Exoticos defeat police in IWRG, AEW to Space, GALLI

Space TV, a Mexico cable station which has carried AAA for the last three years, seems to be making some changes in its wresting programming. Their online schedule lists AEW debuting on Sunday at 10:30 AM. AAA had been airing Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at the station. The online schedule shows the next three weeks of Space, and AAA isn’t listed a single time. Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics says he’s talked to AAA and AEW, and AAA says they will continue to air on Space. Mexico TV network online listings are not completely reliable, so this may be nothing. It’s strange none of the parties have said anything about it publicly; AEW should be promoting their debut this week.

I’ll save the long paragraphs of why and how losing Space would be bad for a time where we know that’s what happened. The short version is especially bad timing to lose Space when Azteca has bumped AAA to late-night. The Azteca deal ends in late December/early January if it hasn’t been quietly renewed already; we never heard about the last renewal until after it was done.

IWRG (SUN) 11/15/2020 Arena Naucalpan [Mas LuchaR de Rudo]
1) Komander b Legendario Dick Angelo 3G Cabelleras vs Cabelleras: Shotas vs Oficiales | #RevoluciónIWRG | Arena Naucalpan (posted by +LuchaTV)
Komander replaced Rey Halcon in the 2nd version of the poster. Dick Angelo 3G replaced Legendario.
2) Black Dragón & Death Metal b Alas De Plata & Freelance Cabelleras vs Cabelleras: Shotas vs Oficiales | #RevoluciónIWRG | Arena Naucalpan (posted by mluchatv)
Alas de Plata replaced Charro Negro in the 2nd version of the poster
3) Redimido b Baby XtremeMexicaBaby StarPuma de OroMr. PumaSobredosisAtomic Star [IWRG IC Light, battle royal] Cabelleras vs Cabelleras: Shotas vs Oficiales | #RevoluciónIWRG | Arena Naucalpan (posted by mluchatv)
Baby Extreme was originally listed as Baby Sting
4) Hijo De Dos Caras, Hijo del Alebrije, Puma King b Emperador Azteca, Hijo Del Espectro Jr., Súper Beast Cabelleras vs Cabelleras: Shotas vs Oficiales | #RevoluciónIWRG | Arena Naucalpan (posted by mluchatv)
Puma King & Hijo del Alebrije replaced Dragon Bane (injury) & Hijo de Canis Lupus. Puma fouled Espectro, fake a foul, and the referee awarded Puma the win.
5) Jessy Ventura & Pasion Kristal b Oficial 911 & Oficial AK47 [hair] Cabelleras vs Cabelleras: Shotas vs Oficiales | #RevoluciónIWRG | Arena Naucalpan (posted by mluchatv)
Bloody match. Kristal pinned AK47 with a top rope senton, 911 fouled Kristal to set up a pin, and Ventura beat 911 after lots of interference and a Kristal chair shot.

That main event looks like a typical Naucalpan apuesta match with much drama around cheating. Dragon Bane wrestled Saturday, posted a photo of himself in a knee brace Sunday, and didn’t make it here; I guess his brother didn’t come because Bane didn’t come.

Next week’s lightweight tournament matches:

  • Redimido vs. Atomic Star
  • Sobredosis vs. Mexica
  • Mr. Puma vs. Puma de Oro
  • Baby Star vs. Baby Extreme

There’s an intentional comedy in those last two matches, making it seem just predetermined despite the effort of doing a battle royal. Don’t have seeding battle royals. They serve no purpose except antagonizing the people who are watching the match. Just run them in your brain and announce the same match-ups.

A GIF of Komander’s spectacular finish went viral. What happens in these cases is people want to follow IWRG, thinking they’ll see more Komander, but Komander was just an extra guy working an opening match because he happened to be in Mexico City for other work. No idea if he’ll be back or given anything to do.

IWRG continues to advertise its shows as way over 30% capacity. They were visibly way over that. It wasn’t a full house, but it looks closer to 75% full.  Either they’ve convinced someone the actual capacity of Arena Naucalpan is an artificially inflated large number, or no one cares to check.  This is not the first time I’ve pointed this out, and I don’t want to run into the ground, but it is an unsafe health situation. (It’s the same with GALLI; gatherings over 10 people are specifically forbidden in Illinois, and GALLI had their usual attendance.) Everyone who is stepping foot in Naucalpan is doing it with an increased risk of contracting COVID-19. There’s a real argument that IWRG has been the most successful Mexican wrestling promotion this year, but they’re doing it by taking risks AAA & CMLL either have not chosen to take or will not be allowed to take.

The highest-profile lucha libre match this weekend was on between Mr. Iguana and comedian. Lalo Elizarrarás faced Iguana on Saturday in a one-off 80 pesos PPV. Elizarrarás has a popular YouTube channel. In August, he revealed he wrestled briefly as the masked Tlaloc before moving into comedy, which seemed to set this all into motion. Iguana & Elizarrarás did videos and other social media work building up the match. My impression is the show did decently well, but I don’t have hard numbers. Iguana defended the honor of lucha libre by defeating Tlaloc in the match via armbar.

