | Lucha completa (posted by mluchatv)
4th defense
6) Dr. Wagner Jr. & Galeno del Mal b Demonic Flamita & Emperador Azteca Dr. Wagner Jr y Galeno del Mal VS Flamita y Emperador Azteca | Lucha completa (posted by mluchatv) Dr. Wagner Jr y Galeno del Mal Vs Flamita y Emperador Azteca, 1er aniversario Big Lucha (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
Demonic Flamita helped Azteca until Wagner arrived, turning the Azteca/Galeno singles match into a tag match.
7) Villano IV b CanekPenta 0M Triangular de leyendas e ídolos internacionales: Villano IV Vs Penta 0M Vs Canek (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre) Villano IV VS Pentagón Jr VS Canek | 1er Aniversario Big Lucha | Lucha completa (posted by mluchatv)
turned into a 3 way with Wagner moved into the previous match. V4 won with a foul on Penta.
8) Potro De Oro & Tirano b Gravity & Yutani and Lady Maravilla & Sussy Love and Limbo & Viajero [relevos suicidas] ¡Caerá una MÁSCARA o CABELLERA! | Así arranca la lucha estelar en el 1er Aniversario de Big Lucha (posted by mluchatv) Máscaras y cabelleras Big Lucha: Maravilla-Sussy Love, Yutani-Gravity, Limbo-Viajero, Potro-Tirano (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
Bandido out with injury, Flamita moved to another match. Teams were eliminated by being pinned,
9) Tirano b Potro De Oro [hair] Cabelleras en juego en Big Lucha: Tirano Vs Potro duelo de chilenos (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre) Potro y Tirano se enfrentarán cabellera VS cabellera en la final del 1er Aniversario de Big Lucha (posted by mluchatv)
Potro’s manager Maximillion Rivera Romero also got shaved.

Big Lucha did the normal full house even with elevated ticket prices. (They were claiming it was the first Mexican show to sell out before the day of the show; RIOT has done that for sure and I’m sure others have as well.) I thought it was a little cheap to build the show around Flamita & Bandido possibly losing their masks, though the fans didn’t seem to be bothered and it was also clear neither of them were actually losing once the actual match got announced. I know people thought the maine vent was going to be a cage match main event because it was a multiperson apuesta match, and instead they did rules where it was a tag match of rivals, and teams were eliminated from their chance of having the apeusta match if they got pinned. It’s the opposite of the AAA tournament and I think that threw people. The action wasn’t great either; Maravilla notably did not have a good night and it seemed to break down for real between her and Sussy Love in their portion of the main event.

I was in and out on watching this. The Komander match seemed to be the match of the night, with his highspots catching a lot international attention. The three-team (or two team and Mr. Mike with no AAA partner) match also seemed to get good reviews. Skayde/Latigo was said not to be as good as hoped; I think there’s a sense Skayde and similar guys have to wrestle more like modern wrestlers to fit in, when fans may be looking for them to stick out by doing their own things (and not the old man Destroyer spots.)

LA Park won The Crash Heavyweight Championship by pinning the debuting Pierroth (New Generacion) in a four way also with previous champion Cinta de Oro & Texano. It firmly establishes that new Pierroth is not supposed to be a star on the level of those other three guys in his debut, which seems less than ideal but probably inevitable. The Crash says their next show is September 9th; they continue to run shows less frequently.  This show didn’t draw well, so maybe that’s the best call. A LA Park/Rush lead show in Saltillo the next day was said to nearly fill the arena by the newspapers, though the photo they used makes it look a bit less occupied.

Santy Hernandez took ally Colmillo Blanco’s hair in the main event cage match of the Vanguardia anniversary show on Saturday. This Vanguardia big show seemed much more focused on local names than past – Sable beat Deluto IV for his hair in the other apuesta match, two guys who’ve been around Pachuca forever –  and that did seem to work out well.

Dr. Wagner Jr. claims he’s going to be out two weeks from a spine injury on a dive to Forastero, suggesting the NGD member didn’t catch him properly. Forastero replied telling Wagner to say away for a year. Two weeks for a spine injury is an unusual timeline and, as it happens, Wagner seems like he had the next two weeks off. Not booked anywhere.

On their Money in the Bank show, WWE announced they’d return to Mexico this October. They haven’t been to Mexico since late 2019, and they’re returning to Monterrey for the first time since 2016. WWE will return to Monterey on October 29th and to Mexico City on October 30th. That date is two weeks after TripleMania, likely in the same building. That also might be the weekend of CMLL’s Dia de la Muertes shows, which seem to draw well and draw from the same curious occasional wrestling watchers. I think this is more bad news for WWE than the Mexican promotions.

Arena Puebla’s Joker talks about his career and training and says the ideal age to start learning wrestling is 12. That’s Mexican wrestling as very different than any other country’s wrestling.

Black Taurus vs Laredo Kid from the Impact PPV pre-show is still up on YouTube. They do make the actual TV show the next couple of weeks.

Box y Lucha 3510 has KeMonito and Mistico on the cover.

Septimo Dragon says his debut in GLEAT went well, and he was told they’re bringing him back next month.

El Sol de Tampico interviews local wrestler Mensajero de la Muerte.

A profile of Queretaro luchador/policeman Drabek.

A Payaso Purasantas interview hyping Welcome to Mi Barrio, which seems to have stopped running in April. There was a May show scheduled, then canceled and not much has been heard from them since. Their Facbeook lists a July 30th return date, though it reads like they’re no longer running in Arena Tepito.

There will be a pictorial exhibit of Casandro in El Paso on Friday.

A profile of Monterrey’s El Divo.