Euforia/Ultimo Guerrero & Leyenda de Azul tonight, Bobby Lee passes away

CMLL returns to PPV tonight with the Leyenda de Azul

CMLL (FRI) 11/27/2020 Arena México
1) Reyna Isis vs Princesa Sugehit
2) Black Panther & Blue Panther vs Felino & Tiger
3) Diamante Azul vs Sansón, TerribleForasteroÁngel de OroNiebla RojaValienteCuatreroKráneoBlue Panther Jr.Rey BucaneroVangellysGuerrero Maya Jr.Stuka Jr.CancerberoEphesto [Leyenda de Azul]
4) Último Guerrero © vs Euforia [CMLL HEAVY]
8th defense

There’s not a great deal of energy for this show. CMLL’s focused the promotion on the Blue Demon tribute Leyenda de Azul tournament, something that hasn’t been held since 2017 and wasn’t held in any special regard before it. The Santo version of this tournament, Leyenda de Plata, had a history of memorable storylines coming in or out it. There’s not been that history with Leyenda de Azul; it’s a trophy to given to build someone up before a major apuesta match or to give them a bounce back win after they lost one.

(CMLL’s also tended to make Leyenda de Azul the heavyweight/star tournament and Leyenda de Azul the welterweight/exciting wrestler one. That’s somewhat still present in the selections)

The new trio of Terrible, Niebla Roja and Angel de Oro figure to be the focus of the match. Who they end up stealing the match from might set up the next direction, if CMLL is to have any direction at all.

Ultimo Guerrero and Euforia aren’t a natural mix for opponents, but could be a memorable match if Euforia can bring the same emotion in ripping Ultimo Guerrero in to fighting Ultimo Guerrero. Euforia had an enjoyable match with Terrible last month, and this is an hotter and more important match. (Terrible beating Euforia is still crazy, even if now it looks like CMLL preparing Terrible for this new group.) Euforia winning the title would be a shock.

It feels like it says something about CMLL that they’ve pushed a tournament as the biggest selling point for this show, and not the main event world heavyweight title match. The heavyweight title match is the hotter one too – there’s an actual issue there with a compelling promo – but CMLL is playing off memories of two decade old matches instead. The media coverage of the show has focused on the title match far more.

Black Panther (and Blue Panther Jr.) debuted in on New Year’s Day 2014. He started in a feud with Puma & Tiger. It is nearly seven years later and Black Panther is facing Tiger and Felino. CMLL has had one idea for the Panthers, they’ve never really moved up, they’ve never really moved down, they’ve never built to any sort of conclusion, they’ve just been on the same treadmill for seven years.

A champion versus champion singles match is a bizarre choice for an opening match, but CMLL won’t ever put them ahead of a meaningless Blue Panther or Felino match. Their role is to be a prelim act and no more. Match might be good, which is nice for people watching the show and maybe pointless for those involved.

I don’t sense there’s any great excitement for this show, or any renewed interest because CMLL’s only running one PPV this month and not four. The people who were left buying every show at the end of October will probably buy this one, but no more. CMLL’s given no indication of what their plans will be for December.

Felino, Euforia, and Ultimo Guerrero did media interviews. Rush trolled CMLL.

On CMLL Informa, Hechicero noted he wasn’t very interested in his missing trios title match. Like with Euforia, a big part of it was because it was going to be an Aniversario match, and instead of happening on a random show in December or January or ever is not as exciting.

Bobby Lee (Carlos Alvarado Gonzalez, 70) passed away Thursday. Bobby Lee is remembered nationally as El Santo’s last great rival. The two feuded heavily in 1978, with Santo eventually taking about both Bobby Lee’s mask and hair. He was an enormous figure of lucha libre in Leon, Guanajuato as the local legend turned promoter and commissioner (often at the same time.) Any time there was a lucha libre story in the last three decades, he was the guy the Leon (and the entire state) writers would go to for his take. He’s the level of local sports star that the soccer team paid tribute to him in a Tweet.

The rate of COVID-19 hospitalizations in Mexico City continues to rise. The city remains in a “orange with alert”, which means they’re trending the wrong way. It is possible Ciudad de Mexico could move to the harder lockdown of a Red color code any week now. I’m unsure if TripleMania would be allowed to happen under red conditions; AAA did get away with Lucha Fighter in Red, but flew under the radar by taping in a studio in a way TripleMania at Arena Ciudad de Mexico might not. The fine print is Mexico City (and Mexico in general) gives updates on Fridays that take effect the following Monday, so the important day is next Friday. Any change after that wouldn’t take effect until after TripleMania. All of this is subject to change at any moment, but that’s what it seems like right now.

(It’s hard to figure when AAA might be able to run again after TripleMania. It may only be possible outside of Mexico City and it may still be a while. That’s got to factor in decisions on TripeMania itself; does AAA need the Megachampionship back if they’re not going to be able to hold defenses for months?)

The El Paso/AEMG show on Saturday featuring Cinta de Oro & Magno vs Primo & Epico will be $25 PPV. That seems too much but I’m not sure any more people would be rushing to buying this show at $15. They’ve done a lot of live promotion for the show, and I’m also not sure how many people in El Paso are going to want to leave their houses.

Mas Lucha officially announced Dr. Wagner Jr. versus Mascara 2000 Jr. in a hair match on 12/06. That’ll be a Premium only stream. 2020 is a strange world where IWRG has money for apuesta matches and CMLL does not.

DTU announced they plan to have 13th Anniversary shows on 12/18 in Tampico and 12/20 in Tulancingo. A drive-in show scheduled for today in Pachuca has been postponed due to the pandemic, making it hard to believe the DTU shows will be allowed to take place in a month. DTU’s most 11/15 show airs tomorrow as a PPV.

KAOZ had been teasing a tournament for December 2020, is now teasing the tournament for 2021.

IWRG announced a Toscano/Tarzan Boy 27th Anniversary show on 12/20. Very odd thing to have a 27th Anniversary show for a guy who hasn’t really worked that promotion much.

Puma King’s newest video focuses on his most recent IWRG appearance. In true vlogger fashion, the title teases a controversy that’s about five seconds long and near the end of the video. A seperate interview with Puma King mentions Canis Lupus is out with an ankle injury (and also Puma is meant to be feuding with Los Golepadors.)