Príncipe Aéreo (1997-2020)


Príncipe Aéreo (Luis Ángel Salazar, 23) passed away after suffering an apparent heart attack Saturday night during a match. He was wrestling in Arena San Juan Pantitlan in Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, Estado de México, for the MexaWrestling promotion. Príncipe Aéreo was part of a tag match, the third match on the card. It was scheduled as a three-way tag match, though the participants changed from what had been announced.

During a one on one sequence in the match, Príncipe Aéreo took a two open hand slaps to the chest then a heel kick from Redimido, a luchador from Monterrey. The chops were unremarkable by normal standards; the heel kick did not appear to make contact. Redimido ran to the far ropes for a move, but Príncipe Aéreo collapsed before he made it back. Both the referee (Chiquilín) and Redimido immediately understood something was very wrong and stopped the match to check on Aéreo. Puma de Oro, Príncipe Aéreo, attacked Redimido before realizing the gravity of the situation. A stretcher was brought out for Príncipe Aéreo about twenty seconds later. SuperLuchas reports Príncipe Aéreo passed away before he reached the hospital. Doctors attempted to resuscitate him at the hospital to no avail. Príncipe Aéreo’s cause of death is being called a heart attack.

(There are conflicting reports on if Príncipe Aéreo was taken to a hospital in the ambulance. All agree he was taken to Torre Médica Santa Anita, a clinic across the street from Arena San Juan. There’s typically no ambulance at the arena because of that short distance.)

The Mexa Wrestling show continued as planned. The show was taped by Mas Lucha to air in the next couple of weeks. I’m unclear if the match will air; Mexican wrestling media tends to show these situations. Many Mexican news outlets mentioning this story have embedded the video. It is my policy not to link or embed videos of people dying. The video can easily be found by searching Principe Aereo’s name if you’re inclined.

Príncipe Aéreo was born in Mexico City and wrestled primarily in the city and the surrounding state, starting in 2012 (when he would’ve been 15.) He’s said he trained with Arturo Beristan, which would mean he was in CMLL’s lucha libre classes for children. He also lists Bandido & Relampago Azul I as trainers. He wrestled for many indie promotions, typically early on the shows. Mexa Wrestling was his home promotion; he represented the group in promotion versus promotion battles with IWRG. He was an interesting young wrestler who hadn’t yet been used in a significant way; his biggest victories were probably winning the lightweight championship of the small Lucha Libre Toluca promotion. Príncipe Aéreo seemed to be on the way up; he wrestled in the semi-main of the debut REX promotion show two weeks ago against the more experienced Draztick Boy & Septimo Dragon. Adrian Mendoza mentions seeing Príncipe Aéreo work on his accounting homework at that show.

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