I watched GALLI’s two shows this weekend on FITE. I got the sense I may have been the only person on the planet watching them, but I probably would’ve paid to go to a GALLI show or two by now in a normal year, so this is just sending the money a different way. The Sunday show is the one to get if you’re going to check it out. Aerostar & Drago has a very professional tag match against Golden Star & Rey Fuego, and Mil Muertes got a great showcase against Aramis & Bandolero. I’d like to see those last two face each other at some point, but this was more Mil Muertes looking like a monster in a way he hasn’t since Lucha Underground. He’s still limited in movement and doesn’t look like he used to, but they played to what he could do very well. Aeroboy versus Cody Jones was alright, but they were building towards a lot of booing, and the crowd didn’t give them much. The Mexico talent worked hard.

Laredo Kid still wrestled in Arena Lopez Mateos, going to a draw with Veracruz’s Ultimo Legendario. It would’ve been understandable if he skipped it following his father’s death, but he was still wrestling as usual.

The show, put on by Veracruz promotion BELLO, drew poorly. It seemed to exist only because the promotion craved running a show after being stopped from doing so for most of the year and haven’t been able to do it in their home state. That may be changing: A lucha libre show has been announced for Auditorio Benito Juarez in Veracruz on 11/28. This one seems to be a charity show, which may be why it’s permitted.

On Saturday, Bengalee took Baby Angelita’s mask in four-way with Lilith Dark and Reyna Obscura. Baby Angelita is Citlaly Yessenia Alberto Lopez, 23 years old, 8 years a wrestler, from Mexico City.

Oriental accused Veneno of hitting Oriental’s nine-year-old child with a motorcycle helmet Sunday. The child was left bleeding and with some damage to teeth. Oriental brings up some money issues, but it’s not exactly clear what happened.

La Jarochita wrestled on an indie show Friday, which is notable given Euforia publicizing CMLL’s policy against their wrestlers working outside shows during the pandemic. She did an autograph signing too. She’s likely not on the next Ticketmaster Live show but would seem to be in the pool of wrestlers still working TV tapings.

El Pais has a story on health conditions for luchadors in the wake of Principe Aereo’s death. There’s a lot of familiar ground – CMLL’s doctor shows up to talk about how there’s no money for medical personal at these shows while insisting they take care of everything. El Fantasma comes off unusually poorly, confrontational and quick to anger when the reporter asks why the Mexico City lucha libre regulations are not made public. My theory had been the Mexico City lucha libre commission doesn’t publicize information (like the rules and approved lineups) because they’re old men who are vastly behind the times and working hard to stay that way. The writer here seems to believe the actual reason the commission rules are only viewable at the commission office is so few people know the rules, and the commission can selectively enforce them. The writer lists Fantasma by his real name.

Lucha Memes Homenaje Al Negro Navarro on 11/29 at Coliseo Coacalco

That’s a first-time match.

CMLL posted the 2004 Leyenda de Azul on YouTube. They again appear to have cut out as much of Dr. Wagner Jr. & Vampiro as possible. Black Tiger (Silver King)’s entrance is cut too, but they do show him in the ring – he might have been just walking too close to Wagner.

Caristico is getting into politics. He’s the Redes Social Progresistas liaison for the mayor’s off in Cuauhtemoc, in Mexico City. They held a press conference on Friday to announce this; it’s unclear if this a meaningful role or just publicity for a brand new group; they appear to be recruiting celebrities. RSP is was founded in 2019 and recognized as a political party last month,

Box Y Lucha reports Guatemalan luchador Corsario II (Juan Lopez Velazquez, 78) passed away on Saturday.

Zeta Tijuana talks to Damian 666 about his career.

NVINoticas has a profile of Oaxacan luchador Black Killer.

Heroes of Lucha Libre on Crackle, AAA still on Space, ROH

CMLL Informa today has Cuatrero, Blue Panther Jr., Rey Cometa, Cancerbero, Guerrero Maya Jr., Ephesto, and Vangellys. They’ve said they’ll announce the full Leyenda de Azul field (this week for sure), so some of those names are in that match. Last week’s CMLL on AMX show set up a Rey Cometa/Raziel match; perhaps that’s been changed to Rey Cometa/Cancerbero but the preview still says it’s Cometa/Raziel.

VOD service Crackle announced Heroes of Lucha Libre will debut on their platform on November 25. It is possible you have a vague recollection of Heroes of Lucha Libre, a short-lived Los Angeles based promotion. They booked large buildings with the hopes of drawing near 10,000 crowds with a lucha libre show. They did draw what would be considered a great indie crowd – SoCalUncensored had 2,500 for the first show and 3,000 for the third show – but probably not enough for their business plan. They ran three (10/01/17, 12/09/17, 06/02/18) shows, produced the show for TV, and then just posted vague messages about coming back occasionally. A fan cam of the main event out, but we’ve never seen more than clips of the final product. Crackle is free in the US, so anyone with some time over Thanksgiving can check it out.

