ChinampaLuchas: 2020-10-16

Spider Fly flies

The most recent ChinampaLuchas show was the best of the ones they’ve run so far. The lineup was the strongest they’ve had and they didn’t have a bad match. It’s still a promotion more notable for the visuals – running a tiny island in a lake – but they still had one match you should go out of your way to see. The full show is on Mas Lucha and it was still free at last check.

That’s the Mexaboys (Águila Oriental, Dinámico, Noisy Boy, Spider Fly) versus the Miniesstrals (Mike, Teelo, Voltrex) & Hellboy. It’s a near rematch of one that went viral last year. I had this one rated Great; it’s the first time since where it really all worked again. It’s the same formula, but still fresh. The fantastic offense of the MexaBoys is a pleasure to watch – it’s nice to have Mascara Dorada offense back even if we can’t get the person himself. The rudo control sections are my favorite parts of these matches though. Some of the smaller guys stuff is a bit staged, but the rudos are just bulldozing through them at a high speed when they take over. Only Poder del Norte matches them in explosive organized destruction. This didn’t have a large crowd losing their minds like the Arena San Juan match did, but it was equal in terms of mind-blowing spots.

Thunder Storm vs Kid Sombra vs Sol vs Dehyna and Baby Star Jr. vs Ciberblack were both Good. ChinampaLuchas bills itself as wrestlers from Arena Olivares. I’m more familiar with many of the undercard wrestlers from Nueva Arena Revolucion, which seemed to be a meeting point for a lot of former/current CMLL trainees. Baby Star is the champion that arena, and he and Ciberblack (a long ago prelim CMLL luchador) had a very technical match that worked well as a counterpoint to everything else on the show. Baby Star had a couple of spots that didn’t go correctly but looked impressive elusive in the match. The effort was strong here even if it didn’t all work. The fourway was more moves, but the moves hung together better than normal for this level of indie. I believe I’ve seen Thunder Storm mostly as a tecnico; he was better as a rudo here and vital for the match holding together. Sol looked good working with him. Dehyna was a step slower than the others at times, but not so much that it hurt the match.

The other matches were fine, but skippable if you’re hurrying through the show. Farsante & Minos vs Rey Optiums & Tempo was on the long side and the finish seemed to hurt the person giving it more than taking it, but they were trying the match. (The effort level difference between this and the CMLL Ticketmaster Live show the same night was noticeable; this was easily the better of the two shows.) Gran Felipe Jr. & Rey Halcón Jr. versus Jitsu & Kunay was one too of the same style, where others were just a bit better. The Jitsu chair dive spot took forever to set up. Draztick Boy, Falcón Fire, Lady Cat versus Cíclope, Lilith Dark, Mr. Jerry had a bit of entertainment but was really just a (too) long set up for a Ciclope & Mr. Jerry breakup to tease a promotion feud. Mr. Jerry is one of the weaker performers but he’s also the guy who’s on every single show so I’m sure it’s in everyone’s best interest to give him something to do.