Blue Demon in IWRG, Prohbido final, Expo Lucha postponed

IWRG (SUN) 04/04/2021 Arena Naucalpan [Mas Lucha]
1) Carrillo b Chef Benito
2) Legendario & Lunatik Fly b Blue Monsther Jr. & Kenji
3) Aster Boy & Puma de Oro b Origen & Tonalli
4) Dragón Bane © b Baby Xtreme [IWRG REY DEL AIRE]
second defense
5) Eterno © b Fresero Jr. [IWRG Rey del Ring]
First defense against Eterno. Challenges followed for a title/hair/loser must leave IWRG on April 25.
6) Hijo del Espectro b Puma KingCanek Jr.Apolo Estrada Jr.Fuerza Guerrera Jr.Hijo de Canis LupusHijo del FishmanVenenoDick Angelo 3GGaleno del Mal [battle royal, #1 Contenders, IWRG JUNIORS]
Espectro eliminated Puma King & Canis Lupus to win. Espectro gets a shot at Fresero Jr. but was confronted by Blue Demon, who also said he wants to have a shot at the title.

There was a logo for this show being a Mas Lucha Premium show on the poster but it didn’t click with me as being one until this show started. It’s hard to remember which ones are going to be a membership and not, you just have to catch a random social media message. I’d presume the April 25th show will be the next subscriber-only IWRG show.

Blue Demon Jr. showing up is a good move to make people aware these shows are happening. It’s also the most high-profile appearance of Blue Demon Jr. since his wife accused him of crimes including death threats. We have no more information about those accusations since they first came out – Demon’s stayed quiet, there’s no word about an investigation if there is one ongoing. We don’t know anything more about the validity of them. It’s just going to hang there as another unresolved story for now.

In other Blue Demon news, the production company behind it announced an EVP for the upcoming Disney show.

Sol won the Krimnal Prohibdo tournament. This was the rookie tournament with banned moves. One wrestler, Aero Panther, used a headscissors in the semifinal and was DQed, though they allowed them to finish the match (and it was said to be a good match.) I would expect this show will air on Mas Lucha in the next couple of weeks, and you can find handhelds on YouTube already.

Bandido main eventing a show (at Bandido’s Gym!) against Psycho Clown and Maximo later this month seemed to catch people by surprise. CMLL’s said Bandido’s under contract to them; perhaps it was a very short one. I believe Bandido finished up with CMLL with the long-delayed Volador match and he’s free to work whomever he wants in Mexico. Magia Blanca is among the many friends of Bandido listed on that card, but he’ll probably get pulled to avoid trouble from CMLL. Bandido and friends helping out with vaccinations this past Friday was the third clip with that group to go viral in about a month.

Tuesday’s Guadalajara card has Blue Panther and his three sons against Satanico and three local rudos.

On El Planchitas’ podcast, Octagon claimed he and Konnan had the idea for AAA and Octagon himself put up the money to start it. Octagon’s story goes he and Konnan had to convince Antonio Pena to stick with it and not back out. This probably isn’t true; the story in the past has Televisa making AAA happen. People at Televisa wanted CMLL to make changes, CMLL predictably said no, then Televisa and Pena worked together to form the promotion Televised wanted. In that version and in Octagon’s tale, Konnan and Octagon are said to have recruited other wrestlers to jump on board. AAA would be different if Octagon had stayed out of it, but also Octagon trying to grab more of the credit has the side effect of making him look like a goofball: if he put the money in to start AAA, how did he screw up and not end up owning at least part of it? Octagon, also on the podcast, said he was going to win his lawsuit against AAA soon. Octagon’s last match in AAA was seven years ago this past Sunday, and he’s been about to win his lawsuit against AAA soon for seven years running now.

Fightful says Lucha Libre FMV has filed for a Lucha Underground trademark. Lucha Libre FMV had trademarks for Lucha Underground merchandise (including DVDs); this is for a television show. This is likely about negotiating positions for the ongoing lawsuit and not any plans to have a TV show. There is no update filed about the lawsuit; it took three months between lawsuit updates previously, so it may be until June before they check-in again.

ExpoLucha announced their Expo event scheduled for this June is postponed until June 11-12, 2022.  They believe they will only be able to have 50% capacity and they believe few Mexican luchadors will be able to travel to the US due a backlog of visa applications and other policies. This is a concern for a lot of people –  it’s possible you’ll see fewer Mexican wrestlers in the US as the year goes on unless the situation gets fixed – and an extremely valid reason to postpone the show.

CMLL, in writing about the Arena Coliseo Anniversary, mentions one of the first events shown on television when it came to Mexico in 1950 was a show at Arena Coliseo. A person in the comments says the CMLL broadcasts actually started in 1952, never aired the main event, and ended the week before the El Santo/Black Shadow match.

Tania Niebla, an actress/TV host who’s been moonlighting as Welcome to Mi Barrios’ ring announcer during their pandemic-era shows, will appear on the upcoming season of Survivor Mexico. Niebla hasn’t been on the most recent WTMB episodes, which obviously makes sense now.

Cien Caras, talking about his career to Reforma, says he was mistaken as being Italian the first time he went to Japan because they couldn’t believe a Mexican would be so tall.

Record has an interview with Hades.

Segunda Caida reviews a 1995 CMLL match and Arez/Vikingo.

Silver Tiger is said to be taking a few weeks off after taking this bad header against Laredo Kid.

Zenger interviews Rocky Marvin about being a lucha libre trainer.

4 thoughts to “Blue Demon in IWRG, Prohbido final, Expo Lucha postponed”

  1. The Cien Caras part is funny. I guess that makes Japan the only place in the world where they think Italians could be tall. ;)

  2. Just saw Stuka Jr murder himself on CMLL YouTube show, assume he was ok as he wrestled the PPV and they didn’t edit it out of the match (or retape) but it looked a nasty miss. Thats a few near misses in the last few months.

    Also thanks for uploading Caristico v Sanson from GDL, enjoyed it – crowd makes it 1000% times better than shows taped in Arena Mexico. A question, when was the last time GDL matches were shown on Mexico City TV and could you see an instance where they send more talent there for TV and tape less at Arena Mexico if they don’t let fans in by the summer?

  3. My guess is Guadalajara’s current attendance limits makes it too costly to send more CMLL wrestlers to the shows, and so taping more won’t work until that changes.

    But I’d guess the bigger issue is CMLL just doesn’t care about how their TV comes off – or value the ease of doing it in Mexico City over having live crowd.

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