I don’t expect this to be some hidden gem. The main event scene was built around Sam Adonis and evil Trump parody characters against Mexico, a feud blown off a couple of weeks ago. There are some undercard matches that may interesting, and the third show has a Rey Misterio singles match prior to returning to WWE. Dragon Lee & Mistico also appeared on the one show we don’t have results forward (which led to this group strangely trademarking those names.) The phrasing of the press release – “an 11 episode scripted series” might be PR speak or could mean the wrestling portion will be the backdrop for some skits.

Space (Mexico) has updated their guide and put AAA back in their normal spots on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. That was weird. AAA actually leads directly into AEW on Sunday. On Mas Lucha’s podcast, Jose Manuel Guillen mentions Space is building around wrestling and boxing and other things (action movies) that fit that feel, which is where AEW came in.

AAA posted a Laredo Kid promo challenging Kenny Omega again for TripleMania.

Friday appears to be the decision day for 12/05 as the TripleMania date. That’s the next map update and AAA also likely needs two weeks to promote the show is actually happening. (I know I’m writing that just like a week after putting up a post about a major show drawing 20,000 on a few days’ notice, but COVID makes this even harder to pull off.) AAA can easily push the shows back if they want, it’s not like Arena Ciudad de Mexico has a lot else going on. Barring a remarkable turnaround, AAA’s ultimately going to decide if running TripleMania with fans or running TripleMania in 2020 is more important.

Ring of Honor announced their annual Final Battle PPV will take place on Friday 12/18. They did not say it was live; my understanding is it’ll be taped a week ahead of time. Rush, Dragon Lee, Bandido, Flamita, and Rey Horus are expected to be on the show to defend their respective titles. It’ll be the first matches since the pandemic for Rush & Dragon Lee. It also may be the final ROH date for some of those names; we don’t know any more about their contract situation than we did a month ago.

There’s a chance of that weekend being a busy one for lucha libre. The ROH show is on 12/18 for sure. It is possible CMLL runs their one Ticketmaster Live show also on that date; they are running the final Friday in November but may want to avoid Christmas Day in December. The next day, December 19th, is the likely 2nd choice date for TripleMania.

Danes I (Juan Estrada) passed away Monday. Danes I was a Tabasco based luchador. He’s known more nationally as one of Canek’s brothers.

Hijo de Octagon has COVID-19. This is the non-AAA “son” of Octagon, who announced this. (R de Rudo noticed this first.). Hijo de Octagon said he experienced mild symptoms but it still threw him for a loop. He believes he got it from his brother, who got it at work. (Hijo de Octagon, the only currently acknowledged son of Octagon, would probably not like you think to think too much about him having a brother.)

The Mr. Iguana/Tlaloc match looks really good in highlights.

Dr. Wagner Jr. says he’s one signature away from coming back to CMLL. This seems unlikely as long as CMLL is going out of their way to edit him out of old Leyenda de Azul matches.

Trauma I missed wrestling on a show in Chiapas on Sunday with a shoulder injury. He still appeared, with Villano III Jr. taking his place in the match.

AAA posted a Lucha Fighter recap of the shows earlier this year. I’m not sure if there’s a purpose to it; all those episodes are already up on YouTube. AAA possibly might need to run empty studio tapings again before things get better but there’s no other indication that’s coming. This paragraph just serves to embarrass me later if this was actually something.

Welcome To Mi Barrio says they’ll return with new episodes on 11/27.

Cinta de Oro & Magno versus the Colons and Demus vs Mascarita Dorada headline a show in El Paso on 11/28. All non-essential businesses are meant to be closed to December 1st in El Paso.

Mas Lucha has a new episode of En+Carados.


IWRG (SUN) 11/22/2020 Arena Naucalpan
1) Cheff Benito vs Halcón Galáctico
2) Mexica vs Sobredosis [IWRG IC Light, quarterfinal]
3) Baby Xtreme vs Baby Star [IWRG IC Light, quarterfinal]
4) Toxin vs The Tiger
5) Hijo del Alebrije, Puma King, Veneno vs Capo del Norte, Capo Mayor, El Hijo Del Espectro Jr.
6) Estrella Divina & Tiago vs Big Chicoche & Big Ovett and Jessy Ventura & Pasion Kristal

The tag team main event reminds me of the still incomplete IWRG Tag Team eliminator. The final was meant to be Traumas versus Demonio Infernal & Fresero. IWRG’s poster confrims they’re running a big show on 12/06, likely when either the tournament final or the resulting tag title match was intended to happen. (Maybe the winner of this match gets inserted in the final instead?)

Still guessing Capo Mayor (ex-Mascara 2000 Jr.) versus Dr. Wagner as a main event for that 12/06 show. Toxin and The Tiger have been feuding here as well but that seems like a title match. Maybe the lightweight semfinals and finals on 12/06, or maybe later – IWRG often has multiple big shows in December.

Everyone very excited about Komander’s spot in IWRG gets no Komander next week. They do get the flying chef.