IWRG tournaments, Gym Micktlan shut down, new Ingobernables?

IWRG (SUN) 11/22/2020 Arena Naucalpan [Mas Lucha, R de Rudo]
1) Cheff Benito b Halcón Mágico Cheff Benito vs Halcón Galáctico Mano a Mano desde la Arena Naucalpan (posted by Estrellas del Ring) Imperio vs Shotas vs Big Strippers | #RevoluciónIWRG | Arena Naucalpan (posted by mluchatv) LUCHA LIBRE IWRG (posted by Internetv Deportes)
Mas Lucha and R de Rudo disagree if this is Halcon Magico or Halcon Galactico who lost.
2) Sobredosis b Mexica [IWRG IC Light, quarterfinal] Imperio vs Shotas vs Big Strippers | #RevoluciónIWRG | Arena Naucalpan (posted by mluchatv) LUCHA LIBRE IWRG (posted by Internetv Deportes) Sobredosis vs Mexica ELIMINATORIA CAMPEONATO DE PESO LIGERO INTERCONTINENTAL DE LA IWRG (posted by Estrellas del Ring)
3) Baby Xtreme b Baby Star [IWRG IC Light, quarterfinal] Baby Star vs Baby Extreme ELIMINATORIA POR EL CAMPEONATO DE PESO LIGERO INTERCONTINENTAL DE LA IWRG (posted by Estrellas del Ring) Imperio vs Shotas vs Big Strippers | #RevoluciónIWRG | Arena Naucalpan (posted by mluchatv) LUCHA LIBRE IWRG (posted by Internetv Deportes)
4) The Tiger b Toxin Imperio vs Shotas vs Big Strippers | #RevoluciónIWRG | Arena Naucalpan (posted by mluchatv) LUCHA LIBRE IWRG (posted by Internetv Deportes) Toxin vs The Tiger Mano a Mano desde la Arena Naucalpan (posted by Estrellas del Ring)
Toxin wants a super libre rematch
5) Hijo del Alebrije, Puma King, Veneno DQ Capo del Norte, Capo Mayor, El Hijo Del Espectro Jr. Imperio vs Shotas vs Big Strippers | #RevoluciónIWRG | Arena Naucalpan (posted by mluchatv) LUCHA LIBRE IWRG (posted by Internetv Deportes) Puma King, Veneno e Hijo del Alebrije vs Hijo del Espectro Jr, Capo Mayor y Capo del Norte. (posted by Estrellas del Ring)
Puma faked an Espectro chair shot to get the DQ win.
6) Jessy Ventura & Pasion Kristal b Estrella Divina & Tiago and Big Chicoche & Big Ovett Imperio vs Shotas vs Big Strippers | #RevoluciónIWRG | Arena Naucalpan (posted by +LuchaTV) Las Shotas vs Big Stripers vs Tiago y Estrella Divina desde la Arena Naucalpan (posted by Estrellas del Ring) LUCHA LIBRE IWRG (posted by Internetv Deportes)

In the Lucha Time half of the first round, Redimido defeated Atomic Star and Puma de Oro defeated Mr. Puma. Baby Xtreme/Sobredosis and Redimido/Puma de Oro are probably the next round match up but I’m not absolutely sure.

IWRG announced changes to their ongoing tag-team tournament, which turned into a different story. The goal all along seems to have been to bring current tag champions (and US residents) Bryce Benjamin and Marshe Rockett in for a planned major show on 12/06, so they need to wrap up the stalled #1 contender tournament. Fresero Jr. & Demonio Infernal previously advanced to the final of that and will now face Pasion Kristal & Jessy Ventura next week. The Shotas team replaces Los Traumas, who are not working with IWRG right now.

Los Traumas haven’t been in IWRG since they were announced and quickly pulled from the 11/01 card. Nothing’s changed there, but it did shine a little more light on the situation. Ovaciones talked to IWRG head Marcos Moreno, who acknowledged it was an economic issue. In his version of the story, Los Traumas wanted more money than IWRG wanted to pay. IWRG has reduced pay to wrestlers, citing 30% of capacity. Los Traumas argued they should’ve been paid more on their last show because the building was more than 30% full. Moreno says that simply can not be true because they’re very focused on everyone’s health. Only IWRG (and maybe the commission) know how many people are buying tickets to see shows at Arena Naucalpan every Sunday but it is understandable Los Traumas are looking at that crowd and believing IWRG is putting more than 30% capacity. It’s not said in the article, but Los Traumas will obviously be back once they agree on pay again.

(Los Traumas and Negro Navarro remain IWRG Trios champions, a title that hasn’t been defended in over two years and may have been forgotten about. Don’t tell IWRG, they have enough titles.)

Puma & Espectro got into a fight with Demonio Infernal & Fresero Jr. before their match, which could mean Puma & Espectro are going to end up pals once this is all over or they’re just messing about. Maybe book that tag match, Ventura/Kristal vs Benjamin/Rockett, Toxin/Tiger, and Capo Mayor/Wagner and that’s a busy 12/06 card.

