Mexico City stays orange, The Crash exists, BOSJ

Mexico City announced they’ll be remaining in orange health conditions for the next week. That means no fans are supposed to be allowed to attend lucha libre shows and AAA can not officially announce a date for TripleMania. That can not happen until the color code lowers to yellow (or AAA gets some exemption.) The fear this week was the condition would actually get worse and move back to red, which has not happened. It’s still not a rosy picture. Restaurant and gym hours were reduced, closing at 10:30 pm. Restrictions on meetings in indoor spaces at hotels were reinforced to be 10 people max. It is hard to imagine a city drawing the line at 10 people in a hotel conference room together is going to approve of 6,000 people in Arena Ciudad de Mexico a month from now. I doubt TripleMania is happening in December in Arena Ciudad de Mexico unless some government official decides to give AAA a pass.

Mexico City has switched to weekly updates, so we’ll go through this process all again next week. The full national map will be out later tonight.

No CMLL live show tonight, though their TV will air on AMX at 7 pm CT as normal. Informa mentions a Rey Cometa/Espiritu Negro vs Raziel/Cancerbero match will air. CMLL will also have last week’s Televisa episode uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, which will include a Niebla Roja/Felino title match.

The Voices of Wrestling podcast reports Dragon Lee was scheduled for Best of Super Juniors, flew to Japan to quarantine, and then apparently flew back from Japan a few days later and was out of the tournament. They cite an NJPW source on this and are unsure of the reason Dragon Lee left Japan; the easiest answer is some COVID-related issue but they didn’t know for sure and weren’t reporting that. I haven’t heard anyone in Mexico say anything about Dragon Lee going to Japan and I had thought Dragon Lee would be missing this tournament once the conflicting ROH tapings dates got out, but VOW’s info is usually accurate in these situations.

The Crash resurfaced on Facebook for the first time since March to note their nine-year anniversary and vaguely talk about a return soon.  It had been unclear if The Crash still existed after Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf switched to working with Tijuana rival EMW. It’s hard to be sure until they run again, and that’s probably a while off. There’s been no update on the plans to re-open the Auditorio to wrestling shows from about a week ago.

Hugo Savinovich posted video of a AAA training session, which is not normally seen. Chessman seemed to be leading the class.

I’m switching back to no updates over the weekend unless some major news breaks for the next few weeks. There’s barely much news during the week with no AAA and no CMLL. I have plenty of recaps that I probably should get around to posting.

Shows of note this weekend

Aeroboy will wrestle Alex Colon in a Ladders and Light Tubes match in the opening round of the Nick Gage Invitational on Saturday in Atlantic City for GCW.

Lucha Memes has Homenaje Al Negro Navarro on 11/29 at Coliseo Coacalco

I think the idea is this will be a show Negro Navarro would like (leaning heavily on technical wrestling.)

Luchador Mascara de Hierro (Arturo Campos, 94) passed away on Wednesday.

Chihuahua luchador Tormento Chino I (Jose de Jesus Macias Hernandez) passed away Thursday.

TV Azteca’s Gerardo Melin announced he’s left that network. Azteca has a network-specific announced team for the AAA shows and he was part of those broadcasts.

LuchaWorld has the latest Lucha Report.

MicromanFever translates a Mamba interview with LA Park.