Elections officials now say luchadors will have to put their real names on ballot, CMLL luchadoras article, Prohibdo tournament, IWRG tryouts

CMLL has Negro Casas, Luciferno, Disturbio, Sangre Imperial, and Halcon Suriano Jr. scheduled as guests today. Halcon Suriano Jr. was supposed to be on last week but did not appear due to technical issues. This will be the first CMLL stream since Mexico City began to open up; they’ve not announced plans. If CMLL decides to run something like they did before – one live PPV a month – my estimate is their next event will likely be Homenaje a Dos Leyendas (or similar stand-in) on March 19th. It may be too early to commit to a date, but that fits their patterns.

Sopitas has an interview with Lluvia, La Comandante, and Sanely, pushing the idea that women’s wrestling in Mexico has progressed in the last couple of decades but there are still issues of sexism. They’re all working other jobs during the pandemic. Sanely’s talked about being a child psychologist in previous interviews, but says that’s been impossible to do virtually and she’s shifted to consulting with business about how to deal with their employee’s mental welfare during this pandemic. La Comandante originally planned to open a physical rehab place in Mexico City, but the pandemic forced her to relocate to a cheaper rent in Mexico State. Lluvia is selling stuffed animals and food; there’s no direct mention of the Ultimo Guerrero food truck here.

Reporte Indigo writes that the Mexican National Electoral Institute will require real names to be listed on the ballot for federal and local elections. Nicknames can appear, but only alongside the candidate’s actual name. The RSP party, along with candidates Blue Demon Jr., Caristico, and Tinieblas, have been maintaining only their nickname has to appear, and all the reporting to this point had agreed. It’s possible this may yet go back and forth yet more; there are still about six weeks before candidates have to officially register. If “real name required” is the final decision, my guess is Blue Demon will likely end up not running for office and perhaps the other two as well.

Kriminal says they’ll be holding the semifinals and finals of their Prohibido tournament at a date to be announced. The idea is they wanted to have them in front of fans once the health code allowed. (If you watch the shows, it’s obvious there are fans hiding off-camera; they’re not keeping quiet.) The tournament will be better off not having rookies wrestle four matches in one day, though they could’ve made that clearer.

MLW today has Mil Muertes versus Savio Vega in an Aztec Jungle Fight and Gringo Loco versus Rocky Romero.

IWRG aired the first part of their tryouts, which was a lot of introducing trainees and assigning them to teams lead by different trainers for an hour. Mas Lucha has very helpfully written out the teams:

  • Diosa Quetzal: Fussion, Caballero de Plata, Angel Extreme, Death Dragon, Garra Mortal
  • Fresero Jr.: Alom, Guerrero Olimpico, X-Devil, Lunatik Fly, Prismatic, Ying Dragon
  • Hijo del Alebrije: Ciborg HK, Corazon Guerrero, Sol, Kevin, Especie Maligna, Carronero, Aztequita
  • Toxin: Kenjin, Chavin, Kali, Emperador Brillante, Mary Cporal, Satania
  • Veneno: Rey del Fuego, Pantera Platedo, Harley Williams, Gravedad Cero, Blue Monster Jr., Blue Win
  • Relampago: Amperaje, Tiger Man, Silver Boy Jr., Peewee, Zado, Dash, Sussy Love
  • Pasion Kristal: Aster Boy, Tonali, Hell Boy, Amazonica, Karma I, Gravity, Venganza Suicida
  • Pantera: Magica, Guerrero Pantera, John tito, Milagro, Alquima, Chris Stone Jr., Dante Valaguez, Luger

There’s a lot of crossover with the Prohibdo tournament.

03/07 Lucha Memes at Coliseo Coalco (“Coacalco Forever”)

Sam Adonis and Psycho Clown did promos pushing the possibility of Adonis coming to AAA after their match this past weekend in Texas. It’s not impossible but AAA bringing in outsiders right now seems unlikely. While in the area, Psycho Clown visited children at a shelter in Ciudad Juarez.

Cibernetico used drugs” is a real news story. I’ll save you a click and tell you he admits to both performance-enhancing and recreational drug usage. We’re all very shocked.

There’s continued progress towards a Tijuana lucha libre commission separate from the boxing and MMA ones. They’re dancing around the reason being ‘lucha libre isn’t really the same thing’.

Luchadors from Chetumal traveled to Belize to put on a show, since that country has opened up.

Monterrey luchador Sergio Romo (85) passed away on Monday. He was a long time wrestler and training from the 60s to the 90s, with his son wrestling later as Sergio Romo Jr.

Box Y Lucha 3460 has features on Karloff Lagarde & Rey Bucanero.

MasLucha has a new episode of En+carados 210. They remember Ovett and talk a lot about that IWRG tryout.