An attempt at running a series of bullfights in Naucalpan was revoked by the local government. The promoter said he was initially told by the government it was OK, only for the decision to be changed. This comes up because the bullfight promoter cited “a wrestling show in Naucalpan” being allowed to run indoors, while he was planning on running safely outdoors. IWRG’s never mentioned by name.

Gym Micktlan – the former Star Gym – has emerged as a Mexico City lucha libre venue during the recent pandemic events. It’s been unclear how, since lucha libre events with fans in attendance are currently banned in Mexico City. Maybe it just took time to catch on. A show this past Saturday was stopped due to the rule violation according to Dr. Landru. He also mentions the building was previously warned to knock it off. Indy Army Wrestling, Kriminal Lucha Libre, Evolucion Lucha Libre, and Lucha Strong had run that building among other promotions.

Impulso defeated Freelance for the AULL Lightweight Championship on Saturday. That appears to be setting up a hair match.

Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja, and Terrible were a trio of tweeners for the second straight week on CMLL’s Televisa show. CMLL appears to be trying to recreate Los Ingobernables with that trio, though they are not using that name. We recently passed the five year anniversary of La Sombra signing with WWE; this would be a fresh concept if Los Ingobernables had vanished with him. Instead, the idea of cool rudos who are claimed as tecnicos has been run into the ground. A new group doing it so soon after will inevitably come off as a pale imitation. It is an excellent time for extermination – CMLL is going to draw the same zero fans either way – but this feels like CMLL plugging people into old spots so they don’t have to think of anything new.

The Rey Cometa/Raziel match from Friday’s AMX show is worth your time.

Friday’s CMLL Ticketmaster Live show is now up to 287.50 MXP (about 14.30 USD.)

CMLL edited out a Pierroth versus Blue Demon match from their 2005 Leyenda Azul upload, so he joins Wagner and Vampiro on the banned from appearing on CMLL’s YouTube list. (It may just ‘people we think work for AAA’ list.) Removing Blue Demon Jr. from the tournament that honors his father is not a great look. This could be the last one uploaded since the tournament is happening this week.

This is typically the week of CMLL’s Bodybuilding contest in recent years and there were indications earlier in the year that it was still planned to take place despite everything. CMLL has not mentioned it, but there’s always a chance a YouTube video from Arena Mexico shows up around noon on Wednesday.

AEW started on Space on Sunday. They started on a ten-day delay, which makes sense in this instance because it meant they aired a Rey Fenix vs Penta el Cero M match. I presume they’ll stay that far behind but always possible they could skip a week to catch up.

Pirata Morgan and Dr. Wagner are working a social media feud based on Pirata Morgan “revealing” sometimes wrestlers get paid more to lose apuesta matches and calling current lucha libre garbage. Juventud Guerrera got involved with it too. This is a very important story to many people who are in the scene in Mexico and seems so old fashioned to me that I can’t take it seriously.

The 11/28 Cinta de Oro-led show in El Paso is a drive-in show. It still doesn’t seem like a great idea to be running shows in El Paso but at least the fans are meant to be staying in cars. The press conference mentioned it would be a PPV, but I can’t find any info. It’s being projected on screens to help fans watch, so the idea it might be streamed somewhere is plausible.

Martinez Promotions announced a show on 12/19 in Kennedale, Texas with Hijo del Santo. Laredo Kid is listed, so TripleMania is probably not 12/19. Not sure if this show includes the tie-up with Lucha Memes that the promotion was teasing.

Dorian Roldan is speaking on a panel on Wednesday, which suggests no TripleMania press conference that day. The general assumption is AAA will announce their firm TripleMania date and plans this week but AAA’s made no public indication of when that’ll happen. Please don’t do it Thursday.

Ex-AAA Mascara de Bronce announced he was switching his name to MultiBronce. He announced the same thing about a year and a half ago.

Blue Demon Jr. joined Caristico & Tinieblas as a representative of the Redes Social Progesistas. Furia de Titanes noted Demon has previously endorsed a PRI candidate in an election a few years ago.

Box Y Lucha 3449 has Leyenda Azul on the cover.

Sonora luchador/referee el Galan (Javier Isiorida) passed away on Saturday after a battle with cancer.

Villano III Jr. challenges Centella Oriental for the AULL Welterweight Championship next Sunday, his first title match since leaving AAA.

Segunda Caida writes about some early 90s Monterrey lucha and miraculously finishes their review of every Lucha Underground episode ever. A lot of shocking twists in that last episode but the most surprising is they’d be up for a season five.

Milenio visits various Torreon & Gomez Palacio lucha libre arenas to listen to promoters vent about not being able to run.

Sinaloa luchador Prinicipe Kisho says he got interested in becoming a luchador after getting into a fight with Histeria.

La Silla Rota visits out of work Hidalgo luchador/trainer El Bufalo.