Informa, Bandido re-upps with CMLL, Dragon Lee/Rey Horus

CMLL announced they’ll have Forastero, Jarochita, Templario, and Diamond on CMLL Informa. Those usually feed into whatever is airing on CMLL TV this week. It is possible Informa will officially announce the (long ago taped) Templario versus Bandido match as airing this Friday on CMLL’s AMX show.

ROH announced Bandido re-signed with the promotion on Tuesday. ROH did not announce a contract length; I believe it’s a one-year deal. ROH may be on a contract announcement kick – they announced Mark Haskins on Monday, Los Ingobernables second Amy Rose on Wednesday – so perhaps there will be other lucha related news.

ROH also announced Rey Horus will challenge Dragon Lee for the Ring of Honor TV championship in two weekends (which I believe means the TV airing starting the weekend of 01/15.) Tonight, Gran Metalik challenges Santos Escobar (Hijo del Fantasma) for the Cruiserweight Championship on WWE NXT’s show, while Rey Fenix challenges Kenny Omega for the AEW Championship on their show. I expect none of those titles are changing hands but all the matches should be good.

Masked Republic announced a partnership with Demente Animation Studio on Monday, to develop TV and media projects featuring Masked Republic’s luchadors and IP. Nothing in specific is announced, they’re just in the planning stage. Dement Animation Studio has a sizzle real with famous animation properties and such, but the video that will mean a lot to readers of this specific blog is a commercial for a familiar brand of drinks.

ProWrestlingTees is selling a Septimo Dragon t-shirt, where all the proceeds will go to his medical bills. There haven’t been any updates on Septimo Dragon’s condition in the last couple of days, but I think that might mean he’s just safely recovering at this point.

MedioTiempo’s lucha libre section has started to run a series of articles ‘revealing’ what famous masked wrestlers look like unmasked. There’s no news hook there – it’s all old images or information that can be found elsewhere via a search – it’s just a desperate attempt to get some page views. It’s also no illegal to do this; these are publically available images. It has led to some social media controversy and an angry Dos Caras Facebook post.

The Ciudad Juarez Ministry of Culture had a video discussion about the history of local Ciudad Juarez lucha libre.

Mexico State luchador Toro II (Jose Carmen Hernández Becerril, 64) passed away Monday due to a heart attack.

Mas Lucha has the latest episode of En+carados 204.